What applies to others applies to you

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016 156 words 0 mins 41 secs
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The other person is guilty and therefore I am guilty also...

.....OR ....

The other person is innocent and therefore I am innocent also.

There is no other option.

There is no 'they are guilty and I am innocent'. There is no 'they are innocent and I am guilty'.

If it applies to them, it applies to you. When you believe otherwise you're in the ego and are insane.

This is why you have A VESTED INTEREST in finding everyone innocent, otherwise you cannot claim innocence for yourself.

When it's important to you to find someone guilty, separate from yourself, thinking this guilt does not apply to you... Well.... Good luck with that. You will just end up feeling guiltier and unhappier and more at war with yourself. You will be in conflict, your fear will increase, and you will be constantly upset. Do you want that? Then you have to let BOTH of you off the hook. There is no other way.

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