You are a co-creator with God

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You are a co-creator with God. This means that you actually of your free will "willingly" cause the creation of other beings, who are like you, as you are like your Father. You do have a self, a soul, which is a creator, just as much as God is a creator. You do not create God, but you do Create your own creations, within your own being, shared with all of Heaven.

"If you created GOD and He created you, the KINGDOM could not increase through its OWN creative thought. Creation would therefore be limited, and you would NOT be co-creators WITH God. As God's creative Thought proceeds FROM Him TO you, so must YOUR creative thought proceed FROM you to YOUR creations."

"The miracle which God created is perfect, as are the miracles which YOU created in His Name."

"We said before that only the whole Sonship is a worthy co-creator with God, because only the whole Sonship can create like Him. Whenever you heal a brother by recognizing his worth, you are acknowledging his power to create and yours."

"They remind you that you are the co-creator of all things that live. For as the peace of God is shining in you, it must shine on them."

"Think not He wills to bind you, Who has made you co-creator of the universe along with Him. He would but keep your will forever and forever limitless. The world awaits the freedom you will give, when you have recognized that YOU are free."

"You want your creations, as He wants His. Your creations are your gift to the Holy Trinity, created in gratitude for your creation. They do not leave you, any more than you have left your Creator. But they extend your creation, as God extended Himself to you. Can the Creations of God Himself take joy in what is not real?"

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