What is there to learn?

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 259 words 1 mins 9 secs
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Contemplating the seemingly huge gap between where I am at and where God is at, I asked myself, what will it take to learn the whole truth?

It seemed then that the "whole" of the truth I was trying to learn was all of the concepts, information, viewpoints, seemingly separate pieces of the puzzle. A neverending mountain of concepts and thoughts.

Then I asked myself, well, what is the whole truth? The whole truth is God. The whole truth has nothing to do with ideas and concepts. It's a living experience and awareness.

The concepts, the ideas, the metaphysics, the information, the puzzles and problems, things which seem not figured out, are all symptoms or side effects of not being with God.

To be with God is the only actual goal. All that needs to be "done". All that needs to be "learned". Everything else, may be helpful up to a point, but it isn't what needs to be learned.

There is only one problem - a sense of separation from God. And there is only one solutions - returning to God. Sorting out or fixing or solving all the other illusory problems and bits of information is completely irrelevant.

So if I want the whole truth, all that means is, going back home to God. It's got nothing to do with learning anything else. All that other stuff at some point has to be unlearned and let go as well. It was useful as a stepping stone pointing the way. At some point, we have to take a leap of faith into God's arms.

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