Why is it that everyone is always in a state of disagreement?

Friday, Sep 22, 2017 380 words 1 mins 41 secs
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Even people who are some of the highest teachers, continue to disagree about who is right and who is wrong or what the truth is.

There is a system, world-wide, universe-wide, an inherent feature of this illusory existence, in that absolutely everything is against absolutely everything else.

While there is not oneness, there is disagreement. While there are multiple truths, there is disagreement. While there is opinion, there is disagreement.

We have to ask ourselves, do we want to put aside all personal opinions and ideas and accept the ONE TRUTH, an unquestionable truth, which God has set in place, OR do we want to have it be some other way that we are proud of coming up with by ourselves?

This is precisely why no-one can agree about what happens to the body, how the body works, what diet is best for anyone, the cause of any sickness, what helps or hurts, or who is right about any of it. Trying to figure out what is happening or why it's happening or how to fix it is a total minefield of utter bullshit, conflicting opinions, and basically NO-ONE knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

This is the ego world. This is how it is in a split mind, a mind with so many separate wills, all different and against each other, all of them blinded in some way, that not one single one of them can see the whole truth.

It's never about people having to agree with me or others or anyone. It's about, do we agree with God? Will we accept the only truth? Are we prepared to surrender all of our own faculties of attempting to invent or change the truth to suit our own beliefs, to allow God to tell us directly what the truth is - in an experience of revelation or total awakening?

No-one is right in an ego world. There is no truth in illusions. There is no truth in the world. The truth is not out there in the world. It's not in someone's explanation, someone's scientific study, someone's opinion, someone's education, someone's viewpoint or anywhere else. The truth is only within, in a direct connection and union with God. That's the only truth. And you're either ACTUALLY in that relationship of Oneness, or you're in denial.

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