The state of perfect forgiveness

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If you believe you have really done something wrong, you ALSO must believe that you are not forgiven or forgivable.

Yet, believing that you have really done something wrong, you will seek to "forgive". This cannot really work. This is the spiritual ego which tries to forgive its real sin.

While there is a belief that the sin is real, forgiveness is impossible.

You cannot forgive yourself as such. But you can question whether you really did something wrong in the first place.

If you didn't really do a "real sin", because whatever you did wasn't part of reality, then there actually is nothing TO forgive.

Forgiveness is still and judges not and just looks and waits and recognizes that sin is not real and therefore there is nothing to "do" to forgive it.

In other words, to be forgiving is to perceive forgivingly, which should only show you innocence everywhere.

If you are being forgiving, you will overlook and not even perceive that people's errors are real. You will only recognize their innocence.

If you are judging, you will fail to overlook their errors, think they are real, and condemn them for it. Obviously that's not very forgiving.

So as you can see, a forgiving attitude MUST also mean an attitude where sin is not seen at all, while a judging attitude makes sin real.

Because of this, you must recognize that forgiveness is a state in which nothing need to "become forgiven" because everything already IS seen as forgiven. Forgiveness is not in the future.

This also means that if you are going to forgive others or yourself, it's not going to happen by you FIRST making the sin seem real and THEN trying to forgive it.

That also means, so long as you believe that forgiveness is NEEDED, that it is necessary BECAUSE there really is a perception of a real sin happening, you are actually NOT in a state of forgiveness yet. You're in judgement.

You DO need to transition from a state of judgement, in which you believe that something has really gone wrong and someone has really sinned, to a state of forgiveness where you recognize that, IN TRUTH, nothing real has gone wrong and there has NOT been a real sin.

You can't therefore think of forgiveness as a mechanism of "doing something to" sin or "doing something to" fix a real problem. Forgiveness is the FINAL state of mind that you can only even access when you are willing to accept the atonement principle.

In this state of perfect forgiveness, it is RECOGNIZED that nothing real has been threatened, nothing unreal does exist, and therefore you already have peace. There is nothing TO forgive, and forgiveness does not need to "happen" to address real sins. There are none!

That is forgiveness.

Everything that leads up to that atonement awareness, that truth of "already forgiven, nothing left to forgive", is really a PREPARATION for becoming forgiving. That process itself is not really forgiveness. It is a PURIFICATION process which is your act of BECOMING willing to be forgiving, and BECOMING able to accept the atonement.

That purification is necessary before you can accept the atonement for yourself, and before you can become fully forgiving. Full forgiveness sees there WAS no sin, and in that view are all your sins forgiven.

So then what is there to be forgiven? Nothing. There is only your mistaken perception which keeps you from BEING forgiven, and that needs to be corrected, and it seems to be a process, but it is only a preparation to get your mind TO a forgiving state. It is not forgiveness in itself, because forgiveness is an ACCEPTANCE of the truth, not using the truth to fight a war with illusions.

Forgivness is a state of mind of the Holy Spirit. He recognizes the ego does not even exist and sin is not real whatsoever and nothing has really happened. That is being forgiving. That's why we're aiming to agree with and accept as our primary mode of perception. True perception.

So carry on with your undoing of faulty perceptions and perceptual errors, which are judgements, and keep on surrendering to the truth, to accept the atonement. Eventually you will remain purely in the atonement and will be 100% forgiving, recognizing there never was a real need for forgiveness because there is no real separation from God.

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