There cannot be a unified theory of everything

Thursday, Apr 13, 2017 323 words 1 mins 26 secs
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Science will not EVER be able to come up with a completely unified theory of everything.

As Jesus says in the Course, "A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary."

It doesn't matter if science is coming closer to an "understanding" of spirituality or an openness to the existence of God, or if they can even find an explanation that seems to satisfy all phenomenon. They won't be able to find one which is 100% perfect all of the time. That's simply because there is an assumption that this universe has consistency and is sane.

The physical universe is an idea of insanity and chaos, it only appears to be consistent as an illusion, and it is not even REAL. So how are you going to ever be able to prove the "true nature" of an UNREALITY?

This is why METAPHYSICS is the only way to explain the universe's real functioning and purpose... because you have to be OUTSIDE of the universe (beyond the physical, beyond physics, meta-physics) in order to see the illusion clearly, to be able to explain what it is. How can you explain anything true about an illusion from inside of it? How can you ask an illusory body to tell you what is really happening in an illusion?

Who cares if science is catching up to spirituality or not. It never will be able to prove God. God is an EXPERIENCE. All our words and symbols and thoughts and explanations will only ever bounce around the periphery of reality, never able to touch it or really relate to it or communicate it. Because these explanations are themselves illusions. Even those who are completely awake, even Jesus, cannot explain or communicate what God is "that.. we cannot speak of that."

And by the way BOTH religion and science are illusions.

Science is cool, interesting, intellectually stimulating, and even quite deep (quantum physics etc)... but... never is it about reality.

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