You do have a Self and it will not disappear

Friday, Mar 02, 2018 472 words 2 mins 5 secs
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Cutting your Self off from God is separation.

Cutting yourself off from God means that now your Self is ISOLATED or disconnected from God.

It does not mean that you have no self or that you do not exist.

Nor does it mean that you having a Self is ego or a sin.

It merely means your Self has become surrounded with fictional illusions of SEPARATION which are not really there, which blocks your awareness of being as God created you.

God created you to HAVE A SELF. You are one of many sons of God.

Just because your Self is constrained and limited by walls of ego delusion, does not fundamentally mean that your "self" itself is false.

All it means is that you have tried to CHANGE your Self into an artificial self, one which is separated from the whole and one which does not want to be as God created it.

Just because you are in the world being "an individual" does NOT make individuality an error. It's not your individuality that is an error. It's the ego stuff that SURROUNDS your individuality and paints a picture of you being an identity that is not true of you.

Not having an EGO identity or an ego individuality, a cut off individuality, does NOT mean that when you get rid of the ego you will get rid of you "self". It only means that the FAKE SELF, which was formed from walls surrounding your REAL SELF, will disappear, and what will be left is your REAL SELF, WHICH IS AN INDIVIDUAL SOUL.

God created individual souls with individual free will. This is normal and natural. It is normal to have a SELF. It's just that, in God's creation, this Self is ALSO UNITED with all of the rest of creation - joined to it, sharing with it. It is ONLY THE SHARING that has seemed to end.

The lack of sharing and the sense of ISOLATION from the whole is all that needs to be undone and let go of. And letting go of that isolation reconnects you to the whole and DOES NOT MEAN that your "self" stops being separate and therefore you stop HAVING a self. It does not mean, there is nowhere that you begin and God ends. You do not cause God, God causes you. You exist forever as His creation. You cannot make yourself not exist any more than you can change God's creation.

All that falls away is the LIES ABOUT YOU, not YOU.

Look at anyone who has had an awakening. They will tell you, who they thought they were fell away and disappeared. So there is no THAT self left, but that person is standing there talking to you BEING A SELF, because they still have a soul. You are permanent.

Which part of "I am as God created me" means that you do not exist?

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