Sickness is not truth

Monday, Apr 03, 2017 150 words 0 mins 39 secs
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Sickness is not truth.

Even if it seems to be true that someone is sick, even if there is evidence for it, or explanations that describe why it is occurring. It is still not the truth.

Even if there are trained medical experts who have done scientific studies explaining why the sickness is happening, even then it is still not the truth.

Even if the person who is sick believes they are sick and are seeming to experience sickness, it is STILL not the truth.

Even if someone's leg has fallen off and they just fucked off to the afterlife, sickness is STILL not true.

No matter how it appears, what it looks like, how severe it is, how it got there, sickness is not REALITY and it is NOT the Truth as God created it.

Sickness is not true, it is not real, and it does not exist.

This is not denial, it is the CURE.

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