The course is really asking us to return to innocence

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 298 words 1 mins 19 secs
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This means we need to purify and release and undo all belief in death, punishment, fear, guilt and sin. Every way that we believe we are not worthy of being considered innocent has to go.

While we believe we have really sinned, we will not be willing to accept or agree with the notion that we are innocent. Our own conviction that we really did sin proves and justifies why we cannot be innocent. After all, if you really did do something wrong, then by your own admission you did something wrong so your innocence has been defiled.

Only by coming to realize and accept that you did NOT REALLY do anything wrong, because whatever you did was not in REALITY, only in a dream, that you might agree with and accept the notion that your innocence is still justified.

God finds you innocent already. It's just that you do not. You believe your sins are real. They are not real. In order for them to not be real, this whole world in which "stuff happens" must be not real, otherwise it proves that you really did do stuff. Your sins are forgiven because this world does not really exist.

Once you become willing to accept your innocence, which is real forgiveness and acceptance of the atonement, you will be willing to agree that you are worthy of God's love. Therefore your unworthiness must go. Being worthy of love, you will begin to agree also that others are worthy of love, and you will find yourself becoming more genuinely loving towards others.

You can't fake being genuinely loving or genuinely innocent. When you are willing to RECEIVE God's love and see yourself as worthy of it, you will be willing to GIVE and extend God's love to others. And this will yield miracles.

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