Trying to decide what the truth is

Wednesday, May 03, 2017 331 words 1 mins 28 secs
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There's the truth, and then there's trying to decide on your own what the truth is.

The truth really can only be surrendered to and accepted, not made.

In your attempt to learn the truth, you will divert away from the truth and try to interpret it your way. Your version of it will pass for what you believe the truth is, because you want to be the one who makes it true.

But the truth is stone-cold factual. Verbatim. As is. We don't get to manipulate it or change it.

We knew before the separation that the truth could not be changed. The separation was an attempt to DENY that it could not be changed, which would seem to give us the perception that it COULD be changed.

The truth still has not been changed. We are just in denial. Sleeping. Unaware of what it means. Believing it says something else.

It is only our misinterpretation of the truth that has led to the nightmare we're having. The dream of separation, seeming to be real and containing things which seem like truth.

We've tried to make true what is inherently impossibly false. We've tried to turn illusions into realities. We've tried to give meaning to the meaningless.

This is the only reason why we are upset and frightened, because we believe there is truth to things which are not true or real.

Thankfully, all of these untrue things are still not true and NEVER will be. All you need is "a little willingness" to surrender to reality.

Your truth has to be given up. You can't keep being a truth-maker. Being a seeker of the truth has turned you into a dreamer about what the truth is. You're trying to find it, which is an attempt to move away from it.

Surrender your willingness to have truth be something other than God Created. Accepting the truth about yourself is healing and life-giving. It is the freedom you've been seeking. It is love.

Truth is the Word of God, and it is permanent.

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