Sickness comes between brothers

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018 317 words 1 mins 24 secs
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Sickness is an attack on BOTH you AND your brother. It seeks to come BETWEEN you. It is a double-edged sword. Both are attacked and separated off. This is why you cannot be sick in isolation or without attacking another. All sickness is an attempt to be contagious. "Sick bodies are accusers."

Your sick body does not stand in isolation separate from others. It makes a statement that BOTH of you are sick. It accuses your brother of sin and renders him PROVEN to be not innocent, for what he appears to have caused in you.

Therefore do not think that you can get away with KEEPING your body sick when you are awake, nor that you can get away with DYING when you are awake. To do so must mean you ARE coming between you and your brother still, are placing an attack in between you and are still accusing your brother of sin.

This is why sickness and death are not God's will, are not part of God's program, are not part of Jesus's teaching as to what you should do, and are opposing God's will. No-one can demonstrate sickness and death and live.

People think that what happens to their own body has nothing to do with another person. That's what the body was MADE to make you believe - that you are separated off. It is not true. The body is a separation device that BREAKS YOU APART from your brother. You are supposed to be joined. Any time the body is sick it is an assault on BOTH of you.

For there to be true healing therefore, your mind has to no longer believe in that which comes BETWEEN you and your brother, which means it MUST HEAL THE BODY, otherwise it is still accusing your brother of sin. And in your sickness is HIS sin proven. And yet in YOUR HEALING, is HIS INNOCENCE proven also.

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