There ego's version of raising the dead

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The ego's version of raising the dead is to give reality/life to things which are not REALLY life.

It gives reality to illusions in an attempt to make them seem to live, as though they are animated and have a will of their own.

If, through the ego, you could make illusions seem to be real, and "forms" in the illusion seem to be "life forms", you would convince yourself that that which is dead (ie does not exist) is actually living.

This is the ego's version of raising the dead, and yet it is actually the attempt to bring death to the Son of God by removing His life and awarding it to the un-living.

The ego therefore believes that death is life and that producing death will finally make its illusions completely real.

It sees death as resurrection!

The Holy Spirit's version of raising the dead - true resurrection - involves the end of death, the end of the ego, and the restoration of the true life - real life - life that can actually live as given by God.

To bring something back to life is to bring it back to God, truth, reality, withdrawing "life" from the illusion of life, and recognizing that eternal life is real.

Life is the undoing of death.

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