True or correct perception recognizes what is true AND false

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True perception is the ability to discern clearly, the *difference* between what is TRUE, and what is FALSE. To discern BOTH of these correctly is a state of RECOGNIZING what something is, and what something is not.

It contains BOTH these properties of a) seeing the truth and recognizing it AS true, and b) seeing the false and recognizing it AS false.

True perception does not mean ONLY seeing "truth". It means seeing the what is true ABOUT what is showing up. And the illusory world of earth is still going to be showing up with people in various states of awakening. True perception will show you what about those things is TRUE, and what about those things is FALSE.

True perception means CORRECT perception, not a perception which sees nothing but truth. CORRECT perception perceives CORRECTLY. It RECOGNIZES that the truth is true, AND that what is false is false. It does not fail to PERCEIVE what is false (people in sick bodies, disasters, wars raging still, people fighting etc), it simply knows THAT IS FALSE AND UNREAL.

This is why, in true perception, you NOT ONLY see the truth and recognize it as true (real world/reflection of heaven/face of christ), you ALSO *SEE* the false and recognize it as false (other people still choosing to pretend to suffer, the earth itself AND the real world being ILLUSIONS that don’t really exist).

This is why, it was perfectly logical and possible for Jesus to SEE that people were calling out for help and asking for healing, even though *HE* knew that only the truth was true. HE knew that sickness was FALSE. He was able to PERCEIVE AND DISCERN that sickness was FALSE - that even though it was showing up, it was FAKE SICKNESS. This does not in any way mean that he did not SEE that "people were sick". He simply recognized it as NOT TRUTH, and so was able to HEAL IT. It means he RECOGNIZED it for what it was and what it was not.

It is not true that you will become blind to all suffering when you are in true perception. You will become LOVING, and you will see the CALL FOR LOVE in all those who "temporarily have less". And you will give miracles of healing BECAUSE there is a need and because you RECOGNIZE that other people are asking for HELP, because they believe they’re having a nightmare that YOU know cannot be real, by which they are not bound.

Perceiving what is true MUST logically also show you what is false. That which is false will be recognized AS false. This is only because perception still sees a "fake world" that we made - earth and this universe. It recognizes it as false, while still seeing it. It does not BELEIVE it. And so, while in that state, you can BE HELPFUL, because OTHER PEOPLE are not currently willing to share your perception.

This means, other people and how they are and whether they are sick or not, IS NOT PART OF YOUR PERCEPTION. They are not inside your perception. Their sickness is NOT your sickness. You recognize that "their sickness" is what THEY are responsible for choosing.

Believing that other people’s sickness is your sickness, that you share a mind WHILE YOU PERCEIVE, that they are just part of your projection, IS LEVEL CONFUSION, because it is confusing the properties of a mind that is ONE, with the realm of PERCEPTION which is an entirely separate level. Within perception, other people DO NOT SHARE your perception, and they are NOT part of your mind, and their sickness IS NOT your sickness.

Your willingness to undo their fake sickness is a SERVICE. A miracle. If they will not accept it, or are not ready for it, or do not want help, they will NOT become free of their fake sickness no matter how much YOU perceive correctly that they are not really sick. That’s because they have their own free will, because each is an independant son of God.

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