Why do we have a body at all?

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I was thinking about why we seem to have a body at all.

It occurred to me that all ego illusions are put in place as a form of level confusion. When the dream (effect) seems to have a causal ability, it does something "to you". This produces illusions of effects in you, and in your body. Believing that cause is outside of you instead of inside of you, makes the world basically tell you what you are. And you comply.

The body showing up, then, shows us not so much that it's being projected from inside the body itself, but is showing up as an image which is being "caused by" the world. By all of the ego's laws, the body is only there because the world put it there. It's only there because there is level confusion. It's only there because you believe in magic. And it's only there because you see yourself as an effect of your dream.

Effects within dreams show up as "forms". All thoughts produce form at some level and all ego thoughts produce illusions of forms. Belief in ego therefore means you believe the world is the cause of you, and this belief ALONE places an IMAGE of a body over your mind. It is a picture of what is seen from OUTSIDE of you looking inwards (reversed cause-effect), which is why everyone ELSE sees it.

But really the body is nothing but a state of a belief in external causes, a projection of ego sin. "The body is the belief in sin projected outward and made flesh." - ACIM

So we believe in sin, which sets up a reversal of cause and effect, which creates level confusion, which makes it seem like our dream is dreaming us, which feeds back towards us as a body which is perceived, from the outside in. Projection makes perception.

This is also why when level confusion is completely corrected, what is true is recognized as true, and what is false is false, THERE CANNOT BE A BODY. The body cannot SEPARATE YOU from what is or from yourself. You are no longer being "caused" by the world. There is no longer proof that you were made by matter. You now have mind over matter and your inverted perception from the outside-in will now turn inside out and be in its correct order. The body cannot show up at all when there is no belief in separation or illusions. This is why Jesus's body disappeared.

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