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T1B17 "Miracles are the absence of the body."
T1B22F "The raw material, or iron, is heavy but crude, and stands for the body, which is a crude creation."
T1B22F "The cobweb concept is closer to how the body SHOULD be regarded, i.e.,"
T1B22G "2) The point should read "A miracle reawakens the awareness that the spirit, and not the body, is the altar of Truth."
T1B22K "That point about "industrial necessity" should read "corporate", referring to the body of Christ which is a way of referring to the Church."
T1B22K "But the Church of God is only the sum of the souls he created, which IS the corporate body of Christ."
T1B24F "For example, if the identification is with the body, consciousness may distort superconscious impulses by denying their Source, and seeking their impact in the orgasm."
T1B27E "Only the mind and body need Atonement."
T1B37P "Indiscriminate sexual impulses resemble indiscriminate miracle impulses in that both result in body image misperceptions."
T1B37P "The first is an expression of an indiscriminate attempt to reach communion through the body."
T1B40J "The love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another."
T1B40J "Everyone can use his body best by enlarging man's perception, so he can see the real VISION."
T1B40J "The ultimate purpose of the body is to render itself unnecessary."
T1B41E "The miracle is much like the body, in that both are learning aids which aim at facilitating a state in which they are unnecessary."
T1B41E "When the Soul is finally in the original state of direct communication, neither the body nor the miracle serves any purpose."
T1B41F "While he is IN the body, however, man can choose between loveless and miraculous channels of creativity."
T1B41AJ "The body is the mechanism for behavior."
T1B41AZ "It IS a magic belief to engage in ANY form of body image activity at all."
T1C9 "It (possession) can be associated with the body only."
T1C14 "The term "spirit" is profoundly debased in this context, but it DOES entail a recognition that the body is not enough, and investing it with magic will not work."
T1C17 "It should be noted that 1) involves only the body, and 2) involves an attempt to associate things with human attributes."
T2B25 "This device defends the RIGHT MIND, and gives it control over the body."
T2B63 "They generally see this as a need to protect the body from external intrusion (or intruding), and this kind of misperception is largely responsible for the homosexual fallacy, as well as your own pregnancy fears."
T2B63 "The main error in both is the belief that the body can be used as a means for attaining Atonement."
T2B64 "Perceiving the body as the Temple is only the first step in correcting this kind of distortion."
T2B65 "Seeing the body as the Temple alters part of the misperception, but not all of it."
T2C5 "The body can ACT erroneously, but this is only because it has responded to mis-Thought."
T2C5 "The body cannot create, and the belief that it CAN, a fundamental error responsible for most of the fallacies already referred to, produces all physical symptoms."
T2C6 "it can be misbelieved either that the mind can miscreate IN the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind."
T2C7 "The body is a learning device FOR the mind."
T2C8 "The body, if properly understood, shares the invulnerability of the Atonement to two-edged application."
T2C8 "This is not because the body is a miracle, but because it is not inherently open to misinterpretation."
T2C8 "The body is merely a fact."
T2C9 "It was the first level of the error to believe that the body created its own illness."
T2C9 "In this case, one may be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body, in which something from the OUTSIDE is temporarily given healing belief."
T2C11 "This misperception arose from the attempted protection device (or misdefense) that harm can be limited to the body."
T2C12 "The body does not really exist, except as a learning device for the mind."
T2C17 "By affirming this, the miracle worker releases the mind from over-evaluating its own learning device (the body), and restores the mind to its true position as the learner."
T2C17 "It should be re-emphasized that the body does not learn, any more than it creates."
T2C18 "The Soul is already illuminated, and the body in itself is too dense."
T2C18 "The mind, however, can BRING its own illumination TO the body by recognizing that density is the opposite of intelligence, and therefore unamenable to independent learning."
T3C19 "Correctly understood, the issue revolves around the question of whether the body or the mind can see (or understand)."
T3C20 "The body is not capable of understanding."
T3C20 "It cannot attack the body, because it knows EXACTLY what the body IS."
T3C20 "This is what "a sane mind in a sane body" really means."
T3C26 "This left him only the body with which to invest his misperception."
T3C26 "This is also why he used his own mind at the "EXPENSE of his body.""
T3C27 "Consider the basis from which he started, when he began with "yes, we have the body.""
T3C27 "It is noteworthy that in all these readings, a large section was actually devoted to the body, even though he usually concluded with the caution that the body cannot be healed by itself."
T3C30 "It should also be noted that, when Cayce attempted to "see" the body in proper perspective, he saw physically discernible auras surrounding it."
T3C34 "In considering the body as the focus for healing, Cayce was expressing his own failure to accept this AS ACCOMPLISHED."
T3E10 "Perception involves the body even in its most spiritualized form."
T3F17 "The ability to perceive made the body possible, because you must perceive SOMETHING, and WITH something."
T3F17 "The interpretive function of perception, (actually, a distorted form of creation), then permitted man to interpret the body as HIMSELF, which, although depressing, was a way out of the conflict he induced."
T3F18 "This is why it became almost inaccessible to the mind, and entirely inaccessible to the body."
T3F21 "I demonstrated both the powerlessness of the body AND the power of the mind, by uniting MY will with that of my Creator, which naturally remembered the Soul and its own real purpose."
T4A9 "It re-enacts the Separation, the loss of power, the foolish journey of the ego in its attempt at reparation, and finally the crucifixion of the body, or death."
T4B33 "The brother can protect the child's body and his ego, which are very closely associated, but he does not confuse HIMSELF with the father because he does this, although the child may."
T4B34 "The reason why I can be entrusted with YOUR body and YOUR egos is simply because this enables YOU not to be concerned with them, and ME to teach you their unimportance."
T4C18 "Bodily appetites are NOT physical in origin, because the ego regards the body as its home, and DOES try to satisfy itself through the body."
T4D7 "The upper level of the unconscious thus contains the call of God as well as the call of the body."
T4F3 "A crucial source of the ego's off-balance state is its lack of discrimination between impulses from God and from the body."
T4F4 "But fear of the body, with which the ego identifies so closely, is more blatantly senseless."
T4F4 "The body is the ego's home by its own election."
T4F4 "It is the only identification with which it feels safe, because the body's vulnerability is its own best argument that you CANNOT be of God."
T4F5 "Yet the ego hates the body, because it does not accept the idea that the body is good enough as its home."
T4F5 "Being told by the ego that it is really part of the body, and that the body is its protector, it is also constantly informed that the body can NOT protect it."
T4F6 "The mind, and not without cause, reminds the ego that it has itself insisted that it IS identified with the body, so there is no point in turning to it for protection."
T4F16 "The idea of preserving the body by suspension, thus giving it the kind of limited immortality which the ego can tolerate, is among its more recent appeals to the mind."
T4I1 "The medical orientation emphasizes the body, and the vocational orientation stresses the ego."
T4I4 "That is really why you recoil from the demands of the dependent, and from the sight of a broken body."
T4I5 "Those with broken bodies are often looked down on by the ego, because of its belief that nothing but a perfect body is worthy as its OWN temple."
T4I5 "A mind that recoils from a hurt body is in great need of rehabilitation itself."
T5G9 "Being sane, it heals the body because IT has been healed."
T6B4 "Assault can ultimately be made ONLY on the body."
T6B4 "There is little doubt that one BODY can assault another, and can even destroy it."
T6E5 "Perceiving something alien to itself in your MIND, the ego turns to the body, NOT the mind as its ally BECAUSE the body is not part of you."
T6E5 "This makes the body the ego's friend."
T6E5 "The ego and the body conspire AGAINST your minds, and because they realize that their "enemy" CAN end them both merely by knowing they are not part of him, they join in the attack together."
T6F7 "When your body and your ego and your dreams are gone, you will know that YOU will last forever."
T6F7 "The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who ARE life."
T6F8 "God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom."
T6F8 "The body is the symbol of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE."
T6F9 "If the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind, then the mind MUST BE STRONGER."
T6F9 "The body IS separate, and therefore CANNOT be part of you."
T6F9 "To be of one mind is meaningful, but to be of one body is meaningless."
T6F9 "By the laws of mind, then, the body IS meaningless."
T6F12 "The ego uses the body for attack, for pleasure, and for pride."
T7C5 "A PERSON conceives of himself as separate, largely because he perceives OF himself as bounded by a body."
T7F1 "The body is nothing more than a framework for developing abilities."
T7F1 "But the Holy Spirit's decision to use the body ONLY for communication has such direct connection with healing that it DOES need clarification."
T7F2 "Since the ego CANNOT obliterate the impulse to communicate because it is also the impulse to CREATE, it can only try to teach you that the BODY can both communicate AND create, and therefore DOES NOT NEED THE MIND."
T7F2 "The ego, then, tries to teach you that the body can ACT like the mind, and therefore IS self-sufficient."
T7F3 "He recognizes no other, because he does NOT accept the ego's confusion of mind and body."
T7F3 "The body in the service of the ego can hurt other BODIES, but this CANNOT occur UNLESS the body has ALREADY been confused WITH the mind."
T7F14 "I do not want to share my BODY in communion because this is to share nothing."
T8G1 "When attack in ANY form enters your mind, you are EQUATING YOURSELF WITH A BODY."
T8G1 "This is the ego's INTERPRETATION of the body."
T8G2 "When you equate yourself with a body, you will ALWAYS experience depression."
T8G2 "Remember that the Holy Spirit interprets the body ONLY as a means of communication."
T8G3 "The ego SEPARATES through the body."
T8G3 "This interpretation of the body will change your mind entirely about its value."
T8G3 "But if you use it ONLY to reach the minds of those who believe they ARE bodies and teach them THROUGH the body that THIS IS NOT SO, you will begin to understand the power of the mind that is in both of you."
T8G3 "If you use the body for this, and ONLY for this, you CANNOT use it for attack."
T8G4 "His Voice does not see the body as YOU do, because He knows the ONLY reality that ANYTHING can have is the service it can render God on behalf of the function HE has given."
T8G4 "The body is ugly or beautiful, savage or holy, helpful or harmful, according to the use to which it is put."
T8G4 "And in the body of another you will see the use to which you put YOURS."
T8G5 "If the body becomes for you a means which you give to the Holy Spirit to use on behalf of the union of the Sonship, you will not see ANYTHING physical except as WHAT IT IS."
T8G8 "But thought IS communication, for which the body can be used."
T8G8 "To use the body UNnaturally is to lose sight of the Holy Spirit's purpose, and thus to confuse the goal of His curriculum."
T8G10 "In the world, not even the body is perceived as whole."
T8G10 "In this sense the body DOES become a temple to God, because His Voice abides in it by directing the use TO WHICH YOU PUT IT."
T8G11 "Healing is the result of using the body SOLELY for communication."
T8G11 "Mind CANNOT be made physical, but it CAN be made manifest THROUGH the physical if it uses the body to GO BEYOND itself."
T8G11 "It does not STOP at the body, for if it does it is blocked in its purpose."
T8G12 "Help and healing are the normal expressions of a mind which is working THROUGH the body but not IN it."
T8G12 "If the mind believes the body is its GOAL, it WILL distort its perception OF the body, and by blocking its own extension BEYOND it will INDUCE illness by FOSTERING SEPARATION."
T8G12 "Perceiving the body AS A SEPARATE ENTITY cannot BUT foster illness, because it is not true."
T8G13 "Perception of the body can be unified only by ONE PURPOSE."
T8G14 "Learning must lead BEYOND the body to the re-establishment of the power of the mind IN it."
T8G15 "To see a body as anything EXCEPT a means of pure extension is to limit your mind and HURT YOURSELF."
T8G15 "If the body is brought under the purpose of the mind, it becomes whole because the mind's purpose IS one."
T8G16 "Attack can only be an assumed goal of the body, but the body APART from the mind HAS NO PURPOSE AT ALL."
T8G16 "You are NOT limited by the body, and thought CANNOT be made flesh."
T8G16 "But mind can be manifested through the body if it goes beyond it and DOES NOT INTERPRET IT AS LIMITATION."
T8G16 "Whenever you see another as limited TO or BY the body, you are imposing this limit ON YOURSELF."
T8G17 "To conceive of the body as a means of attack of any kind, and to entertain even the possibility that joy could POSSIBLY result, is a clear-cut indication of a poor learner."
T8G18 "When you see a brother as a body, you are condemning him BECAUSE you have condemned yourself."
T8H1 "Attitudes toward the body are attitudes toward ATTACK."
T8H1 "To the ego, the body IS TO ATTACK WITH."
T8H1 "Equating YOU with the body, it teaches that YOU are to attack with, because THIS IS WHAT IT BELIEVES."
T8H1 "The body, then, is not the source of its own health."
T8H3 "The body exists in a world which seems to contain two voices which are fighting for its possession."
T8H3 "In this perceived constellation, the body is regarded as capable of shifting its control from one to the other, making the concept of both health and sickness possible."
T8H3 "Regarding the body as an end, it has no real use for it at all, because it is NOT an end."
T8H4 "It has been particularly difficult to overcome the ego's belief in the body as an end because this is synonymous with ATTACK AS AN END."
T8H5 "It is still true that the body has no function of itself."
T8H6 "A sick body does not make any sense."
T8H6 "Sickness is meaningful only if the two basic premises on which the ego's interpretation of the body rests are true."
T8H6 "These are specifically first that the body is for attack, and also that you ARE a body."
T8H10 "He will teach you to use your body ONLY to reach your brothers so He can teach His message through you."
T8H11 "Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind."
T8H11 "Health is the result of relinquishing ALL attempts to use the body lovelessly."
T8I1 "When the ego tempts you to sickness, do not ask the Holy Spirit to heal the body."
T8I1 "For this would merely be to accept the ego's belief that the body is the proper aim for healing."
T8I1 "Ask rather that the Holy Spirit teach you the right PERCEPTION of the body, for perception alone can be distorted."
T8I6 "The ego, which always WEAKENS the will, wants to SEPARATE the body from the mind."
T8I8 "The Bible enjoins you to be perfect, to heal ALL errors, to take no thought of the body AS SEPARATE, and to accomplish all things IN MY NAME."
T8I9 "But sickness is not of the body, but OF THE MIND."
T13G2 "A little piece of glass, a speck of dust, a body, or a war, are one to you."
T15H8 "For, as long as the BODY is there, to receive its sacrifice, it is content."
T15H8 "To the ego, THE MIND IS PRIVATE, and only the body CAN be shared."
T15H8 "Ideas are basically of no concern, except as they draw the BODY of another closer or farther."
T15H11 "But remember this; to be WITH A BODY is NOT communication."
T15H12 "The illusion of the autonomy of the body, and ITS ability to overcome loneliness, is but the working of the ego's plan to establish its OWN autonomy."
T15H12 "As long as you believe that, to be with a body, is companionship, you will be COMPELLED to attempt to keep your brother IN his body, HELD THERE BY GUILT."
T15I7 "As the ego would limit your perception of your brothers to the body, so would the Holy Spirit RELEASE your vision, and let you see the Great Rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to God."
T15I8 "The body is the symbol of the ego, as the ego is the symbol of separation."
T15I9 "In the holy instant, where the Great Rays REPLACE the body in awareness, the recognition of relationships WITHOUT limits is given you."
T15I9 "But to SEE this, it is necessary to give up EVERY use the ego has for the body, and to accept the fact that the ego has NO purpose you would SHARE with it."
T15I9 "For the ego would limit everyone TO a body for ITS purposes, and, while you think it HAS a purpose, you will choose to utilize the means by which IT tries to turn its purpose into accomplishment."
T15I110 "Limit your vision of a brother to his body, which you WILL do, as long as you would not release him FROM it, and you have denied HIS gift to YOU."
T15I11 "For the body IS little and limited, and only those whom you would see WITHOUT the limits that the ego would impose on them, can offer YOU the gift of freedom."
T15I13 "When the body ceases to attract you, and when you place no value on it as a means of GETTING ANYTHING, then there will be NO interference in communication."
T15I13 "As you let the Holy Spirit teach you how to use the body ONLY for purposes of communication, and RENOUNCE its use for separation and attack, which the EGO sees in it, you will learn you have no need of a body at all."
T15K5 "As long as you perceive the body as your reality, so long will you perceive yourself as lonely and deprived."
T15K7 "In the holy instant, the condition of love is met, for minds are joined without the body's INTERFERENCE, and where there is communication, there is peace."
T15K7 "The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the CONDITION of love, by teaching that communication remains unbroken, even if the body is destroyed, PROVIDED THAT you see NOT the body as the necessary means of communication."
T15K7 "And if you UNDERSTAND this lesson, you will realize that, to sacrifice the BODY, is to SACRIFICE NOTHING."
T16F11 "An altar is erected IN BETWEEN two separate people, on which each seeks to kill his self, and on his body, raise another self that TAKES HIS POWER FROM ITS DEATH."
T16G3 "The special relationship is totally without meaning WITHOUT A BODY."
T16G3 "And, if you VALUE it, you must also VALUE THE BODY."
T16G3 "The special relationship is a device for limiting YOUR self to a body, and for limiting your perception of others to THEIRS."
T16G3 "For, in seeing THEM, the body WOULD disappear, BECAUSE ITS VALUE WOULD BE LOST."
T16G5 "For a time the body is still seen, but NOT exclusively, as it is seen here."
T16G5 "Once you have crossed the bridge, the VALUE of the body is so diminished in YOUR sight, that you will see no need at all to MAGNIFY it."
T16G5 "For you will realize that the ONLY value that the body has, is to enable you to bring your brothers TO the bridge WITH you."
T17D3 "And, finally, why all such relationships become the attempt at union THROUGH THE BODY, for ONLY bodies CAN be seen as means for vengeance."
T17D4 "In the unholy relationship, it is NOT the body of the OTHER with which union is attempted, but the bodies of those WHO ARE NOT THERE."
T17D4 "Even the BODY of the other, ALREADY a severely limited perception of him, is NOT the central focus as it is, or in entirety."
T17D7 "How can the Holy Spirit bring HIS interpretation of the body, as a means of communicating into relationships whose ONLY purpose is SEPARATION from reality?"
T18A3 "The body is emphasized, with special emphasis on certain parts, and USED AS THE STANDARD FOR COMPARISON for either acceptance or rejection of suitability for acting out a special FORM of fear."
T18G2 "Yet a body CANNOT be guilty, for it can do nothing of itself."
T18G3 "Only by assigning to the mind the properties OF THE BODY, does separation SEEM to be possible."
T18G3 "Its guilt, which KEEPS it separate, is projected to the body, which suffers and dies, BECAUSE IT IS ATTACKED to hold the separation in the mind, and let it NOT KNOW its unity."
T18G3 "Mind cannot attack, but it CAN make fantasies, and direct the body to act them out."
T18G3 "But it is never what the BODY does that seems to satisfy."
T18G3 "Unless the mind BELIEVES the body is ACTUALLY acting out ITS fantasies, it will attack the body by INCREASING the projection of its guilt upon it."
T18G4 "It cannot attack, but maintains it CAN, and USES what it does to hurt the body, to PROVE it can."
T18G4 "And this is ALL it does, when it believes it has attacked the body, It CAN project its guilt, but it will NOT lose it through projection."
T18G4 "And though it clearly can MISPERCEIVE the function of the body, it CANNOT change its function from what the Holy Spirit ESTABLISHES it to be."
T18G4 "The body was NOT made by love."
T18G5 "Your PERCEPTION of the body can clearly be sick, but project this not upon the body."
T18G6 "It is insane to use the body as the scapegoat for guilt; DIRECTING its attack, and BLAMING it for what you wished it to do."
T18G6 "For it is still the FANTASIES you want, and they have nothing to do with what the body does."
T18G6 "For fantasies have made your body your "enemy," weak, vulnerable, and treacherous, "worthy" of the hate which you invest in it."
T18G9 "The body is a limit imposed on the universal communication which is an eternal property of mind."
T18G9 "The body is OUTSIDE you, and SEEMS to surround you, shutting you off from others, and keeping you APART from them, and them from you."
T18G11 "You whose hands are joined have begun to reach BEYOND the body, but NOT outside yourselves."
T18G11 "Is He a body, and did He create you as He is not, and where He CANNOT be?"
T18G12 "If you will consider what this "transportation" REALLY entails, you will realize that it is a sudden UNawareness of the body, and a joining of your self and SOMETHING ELSE, in which your mind ENLARGES to encompass it."
T18G13 "You have accepted this INSTEAD of the body, and have LET yourself be ONE with something beyond it, simply by NOT letting your mind be limited BY it."
T18G14 "And so you rush to meet it, letting your limits melt away, suspending ALL the "laws" your body obeys, and gently SETTING THEM ASIDE."
T18G15 "The body is NOT attacked, but merely PROPERLY PERCEIVED."
T18G15 "In these instants of release from physical restrictions, you experience much of what happens in the holy instant; the lifting of the barriers of time and space, the sudden experience of peace and joy, and, above all, the LACK of awareness of the body, and of the questioning WHETHER OR NOT ALL THIS IS POSSIBLE."
T18H1 "You still have too much faith in the body as a source of strength."
T18H2 "You have made much progress, and are really trying to make still more, but there is one thing you have never done; not for one instant have you utterly forgotten the body."
T18H2 "Afterwards, you will see the body again, but never quite the same."
T18H3 "At no SINGLE instant does the body exist at all."
T18H5 "Nor is a lifetime of contemplation, and long periods of meditation aimed at DETACHMENT from the body necessary."
T18H9 "To DO anything involves the body."
T18H9 "And, if you recognize you NEED do nothing, you HAVE withdrawn the body's value from your mind."
T18H9 "To do nothing is to rest, and make a place within you where the activity of the body ceases to demand attention."
T18H10 "He will remain when you forget, and the body's activities return to occupy your conscious mind."
T18H10 "For, FROM this center, will you be directed how to use the body sinlessly."
T18H10 "It is this center, from which the body is ABSENT, that will keep it so, in your awareness of it."
T18I1 "It is only the awareness of the body that makes love seem limited."
T18I1 "For the body IS a limit on love."
T18I1 "Can you who see yourselves WITHIN a body, know yourself AS AN IDEA?"
T18I1 "You cannot even think of GOD without a body, or some form you think you recognize."
T18I1 "The body cannot KNOW."
T18I2 "God cannot come into a body, nor can you join Him there."
T18I2 "The body is a tiny fence around a little part of a glorious and completely limitless idea."
T18I5 "Each body seems to house a SEPARATE mind, a DISCONNECTED thought, living alone and in no way joined to the Thought by which it was created."
T18I11 "It will come, because you came WITHOUT the body, and interposed no barriers which would INTERFERE with its glad coming."
T18J3 "The barren sands, the darkness, and the lifelessness are seen only through the body's eyes."
T18J4 "There are NO messages that speak of what lies underneath, for it is NOT the body that could speak of this."
T18J5 "The circle of fear lies just below the level the body sees, and SEEMS to be the whole foundation on which the world is based."
T18J6 "The body cannot see this, for the body AROSE from this for its protection, which must ALWAYS depend on keeping it NOT seen."
T18J6 "The body's eyes will NEVER look on it."
T18J6 "The body will remain guilt's messenger, and will act as it directs, as long as YOU believe that guilt is real."
T19A2 "The BODY is healed BECAUSE YOU CAME WITHOUT IT, and joined the Mind in which all healing rests."
T19B1 "The body cannot heal, because it cannot MAKE ITSELF SICK."
T19B1 "When this occurs, the body becomes its weapon, used AGAINST this Purpose to DEMONSTRATE the "fact" that separation HAS occurred."
T19B1 "The body thus becomes the instrument of illusion, acting accordingly, seeing what is not there, HEARING what truth has never said, and BEHAVING INSANELY, being imprisoned BY insanity."
T19B2 "For faithlessness IS the perception of a brother AS a body, and the body CANNOT be used for purposes of union."
T19B2 "If, then, you SEE him as a body, YOU have established a condition in which UNITING with him becomes impossible."
T19B2 "Your faithlessness has thus OPPOSED the Holy Spirit's purpose, and brought illusions, CENTERED ON THE BODY, to stand BETWEEN you."
T19B2 "And the body WILL seem to be sick, for you have made of it an "enemy" of healing, and the OPPOSITE of truth."
T19B4 "For PART of it is sought through the body, THOUGHT OF as a means for seeking out reality through ATTACK."
T19B4 "While the OTHER part would HEAL, and therefore calls upon the mind, and NOT the body."
T19B4 "The INEVITABLE compromise is the belief that the BODY must be healed, and NOT the mind."
T19B4 "For this divided goal has given both an EQUAL reality, and can SEEM to be possible only if the mind is limited TO the body, and divided into little parts with SEEMING wholeness, but WITHOUT CONNECTION."
T19B5 "This will NOT harm the body."
T19B6 "The IDEA of separation PRODUCED the body, and remains connected TO it, MAKING it sick because of its identification WITH it."
T19B7 "You THINK you are PROTECTING the body by HIDING this connection."
T19B10 "It sees NOT through the body's eyes, nor looks to bodies for its justification."
T19B11 "But faith UNITES you in the holiness you see, NOT through the body's eyes, but in the sight of Him Who joined you, and in Whom YOU are united."
T19B12 "Grace is not given to a BODY, but to a MIND."
T19B12 "And the mind that RECEIVES it, looks INSTANTLY beyond the body, and sees the holy place where IT was healed."
T19B15 "You CAN enslave a body, but an IDEA is free, INCAPABLE of being kept in prison, or limited in ANY way,EXCEPT BY THE MIND THAT THOUGHT IT."
T19D6 "And this is but an error in perception, which can be easily corrected IN THE MIND, although the body's eyes will see no change."
T19D7 "The ONLY power that could CHANGE perception is thus kept impotent, held to the body by the FEAR of changed perception, which its Teacher, Who is One with it, would bring."
T19D9 "While you believe that YOUR reality, OR YOUR BROTHER's, is bounded by a body, you will believe in sin."
T19F9 "Yet would I offer you my BODY, you whom I love, KNOWING its littleness?"
T19F10 "The body DOES appear to be the symbol of sin, while you believe that it can get you what you want."
T19F11 "Communion is another kind of completion, which goes beyond guilt BECAUSE it goes beyond the body."
T19F11 "Communion comes with peace, and peace MUST transcend the body."
T19G1 "The second obstacle that peace must flow across, and closely related to the first, is the belief that the body is valuable FOR WHAT IT OFFERS."
T19G1 "For here is the attraction of guilt MADE MANIFEST in the body, and SEEN in it."
T19G2 "What has the body REALLY given you, that justifies your strange belief that in it lies salvation?"
T19G3 "The Holy Spirit's messengers are sent far beyond the body, calling the mind to join in holy communion, and be at peace."
T19G3 "It is only the messengers of FEAR that see the body, for they look for what can suffer."
T19G3 "The Holy Spirit does not DEMAND you "sacrifice" the hope of the body's pleasures."
T19H2 "The body can bring you neither peace nor turmoil; not pain nor joy."
T19H2 "The body will seem to BE whatever is the means for reaching the goal that you ASSIGN to it."
T19H4 "The body is the great SEEMING betrayer of faith."
T19H5 "It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body, and NOT find pain."
T19H5 "It is but the inevitable result of equating yourself WITH the body, which is the INVITATION to pain."
T19H5 "The attraction of guilt MUST enter with it, and WHATEVER fear directs the body to do IS therefore painful."
T19H6 "Under fear's orders, the body WILL pursue guilt, serving its master, whose attraction to guilt maintains the whole illusion of his existence."
T19H6 "Ruled by THIS perception, the body becomes the servant of pain, seeking it dutifully, and obeying the idea that pain IS pleasure."
T19H6 "It is this IDEA that underlies all of the ego's heavy investment in the body."
T19H6 "To YOU, it teaches that the body's pleasure is happiness."
T19H7 "Why should the body be ANYTHING to you?"
T19H7 "Like any communication medium, the body receives and sends the messages that it is given."
T19H8 "And, to convince you this is possible, it bids the body search for pain in attack upon another, calling it pleasure, and OFFERING it to you as freedom FROM attack."
T19H9 "Forget not that the ego has DEDICATED the body to the goal of sin, and places in it ALL its faith that this can be accomplished."
T19H9 "Its sad disciples chant the body's praise continually, in solemn celebration of the ego's rule."
T19H9 "Not one but MUST regard the body as himself, WITHOUT which he would die, and yet WITHIN which is his death equally inevitable."
T19J2 "And what is the black-draped body they would bury?"
T19J2 "A body THEY dedicated to death, a symbol of corruption, a sacrifice to sin, OFFERED to sin to feed upon, and keep ITSELF alive."
T19J3 "The glitter of guilt you laid upon the body would KILL it."
T19J3 "You have ANOTHER dedication which would keep the body incorruptible and perfect, as long as it is useful for your holy purpose."
T19J4 "The body no more dies than it can feel."
T19J5 "The body can but serve your purpose."
T19J7 "There is no funeral, no dark altars, no grim commandments, nor twisted rituals of condemnation, to which the BODY leads you."
T19J10 "When anything seems to you to be a source of fear, when any situation strikes you with terror and makes your body tremble and the cold sweat of fear comes over it, remember it is ALWAYS for one reason; the ego has perceived it as a symbol of fear, a sign of sin and death."
T19K5 "The exaltation of the body is given up in favor of the Spirit, which you love as you could NEVER love the body."
T20C1 "Look upon all the trinkets made to hang upon the body or cover it, or for its use."
T20C1 "Would you employ this hated thing to draw your brother to you, and to attract HIS body's eyes?"
T20C4 "If it be thorns, whose points gleam sharply in a blood-red light, the body is your chosen home, and it is separation that you offer me."
T20C5 "You look still with the body's eyes."
T20C8 "You will not see it with the body's eyes."
T20F5 "Your brother's body is as little use to you as it is to him."
T20F5 "For minds NEED not the body to communicate."
T20F5 "The sight that SEES the body, has no use which serves the purpose of a holy relationship."
T20F7 "This is no gift your brother's BODY offers you."
T20G2 "Any relationship in which the body enters is based, NOT on love, but on idolatry."
T20G3 "They live in secrecy, hating the sunlight, and happy in the body's darkness, where they can hide, and keep their secrets hidden, along with them."
T20G4 "The body is the ego's chosen weapon for seeking power THROUGH relationships."
T20G5 "The Holy Spirit's temple is NOT a body, but a RELATIONSHIP."
T20G5 "The body is an isolated speck of darkness; a hidden secret room, a tiny spot of senseless mystery, a meaningless enclosure carefully protected, yet hiding nothing."
T20G6 "You CANNOT make the body the Holy Spirit's temple, and it will NEVER be the seat of love."
T20G7 "Let love draw near them and OVERLOOK the body, as it will surely do, and they retreat in fear, feeling the seeming firm foundation of their temple begin to shake and loosen."
T20G7 "You have ESCAPED the body."
T20G7 "Where you are now, the BODY cannot enter, for the Holy Spirit has set HIS temple there."
T20G9 "Then lay aside the body and quietly TRANSCEND it, rising to welcome what you REALLY want."
T20G10 "Here is the way to true relationships held gently open, through which you walk together, leaving the body thankfully behind, and resting in the Everlasting Arms."
T20G11 "The body is the ego's idol; the belief in sin made flesh, and then projected outward."
T20G12 "Here it is given him to choose to spend this instant paying tribute to the body, or LET himself be given freedom from it."
T20G13 "But what is that to those who have been given one TRUE relationship, BEYOND the body?"
T20H4 "It IS impossible to see your brother sinless, and yet to look upon him as a body."
T20H4 "To see a SINLESS body is impossible."
T20H4 "For holiness is POSITIVE, and the body is merely neutral."
T20H4 "As nothing, which it IS, the body cannot meaningfully be invested with attributes of Christ OR of the ego."
T20H5 "The body IS the means by which the ego tries to make the unholy relationship seem real."
T20H5 "And so the illusion of a brother as a body is quite in keeping with the purpose of unholiness."
T20H5 "And if you see the body, you have chosen judgment, and NOT vision."
T20H6 "Who sees a brother's body has laid a JUDGMENT on him, and sees him not."
T20H6 "And here, in darkness, is your brother's reality IMAGINED as a body, in unholy relationships with other bodies, serving the cause of sin an instant, before he dies."
T20H7 "The body can NOT be looked upon EXCEPT through judgment."
T20H7 "To see the body is the sign that you LACK vision, and have DENIED the means the Holy Spirit offers you, to serve HIS purpose."
T20H8 "HIS vision cannot see the body, BECAUSE IT CANNOT LOOK ON SIN."
T20H9 "Your question should not be, "How can I see my brother without the body?""
T20I4 "And place NO value on your brother's body, which held him to illusions of what he is."
T20I4 "You have the vision that enables you to see the body not."
T20I5 "Why do you think the body is a better home, a safer shelter for God's Son?"
T20I5 "The body is the sign of weakness, vulnerability, and LOSS of power."
T20I7 "What can the body's eyes perceive, with power to CORRECT?"
T21B4 "And so it is with all who see the body as all they have, and all their brothers have."
T21B4 "And they ADJUST to loneliness, believing that to KEEP the body is to SAVE the little that they have."
T21B6 "Beyond the body, beyond the sun and stars, past EVERYTHING you see and yet somehow familiar, is an arc of golden light that stretches, as you look, into a great and shining circle."
T21B8 "ACCEPT the vision that can show you this, and NOT the body."
T21D7 "For what you think is sin is LIMITATION; and whom you try to limit to the body YOU HATE BECAUSE YOU FEAR."
T21D7 "In your refusal to forgive him, you would CONDEMN him to the body, because the means for sin is dear to you."
T21D7 "And so the BODY has your faith and your belief."
T21D8 "Those who would free their brothers from the body, can HAVE no fear."
T21D8 "Desiring to look upon their brothers in holiness, the power of belief and faith goes far BEYOND the body, SUPPORTING vision, NOT obstructing it."
T21D10 "For sacrifice MUST be exacted OF a body, and by ANOTHER body."
T21D10 "And no more could the body."
T21D10 "The INTENTION is in the mind, which tries to USE the body to carry out the means for sin, in which the MIND believes."
T21D10 "Thus is the JOINING of mind and body an INESCAPABLE belief of those who value sin."
T21D12 "The body was made to BE a sacrifice to sin."
T21D12 "You gave perception and belief and faith from mind TO body."
T21F4 "They are as simple and as natural to it as breathing to the body."
T21G3 "Nor could one mind think only for itself, unless the body WERE the mind."
T21G4 "For they BELIEVE they see the body, and LET their madness tell them it is real."
T21G4 "And, if you would defend the body AGAINST your reason, you will not understand the body OR yourself."
T21G5 "The body does NOT separate you from your brother."
T21G5 "To see the body as a barrier between what REASON tells you MUST be joined, MUST be insane."
T21H8 "And what IS this decision, but the choice whether to see him through the body's eyes, or let him be REVEALED to you through vision?"
T21H10 "And you can want to see a sinless world, and let an "enemy" tempt you to use the body's eyes, and CHANGE what you desire."
T22A4 "He sees no DIFFERENCES between these selves, for differences are ONLY of the body."
T22A5 "It must reach out BEYOND itself, as YOU reached out beyond the body, to LET yourselves be joined."
T22B2 "The brain interprets to the body, of which it is a part."
T22B5 "And it IS the emotion of secrecy, of private thoughts, AND OF THE BODY."
T22B10 "Reason will tell you that they MUST have seen each other through a vision NOT of the body, and communicated in a language the body does not speak."
T22D1 "If it is not the body's sight, it MUST be understood."
T22D3 "The body's eyes behold it as solid granite, so thick it would be madness to ATTEMPT to pass it."
T22D4 "Everything which the body's eyes can see is a mistake, an error in perception, a distorted fragment of the whole, without the meaning that the whole would give."
T22D4 "For here is its OWN stability, its heavy anchor in the shifting world it made; the rock on which its church is built, and where its worshippers are bound to bodies, and believe the body's freedom is their own."
T22D5 "The body's eyes see ONLY form."
T22D6 "For THIS the body's eyes are perfect means."
T22D6 "See how the body's eyes rest on externals, and CANNOT go beyond."
T22D8 "Let not the vision of his holiness, the sight of which would show you YOUR forgiveness, be kept from you by what the body's eyes can see."
T22D8 "Let your awareness of your brother NOT be blocked by your perception of his sins, and of his body."
T22D8 "What is there in him that you would attack, EXCEPT what you associate with his body, which YOU believe can sin?"
T22F5 "Yes, to the body's eyes it looks like an enormous, solid body, immovable as is a mountain."
T22F5 "This body only SEEMS to be immovable."
T22G1 "Do you want freedom of the body, or of the mind?"
T22G1 "He will believe it possible of mind OR body, and he will make the other SERVE his choice, as means to find it."
T22G2 "Where freedom of the BODY has been chosen, the mind is used as MEANS, whose value lies in its ability to contrive ways to achieve the body's freedom."
T22G2 "Yet freedom of the body HAS no meaning."
T22G3 "To serve THIS end, the body MUST be perceived as sinless, BECAUSE the goal is sinlessness."
T23B3 "For your beliefs converge upon the body, the ego's chosen home, which you believe is YOURS."
T23B5 "It IS forgotten in the body's life, and, if you think you ARE a body, you will believe you HAVE forgotten it."
T23C11 "He hid it in his BODY, making it the cover for his guilt; the hiding place for what belongs to YOU."
T23C12 "Now must his body be destroyed and sacrificed, that you may have that which BELONGS to you."
T23D6 "Here stands the body, torn between the natural desire to communicate, and the unnatural intent to murder and to die."
T23E2 "So WILL they be, to those who see God's Son a body."
T23E2 "For it is NOT the body that is like the Son's Creator."
T23E3 "How can a body be extended to hold the universe?"
T23E3 "God does not share His function with a body."
T23E7 "The body HAS no purpose of itself, and MUST be solitary."
T23E7 "The body stands between the Father and the Heaven He created for His Son."
T23E9 "No-one who knows that he has everything could seek for limitation, nor COULD he value the body's offerings."
T24B5 "And here is what MUST make the body dear, and WORTH preserving."
T24C13 "The hope of specialness makes it seem possible God made the body as the prison-house which keeps His Son from Him."
T24E2 "What could the purpose of the body Be BUT specialness?"
T24E2 "But what they hold as purpose CAN be changed, and body states must shift accordingly."
T24E2 "Of itself, the body can do nothing."
T24G6 "Your brother's BODY shows not Christ to you."
T24G7 "Choose, then, his body OR his holiness as what you WANT to see, and which you choose is yours to look upon."
T24G7 "And where is YOUR salvation, if he is but a body?"
T24G8 "Your specialness looks on his body, and beholds him not."
T24G11 "It stands for you alone, as self-created, self-maintained, in need of nothing, and unjoined with anything beyond the body."
T24G13 "You who believe it easier to see your brother's body than his holiness, be sure you understand what made this judgment."
T24H4 "The body, yes, a little; not from time, but temporarily."
T24H9 "Look at yourself, and you will see a body."
T24H9 "Look at this body in a different light, and it looks different."
T24H10 "Thus is the body made a THEORY of yourself, with NO provisions made for evidence BEYOND itself, and NO escape within its sight."
T24H11 "For, as His Son's creation gave HIM joy, and witness to HIS Love and shared HIS Purpose, so does the body testify to the idea that made it, and speak for ITS reality and truth."
T25A1 "The Christ in you inhabits NOT a body."
T25A1 "And thus MUST it be that YOU are not within a body."
T25A2 "Yet does the Son of God abide EXACTLY where he is, and walks with him, within his holiness, as plain to see as is his specialness set forth within his body."
T25A3 "The body needs NO healing."
T25A3 "But the mind that thinks it IS a body is sick indeed!"
T25A3 "His PURPOSE folds the body in His light, and fills it with the holiness that shines from HIM."
T25A3 "And nothing that the body says or does but makes HIM manifest."
T25B1 "And, in the DOING of it, will you learn the body merely SEEMS to be the means to do it."
T25B1 "HIS holiness directs the body THROUGH the mind at one with Him."
T25B2 "Behold the body, and you WILL believe that you are there."
T25B2 "And every body that you look upon reminds you of yourself; YOUR sinfulness, YOUR evil, and, above all YOUR death."
T25B2 "Framed in his body you will see YOUR sinfulness, wherein YOU stand condemned."
T25B4 "Its radiance shines through each body that It looks upon, and brushes ALL its darkness into light merely by looking PAST it TO the Light."
T25C1 "Is it not evident that what the body's eyes perceive FILLS YOU WITH FEAR?"
T25C5 "Yet, if you see your brother as a body, it IS but this you do."
T25C5 "The body holds it, for a while, without obscuring it in any way."
T25D5 "Nothing remains an instant, to obscure the sinlessness that shines unchanged, beyond the pitiful attempts of specialness to put it out of mind, where it MUST be, and light the BODY up INSTEAD of it."
T26A1 "Its focus on the BODY is apparent, for it is ALWAYS an attempt to LIMIT LOSS."
T26A1 "The body is ITSELF a sacrifice; a giving up of power, in the name of saving just a little for yourself."
T26A1 "To see a brother in ANOTHER body, SEPARATE from yours, is the expression of a wish to see a little PART of him, and sacrifice the rest."
T26B1 "The little that the body fences off BECOMES the self, preserved through sacrifice of all the rest."
T26B2 "In THIS perception of your self the BODY's loss would be a sacrifice indeed."
T26B2 "And to ACCEPT the limits of a body is to IMPOSE these limits on each brother that you see."
T26B2 "The body IS a loss, and CAN be made to sacrifice."
T26B3 "Yet is it given him to make the world recede before his song and sight of him REPLACE the body's eyes."
T26B6 "In Heaven God's Son is NOT imprisoned in a body, nor is sacrificed in solitude to sin."
T26H7 "This separating off is symbolized, in your perception, by a body which is clearly separate and a thing apart."
T26I3 "Time is as neutral as the body is, except in terms of what you see it FOR."
T27B3 "It is a picture of a body still, for what you REALLY are can not be seen nor pictured."
T27B5 "Adornment of the body seeks to show how lovely are the witnesses for guilt."
T27B5 "Concerns about the body demonstrate how frail and vulnerable is your life; how easily destroyed is what you love."
T27B7 "But in this picture is the body NOT perceived as neutral and WITHOUT a goal inherent in itself."
T27B8 "The Holy Spirit's picture changes not the body into something it is not."
T27B9 "The body can become a sign of life, a promise of redemption, and a breath of immortality to those grown sick of breathing in the fetid scent of death."
T27B10 "The simple way to let this be achieved is merely this; to let the body have no purpose from the past, when you were sure you KNEW its purpose was to foster guilt."
T27C1 "Protect him not, because your damaged body shows that you must be protected FROM him."
T27C4 "A broken body shows the mind has NOT been healed."
T27C5 "Your body can be means to teach that it has never suffered pain because of him."
T27E4 "What can the body get that you would want the most of all?"
T27E5 "Just as the body's witnesses are but the senses from WITHIN itself, so are the answers to the questions of the world contained within the questions."
T27G1 "Pain demonstrates the body must be real."
T27G1 "Its purpose is the same as pleasure, for they both are means TO MAKE THE BODY REAL."
T27G2 "For EITHER witness is the same, and carries but one message, "You are here, WITHIN this body, and you CAN be hurt."
T27G3 "This body, purposeless within itself, holds all your memories and all your hopes."
T27G4 "God's Witness sees no witnesses AGAINST the body."
T27G4 "And for each witness to the body's death, He sends a witness to your Life in Him Who knows no death."
T27G4 "Each miracle He brings is witness that the body is NOT real."
T27I1 "The body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world."
T27I1 "It takes the central place in every dream, which tells the story of how it was made by OTHER bodies, born into the world OUTSIDE the body, lives a little while, and dies, to be united in the dust with other bodies, dying like itself."
T27I2 "The dreaming of the world takes many forms, because the body seeks in many ways to PROVE it is autonomous and real."
T27I3 "The body's serial adventures, from the time of birth to dying is the theme of every dream the world has ever had."
T27I4 "That this is all the BODY does, is true."
T27I5 "No-one believes there really was a time when he knew nothing of a body, and could never have conceived this world as real."
T27I7 "IT keeps you narrowly confined within a body, which it punishes because of all the sinful things the body does within ITS dream."
T27I7 "You have NO power to make the body stop its evil deeds, because you did NOT make it, and can NOT control its actions, or its purpose, or its fate."
T28B3 "Like to the body, it is purposeless within itself."
T28B3 "Committed to its vaults, the history of all the body's past is hidden there."
T28C2 "Thus is purity NOT of the body."
T28C2 "The body CAN be healed by its EFFECTS, which are as limitless as is itself."
T28C2 "Yet must all healing come about because the mind is recognized as NOT within the body, and its innocence is quite APART from it, and where ALL healing IS."
T28C3 "A mind within a body, and a world of other bodies, each with SEPARATE minds, are your "creations," you the "other" mind, creating with effects UNLIKE yourself."
T28C5 "In dreams of murder and attack are YOU the victim, in a dying body slain."
T28C8 "His body is their slave, which they abuse because the motives HE has given it have THEY adopted as their own."
T28C9 "It is THEIR vengeance on the body which appears to prove the dreamer COULD not be the maker of the dream."
T28C11 "Thus is the body healed by miracles BECAUSE they show the mind MADE sickness, and employed the body to be victim, or EFFECT, of what it made."
T28C11 "The miracle is useless, if you learn but that the BODY can be healed, for this is NOT the lesson it was sent to teach."
T28C11 "The lesson is the MIND was sick that thought the body COULD be sick; projecting OUT its guilt caused NOTHING, and had NO effects."
T28C12 "The body is released, because the mind acknowledges "this is not DONE TO me, but I am doing this.""
T28D2 "Thus is the body NOT perceived as sick by BOTH your minds, from SEPARATE points of view."
T28D4 "For it was made to keep you separated in a body which you see as if it were the CAUSE of pain."
T28D4 "The cause of pain is separation, NOT the body, which is only its EFFECT."
T28E3 "He is not brother made by what he DREAMS, nor is his body, "hero" of the dream, your brother."
T28E3 "His body and his dreams but SEEM to make a little gap, where yours have joined with his."
T28F4 "Here is a world established that is sick, and this the world the body's eyes perceive."
T28F4 "Yet sights and sounds the body can perceive are meaningless."
T28F6 "Let not the body's ears and eyes perceive these countless fragments seen within the gap that YOU imagined, and let THEM persuade their maker his imaginings were real."
T28G1 "Who punishes the body is insane."
T28G3 "The thing you hate and fear and loathe and WANT, the body does not know."
T28G4 "The body REPRESENTS the gap between the little bit of mind you call your own, and all the rest of what is REALLY yours."
T28G5 "Sickness is anger taken out upon the body, so that IT will suffer pain."
T28H3 "The body can be made a home like this BECAUSE it lacks foundation in the truth."
T28H4 "With THIS as purpose IS the body healed."
T28H7 "From here, the body can be seen as what it is, and neither less nor more in worth than the extent to which it can be used to liberate God's Son unto his home."
T29B1 "THE BODY SAVES YOU, for it gets away from total "sacrifice," and gives you time in which to build again your separate selves, which you believe DIMINISH as you meet."
T29B2 "The body COULD not separate your minds, unless you WANTED it to be a cause of separation and of distance seen between you."
T29B3 "The body WILL accommodate to this, if you would have it so."
T29B4 "The body, innocent of ANY goal, is your excuse for variable goals YOU hold, and force the body to maintain."
T29B5 "There IS a wariness that is aroused by learning that the body is not real."
T29B5 "Would you ALLOW the body to say "No" to Heaven's calling, were you not afraid to find a LOSS of self in finding God?"
T29C7 "The body does not change."
T29C7 "The body can APPEAR to change with time, with sickness or with health, and with events that seem to alter it."
T29C7 "And this but means the mind remains unchanged in its belief of what the PURPOSE of the body is."
T29C8 "Sickness is a demand the body be a thing that it is not."
T29C9 "The body that is asked to be a god WILL be attacked, because its nothingness has not been recognized."
T29C10 "As something, is the body asked to be God's enemy, replacing what He is with littleness and limit and despair."
T29C10 "It is HIS loss you celebrate when you behold the body as a thing you love, or look upon it as a thing you hate."
T29C10 "His body's nothingness releases yours from sickness and from death."
T29D1 "Condemn your Savior not because he thinks he is a body."
T29D2 "He must see someone ELSE as NOT a body, one with him, without the wall the world has built to keep apart all living things who know not that they live."
T29D3 "And as you see him shining in the space of light where God abides within the darkness, you will see that God Himself is where his body is."
T29D3 "Before this light the body disappears, as heavy shadows MUST give way to light."
T29E4 "And each one represents some function which you have assigned; some goal which an event, or body, or a thing SHOULD represent, and SHOULD achieve for you."
T29G5 "This world will bind your feet and tie your hands and kill your body, ONLY if you think that it was made to crucify God's Son."
T29H4 "Whenever you attempt to reach a goal in which the body's betterment is cast as major beneficiary, you try to bring about your death."
T29I1 "Be it a body or a thing, a place, a situation or a circumstance, an object owned or wanted, or a right demanded or achieved, it is the same."
T31C3 "And therefore must the body be at fault for what it does."
T31C3 "If you are sin you ARE a body, for the mind acts not."
T31C3 "And purpose must be in the body, NOT the mind."
T31C3 "The body must act on its own, and motivate itself."
T31C3 "If you are sin, you lock the mind WITHIN the body, and you give its purpose to its prison house, which acts INSTEAD of it."
T31C4 "Yet is the BODY prisoner, and NOT the mind."
T31C4 "The body thinks no thoughts."
T31C4 "And so the body, where no learning CAN occur, could never change unless the mind PREFERRED the body change in its appearances, to suit the purpose given by the mind."
T31C5 "The mind that thinks it is a sin has but ONE purpose; that the body be the source of sin, and KEEP it in the prison house it chose, and guards, and holds itself at bay, a sleeping prisoner to the snarling dogs of hate and evil, sickness and attack; of pain and age, of grief and suffering."
T31C6 "The body will but follow."
T31C6 "Release your body from imprisonment, and you will see no-one as prisoner to what you have escaped."
T31F1 "If you choose flesh, you never will escape the body as your own reality, for you have chosen that you want it so."
T31F2 "If you choose to see the body, you behold a world of separation, unrelated things, and happenings that make no sense at all."
T31F3 "Salvation does not ask that you behold the Spirit, and perceive the body not."
T31F3 "For YOU can see the body WITHOUT help, but do not understand how to behold a world APART from it."
T31F6 "Are YOU a body?"
T31G3 "In terms of concepts, it is thus you see him MORE than just a body, for the "good" is NEVER what the body seems to be."
T31G3 "The actions of the body are perceived as coming from the "baser" part of you, and thus of him as well."
T31G3 "By focusing upon the "good" in him, the body grows decreasingly persistent in your sight, and will at length be seen as little more than just a shadow circling round the "good.""
T31G9 "Yet while you hold this sword you MUST perceive the body as YOURSELF, for you are bound to separation from the sight of him who holds the mirror to another view of what HE is, and thus what YOU must be."
T31H1 "It would persuade the holy Son of God he is a body, born in what must die, unable to escape its frailty, and bound by what it orders him to feel."
W1L2 ""That body does not mean anything.""
W2L2 "Try to apply the exercise with equal ease to a body or a button, a fly or a floor, an arm or an apple."
W7L4 ""I see only the past in that body.""
W15L1 "This is the function you have given your body's eyes."
W17L2 " "I do not see a neutral body, because my thoughts about bodies are not neutral.""
W22L3 "As your eyes move slowly from one object to another, from one body to another, say to yourself: "I see only the perishable."
W29L5 ""God is in that body.""
W30L4 "Real vision is not only unlimited by space and distance, but it does not depend on the body's eyes at all."
W36L1 "Your sight is related to His holiness, not to your ego and therefore not to your body."
W36L3 ""My holiness envelops that body.""
W37L4 ""My holiness blesses this body.""
W50L2 "All these things are cherished to ensure a body identification."
W59L3 "It is these I choose when I try to see through the body's eyes."
W64L1 "It is this which the body's eyes look upon."
W64L2 "Nothing the body's eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation, since this was the purpose of the body itself."
W68L1 "To hold a grievance is to see yourself as a body."
W68L1 "It is the decision to let the ego rule your mind, and to condemn the body to death."
W72L2 "For it is this wish which seems to surround the mind with a body, keeping it separate and alone, and unable to reach other minds except through the body which was made to imprison it."
W72L3 "Although the attempt to keep the limitations which a body would impose is obvious here, it is perhaps not so apparent why holding grievances is an attack on God's plan for salvation."
W72L3 "Are they not always associated with something a body does?"
W72L4 "On the contrary, we are exclusively concerned with what he does in a body."
W72L4 "Herein is God attacked, for if His Son is only a body, so must He be as well."
W72L5 "If God is a body, what must His plan for salvation be?"
W72L5 "The body's apparent reality makes this view of God quite convincing."
W72L5 "In fact, if the body were real, it would be difficult indeed to escape this conclusion."
W72L5 "And every grievance that you hold insists that the body is real."
W72L5 "It reinforces your belief that he is a body, and condemns him for it."
W72L6 "God made you a body."
W72L6 "As a body, do not let yourself be deprived of what the body offers."
W72L6 "The body is your only savior."
W72L7 "Some hate the body, and try to hurt and humiliate it."
W72L7 "Others love the body, and try to glorify and exalt it."
W72L8 "We have seen ourselves in a body and the truth outside us, locked away from our awareness by the body's limitations."
W72L8 "It is the body that is outside us, and is not our concern."
W72L8 "To be without a body is to be in our natural state."
W72L8 "To see our Self as separate from the body is to end the attack on God's plan for salvation, and to accept it instead."
W76L3 "You really think you are alone unless another body is with you."
W76L4 "Protect the body and you will be saved."
W76L5 "The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself."
W76L5 "The body suffers that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself."
W76L5 "The body's suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers."
W76L5 "It is from this your "laws" would save the body."
W76L5 "It is for this you think you are a body."
W76L8 "These would include, for example, the laws of nutrition, of immunization, of medication, and of the body's protection in innumerable ways."
W78L6 "We will regard his body with its flaws and better points as well, as we will think of his mistakes and even of his "sins.""
W78L7 "The body's eyes are closed, and as you think of him who grieved you, let your mind be shown the light in him beyond your grievances."
W84L2 "I am not a body."
W91L3 "You do not doubt that the body's eyes can see."
W91L5 "This is accomplished very simply, as you instruct yourself that you are not a body."
W91L5 "You can escape the body if you choose."
W91L6 "The body's eyes do not perceive the light."
W91L6 "But I am not a body."
W91L6 "The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake."
W91L7 "If you are not a body, what are you?"
W91L7 "You need to be aware of what the Holy Spirit uses to replace the image of a body in your mind."
W91L7 "You need to feel something to put your faith in, as you lift it from the body."
W91L8 "If you are not a body, what are you?"
W91L9 "Remember that all sense of weakness is associated with the belief you are a body, a belief that is mistaken and deserves no faith."
W92L1 "That is because your idea of what seeing means is tied up with the body, and its eyes and brain."
W92L1 "These are among the many magical beliefs that come from the conviction you are a body, and the body's eyes can see."
W92L2 "You also believe the body's brain can think."
W92L2 "Yet this is no more foolish than to believe the body's eyes can see; the brain can think."
W92L3 "It is your weakness that sees through the body's eyes, peering about in darkness to behold the likeness of itself; the small, the weak, the sickly and the dying, those in need, the helpless and afraid, the sad, the poor, the starving and the joyless."
W92L8 "The strength in you will offer you the light and guide your seeing, so you do not dwell on idle shadows which the body's eyes provide for self-deception."
W92L9 "Leave, then, the dark a little while today, and we will practice seeing in the light, closing the body's eyes, and asking truth to show us how to find the meeting place of self and Self, where light and strength are one."
W96L1 "Although you are One Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body."
W96L4 "A mind and body cannot both exist."
W96L4 "If you are Spirit, then the body must be meaningless to your reality."
W96L5 "Yet mind can also see itself divorced from Spirit, and perceive itself within a body it confuses with itself."
W96L6 "Dissociated from its function now, it thinks it is alone and separate, attacked by armies massed against itself, and hiding in the body's frail support."
W108L2 "True light which makes true vision possible is not the light the body's eyes behold."
W114L1 "No body can Contain my Spirit, nor impose on me A limitation God created not."
W124L11 "Count this half hour as your gift to God, in certainty that His return will be a sense of love you cannot understand, a joy too deep for you to comprehend, a sight too holy for the body's eyes to see, and yet you can be sure some day, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will understand and comprehend and see."
W125L9 "You will need no rule but this to let your practicing today lift you above the thinking of the world, and free your vision from the body's eyes."
W128L4 "Let nothing which relates to body thoughts delay your progress to salvation, nor permit temptation to believe the world has anything you want to hold you back."
W135L5 "What but the body has such frailty that constant care and watchful, deep concern are needful to protect its little life?"
W135L5 "What but the body falters and must fail to serve the Son of God as worthy host?"
W135L6 "Yet it is not the body that can fear, nor be a thing to fear."
W135L7 "Yet what endowed the body with the right to serve you thus except your own belief?"
W135L7 "It is your mind which gave the body all the functions that you see in it, and set its value far beyond a little pile of dust and water."
W135L8 "The body is in need of no defense."
W135L9 "The body, valueless and hardly worth the least defense, need merely be perceived as quite apart from you, and it becomes a healthy, serviceable instrument through which the mind can operate until its usefulness is over."
W135L10 "Defend the body and you have attacked your mind."
W135L10 "For you have seen in it the faults, the weaknesses, the limits and the lacks from which you think the body must be saved."
W135L10 "And you will impose upon the body all the pain that comes from the conception of the mind as limited and fragile, and apart from other minds and separate from its Source."
W135L11 "These are the thoughts in need of healing, and the body will respond with health when they have been corrected and replaced with truth."
W135L11 "This is the body's only real defense."
W135L13 "It must misuse the body in its plans until it recognizes this is so."
W135L13 "But when it has accepted this as true, then is it healed, and lets the body go."
W135L14 "Enslavement of the body to the plans the unhealed mind sets up to save itself must make the body sick."
W136L7 "Because it proves the body is not separate from you, and so you must be separate from the truth."
W136L8 "You suffer pain because the body does, and in this pain are you made one with it."
W136L9 "Thus is the body stronger than the truth, which asks you live but cannot overcome your choice to die."
W136L9 "And so the body is more powerful than Everlasting Life, Heaven more frail than hell, and God's design for the salvation of His Son opposed by a decision stronger than His Will."
W136L16 "It will be healed of all the sickly wishes that it tried to authorize the body to obey."
W136L17 "Now is the body healed because the source of sickness has been opened to relief."
W136L17 "And you will recognize you practiced well by this; the body should not feel at all."
W136L17 "No response at all is in the mind to what the body does."
W136L18 "Perhaps you do not realize that this removes the limits you had placed upon the body by the purposes you gave to it."
W136L18 "As these are laid aside, the strength the body has will always be enough to serve all truly useful purposes."
W136L18 "The body's health is fully guaranteed because it is not limited by time, by weather or fatigue, by food and drink, or any laws you made it serve before."
W136L19 "If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, yield to judgment or make plans against uncertainties to come, you have again misplaced yourself, and made a bodily identity which will attack the body, for the mind is sick."
W136L19 "Do not be confused about what must be healed, but tell yourself: "I have forgotten what I really am, For I mistook my body for myself."
W136L19 "Sickness is a defense against the truth, But I am not a body."
W137L2 "It gives the body final power to make separation real and keep the mind in solitary prison, split apart and held in pieces by a solid wall of sickened flesh which it can not surmount."
W137L3 "But healing is accomplished as he sees the body has no power to attack the universal Oneness of God's Son."
W137L6 "The body seems to be more solid and more stable than the mind."
W137L8 "And minds which were walled off within a body free to join with other minds, to be forever strong."
W140L1 "What the world perceives as therapeutic is but what will make the body "better.""
W140L1 "When it tries to heal the mind, it sees no separation from the body where it thinks the mind exists."
W151L2 "You do not really question what is shown you through the body's eyes."
W151L7 "He will not tell you that your brother should be judged by what your eyes behold in him, nor what his body's mouth says to your ears, nor what your fingers' touch reports of him."
W151L9 "Whom He has judged can only laugh at guilt, unwilling now to play with toys of sin, unheeding of the body's witnesses before the rapture of His holy Face."
W151L10 "What can the body mean to Him Who knows the glory of the Father and the Son?"
W151L13 "It stands beyond the body and the world, past every witness for unholiness, within the Holy, holy as Itself."
W152L5 "And that includes all shifts in feeling, alterations in conditions of the body and the mind, in all awareness and in all response."
W152L6 "What can He know of the ephemeral, the sinful and the guilty, the afraid, the suffering and lonely, and the mind which lives within a body that must die?"
W157L6 "Your body will be sanctified today, its only purpose being now to bring the vision of what you experience this day to light the world."
W158L7 "It does not look upon a body and mistake it for the Son whom God created."
W158L8 "And this you give today, see no one as a body."
W161L5 "It seems to be the body we feel limits our freedom, makes us suffer and at last puts out our life."
W161L6 "You have many times been urged to look beyond the body, for its sight presents the symbol of love's "enemy" Christ's vision does not see."
W161L6 "The body is the target for attack, for no one thinks he hates a mind."
W161L6 "Yet what but mind directs the body to attack?"
W161L8 "Who sees a brother as a body sees him as fear's symbol."
W161L9 "This do the body's eyes behold in one whom Heaven cherishes, the angels love, and God created perfect."
W161L10 "And once you have succeeded, you will not be willing to accept the witnesses your body's eyes call forth."
W162L3 "His dreams are happy and his rest secure; his safety certain and his body healed, because he sleeps and wakens with the truth before him always."
W163L4 "Here is the Will of Father and of Son defeated finally, and laid to rest beneath the headstone death has placed upon the body of the holy Son of God."
W167L3 "You think that death is of the body."
W167L6 "It cannot make a body, nor abide within a body."
W183L4 "The childhood of your body and its place of shelter are a memory now so distorted that you merely hold a picture of a past that never happened."
W184L8 "When you call upon a brother, it is to his body that you make appeal."
W184L8 "His body makes response to what you call him, for his mind consents to take the name you give him as his own."
W187L2 "For it is sure that if you give a finite thing away, your body's eyes will not perceive it yours."
W190L3 "The body is the Son of God, corruptible in death, as mortal as the Father he has slain."
W192L4 "Forgiveness lets the body be perceived as what it is; a simple teaching aid to be laid by when learning is complete, but hardly changing him who learns at all."
W192L5 "The mind without the body cannot make mistakes."
W192L5 "Only forgiveness can relieve the mind of thinking that the body is its home."
W196L1 "When this is firmly understood and kept in full awareness, you will not attempt to harm yourself, nor make your body slave to vengeance."
W196L3 "You will not believe you are a body to be crucified."
W199L1 "Freedom must be impossible as long as you perceive a body as yourself."
W199L1 "The body is a limit."
W199L1 "Who would seek for freedom in a body looks for it where it can not be found."
W199L1 "The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it, and sheltered by its presence."
W199L3 "The ego holds the body dear because it dwells in it, and lives united with the home that it has made."
W199L4 "The body disappears because you have no need of it except the need the Holy Spirit sees."
W199L4 "For this, the body will appear as useful form for what the mind must do."
W199L6 "The body's purpose now is unambiguous."
W199L6 "In conflict-free and unequivocal response to mind with but the thought of freedom as its goal, the body serves, and serves its purpose well."
W199L7 "Be free today, and carry freedom as your gift to those who still believe they are enslaved within a body."
W199L8 "And God Himself extends His Love and happiness each time you say: "I am not a body."
W200L10 "And you look up and on toward Heaven, with the body's eyes but serving for an instant longer now."
W200R63 "It is this: "I am not a body."
W219L1 " 199) "I am not a body."
W223L1 "I was mistaken when I thought I lived apart from God, a separate entity which moved in isolation, unattached, and housed within a body."
W228L2 "I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die."
W250W41 "Sin gave the body eyes, for what is there the sinless would behold?"
W250W42 "The body is the instrument the mind made in its striving to deceive itself."
W250W42 "And now the body serves a different aim for striving."
W250W44 "The Son of God may play he has become a body, prey to evil and to guilt, with but a little life that ends in death."
W260W51 "The body is a fence the Son of God imagines he has built to separate parts of his Self from other parts."
W260W51 "How else could he be certain he remains within the body, keeping love outside?"
W260W52 "The body will not stay."
W260W53 "The body is a dream."
W260W53 "Made to be fearful, must the body serve the purpose given it."
W260W53 "But we can change the purpose which the body will obey by changing what we think that it is for."
W260W54 "The body is the means by which God's Son returns to sanity."
W260W54 "Now is the body holy."
W267L1 "Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness."
W270L1 ""Father, Christ's vision is Your gift to me, and it has power to translate all that the body's eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world."
W270W62 "He remains untouched by anything the body's eyes perceive."
W277L1 "Let me not imagine I have bound him with the laws I made to rule the body."
W277L1 "He is not subject to any laws I made by which I try to make the body more secure."
W278L1 "If I accept that I am prisoner within a body, in a world in which all things that seem to live appear to die, then is my Father prisoner with me."
W294L2 ""My body, Father, cannot be Your Son."
W330W121 "The ego is idolatry; the sign of limited and separated self, born in a body, doomed to suffer and to end its life in death."
M5A1 "They do not look alike to the body's eyes, they come from vastly different backgrounds, their experiences of the world vary greatly, and their superficial "personalities" are quite distinct."
M6C1 "First, it is obvious that decisions are of the mind, not of the body."
M6C1 "And if it is a decision, it is the mind and not the body that makes it."
M6C1 "The resistance to recognizing this is enormous, because the existence of the world as we perceive it depends on the body being the decision-maker."
M6C1 "Terms like "instincts," "reflexes" and the like represent attempts to endow the body with non-mental motivators."
M6C2 "The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind, for a purpose for which it would use the body, is the basis of healing."
M6C3 "It is simply this; the recognition that sickness is of the mind, and has nothing to do with the body."
M6C3 "Yet to accept this release, the insignificance of the body must be an acceptable idea."
M6D1 "The body tells them what to do and they obey."
M9A1 "What the body's eyes behold is only conflict."
M9A3 "Its hierarchy of values is projected outward, and it sends the body's eyes to find it."
M9A3 "The body's eyes will never see except through differences."
M9A4 "The mind classifies what the body's eyes bring to it according to its preconceived values, judging where each sense datum fits best."
M9A6 "The body's eyes will continue to see differences, but the mind which has let itself be healed will no longer acknowledge them."
M9A6 "There will be those who seem to be "sicker" than others, and the body's eyes will report their changed appearances as before."
M13A1 "He Who was always wholly spirit now no longer sees Himself as a body, or even as in a body."
M13A3 "A body they can see."
M13A3 "So do God's teachers need a body, for their Unity could not be recognized directly."
M13A4 "Yet what makes them God's teachers is their recognition of the proper purpose of the body."
M13A4 "As they advance in their profession, they become more and more certain that the body's function is but to let God's Voice speak through it to human ears."
M13A4 "From this understanding will come the recognition, in this new teacher of God, of what the body's purpose really is; the only use there really is for it."
M13A4 "The teachers of God appear to share the illusion of separation, but because of what they use the body for, they do not believe in the illusion despite appearances."
M13A5 "The central lesson is always this; that what you use the body for, it will become to you."
M13A5 "Use it to bring the Word of God to those who have It not, and the body becomes holy."
M13A5 "The mind makes this decision, as it makes all decisions which are responsible for the body's condition."
M13A5 "To do that would be to give the body another purpose from the one that keeps it holy."
M14A2 "There is no sacrifice in the world's terms that does not involve the body."
M14A2 "Could they mean anything except to a body?"
M14A2 "Yet a body cannot evaluate."
M14A2 "By seeking after such things the mind associates itself with the body, obscuring its identity and losing sight of what it really is."
M19A3 "The body's eyes now "see"; its ears alone are thought to hear."
M20A3 "Here is the lens which, held before the body's eyes, distorts perception and brings witness of the distorted world back to the mind that made the lens and holds it very dear."
M23A3 "The idea that a body can be sick is a central concept in the ego's thought system."
M23A3 "This thought gives the body autonomy, separates it from the mind, and keeps the idea of attack inviolate."
M23A3 "If the body could be sick Atonement would be impossible."
M23A3 "A body that can order a mind to do as it sees fit could merely take the place of God and prove salvation is impossible."
M23A3 "The body has become lord of the mind."
M23A3 "How could the mind be returned to the Holy Spirit unless the body is killed?"
M23A4 "He overlooks the mind and body, seeing only the Face of Christ shining in front of him, correcting all mistakes and healing all perception."
M23A5 "In allowing this to happen, he has identified with another's ego, and has thus confused him with a body."
M24A3 "Who transcends the body has transcended limitation."
M25A1 "There is no past nor future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times."
M25A2 "There is always some good in any thought which strengthens the idea that life and the body are not the same."
M27A3 "If God were reached directly in sustained awareness, the body would not be long maintained."
M27A3 "Those who have laid the body down merely to extend their helpfulness to those remaining behind are few indeed."
M28A5 "The "reality" of death is firmly rooted in the belief that God's Son is a body."
M29A1 "It is the dream in which the body functions perfectly, having no function except communication."
U5A2 "The body's eyes are therefore not the means by which the real world can be seen, for the illusions that they look upon must lead to more illusions of reality."
U5A5 "The world of bodies is the world of sin, for only if there is a body is sin possible."
U5A5 "Only the body makes the world seem real, for being separate it could not remain where separation is impossible."
U6A2 "The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do."
P3E4 "At worst, they but make the body real in their own minds, and having done so, seek for magic by which to heal the ills with which their minds endow it."
P3E11 "The body is not cured."
P4A3 "You can see others as well, for seeing is not limited to the body's eyes."
S3B1 "Healing the body is impossible, and this is shown by the brief nature of the "cure.""
S3B1 "The body yet must die, and healing it is but a brief delay in its return to dust, where it was born and will go back."
S3B2 "The body's source is unforgiveness of the Son of God."
S3B3 "The body can be healed as an effect of true forgiveness."
S3B3 "For he has damned his body as his prison, and forgot that it is he who gave this role to it."
S3B4 "The power to heal is now his Father's gift, for through His Voice He still can reach His Son, reminding him the body may become his chosen home, but it will never be his home in truth."
S3C2 "It merely signifies the end has come for usefulness of body functioning."
S3C3 "This is what death should be; a quiet choice, made joyfully and with a sense of peace, because the body has been kindly used to help the Son of God along the way he goes to God."
S3C3 "We thank the body, then, for all the service it has given us."
S3C7 "False healing rests upon the body's cure, leaving the cause of illness still unchanged, ready to strike again until it brings a cruel death in seeming victory."
S3D1 "False healing heals the body in a part, but never as a whole."
S3D2 "These forms may heal the body, and indeed are generally limited to this."
S3D2 "The healing of the body can be done by this because, in dreams, equality cannot be permanent."
S3D3 "Someone knows better; this the magic phrase by which the body seems to be the aim of healing as the world conceives of it."
S3D6 "The body's healing will occur because its cause has gone."
G5A1 "Yet it is hidden to the body's eyes, and to those still invested in the world and caring for the petty gifts it gives, esteeming them and thinking they are real."
MSG19A1 "My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it."
MSG19A1 "The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond."
MSG19A1 "To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body's nothingness."
MSG19A2 "I did assume a human form with human attributes afterwards, to speak to those who were to prove the body's worthlessness to the world."
MSG19A2 "I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion."
MSG19A3 "Look past the tomb, the body, the illusion."
MSG19A3 "He could not have created the body because it is a limit."
MSG19A3 "The body is the symbol of the world."
MSG19A4 "A body cannot stay without illusions, and the last one to be overcome is death."

Quotes on "Bodies"

T1B30J "The references to the earth-bound entering bodies really refer to the "taking over" by their own earth-bound "thoughts.""
T4I3 "You have a fear of broken bodies, because your ego cannot tolerate them."
T8G3 "You do not perceive your brothers as the Holy Spirit does because you do not interpret their bodies AND YOURS solely as a means of JOINING THEIR MINDS and uniting them with yours and mine."
T11J2 "Their minds are trapped in their brain, and its powers decline if their bodies are hurt."
T11J2 "And their bodies wither and gasp and are laid in the ground, and seem to be no more."
T15H8 "For relationships, to the ego, mean ONLY that BODIES are together."
T15H8 "What releases him FROM guilt is "bad," because he would no longer believe that BODIES communicate, and so he would be "gone.""
T15H11 "And, if your BODIES are together, your minds remain your own."
T15H12 "The union of bodies thus becomes the way in which you would KEEP MINDS APART."
T15H12 "For bodies cannot forgive."
T15I4 "And this universe, being of God, is far beyond the petty sum of all the separate bodies YOU perceive."
T15I13 "In the holy instant, there ARE no bodies."
T16G4 "On this side of the bridge, you see the world of separate bodies, seeking to join each other in SEPARATE UNIONS, and to become one BY LOSING."
T17D4 "That bodies are central to all unholy relationships is evident."
T17H1 "Some idea of bodies MUST have entered, for minds can NOT attack."
T17H2 "The thought of bodies IS the sign of faithlessness, for bodies CANNOT solve anything."
T18G2 "You have displaced your guilt to your bodies, FROM YOUR MINDS."
T18G2 "You who think you hate your bodies, deceive yourselves."
T18G3 "Minds ARE joined; bodies are not."
T18I5 "Such is the strange position in which those in a world inhabited by bodies seem to be."
T18I8 "Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself."
T18J3 "From the world of bodies, MADE by insanity, insane messages seem to be returned to the mind which made it."
T19C1 "The belief in sin is necessarily based on the firm conviction that minds, NOT bodies, can attack."
T19C6 "For sin HAS changed creation from an Idea of God to an IDEAL the EGO wants; a world IT rules, made up of bodies, mindless, and capable of COMPLETE corruption and decay."
T19D9 "While you believe that BODIES can unite, you will find guilt attractive, and believe that sin is precious."
T19D9 "For the belief that bodies LIMIT the mind leads to a perception of the world in which the PROOF of separation seems to be everywhere."
T19F9 "Or would I teach that bodies cannot keep us apart?"
T20C2 "Gifts are not made through bodies, if they be truly given and received."
T20C2 "For bodies can neither offer nor accept; hold out or take."
T20G4 "Homeless, the ego seeks as many bodies as it can collect, to place its idols in, and so establish them as temples to itself."
T20G7 "The Holy Spirit's purpose lies safe in your RELATIONSHIP, and NOT your bodies."
T20G8 "In that unholy instant time was born, and bodies made to house the mad idea, and give it the ILLUSION of reality."
T20H5 "The unholy instant IS the time of bodies."
T21G3 "Only were both IN BODIES could this be."
T21G3 "For ONLY bodies can be separate, and therefore UNREAL."
T21I1 "To bodies, YES."
T22A3 "And so they wander through a world of strangers, UNLIKE themselves, living with their bodies perhaps beneath a common roof that shelters neither; in the same room and yet a world apart."
T22B10 "Communication MUST have been restored to those that join, for this they COULD not do through bodies."
T22C12 "Beyond the bodies that you interposed between you, and shining in the golden light that reaches it from the bright endless circle that extends forever, is your holy relationship, beloved of God, and holy as Himself."
T22G3 "You WILL be sanctified by one another, using your bodies ONLY to serve the sinless."
T23E5 "Bodies may battle, but the clash of forms is meaningless."
T23E7 "For only bodies COULD attack and murder, and if this is your purpose, then you MUST be one with them."
T24E2 "But bodies HAVE no goal."
T25A1 "Christ is within a frame of holiness, whose ONLY purpose is that He may be made manifest to those who know Him not; that He may call to them to come to Him, and see Him where they THOUGHT their bodies were."
T25A1 "Then will their bodies melt away, that they may frame His holiness in them."
T25A2 "And, as long as they believe THEY are in bodies, where they think they are He CANNOT be."
T26B2 "And sight of bodies becomes the sign that sacrifice IS limited, and something still remains for you alone."
T26B3 "What witness to the wholeness of God's Son is seen within a world of separate bodies, however much he witnesses to truth?"
T27C1 "For accusation is a bar to love, and damaged bodies ARE accusers."
T27F3 "For all the hurt that war has sought to bring; the broken bodies and the shattered limbs, the screaming dying and the silent dead, are gently lifted up and comforted."
T27I1 "In the brief time allotted it to live, it seeks for other bodies as its friends and enemies."
T27I2 "It hires OTHER bodies, that they may protect it, and collect more senseless things that it can call its own."
T27I2 "It looks about for special bodies which can SHARE its dream."
T27I2 "Sometimes it dreams it is a conqueror of bodies weaker than itself."
T27I2 "But in some phases of the dream, it is the slave of bodies which would hurt and torture it."
T28C10 "Now are you freed from this much of the dream; the world is neutral, and the bodies which still seem to move about as separate things NEED NOT BE FEARED."
T28D2 "Yet, in the dreaming, has this been reversed, and separate minds are seen as bodies, which ARE separated, and which cannot JOIN."
T28E6 "The gap between your bodies matters not, for what is joined in Him is ALWAYS one."
T29B1 "The gap between you is NOT one of space between two separate bodies."
T29B1 "And then your bodies seem to get in touch, and signify a meeting place to join."
T29D2 "Within the dream of bodies and of death, is yet one theme of truth."
T31C3 "Sins are in bodies."
T31C3 "Bodies act, and minds do not."
W100L1 "Salvation must reverse the mad belief in separate thoughts and separate bodies which lead separate lives and go their separate ways."
W161L5 "Yet bodies are but symbols of a concrete form of fear."
W161L6 "Bodies attack, but minds do not."
W161L6 "This is the reason bodies easily become fear's symbols."
W163L1 "It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or doubt; as anger, faithlessness and lack of trust; concern for bodies, envy, and all forms in which the wish to be as you are not may come to tempt you."
W182L5 "Those who call upon the Name of God can not mistake the nameless for the Name, nor sin for grace nor bodies for the holy Son of God."
W184L1 "This space you lay between all things to which you give a different name; all happenings in terms of place and time; all bodies which are greeted with a name."
W184L3 "What are these names by which the world becomes a series of discrete events, of things ununified, of bodies kept apart and holding bits of mind as separate awarenesses?"
W200L9 "And that is all there is to what appears to be a world apart from God, where bodies have reality."
W310W102 "Bodies now are useless, and will therefore fade away, because the Son of God is limitless."
M3A5 "The demarcations they have drawn between their roles, their minds, their bodies, their needs, their interests, and all the differences they thought separated them from one another, fade and grow dim and disappear."
M23A5 "He will, in fact, be unable to recognize his brother at all, for his Father did not create bodies, and so he is seeing in a brother only the unreal."
M28A5 "And if God created bodies, death would indeed be real."
U5A5 "It was the home of bodies."
U5A5 "But forgiveness looks past bodies."
U5A7 "And gone are bodies in the blazing light upon the altar to the Son of God."
U5A7 "For where God's memory has come at last there is no journey, no belief in sin, no walls, no bodies, and the grim appeal of guilt and death is there snuffed out forever."
P4B9 "Some utilize the relationship merely to collect bodies to worship at their shrine, and this they regard as healing."
S1F2 "Now prayer is lifted from the world of things, of bodies, and of gods of every kind, and you can rest in holiness at last."
S3B2 "And they feel fear as bodies change and sicken."

Quotes on "Bodily"

T2B63 "The so-called "anal" behavior is a distorted attempt to "steal" the Atonement, and deny its worth by concealing it, and holding onto it with a bodily receptacle, which is regarded as particularly vicious."
T2C9 "All material means which man accepts as remedies for bodily ills are simply restatements of magic principles."
T4C18 "This is as true of bodily appetites as it is of the so-called "higher" ego needs."
T6B8 "It should be noted that he did offer to defend me with the sword, which I naturally refused, not being at all in need of bodily protection."
T8K2 "It frequently happens that an individual asks for physical healing, because he is fearful OF BODILY HARM."
W133L2 "When you let your mind be drawn to bodily concerns, to things you buy, to eminence as valued by the world, you ask for sorrow, not for happiness."
W135L10 "You will not see the mind as separate from bodily conditions."
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