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Miracle principle 15: "Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed."

If you want to be performing miracles, you will need to understand how to pray.

Notice in this principle that prayer is RECEIVING. This seems contrary to how we usually think of prayer as some kind of asking, petitioning, announcing how we lack and want something, or asking as though it is not already given. You can ask all you want but if you're not willing to RECEIVE IT, how is the result going to come?

Prayer AS receiving correlates to the truth that God has already fully given all of Himself.

Before the separation, there was no need for prayer or miracles. All was shared. You had everything you need. It was only because you've attempted to DENY God, to stop sharing, to stop receiving and to be unwilling to receive His love, that you're not in a constantly miraculous state.

It's not that God is not giving miracles, it's that we're not receiving them. We're stopping them all the time with our ego. We don't want what God offers.

When you pray, you need to be clear about the fact that it's not God who has the problem. God isn't in need of forgiveness. God isn't waiting to decide what to do about something. He's already finished. He is always being miraculously loving. It's us who are not willing to accept or receive what God would have us have.

So don't pray asking for God to do something, because He's already done it. Prayer is supposed to be a receiving of God, a receiving of the miracle, an openness to accept the TRUTH that correlates with God, and a willingness to have love be EXPRESSED.

God is already doing the expressing.

As Jesus tells us in the Course, we are to demonstrate that we truly believe God's truth, by showing up even PHYSICALLY with demonstrations of it being true, even in symbolic form. Sick bodies demonstrate that you do not really believe and have not really received God's miracle. They demonstrate a continued belief in attack and a willingness to keep suffering to PROVE that someone is guilty. Sickness is an unwillingness to receive the miracle fully.

We need to learn how to fully receive and allow the miracle to express itself, to allow God's expression to go unhindered.

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