Time and eternity

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Time, in human form, is different to Time for God. For God, there is only "always". For us, it seems there are states where some things have happened, and some have not happened yet.

Because of this, we are confused about who needs to do what, when, in order for miracles to occur. We think that because we're in "time", where a problem currently exists, and we are not yet at the "time" where it isgone, that this applies to God too.

Then we will go to God, thinking that God is also bound by time, and ask Him ... hey God, can you please do xyz? This is completely assuming that, because of time, He has in some way not already completely done everything. We think He's waiting, or holding back, or hasn't yet decided, or has not acted, or isn't sharing the miracle yet. We petition asking for something to be done about the problem. But this is a mistake.

For God, there is no time, and he isn't going "through time" with us. There is no before or after. There is no state in which some things are true and some other state in which other things are true. There is no change for God. There is no progression from not having to having, or from sickness to health, or from lack to abundance.

For God, there is only "always true". This is the perspective of eternity.

WE need to therefore get ourselves aligned with God's perspective, in order to accept, understand, and extend what God has already done. For us, in time, it seems weird to do this because it's like asking for something to happen which already happened. It seems like it did not happen yet, but in God's world everything is already complete.

Since God has already fully given, from His perspective, "it is done". It's us who have to wrangle with "time". The willingness to accept that God's Will is done already, even when it APPEARS in time that it has not happened yet, requires FAITH. Trust, that regardless of how the entire world of matter is showing up *currently*, God's miracle will express itself. It is this willingness of faith and trust that BRINGS the manifestation of God's will.

To receive is therefore a key element in miracles, not so much in "performing" miracles but as in "receiving" them. God is already miraculous 100% of the time. We need to learn to invite the reception and expression of these miracles through the removal of the BLOCKS to them, through forgiveness.

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