What is possible and what is impossible?

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016 152 words 0 mins 40 secs
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When you resist what is, you attempt the impossible.

When you are attempting the impossible, you will become aware of impossibilities.

You will attempt to change those impossibilities.

You won't be able to do anything about them because they are literally impossible.

They are impossible because they don't really exist, so you can't really do anything about them.

But if you try to, you will find that it is absolutely futile and you have no power to change impossibility.

But you will try, because you think it's possible to change the impossible. It should be clear how impossible this is to the sane mind.

All you can do is accept what is possible. What is.

Let go of fighting an impossible fight.

Focus on what is, truth.

Focus on accepting and allowing it to be.

This atunes you to the possible.

In the possible, everything is possible.

In the possible, miracles are possible.

There is nothing impossible in or for the possible.

It is possible to be.

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