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Quotes on "Denial"

T1B22B "This is a very primitive solution, and has led to a denial of the spiritual eye, which always depends on light."
T1B40E "DENIAL of the error results in projection."
T1B41BD "It is most difficult to free him by ordinary means, only because he is more stable in his denial of truth."
T1B42C "Both the power and the strength of man's creative will must be understood, before the real meaning of denial can be appreciated and abolished."
T1B42C "Denial is NOT mere negation."
T1C2 "Denial of fear, in human terms, is a strong defense because it entails two levels of error: 1."
T1C6 "Your own denial of fear (this refers to a visionary experience of Helen Schucman) introduced some error variance, but not really a significant amount."
T1C22 "Like all these fallacies, it contains a denial mechanism, which swings into operation as the fear increases, thus canceling out the error temporarily, but seriously impairing efficiency."
T1C25 "The corresponding denial mechanism for 1) is the sense of PHYSICAL inability, or IMPOTENCE."
T1C25 "The denial mechanism for 2) is often bankruptcy."
T2A7 "For example, dejection, which is obviously associated with depression, injection, which can be misinterpreted readily enough, in terms of possession fallacies (particularly penetration), and rejection, which is clearly associated with denial."
T2A15 "The denial mechanism for three has already been set forth in some detail, and will also continue after the following: (Retyped)"
T2A16 "The corresponding denial mechanism for 1) is the sense of PHYSICAL inability, or IMPOTENCE."
T2A16 "The denial mechanism for 2) is often bankruptcy."
T2B3 "This is the PROPER use of denial."
T2B4 "True denial is a very powerful protective device."
T2B4 "This kind of denial is NOT a concealment device, but a correction device."
T2B14 "Denial of error is a very powerful defense of truth."
T2B14 "We have slowly been shifting the emphasis from the negative to the positive use of denial."
T2B14 "Remember, we have already stated that denial is not a purely negative device; it results in positive miscreation."
T2B15 "But remember a very early thought of your own, "Never underestimate the power of denial.""
T2B15 "In the service of the "Right Mind", the denial of ERROR frees the mind and re-establishes the freedom of the will."
T2B16 "Projection arises out of FALSE DENIAL."
T2B16 "My use of projection, which can also be yours, is NOT based on faulty denial."
T2B16 "But it DOES involve the very powerful use of the denial of error."
T2B17 "The miracle worker is one who accepts my kind of denial and projection, unites his own inherent abilities to deny and project with mine, and imposes them back on himself and others."
T2B22 "The second is his own denial of the mechanism of the Atonement."
T2B24 "Denial should be directed only to error, and projection should be limited to truth."
T2B57 "The weaker use of mis-projection is shown by my recognition that it can't REALLY be that way, which became possible as soon as denial was applied against error, NOT truth."
T2C8 "Those who do are engaging in a particularly unworthy form of denial."
T2E37 "Inappropriate denial and equally inappropriate identification of the REAL factors in the basic conflict will NOT solve the problem itself."
T2E50 "To deny this is merely to misuse denial."
T3B4 "The miracle is ALWAYS a DENIAL of this error, and an affirmation of the truth."
T3G21 "The procedure must involve the recognition rather than the denial of the importance of thought."
T3H13 "All fear comes ultimately, and sometimes by way of very devious routes, from the denial of Authorship."
T3I12 "Never underestimate the power of this denial."
T4D11 "Being made out of the denial of the Father, the ego has no allegiance to its own Maker."
T4G2 "Bill will probably have more trouble with this than you, but if he will try not to close his mind, he may decide that we are NOT engaging in denial after all."
T7H1 "This is because denial is as total as love."
T7H1 "Remember a very early lesson, -- "never underestimate the power of denial.""
T7H2 "But denial is a defense, and so it is as capable of being used positively as it is of being used destructively."
T8C4 "That is why the ego IS the denial of free will."
T8J11 "It is merely a denial in the FORM of a request."
T9G11 "To accept yourself as He created you CANNOT be arrogant, because it is the DENIAL of arrogance."
T9I10 "Would you STRENGTHEN his denial of God, and thus lose sight of YOURSELF?"
T9I14 "The ACCEPTANCE of peace is the denial of illusion, and sickness IS an illusion."
T9K1 "The sense is very literal; -- denial of Life perceives its opposite, as ALL forms of denial replace what IS, with what is NOT."
T9K2 "Do not attribute your denial of joy to them, or you cannot see the spark in them, that could bring joy to YOU."
T9K2 "It is the DENIAL of the spark that brings depression, and whenever you see your brothers WITHOUT it, you ARE denying God."
T9K3 "Allegiance to the denial of God is the ego's religion."
T9K3 "The god of sickness obviously demands the denial of health, because health is in direct opposition to its own survival."
T9K3 "He has many forms, but though he may seem like many different things, he is but one idea;-- the denial of God."
T9K6 "Your denial therefore MEANS that you love Him, and THAT YOU KNOW HE LOVES YOU."
T9K6 "And if you can accept denial, YOU CAN ACCEPT ITS UNDOING."
T9K14 "Arrogance is the denial of love, because love shares and arrogance withholds."
T10B5 "Your DENIAL of its reality arrests it in time, but not in Eternity."
T10C4 "But in every hurtful thought you hold, wherever you perceive it, lies the denial of God's Fatherhood and your Sonship."
T10C4 "And denial IS as total as love."
T10E4 "Remember also that the denial of this simple fact takes many forms, and these you must learn to recognize, and oppose steadfastly and WITHOUT EXCEPTION."
T10F17 "Its witnesses DO attest to its DENIAL, but hardly to WHAT it has denied."
T10H3 "The perception of goodness is not knowledge, but the denial of the OPPOSITE of goodness enables you to perceive a condition in which opposites do not exist."
T11C1 "One is false, for it was made out of denial, and denial DEPENDS on the real belief in what is denied for its OWN existence."
T11C3 "For the separation is only the DENIAL of union, and, correctly interpreted, attests to your eternal knowledge that union is true."
T11C4 "Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth."
T11C4 "The task of the miracle-worker thus becomes to DENY THE DENIAL OF TRUTH."
T11C9 "Look as calmly as you can upon hatred, for if we are to deny the denial of truth, we must first RECOGNIZE what we are denying."
T11C9 "Remember that knowledge PRECEDES denial, and that the separation was a descent from magnitude to littleness."
T11C15 "To deny the denial of perfection is not so difficult as the denial of truth."
T11G8 "What is One cannot be perceived as separate, and the denial of the separation IS the reinstatement of knowledge."
T11J1 "All this is but the delusional attempt of the mind to deny itself, and ESCAPE THE PENALTY OF DENIAL."
T11J1 "It is NOT an attempt to RELINQUISH denial, but to HOLD ON TO IT."
T11J6 "Guilt hides Christ from your sight, for it is the denial of the blamelessness of God's Son."
T12E9 "Yet this is what denial DOES, for BY it you ACCEPT insanity, believing you can make a private world, AND RULE YOUR OWN PERCEPTION."
T13F3 "INDIRECT proof of truth is needed in a world made of denial, and without direction."
T14A1 "Accepting His Son as guilty is denial of the Father so complete, that knowledge is swept away from recognition, in the very mind where God Himself has placed it."
T14B4 "Your only calling here is to devote yourself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in ALL its forms."
T14D10 "All that, lies hidden in every darkened place shrouded in guilt, and in the dark denial of innocence."
T14E1 "The past that YOU remember NEVER was, and represents only denial of what ALWAYS was."
T16C10 "They have ALREADY proved their power sufficiently for you to place your faith in THEM, and NOT in their denial."
T21H11 "And therefore those who look on sin ARE seeing the DENIAL of the real world."
T21I5 "Here is what denial has denied, REVEALED to you."
T22B11 "It is denial of ILLUSIONS that calls on truth."
T24G7 "For eternity is NOT regained by still one more denial of the Christ in him."
T26I8 "Delay is senseless, and the reason that would maintain effects of PRESENT cause must be delayed until a FUTURE time is merely a denial of the fact that consequence and cause MUST come as one."
W79L5 "Others remain unsolved under a cloud of denial, and rise to haunt you from time to time, only to be hidden again but still unsolved."
W91L2 "Denial of light leads to failure to perceive it."
W134L1 "Let us review the meaning of "forgive," for it is apt to be distorted and to be perceived as something which entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved, and a complete denial of the truth."
W135L15 "This is not difficult to realize in some forms which these self-deceptions take, for the denial of reality is very obvious."
W139L5 "It is for this denial that you need Atonement."
W139L5 "Your denial made no change in what you are."
W165L1 "What makes this world seem real except your own denial of the truth which lies beyond?"
W165L5 "For this sight proves that you have exchanged your blindness for the seeing eyes of Christ; your mind has come to lay aside denial and accept the Thought of God as its inheritance."
W165L6 "Would God consent to let His Son remain forever starved by his denial of the nourishment he needs to live?"
W186L12 "And if It asks a thing of you that seems impossible, remember Who it is that asks and who would make denial."
M5E1 "It is the end of peace and the denial of learning."
M14A5 "It is the price that must be paid for the denial of truth."
M29A2 "The resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of life."

Quotes on "Deny"

T1B26 "They heal because they deny body-identification and affirm Soul-identification."
T2B4 "You can and should deny any belief that error can hurt you."
T2B63 "The so-called "anal" behavior is a distorted attempt to "steal" the Atonement, and deny its worth by concealing it, and holding onto it with a bodily receptacle, which is regarded as particularly vicious."
T2C8 "However, it is almost impossible to deny its existence."
T2E34 "To deny this is merely the previously mentioned fallacy of depreciation."
T2E43 "The later theoretical switch to the primacy of anxiety was an interesting device intended to deny both the instinctive nature of destructiveness, and the force of the power of miscreation."
T3D2 "This has made everybody really unable to deny truth totally, even if he deceives himself in this connection most of the time."
T4D20 "How long will you deny Him His Kingdom?"
T5I7 "Second, although he misinterpreted what the Holy Spirit told him, or better, reminded him of, he was too honest to deny more than he had to, to keep his fear in tolerable bounds, as he perceived the situation."
T6B8 "Peter swore he would never deny me, but he did so three times."
T6C7 "To deny this in any way is to deny yourself AND Him, because it is impossible to accept one without the other."
T6H5 "This step is unequivocal in that it teaches THERE MUST BE NO EXCEPTIONS, but it does NOT deny that the temptations to MAKE exceptions will occur."
T7G5 "Love IS your power, which the ego MUST deny."
T7G5 "It must also deny everything which this power gives TO you, BECAUSE it gives you everything."
T7G9 "But you CANNOT deny that when you BELIEVE something you HAVE made it true FOR YOU."
T7H1 "Whenever you deny a blessing to a brother, YOU will feel deprived."
T7H1 "It is as impossible to deny part of the Sonship as it is to love it in part."
T7H1 "If you use it to deny reality, reality is gone FOR YOU."
T7H3 "What you deny you LACK, not because it IS lacking, but because you have denied it in another, and therefore are not aware of it in YOU."
T7H11 "Deny THIS and you WILL attack, because you believe you have BEEN attacked."
T7J11 "It is surely clear that you can both accept into your minds what is NOT really there, and DENY WHAT IS."
T7J11 "But the function which God Himself GAVE your minds through His you may DENY but you CANNOT prevent."
T7J11 "Deny His Will AS YOURS, and you are denying His Kingdom AND yours."
T7L4 "But when they deny Him they do NOT know this, because THEY deny themselves everything."
T7L7 "Deny his creative power and you are denying yours AND THAT OF GOD WHO CREATED YOU."
T7L7 "You cannot deny part of the truth."
T8C7 "Deny YOURSELF this, and you ARE denying God His Kingdom, because He created you FOR this."
T8E2 "I am come as a light into the world which DOES deny itself everything."
T8E11 "I am nothing without the Father, and YOU are nothing without me because by DENYING the Father you deny YOURSELF."
T8E20 "I will deny YOU nothing, as God denies ME nothing."
T8J10 "To deny what IS can only SEEM to be fearful."
T8J11 "Would the Holy Spirit deny the Will of God?"
T8J13 "It is indeed possible for you to DENY facts, although it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to CHANGE them."
T8J13 "If you deny love you will NOT KNOW IT because your cooperation is the LAW OF ITS BEING."
T8J14 "Attempts of any kind to deny what IS are fearful, and if they are strong they WILL induce panic."
T8K14 "He will deny you nothing, because you have denied Him nothing, and so you can SHARE EVERYTHING."
T9F8 "NOT to question your littleness is, therefore, to deny ALL knowledge, and keep the ego's WHOLE thought-system intact."
T9I14 "Yet every Son of God has the power to deny illusions ANYWHERE in the Kingdom, merely by denying them completely in himself."
T9J6 "You are NOT free to give up freedom, but only to DENY it."
T9K1 "They do not realize that, to deny God, is to deny their own identity, and in this sense, the wages of sin IS death."
T9K2 "Do not forget, however, that to deny God will inevitably result in projection, and you will believe that others, AND NOT YOURSELF, have done this TO you."
T9K6 "You denied Him BECAUSE you loved Him, knowing that if you RECOGNIZED your love for Him, you COULD not deny Him."
T9K6 "Remember that what you deny you MUST have known."
T9K9 "If you deny Him, you bring sin, pain, and suffering into your OWN mind, because of the power He gave it."
T9K9 "Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it can also DENY what it creates, because it is free."
T9K10 "To deny it is insanity."
T9K10 "Would you deny yourself to Him?"
T9K11 "Do not deny yourself the joy which was created FOR you, for the misery you have made for yourselves."
T9K14 "That is why to deny Him IS to deny yourself."
T10B7 "Do not deny Him His Son, for your unwillingness to accept His Fatherhood has denied you yours."
T10B10 "This is not strange, when you realize that to deny IS to not know."
T10C4 "You cannot deny PART of yourself, simply because the remainder will seem to be unintegrated, and therefore without meaning."
T10C4 "To deny meaning MUST be to fail to understand."
T10D4 "But DENY THEM INSTEAD, for the Light is here, and the way is clear."
T10D6 "When you are tempted to deny Him, remember that there ARE no other Gods that you CAN place before Him, and accept His Will for you in peace."
T10E2 "Can the Son deny the Father, WITHOUT believing that the Father has denied HIM?"
T10E2 "What you experience, when you deny your father, is still for your protection, for the power of your will cannot be lessened without the intervention of God AGAINST it, and any limitation on YOUR power is NOT the Will of God."
T10F18 "Accept what God does NOT deny, and HE will demonstrate its truth."
T10G3 "I am leading you to a new kind of experience which you will become less and less willing to deny."
T10H10 "Do not deny it TO yourself, for it can ONLY free you."
T11B2 "It is only THIS that makes you willing to engage in endless "battles" with reality, in which you DENY the reality of the need for healing by making IT unreal."
T11B4 "Deny him YOUR help, and you will NOT perceive God's answer to YOU."
T11D4 "For to do so is to deny yourself, and impoverish both."
T11D10 "You were willing to accept even death to deny your Father."
T11E2 "Yet it is ALSO your mind that has the power to DENY its existence, and you will surely do so when you realize exactly what the journey it sets you IS."
T11I4 "You can DENY it, but you CANNOT LOSE IT."
T11J5 "Love and guilt cannot coexist, and to accept one is to DENY the other."
T11J9 "Deny YOUR world, and judge him not."
T12D5 "You thus DENY yourself the message of release that every brother offers you NOW."
T12E7 "It is GIVEN you to learn how to DENY insanity, and come forth from your private world in peace."
T12F7 "And THEY will not deny the truth in you, because you looked for it in them, and FOUND it there."
T12G3 "LOVE ALWAYS ANSWERS, being unable to deny a call for help, or not to hear the cries of pain that rise to it, from every part of this strange world you made, but do not want."
T12G5 "But while he still lays value on his own, he will DENY the vision of the other world, maintaining that he loves WHAT HE LOVES NOT, and following not the road that love points out."
T12G6 "He MUST deny the world of pain, the instant he perceives the arms of love around him."
T13B7 "Deny a brother here, and you deny the witnesses to your fatherhood in Heaven."
T13C8 "You can DENY His knowledge, but you CANNOT change it."
T13F3 "You will perceive the need for this, if you will realize that to DENY is the decision NOT to know."
T13F5 "Anything you deny, which He knows to be true, you have denied YOURSELF, and He must therefore teach you NOT to deny it."
T13G9 "The quietness of its simplicity is so compelling, that you will realize IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY THE SIMPLE TRUTH."
T13H8 "You will learn communication with this Oneness ONLY when you learn to DENY the causeless, and accept the Cause of God as YOURS."
T13H11 "Would you deny the truth of GOD'S decision, and place your pitiful appraisal of yourself, in place of His calm and unswerving value of His Son?"
T14B2 "Would you deny His yearning to be known?"
T14B4 "Deny them not what is their due, for you will not withhold it from them alone."
T14G11 "You can deny Him, but you CANNOT call upon Him in vain."
T14G16 "It is impossible to deny the Source of effects so powerful, they COULD not be of you."
T15C7 "Use it but for one instant, and you will never deny it again."
T15C7 "Who can deny the Presence of what the universe bows to, in appreciation and gladness?"
T15D5 "Search for the little, and you DENY yourself His power."
T15D6 "All your attempts to deny His magnitude, and make His Son hostage to the ego, CANNOT make little whom God has joined with Him."
T15E7 "The ONLY way you COULD do this, is to DENY the perfect communication that makes the holy instant WHAT IT IS."
T15F3 "For to experience yourself AS alone, is to deny the Oneness of the Father and His Son, and thus to ATTACK REALITY."
T15K6 "For it is impossible to DENY what love IS, and still RECOGNIZE it."
T16C7 "It IS true, JUST AS YOU FEAR, that to acknowledge Him, IS to deny ALL that you think you know."
T16C9 "This year, determine NOT to deny what has been given you BY God, to use for Him."
T16D3 "And it is ONLY if you deny WHAT IT HAS DONE, that you could possibly deny its presence."
T16G4 "Each would DENY his power, for the SEPARATE union EXCLUDES THE UNIVERSE."
T17A2 "What you use in fantasy, you DENY to truth."
T17F8 "Can you DENY that He HAS given a MOST explicit statement?"
T17F13 "And it IS impossible to DENY yourself, and recognize what has been given, and RECEIVED by you."
T19G2 "And it is this for which YOU would deny a home to peace."
T21B3 "It is not this you would deny."
T21C10 "The Son is the effect, whose Cause he would deny."
T21C13 "SEE what "proves" otherwise, and you DENY your whole reality."
T21G1 "If it CAN correct, and YOU allow it not to do so, you deny it to yourself AND TO YOUR BROTHER."
T21G11 "And who could bind him but HIMSELF, if he DENY his freedom?"
T22B11 "For to deny illusions is to recognize that FEAR is meaningless."
T22G6 "Who can deny HIMSELF the vision that he brings to others?"
T22G11 "And it is only arrogance that would DENY the power of your will."
T23B6 "And the reality which they deny is NOT a part of them."
T23D1 "He may deny he IS a murderer, and justify his savagery with smiles as he attacks."
T24B2 "Do not deny their presence, nor their terrible results."
T24C9 "Your brother's specialness and yours ARE enemies, and bound in hate to kill each other and DENY they are the same."
T24D8 "Deny them not."
T24H1 "Nothing it needs does he deny to what he loves."
T25H5 "To justify ONE value that the world upholds is to DENY your Father's sanity AND YOURS."
T25H9 "Now MUST he question this, because the form of the alternative is one which he can NOT deny, nor overlook, nor fail completely to perceive and see at all."
T25J7 "Seek to deny, and you WILL feel denied."
T26C4 "You deny the miracle of justice CAN be fair."
T26H14 "Deny him not, that YOU may be released."
T26K6 "If you perceive injustice anywhere, you need but say, "By this do I DENY the Presence of the Father and the Son."
T27C10 "What is the separation but a wish to take God's Function from Him and DENY that it is His?"
T27G5 "It is a witness no-one can deny, for it is the EFFECTS of life it brings."
T27H9 "And this IS what you choose, if you deny the cause of suffering is in YOUR mind."
T28B8 "You would DENY Him His effects, yet have they never BEEN denied."
T28C12 "They are the dream's ALTERNATIVE, the choice to be the dreamer, rather than deny the active role in making up the dream."
T28F3 "And you WILL deny your Self, and walk upon an alien ground which your Creator did not make, and where you seem to be a "something" you are not."
T28H2 "Are you not sick if you deny yourself your wholeness and your health, the Source of help, the call to healing and the Call to heal?"
T29D2 "Deny Him not His witness in the dream His Son prefers to his reality."
T31H7 "Deny me not the little gift I ask, when in exchange I lay before your feet the peace of God, and power to bring this peace to everyone who wanders in the world, uncertain, lonely, and in constant fear."
W14L4 "Name each one as it occurs to you, and then deny its reality."
W45L4 "We will deny the world in favor of truth."
W103L1 "Yet can the mind deny that this is so, believing there are gaps in love where sin can enter, bringing pain instead of joy."
W105L9 "And if a brother seems to tempt you to deny God's gift to him, see it as but another chance to let yourself receive the gifts of God as yours."
W124L7 "As we deny our separation from our Father, it is healed along with us."
W132L13 "Deny illusions, but accept the truth."
W132L13 "Deny you are a shadow briefly laid upon a dying world."
W132L17 "Throughout the day, increase the freedom sent through your ideas to all the world, and say whenever you are tempted to deny the power of your simple change of mind: "I loose the world from all I thought it was, And choose my own reality instead.""
W133L7 "This is because when you deny his right to everything, you have denied your own."
W165L3 "Who would deny his safety and his peace, his joy, his healing and his peace of mind, his quiet rest, his calm awakening, if he but recognized where they abide?"
W165L4 "Deny not Heaven."
W166L3 "He must deny their presence, contradict the truth, and suffer to preserve the world he made."
W167L2 "And thus deny you live."
W167L10 "Let us today be children of the truth, and not deny our holy heritage."
W178L1 " 165) "Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.""
W183L2 "Others will deny that they are sad, and do not recognize their tears at all."
W183L2 "Yet who in simple honesty, without defensiveness and self deception, would deny he understands the words we speak?"
W184L4 "And a lack of space, a sense of unity or vision which sees differently become the threats which it must overcome, conflict with and deny."
W186L2 "All that we are asked to do is to accept our part in genuine humility, and not deny with self-deceiving arrogance that we are worthy."
W186L3 "And what could arrogance deny but this?"
W186L3 "It is pride that would deny the Call of God Himself."
W188L2 "Who can deny the presence of what he beholds in him?"
W190L6 "And would you deny a little corner of your mind its own inheritance, and keep it as a hospital for pain, a sickly place where living things must come at last to die?"
W191L2 "Deny your own identity and this is what remains."
W191L3 "Deny your own identity and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought which mocks creation and which laughs at God."
W191L3 "Deny your own identity and you assail the universe alone, without a friend, a tiny particle of dust against the legions of your enemies."
W191L3 "Deny your own identity and look on evil, sin and death, and watch despair snatch from your fingers every scrap of hope, leaving you nothing but the wish to die."
W192L10 "Deny him not."
W193L13 "Do not deny the little steps He asks you take to Him."
W196L2 "But you can learn to see these foolish applications, and deny the meaning they appear to have."
W197L2 "Deny your strength, and weakness must become salvation to you."
W200R65 "If you notice it, deny its hold and hasten to assure your mind that this is not what it would have."
W228L1 "Shall I deny His knowledge, and believe in what His knowledge makes impossible?"
W276L1 "Deny we were created in His Love and we deny our Self, to be unsure of who we are, of who our Father is, and for what purpose we have come."
W309L1 "For to deny my Father's Will is to deny my own."
M21A3 "God's peace can never come where anger is, for anger must deny that peace exists."
P4C8 "Deny him entrance, and you have denied the Christ in you."
S3E9 "Do not deny to Christ what is His Own."
G1A5 "Deny the dream but do not fail the truth, for what is true alone will never fail."

Quotes on "Denied"

T1B40C "Inappropriate sex drives (or misdirected miracle-impulses) result in guilt if expressed, and depression if denied."
T1C2 "That truth CAN be denied and 2."
T2E34 "The later theorists denied the split-energy concept, not by attempting to heal it, but by re-interpreting it instead of redistributing it."
T5I5 "It stands UNDER perception because you have denied it as the REAL foundation of thought."
T6D4 "You ARE only love, but when you denied this you made what you ARE something you must LEARN."
T7G2 "If you do not believe you can do this, you have DENIED the power of your thought, and thus rendered it powerLESS in your belief."
T9D5 "But if the dreamer is equated WITH the mind, the mind's corrective power, through the Holy Spirit, is DENIED."
T9K7 "Your Father has not denied you."
T9K10 "You do not realize how much you have denied yourself, and how much God, in His love, would not have it so."
T9K10 "When you denied HIM, you WERE insane."
T10B5 "It continues forever, however much it is denied."
T10B6 "How, then, could you know YOUR creations, having DENIED Infinity?"
T10B10 "By DENYING this, you denied your OWN will, and therefore DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS."
T10C3 "If you have DENIED truth, what better witnesses to its reality could you have, than those who have been healed BY it?"
T10E7 "God is my Life and YOURS, and NOTHING is denied by God to His Son."
T10F10 "For if you overlook love, you are overlooking YOURSELF, and you MUST fear UNreality BECAUSE YOU HAVE DENIED YOURSELF."
T10F17 "Can it perceive what it has DENIED?"
T10F17 "The ego looks straight at the Father and does not see Him, for it has denied His Son."
T10H13 "Nothing will be beyond your healing power, because nothing will be denied your simple request."
T11B8 "For fear IS a call for love, in unconscious recognition of what has been denied."
T11C2 "You have denied its power to conceal love, which was its only purpose."
T11C3 "The Holy Spirit's interpretation of fear DOES dispel it, for the AWARENESS of truth cannot BE denied."
T11C15 "For perfection IS, and cannot be denied."
T11J9 "For everyone is seeking to escape from the prison he has made, and the way to find release is not denied him."
T11J10 "For you have denied the condition of his Being, which is his perfect blamelessness."
T12C7 "And the pain in this mind is so apparent, when it is uncovered, that its need of healing cannot BE denied."
T12C13 "He denied you only your request for pain, for suffering is not of His creation."
T12E8 "And you will see all that you denied in your brothers, BECAUSE you denied it in yourself."
T12G1 "This world you see MUST BE DENIED, for sight of it is costing you a different kind of vision."
T12G1 "The sight of one is possible because you have denied the other."
T12G4 "The out of mind is out of sight, because what is denied is THERE, but is not recognized."
T13C4 "You have denied HIS freedom, and by so doing, you have denied the witness unto YOURS."
T13F3 "And if you have and give and are EVERYTHING, and ALL THIS HAS BEEN DENIED, your thought system is closed off, and wholly separated from the truth."
T14A1 "But, if you do not accept the necessary conditions for knowing Him, YOU HAVE DENIED HIM, and do not recognize Him, though He is all around you."
T14A3 "The Atonement was established as the means of restoring guiltlessness to the mind which has denied it, and thus denied Heaven to Itself."
T14B2 "Would you have ALL of it transformed into a radiant message of God's Love, to share with all the lonely ones, who have denied Him with you?"
T14B6 "The miracle acknowledges the guiltlessness which MUST have been denied, to produce NEED of healing."
T15C5 "He cannot BE denied."
T15G6 "Fear not the holy instant will be denied you, for I denied IT not."
T15I3 "For the holy host of God is BEYOND failure, and NOTHING that he wills can BE denied."
T15I110 "Limit your vision of a brother to his body, which you WILL do, as long as you would not release him FROM it, and you have denied HIS gift to YOU."
T16F4 "For the special relationship is THE RENUNCIATION OF THE LOVE OF GOD, and the attempt to secure for the self the specialness that He denied."
T16H5 "You have DENIED that it is there."
T17B4 "As you FORGIVE him, you RESTORE to truth what was denied by BOTH OF YOU."
T17F13 "And, by CUTTING YOURSELF OFF from its EXPRESSION, you have denied yourself its benefit."
T17G7 "Truth has NOT come, because faith has been DENIED, being WITHHELD from where it rightfully belonged."
T18H9 "For here is time denied, and past and future gone."
T19D1 "Fear can become so acute that the sin is denied the acting out, but, while the guilt REMAINS attractive, the mind will suffer, and not let go the IDEA of the sin."
T20E9 "NOTHING you need will be denied you."
T20H7 "To see the body is the sign that you LACK vision, and have DENIED the means the Holy Spirit offers you, to serve HIS purpose."
T21C10 "When vision is DENIED, confusion of cause and effect becomes inevitable."
T21H6 "And do I WANT to see what I denied, BECAUSE it is the truth?""
T23D3 "It is DENIED where compromise has been accepted."
T24B2 "All that can BE denied is their REALITY, but NOT their outcome."
T24C11 "You ARE your brother's; part of love was not DENIED to him."
T25G5 "His wish was not denied, but changed in form, to let it serve his brother AND himself, and thus become a means to save INSTEAD of lose."
T25I7 "In justice He is BOUND to set them free, and GIVE them all the honor they deserve, and have denied themselves because they are NOT fair, and CANNOT understand that they ARE innocent."
T26B3 "The memory of God MUST be denied, if ANY sacrifice is asked of ANYONE."
T26D2 "Here is sin denied, and everything that IS received instead."
T26F11 "This terrible illusion was denied in but the time it took for God to give His Answer to illusion for ALL time and EVERY circumstance."
T26G1 "NOT because it has the power to hurt, but just because YOU have denied it is but an illusion, AND MADE IT REAL."
T26H1 "When the separation is denied, it goes."
T26H8 "But facts can be denied and thus unknown, though they were known BEFORE they were denied."
T26K3 "What COULD be more unjust than that he be deprived of what he IS, denied the right to be himself, and asked to sacrifice his Father's Love and yours, as NOT his due?"
T26K5 "And simple justice has been thus denied to every living thing upon the earth."
T27B7 "For it becomes the symbol of reproach, the sign of guilt whose consequences still are there to see, so that the cause can NEVER be denied."
T27C14 "This is your brother, focus of your hate, unworthy to be part of you, and thus OUTSIDE your self, the other half, which is denied."
T27H13 "Nothing more fearful than an idle dream has terrified God's Son, and made him think that he has lost his innocence, denied his Father, and made war upon himself."
T28B7 "When you forgive It for YOUR sins, It will no longer BE denied."
T30D4 "Nor could it be POSSIBLE it be denied."
T30D5 "But what is REALLY asked for CANNOT be denied."
T31B9 "Alone it is denied to both of you."
W62L2 "Your goal is to find out who you are, having denied your identity by attacking creation and its Creator."
W76L11 "About His yearning for His only Son, created as His channel for creation; denied to Him by his belief in hell."
W77L6 "You state a fact that cannot be denied."
W78L8 "What you have asked for cannot be denied."
W96L6 "It has denied its Source of strength, and sees itself as helpless, limited and weak."
W96L9 "These are your own real thoughts you have denied, and let your mind go wandering in a world of dreams, to find illusions in their place."
W105L6 "Begin today by thinking of those brothers who have been denied by you the peace and joy which are their right under the equal laws of God."
W105L6 "Here you denied them to yourself."
W105L7 "Now are you ready to experience the joy and peace you have denied yourself."
W124L6 "No miracle can ever be denied to those who know that they are one with God."
W134L5 "It merely is a further sign that sin is unforgivable, at best to be concealed, denied, or called another name, for pardon is a treachery to truth."
W134L11 "And now he cannot feel that all escape has been denied to him."
W138L6 "Here is the final and the only choice in which is truth accepted or denied."
W139L4 "He has accepted it because he lives; has judged against it and denied its worth; and has decided that he does not know the only certainty by which he lives."
W139L5 "Thus he becomes uncertain of his life, for what it is has been denied by him."
W153L7 "It proclaims you have denied the Christ and come to fear His Father's anger."
W154L12 "But this is sure; until belief is given it, you will receive a thousand miracles and then receive a thousand more, but will not know that God Himself has left no gift beyond what you already have; nor has denied the tiniest of blessings to His Son."
W155L3 "They cannot learn directly from the truth, because they have denied that it is so."
W159L6 "Here the door is never locked, and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need."
W160L5 "Who fears has but denied himself and said, "I am the stranger here."
W160L5 "Now is he exiled of necessity, not knowing who he is, uncertain of all things but this; that he is not himself, and that his home has been denied to him."
W180L5 "Experience of what exists beyond defensiveness remains beyond achievement while it is denied."
W183L12 "This is the Voice you hear, and this the Call which cannot be denied."
W184L8 "And thus his unity is twice denied, for you perceive him separate from you, and he accepts this separate name as his."
W189L9 "What has not been denied is surely there, if it be true, and can be surely reached."
W190L3 "It demonstrates God is denied, confused with fear, perceived as mad and seen as traitor to Himself."
W190L8 "In pain is God denied the Son He loves."
W191L4 "Yet what is it except a game you play in which identity can be denied?"
W191L11 "They suffer pain until you have denied its hold on you."
W197L8 "Earn now the gratitude you have denied yourself when you forgot the function God has given you."
W200R65 "Then gently let the thought which you denied be given up in sure and quick exchange for the idea you practice for the day."
W230L1 "And can this be denied me when it is forever so?"
W251L2 "What we denied ourselves You have restored, and only that is what we really want.""
W320L1 "His holy will can never be denied, because his Father shines upon his mind, and lays before it all the strength and love in earth and Heaven."
W330W121 "It is the will that sees the Will of God as enemy, and takes a form in which It is denied."
W333L1 "It cannot be evaded, set aside, denied, disguised, seen somewhere else, called by another name, nor hidden by deceit of any kind, if it would be escaped."
M8A6 "And you are deceived about yourself because you have denied the Source of your creation."
M14A7 "It is denied if you attack any brother for anything."
M24A1 "Would it be fair if their pupils were denied healing because of this?"
M28A2 "Who loves such a god knows not of love, because he has denied that life is real."
M28A4 "But if there is reality in life, death is denied."
U3A2 "In a world of form the ego cannot be denied for it alone seems real."
U3A3 "The ego's unreality is not denied by words nor is its meaning clear because its nature seems to have a form."
P3H9 "But if you fail in that, you have denied that God created you, and so you will not know you are His Son."
P4B4 "Both must have denied their perfection, for their very need for each other implies a sense of lack."
P4C5 "He has himself denied the light, and cannot see."

Quotes on "Denying"

T1B24F "For example, if the identification is with the body, consciousness may distort superconscious impulses by denying their Source, and seeking their impact in the orgasm."
T1B24M "This results in denying himself access to the miracle level underneath."
T1B25D "Note that YOUR (Helen Schucman) Revelation occurred specifically after you had engaged at the visionary level in a process of DENYING fear."
T1B41U "Turn immediately to me by denying the power of the fear, and ask me to help you to replace it with love."
T2B7 "This literally starves the Soul by denying its daily bread."
T2B12 "The result is that you are NOT DENYING ME."
T2C8 "(The use of the word "unworthy" here implies simply that it is not necessary to protect the mind by denying the un-mindful."
T2C8 "If one denies this unfortunate aspect of its power, one is also denying the power itself.)"
T2C17 "By denying his mind any destructive potential, and reinstating its purely constructive powers, he has placed himself in a position where he can undo the level confusion of others."
T2E50 "However, in more long range and meaningful terms, the oedipal complex is a miniature of the true Separation fear, and the castration complex is a way of denying that it ever occurred."
T3D4 "It also has the disastrous effect of denying (incorrect use) the essentially creative power of the miracle."
T4E5 "Denying this and thinking otherwise has held your ego together, but has literally split your mind."
T7H1 "That is why denying any part of it means you have lost awareness of ALL of it."
T7H11 "Do not accept anything else AS YOUR will, or you ARE denying what you are."
T7K8 "But if your joy IS what you are, you ARE denying joy."
T7L4 "You who could give the love of God to everything you see and touch and remember are literally denying Heaven to yourselves."
T8E1 "But if you do, and ONLY if you do, you WILL feel lonely and helpless, because you ARE denying yourself everything."
T8E5 "If you will accept the fact that I am with you, you are DENYING the world and ACCEPTING GOD."
T8J12 "You do not recognize the ENORMOUS waste of energy which you expend in denying truth."
T9I4 "Whenever you attack, you are denying YOURSELF."
T9I10 "Your recognition of him as PART OF GOD teaches him the truth about himself, WHICH HE IS DENYING."
T9K13 "Do not perceive ANYTHING God did not create, or you ARE denying Him."
T10B12 "Believing this, you hide in darkness, denying that the Light is in YOU."
T10D4 "If you see THEM, it is only because you are denying the Light."
T10E1 "And since what He created IS part of Him, you are denying Him His place in His own altar."
T10F2 "We have accepted the fact already that its EFFECTS can be dispelled, merely by denying THEIR reality."
T10H12 "Do not, then, be deceived in your brother, and see only his loving thoughts as his reality, for by denying that his mind is split, YOU WILL HEAL YOURS."
T11C4 "Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are DENYING TO THEMSELVES."
T11C16 "When we have OVERCOME fear, not by hiding it, not by minimizing it, not by denying its full import in ANY way, THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL REALLY SEE."
T11D4 "Why would you insist in DENYING him?"
T11G1 "For this investment costs you the world's reality, by DENYING YOURS, and gives you nothing in return."
T12E9 "But let the DARKNESS go, and ALL you made YOU WILL NO LONGER SEE, for sight of IT depends upon DENYING vision."
T12E9 "But from denying vision, IT DOES NOT FOLLOW THAT YOU CANNOT SEE."
T16C7 "What gain is there to you in clinging to it, and denying the evidence for truth?"
T16F14 "And, to the same extent, you are DENYING truth, and so are making YOURSELF unable to make the simple choice between truth and illusion, fantasy and God."
T21C11 "And if you think what YOU have made can TELL you what you see and feel, and place your faith in its ability to do so, you ARE denying your Creator, and BELIEVING that you made yourself."
T21G8 "And here you will lay down the burden of DENYING truth."
T22B3 "Denying what you are, and firm in faith that you are something ELSE, this something else, which you have MADE to be yourself, BECAME your sight."
W84L6 "These specific forms for applying this idea would be helpful: "This is no justification for denying my Self.""
W133L7 "You therefore will not recognize the things you really have, denying they are there."
W160L10 "Who denies his brother is denying Him, and thus refusing to accept the gift of sight by which his Self is clearly recognized, his home remembered, and salvation come."
W165L1 "What could keep from you what you already have, except your choice to see it not, denying it is there?"
W185L11 "For he merely asks that he deceive himself no longer by denying to himself what is God's Will."
W190L3 "For vengeance is not part of love, and fear, denying love and using pain to prove that God is dead, has shown that death is victor over life."

Quotes on "Denies"

T2B2 "It denies the ability of anything which is not of God to effect you in any way."
T3I12 "It is powerful, active, destructive, and clearly in opposition to God, because it literally denies His Fatherhood."
T5D14 "Psychology has become the study of BEHAVIOR, but no-one denies the basic law that behavior is a response to MOTIVATION, and motivation is will."
T7G3 "The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous, but it stems from the power of the mind WHICH THE EGO DENIES."
T7L4 "God watches over His children and denies them nothing."
T8F3 "Let us glorify Him Whom the world denies, for over His Kingdom it has no power."
T14D5 "You CANNOT have them both, for each DENIES the other."
T16E10 "Every illusion which you accept into your mind, BY JUDGING IT TO BE ATTAINABLE, removes your own sense of completion, and thus denies the Wholeness of your Father."
T21C12 "Thus he denies creation."
T21C12 "Thus he denies he MADE it."
T21H11 "For it IS this the world of sin denies."
T22A4 "He denies NOT his own reality BECAUSE it is the truth."
T22G17 "What teaches you you CANNOT separate, DENIES the ego."
T24E5 "Your brother's "sins" would justify itself, and GIVE it meaning that the truth denies."
T25I5 "Fairness AND vengeance are impossible, for each one contradicts the other, and denies that it is real."
T26H7 "Forgiveness is the only function here, and serves to bring the joy this world denies to every aspect of God's Son where sin was thought to rule."
T26H13 "For otherwise he still demands that he must make SOME sacrifice, and thus denies that EVERYTHING is his, unlimited by loss of any kind."
T26H17 "The Unity that specialness denies will save them all, for what is One can HAVE no specialness."
T26K2 "And this DENIES the fact that ALL are senseless; EQUALLY without a cause or consequence, and CANNOT have effects of ANY kind."
T27C2 "One DENIES the other, and MUST make it false."
T27F1 "And who can SHARE what he denies HIMSELF?"
T29H2 "And therefore, BY his coming, he denies the truth about himself, and seeks for something MORE than everything, as if a part of it were separated off, and found where all the REST of it is NOT."
T30I4 "When he is tempted, he DENIES reality."
T31F1 "If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite."
W68L2 "For he who holds grievances denies he was created by Love, and his Creator has become fearful to him in his dreams of hate."
W92L3 "His strength denies your weakness."
W96L4 "Make no attempt to reconcile the two, for one denies the other can be real."
W131L7 "What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him."
W131L9 "He thus denies himself, and contradicts what has no opposite."
W139L8 "Is this a question or a statement which denies itself in statement?"
W184L6 "What denies that it is true is but illusion, for it is the ultimate reality."
M28A4 "Death denies life."

Quotes on "Denials"

T9G7 "But truth and littleness are DENIALS of each other, and grandeur IS truth."

Quotes on "Denier"

T3H13 "The offense is never to God, but only to the denier himself."
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