You can't go further unless you're willing to do the Will of God

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016 309 words 1 mins 22 secs
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At some point, in order to progress further in awakening, we have to realize that we're going to have to willingly do the will of God, rather than our separate will.

We can only go so far holding onto individuality and separateness. We can only progress so far when we want to be in charge of our life and do our own thing and not allow God to express through us.

God has a perfect 'ideal' of how we should be and what we should express, and His Will be done.

It's basically like saying, that you can function on the top floor of a building of consciousness, but you will not be able to go up onto the roof and open to the heavens unless you're willing to accept, allow and participate in God's will.

Whatever it is that God wants.. the heavenly divine expression of perfection and creation.. that is going to have to become your will if you want to be closer to God. You can't go to God and abide under God's laws without relinquishing the ego's laws and being willing to accept God's laws.

Another way to say it is, to get into Heaven, you do need to be willing to meet the conditions of Heaven, which isn't so much that you need to not be a sinner that goes to hell, but that you need to be willing to accept the 'role' and 'function' that God has created for you, given you are HIS idea.

So are you willing to let go of the independent ego mind, the ego thought system, doing everything on your own, relying on your own faculties and controlling life as thought it is 'your own life'? Are you willing to let your life be 'used' by God and shared WITH God? Is there room in your life FOR God and for doing God's will?

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