You are attacking yourself indirectly

Wednesday, May 03, 2017 306 words 1 mins 21 secs
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Every time you believe you are attacking someone else and not yourself, you are attacking yourself indirectly.

Your attack is always self-attack. Your attack is never an attack on someone else at all.

If they were Christ, they would exhibit no symptoms to prove or demonstrate that your attempted attack did anything to them.

And this would show you, that even as you believe you are attacking Christ, it is having no effect, so the only one receiving effects is YOU.

You are really just attacking yourself. All of the rest of your denial of this fact is your attempt to pretend that you don't hate yourself.

Your only problem is your self separation, your self attack, what you are doing to yourself, and is the only problem that needs correcting.

Fix your belief that you are really sinful and guilty and all of your other problems will disappear. This belief is an attack on yourself, by yourself, and all the ways it gets repressed and projected doesn't undo that fact.

Projection and scapegoating is just denial. You're denying that YOU believe that YOU are sinful. And nobody else is going to be able to undo that for you if you are not willing to look at that fact.

You need a little willingness to look WITH Holy Spirit, upon this sin, to recognize that IN LIGHT, it does not really exist, it is NOT true about you, and it is not REAL. There is no real sin. What if you looked within and saw there was no real sin? You would recognize your innocence and accept the atonement.

Your entire war with the world is not the problem at all. That's just a projection of your war with yourself. It all boils down to this. YOU need forgiveness to undo YOUR belief that YOU are a sinner.

Undo that and it will undo the world.

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