You are your own victimizer, are you having fun yet?

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016 344 words 1 mins 31 secs
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What we see in our lives outside of ourselves, is a displacement of all of our own sense of self, which we do not want to own up to.

We are Christ. We do not want to own up to that. So instead we've shoved all of that freedom, power, responsibility, ownership, identity, outside of our very own self. So now instead of it being 'in here', now it's 'out there'.

That means, everyone else now has the freedom which 'they' have taken away from us.

That means, everyone else now has the power which 'they' have taken away from us.

That means, everyone else is now responsible for everything that has gone wrong, and not us.

That means, everyone else is who we are trying to be, instead of being who we really are.

It's as though, we've 'leaked' and bled all of the properties of everything that is inherently our own, given by God, out onto the world, like a great disowning and disassociating from ourselves. And now all the stuff that is supposed to be 'in here' is now 'out there', separate, kept apart from us behind some special walls and barricades.

Who disowned you? You did.

Who put responsibility outside of yourself into the hands of other people, weather, events, happenings? You did.

Who handed over masses of power to everyone else so that you would seem to be weak? You did.

You've shelved yourself.

Its YOUR power that you see out there that you fear, thinking it is against you. It is YOUR responsibility for being who you are that you see out there, taking over your life against your will. It is YOUR identity that you've displaced into other people and objects and idols and things, thinking that they are who you really are. You did this.

Take back your power. Take back your freedom. Take back your responsibility.

There isn't a power out there being held over your head that isn't your own. Once you take it back, who else is there to act against you, and with what power? Nobody.

You're afraid of your own shadow.

You're your own victimizer.

Having fun?

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