Just stop trying to find God and be still

Monday, Nov 07, 2016 212 words 0 mins 56 secs
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Experientially, this is very simple. Try this:

Sit calmly.

Stop seeking for God outside of you. Stop trying to find Him. Stop going out of yourself. Stop looking for Him. Stay still.

That's all.

You might notice, if you stop seeking.... God shows up. It is the LOSS of God that makes you compelled to seek. DON'T!

If I stop seeking for God outside of me, and stop trying to see Him in everything, and stop being in a 'searching' mode, and just be still..... I SWEAR, the whole room takes on a greater presence and God reveals Himself to my awareness.

This seems to work instantly.

And it also seems to work better than ANY kind of 'seeking for God'. The ego's behavior of seeking for God, albeit seeming to be very 'spiritual', is really the spiritual ego seeking. And it will not find. Because the seeking pushes God away, pushes awareness away.

STOP THE SEEKING, and you will find, because God is already here and your seeking is shutting awareness out!!

It seems like a trick. It seems counter-intuitive. It seems I'm meant to seek in order to find.... hah.... such a lie.

You mean to say, by NOT seeking for God, you will actually become aware of Him and find Him? YESSSSSS!!!

"Be still and know that I am God".

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