Miracles are intercessions for others

Sunday, Sep 18, 2016 138 words 0 mins 36 secs
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"32 I inspire all miracles, which are really intercessions. "

Thank you Jesus.

Dictionary definition of intercession:

"the action of intervening on behalf of another."

You think miracles are just something you receive for yourself as part of your 'self study' and application of forgiveness for yourself, or of you 'accepting the atonement only for yourself'? When you accept atonement you accept it for everyone, AND forgiveness benefits everyone equally, AND there is no such thing as waking up alone, AND awakening means SHARING in everything.

So yes, performing a miracle means you may perform it FOR someone else. It is an intervention. And it does not require that person to be in a position to perform the same miracle on themselves. That is why it is helpful. Remember, miracles are given by "those who have MORE to those who temporarily have less."

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