Who is responsible for putting thoughts in your mind?

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Sometimes people say you should meditate and watch your thoughts go by. They say you should not believe the thoughts or get engaged with them. It seems helpful up to a point to be able to let them go without following them.

Doing this seems to suggest you are not your thoughts, that thoughts are somehow happening but somehow you are detached or separate from them.

But how is it possible that thoughts are happening in your mind if you are not the one thinking them? Who else is allegedly responsible for putting thoughts in everyones' head? Who is the thinker of these thoughts? Someone has to be.

To try to separate yourself from your thoughts could be an act of disassociation, especially if you're trying to deny that you are the one making them happen, or that they "happen on their own".

Some have suggested that the ego thought system is a sort of "thing" in its own right and that you can either be immersed in it and its thoughts, or step outside of it. But either way, that it still sort of exists on its own. The question is, who is making it exist? It can't exist unless someone somewhere is making it or believing in it.

Thoughts will not STOP until the person responsible for making them appear stops making them appear. Disowning them doesn't make them disappear. Not being lost in them is helpful, but at some point you MUST become aware that you are the one who is putting them there, and therefore gain mastery over their origin. It must become possible for you to actually stop thinking entirely, otherwise you will remain a victim of thoughts.

The ego doesn't just happen on its own. Someone has to make it up, believe in it, and create the illusions that it exists. Ego thoughts are a part of that. If there are thoughts coming up "on their own", they MUST be coming from some unconscious part of yourself that is thinking with a will that has been separated from the rest of your will. It means you still have a split mind. And that means there is still forgiveness to be done.

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