There is no sin and you're not a sinner

Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 817 words 3 mins 37 secs
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"What if you looked within and saw NO sin?"

"Let me remember that there is no sin."

"There is no sin."

"There is no sin. Creation is unchanged."

"Before a holy relationship there is no sin."

I asked God, "please forgive me". HS responded, "for what?" Again I remembered, there is no sin. Does this mean God has completely forgiven me? That He sees absolutely no sin in me? If this is true it must mean I have never sinned. I have no reason to be guilty. There is no reason to fear punishment. I've literally never done anything wrong. Nothing is being held against me.

So if there is anything in me which suggests that this is not true, that something in me must be a belief. And it must be me own belief, and a false one at that. I must be falsely believing that I have done something that I have not really done. Therefore I must be very mistaken in believing this. If I think it is true that I'm a sinner, who has done terrible things and is unforgivable, unworthy, guilty, it must be a mistaken belief.

If only the truth is true, that there is absolutely no such thing as real sin, then it is literally impossible that I have ever sinned. Anything which seems to have occurred must be a mere nightmarish dream, an imagining, a fantasy, an attempt to hallucinate, to try to prove the truth isn't true. And in this fantasizing I must be lying, I must be making stuff up, and I must be trying to believe in it to try to give it reality. But it is never true. It is just denial. I am very mistaken to believe that I am even slightly sinful at all.

In God's eyes, in terms of the Atonement, there is a recognition that sin does not exist. There is no sin in God, there is no sin in me, there is no sin in my brothers, and there is no sin in the world. There is no sin anywhere! The idea that the world is a cause of anything, or that the body is a cause of anything, is the belief that the world and the body are sinful. That they can, have, are, and will be doing something through attack. They can't be real, or exist, because if they were to do so they would be really sinful.

There is a simple truth deep in my mind. There is no sin. There is no consequence of sin. There are no effects of sin. There is only perfect innocence, holiness, purity and divinity. True sinlessness. A state of no blame, no accusation, no condemnation, no harsh judgement, no finger pointing, no scapegoating, no victimization, just the complete absence of sin.

Sin is the big lie at the root of the ego thought system. It is the belief that you can sin, at all. Which means the belief that you can cause effects in something real, that you can affect God, that you can be God, that you can have power over God or your brothers, that you can do something to cause real consequences which are permanent and irreversible. Sin is the authority problem, it is the belief in magic, it is level confusion, it is false perception.

And the secret behind the entire ego construct, the whole world the ego made, is that sin does not exist. It never did happen. No-one ever changed God's will. Nothing real was ever threatened. Nothing truly living ever suffers or dies. Literally, sin is impossible. You can't sin even if you wanted to. All you can do is imagine it, dream it, and pretend it is real. And in doing so, you can only be mistaken. It's simply not true. You are immortal. You are real. You are permanently innocent. God did not create sinners and you have no power to turn yourself into one.

If you think you're sinful right now, or guilty, or have reason to fear punishment for what you did, or should suffer with sickness and death, YOU ARE MISTAKEN. Choose again.

"Loudly the ego tells you not to look inward, for if you do, your eyes will light on sin, and God will strike you blind. This you believe, and so you do not look. Yet this is not the ego's hidden fear, nor yours who serve it. Loudly indeed the ego claims it is. TOO loudly and TOO often. For underneath this constant shout and frantic proclamation, the ego is not certain it is so. Beneath your fear to look within because of sin, is yet another fear, and one which makes the ego tremble. What if you looked within, and saw NO sin? This "fearful" question is one the ego NEVER asks. And you who ask it now are "threatening" the ego's whole defensive system too seriously for it to bother to pretend it is your friend."

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