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If a camera lens has some spots of dirt on it, when you try to take a picture with it, some of the light will be blocked.

This means the film or sensor in the camera won’t be able to "see" all of what is in the scene.

When pieces of information are "blocked" from being "seeable", it changes the appearance of what is there.

Not seeing the whole scene "as it is", and only seeing a distorted, dirty, blocked version of it, fails to let the camera see "truly", or correctly.

Essentially the camera is unaware of all of what is present, and so is not able to see that God is right in front of the lens.

When the lens is cleaned, ie the blocks to sight are removed, the camera is able to be "aware" of everything in the scene.

It can now see all of what is there, and the result of this is that the scene looks much more lovely and new, compared to how it looked with a dirty lens.

With no dirt on the lens, it does not distort, detract from, or add artificial features to "the picture". It sees only what is "there".

When it sees what is only there, not what is added or taken away through "dirt", the picture it sees can be *recognized* correctly.

This is the same as our perception. We are a camera. We have egoic "dirty" blocks to awareness in our mind. Our perceptual mechanism is partly covered up. We are not fully aware of all that is present. We see dirt over the top of what otherwise might be beauty and loveliness.

Removing the dirt from our mind, removes blocks to awareness, which allows us to have clear vision. Then we can perceive clearly/truly. Then we will see the "forgiven" or "real" world rather than one made dirty by our own ego dirt.

Got a dirty mind? Hmmmmm.

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