What about what God wants?

Wednesday, Nov 02, 2016 177 words 0 mins 47 secs
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A lot of spirituality is about 'what I want'.... I want peace, I want healing, I want awakening, etc....

Who is this 'I' that is doing the wanting?

It's the ego. The ego loves to seek, because that indirectly means (and reinforces the belief) that you don't currently have. And so long as you're believing in not having, you'll be seeking.

So imagine that.... seeking is actually a movement AWAY from having. This is typical of the ego, to pretend to look like it's seeking, when in fact it is running away from presence.

The seeking actually builds and reinforces the seeker.... and the seeker is the ego. Seeking is like digging your own grave.

So what's this all got to do with what 'you' want? i.e. what your ego wants?

How about, what does God want?

How about, surrendering what you want?

How about, dropping the desire to seek for things as though you don't have them?

How about dropping the ego, which is an attack thought of lack and not-having, so that you become aware that you ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING GOD GAVE YOU?

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