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T1B23C "Miracles are a part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement."
T1B23E "I am in charge of the process of Atonement, which I undertook to begin."
T1B23E "My Atonement was for the canceling out of all sins (i.e.,"
T1B23E "The reason why YOU come before me is because I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case YOU fail temporarily."
T1B23F "Part of their Atonement value involves just that."
T1B23G "The purpose of the Atonement is to restore everything TO you."
T1B23H "Having been restored to your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself."
T1B23K "Remember that ability is the potential, Achievement is its expression, and Atonement is the Purpose."
T1B24A "Atonement is the natural profession of the Children of God, because they have professed Me."
T1B27E "Only the mind and body need Atonement."
T1B27E "The miracle joins in the Atonement of Christ by placing the mind in the service of the Spirit."
T1B28C "But the Atonement restores the Soul to its proper place."
T1B29B "The forgiven ARE the means of Atonement."
T1B30H "I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I AM the Atonement."
T1B30H "You have a ROLE in Atonement, which I will dictate TO you."
T1B30J "Atonement is the knowledge that the belief that angels can fall is false."
T1B30K "Christ-controlled miracles are part of the Atonement, but Christ-guidance is personal, and leads to PERSONAL salvation."
T1B30P "Atonement undoes all errors in this respect, and thus uproots the REAL source of fear."
T1B32B "This correction factor places man under the Atonement principle, where his perception is healed."
T1B38 "The impersonal nature of miracles is because Atonement itself is one, uniting all creations with their Creator."
T1B39A "The miracle is an expression of an inner awareness of Christ and acceptance of his Atonement."
T1B41K "When the Atonement has been completed, ALL talents will be shared by ALL of the Sons of God."
T1B42B "Since this makes it inevitable that they will extend them to others, a very strong chain of Atonement is welded."
T2A13 "This is brought about by his acceptance of the Atonement, which places him in a position to realize that his own errors never really occurred."
T2B16 "My own role in the Atonement IS one of true projection, i.e.,"
T2B22 "The second is his own denial of the mechanism of the Atonement."
T2B41 "The Atonement is the ONLY defense which cannot be used destructively."
T2B41 "The Atonement PRINCIPLE was in effect long before the Atonement itself was begun."
T2B41 "The Principle was love, and the Atonement itself, was an ACT of love."
T2B42 "The Atonement thus becomes the only defense which was NOT a two-edged sword."
T2B43 "The Atonement actually began long before the Crucifixion."
T2B45 "The Atonement was built into the space-time belief in order to set a limit on the need for the belief, and ultimately to make learning complete."
T2B45 "The Atonement IS the final lesson."
T2B47 "The Atonement is the device by which he can free himself from the past as he goes ahead."
T2B48 "In this sense, the Atonement saves time, but, like the miracle which serves it, does not abolish it."
T2B48 "As long as there is need for Atonement, there is need for time."
T2B48 "Until the Atonement is finished, its various phases will proceed IN time, but the whole Atonement stands at its end."
T2B49 "The reason this is upsetting you is because the Atonement is a TOTAL commitment."
T2B50 "The miracle turns the defense of Atonement to the protection of the inner self, which, as it becomes more and more secure; assumes its natural talent of protecting others."
T2B51 "They are right, but YOU are not sufficiently Right-Minded yet to write about the Atonement with comfort."
T2B61 "They no longer oppose the Atonement, but greatly facilitate it."
T2B61 "The Atonement can only be accepted within you."
T2B63 "Since the Separation, man's defenses have been used almost entirely to defend themselves AGAINST the Atonement, and thus maintain their separation."
T2B63 "The so-called "anal" behavior is a distorted attempt to "steal" the Atonement, and deny its worth by concealing it, and holding onto it with a bodily receptacle, which is regarded as particularly vicious."
T2B63 "The main error in both is the belief that the body can be used as a means for attaining Atonement."
T2B64 "It occurred to her that the Atonement was the cure."
T2B65 "The inappropriate emphasis which men have put on beautiful Church BUILDINGS is a sign of their own fear of Atonement, and unwillingness to reach the altar itself."
T2B66 "For perfect effectiveness, the chalice of the Atonement belongs at the center of the inner altar, where it undoes the Separation, and restores the wholeness of the Spirit."
T2B66 "It DOES NOT mean the restoration of the building, but it DOES mean the opening of the altar to receive the Atonement."
T2B68 "The acceptance of the Atonement by everyone is only a matter of time."
T2B70 "The spiritual eye literally CANNOT SEE error, and merely looks for Atonement."
T2B72 "The Atonement is the only gift which is worthy of being offered to the Altar of God."
T2B72 "The world WAS a way of healing the Separation, and the Atonement is the GUARANTEE that the device will ultimately do so."
T2B73 "He is interpreting them as "holding himself aloof" from the Atonement.)"
T2C1 "The miracle is the means, the Atonement the principle, and the healing is the result."
T2C1 "The Atonement, or the final miracle, is a REMEDY."
T2C2 "The order of error to which Atonement is applied is irrelevant."
T2C8 "The body, if properly understood, shares the invulnerability of the Atonement to two-edged application."
T2C9 "Sometimes the illness has sufficiently great a hold over an individual's mind to render him inaccessible to Atonement."
T2C10 "The value of the Atonement does not lie in the manner in which it is expressed."
T2C13 "By using physical means to do so, he is not engaging in any form of enslavement, even though he is not applying the Atonement."
T2C17 "All forms of not-Right-Mindedness are the result of refusal to accept the Atonement FOR YOURSELF."
T2C17 "The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept Atonement himself."
T2C17 "This means that he knows that mind is the only creative level, and that its errors ARE healed by the Atonement."
T2C19 "We said before that the spiritual eye cannot see error, and is capable only of looking beyond it to the defense of Atonement."
T2C19 "When the spiritual eye is permitted to look upon the defilement of the altar, it also looks immediately toward Atonement."
T2C20 "This perception is totally non-threatening because of the Atonement."
T2C21 "Since his own thinking is faulty, he cannot see the Atonement himself, or he would have no need for charity at all."
T2E2 "If you consider what the process really means, it is nothing more than a series of pragmatic steps in the larger process of accepting the Atonement as THE remedy."
T2E2 "Perfect love IS the Atonement."
T2E3 "We have emphasized that the miracle, or the EXPRESSION of Atonement, is always a sign of real respect from the worthy TO the worthy."
T2E3 "This worth IS re-established by the Atonement."
T2E4 "It is obvious, then, that when you are afraid you have placed yourself in a position where you NEED Atonement BECAUSE you have DONE something loveless because you WILLED without love."
T2E4 "This is precisely the situation for which the Atonement was offered."
T2E38 "The ONLY way is to STOP MISCREATING NOW, and accept the Atonement for miscreations of the past."
T2E39 "This is because every time I mentioned the Atonement to him, which was quite often, he responded by defending his theory more and more against it."
T2E50 "This establishes a state of mind in which the Atonement can be accepted without delay."
T2E54 "The correction of this error is the Atonement."
T2F5 "This IS his part in the Atonement."
T3A6 "Mental retardation is a defense which, like the others EXCEPT the Atonement, can be used on behalf of error or truth, as elected."
T3A12 "I have been careful to clarify my own role in the Atonement, without either over or understating it."
T3C1 "The Crucifixion did NOT establish the Atonement."
T3C7 "The wholly benign lesson which the Atonement teaches is wholly lost if it is tainted with this kind of distortion in ANY form."
T3C10 "The Atonement, too, is totally without symbolism."
T3C10 "The Atonement itself radiates nothing but truth."
T3C11 "The Atonement is thus the perfect lesson."
T3C14 "Understanding the lesson of the Atonement, they are without the will to attack, and therefore they see truly."
T3C22 "The lamb taketh away the sins of the world only in the sense that the state of innocence or Grace, is one in which the meaning of the Atonement is perfectly apparent."
T3C22 "In this state, man's mind DOES see God, and because he sees Him as he Is, he knows that the Atonement, NOT sacrifice, is the ONLY appropriate gift to His OWN altar, where nothing except perfection truly belongs."
T3C26 "Cayce could not see the Atonement as totally lacking in sacrifice at ANY level."
T3C34 "He did not fail to recognize the value of the Atonement for others, but he did fail to accept its corrective merit for himself."
T3F22 "The Atonement was an act based on true perception."
T3G17 "Since perception rests on lack, those who perceive have not totally accepted the Atonement and given over themselves to truth."
T4D2 "This is the whole message of the Atonement, a message which in its totality transcends the sum of its parts which we have covered before."
T4E8 "That is what the Atonement is for."
T4E8 "But until you change your mind about those your ego has hurt, the Atonement cannot release you."
T4G14 "The Holy One shares my trust and always approves my Atonement decisions, because my will is never out of accord with His."
T4G15 "I have told you several times that I am in charge of the whole Atonement."
T5B9 "It came into being with the separation as a protection, and inspired the beginning of the Atonement at the same time."
T5C2 "The Holy Spirit is the mind of the Atonement."
T5C10 "The Holy Spirit was God's answer to the separation, the means by which the Atonement could repair until the whole mind returned to creating."
T5C10 "The Atonement and the separation began at the same time."
T5D1 "The voice of the Holy Spirit IS the call to Atonement, or the restoration of the integrity of the mind."
T5D1 "When the Atonement is complete and the whole Sonship is healed, there will be no call to return, but what God creates is eternal."
T5F4 "Joining in Atonement, which I have repeatedly asked you to do, is ALWAYS a way OUT of fear."
T5F5 "The Atonement is the GUARANTEE of the safety of the Kingdom."
T5F6 "The ego NEVER calls for real atonement, and cannot tolerate real forgiveness, which IS change."
T5F7 "Your concept of "healthy guilt feelings" has great merit, but without the concept of the Atonement it lacked the healing potential it held."
T5F9 "The Atonement cannot be understood except as a PURE ACT OF SHARING."
T5F14 "My part in the Atonement is not complete until YOU join it, and give it away."
T5F16 "The Atonement gives you the power of a healed mind, but the power to create is of God."
T5G2 "In Heaven there is no guilt, because the Kingdom is attained through the Atonement, which creates it in you."
T5G13 "If the sole responsibility of the miracle-worker is to accept the ATONEMENT, and I assure you that it is, then the responsibility for what is atoned FOR CANNOT be yours."
T5G14 "The purpose of the Atonement is to save the past in PURIFIED form only."
T5H1 "Your mind DOES create your future, and CAN turn it back to full creation at any minute, IF IT ACCEPTS THE ATONEMENT FIRST."
T5I14 "Excluding yourself from the Atonement is the ego's last-ditch defense of its own existence."
T5I20 "YOUR part is merely to return your thinking to the point at which the error was made, and give it over to the Atonement in peace."
T6A3 "You have been chosen to teach the Atonement precisely BECAUSE you have been EXTREME examples of allegiance to your thought systems, and therefore have developed the capacity FOR allegiance."
T6B15 "These are not at all like the several slips into impatience which I made, because I had learned the Atonement prayer, which I also came to teach, too well to engage in upside down thinking myself."
T6C5 "This invites Atonement automatically, because Atonement IS the one need which is universal."
T6C11 "The full awareness of the Atonement, then, is the recognition that the separation NEVER OCCURRED."
T7I10 "By accepting the Atonement for YOURSELF, you are deciding AGAINST the belief that you can BE alone, thus dispelling the idea of separation and affirming your true identification with the whole Kingdom as literally PART OF YOU."
T8B3 "The curriculum of the Atonement IS the opposite of the curriculum you have established for yourselves, but SO IS ITS OUTCOME."
T8D8 "This IS your responsibility, because once you have really done this you WILL accept the Atonement for yourself."
T9B5 "Atonement is no more separate than love."
T9C1 "Atonement is for all, because it is the way to UNDO the belief that ANYTHING is for you ALONE."
T9C2 "You have a PART to play in the Atonement."
T9C3 "The Atonement is a lesson in sharing, which is given you because YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO DO IT."
T9F3 "But you cannot abide in peace unless you accept the Atonement, because the Atonement IS the way to peace."
T11D12 "But Christ has placed the Atonement on the altar FOR you."
T11E7 "The Atonement was not the price of your wholeness, but it WAS the price of your AWARENESS of your wholeness."
T11H1 "For in this holy perception, you will be made whole, and the Atonement will radiate from YOUR acceptance of it FOR YOURSELF, to everyone the Holy Spirit sends you for your blessing."
T11I9 "The Atonement is but the way back to what was never lost."
T11J1 "The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end."
T11J4 "The Atonement is the final lesson he need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, HE HAS NO NEED OF SALVATION."
T11J10 "When you have accepted the Atonement for yourselves, you will realize that THERE IS NO GUILT IN GOD'S SON."
T11J13 "Accepting the Atonement teaches you WHAT IMMORTALITY IS, for by accepting your guiltlessness, you learn that the past has never been, and so the future is needless."
T11J14 "The ego believes in ATONEMENT THROUGH ATTACK, being fully committed to the insane notion that attack IS salvation."
T12B6 "The Atonement has always been interpreted as the release from guilt, and this is correct, if it is understood."
T12C1 "But there is one more complication which you have interposed between yourself and the Atonement, that you do not yet realize."
T13C1 "Atonement stands between them, like a lamp that shines so brightly, that the chain of darkness, in which you bound yourselves will disappear."
T13C4 "Atonement brings a re-evaluation of EVERYTHING you cherish, for it is the means by which the Holy Spirit can SEPARATE the false and true, which you have accepted into your minds WITHOUT DISTINCTION."
T13C6 "If you would have the Holy Spirit make YOU free of it, accept His offer of Atonement for ALL your brothers."
T13C7 "If you would look within, you would see only the Atonement, shining in quiet and in peace, upon the altar to your Father."
T13D5 "A minute, even less, will be enough to free you from the past, and give your mind in peace over to the Atonement."
T13D5 "For you will have ACCEPTED the Atonement, which shone within you all the while you dreamed of guilt, and would not look within and SEE it."
T13D6 "As long as you believe that guilt is justified in ANY way, in ANYONE, WHATEVER he may do, you will not look within, where you would ALWAYS find Atonement."
T13D6 "If GUILT were real, ATONEMENT would not be."
T13D6 "The purpose of Atonement is to dispel illusions, NOT to establish them as real, and THEN forgive them."
T13D8 "The moment that you realize GUILT IS INSANE, WHOLLY unjustified, and WHOLLY without reason, you will NOT fear to look upon Atonement, and ACCEPT IT WHOLLY."
T13F2 "If what you offer IS complete forgiveness, you MUST have LET GUILT GO, accepting the Atonement for yourself, and learning you ARE guiltless."
T13H3 "I choose to testify to my ACCEPTANCE of the Atonement, NOT FOR ITS REJECTION."
T13H7 "He can do NOTHING that can hurt you, and by refusing to allow him to THINK HE CAN, you teach him that the Atonement, which you have accepted for yourself, IS ALSO HIS."
T13H9 "Those who accept Atonement, ARE invulnerable."
T13I1 "When you accept a brother's guiltlessness, you will SEE Atonement in him."
T13I1 "HIS guiltlessness is YOUR Atonement."
T13I3 "Atonement becomes real and visible, to them that USE it."
T14A3 "The Atonement was established as the means of restoring guiltlessness to the mind which has denied it, and thus denied Heaven to Itself."
T14A3 "Atonement teaches you the true condition of the Son of God."
T14B3 "Each one of you has a special part to play in the Atonement, but the message given to each to share is always the same; GOD's SON IS GUILTLESS."
T14B4 "The happy learners of the Atonement become the teachers of the innocence that is the RIGHT of all that God created."
T14B5 "BRING INNOCENCE TO LIGHT, in answer to the call of the Atonement."
T14B5 "We are all joined in the Atonement here, and nothing else can unite us in this world."
T14B7 "Teachers of innocence, each in his own way, have joined together, taking their part in the unified curriculum of the Atonement."
T14B8 "The circle of Atonement HAS no end."
T14B9 "Abide with me within it, as teachers of Atonement, NOT of guilt."
T14B11 "The crucifixion had no part in the Atonement."
T14B12 "Each one you see you place, within the holy circle of Atonement, or leave outside, judging him fit for crucifixion or redemption."
T14B12 "Refuse to accept anyone as WITHOUT the blessing of Atonement, and bring him INTO it by blessing him."
T14E1 "The Atonement does not MAKE holy."
T14E3 "The Atonement is so gentle, you need but whisper to it, and all its power will rush to your assistance and support."
T14E3 "The Atonement OFFERS YOU GOD."
T14G3 "Atonement teaches you how to escape forever from everything that you have taught yourselves in the past, by showing you ONLY what you ARE NOW."
T15C1 "The Atonement is in time, but not FOR time."
T15E9 "But it would not BE Atonement, if there were no NEED for Atonement."
T15F3 "For it is the COMPLETE EQUALITY of the Atonement, in which salvation lies."
T15I7 "For, once you have accepted it as the ONLY PERCEPTION THAT YOU WANT, it is translated into knowledge, by the part that God Himself plays in the Atonement, for it is the ONLY step in it He understands."
T15I12 "Seek not Atonement in FURTHER separation."
T16H5 "And vengeance becomes YOUR substitute for Atonement, and ESCAPE from vengeance becomes your LOSS."
T16H10 "Remember that you ALWAYS choose between truth and illusion, between the REAL Atonement that would heal, and the ego's "atonement," that would destroy."
T16H10 "Be an ally of God, and NOT the ego, in seeking how Atonement can come to you."
T17D8 "That is why Atonement centers ON THE PAST, which is the SOURCE of separation, and where it must be undone."
T17D13 "Be not separate from me, and let not the holy purpose of Atonement be lost to you, in dreams of vengeance."
T18E5 "Atonement CANNOT come to those who think that THEY must FIRST atone, but only to those who offer it NOTHING MORE than simple willingness to make way for it."
T18F1 "If you already UNDERSTOOD the difference between truth and illusion, Atonement would HAVE no meaning."
T18F2 "On your little faith, joined with HIS understanding, HE will build your part in the Atonement, and MAKE SURE that you fulfill it easily."
T18H1 "No-one accepts Atonement for himself who still accepts sin as his goal."
T18H1 "Atonement is not welcomed by those who PREFER pain and destruction."
T18H2 "You are not asked to let this happen for more than an instant, but it is in this instant that the miracle of Atonement happens."
T18H5 "It is extremely difficult to reach Atonement by fighting against sin."
T19B8 "It is the sign that you HAVE accepted the Atonement for yourself, and would therefore share it."
T19F9 "To the ego, sin MEANS death, and so Atonement IS ACHIEVED THROUGH MURDER."
T19G2 "Here is the focus of the perception of Atonement as murder."
T19L2 "No-one can look upon the fear of God unterrified, unless he has ACCEPTED the Atonement, and learned illusions are not real."
T19L6 "Beside each of you is one who offers you the chalice of Atonement, for the Holy Spirit is in him."
T22G4 "For here YOUR healing is, and here will YOU accept Atonement."
T22G5 "And then the same Atonement YOU accepted in YOUR relationship, CORRECTS the error, and lays a part of Heaven in its place."
T23C8 "Atonement thus becomes a myth, and vengeance, NOT forgiveness, is the Will of God."
T28E1 "Accepting the Atonement for yourself means NOT to give support to someone's dream of sickness and of death."
W101L5 "Accept atonement with an open mind which cherishes no lingering belief that you have made a devil of God's Son."
W139L5 "It is for this denial that you need Atonement."
W139L6 "Atonement remedies the strange idea that it is possible to doubt yourself and be unsure of what you really are."
W139L7 "And they will come again until the time Atonement is accepted, and they learn it is impossible to doubt yourself and not to be aware of what you are."
W139L9 "This does Atonement teach, and demonstrates the oneness of God's Son is unassailed by his belief he knows not what he is."
W139L10 "Today accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself, and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God."
W139L10 "We start with this review of what our mission is: "I will accept Atonement for myself, For I remain as God created me.""
W139L12 "For several minutes let your mind be cleared of all the foolish cobwebs which the world would weave around the holy Son of God and learn the fragile nature of the chains which seem to keep the knowledge of yourself apart from your awareness, as you say: "I will accept Atonement for myself, For I remain as God created me.""
W140L4 "Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness."
W140L4 "Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure."
W150L1 " 139) "I will accept Atonement for myself.""
W161L1 "Here is Atonement made complete, the world passed safely by and Heaven now restored."
W270W65 "And how long will this holy face be seen, when it is but the symbol that the time for learning now is over, and the goal of the Atonement has been reached at last?"
W297L1 "And I, who would be saved, would make it mine, to be the way I live within a world that needs salvation, and that will be saved as I accept Atonement for myself."
W318L2 ""Let me today, my Father, take the role You offer me in Your request that I accept Atonement for myself."
W337L1 "I must accept Atonement for myself, and nothing more."
W337L2 "I was mistaken when I thought I sinned, but I accept Atonement for myself."
M3A2 "Atonement corrects illusions, not truth."
M7A1 "Having accepted the Atonement for himself, he has also accepted it for the patient."
M8A3 "This is what is really meant by the statement that the one responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself."
M14A8 "Atonement is for you."
M15A3 "Not one thought of sin will remain the instant any one of them accepts the Atonement for himself."
M19A4 "The sole responsibility of God's teacher is to accept the Atonement for himself."
M19A4 "Atonement means correction, or the undoing of errors."
M23A1 " Healing and Atonement are not related; they are identical."
M23A1 "There is no order of difficulty in miracles because there are no degrees of Atonement."
M23A1 "Partial Atonement is a meaningless idea, just as special areas of hell in Heaven is inconceivable."
M23A1 "Accept Atonement and you are healed."
M23A1 "Atonement is the Word of God."
M23A1 "The teacher of God has taken accepting the Atonement for himself as his only function."
M23A2 "The progress of the teacher of God may be slow or rapid, depending on whether he recognizes the Atonement's inclusiveness or for a time excludes some problem areas from it."
M23A2 "In some cases, there is a sudden and complete awareness of the perfect applicability of the lesson of the Atonement to all situations."
M23A3 "If the body could be sick Atonement would be impossible."
M23A5 "In so doing, he has refused to accept Atonement for himself, and can hardly offer it to his brother in Christ's Name."
M23A6 "The offer of Atonement is universal."
M23A6 "Atonement is received and offered."
M23A7 "Herein does he receive Atonement, for he withdraws his judgment from the Son of God, accepting him as God created him."
M24A2 "We have repeatedly stated that one who has perfectly accepted the Atonement for himself can heal the world."
M25A6 "Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future."
M29A1 "It is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit's interpretation of the world's purpose; the acceptance of the Atonement for oneself."
M30A3 "It is the essence of the Atonement."
U1A1 "It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception."
U1A1 "The means of the Atonement is forgiveness."
U5A3 "Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception, all are one."
U7A2 "The Atonement principle was given to the Holy Spirit long before Jesus set it in motion."
P3C8 "Only by doing this can teacher and pupil, therapist and patient, you and I, accept Atonement and learn to give it as it was received."
P4B3 "He has accepted the Atonement for himself."

Quotes on "Atone"

T1B22N "This also means "Lord atone for me," because the only thing man should pray for is forgiveness."
T1B23E "It is better to atone this way because of the mutual benefits involved.)"Inasmuch"
T1B23F "Note that the word "atone" really means "undo.""
T1B28A "They thus atone for his errors by freeing him from his own nightmares."
T1B41AU "You and Bill both chose your present sex partners shamefully, and would have to atone for the lack of love which was involved in any case."
T3A18 "The idea that giving her the cab would atone for his previous errors was singularly out of place, and well calculated to lead to further error."
T3A18 "If, instead of attempting to atone on his own, he had asked for guidance, there would have been no difficulty whatever in the cab situation."
T16G11 "It is His task to atone for your UNwillingness by His perfect faith."
T16H1 "EVERY such choice is made because of something "evil" in the past, TO WHICH YOU CLING, and for which must SOMEONE ELSE "atone.""
T19F10 "No one can die for anyone, and death does not atone for sin."
T25I4 "The rest is taken from another, to be laid beside your LITTLE payment, to "atone" for all that you would keep and NOT give up."

Quotes on "Atones"

T1B36A "It thus corrects (or atones for) the faulty perception of lack."
T5F13 "The Holy Spirit atones in all of us by UNDOING, and thus lifts the burden you have placed in your mind."

Quotes on "Atoned"

T1B36A "It thus corrects (or atones for) the faulty perception of lack."
T5F13 "The Holy Spirit atones in all of us by UNDOING, and thus lifts the burden you have placed in your mind."

Quotes on "Atoning"

T1B23E "However, it is perfectly clear that when a person can atone by miracles, both giver and receiver are atoning."
T1B29A "By atoning for lack, it establishes perfect protection."
T5F6 "Neurotic guilt feelings are a device of the ego for "atoning" without sharing, and for asking for pardon without change."
T11J14 "You cannot dispel guilt by making it real, and THEN atoning for it."
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