The ego mind plays all of the dream roles simultaneously

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The ego mind plays ALL of the roles in the dream simultaneously.

It is all of the characters at once, even if those characters seem to be completely against each other, or working together. It is like a puppeteer with billions of hands, pulling all the strings at once.

It is the person victimizing someone and also the person being victimized.

It is the hero coming to rescue the homeless personstuck in the river and also the homeless person stuck in the river.

It is the man shouting at some woman across the street, and also the woman being shouted at.

It is the person cutting you off in traffic, and you being cut off in traffic.

It is the person skapegoating another and attacking them as well as the person being skapegoated and attacked.

It is the politician you like and the politician you don't like.

It is your favorite team and their arch rivals.

Is is the person in the relationship who is angry and right and the other person in the relationship who is also angry and right.

But there is another mind, a non-ego mind. The mind of the Holy Spirit, which overlooks these artificial roles and the need for them. It does not identify with any of the sides being taken or any of the attacks, which ultimately are attacks upon the attacker. Whatever one person does that they think they do to another, they do to themselves. Whatever the ego mind thinks it escapes, it condemns itself with. And whoever is your enemy, is yourself.

Only if you can recognize that you are ALL of these people, in Oneness, can you truly take the responsibility to step out of ALL ego roles and disguises and be a consistent, authentic self. You can't play the game if you see that all of the pieces are set up as self attacks. There is nothing to gain. Holy Spirit sees through the costumes and the dramas and the pretense that one person is not another. He knows we are all one.

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