Let go and let others come to God willingly

Saturday, Mar 31, 2018 469 words 2 mins 5 secs
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Jesus often speaks truth in such a simple way yet so deep and profound and accurate and wise... he said in reference to other people:

"Let them come to God willingly, do not try to force them to home."

Theres so much letting go and allowing in that. Such a dropping of all attempts to "will for another" that they listen or accept or agree or follow or comply in any way. It means even the willingness to let someone choose to hurt themselves or be sick or die if that is what they will.

It also means that everyone HAS to willingly want and choose God for themselves. "Heaven is a choice I must make". You can’t make it for them. Nor can you force them to make it. Everyone has to FREELY, WILLINGLY, WANT to accept the atonement/truth. They have to come by themselves, to choose it.

I often fall into this trap of trying to convince others or to be frustrated if they don’t seem to "want to see", or to make them wrong if they disagree or choose otherwise. Trying to fix people, to force them, to not allow them to choose freely, is a disrespect of their free will and is also trying to be responsible for them or to make them do what you want, so that if they will change and accept truth - you don’t’ have to. It’s the ego’s form of forgiveness to destroy.

It’s so simple, we just need to allow people to have whatever they will for themselves even if we think we know better or can see clearly that they are mistaken. It’s such a simple teaching - to respect the free will of others, so that you will respect your own - but the ego in us is determined to coerce, require, manipulate, demand, force, persuade, make wrong, etc ... all which seem to be attempts to "induce willfulness" when in fact it is an attempt to disallow willfulness.

It’s similar to the miracle principle, not to use miracles as spectacles with the purpose of inducing belief. We are not to try to force people to believe. All we can is put it out there, let go, allow, and let go of the attachment to control or being upset when someone freely chooses against you.

We all have free will. God created is with freeedom in order to allow us to freely WILL and WANT to do His will, to choose it willingly. Without the freedom to choose NOT to do His will, we would not really be willingly freely when we DO choose it.

This is why we are co-creators with God - "God created separate beings who hae everything individually". We have to let go of trying to deny that in others otherwise we will deny our own freedom as well.

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