What dies?

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There is a strange tug of war between the idea that a person is a body who dies, and the idea that the person is more than a body.

If you believe the person is a body, and only a body, and the body dies, you will believe heavily that the person has literally ceased existing. No soul moving on to heaven, nothing. That will be the basis for the worst kind of grief imaginable. "Reality died" is the basis of all grief and loss.

As I transition to the truth about my brothers/sisters I am to learn that they are not even remotely their body. Who and what they are isn't their flesh and bones, not by a long shot. Or at all. And that means learning to "associate" them with their permanent spiritual self. And that means recognizing their permanent spiritual self cannot die. So if the body ends up dead the person has not died at all in my mind.

With that kind of view, that death applies ONLY to the form and NOT to the spirit, and having a relationship with the person at the spirit level not confusing their form with their self, the entire basis for grief and loss is cancelled. There is merely a constant continuation of eternal life at all times and ultimately there should be no perceived difference between who a brother is while in a body vs out of one.

And so if the spirit of the person is permanent, it doesn't or shouldn't matter one iota whether their body ends up dead or not because nothing will have really changed or affected who they really are. And so if physical death changed absolutely nothing (nothing real can be affected), what grounds is there for anything but celebration?

Of course this becomes more difficult when the person themselves is body identified and presents themselves as if they are an isolated egoic person, because that egoic self is partly going to pass along with the body and this will seem like a death. We have to look past what our brother even thinks of themselves and learn to see their Christ self or Real/Holy/Spirit/Soul self beyond it, recognizing that THAT is the person and THAT self cannot die ever.

So after a while of focusing in this way, you might have thoughts that a person will die and how tragic this will be (if it seems real), but then also thoughts of well, their real self is permanent and they will just continue unaffected, just not in a body. No harm done, as it were. And that's a reassurance. Until you can get to the point where you're SO convinced by the spirit and not the flesh that for you, death means absolutely nothing, does not prove any kind of separation, has no reality and does not signal the end of anything real.

Then the time of tears is over forever.

"There is no death, the son of God is free".

"The world will end in laughter because it is a place of sorrow."

"And God himself shall wipe away all tears"

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