The beginning of the ego

Monday, Mar 12, 2018 224 words 0 mins 59 secs
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Disownership of ones "self" through the use of denial, which erects a block to awareness, and the ensuing "unawareness" that you are the cause of everything you experience, automatically leads you to mis-perceive that the cause of experience has not come from you but from somewhere "not you". This is the very foundation of all victimhood, all external seeking, all projection of blame, and the justification for anger and attack.

Simply by being unaware that we are doing this all to ourselves, we are automatically placed in a mindset of semi-unconsciousness, which does not SEE that it is doing it to itself, and so perceives that it must be coming from another cause. Once there is "another cause" you must automatically now be a victim, since you are now at the effect of something else. And since this cause is separate from you and has acted against your will, you must now see yourself as unfairly treated, and therefore justified in any reaction or retaliation or blame onto other so-called causes.

All other causes and external-pointing explanations for why stuff happens are lies and fictions. In a state of unconsciousness people literally are not aware of what they are doing, which is why it is forgivable. The only cause is within. Mind is the dreamer. This is the metaphysical basis of the entire ego thought system.

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