There are miracles happening all over the place

Sunday, Apr 02, 2017 189 words 0 mins 50 secs
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There are healings happening on planet Earth which defy the ego and undermine everything the ego world-view believes in.

There are healers who have performed miracles and who are performing them as we speak.

There are churches where healing miracles occur through the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

There are also churches where hundreds of people are completely healed of all sickness in a single event.

There are people on the streets who perform miraculous healings through the power of Jesus.

There are villages in Africa where the people perform miracles including multiple instances of raising the dead.

There are Christian Scientists who perform supernatural healings.

There are spontaneous healings produced by God as the result of prayers and petitions.

There are healings caused by Angels who come with divine blessings to help and save and support us.

And then there are A Course in Miracles students who are eagerly learning to become true miracle workers under Jesus's tutelage.

This is not a world of just everything fucking up and going to hell. There is a way out of hell and it goes way beyond what the ego would accept as 'natural'.

Healing is not unnatural. It is supernatural.

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