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"Miracles are a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers."

This describes the whole miracle-working system.

All power is of God. God is therefore the source of miracles.

"Miracles mean life, and God is the giver of life."

God is the one who actually blesses by giving/supplying life.

"There is no love but God's". "Miracles are expressions of love." Therefore God is the one supplying the love.

He blesses you, but he also blesses THROUGH you. The power that is in you, the power to work miracles, is God's.

"The power of God, and not of you, engenders miracles. The miracle itself is but the witness that you have the power of God in you."

So here's how it's set up. God created you, giving Himself to you. You are host to God. God's LIFE is in you. His power is in you.

"To recognize that all power is of God is to gain all power."

The power of God in you is your inheritance from God. His will is in you. You share his mind.

So God gives YOU the life/light/miracle, and then you PASS IT ON to your brothers. You share it and extend it. This is the fundamental setup.

You, as a miracle worker, in a state of truer perception, a loving perception, allow God's love to flow through you, to others.

You give the miracles you receive.

"Prayer is the medium of miracles. Through prayer love is received, through miracles love is expressed."

So basically you openly commune with God, within your being, and recognize and open to His presence IN you, but what is IN you is given to you FOR you AND FOR your brother. So it must pass THROUGH you to others. And thus you become a miracle worker.

"Miracles are the maximal service you can render another."

So when you are fully EXTENDING, passing on, what you are receiving from God, you are working miracles.

It is God's power that works through you.

And WHO or what is the mechanism by which miracles occur? It's the Holy Spirit.

"The Holy Spirit is the ONLY therapist."

"The Holy Spirit is the mechanism of miracles."

"The human therapist can only LET HIM FULFILL HIS FUNCTION. He needs no help for this. He WILL tell you EXACTLY what to do, to help ANYONE He sends to you FOR help, and will speak to him through you, IF YOU DO NOT INTERFERE."

Essentially, you are like a MEDIUM or channel. You are to allow the Holy Spirit to operate through you. Similarly Jesus is involved in this:

"You will see miracles through your hands through mine."

Which again means you HOST Jesus and allow him to work THROUGH your hands.

Love must be received from God, as a blessing for you, and then you must pass it on for others. Doing so works miracles. The power of God can move through you to move mountains, literally, and to raise the dead.

"What the Holy Spirit enables you to do is clearly not of this world."

"There is nothing my holiness cannot do."

Receive from God, give to others.

Receive from God, supply to others.

To do this you have to be purified yourself, so that you become a conduit for love, and WILLING and ABLE to express love, so that you can EXTEND the love of God that is in you.

You have to become the light of the world, in order to allow God's light, which is yours, to shine THROUGH you, to illuminate the minds of others.

Miracle working thus is basically just a matter of letting the Holy Spirit operate through you, allowing Gods power to flow through you, and to extend their love and power to your brothers to help them.

This is why miracle working isn't just about you receiving miracles, or you shifting perception. It's about you fulfilling your function in the MACHINERY that God has set up. He has already provided the power and the healing, YOUR ROLE or function is to extend and express it.

This parallels the way that you are a co-creator with God in heaven. God creates you and puts the power and light in you, you USE IT to extend His will and thus co-create with him. You share His love with everyone else. Just as miracles are a form of sharing.

"Miracles unite you with your brother."

Operating in holy relationship with others thus produces miracles naturally because you are functioning the way you were intended to, as a relay station for God's love.

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