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A collection of A Course in Miracles Quotes
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Quotes on "Creation"

T1B22F "The raw material, or iron, is heavy but crude, and stands for the body, which is a crude creation."
T1B23B "Man is capable of this kind of creation, too, being in the image and likeness of his own Creator."
T1B24H "It should be noted that they involve an extremely personal sense of closeness to Creation, which man tries to find in sexual relationships."
T1B28C "Unless there is emptiness there is no danger, and emptiness is a false creation."
T1B30X "What do children know of their creation, except what their Creator tells them?"
T1B30Y "You were created ABOVE the angels because your role involves creation as well as protection."
T1B35F "The Creation IS whole."
T1B37G "The Creation of the Soul is already fully accomplished."
T1B37G "The mind, if it votes to do so, becomes a medium by which the Soul can create along the line of its own creation."
T1B40D "Sex was intended as an instrument for physical creation to enable Souls to embark on new chapters in their experience, and thus improve their record."
T1B40J "Learning to do this is the only real reason for its creation."
T1B41AG "This particular set of notes will be the only one which deals with the concept of "lack", because while the concept does not exist in the Creation of God, it is VERY apparent in the creations of man."
T1B41AZ "You neither created yourselves, nor controlled your creation."
T1B41BC "All creation rests on belief, and the belief in the creation produces its existence."
T1B42C "While the miscreation is NECESSARILY believed in by its own creator, it does not exist at all at the level of true Creation."
T1B43A "The miracle compares the creations of man with the higher level of creation, accepting what is in ACCORD as true, and rejecting the DISCORDANT as false."
T1C7 "In physical terms, which it emphasizes because of the inherent error of Soul avoidance, REAL physical creation is avoided, and fantasy gratification is substituted.)"
T2A4 "In the Creation, God projected his Creative Ability out of Himself toward the Souls which He created, and also imbued them with the same loving wish (or will) to create."
T2A5 "Fourth, that since man can create himself, the direction of his own creation is up to him."
T2A9 "The world, in its original connotation, included both the proper creation of man by God, AND the proper creation by man in his Right Mind."
T2A9 "The latter required the endowment of man by God with free will, because all loving creation is freely given."
T2A9 "Nothing in either of these statements implies any sort of level involvement, or, in fact, anything except one continuous line of creation, in which all aspects are of the same order."
T2A11 "While the Bible continues to associate this sleep as a kind of anesthetic utilized for protection of Adam during the creation of Eve, Mrs."
T2B7 "The creation of the Soul itself has already been perfectly accomplished, but the creation BY Souls has not."
T2B46 "But the Sonship itself is a perfect creation, and perfection is not a matter of degree."
T2B68 "Everything is limited in some way by the manner of its creation."
T2C6 "If it can be made clear that the mind, which is the only level of creation, cannot create beyond itself, then neither confusion need occur."
T2C12 "Implicit in this is the corollary that correction belongs at the thought level, and NOT at either level to which creation is inapplicable."
T2C12 "It should be obvious, then, that correcting the creator (or inducing it to give up miscreation) is the only application of creation which is inherently meaningful at all."
T2D7 "Correction belongs ONLY at the level where creation is possible."
T2E4 "The need for the remedy inspired its CREATION."
T2E20 "The vulnerable are essentially miscreators, because they misperceive Creation."
T2E28 "This led him to believe that his own mind-creation could stand only if the creation of another's fell."
T2E31 "The fundamental opponents in the real basic conflict are Creation and miscreation."
T2E32 "Energy CAN emanate from both Creation AND miscreation, and the particular ratio between them which prevails at a given point in time DOES determine behavior AT that time."
T2E33 "Everything that man creates has energy because, like the Creation of God, they (it) come FROM energy, and are endowed by their creator with the power to create."
T2E33 "Miscreation is still a genuine creative act in terms of the underlying IMPULSE, but NOT in terms of the CONTENT of the creation."
T2E33 "This, however, does not deprive the creation of its OWN creative power."
T2E36 "A similar deadlock occurs when both the power of Creation and of miscreation coexist."
T2E44 "The instinct for creation is NOT obliterated in miscreation."
T2E44 "His instincts for creation were given him by his own Creator, who was expressing the same instinct in His Creation."
T2E51 "The faulty use of creation has made this necessary as a corrective device."
T2E57 "His instincts for creation were given him by his own Creator, who was expressing the same instinct in His Creation."
T2F5 "His own final judgment cannot be directed toward himself, because he is not his own creation."
T2F5 "It is his own perfect judgment of his own creation."
T3E14 "There are no strangers in His Creation."
T3F8 "His Creation is beyond his own error variance, and this is why he MUST eventually choose to heal the Separation."
T3F17 "The interpretive function of perception, (actually, a distorted form of creation), then permitted man to interpret the body as HIMSELF, which, although depressing, was a way out of the conflict he induced."
T3G4 "The confusion between your own creation and what you create is so profound that it has literally become impossible to know anything, because knowledge is always stable."
T3G4 "In this sense, when their behavior is unstable, they are obviously disagreeing with God's idea of the Creation."
T3G5 "We have frequently commented on the absolute necessity of correcting all fallacious thinking which associates man in any way with his own Creation."
T3G6 "Therefore, the miracle worker is a miracle NOT of his own creation."
T3G11 "MIRACULOUS CREATION was his own Source, and also his own real function."
T3G18 "No one WORD is universally meaningful, because a word is a symbol, but thought is not divisible by creation."
T3H10 "Authority has been used for great cruelty, because, being uncertain of their true Authorship, men believe that their creation was anonymous."
T3I10 "You and Bill still believe you are images of your own creation."
T3I13 "Your creation by God is the only foundation which cannot be shaken, because the light is IN it."
T4A9 "Repetition compulsions can be endless, unless they are given up by an act of will, or, more properly as active creation."
T4B9 "They are opposed in creation, in will, and in outcome."
T4B11 "When I remind you of your TRUE Creation, your egos cannot BUT respond with fear."
T4B32 "Nothing else is sufficiently worthy to be a gift for a creation of God Himself."
T4C21 "Every mythological system includes an account of "the creation," and associates this with its particular perception of magic."
T4E16 "His Mind shone on you in your creation, and brought YOUR mind into being."
T4E17 "The first coming of Christ is just another name for the Creation, for Christ is the Son of God."
T4H4 "It is in complete and direct communication with every aspect of Creation, because it is in complete and direct communication with its Creator."
T4H5 "Creation and communication are synonymous."
T4H8 "Divine Abstraction takes joy in application, and that is what creation MEANS."
T4H8 "How, what, and to whom are irrelevant, because real creation gives everything since it can only create like itself."
T4H9 "But unless you take your part in the creation, His joy is not complete because YOURS is incomplete."
T5C7 "Finally, it points the way beyond the healing which it brings, and leads the mind beyond its own integration into the paths of creation."
T5D9 "It is MADE BY GIVING, and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true creation."
T5F5 "Nothing good is lost, because it comes from the Holy Spirit, the voice for Creation."
T5F5 "But it can INCREASE as you are willing to return the part of your mind that needs healing to the higher part, and thus render your creating (creation) undivided."
T5F16 "The full power of creation (creating) cannot be expressed as long as any of God's ideas are withholding it from the Kingdom."
T5G2 "The word "create" is appropriate here, because once what YOU have made is undone by the Holy Spirit, the blessed residue IS restored, and therefore continues in creation."
T5H1 "Your mind DOES create your future, and CAN turn it back to full creation at any minute, IF IT ACCEPTS THE ATONEMENT FIRST."
T5H1 "It will also turn back to full creation the instant it has done so."
T5I10 "You were eternally fixated on God in your creation, and the pull of this fixation is so strong that you will never overcome it."
T6C1 "The wholeness of God, which IS His peace, cannot be appreciated EXCEPT by a whole mind, which recognizes the wholeness of God's creation and BY this recognition knows its Creator."
T6E7 "The time that was spent on questioning in the dream has given way to the Creation and to its Eternity."
T6H6 "This will finally liberate your will FROM choice, and direct it toward creation WITHIN the Kingdom."
T6H10 "The ego speaks AGAINST His Creation, and therefore DOES engender doubt."
T6H14 "Therefore, inclusion is total and Creation is WITHOUT LIMIT."
T7A1 "But in Creation you are NOT in a reciprocal relation TO God, because He created YOU, but you did NOT create Him."
T7A2 "Creation would therefore be limited, and you would NOT be co-creators WITH God."
T7B2 "Eternity is the indelible stamp of Creation."
T7C7 "That form of the law is NOT adapted at all, being the Law of Creation."
T7C7 "And His Sons, who create LIKE Him, follow it gladly, knowing that the INCREASE of the Kingdom depends on it, just as THEIR creation did."
T7C9 "God's Law of Creation, in perfect form, does NOT involve the USE of truth to convince His sons OF truth."
T7E9 "The miracles which the Holy Spirit inspires CAN have no order, because every part of Creation IS of one order."
T7F15 "This is the true communion of the Spirit Who sees the altar of God in everyone, and by bringing it to YOUR appreciation calls upon you to love God and His Creation."
T7G1 "This is part of the law of Creation, and therefore governs ALL thought."
T7G12 "Unless you perceive His Creation truly, you CANNOT know the Creator, because God and His Creation ARE NOT SEPARATE."
T7G12 "The Oneness of the Creator and the Creation IS your wholeness, your sanity, and your limitless power."
T7G13 "Perceived WITHOUT your part IN it, God's Creation IS perceived as weak, and those who SEE themselves as weakened DO attack."
T7G15 "Creation, not separation, IS your will BECAUSE it is God's."
T7H12 "This correction enables you to perceive ANY part of Creation as wholly real, wholly perfect, and WHOLLY DESIRABLE."
T7J2 "The power of the whole Sonship AND OF ITS CREATOR is therefore its OWN fullness, rendering its Creation and its creating equally whole and equal in perfection."
T7J6 "Insanity is therefore the NON-extension of truth, which blocks joy because it blocks Creation and therefore blocks self-FULFILLMENT."
T7J6 "The creations of every Son of God are yours, because every creation belongs to everyone, being created for the Sonship as a whole."
T7L8 "Know then the Sons of God, and you will know ALL Creation."
T8D4 "This is perfect creation by the perfectly created in union with the Perfect Creator."
T8E13 "Freedom is creation because it is love."
T8E17 "There IS no separation of God and His Creation."
T8F6 "Your creations are your gift to the Holy Trinity, created in gratitude for YOUR creation."
T8F6 "But they EXTEND your creation, as God extended Himself to YOU."
T8F6 "YOUR creations love you as your Soul loves your Father FOR THE GIFT OF CREATION."
T8F7 "He would not withhold creation from you, because HIS joy is in it."
T8F8 "Creation is the Will of God."
T8G19 "Do not arrest your thought in this world, and you will open your mind to Creation in God."
T8J5 "You and your Creator can communicate through creation, because that, and only that, IS your joint will."
T8J12 "The energy which you withdraw from Creation you expend on fear."
T8J12 "The belief that you MUST HAVE THE IMPOSSIBLE in order to be happy is totally at variance with the principle of Creation."
T9E5 "Because the Sonship MUST create as one, you remember creation whenever you recognize part of creation."
T9H2 "What can upset you except the ephemeral, and how can the ephemeral be real, if you are God's ONLY creation, and He created you eternal?"
T9H5 "The law of Creation is that you love your creations as yourself, BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF YOU."
T9I2 "In THIS decision lie joy, and peace, and the glory of creation."
T9I11 "ALL forms of idolatry are caricatures of creation, taught by sick minds, who are too divided to know that Creation SHARES power, and NEVER usurps it."
T9J6 "Creation is perfectly lawful, and the chaotic is without meaning, BECAUSE IT IS WITHOUT GOD."
T9J7 "You were created through His laws and by His Will, and the manner of your creation established you AS CREATORS."
T9J10 "But the spark is still as pure as the Great Light, because it is the remaining call of Creation."
T9K5 "If creation is sharing, it cannot create what is unlike itself."
T9K8 "Remember, though, that to do this IS blasphemy, for it means that you are looking without love on God and His Creation, from which He cannot be separated."
T9K10 "That was the condition of His Son's Creation, fixed forever in the Mind of God."
T9K10 "God gave HIMSELF to you in your Creation, and His gifts ARE eternal."
T9K12 "All these illusions, and the many other forms which blasphemy may take, are REFUSALS TO ACCEPT CREATION AS IT IS."
T10A1 "Nothing alive is fatherless, for life is creation."
T10B1 "The cornerstone of God's creation is YOU, for HIS thought system is light."
T10B5 "If your place in His Mind cannot be filled by anyone EXCEPT you, and your filling it WAS your creation, WITHOUT you, there would be an empty place in God's Mind."
T10B6 "You who made delay can leave time behind, simply by recognizing that neither beginnings nor endings were created by the Eternal, Who placed no limits on His creation nor upon those who create like Him."
T10B6 "You do not know this, simply because you have tried to limit what HE created, and so you believe that ALL creation is limited."
T10B8 "Look upon the glory of His creation, and you will learn what God has kept for YOU."
T10B12 "Creation is your will because it is His."
T10C8 "And by THIS extending, you will begin to remember Creation."
T10E1 "As God's Creation it is yours, and belonging to you, it is His."
T10F6 "Yours is the independence of Creation, NOT of autonomy."
T11F4 "You tried to make the separation eternal because you wanted to RETAIN the characteristics of creation, WITH YOUR OWN CONTENT."
T11F5 "Creation is NOT of you, and poor learners need special teaching."
T11H4 "As your function in Heaven is creation, so your function on earth is healing."
T12C13 "He denied you only your request for pain, for suffering is not of His creation."
T12C13 "Having GIVEN you creation, He could not take it FROM you."
T12F9 "Shine on your brothers in remembrance of your Creator, and you WILL remember Him, as you call forth the witnesses to His creation."
T13B1 "Yet the last step must be taken by God, because the last step in your redemption, which SEEMS to be in the future, WAS accomplished by God in your creation."
T13B1 "Creation cannot BE interrupted."
T13D7 "He TEACHES healing, but He also KNOWS of creation."
T13E8 "The mission of redemption will be fulfilled, as surely as the Creation will remain unchanged throughout Eternity."
T13I4 "You need not understand creation, to do what must be done, BEFORE that knowledge would be meaningful to you."
T14B4 "Creation is the natural extension of perfect purity."
T14B5 "The inheritance of the Kingdom is the right of God's Son, given him in his creation."
T14B7 "Each effort made on its behalf is offered to the single purpose of RELEASE from guilt, to the eternal glory of God and His creation."
T14B8 "You will NOT be exempt from the effect of this most holy lesson, which seeks but to restore what is the right of God's creation."
T14C5 "The power of decision, which you made IN PLACE of power of creation, He would teach you how to use ON YOUR BEHALF."
T14D3 "Their creation was NOT a point of view, but rather, a CERTAINTY."
T14D14 "For this is how creation is accomplished, by the Creator, and by His creations."
T14D15 "There is one link which joins them all together, holding them in the Oneness out of which creation happens."
T14D15 "Heaven itself is union with ALL of creation, and with its One Creator."
T14F1 "When no perception stands between God and His Creation, or between His Children and their own, the knowledge of creation MUST continue forever."
T14G12 "The miracle of creation has never ceased, having the holy stamp of immortality upon it."
T14G12 "This is the Will of God for all creation, and all creation joins in willing this."
T14G15 "It is as firm as is His faith in His Creator, and He knows that faith in His Creator MUST encompass faith in creation."
T15B13 "For, caught in the single instant of the eternal sanctity of God's creation, it is TRANSFORMED into forever."
T15D6 "When God GAVE Himself to you in your creation, He ESTABLISHED you as host to Him forever."
T15G8 "Through your ability to do this, you will learn what you MUST be, because you will begin to understand what your Creator is, and what His creation is, along WITH Him."
T15I4 "Think but an instant on this; God gave the Sonship to you, to ensure your perfect creation."
T15I4 "This was His Gift, for, as He withheld Himself not from you, He withheld not His creation."
T15I110 "Yet it is impossible to DIVIDE your strength between Heaven and hell, God and the ego, and RELEASE your power unto creation, that is the ONLY purpose for which it was GIVEN you."
T15K9 "For in the time of Christ, communication with Him is restored, and He joins us in the celebration of His Son's Creation."
T16D5 "Created by God, He left neither God nor His creation."
T16D5 "And they communicate to you through the Holy Spirit, and their power and gratitude to you for THEIR creation, they offer gladly to your teaching of your self, who is their home."
T16E8 "Acceptance of your creations IS the acceptance of the oneness of creation, without which you would never BE complete."
T16E13 "Waken from time, and answer fearlessly the call of Him Who gave eternity to you in your creation."
T17E3 "In a sense, the special relationship was the EGO's answer to the creation of the Holy Spirit, Who was God's Answer to the separation."
T17E15 "The frame fades gently, and God rises to your remembrance, offering you the whole of creation, in exchange for your little picture, wholly without value, and entirely deprived of meaning."
T18B8 "Your reality was GOD's creation, and HAS no substitute."
T18B9 "God and His whole Creation has entered it together."
T19C2 "Thus is creation seen as NOT eternal, and the Will of God open to opposition AND DEFEAT."
T19C4 "Or is it rather an attempt to wrest creation AWAY from truth, and keep it separate?"
T19C6 "For sin HAS changed creation from an Idea of God to an IDEAL the EGO wants; a world IT rules, made up of bodies, mindless, and capable of COMPLETE corruption and decay."
T19D8 "If creation is EXTENSION, the Creator MUST have extended HIMSELF, and it is impossible that what is PART of Him is totally unlike the rest."
T19D9 "And God and His creation seem to be split apart, and overthrown."
T19D10 "Sin is perceived as mightier than God, before which God HIMSELF must bow, and offer His creation to its conqueror."
T19D10 "And each part of His fragmented creation would have a DIFFERENT will OPPOSED to His, and in eternal opposition to Him AND TO EACH OTHER."
T19E1 "If it would spread across the whole creation, it MUST begin with you."
T19J6 "Here is the final end of union, the triumph of the ego's making over creation, the victory of lifelessness on life Itself."
T21C8 "The holy instant is NOT an instant of creation, but of RECOGNITION."
T21C12 "It changes NOTHING in creation, depends ENTIRELY upon the madness of its maker, and can NOT serve to justify the madness."
T21C12 "Thus he denies creation."
T21I2 "It is unshakable as is the Love of God for His Creation."
T22G13 "For ONLY then would it be possible to attack a part of the creation WITHOUT the whole; the Son WITHOUT the Father."
T22G17 "And, in HIM, is all creation joined."
T23E3 "And can it offer its creation ALL that it is, and NEVER suffer loss?"
T23E3 "Creation is the means for God's extension."
T23E4 "And so it cannot be extended to ALL creation."
T24A2 "And your decisions come from your beliefs as certainly as all creation rose in His Mind BECAUSE of what He knows."
T24B3 "This takes many forms, but ALWAYS clashes with the reality of God's creation, and with the grandeur which He gave His Son."
T24G1 "For He could never leave His own creation."
T24G2 "See in him God's creation."
T24H2 "What is this parody of God's creation, that takes the place of YOURS?"
T24H2 "What is within your brother still contains ALL of creation, everything created and creating, born and unborn as yet, still in the future or apparently gone by."
T24H6 "This is the state of true creation, found not within time, but in eternity."
T24H11 "Such is the travesty on God's creation."
T24H11 "For, as His Son's creation gave HIM joy, and witness to HIS Love and shared HIS Purpose, so does the body testify to the idea that made it, and speak for ITS reality and truth."
T25C9 "God cherishes creation as the perfect Father that He is."
T25E2 "The Son of God creates to bring him joy, sharing his Father's purpose in his own creation, that his joy might be increased, and God's along with his."
T25H2 "Yet IS it possible what God created NOT should SHARE the attributes of His creation, when it OPPOSES it in every way?"
T26D1 "He knows of ONE creation, ONE reality, ONE truth, and but ONE Son."
T26E3 "Who could fear love, and stand upon the ground where sin has left a place for Heaven's altar to rise and tower far above the world, and reach beyond the universe to touch the heart of ALL creation?"
T26E3 "What IS Heaven, but a song of gratitude and love and praise, by everything created, to the Source of its creation?"
T26H6 "Then would God's Will be split in two, and all creation be subjected to the laws of two opposing powers, until God becomes impatient, splits the world apart, and relegates attack unto Himself."
T26H9 "In joyous answer will creation rise within you, to REPLACE the world you see with Heaven, wholly perfect and complete."
T26H10 "This is the miracle by which creation became YOUR function, sharing it with God."
T26H12 "Such is creation's law; that each idea the mind conceives but ADDS to its abundance, NEVER takes away."
T26H17 "And by this little gift of truth but let to be itself; the Son of God allowed to be himself, and all creation freed to call upon the Name of God as one."
T27A1 "If it could occur at all, it would entail the whole of God's creation, and the Father with the sacrifice of his beloved Son."
T27D4 "Unweakened Power, with NO opposite, is what creation IS."
T28A2 "Memory, like perception, is a skill made up by you, to take the place of what God GAVE in your creation."
T28C1 "The circle of creation has no end."
T28C1 "But, in itself, it holds the universe of all creation, without beginning AND without an end."
T28C2 "Fatherhood is creation."
T28F1 "Except you share it, NOTHING can exist, and YOU exist because God shared His Will with you, that His creation might create."
T28F6 "Creation proves reality because it SHARES the function ALL creation shares."
T28G6 "In his creation did his Father say, "You are beloved of Me and I of you forever."
T29D5 "And as his Father lost not part of Him in your creation, so the light in him is brighter still, because you gave your light to him, to save him from the dark."
T29F4 "There is no gift the Father asks of you but that you see in all creation but the shining glory of His Gift to you."
T29F4 "Behold His Son, His perfect gift, in whom his Father shines forever, and to whom is all creation given as his own."
T30C3 "What lies in you has joined with God Himself in all creation's birth."
T30D2 "But this could never BE your will, because what shares in all creation CANNOT be content with SMALL ideas and LITTLE things."
T30D4 "Creation gives no SEPARATE person and no SEPARATE thing the power to complete the Son of God."
T30D10 "The Mind of Heaven's Son in Heaven is, for there the Mind of Father and of Son joined in creation which can HAVE no end."
T30F4 "Even the real world has a purpose still beneath creation and eternity."
T30F5 "And what the Son of God knew in creation he MUST know again."
T30G5 "There would be one mistake which had the power to UNDO creation, and to make a world which could REPLACE it and DESTROY the Will of God."
T31A9 "The soft, eternal calling of each part of God's creation to the whole is heard throughout the world this second lesson brings."
T31A9 "God's perfect Son remembers his creation."
T31G8 "To every part of true creation has the Lord of Love and Life entrusted ALL salvation from the misery of hell."
T31H11 "Thy Will is done, complete and perfectly, and all creation recognizes You and knows You as the only Source it has."
W44L1 "You can make darkness and then think you see in it, but light reflects life, and is therefore an aspect of creation."
W44L1 "Creation and darkness cannot coexist, but light and life must go together, being but different aspects of creation."
W45L3 "What is thought by the Mind of God is eternal, being part of creation."
W51L4 ""My" thoughts are meaningless, but all creation lies in the Thoughts I think with God."
W52L1 "Nothing in God's creation is affected in any way by this confusion of mine."
W52L5 "Yet my mind is part of creation and part of its Creator."
W53L4 "Why should I continue to suffer from the effects of my own insane thoughts, when the perfection of creation is my home?"
W62L2 "Your goal is to find out who you are, having denied your identity by attacking creation and its Creator."
W72L4 "A creator wholly unlike his creation is inconceivable."
W73L1 "The will you share with God has all the power of creation in it."
W73L1 "But they are idle indeed in terms of creation."
W73L3 "Creation is the will of both together."
W76L12 "Thus is creation endlessly increased."
W77L2 "It was ensured in your creation, and guaranteed by the laws of God."
W93L5 "It has not changed creation, nor reduced eternal sinlessness to sin and love to hate."
W93L7 "Creation is eternal and unalterable."
W95L1 "Yours is the unity of all creation."
W95L2 "You see yourself as a ridiculous parody on God's creation, weak, vicious, ugly and sinful, miserable and beset with pain."
W95L11 "They are attempts to keep you unaware you are One Self, united with your Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace."
W95L11 "Begin the longer practice periods with this assurance, given to your mind with all the certainty that you can give: "I am One Self, united with my Creator, At one with every aspect of creation, And limitless in power and in peace.""
W95L12 "You are God's Son, One Self with One Creator and one goal; to bring awareness of this Oneness to all minds, that true creation may extend the Allness and the Unity of God."
W105L4 "True giving is creation."
W113L1 "Serenity and perfect peace are mine Because I am One Self, completely whole, At one with all creation and with God."
W123L2 "Be grateful He has saved you from the self you thought you made to take the place of Him and His creation."
W131L8 "Nor is His creation split in two."
W132L11 "If you are real the world you see is false, for God's creation is unlike the world in every way."
W134L2 "Truth is God's creation, and to pardon this is meaningless."
W138L2 "Creation knows no opposite."
W138L2 "Yet what is true in God's creation cannot enter here, until it is reflected in some form the world can understand."
W139L11 "We can remember it for everyone, for in creation are all minds as one, and in our memory is the recall how dear our brothers are to us in truth, how much a part of us is every mind, how faithful they have really been to us, and how our Father's Love contains us all."
W139L12 "In thanks for all creation, in the Name of its Creator and His Oneness with all aspects of creation, we repeat our dedication to our cause today each hour, as we lay aside all thoughts which would distract us from our holy aim."
W140R42 "It is this Thought by Which the Father gave creation to the Son, establishing the Son as co-creator with Himself."
W151L9 "Accept His word of what you are, for He bears witness to your beautiful creation and the Mind Whose Thought created your reality."
W158L2 "It is not this knowledge which you give, for that is what creation gave."
W160L7 "He cannot be confused about creation."
W161L4 "Yet do these thoughts make clear the meaning of creation?"
W162L2 "Here creation is proclaimed, and honored as it is."
W163L4 "Here is the opposite of God proclaimed as lord of all creation, stronger than God's Will for life, the endlessness of love and Heaven's perfect, changeless constancy."
W167L11 "And in His Thoughts, Which have no opposite, we understand there is one life, and that we share with Him; with all creation, with their thoughts as well, whom He created in a Unity of life which cannot separate in death and leave the Source of Life from where It came."
W184L11 "The Holy Spirit uses all of them, but He does not forget creation has One Name, One Meaning and a single Source Which unifies all things within Itself."
W185L1 "Heaven would be completely given back to full awareness, memory of God entirely restored, the resurrection of all creation fully recognized."
W186L9 "He Who is changeless shares His attributes with His creation."
W191L3 "Deny your own identity and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought which mocks creation and which laughs at God."
W192L2 "It is not God's creation, for it is the means by which untruth can be undone."
W192L2 "Creation merely waits for your return to be acknowledged, not to be complete."
W192L3 "Creation cannot even be conceived of in the world."
W193L1 "Yet His Will extends to what He does not understand, in that He wills the happiness His Son inherited of Him be undisturbed; eternal and forever gaining scope, eternally expanding in the joy of full creation, and eternally open and wholly limitless in Him."
W195L10 "For gratitude is but an aspect of the love which is the Source of all creation."
W230L2 ""Father, I seek the peace you gave as mine in my creation."
W230L2 "What was given then must be here now, for my creation was apart from time and still remains beyond all change."
W239L2 "We are one, united in this light and one with You, at peace with all creation and ourselves.""
W243L2 ""Father, today I leave creation free to be itself."
W250W45 "Creation is unchanged."
W262L1 "He is Your one creation."
W264L1 "There is no Source but This, and nothing is that does not share Its holiness; that stands beyond Your one creation, or without the Love Which holds all things within Itself."
W265L1 "Today I see the world in the celestial gentleness with which creation shines."
W265L1 "And so I can perceive creation's gentleness."
W265L2 "Let me remember that they are the same, and I will see creation's gentleness.""
W268L1 "Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation, and distort it into sickly forms."
W271L1 "Today I choose to look upon what Christ would have me see, to listen to God's Voice, and seek the witnesses to what is true in God's creation."
W271L1 "In Christ's sight, the world and God's creation meet, and as they come together all perception disappears."
W271L1 "For nothing that He looks upon on but must live, remembering the Father and the Son; Creator and Creation unified."
W276L1 "And yet, we need but to acknowledge Him Who gave His Word to us in our creation, to remember Him and so recall our Self."
W278L2 "I have had many foolish thoughts about myself and my creation, and have brought a dream of fear into my mind."
W283L1 "Yet is creation as it always was, for Your creation is unchangeable."
W300W92 "There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as God's creation must be limitless."
W300W93 "The Second Coming is the time in which all minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to Spirit in the Name of true creation and the Will of God."
W300W94 "And God the Father smiles upon His Son, His one creation and His only joy."
W320L1 "There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy, nor any attributes his Father gave in his creation."
W320W111 "Creation is the sum of all God's Thoughts, in number infinite, and everywhere without all limit."
W320W112 "Thus His Son shares in creation, and must therefore share in power to create."
W320W113 "Creation is the opposite of all illusions, for Creation is the truth."
W320W113 "Creation is the holy Son of God, for in Creation is His Will complete in every aspect, making every part container of the whole."
W320W115 "We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation in the Name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose holiness His own creation shares; Whose holiness is still a part of us."
W328L1 "It seems that we will gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate, and that our independence from the rest of God's creation is the way in which salvation is obtained."
W329L1 "And This I chose in my creation, where my will became forever one with Yours."
W340W133 "And each is laid before the Word of God upon the universal altar to Creator and creation, in the Light of perfect purity and endless joy."
W342L1 "Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be, and as it is."
W350W141 "In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life."
W359L1 ""Father, today we will forgive Your world, and let creation be Your own."
M6C4 "But with this idea goes also all confusion about creation."
M6C4 "Cause and effect but replicate creation."
M8A6 "And you are deceived about yourself because you have denied the Source of your creation."
M28A5 "And now His Own creation must stand in fear of Him."
U2A4 "Creation continues unabated because that is the Will of God."
U6A3 "In his complete identification with the Christ--the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him - Jesus became what all of us must be."
U7A1 "The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or Spirit, is eternal and has never changed."
U7A3 "He never forgets the Creator or His Creation."
P3E1 "Judgment is a decision, made again and again, against creation and its Creator."
S1A1 "Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation."
S1A1 "It was then what it is to become; the single Voice Creator and creation share; the song the Son sings to the Father, Who returns the thanks it offers Him unto the Son."
S1A1 "And in this creation is extended."
S1A1 "His Son gives thanks for his creation, in the song of his creating in his Father's Name."
S1F2 "It does not hide in shame because it is content with what it is, knowing creation is the Will of God."
S2B8 "And thus is prayer restored to formlessness, beyond all limits into timelessness, with nothing of the past to hold it back from re-uniting with the ceaseless song that all creation sings unto its God."
S2C3 "It is not love for God's creation and the holiness that is His gift forever."
S3E3 "God thanks His healers, for He knows the Cause of healing is Himself, His Love, His Son, restored as His completion and returned to share with Him creation's holy joy."
S3E3 "You are as dear to Him as is the whole of His creation, for it is in you as His eternal gift."
S3E5 "Nor will your judgment fail to reach to God, for you will give the role to Him you see in His creation."
S3E7 "My arms are open to the Son I love, who does not understand that he is healed, and that his prayer has never ceased to sing his joyful thanks in unison with all creation, in the holiness of God."
S3E8 "Without you is creation incomplete."
S3E9 "Creation leans across the bars of time to lift the heavy burden from the world."
G1A7 "And one as well is everything that fear has made to be the great deceiver and the substitute for God's creation."
G2A3 "What we thought we made of You has merely disappeared, and with its going are the images we made of Your creation gone as well."
G3A1 "Creator separate from creation was the first illusion, where all gifts of fear were born."
G3A1 "For now creation could not be like its Creator, Who could never leave what He Himself created part of Him."
G3A7 "And He cannot forget creation is inseparable from Creator, so He understands that you are part of God and of the Son created like Himself."
G3A8 "Oh come and let creation be again all that it always was and still will be forever and forever."
G3A9 "Behind the dream, reaching to everything, embracing all, creation and Creator still remain in perfect harmony and perfect love."
G4A1 "Gratitude is the song of Heaven, the single harmony of all creation at one with its Creator."
G4A4 "It is not easy in the world to know what giving means, and how to give a gift that God and all creation will accept as shining outward from a thankful heart and inward to the altar of its God."

Quotes on "Created"

T1B12A "Prayer is the natural communication of the Created with the Creator."
T1B15A "(God created time so that man could use it creatively, and convince himself of his own ability to create."
T1B22K "But the Church of God is only the sum of the souls he created, which IS the corporate body of Christ."
T1B23G "You had everything when you were created, just as everyone did."
T1B31A "As a result, the doer sees the truth as God created it."
T1B37AB "He never created anything, but he had the sharpest pencil in town."
T1B40I "Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy."
T1B41G "He was NOT created by his own free will."
T1B41BC "Man can never control the effects of fear himself, because he has CREATED fear and believes in what he creates."
T1B41BC "In attitude, then, though not in content, he resembles his own Creator, who has perfect faith in His Creations because he Created them."
T2A4 "We have commented before on the FUNDAMENTAL error involved in confusing what has been created with what is being created."
T2A4 "We have also emphasized that man, insofar as the term relates to Soul, has not only been fully Created, but also been created perfect."
T2A5 "If you will consider carefully what this entails, the following will become quite apparent: First, the assumption is implicit that what God has Created can be changed by the mind of Man."
T2A6 "That is why everything which He Created is like Him."
T2B7 "God and the Souls He created ARE symbiotically related."
T2B7 "God created Souls so He could depend on them BECAUSE He created them perfectly."
T2B8 "You are afraid of God's will because you have used your own will, which He created in the likeness of His own, to MISCREATE."
T2B68 "In fact, both TIME and MATTER were created for this purpose."
T2B72 "It was created perfect, and is entirely worthy of receiving perfection."
T2C6 "The whole distortion which created magic rested on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter, which can control the mind."
T2C7 "The Soul has been created."
T2C9 "It was the first level of the error to believe that the body created its own illness."
T2C12 "This learning device is not subject to errors of its own, because it was created, but is NOT creating."
T2C16 "Note that by inserting the carbon backwards, Bill created a situation in which two copies did not exist."
T2E20 "Fear cannot assail unless it has been created."
T2E20 "This can only be because you have miscreated all of us, and believe in what you have created."
T2E36 "He BELIEVES in what he has created in his own unconscious and he naturally believes it is real BECAUSE he has created it."
T2E47 "It has already been said that man CANNOT control fear, because he himself created it."
T2E52 "If you believe that all of the Souls that God created ARE His Sons, and if you also believe that the Sonship is One, then every Soul MUST be a Son of God, or an integral part of the Sonship."
T2F3 "Man will ultimately look upon his own creations, and will to preserve only what is good, just as God Himself once looked upon what he had created, and knew that it WAS good."
T2F5 "He can apply it meaningfully, and at any time, to everything he has ever created, and retain in his real memory only what is good."
T3B2 "Clear distinction between what HAS BEEN Created and what IS BEING created is essential."
T3C35 "Having created them, he does believe in them."
T3D6 "Because you see them as they were really created and can really create, you offer them your own validation of THEIR truth."
T3E14 "To create as He Created, you can create only what you KNOW and accept as yours."
T3E15 "He Created them by knowing them."
T3F2 "The levels which man created by the Separation are disastrous."
T3F6 "The ego is the questioning compartment in the post-Separation psyche which man created for himself."
T3F16 "This is impossible, because it IS part of the Soul, which God created, and which is therefore eternal."
T3F21 "God and the Souls He created remain in surety, and therefore KNOW that no miscreation exists."
T3G3 "However, we also noted that prayer is the medium of miracles, and also the natural communication of the Creator and the Created."
T3G4 "Nevertheless, they are perfectly stable as God created them."
T3G6 "Prayer is the medium of miracles, not because God created perceptions, but because God created YOU."
T3G11 ""God created man in his own image and likeness" is correct in meaning, but the words are open to considerable misinterpretation."
T3H10 "This has left them in a position where it SOUNDS meaningful to consider the possibility that they must have created themselves."
T3H11 "The dispute over authorship has left such uncertainty in the minds of man that some people have gone so far as to doubt whether they were ever created at all."
T3H11 "Despite the apparent contradiction in this position, it is in one sense more tenable than the view that they created themselves."
T3I2 "It is absolutely essential that you realize this, because otherwise you will not understand why you have so much trouble with this course, and will be unable to escape from the prisons you have (made) created for yourselves."
T3I7 "Yet God created knowledge, and gave it freely to His Creations."
T3I16 "The world is not left by death but by truth, and truth CAN be known by all those for whom the Kingdom was created, and for whom it waits."
T4A4 "(Made, NOT created."
T4B28 "Listen only to God, who is as incapable of deception as are the Souls he created."
T4D3 "You, too, have a Kingdom which your Soul has created."
T4D18 "I can help you only as our Father Created us."
T4E4 "In every case you have thought wrongly about some Soul that God created, and are perceiving images your ego makes in a darkened glass."
T4E17 "I was created like you in the First, and I am reminding you that I have called you to join with me in the Second."
T4E21 "I raised the dead by KNOWING that life is an eternal attribute of everything that the living God Created."
T4G16 "If you are grateful to each other you are grateful to God for what He created."
T4H4 "It knows that what is true is everything that God created."
T4H5 "God created every mind by communicating His Mind to it, thus establishing it forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will."
T4H8 "God, who encompasses ALL Being, nevertheless created separate beings who have everything individually, but who want to share it to increase their joy."
T4H8 "That is why God Himself created you."
T4H9 "The constant GOING OUT of His love is blocked when His Channels are closed, and He IS lonely when the minds He created do not communicate fully with Him."
T5B2 "Having everything, the Soul HOLDS everything by GIVING it, thus creating as the Father created."
T5D9 "My mind will always be like yours, because we were created as equals."
T5D12 "As we share this goal, we increase its power to attract the whole Sonship, and to bring it back into the Oneness in which it was created."
T5F4 "It BELONGS to you because YOU created it."
T5F4 "It is yours because it is part of you, just as you are part of God, because He created you."
T5F5 "Nothing that is not good was ever created, and therefore CANNOT be protected."
T5F11 "The mind that was in me is still irresistibly drawn to every mind created by God, because God's wholeness IS the wholeness of his Son."
T5F14 "I will never leave you or forsake you, because to forsake you would be to forsake myself and God who created me."
T5G7 "This is because the mind as God created it IS capable of creating reality."
T5G11 "God created one, and so you cannot eradicate it."
T5G12 "God Himself orders your thought, because your thought was created BY Him."
T5I12 "But you CAN choose to accept His care, and use the infinite power OF His care for all those He created BY it."
T5I12 "He has not learned that EVERY mind that God created is equally worthy of being healed because GOD CREATED IT WHOLE."
T5I13 "You are asked merely to return to God the mind as HE created it."
T5I18 "Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have reacted with a lack of love to some Soul which God created."
T6B20 "The power of the Sons of God is operating all the time, because they were created as creators."
T6C6 "You cannot be ANYWHERE that God did not put you, and God created you as part of HIM."
T6C8 "EVERYTHING meets in God, because everything was created BY Him and IN Him."
T6C8 "God created His Sons by extending His Thought and retaining the extensions of His Thought in His Mind."
T6C8 "ALL His Thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and with each other because they, were created neither partially nor in part."
T6C9 "God created you to create."
T6E2 "When God created you, He made you part of Him."
T6E6 "You are a Child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him."
T6E7 "But the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true."
T6E10 "This is not true of anything that God created, but it is the kindest solution possible to what YOU have made."
T6E12 "Fidelity to premises is a law of the mind, and everything God created is faithful to His laws."
T6E13 "If He confronted the self you have made with the Truth He created FOR you, what could you be but afraid?"
T6E13 "Teaching aims at change, but God created ONLY the changeless."
T6G9 "But the Holy Spirit teaches you that truth was created by God, and YOUR decision CANNOT change it."
T6G13 "To desire wholly is to CREATE, and creating CANNOT be difficult if God Himself created you AS a creator."
T6H7 "If you allow yourselves to HAVE in your minds only what God put there, you are acknowledging your mind as God created it."
T6H10 "On the contrary, unless it transfers to the whole Sonship, which is immeasurable because it was created BY the Immeasurable, the learning itself MUST be incomplete."
T7A2 "If you created GOD and He created you, the KINGDOM could not increase through its OWN creative thought."
T7A2 "HE created the Sonship, and YOU increase it."
T7A4 "Eternity is yours because He created you eternal."
T7B2 "What you believe you are DETERMINES your gifts, and if God created you by extending HIMSELF AS you, you can only extend YOURSELF as He did."
T7B4 "He does nothing LAST because He Created FIRST and FOR ALWAYS."
T7B4 "He is the Prime Creator because HE created His co-creators."
T7B4 "Because He DID, time applies neither to Him NOR to what He created."
T7B5 "It does NOT change by increase, because it was forever created TO increase."
T7B5 "You also do not know what created it, or who HE is."
T7C7 "God Himself created the law by creating BY it."
T7D8 "It was created to BE shared, and therefore cannot be meaningfully perceived as BELONGING to anyone AT THE EXPENSE of another."
T7F8 "You cannot separate your SELF from YOUR Creator, who created YOU by sharing HIS Being WITH you."
T7F9 "That is because by changing HIS mind he has changed the most powerful device that was ever created FOR change."
T7F10 "This in no way contradicts the changelessness of mind as GOD created it."
T7F11 "This is how God Himself created YOU, in understanding, in appreciation, and in love."
T7F12 "We have spoken often of the INCREASE of the Kingdom by YOUR creations, which can only BE created as YOU were."
T7F13 "To forget ME is to forget yourself and Him who created you."
T7F13 "That is why they need your remembrance of Me and Him who created Me."
T7G14 "If you do not extend the Kingdom, you are NOT thinking with your Creator and creating as He created."
T7G15 "Being a perfect Accomplishment, the Sonship can only accomplish perfectly, EXTENDING the joy in which it was created, and identifying itself with both its Creator and its creations, KNOWING they are One."
T7H7 "ONLY honor is a fitting gift for those whom God Himself created worthy of honor and whom He honors."
T7H7 "But love EVERYTHING He created, of which YOU are part, or you cannot learn of His peace and accept His gift FOR yourself and AS yourself."
T7H7 "You CANNOT know your own perfection until you have honored all those who were created LIKE you."
T7I1 "It is the law by which you create and were created."
T7J2 "Selfishness is of the ego but self-fullness is of the Soul because that is how He created it."
T7J3 "Everything He created is given ALL His power because it is part of Him and shares His Being WITH Him."
T7J3 "Created BY sharing, its will is to create."
T7L2 "Everything he does becomes a strain, because he was not created for the environment which he has made."
T7L4 "But it has been created for you, as you were created for it."
T7L6 "because truth IS the environment by which and for which you were created."
T7L6 "You do not know YOUR creations, because you do not know your brothers who created them WITH you."
T7L7 "Deny his creative power and you are denying yours AND THAT OF GOD WHO CREATED YOU."
T7L8 "But you must also know all He created to know what THEY have shared."
T8C7 "Deny YOURSELF this, and you ARE denying God His Kingdom, because He created you FOR this."
T8C8 "It has no boundaries because its extension is unlimited, and it encompasses all things because it CREATED all things."
T8C8 "YOU are the Will of God, because this is how you were created."
T8D2 "There is no limit on His will to teach, because He was created by unlimited Will in ORDER to teach."
T8E9 "Nothing God created can oppose your will, as nothing God created can oppose His."
T8E12 "Join then with me in praise of Him AND you whom He created."
T8F3 "But God did not will the destruction of His Creations, having created them for eternity."
T8F4 "No-one created by God can find joy in anything except the eternal."
T8F6 "And what IS real except the Creations of God and those which are created like His?"
T8F8 "His Will created you TO CREATE."
T8F8 "Your will was not created separate from His, and so it wills as HE wills."
T8F10 "That is why He created His Son and gave him the power to create with Him."
T8I6 "But to make mindless is impossible, since it would mean to make nothing out of what God Created."
T8J9 "When you ask the Universal Giver for what you do not want, YOU are asking for what CANNOT be given, BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER CREATED."
T8J9 "It was never created because it was never your will for YOU."
T8J13 "You cannot change laws you did not make, and the laws of happiness were created FOR you, NOT BY you."
T8J14 "If you do not want it, it was never created."
T8J14 "If it was never created, it is nothing."
T8J15 "God, in His devotion to YOU, created you devoted to EVERYTHING, and GAVE you what you are devoted TO."
T8J15 "Otherwise, you would not have been created perfect."
T8J15 "You cannot make the UNreal because the ABSENCE of reality is fearful, and fear cannot BE created."
T8K7 "Would God have created a Voice for you alone?"
T9B5 "The Holy Spirit forgives everything, BECAUSE GOD CREATED EVERYTHING."
T9C3 "By RE-INTERPRETING the ability to ATTACK, which you DID make, into the ability to SHARE, He TRANSLATES what you have made, into what God created."
T9C9 "This IS the Second Coming, which was made FOR you, as the First was created."
T9E3 "Every Soul God created is part of you, and shares His glory WITH you."
T9E4 "He is more than you ONLY because He CREATED you, but not even this would He keep from you."
T9E6 "THEY will become the witnesses to your reality, as YOU were created witnesses to God's."
T9E9 "Accept your brother in this world, and accept NOTHING ELSE, for in him you will find your creations, because he created them WITH you."
T9G5 "But your grandeur is of God, who created it out of His love."
T9G9 "God WANTS you to behold what He created, because it is HIS joy."
T9G9 "Yet what God has created cannot BE replaced."
T9G11 "To accept yourself as He created you CANNOT be arrogant, because it is the DENIAL of arrogance."
T9H2 "God created nothing beside you, and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him."
T9H3 "He CREATED you for Himself, but He gave you the power to create for YOUR self, so you would be LIKE Him."
T9H5 "The reason you do not know YOUR creations is simply that you would decide against them, as long as your minds are split, and to attack what you have created is impossible."
T9H5 "Everything that was created is therefore PERFECTLY safe, because the laws of God protect it by His love."
T9I11 "God created love, NOT idolatry."
T9I13 "There are no idolaters in the Kingdom, but there is great appreciation for every Soul which God created, because of the calm knowledge that each one is part of Him."
T9J2 "If God created you perfect, you ARE perfect."
T9J5 "But God Himself has protected EVERYTHING He created BY His laws."
T9J8 "Peace is yours because God created you."
T9J8 "And He created nothing else."
T9K4 "This was his alternative to joy, because he would not accept the fact that, although he was a creator, he had been created."
T9K5 "You cannot make creators who are unlike your Creator, any more than He could have created a Son who was unlike Him."
T9K5 "Depression is isolation, and so it could not have BEEN created."
T9K7 "The love of God is in everything He created, for His Son is everywhere."
T9K9 "If you will accept yourself as God created you, you will be incapable of suffering."
T9K9 "Your Father created you Wholly without sin, wholly without pain, and wholly without suffering of any kind."
T9K11 "His Son removed himself from His gift by refusing to accept what had been created FOR him, and what he himself had created in the name of His Father."
T9K11 "Heaven waits for his return, for it was created as the dwelling place of God's Son."
T9K11 "Do not deny yourself the joy which was created FOR you, for the misery you have made for yourselves."
T9K12 "If God created His Son perfect, that is how you must learn to see him, to learn of his reality."
T10B1 "You have made by projection, but God has created by extension."
T10B7 "Because He did not will to be alone, He created a Son like Himself."
T10B7 "See His creations as HIS Son, for yours were created in honor of Him."
T10B11 "What He created can sleep, but it CANNOT die."
T10D4 "Walk in light, and do not see the dark companions, for they are not fit companions for the Son of God, who was created OF Light and IN Light."
T10E1 "And since what He created IS part of Him, you are denying Him His place in His own altar."
T10E3 "Every altar to God is part of your Soul, because the Light He created is One with Him."
T10F18 "The witnesses for God stand in His Light and behold what HE created."
T10G4 "For we ascend unto the Father together, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, for such is the nature of God's Son as His Father created him."
T10G5 "For he places HIMSELF at the altar of his god, whether it be the god he made or the God Who created him."
T10H1 "The world as YOU perceive it cannot have been created by the Father, for the world is NOT as you see it."
T10H1 "God created ONLY the eternal, and everything YOU see is perishable."
T10H4 "You do not know the difference between what you have made, and what God created, and so you do not know the difference between what you have made, and what YOU have created."
T10H10 "Nothing of God will enslave His Son, whom He created free and whose freedom is protected by HIS Being."
T10H12 "Christ is the Son of God Who is in no way separate from His Father, Whose EVERY thought is as loving as the Thought of His Father, by which He was created."
T11C16 "Yet your Redeemer liveth, and abideth in you in the peace out of which He was created."
T11H11 "Yet in this same place you could have looked upon me and all your brothers, in the perfect safety of the Mind that created us."
T11H12 "And you will see me as you look within, and we will look upon the world as God created it together."
T11I2 "For a split mind and all its works were not created by the Father, and could not live in the knowledge OF Him."
T11I3 "HE created it, and He knows what it is."
T11J9 "God's Son will ALWAYS be as he was created."
T11J10 "Out of Love he was created, and in Love he abides."
T12F3 "For if He is as He was created, there IS no guilt in Him."
T12G7 "Your ONE reality was GIVEN you, and BY it God created you as one with Him."
T13B4 "The only miracle that ever was, is God's most holy Son, created in the One Reality that is his Father."
T13B7 "The miracle which God created is perfect, as are the miracles which YOU created in His Name."
T13D8 "In shining peace within you, is the perfect purity in which you were created."
T13D12 "I thank You, Father, for the purity of Your most holy Son, whom Thou hast created guiltless forever."
T13D13 "I love all that He created."
T13D14 "See only praise of Him in what He has created, for He will never cease His praise of YOU."
T13E9 "You WILL be released, and you will NOT remember anything you made that was not created FOR you, and BY you in return."
T13F5 "You were created ONLY to create, neither to see NOR do."
T13H11 "NOTHING can shake God's conviction of the perfect purity of everything that He created, for it IS wholly pure."
T13H14 "Seek not to appraise the worth of God's Son, whom He created holy, for to do so is TO EVALUATE HIS FATHER, and judge AGAINST Him."
T13H14 "For it is quite impossible that He could ever let His Son drop from His loving Mind, wherein he was created, and where his abode was fixed in perfect peace forever."
T13I2 "You who belong to the First Cause, created by Him like unto Himself, and part of Him, are more than merely guiltless."
T13I5 "He created you out of Himself, but still WITHIN Him."
T14B4 "Blessed Son of a wholly blessing Father, joy was created FOR you."
T14B4 "The happy learners of the Atonement become the teachers of the innocence that is the RIGHT of all that God created."
T14B9 "Within its holy circle, is everyone whom God created as His Son."
T14B10 "Restore to God His Son, as He created him, by teaching him his innocence."
T14D3 "They have DEFINED themselves as they were NOT created."
T14D14 "Everything God created KNOWS its Creator."
T14E1 "You were CREATED holy."
T14E4 "Life is as holy as the Holiness by which it was created."
T14E4 "The Presence of Holiness lives in everything that lives, for Holiness CREATED life, and leaves not what it created holy as Itself."
T14G12 "Teach LIKE Him here, and you WILL remember that you have ALWAYS created like your Father."
T15C2 "For as it was created one, so its oneness depends not on time at all."
T15F11 "God has created It BEYOND judgment, out of HIS need to extend His love."
T15H14 "And here it is that you experience yourself as you were created, AND AS YOU ARE."
T15I4 "Nothing that ever was created, but is not yours."
T15I6 "For God Himself created the only relationship that HAS meaning, and that is His relationship with YOU."
T15K9 "Those who receive the Father are one with Him, being host to Him Who created them."
T16D7 "To your most Holy Self all praise is due, for what you are, and for what He is Who created you AS you are."
T16E8 "Your relationship with them IS without guilt, and THIS enables you to look on all your brothers with gratitude, because your creations were created in union WITH them."
T16E12 "The Holy Spirit is the bridge to Him, made from your willingness to UNITE with Him, and created by His joy, in union WITH you."
T16G1 "For God created love as He would have it be, and GAVE it as it IS."
T16H8 "In the holy instant is His reminder that His Son will ALWAYS be EXACTLY as he was created."
T16H12 "And let us receive ONLY what YOU have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created, and which You love."
T17C1 "He was created to see this FOR YOU, until you learned to see it for yourself."
T17D13 "They were not created to enable you to HURT yourselves through them."
T17D13 "They were created to CREATE with you."
T17E1 "For nothing God created is APART from happiness, and nothing God created but would EXTEND happiness, as its Creator did."
T17E3 "For, although the ego did not understand WHAT had been created, it WAS aware of threat."
T18B9 "And God Himself is glad that your relationship is as it was created."
T18E6 "He Who ESTABLISHED His dwelling-place in me created it as He would have it be."
T18G1 "For God created only this, and He did not depart from it, nor leave it separate from Himself."
T18G5 "And what God created is only what He would have it be, being His Will."
T18I5 "Each body seems to house a SEPARATE mind, a DISCONNECTED thought, living alone and in no way joined to the Thought by which it was created."
T18I6 "It leads no separate life, because its life IS in the Oneness in which its being was created."
T18I8 "Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself."
T19B15 "Whom God created as His Son is slave to nothing, being lord of all, along with his Creator."
T19C2 "It assumes the Son of God IS guilty, and has thus SUCCEEDED in losing his innocence, and making himself what God created NOT."
T19C4 "And it is this doctrine that REPLACES the reality of the Son of God, as his Father created him, and willed that he be forever."
T19D8 "For He must have created what wills to destroy Him, and HAS THE POWER TO DO SO."
T19D9 "For sin would PROVE what God created holy could not prevail against it, nor remain ITSELF before the power of sin."
T19J2 "One thing is sure; God, Who created neither sin nor death, wills not that you be bound by them."
T19J6 "the ego would lay the Son of God, slain by its orders, proof in his decay that God Himself is powerless before the ego's might, unable to protect the life that He created, against the ego's savage wish to kill."
T19L8 "For HIS redemption he will give you yours, as surely as God created every living thing, and loves it."
T19L12 "Heaven is the gift you OWE each other, the debt of gratitude you offer to the Son of God, in thanks for what he is, and what his Father created him to be."
T20D12 "Each of you now will lead the other to the Father, as surely as God created His Son holy, and kept him so."
T20E3 "It is the re-awakening of the laws of God in minds that have established OTHER laws, and given them power to enforce what God created not."
T20G1 "The one created by his Father is wholly self-encompassing and self-EXTENDING."
T21C3 "No accident or chance is POSSIBLE within the universe as God created it, OUTSIDE of which is nothing."
T21C11 "Nothing created NOT by your Creator, has ANY influence over you."
T21C13 "Yet the truth is you were both created by a loving Father, Who created you together and as one."
T21C13 "This IS the same delusion that YOU are independent of the Source by which YOU were created, and have never left."
T22C13 "And God created it for YOU."
T22F4 "Is it this tiny mouse, or everything that God created?"
T23B7 "For you MUST be as God created you."
T23B8 "And this occurs whenever you look on ANYTHING that God created with anything but love."
T23C20 "Where God created life, there life must be."
T23E7 "The body stands between the Father and the Heaven He created for His Son."
T24B3 "What God created cannot be attacked, for there is nothing in the universe unlike itself."
T24B7 "Your brother is your Friend BECAUSE his Father created him like you."
T24C3 "Nor do they love the Oneness which created them as One with Him."
T24C14 "You but emerge from an illusion of what you are, to the acceptance of yourself as God created you."
T24D2 "YOU would protect what God created not."
T24G2 "For in him his Father waits for your acknowledgment that He created YOU as part of Him."
T24G3 "Nothing that God created has He failed to lay before you lovingly, as yours forever."
T24G3 "Your brother IS as He created him."
T24G3 "And it is this that saves YOU from a world that He created not."
T24H5 "The Father keeps what HE created safe."
T24H5 "YOU cannot touch it with the false ideas you made, BECAUSE it was created not by you."
T24H7 "Yet must this Son have been created like Himself."
T25C5 "But what God has created NEEDS no frame, for what He has created HE supports, and frames within Himself."
T25C11 "It was for this YOU were created, and your brother WITH you, and ONE with you."
T25D2 "God's laws do not obtain directly to a world perception rules, for such a world could not have been created by the Mind to which perception has no meaning."
T25D4 "NOT as the Law Itself upholds the universe as God created it."
T25E6 "What aim can supersede the Will of God and of His Son, that Heaven be restored to him for whom it was created as his ONLY home?"
T25F6 "Against the hatred that the Son of God may cherish toward himself is God believed to be without the power to save what He created from the pain of hell."
T25H5 "And it is the AGREEMENT of their Thought that makes the Son a co-creator with the Mind Whose Thought created him."
T26C7 "He cannot be unjust to anyone or anything, because He knows that EVERYTHING that is belongs to Him, and will forever be as He created it."
T26C7 "For it is NOT your Father's Will that you should offer or receive LESS than He gave, when He created you in perfect Love."
T26F9 "The Son that God created is as free as God created him."
T26H10 "And this He guaranteed when He created him AS everything."
T26H12 "That he created you as part of Him, and this must still be true BECAUSE ideas leave not their source."
T26H14 "His Kingdom IS united; thus it was created, and thus will it ever be."
T26H16 "It is NOT arrogant to be as He created you, or to make use of what He gave to answer ALL His Son's mistakes, and set him free."
T26J7 "Now is the temple of the living God rebuilt as host again to Him by Whom it was created."
T28C1 "It is BECAUSE he is God's Son that he must ALSO be a father, who creates as God created him."
T28D5 "The seeds of sickness and the shame of sin He CANNOT bridge, for He cannot destroy the alien will that He created not."
T28F5 "What is there God created can be sick?"
T28F5 "And what that He created not can BE?"
T29D2 "Think you the Father LOST Himself when He created you?"
T29D2 "No more, perhaps, than just a tiny spark, a space of light created in the dark, where God shines still."
T29F3 "This sacred Son of God is like yourself; the mirror of his Father's Love for you, the soft reminder of his Father's Love by which he was created, and which still abides in him, as It abides in you."
T29F3 "He was created that YOU might be whole, for only the complete can be a part of God's Completion, Which created you."
T29F5 "Would you not WANT to be a friend to him, created by his Father as His home?"
T29I5 "It does not NEED belief to be Itself, for It HAS BEEN created, so It IS."
T29J1 "A dream of judgment came into the mind that God created perfect as Himself."
T30C1 "And Heaven itself but represents your will, where everything created is for you."
T30C1 "No spark of life but was created with your glad consent, as you would have it be."
T30C3 "Remember Him Who has created you, and through YOUR will created everything."
T30C4 "Not one created thing but gives you thanks, for it is by your will that it was born."
T30D5 "If there were change in him; if he could be reduced to ANY form and limited to what is NOT in him, he would not BE as God created him."
T30F1 "Instead, there is a wish to understand all things created as they really are."
T31A9 "For God were fear indeed, if he whom He created innocent could be a slave to guilt."
T31F4 "What COULD there be within the universe that God created that must still be done?"
T31H3 "He would remove all misery from you whom God created altars unto joy."
T31H3 "His strength is yours because He is the Self that God created as His ONLY Son."
T31H5 "Learn, then, the happy habit of response to ALL temptation to perceive yourself as weak and miserable with these words: "I am as God created me."
T31H6 "You ARE as God created you, and so is every living thing you look upon, REGARDLESS of the images you see."
W14L1 "And everything that does exist exists as He created it."
W38L2 "If you are holy, so is everything God created."
W38L2 "You are holy because all things He created are holy, and all things He created are holy because you are."
W43L1 "Yet He has created the Holy Spirit as the Mediator between perception and knowledge."
W53L4 "It is in my mind too, because He created it with me."
W55L1 "This cannot be what God created for His beloved Son."
W57L2 "He is as God created him, and not what I would make of him."
W61L1 "It refers to you as you were created by God."
W67L2 "We will begin by repeating this truth about you, and then spend a few minutes adding some relevant thoughts, such as: "Holiness created me holy" "Kindness created me kind.""
W67L2 ""Helpfulness created me helpful.""
W67L2 ""Perfection created me perfect.""
W67L3 "If Love created you like Itself this Self must be in you."
W67L4 "Yet perhaps you will succeed in going past that, and through the interval of thoughtlessness to the awareness of a blazing light in which you recognize yourself as Love created you."
W67L5 "Four or five times an hour, and perhaps even more, it would be most beneficial to remind yourself that Love created you like Itself."
W67L6 "You were created by Love like Itself."
W68L1 "You who were created by Love like Itself can hold no grievances and know your Self."
W68L2 "For he who holds grievances denies he was created by Love, and his Creator has become fearful to him in his dreams of hate."
W68L3 "It is as sure that those who hold grievances will redefine God in their own image as it is certain that God created them like Himself and defined them as part of Him."
W72L11 "Whenever you feel your confidence wane and your hope of success flicker and go out, repeat your question and your request, remembering that you are asking them of the infinite Creator of infinity, Who created you like Himself: "What is salvation, Father?"
W73L3 "Can such a world have been created by the will the Son of God shares with his Father?"
W76L11 "About His yearning for His only Son, created as His channel for creation; denied to Him by his belief in hell."
W84L1 "67) "Love created me like Itself.""
W84L2 "Love created me like Itself."
W93L4 "Why would you not be overjoyed to be assured that all the evil which you think you did was never done, that all your "sins" are nothing; that you are as pure and holy as you were created, and that light and joy and peace abide in you?"
W93L6 "Nothing can touch it, nor can change what God created as eternal."
W93L7 "Salvation requires the acceptance of but one thought; you are as God created you, not what you made of yourself."
W93L7 "Whatever evil you may think you did, you are as God created you."
W93L7 "You are and will forever be exactly as you were created."
W93L9 "You are what God created, or what you made."
W93L9 "Try to appreciate Its holiness and the Love from Which It was created."
W93L9 "Try not to interfere with the Self Which God created as you by hiding Its majesty behind the tiny idols of evil and sinfulness you have made to replace It."
W94L1 "You are as God created you."
W94L2 "If you remain as God created you, you must be strong, and light must be in you."
W94L2 "You are as God created you."
W94L2 "You stand in light, strong in the sinlessness in which you were created, and in which you will remain throughout eternity."
W94L3 "Begin these times of searching with these words: "I am as God created me."
W94L5 "If you do not meet the requirement of practicing for the first five minutes of every hour, at least remind yourself hourly: "I am as God created me."
W94L5 "Tell yourself frequently today that you are as God created you."
W94L5 "And be sure to respond to anyone who seems to irritate you with these words: "You are as God created You."
W95L1 "Today's idea accurately describes you as God created you."
W96L10 "Restored in strength, it will again flow out from Spirit to the Spirit in all things created by the Spirit as Itself."
W99L6 "This is the Thought Which saves and Which forgives, because It lays no faith in what is not created by the only Source It knows."
W102L5 "You have no need to be less loving to God's Son than He Whose Love created him as loving as Himself."
W107L8 "You are not made of flesh and blood and bone, but were created by the self-same Thought Which gave the gift of life to Him as well."
W110L1 "Its truth would mean that you have made no changes in yourself which have reality, nor changed the universe so that what God created was replaced by fear and evil, misery and death."
W110L1 "If you remain as God created you, fear has no meaning, evil is not real, and misery and death do not exist."
W110L3 "If you remain as God created you appearances cannot replace the truth, health cannot turn to sickness, nor can death be substitute for life, or fear for love."
W110L3 "All this has not occurred, if you remain as God created you."
W110L4 "If you are as God created you, then there has been no separation of your mind from His, no split between your mind and other minds, and only unity within your own."
W110L6 "For your five minute practice periods, begin with this quotation from the text: "I am as God created me."
W110L7 "You are as God created you."
W110L9 "And we will say, that we may be reminded of His Son, our holy Self, the Christ in each of us, "I am as God created me.""
W112L2 "94) "I am as God created me.""
W112L2 "I will remain forever as I was Created by the Changeless like Himself."
W112L4 "On the half hour: "I am as God created me.""
W114L1 "No body can Contain my Spirit, nor impose on me A limitation God created not."
W114L2 "What can my function be but to accept The Word of God, Who has created me, For what I am and will forever be?"
W120L2 "110) "I am as God created me.""
W120L4 "On the half hour: "I am as God created me.""
W124L3 "And God, Who loves us with the equal love in which we were created, smiles on us and offers us the happiness we gave."
W124L5 "We see it in the frantic, in the sad and the distressed, the lonely and afraid, who are restored to the tranquility and peace of mind in which they were created."
W125L4 "We gather at the throne of God today, the quiet place within your mind where He abides forever in the holiness which He created and will never leave."
W131L5 "You will reach the goal you really want as certainly as God created you in sinlessness."
W132L9 "You are as God created you."
W132L9 "How can a world of time and place exist if you remain as God created you?"
W132L11 "Yet if you are as God created you, you cannot think apart from Him, nor make what does not share His timelessness and love."
W132L11 "And as it was His Thought by which you were created, so it is your thoughts which made it and must set it free, that you may know the Thoughts you share with God."
W132L14 "And we who are as He created us would loose the world this day from every one of our illusions, that we may be free."
W132L15 "Begin the fifteen minute periods in which we practice twice today with this: "I who remain as God created me Would loose the world from all I thought it was."
W136L11 "What is created is apart from all of this."
W136L13 "Yet what God wills is here, and you remain as He created you."
W139L1 "For here we come to a decision to accept ourselves as God created us."
W139L10 "We start with this review of what our mission is: "I will accept Atonement for myself, For I remain as God created me.""
W139L11 "We have not lost the knowledge that God gave to us when He created us like Him."
W139L12 "For several minutes let your mind be cleared of all the foolish cobwebs which the world would weave around the holy Son of God and learn the fragile nature of the chains which seem to keep the knowledge of yourself apart from your awareness, as you say: "I will accept Atonement for myself, For I remain as God created me.""
W152L5 "As God created you, you must remain unchangeable with transitory states by definition false."
W152L7 "And can you see what God created not?"
W152L9 "And lift our hearts in true humility instead to Him Who has created us immaculate, like to Himself in power and in love."
W152L11 "This day I will accept myself as what My Father's Will created me to be.""
W153L9 "We look past dreams today, and recognize that we need no defense because we are created unassailable, without all thought or wish or dream in which attack has any meaning."
W154L4 "It is this Voice which speaks of laws the world does not obey; Which promises salvation from all sin, with guilt abolished in the mind which God created sinless."
W154L4 "Now this mind becomes aware again of Who created it, and of His lasting union with itself."
W156L8 "I light the world, I light my mind and all The minds which God created one with me.""
W158L1 "The knowledge that you are a mind, in Mind and purely mind, sinless forever, wholly unafraid because you were created out of Love."
W158L1 "Nor have you left your Source, remaining as you were created."
W158L7 "It does not look upon a body and mistake it for the Son whom God created."
W159L3 "Christ's vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there."
W160L4 "Is fear His Own, created in His likeness?"
W161L9 "This do the body's eyes behold in one whom Heaven cherishes, the angels love, and God created perfect."
W162L6 "You are as God created you."
W165L2 "The Thought of God created you."
W167L1 "It is the one condition in which all that God created share."
W167L1 "There is no death because what God created shares His Life."
W167L7 "As such, it can be reconciled with what created it, because it is not opposite in truth."
W167L7 "It is not its opposite in anything created, nor in what it seems to make when it believes it sleeps."
W167L12 "We share our life because we have one Source, a Source from Which perfection comes to us, remaining always in the holy minds which He created perfect."
W176L2 " 162) "I am as God created me.""
W185L12 "For you it was created, given you by its Creator, and established as His Own eternal gift."
W185L14 "It is this one intent we seek today, uniting our desires with the need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope that lies beyond despair, the love attack would hide, the brotherhood that hate has sought to sever, but which still remains as God created it."
W189L10 "We have no thoughts we think apart from You, and cherish no beliefs of what we are or who created us."
W190L2 "It is a nightmare of abandonment by an Eternal Love Which could not leave the Son whom It created out of love."
W191L4 "You are as God created you."
W192L1 "It is your Father's holy Will that you complete Himself and that your Self shall be His sacred Son, forever pure as He, of love created and in love preserved, extending love, creating in its Name, forever one with God and with your Self."
W192L3 "Yet God created One Who has the power to translate into form the wholly formless."
W192L10 "He is as God created him."
W197L7 "Their gratitude to all They have created has no end, for gratitude remains a part of love."
W197L7 "Thanks be to you, the holy Son of God, for as you were created you contain all things within your Self."
W197L7 "And you are still as God created you."
W200L7 "It cannot have reality because it never was created."
W200R63 "For I am still as God created me.""
W209L1 "The Love of God is what created me."
W211L1 "In silence and in true humility I seek God's glory, to behold it in the Son whom He created as my Self."
W220IN28 "The Father and the Son, Whose holy Will created all that is, can fail in nothing."
W220IN210 "We had a wish that God would fail to have the Son whom He created of Himself."
W229L1 "I seek my own identity, and find it in these words: "Love, Which created me, is what I am.""
W230L1 "In peace I was created."
W230L1 "How merciful is God my Father, that when He created me He gave me peace forever."
W230L2 "I am as You created me."
W235L2 "Your Love created me, and made my sinlessness forever part of You."
W238L1 "You created me, and know me as I am."
W238L2 "And how dear His Son, created by His Love, remains to Him Whose Love is made complete in him."
W239L1 "And can it be that we are not among them, when He loves His Son forever and with perfect constancy, knowing he is as He created him?"
W243L1 "Thus do I free myself and what I look upon, to be in peace as God created us."
W247L2 "Your Fatherhood created them, and gave them all to me as part of You and my own Self as well."
W248L1 "Now am I ready to accept him back as God created him, and as he is."
W248L2 "Father, I am as You created me."
W249L2 "Now would we rest again in You, as You created us.""
W253L1 "For thus am I led past this world to my creations, children of my Will, in Heaven where my holy Self abides with them, and Him Who has created me."
W253L2 ""You are the Self Whom You created Son, creating like Yourself and one with You."
W256L1 "And who would yet remain asleep in heavy clouds of doubt about the holiness of him whom God created sinless?"
W260L1 "Yet, as Your Thought, I have not left my Source, remaining part of What created me."
W260L1 "Let me remember You created me."
W261L2 "I choose to be as You created me, and find the Son whom You created as my Self.""
W262L1 "For Your Son must bear Your Name, for You created him."
W263L1 ""Father, Your Mind created all that is, Your Spirit entered into it; Your Love gave life to it."
W263L1 "And would I look upon what You created as if it could be made sinful?"
W267L1 "Surrounding me is all the life that God created in His Love."
W267L2 "Father, my heart is beating in the peace the Heart of Love created."
W268L1 "Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus to let it be as You created it."
W268L1 "For thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as You created me."
W268L1 "In Love was I created, and in Love will I remain forever."
W270L2 "And through His sight we offer healing to the world through Him, the holy Son whom God created whole; the holy Son whom God created one."
W270W61 "Christ is God's Son as He created him."
W270W61 "He has not left His holy home, nor lost the innocence in which He was created."
W270W65 "As we behold His glory, will we know we have no need of learning or perception or of time, or anything except the holy Self, the Christ Whom God created as His Son."
W272L1 "God's Son must be as You created him.""
W274L1 ""Father, today I would let all things be as You created them, and give Your Sons the honor due their sinlessness; the love of brother to his brother and his friend."
W274L1 "Through this as well the truth will enter where illusions were, light will replace all darkness, and Your Son will know he is as You created him.""
W276L1 "And thus did God become the Father of the Son He loves, for thus was he created."
W276L1 "Deny we were created in His Love and we deny our Self, to be unsure of who we are, of who our Father is, and for what purpose we have come."
W277L1 "He is as You created him, because he knows no laws except the Law of Love.""
W279L2 "My Father loves the Son Whom He created as His Own."
W280L1 "Whom God created limitless is free."
W280L2 "Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love, and You created limitless."
W281L1 "When he thinks that he is hurt in any way, it is because he has forgotten who he is, and that he is as You created him."
W282L1 "This the decision not to be insane, and to accept myself as God Himself, my Father and my Source, created me."
W282L1 "And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves, and Who remains my one Reality."
W283L1 "Is not Your Son my true Identity, when You created everything that is?""
W283L2 "Now are we one in shared Identity, with God our Father as our only Source, and everything created part of us."
W285L2 "Your Son is still as You created him."
W287L2 "Your Son would be as You created Him."
W288L1 "And to know my Source, I first must recognize what You created one with me."
W294L2 "And what is not created cannot be sinful or sinless; neither good nor bad."
W299L1 "Yet God my Father, Who created it, acknowledges my holiness as His."
W299L2 "In it are all things healed, for they remain as You created them."
W299L2 "For Holiness Itself created me and I can know my Source because it is Your Will that You be known.""
W302L1 "But we had forgot the Son whom You created."
W303L2 "He is my Self as You created me."
W304L2 "It is Your gift, my Father, given me to offer to Your holy Son, that he may find again the memory of You, and of Your Son as You created him.""
W307L1 "Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.""
W309L1 "To look within is but to find my will as God created it, and as it is."
W311L2 "And so we let Your Love decide what he whom You created as Your Son must be.""
W318L1 "I was created as the thing I seek."
W320W111 "There was no time when all that It created was not there."
W320W111 "Nor will there be a time when anything that It created suffers any pain."
W320W114 "Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God's Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us."
W322L2 "As You created me, I can give up nothing You gave me."
W326L1 ""Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home."
W326L1 "As You created me I have remained."
W330L1 "The Self Which God created cannot sin, and therefore cannot suffer."
W330W125 "And peace will be restored forever to the holy minds which God created as His Son, His dwelling-place, His joy, His love, completely His, completely one with Him."
W335L2 "His holiness reminds me that he was created one with me and like myself."
W337L1 "And I must learn I need do nothing of myself, for I need but accept my Self, my sinlessness, created for me, now already mine, to feel God's Love protecting me from harm, to understand my Father loves His Son; to know I am the Son my Father loves."
W337L2 ""You who created me in sinlessness are not mistaken about what I am."
W343L1 "And You created me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for me as well as You."
W343L1 "As I was created, I remain."
W346L1 "And I would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and my own.""
W348L1 "What can I fear, when You created me in holiness as perfect as Your own?""
W350L1 "The Son of God incorporates all things within himself as You created him."
W354L1 "For who is Christ except Your Son as You created Him?"
W359L1 "What You created sinless so abides forever and forever."
W360L1 "I am Your Son, forever just as You created me, for the Great Rays remain forever still and undisturbed within me."
W360L1 "In holiness were we created, and in holiness do we remain."
M5G1 "Their joy comes from their understanding Who created them."
M5G1 "And does what God created need defense?"
M6D3 "And they remind him that he has not made himself, and must remain as God created him."
M13A1 "He is forever One, because He is as God created Him."
M19A2 "Now He can remind the world of sinlessness, the one unchanged, unchangeable condition of all that God created."
M21A5 "Forgive the world, and you will understand that everything which God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real."
M23A4 "It is true of all things that God created."
M23A7 "Herein does he receive Atonement, for he withdraws his judgment from the Son of God, accepting him as God created him."
M23A7 "Now can he say with God, "This is my beloved Son, created perfect and forever so.""
M24A2 "He has recognized himself as God created him, and in so doing he has recognized all living things as part of him."
M28A2 "In this perception of the universe as God created it, it would not be possible to think of Him as loving."
M28A5 "And if God created bodies, death would indeed be real."
M28A6 "God is, and in Him all created things must be eternal."
M29A5 "As God created us so will we be forever and forever, and we wish for nothing but His Will to be our own."
M30A4 "As God created you, you have all power."
M30A7 "God knows but His Son, and as he was created so he is."
U2A1 "Spirit is the Thought of God which He created like Himself."
U3A1 "A thought you are apart from your Creator and a wish to be what He created not."
U3A2 "How could God's Son as He created him abide in form or in a world of form?"
U4A1 "It is impossible to think of anything He created that could need forgiveness."
U5A2 "While everything that God created is forever without sin and therefore is forever without guilt."
U7A1 "Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created Him."
P3E1 "It is a decision to perceive the universe as you would have created it."
P3H9 "But if you fail in that, you have denied that God created you, and so you will not know you are His Son."
P4B4 "God is said to have looked on all He created and pronounced it good."
S1A2 "What God created one must recognize its oneness, and rejoice that what illusions seemed to separate is one forever in the Mind of God."
S1A3 "Lay down your dreams, you holy Son of God, and rising up as God created you, dispense with idols and remember Him."
S1C5 "And now it has become holy, for it acknowledges the Son of God as he was created."
S2B3 "Can you remember Him and hate what He created?"
S2C1 "Yet all the forms that it may take have but one goal; their purpose is to separate and make what God created equal, different."
S2D7 "Behold your brother there beyond the door; the Son of God as He created him."
MSG19A3 "He could not have created the body because it is a limit."
MSG19A3 "He must have created the spirit because it is immortal."
MSG19A3 "Can those who are created like Him be limited?"

Quotes on "Creations"

T1B23B "Only the Creations of Light are real."
T1B26 "They praise God by honoring his Creations, affirming their perfection."
T1B27B "God's Creations cannot lose their holiness, although it can be hidden."
T1B30A "Miracles are the way in which minds that serve the spirit unite with Christ for the salvation (or release) of all God's Creations."
T1B32C "The Spiritual eye perceives both the Creations of God AND the creations of man."
T1B32C "Among the creations of man, it can also separate the true from the false by its ability to perceive totally rather than selectively."
T1B35F "God WOULD be mocked if ANY of his creations lacked holiness."
T1B38 "The impersonal nature of miracles is because Atonement itself is one, uniting all creations with their Creator."
T1B40V "Souls are perfect creations, and should be struck with awe in the presence of the Creator of Perfection."
T2A5 "Third, the belief that man can distort the Creations of God (including himself) has arisen, and is tolerated."
T2C14 "Under these conditions, it is safer for them to rely TEMPORARILY on physical healing devices, because they cannot misperceive them as their own creations."
T2F3 "At this point, the Will will begin to look with love on its creations, because of their great worthiness."
T3I7 "The symbolism here is open to many interpretations, but you may be SURE that any interpretation which perceives either God OR His creations as if they were capable of destroying their own Purpose is wrong."
T4B29 "Only God could make a home that was worthy of His Creations, who have chosen to leave it empty by their own dispossession."
T4B32 "The Kingdom of Heaven is the right of the Soul, whose beauty and dignity are beyond doubt, beyond perception, and stand forever as the mark of the love of God for His Creations, who are wholly worthy of Him and ONLY of Him."
T4C7 "In fact, it duplicates in many ways the way he will one day react to his real creations, which are as timeless as he is."
T4C21 "The creations of God do not create myths, but the creative efforts of man can turn to mythology, but only under one condition."
T4C27 "The highly specific nature of invention is not worthy of the abstract creativity of God's Creations."
T4D3 "Your Soul's creations are no more fatherless than you are."
T4D3 "Be confident that your creations are as safe as you are."
T4E5 "As a loving brother, I am deeply concerned with your minds, and urge you to follow my example as you look at yourselves and at each other and see in both the glorious Creations of a glorious Father."
T4E11 "The habit of engaging WITH God and His Creations is easily made if you refuse actively to let your minds slip away."
T4G17 "Because you are all the Kingdom of God, I can lead you back to your own creations, which you do not yet know."
T4H5 "Since only beings of a like order can truly communicate, His Creations naturally communicate WITH Him and communicate LIKE Him."
T5B7 "As a man and as one of God's creations, my right thinking, which came from the Universal Inspiration which IS the Holy Spirit, taught me first and foremost that this Inspiration is for ALL."
T5D1 "The Holy Spirit will remain with the Sons of God, to bless THEIR creations and keep them in the light of joy."
T5H13 "There can BE no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God's creations is bearing false witness to God Himself."
T5H16 "He reminds you of this in every passing moment of time, because it is His special function to return YOU to eternity and remain to bless YOUR creations there."
T6C12 "But YOU have perceived both AS IF they were part of His perfect creations."
T6C13 "This is the way in which you MUST perceive God's Creations, bringing all of your perceptions into the one parallel line which the Holy Spirit sees."
T6E12 "This is the kind of reasoning that the ego engages in, but God, who KNOWS that His creations are perfect does NOT insult them."
T6G10 "But it MUST be insane to believe IT IS UP TO YOU to decide what God's Creations ARE."
T6H9 "We have already said that altars are BELIEFS, but God and His creations are BEYOND belief because they are beyond question."
T7A1 "The creative power of both God AND His Creations is limitless, but it is NOT in reciprocal relationship."
T7A2 "As God's creative Thought proceeds FROM Him TO you, so must YOUR creative thoughts proceed FROM you to YOUR creations."
T7A3 "YOUR creations belong in YOU, as YOU belong in God."
T7A3 "God's creations have ALWAYS BEEN, because HE has always been."
T7A3 "YOUR creations have always been, because you can create only as HE creates."
T7B4 "He does not teach, because His Creations are changeless."
T7E8 "Healing does not come DIRECTLY from God, who knows His Creations as perfectly whole."
T7G1 "That includes his perception of God, of His Creations, and of his own."
T7J1 "He no more wills you to deprive yourselves of YOUR creations than He wills to deprive Himself of His."
T7J4 "YOU may not know your own creations, but this can no more interfere with their reality than your unawareness of your Soul can interfere with its being."
T7J6 "Your creations are protected FOR you because the Holy Spirit, Who is in your minds, knows of them, and can bring them INTO your awareness whenever you will let Him."
T7J9 "You have said that, when you write of the Kingdom and your own creations which belong to it, you are describing WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW."
T7J10 "Your creations ARE the logical outcome of His premises."
T7L7 "You do not know your creations because you do not know their creator."
T7L8 "Your creations cannot establish your reality, any more than YOU can establish God's."
T8C9 "This is the natural response of every Son of God to the Voice of His Creator, because it is the voice for HIS creations and for his own extension."
T8E12 "This is our gift of gratitude to Him, which He will share with ALL His Creations, to whom He gives equally whatever is acceptable to Him."
T8F6 "You want your creations, as He wants His."
T8F6 "Can the Creations of God Himself take joy in what is not real?"
T8F10 "Our creations are as holy as we are, and we are the Sons of God Himself, and therefore as holy as He is."
T8F10 "Through our creations we extend our Love, and thus increase the joy of the Holy Trinity."
T9E6 "But when the Sonship COMES TOGETHER and accepts its oneness, it will be known by ITS creations, who witness to its reality, as the Son does to the Father."
T9E8 "In your open mind are YOUR creations, in perfect communication, born of perfect understanding."
T9E8 "God's meaning is incomplete without you, and you are incomplete without your creations."
T9H2 "YOUR creations add to Him, as YOU do."
T9H9 "You will remember everything the instant you DESIRE IT WHOLLY, for if to desire wholly is to create, you will have willed away the separation, returning your mind simultaneously to your Creator and your creations."
T9K13 "Your gifts to YOURSELF are meaningless, but your gifts to YOUR creations are like His, because they are given in His Name."
T9K13 "That is why your creations are as real as His."
T9K13 "You believe that the sick things which you have made are your real creations, because you believe that the sick images you perceive are the Sons of God."
T10B5 "That is why your creations have not ceased to be extended, and why so much is waiting for your return."
T10B6 "How, then, could you know YOUR creations, having DENIED Infinity?"
T11H11 "Yet you COULD not have seen reality, for the reality of your mind is the loveliest of God's Creations."
T13B6 "And, KNOWING that the light is IN you, YOUR creations will be there WITH you, as you are in your Father."
T13B7 "As miracles in this world join you to your brothers, so do your creations establish your fatherhood in Heaven."
T14D14 "In the holy meeting-place are joined the Father and His creations, and the creations of His Son, with them together."
T14E8 "God is no image, and His creations, as part of Him, hold Him in them in truth."
T15B12 "As long as it takes to remember immortality, and your immortal creations, who share it with you."
T15D8 "He reaches from you to everyone, and beyond everyone, to His Son's creations, but WITHOUT leaving you."
T15I2 "The will of your creations call to you, to share your will with them."
T15I11 "If you would but let the Holy Spirit tell you of the Love of God for you, and the need that your creations have to be with you forever, you would experience the attraction of the Eternal."
T16D5 "He protected both your creations AND you together, keeping one with you what you would EXCLUDE."
T16E7 "Heaven waits silently, and your creations are holding out their hands to help you cross, and welcome them."
T17E1 "To fulfill this function, you relate to your creations as GOD to HIS."
T21C12 "The Son's creations ARE like his Father's."
T24C6 "And with this memory, the Son remembers his own creations, as like to him as he is to his Father."
T24H1 "Yet it stands in place of your creations, who ARE Son to you, that you might SHARE the Fatherhood of God, not snatch it FROM Him."
T24H5 "Its holy purpose GAVE it immortality, setting another light in Heaven, where your creations recognize a gift from YOU, a sign that you have NOT forgotten them."
T24H6 "Not 'til you go PAST learning to the Given; not 'til you make again a holy home for YOUR creations is it understood."
T28C3 "A mind within a body, and a world of other bodies, each with SEPARATE minds, are your "creations," you the "other" mind, creating with effects UNLIKE yourself."
W72L7 "But while it stands at the center of your concept of yourself, you are attacking God's plan for salvation, and holding your grievances against Him and His creations, that you may not hear the Voice of truth and welcome it as Friend."
W132L12 "Your real creations wait for this release to give you fatherhood, not of illusions, but as God in truth."
W167L8 "He does not sleep, and His creations cannot share what He gives not, nor make conditions which He does not share with them."
M28A5 "To look on His creations is to die."
P4B4 "And since His creations do not change and last forever, so it is now."

Quotes on "Create"

T1B12B "Thought can create lower-order or higher-order realities."
T1B12B "One creates the physical, and the other the spiritual, and we believe in what we create."
T1B23K "I will create the right opportunities for you to do them."
T1B28C "If a mind creates without love, it can create an empty shell."
T1B30J "It is true that mind can create projections as well as miracles, but it's NOT true that projections are REAL."
T1B41F "He can create an empty shell (see previous reference), but he DOES NOT create nothing at all."
T2A3 "We also have observed that man can create an empty shell, but cannot create nothing at all."
T2B19 "They can INDEED create man's perception, both of himself and his surroundings."
T2C5 "The body cannot create, and the belief that it CAN, a fundamental error responsible for most of the fallacies already referred to, produces all physical symptoms."
T2C7 "The reason why only the mind can create is more obvious than may be immediately apparent."
T2C12 "It is essential that the remembrance of the fact that ONLY mind can create at all remain with you."
T2E28 "The idea of "will-THERAPY" was potentially a very powerful one, but Rank did not see its real potential because he himself used his mind partly to create a theory OF the mind, but also partly to attack Freud."
T2E44 "*One of the chief ways in which man can correct his magic-miracle confusion is to remember that he did not create himself."
T2E57 "One of the chief ways in which man can correct his magic-miracle confusion is to remember that he did not create himself."
T3A23 "I am just trying to create better learning conditions for the study periods."
T3A27 "I have promised to guide you OUT of problems, and will certainly not create them for you."
T3B4 "Only Right-Mindedness CAN create in a way that has any real effect."
T3C8 "He did not create it, and He does not maintain it."
T3C8 "His Divine mind does not create that way."
T3F1 "He cannot create surely, because perception deceives, and illusions are not pure."
T3F8 "This is why he cannot escape fear until he KNOWS that he DID not and CAN not create himself."
T3F11 "Actually, this is impossible, because the unconscious cannot create the conscious."
T3F11 "You cannot create something you can't KNOW."
T3F12 "A lower-order perception cannot create a higher-order one, (which is the way you perceive the structure of the psyche if you look at it from the bottom UP) because it doesn't understand it."
T3F12 "But a higher-order perception CAN create a lower-order one by understanding it in terms of MISperception."
T3F16 "The mind DID divide itself when it willed to create its own levels AND the ability to perceive them."
T3F16 "But it could NOT entirely separate itself from the Soul, because it is FROM the Soul that it derives its whole power to create."
T3G2 "Since the Separation, the words "create" and "make" are inevitably confused."
T3G11 "God DID create the Son in His own Thought, and of a quality like to His own."
T3G32 "Parents do not create the image of their children, though they may perceive images which they do create."
T3I8 "The belief that they ARE is implicit in the "self concept," a concept now made acceptable by its WEAKNESS, and explained by a tendency of the self to create an IMAGE of itself."
T3I10 "That is why you CANNOT create, and are afraid to make or produce."
T4B21 "Your ego is NEVER at stake because God did not create it."
T4B24 "You have willed, therefore, to create unlike Him, and you have made fear for yourselves."
T4D2 "What else BUT you did the Creator create, and what else but you IS His Kingdom?"
T4D3 "It has not ceased to create because your ego has set you on the road of perception."
T5D5 "Freedom to choose is the same POWER as freedom to create, but its APPLICATION is different."
T5F16 "The Atonement gives you the power of a healed mind, but the power to create is of God."
T5F16 "The joint will of ALL the Sonship is the only creator that can create like the Father."
T6H6 "You create by what you ARE, but this IS what you must learn."
T7A1 "This is an ongoing process in which you SHARE, and BECAUSE you share it, you are inspired to create LIKE God."
T7A3 "To create is to love."
T7B1 "To will WITH God is to create like HIM."
T7B3 "And to CREATE like Him is to share the perfect love He shares with YOU."
T7F2 "Since the ego CANNOT obliterate the impulse to communicate because it is also the impulse to CREATE, it can only try to teach you that the BODY can both communicate AND create, and therefore DOES NOT NEED THE MIND."
T7G1 "They make or create depending on whether the ego or the Holy Spirit begets or inspires them, but they WILL return to the mind of the thinker, and they WILL affect his total perception."
T7G14 "You CANNOT create in this divided state, and you MUST be vigilant AGAINST this divided state because ONLY peace CAN BE extended."
T7J4 "Unless you create, you ARE unfulfilled."
T7J4 "But God does NOT know unfulfillment, and therefore you MUST create."
T7L7 "We said before that only the whole Sonship is a worthy co-creator with God, because only the whole Sonship can create LIKE Him."
T7L7 "Whenever you heal a brother by recognizing his worth, you are acknowledging HIS power to create and YOURS."
T8F4 "What God AND His Sons create IS eternal, and in this and this only is their joy."
T8J15 "As long as you believe that fear is possible, YOU WILL NOT CREATE."
T9B6 "GOD gave you the function to create in eternity."
T9E4 "Therefore, you CAN create as He did, and YOUR dissociation WILL NOT ALTER THIS."
T9I17 "But you did NOT create him, because he is NOT the Will of the Father."
T9J10 "Perceiving the spark will heal, but knowing the Light will create."
T9K5 "Your gods are nothing, because your Father did not create them."
T9K13 "Do not perceive ANYTHING God did not create, or you ARE denying Him."
T10B10 "God willed to create, and your will is His."
T10B10 "It follows, then, that YOU will to create, since your will follows from His."
T10D3 "Out of your joy, you will create beauty in His Name, for YOUR joy could no more be contained than His."
T10H3 "To establish your PERSONAL autonomy, you tried to create UNLIKE your Father, BELIEVING what you made to be capable of BEING unlike Him."
T13B7 "YOU are the witnesses to the Fatherhood of God, and He has given you the power to create the witnesses to YOURS, which is as HIS."
T14D15 "The link with which the Father joins Himself to those He gives the power to create LIKE Him, can NEVER be dissolved."
T17E2 "In this world, it is impossible to create."
T18E3 "God did not create His dwelling-place unworthy of Him."
T18G10 "God would have had to create DIFFERENTLY, and to have separated HIMSELF from His Son, to make this possible."
T18G10 "He would have had to create DIFFERENT things, and to establish different ORDERS of reality, only SOME of which were love."
T18G11 "Is He a body, and did He create you as He is not, and where He CANNOT be?"
T18J11 "Forgiveness DOES make lovely, but it does NOT create."
T21C10 "Long ago, we spoke of your desire to create your own Creator, and be father and not Son to Him."
T21C11 "It is as needful that you recognize you MADE the world you see, as that you recognize that you did NOT create yourself."
T21C12 "APART from this, he HAS no power to create, and what he makes is meaningless."
T23E3 "Can IT create, and BE what it creates?"
T23E3 "He GAVE the function to create unto His Son, BECAUSE it is His Own."
T24F1 "WISHING MAKES REAL, as surely as does Will create."
T25H6 "Who could create the changeless, if it does NOT rest on truth?"
T28C1 "Effects do not CREATE their cause, but they ESTABLISH its causation."
T29D4 "Make way for love which you did not create, but which you CAN extend."
T30F4 "The final step is God's, because it is but God Who could create a perfect Son, and share His Fatherhood with him."
T30F5 "Yet God need not create His Son AGAIN, that what is his be given BACK to him."
T31G12 "For vision CAN but represent a wish, because it has NO power to create."
W14L1 "What God did not create does not exist."
W14L4 "God did not create it, and so it is not real."
W14L4 "Say, for example: "God did not create that war, and so it is not real.""
W14L4 ""God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.""
W14L4 ""God did not create that disaster (specify) so it is not real.""
W14L4 ""God did not create that illness (specify with name of person) and so it is not real.""
W14L5 "For example, do not say, "God did not create illness," but, "God did not create cancer," or heart attacks, or whatever may arouse fear in you."
W14L6 "What God did not create can only be in your own mind apart from His."
W14L6 ""God did not create a meaningless world.""
W14L7 "Say: "God did not create a meaningless world."
W14L7 "He did not create (specify the situation which is disturbing you), and so it is not real.""
W16L1 "Those which are true create their own likeness."
W53L4 "14) "God did not create a meaningless world.""
W53L4 "How can a meaningless world exist if God did not create it?"
W73L3 "Did God create disaster for His Son?"
W73L3 "Would God create a world that kills Himself?"
W84L3 ""My Creator did not create this as I see it.""
W132L11 "Does it create like Him?"
W186L9 "Could He create such instability and call it Son?"
W276L1 "This the Word His Son did not create with Him, because in this His Son was born."
W294L1 "Did God create the mortal and corruptible?"
W326L1 "Let me know that I am an Effect of God, and so I have the power to create like You."
W340W131 "It does not create, nor really change at all."
M23A5 "He will, in fact, be unable to recognize his brother at all, for his Father did not create bodies, and so he is seeing in a brother only the unreal."
U5A1 "God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself."

Quotes on "Creates"

T1B23B "God creates only "that which, or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit.""
T1B37G "As a result, what it creates is imprisonment, because such are the dictates of tyrants."
T1B41G "Only what HE creates is his to decide."
T1B41S "As was said before, man believes in what he creates."
T1B41S "If he creates a miracle, he will be equally strong in his belief in that."
T1B43D "Therefore, if there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist."
T2B8 "Its JUDGMENTAL side rises only because man is capable of INJUSTICE if that is what his mind creates."
T2C17 "It should be re-emphasized that the body does not learn, any more than it creates."
T2E44 "Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive."
T2E57 "Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive."
T2E58 "It also follows that whatever he creates is real in his own eyes, but not necessarily in the sight of God."
T3B5 "The level-adjustment power of the miracle creates the right perception for healing."
T3C13 "This Single Purpose creates perfect integration, and establishes the (reign of the) Peace of God."
T3C34 "When he said "mind is the builder," he did not realize that it is only what it is building NOW that really creates the future."
T3D4 "We have said many times that ONLY what God creates, or what man creates with the same will, has any real existence."
T3D6 "This is the real healing which the miracle actively creates."
T3F1 "The Soul knows, loves, and creates."
T3F20 "Even as HE perceives his psyche, every level has a creative potential, because nothing man creates can wholly lose this."
T5D1 "When the Atonement is complete and the whole Sonship is healed, there will be no call to return, but what God creates is eternal."
T5F2 "They came from the Holy Spirit within YOU, and we know that what God creates is eternal."
T5G2 "In Heaven there is no guilt, because the Kingdom is attained through the Atonement, which creates it in you."
T5G11 "Only what God creates is irreversible and unchangeable."
T5H4 "The mind that was in me IS in you, for God creates with perfect fairness."
T6C7 "Anything that God creates is as true as He is."
T7A3 "It creates forever, but NOT in time."
T7J8 "Its radiance is so intense that it creates in perfect joy, and only the whole can be born of its wholeness."
T8C8 "Because your Creator creates only like Himself, you ARE like Him."
T9K9 "Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it can also DENY what it creates, because it is free."
T10B8 "It can ONLY be increased, and EVERYTHING He creates has the function of creating."
T10B8 "LOVE DOES NOT LIMIT, and what it creates is not limited."
T10E1 "But if you hate part of your own Soul, ALL your understanding is lost, because you are looking on what God creates AS YOURSELF without love."
T14B11 "Thus He creates, and thus must YOU restore."
T15K2 "Love MUST be total to give Him welcome, for the Presence of holiness CREATES the holiness which surrounds It."
T22G16 "Joy is unlimited, BECAUSE each shining thought of Love EXTENDS its Being, and creates more of Itself."
T24A2 "What God creates has NO alternative."
T24C3 "Here is the self-made savior, the creator who creates UNLIKE the Father, and which made His Son like to itself, and NOT like unto Him."
T25C6 "What God creates is safe from ALL corruption, unchanged and perfect in eternity."
T25D1 "This is perception's form, adapted to this world, of God's more basic law; that Love creates Itself, and nothing BUT Itself."
W132L12 "What He creates is not apart from Him, and nowhere does the Father end, the Son begin as something separate from Him."
W167L6 "For mind creates all things that are, and cannot give them attributes it lacks, nor change its own eternal, mindful state."
W167L8 "God creates only mind awake."
W260W53 "For only love creates in truth, and truth can never fear."
W320W111 "Only Love creates, and only like Itself."
U6A1 "But He creates all Helpers of His Son while he believes his fantasies are true."
S3D5 "Healers there are, for they are Sons of God who recognize their Source, and understand that all their Source creates is one with them."

Quotes on "Creating"

T2A12 "In reality, this is his ONLY choice, because his free will was made for his own joy in creating the perfect."
T2E8 "Every instant it is creating, and ALWAYS as you will."
T2E16 "You and Bill, who complain all the time about fear, still persist in creating it most of the time."
T3A33 "This is because they are CREATING ugliness."
T3A36 "AND all the notes that could have been devoted to a better purpose than undoing the waste, and thus creating further waste."
T3G1 "The Soul's true functions are knowing, loving, and creating."
T3I1 "It begins with either a making or a creating, a difference which we have already covered."
T3I1 "Both are acts of will, except that making involves doing, and creating involves active willing."
T4A3 "Your own right authorship does NOT lie in remaking His copies, but in creating LIKE Him."
T4B30 "God is as incapable of creating the perishable as your ego is of making the eternal."
T5C10 "The Holy Spirit was God's answer to the separation, the means by which the Atonement could repair until the whole mind returned to creating."
T5F9 "Sharing is God's way of creating, and also YOURS."
T7J3 "Creating is the OPPOSITE of loss, as blessing is the opposite of sacrifice."
T8C8 "By CREATING all things, it made them PART OF ITSELF."
T8F7 "YOUR function is to ADD to God's treasure by creating YOURS."
T8F8 "HIS joy lay in creating YOU, and He extends His Fatherhood to you so that you can extend yourself AS HE DID."
T9I3 "The ability to ACCEPT truth in this world is the perceptual counterpart of creating in the Kingdom."
T12D1 "You have been told that your function in this world is healing, and your function in Heaven is creating."
T13H3 "Learning is living here, as creating is Being in Heaven."
T17E1 "Because of HIS reason for creating HIS relationship with you, the function of relationships became forever "to make happy.""
T18K4 "And memory will be as useless as learning, for your ONLY purpose will be creating."
T21C12 "But, in creating THEM, the Son does not delude himself that he is INDEPENDENT of his Source."
T21C12 "His union with It is the SOURCE of his creating."
T23E3 "Life makes not death, creating like itself."
T26E1 "And thus is he returned to his REAL function of creating, which his forgiveness offers him again."
W182L7 "And you acknowledge also that His Son is part of Him, creating in His Name."
U2A4 "Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will which is God's, seems to be imprisoned while the mind is not unified."

Quotes on "Creative"

T1B35D "He MUST work a miracle on behalf of himself here (See the point about miracles as a perception corrector) before he can effect miracles as creative energizers, which they are."
T1B37G "If it does not freely elect to do so, it retains this creative ability, but places itself under tyrannous rather than authoritative control."
T1B40D "It was an aid to the artist in his own creative endeavors."
T1B41S "Man can do this only because he IS creative."
T1B41T "One individual sees in another the right partner for "procreating the stock" (Wolff was not too far off here), and also for their joint establishment of a creative home."
T1B41V "Then acknowledge the true creative worth of both yourself AND the other one."
T1B41V "Note that sexual fantasies are ALWAYS destructive (or depleting), in that they perceive another in an inappropriate creative role."
T1B41Y "An "object" is incapable of release, because it is a concept which is deprived of creative power."
T1B41Y "The recognition of the real creative power in yourself AND others brings release because it brings peace."
T1B41BD "The TRULY creative devote their efforts to correcting this."
T1B42C "Both the power and the strength of man's creative will must be understood, before the real meaning of denial can be appreciated and abolished."
T1B43B "All aspects of fear are untrue, because they DO NOT exist at the higher creative levels, and therefore do not exist at all."
T2A4 "The Soul, because of its own likeness to its Creator, is creative."
T2B19 "Freud's identification of mechanisms was quite correct, as was his recognition of their creative ability."
T2B45 "The eternally creative have nothing to learn."
T2B45 "Only after the Separation was it necessary to direct the creative force to learning, because changed behavior had become mandatory."
T2B71 "Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative power on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate means."
T2C15 "However, as a creative act, the miracle need not await the Right-Mindedness of the receiver."
T2C17 "This means that he knows that mind is the only creative level, and that its errors ARE healed by the Atonement."
T2E8 "The mind is a very powerful creator, and it never loses its creative force."
T2E27 "Here, Rank's concept of the will was particularly good, except that he preferred to ally it only with man's own truly creative ability, but did not extend it to its proper union with God's."
T2E50 "Like all pseudo-solutions, this kind of distorted thinking is very creative, but false."
T3D4 "It also has the disastrous effect of denying (incorrect use) the essentially creative power of the miracle."
T3E9 "Knowledge brings MENTAL strength for creative THINKING, but not for right doing."
T3G7 "Methodologically, man's mind has been very creative."
T3G7 "This kind of thinking cannot result in a creative outcome, though it has resulted in considerable ingenuity."
T3I2 "(The use of creative here was an error."
T4C21 "What man then makes is no longer creative."
T5D4 "In the holy state, the will is free in the sense that its CREATIVE power is unlimited, but choice itself is meaningless."
T7A1 "We have already stated that only in this respect your creative power differs from His."
T7A2 "In this way only can ALL creative power EXTEND OUTWARD."
T7J1 "Only you can limit your creative power, but God wills to release it."
T10F6 "Your whole creative function lies in your complete dependence on God, Whose function He shares WITH you."
U2A1 "The term "mind" is used to represent the activating agent of Spirit, supplying its creative energy."
P3B2 "Psychotherapy itself cannot be creative."

Quotes on "Creatively"

Quotes on "Creativeness"

T4C27 "We have already credited the ego with considerable ingenuity, though not with creativeness."

Quotes on "Creativity"

T1B41F "While he is IN the body, however, man can choose between loveless and miraculous channels of creativity."
T1B41F "He can wait, delay, paralyze himself, reduce his creativity almost to nothing, and even introduce a real developmental arrest or regression."
T1B41F "But he CANNOT abolish his creativity."
P3B2 "This is one of the errors which the ego fosters; that it is capable of true change, and therefore of true creativity."

Quotes on "Creator"

T1B40V "This is the case only when a Soul stands before his Creator."
T2B68 "But it cannot depart entirely from its Creator, who set the limits on its ability to miscreate by virtue of its own real purpose."
T3A11 "But it WAS emphasized that awe IS a proper reaction of the Soul in the presence of its Creator."
T3C13 "By doing this, the mind awakens from its sleep, and the Soul remembers its Creator."
T3F4 "He became a PERCEIVER rather than a creator in the true sense."
T3F21 "I demonstrated both the powerlessness of the body AND the power of the mind, by uniting MY will with that of my Creator, which naturally remembered the Soul and its own real purpose."
T4D3 "Your ego and your Soul will never be co-creators, but your Soul and YOUR Creator will ALWAYS be."
T4F13 "It may surprise you to learn that had the ego willed to do so, it COULD have made the eternal, because, as a product of the mind, it IS endowed with the power of its own creator."
T4G8 "I wanted him to think of himself as a separate consciousness, capable of direct communication with the Creator of that consciousness."
T5H15 "His voice was in me, as it is in you, speaking for patience toward the Sonship, in the name of its Creator."
T5I10 "You are ALWAYS being pulled back to your Creator because you belong in Him."
T7A2 "You HAVE the power to ADD to the Kingdom, but NOT to add to the Creator OF the Kingdom."
T7C11 "Because it is also YOU, you share it and EXTEND it AS YOUR CREATOR DID."
T7H6 "All confusion comes from not extending life, because this is NOT the will of your Creator."
T7H10 "Projecting its insane belief that YOU have been treacherous to YOUR Creator, it believes that your brothers, who are as incapable of this as you are, are out to TAKE GOD FROM YOU."
T7J3 "The soul yearns to share ITS Being as ITS Creator did."
T7J4 "ITS fullness cannot be contained any more than can the fullness of its Creator."
T7L6 "You do not know yourselves because you do not know YOUR Creator."
T8E16 "The UNDIVIDED will of the Sonship is the perfect creator, being wholly in the likeness of God, Whose Will it IS."
T8F6 "They do not leave you, any more than you have left YOUR Creator."
T8F9 "This choice DOES make the Son's function unknown TO HIM, but never to his Creator."
T8F9 "And BECAUSE it is not unknown to his Creator, it is forever knowable to him."
T8G6 "To communicate with part of God Himself is to reach beyond the Kingdom to its Creator, through His Voice which He has established as part of YOU."
T9I10 "Or would you remind him of his wholeness, and remember your Creator WITH him?"
T9K9 "But to do this, you must acknowledge Him as your Creator."
T10D5 "For your Father IS your Creator, and you ARE like Him."
T10E1 "Glory is your inheritance, given your Soul by its Creator, that you might EXTEND it."
T10E6 "When His Son lifts his voice in praise of his Creator, he WILL hear the Voice of his Father."
T10E6 "But the Creator cannot be praised WITHOUT His Son, for their glory is shared, and they are glorified together."
T10E8 "For Christ is the Son of God, who lives in his Creator, and shines with His glory."
T10E8 "Christ is the extension of the love and the loveliness of God, as perfect as his Creator, and at peace with Him."
T10H4 "You have made many ideas which you have placed between yourselves and your Creator, and these beliefs are the world as YOU perceive it."
T12F8 "Every voice has a part in the song of redemption, the hymn of gladness and thanksgiving for the light, to the Creator of Light."
T12F9 "And as your hymns of praise and gladness rise to your Creator, He will return your thanks, in His clear answer to your call."
T13H16 "You taught YOURSELVES the most unnatural habit of NOT communicating with your Creator."
T14E5 "In the world you, can become a spotless mirror, in which the holiness of your Creator shines forth from you, to all around you."
T14G12 "God's Teacher is as like to His Creator as is His Son, and through His Teacher does God proclaim His Oneness AND His Son's."
T15K5 "For who could thrust Heaven and its Creator aside, WITHOUT a sense of sacrifice and loss?"
T16D6 "For nothing real has ever left the mind of its Creator."
T16E11 "See in the call of hate, and in every fantasy that rises to delay you, but the call for help, that rises ceaselessly from you to your Creator."
T16G1 "Love HAS no meaning except as its Creator defined it, by His Will."
T17D10 "For the Creator of the one relationship, has LEFT no part of it without HIMSELF."
T18B9 "And Heaven looks with love on what is joined in it, along with its Creator."
T18I5 "Each tiny fragment seems to be self-contained, needing each other for SOME things, but by no means TOTALLY dependent on their One Creator for EVERYTHING."
T18I6 "Nor does a fence surround it, preventing it from JOINING with the rest, and keeping it apart from its Creator."
T18I10 "And you will RECOGNIZE yourself, and see your little garden gently transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven, with all the love of its Creator shining upon it."
T18K2 "Learning is useless in the Presence of your Creator, Whose ACKNOWLEDGMENT of you, AND YOURS OF HIM, so FAR transcends ALL learning, that EVERYTHING you learned is meaningless, replaced forever by the knowledge of love and its One meaning."
T19D18 "When God has taken the last step Himself, the Holy Spirit will gather ALL your thanks and gratitude that you have offered Him, and lay them gently before His Creator, in the Name of His most holy Son."
T19E4 "For it would HOLD BACK the universe AND ITS CREATOR."
T19J2 "The shrouded figures in the funeral procession march not in honor of their Creator, Whose Will it is they LIVE."
T19J3 "But you who would RELEASE him are but honoring the Will of his Creator."
T19J4 "For God has ANSWERED this insane idea with His Own, an Answer which left Him not, and therefore brings the Creator to the awareness of every mind which heard His Answer, and ACCEPTED it."
T19K1 "The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the Universe, and of the Universe of universes, and of everything that lies even BEYOND them, would you remember."
T20F8 "What IS he, that the Creator of the universe should offer it to him, and KNOW it rests in safety?"
T20G1 "The meaning of the Son of God lies solely in his relationship with his Creator."
T21B8 "And now the blind can see, for that same song they sing in honor of their Creator, gives praise to them as well."
T21C6 "And thus, without the Will of his Creator, Whose Will cannot BE separated from his own."
T21C11 "And if you think what YOU have made can TELL you what you see and feel, and place your faith in its ability to do so, you ARE denying your Creator, and BELIEVING that you made yourself."
T21I2 "Sure in its vision as its Creator is in what He KNOWS, it looks on everything and SEES it is the same."
T22B1 "If you attack whom God would heal, and hate the one He loves, then you and your Creator have a DIFFERENT will."
T22C6 "You KNOW what your Creator wills is possible."
T22C10 "NOTHING you made has ANY power over you, unless you still would be APART from your Creator, and with a will OPPOSED to His."
T22F4 "Can it be difficult to disregard its feeble squeaks that tell of its omnipotence, and would drown out the hymn of praise to its Creator that every heart throughout the universe forever sings as one?"
T22G2 "Yet even in this confusion, so profound it cannot BE described, the Holy Spirit waits in gentle patience, as certain of the outcome as He is sure of His Creator's love."
T22G2 "He knows this mad decision was made by one as dear to His Creator as Love is to Itself."
T22G12 "For it SEEMS safer to attack another or yourself, than to attack the great Creator of the universe, Whose power you KNOW."
T22G13 "The only way it COULD be justified is if each one of you were SEPARATE from the other, and all were separate from your Creator."
T22G14 "You would not choose attack on its reality, if it were not ESSENTIAL to attack to see it SEPARATE FROM ITS CREATOR."
T22G16 "For, when you have ACCEPTED it with gladness, you will realize that your relationship is a reflection of the union of the Creator and His Son."
T22G17 "And, BECAUSE it joins you, so it makes you one with your Creator."
T23B4 "The Son of God at war with his Creator is a condition as ridiculous as nature roaring at the wind in anger, and proclaiming that it is part of itself no longer."
T23B10 "You dwell in peace as limitless as its Creator."
T23C5 "And fear of God, and of each other, now appears as sensible, made real by what the Son of God has done, both to himself AND his Creator."
T23C6 "Here is a principle which would define what the CREATOR of reality must be; what He MUST think, and what He must believe; and how He must RESPOND, believing it."
T23E2 "For it is NOT the body that is like the Son's Creator."
T24D6 "Forgive the great Creator of the universe, the Source of life, of love and holiness, the perfect Father of a perfect Son, for your illusions of your specialness."
T25C5 "Yet its frame is JOINED to its Creator, One with Him AND with His masterpiece."
T25C7 "Its holiness lights up the sinlessness the frame of darkness hides, and casts a veil of light across the picture's face, which but reflects the light which shines from it to its Creator."
T25D3 "Knowledge has but one law BECAUSE it has but One Creator."
T25D4 "There IS another purpose in the world that error made because it has another Maker, Who CAN reconcile its goal with His Creator's Purpose."
T28B8 "You who have sought to lay a judgment on your own Creator, cannot understand it is NOT He Who laid a judgment on His Son."
T28B10 "And His Creator SHARES His thanks, because He would not be deprived of His effects."
T28C1 "Thus the Son gives fatherhood to his Creator, and RECEIVES the gift that he has given Him."
T28C8 "The separation started with the dream the Father was deprived of His effects, and powerless to keep them, since He was no longer their Creator."
T28C8 "In the dream, the dreamer made HIMSELF, but what he made had turned AGAINST him, taking on the role of its creator, as the dreamer had."
T28C8 "And, as he hated HIS Creator, so the figures in the dream have hated HIM."
T28F3 "And you WILL deny your Self, and walk upon an alien ground which your Creator did not make, and where you seem to be a "something" you are not."
T29F2 "The still infinity of endless peace surrounds you gently in its soft embrace, so strong and quiet, tranquil in the might of its Creator, nothing can intrude upon the sacred Son of God within."
T29G4 "There is no death, because the living share the Function their Creator gave to them."
T30D6 "They share the attributes of their creator, nor have they a separate life, apart from him."
T30D9 "In perfect sureness of Its changelessness and of Its rest in Its eternal home, the Thought God holds of you has never left the Mind of Its Creator, Whom It knows as Its Creator knows that It is there."
T30G4 "The mind MUST think of its Creator as it looks upon itself."
W29L2 "And what shares the purpose of the universe shares the purpose of its Creator."
W38L1 "Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator."
W49L2 "Try to hear God's Voice call to you lovingly, reminding you that your Creator has not forgotten His Son."
W68L1 "It makes you believe that He is like what you think you have become, for no one can conceive of his Creator as unlike himself."
W68L2 "Shut off from your Self, Who remains aware of His likeness to His Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake."
W84L2 "I am in the likeness of my Creator."
W84L2 "I am in the likeness of my Creator."
W84L3 ""As I look on this, let me remember my Creator.""
W95L3 "We will again direct our exercises toward reaching your One Self, which is united with Its Creator."
W95L14 "This is your Self, the Son of God Himself, sinless as Its Creator, with His strength within you, and His Love forever yours."
W95L17 "To everyone you meet today be sure to give the promise of today's idea, and tell him this: "You are One Self with me, United with our Creator in this Self."
W97L2 "You are the Spirit Which completes Himself, and shares His Function as Creator."
W105L3 "As Heaven's peace and joy intensify when you accept them as God's gift to you, so does the joy of your Creator grow when you accept His joy and peace as yours."
W113L1 "95) "I am One Self, united with my Creator.""
W113L3 "On the hour: "I am One Self, united with my Creator.""
W124L8 "Secure your peace by practicing awareness you are one with your Creator, as He is with you."
W125L6 "There is peace within you to be called upon today to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice of its Creator speak."
W128L6 "Let it rest in its Creator, there to be restored to sanity, to freedom and to love."
W131L5 "No one remains in hell, for no one can abandon his Creator, nor affect His perfect, timeless and unchanging Love."
W135L25 "You give up nothing in these times today when, undefended you present yourself to your Creator as you really are."
W151L13 "In everyone and everything His Voice would speak to you of nothing but your Self and your Creator, Who is One with Him."
W154L13 "They are the message sent to us today from our Creator."
W154L13 "For as we prove that we accept no will we do not share, our many gifts from our Creator will spring to our sight and leap into our hands, and we recognize what we received."
W160L8 "Hear His Voice assure you, quietly and sure, that you are not a stranger to your Father, nor is your Creator stranger made to you."
W167L4 "Death is the thought that you are separate from your Creator."
W169L9 "We merely take the part assigned long since, and fully recognized as perfectly fulfilled by Him Who wrote salvation's script in His Creator's Name, and in the Name of His Creator's Son."
W170L12 "You have chosen Him in place of idols, and your attributes, given by your Creator, are restored to you at last."
W170R54 "This Self alone is perfectly consistent in Its thoughts; knows Its Creator, understands Itself, is perfect in Its knowledge and Its love, and never changes from Its constant state of union with Its Father and Itself."
W182L7 "Repeat His Name and you acknowledge Him as sole Creator of Reality."
W184L15 "In It we are united with all living things, and You Who are their One Creator."
W186L12 "The Voice that speaks for the Creator of all things, Who knows all things exactly as they are, or a distorted image of yourself, confused, bewildered, inconsistent and unsure of everything?"
W186L12 "Hear instead a certain Voice Which tells you of a function given you by your Creator, Who remembers you and urges that you now remember Him."
W187L10 "And here, before the altar to one God, one Father, one Creator and one Thought, we stand together as one Son of God."
W201L1 "I am blessed with oneness with the universe and God, my Father, One Creator of the Whole that is my Self, forever One with me."
W220IN29 "And so we start upon the final part of this one holy year, which we have spent together in the search for Truth and God, Who is Its one Creator."
W228L1 "Or shall I take His Word for what I am since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?"
W310W105 "This is God's Final Judgment: "You are still My holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as Your Creator, and completely changeless and forever pure."
W315L2 "Now may I offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me on to my Creator and His memory.""
W320L1 "What he wills with his Creator and Redeemer must be done."
W320W112 "God's Thoughts are given all the power that Their own Creator has."
W320W114 "God's memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator."
W355L1 "Your Son would be Himself, and know You as his Father and Creator and his Love.""
M5C2 "They choose for all mankind; for all the world and all things in it; for the unchanging and unchangeable beyond appearances; and for the Son of God and his Creator."
M5E2 "The might of God's teachers lies in their gentleness, for they have understood their evil thoughts came neither from God's Son nor his Creator."
M6B2 "Now has he given himself what God would give to him, and thus entirely usurped the throne of his Creator."
M20A4 "It remains forever and forever like its Creator, being one with Him."
M24A6 "No-one on earth can grasp what Heaven is, or what its One Creator really means."
M28A1 "And no-one asks if a benign Creator could will this."
M28A5 "He is not Creator but avenger."
M30A5 "Yet to accept the power given him by God is but to acknowledge his Creator and accept His gifts."
U4A3 "The form adapts itself to need; the content is unchanging, as eternal as its Creator."
U7A4 "He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are One."
P3H6 "And he is this because of his Creator, Whose Love is in him and Who cannot fail."
P4B5 "At that moment it is returned to them, blessed by the Holy Spirit as a gift from their Creator as a sign of His Love."
S1C8 "For now it rises as a song of thanks to your Creator, sung without words, or thoughts, or vain desires, unneedful now of anything at all."
S3E5 "Thus have you become "creator" in His place, and He becomes no longer Cause but only an effect."

Quotes on "Creators"

Quotes on "Miscreation"

T1B42C "It is a positive miscreation."
T2A12 "This is impossible as long as man projects in the spirit of miscreation."
T2B14 "Remember, we have already stated that denial is not a purely negative device; it results in positive miscreation."
T2C14 "Those who are afraid of using the mind to heal are right in avoiding it, because the very fact that they are afraid HAS made them vulnerable to miscreation."
T2D9 "You are much too tolerant of Mind-wandering, thus passively condoning its miscreation."
T2E18 "Miracle-working entails a full realization of the power of thought, and real avoidance of miscreation."
T2E30 "This entails a set of cause and effect relationships which are totally different from those which man introduced into the Miscreation."
T2E32 "If miscreation did NOT engender energy in its own right, it would be unable to produce destructive behavior, which it very patently DOES."
T2E37 "The conflict CANNOT disappear until it is fully recognized that miscreation is NOT real, and therefore there IS no conflict."
T2E41 "Freud's superego is a particularly interesting example of the real power of miscreation."
T2E43 "The later theoretical switch to the primacy of anxiety was an interesting device intended to deny both the instinctive nature of destructiveness, and the force of the power of miscreation."
T3A22 "An excellent position for miscreation is not a meaningful approach to the problem.)"
T3A32 "It is very hard to get out of the chain of miscreation which can arise out of even the simplest mis-thought."
T3B3 "Responding to ANY form of miscreation with anything EXCEPT a DESIRE TO HEAL (or a miracle) is an expression of this confusion."
T3G33 "It endows the perceiver with sufficient unreal strength to make him over, and then acknowledges the perceiver's miscreation."

Quotes on "Miscreations"

T2A10 "All of his miscreations can disappear in the well known "twinkling of an eye", because it is a visual misperception."
T2B66 "Both the Separation and the fear were MISCREATIONS of the mind, which have to be undone."
T2C11 "Neither error is really meaningful, because the miscreations of the mind do not really exist."
T2C17 "The message which he then gives to others is the truth that THEIR MINDS are really similarly constructive, and that their own miscreations cannot hurt them."
T2E38 "The ONLY way is to STOP MISCREATING NOW, and accept the Atonement for miscreations of the past."
T2F3 "The mind will inevitably disown its miscreations, and having withdrawn belief from them, they will no longer exist."
T3C24 "This is because we have not been forced to dispel miscreations throughout."
T5C1 "God honored even the miscreations of His Children because they had made them."

Quotes on "Miscreate"

T2B9 "What you do NOT realize is that the mind can miscreate only when it is NOT free."
T2B15 "When the will is REALLY free, it CANNOT miscreate, because it recognizes ONLY TRUTH."
T2C6 "it can be misbelieved either that the mind can miscreate IN the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind."
T2C8 "There is little doubt that the mind can miscreate."
T2D6 "Whenever you are afraid, it is a sure sign that you have allowed your mind to miscreate, i.e.,"

Quotes on "Miscreated"

T2C13 "We said before that magic is essentially mindless, or the destructive (miscreated) use of mind."
T2E37 "This entails a full realization of the basic fact that, although man has miscreated in a very real sense, he need neither continue to do so, nor to suffer from his past errors in this respect."

Quotes on "Miscreates"

T2E30 "When man miscreates, he IS in pain."

Quotes on "Miscreating"

T3F16 "Even in miscreating, will is affirming its source, or it would merely cease to be."

Quotes on "Miscreative"

T3A6 "When it occurs in REALITY, it is a temporary device, agreed on beforehand, to check the miscreative abilities of strong but misdirected wills."

Quotes on "Miscreators"

Quotes on "Uncreative"

T1B14 "Without conviction, they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless, and therefore destructive, or rather, the uncreative use of Mind."
T5H11 "But because it is uncreative, and therefore unsharing, it WILL be re-interpreted entirely, to release you from fear."
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