The little gap of separation

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"There IS a wariness that is aroused by learning that the body is not real. And there ARE overtones of seeming fear around the happy message "God is Love." Yet all that happens when the gap is gone is peace eternal."

Jesus talks about "a gap". What is that?

Originally there was wholeness. A single complete something. And then the separation idea happened. The idea was that the wholeness was not the only thing, and that there was something else. A second thing. Since only wholeness existed, this idea of "another" could only be formed by SPLITTING the wholeness into two parts, based on the idea that something was lacking in the wholeness - that it was not whole. This resulted in the split mind.

But you have to then ask yourself, what is it that seems to "divide" the wholeness into two parts, which forms a disassociation of the two? Well this is what Jesus refers to as "the gap". It's a seeming place in the whole where there seems to be signs of lack, a place where one half stops and the other starts, a place where they don't share or overlap, a kind of rift or chasm like a gaping gulf which "parts" the two and holds them off from each other.

This little gap is also the idea of attack, and it contains all ideas of murder and hurt and suffering and sickness and death. It is a kind of rift of protest attempting to push the two halves apart and emphasize the ways that they are not one thing. The more it can emphasize separation the more it can induce illusions that this "wall" or "gap" is actually keeping the parts apart from each other.

Within this gap, and formed BY the gap, and made OF the gap, and not existing prior to the gap, is PLANET EARTH. Planet Earth was made as an attack on God. The body and all bodies are all part of this gap. They are walls drawn around the mind to try to fence it off. They are part of the split mind. They are literally forms of attack which were made solely to try to rip apart wholeness and divide and separate, producing ends and all forms of suffering. This gap is literally the "pit of hell" that you tried to make to divide heaven.

An entire physical universe has formed as this gap. It is a device for separation. It's like a wall of death, designed to come between and block sight of the whole. Its function and purpose in your making it was to block sight, decrease awareness, corrupt unity, and bring about death. This planet, Earth, and all the planets, and the stars, and this whole universe, IS THE GAP. It is the content of the various ways that we have tried to attack God.

Now, the fact is, that you cannot keep the gap and know God. You cannot keep having the gap and be happy. You cannot keep the gap and be WHOLE. The gap IS a block to awareness. The body IS a wall of flesh surrounding the mind designed to make you limited. The world IS a veil drawn across the face of Christ so that you would forget that Christ exists. This OBSTACLE TO PEACE HAS TO GO.

At first, the gap is gently healed. Soothed. Anointed. At first, it is forgiven and overlooked. At first, its defenses are dismantled and withdrawn. At first, it is questioned for its original intention and given a different purpose of helping you to learn to overcome the NEED for the gap, or the desire to keep making it. It is repurposed by the Holy Spirit to help to bring you home to wholeness. And it ONLY has this purpose. When this purpose is fulfilled, this world, this entire gap, this universe-sized gaping hole of hell, will close up and disappear and exist no more.

It is like a wound. It heals. The parts on either side which were kept apart are reunited. There is a rejoining. There is celebration. There is wholeness. There is the ability to see past the walls. There is the ability of Christ Vision to overlook forms and see the unity they were hiding. This vision RECOGNIZES that the gap and its contents, including Earth, are nothing more than ILLUSIONS, which DO NOT EXIST, and NEVER HAD THE POWER TO SEPARATE. And in recognizing these illusions, the GAP DISAPPEARS, and the Earth being part of that gap disappears along with it.

"Without the idea of death, there is no world."

The idea of death and separation, once it ends, ends the gap, and therefore the whole world is swallowed up and disappears into the nothingness from which it came. This is healing. Healing HEALS AWAY the world. IT ERASES the separation idea. IT REMOVES and UNDOES everything that was manifest as a result of this gap and the belief in separation being real. You do not need this world. You do not need bodies. You do not need special earthly places and desires. All you need is the wholeness of Heaven. In wholeness there is no gap, no Earth, and no world here.

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