You may not realize what you gave up

Sunday, May 07, 2017 204 words 0 mins 54 secs
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You may not realize what you gave up when you preferred a dream of death over a reality of Eternal Life.

You may have forgotten the utter magnitude of the love of God for you, and which you share with Him.

You have blocked from your awareness the divine, miraculous power that you have to create anything.

You may not recall just how beautiful and joyous and free you are, liberated from ego and death and dreams of dying.

Only because you have for so long tarried in a world of obstacles and defeat, do you think this is your normal allotment. You are sure that you barely deserve anything greater, knowing not exactly what is on offer.

If you could remember the tremendous gifts which will return to you as you awaken, you would not hesitate to let go of your use of the ego and would quickly leap for the offer.

God is offering you an absolute unlimited smorgasbord of orgasmic happiness, which nothing in this world can even begin to compare with.

You literally are on a path to receiving everything in place of nothing, and all the pitiful gifts the ego offered you will quickly be shown to be barely worth anything at all.

Come get your inheritance!

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