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A deep message in ACIM is very simply, that God created you as a perfect being, and if you would just BE YOURSELF, the way God intended, there would be no problem. If you would just be clearly in touch with who you really are, without trying to be anything else, there would be no suffering, no death, no sickness, no unhappiness.

Jesus is in this state of the perfect acceptance of what is really true, where he has accepted as true of Himself ONLY what God has established as true of Him, and nothing else.

"There is nothing about me that you cannot attain. I have nothing that does not come from God. The main difference between us as yet is that I have NOTHING ELSE. This leaves me in a state of true holiness, which is only a POTENTIAL in you."

The entire curriculum is aimed at you re-discovering, being aligned with, squarely in ownership of, completely living out from, totally clear about, WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. The soul, the Son of God, the perfect spirit being of light that God created.

It's extraordinarily simple. If we would just stop denying ourselves, attacking ourselves, condemning ourselves with sin, splitting our mind through trying to reject the whole of ourselves, repressing ourselves, trying to be something we are not, being identified with a body, believing we are made of something we're not made of, having a self image, trying to be unconscious, trying to be suicidal to bring about sickness and death, if we would just STOP doing all these things that take us AWAY from what God already created perfect, we'd be done.

So Jesus, in a state of the recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance of his atonement, is merely BEING HIMSELF, as God created Him. He knows that what he HAS or what he IS is merely and ONLY what God established as his reality. He has a function given by God which he fulfills perfectly. And so he is being what GOD WILLS HE BE, therefore is carrying out God's will and is in accord with it.

Jesus has nothing about himself, no self image or concept, no idea of identity, no mistaken sense of what is his or is not, that was not given to him. What is given to him is his inheritance from God. It is this inheritance that we threw away - our very self - our real identity - when attempting to be separate. As soon as we went into denial of reality, putting our mind to sleep and dreaming, we instantly were AVOIDING being ourselves, trying to be something we are not.

So the entire course, the whole curriculum, is simply geared towards trying to get us to stop pretending. To become truthful. To be true to our real self. To own up to being Christ. To accept what is true of us as specified by God instead of MAKING UP stuff that isn't. To be willing to accept that and ONLY that (only the truth is true), and to be willing to LET GO OF anything else which was NOT CREATED BY GOD. Which means, the whole world, and all bodies.

Believing that we are a body, or that bodies even exist, is a denial of our real identity in God. Believing that this world exists and is real is simultaneously an attempt to HAVE something that God DID NOT create. "The world was made as a place where God could enter not." If there is anything that we WANT in the world, or the body, we are wanting it INSTEAD OF wanting our soul. And Jesus tells us what the consequence of that is:

"The ego is trying to teach you how to gain the whole world, and lose your own soul. The Holy Spirit teaches that you CANNOT lose your soul and there IS no gain in the world, for OF ITSELF, it profits nothing. To invest in something without profit is surely to impoverish yourself, and the overhead is high. Not only is there no profit in the investment, but the cost to YOU is enormous. For this investment costs you the world's reality, by denying YOURS, and gives you nothing in return. You CANNOT sell your soul, but you CAN sell your AWARENESS of it."

And Jesus goes on to say:

"You cannot perceive the soul, but you will not KNOW it while you perceive anything ELSE as more valuable. The Holy Spirit is your strength because He perceives nothing BUT your soul as you. He is perfectly aware that you do NOT know yourselves, and perfectly aware of how to teach you what you are. BECAUSE He loves you, He will gladly teach you what He loves, for He wills to share it. Remembering you always, He cannot let you forget your worth. For the Father never ceases to remind Him of His Son, and He never ceases to remind His Son of the Father. God is in your memory BECAUSE of Him."

Simply put, the whole curriculum is all about AWARENESS. Do you want to be aware of, thus own up to, accept, acknowledge, know, BE, the factual real permanent absolute truth about yourself which is GIVEN YOU by God and YOU CANNOT DEFINE YOURSELF, OR do you want some other self-made, self-defined, made-up, invented, personally controlled, artificial sense of identity which is OPPOSITE to your true nature and in conflict with God's will.

This is why there is a "great awakening". The Atonement Plan is for the purpose of bringing about the total awakening of all those who do not want to be AWARE of the truth of reality. Who do not want Heaven. And who want to be something OTHER THAN God intended or created. Either we are willing to see and acknowledge what is real, then moving beyond perception to knowledge of the Kingdom as our self, OR we are wanting to stay asleep in a dream world that WE MADE UP in an effort to destroy ourselves by identifying with illusions. A dream of death, an impossible world, made of nothing.

Know thyself. Be as God created you. Accept what you ARE. Uncover yourself. Remove the blocks to the awareness of YOUR presence. To the recognition of your SOUL. And return to being ONLY what God intended you be. You need be nothing else, or do anything else to be anything else, because God created you PERFECT and you cannot improve upon perfection.

"Forget not the Kingdom of God for anything the world has to offer. The world can ADD nothing to the power and the glory of God and His Holy Sons, but it can blind the Sons to the Father if they behold it. You cannot behold the world and know God. Only one is true."

"I am come to tell you that the choice of which is true is not yours. If it were, you would have destroyed yourselves. But God did not will the destruction of His Creations, having created them for eternity. His Will has saved you, not from yourselves, but from your illusions of yourselves. He has saved you for yourselves. Let us glorify Him Whom the world denies, for over His Kingdom it has no power."

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