Solving the problem on the same level as the problem won't work

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016 157 words 0 mins 41 secs
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You can't solve a problem from within the same 'level' that the problem exists. This is because once you're inside the problem, you're unable to see clearly and cannot tell what is happening. This is why those who are insane do not realize they are insane and don't know how to get back to sanity.

This is why we need help from a higher level: Holy Spirit.

The whole world is spinning its wheels trying to solve problems using the same level that the problem is on. For example, the body is an illusion, and yet we ask the body to tell us what is real. The body is part of the dream, and we ask it to tell us how to fix stuff in the dream. The body can't fix the dream because it is itself a dream. It is limited.

All true HELP must come from outside of the dream from a higher level: Holy Spirit.

I accept correction.

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