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Quotes on "Forgiveness"

T1B22A "Miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness."
T1B22A "Through miracles, man accepts God's forgiveness by extending it to others."
T1B22N "This also means "Lord atone for me," because the only thing man should pray for is forgiveness."
T1B23C "Miracles are a part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement."
T1B41AE "Remember that you who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness."
T3B5 "Forgiveness is an empty gesture, unless it entails correction."
T3B6 "Miraculous forgiveness is ONLY correction."
T3G10 "When we said that prayer is the medium of miracles, we also said that the only meaningful prayer is for forgiveness, because those who have been forgiven HAVE everything."
T3G10 "Once forgiveness has been accepted, prayer in the usual sense becomes utterly without meaning."
T3G10 "Essentially, a prayer for forgiveness is nothing more than a request that we may be able to recognize something we already have."
T3G15 "Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation."
T5F6 "The ego NEVER calls for real atonement, and cannot tolerate real forgiveness, which IS change."
T9C4 "The ego has a plan of forgiveness, because you are ASKING for one, but not of the right teacher."
T9C5 "Forgiveness that is learned of ME does not use fear to UNDO fear."
T9C6 "Forgiveness through the Holy Spirit lies simply in looking beyond error from the beginning, and thus KEEPING it unreal for you."
T9C6 "Follow His teaching in forgiveness, then, because forgiveness IS His function, and HE knows how to fulfill it perfectly."
T9D1 "The ego's plan for forgiveness is far more widely used than God's."
T9D3 "All unhealed healers follow the ego's plan for forgiveness, in one form or another."
T13F2 "If what you offer IS complete forgiveness, you MUST have LET GUILT GO, accepting the Atonement for yourself, and learning you ARE guiltless."
T15H7 "Forgiveness becomes impossible, for the ego believes, that to forgive another, IS TO LOSE HIM."
T15H7 "For it is only by attack WITHOUT forgiveness, that the ego can ensure the guilt which holds ALL its relationships together."
T15H13 "Forgiveness lies in communication, as surely as damnation lies in guilt."
T15H14 "There is complete forgiveness here, for there is no desire to exclude ANYONE from your completion, in sudden recognition of the value of his part in it."
T15I1 "In the face of your fear of forgiveness, which He perceives as clearly as He knows forgiveness IS release, He will teach you to remember always that forgiveness is NOT loss, BUT YOUR SALVATION."
T15I1 "And that, in COMPLETE forgiveness, in which you recognize that there is nothing to forgive, YOU are absolved completely."
T16H12 "What can there be in us that NEEDS forgiveness, when YOURS is perfect?"
T16H12 "The sleep of forgetfulness is only the unwillingness to remember YOUR forgiveness and Your Love."
T17B4 "And you WILL see forgiveness where YOU have given it."
T17C3 "Fantasies are all undone, no-one and nothing remains still bound by them, and, by YOUR OWN forgiveness, you are FREE TO SEE."
T17C3 "And WHAT you see is only what YOU HAVE MADE, with the blessing of your forgiveness on it."
T17C5 "The real world is attained simply by the COMPLETE forgiveness of the old; the world you see WITHOUT forgiveness."
T17C6 "For forgiveness literally TRANSFORMS vision, and lets you see the real world, reaching quietly and gently across chaos, and removing all illusions that had twisted your perception, and fixed it on the past."
T17C7 "Go out in gladness to meet with your Redeemer, and walk with Him, in trust, out of this world, and into the real world of beauty and forgiveness."
T17D1 "Forgiveness is a selective remembering, based NOT on YOUR selection."
T17D7 "What forgiveness IS, enables Him to do so."
T17D11 "For the present IS forgiveness."
T18J9 "This world of light, this circle of brightness, is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness."
T18J10 "Here is the new perception, where everything is bright and shining with innocence, washed in the waters of forgiveness, and cleansed of every evil thought you laid upon it."
T18J11 "Yet even forgiveness is not the end."
T18J11 "Forgiveness DOES make lovely, but it does NOT create."
T18J11 "A step BEYOND this holy place of forgiveness."
T18K3 "Your relationship has been uprooted from the world of shadows, and its unholy purpose has been safely brought through the barriers of guilt, washed with forgiveness, and set shining and firmly rooted in the world of light."
T18K3 "The holy instant in which you were united, is but a messenger of love, sent from BEYOND forgiveness to REMIND you of all that lies beyond it."
T18K3 "Yet it is THROUGH forgiveness that it will BE remembered."
T18K4 "And when the memory of God has come to you, in the holy place of forgiveness, you will remember nothing else."
T18K4 "Forgiveness removes ONLY the UNtrue, lifting the shadows from the world, and carrying it, safe and sure within its gentleness, to the bright world of new and clean perception."
T19B10 "Faithlessness looks upon the Son of God, and judges him UNWORTHY of forgiveness."
T19F6 "They will be as careful to let no little act of charity, no tiny expression of forgiveness, no little breaths of love, escape their notice."
T19G6 "And in the light of your forgiveness, he will remember who he is, and forget what never was."
T19G7 "I ask for your forgiveness, for if YOU are guilty, so must I be."
T19I2 "Touch any one of them with the gentle hand of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with YOURS."
T19I2 "The sentence sin would lay upon him, he can escape with your forgiveness."
T19J9 "Behold this infant, to whom you gave a resting place by your forgiveness of EACH OTHER, and see in it the Will of God."
T19L1 "But first, lift up your eyes and look upon each other in innocence, born of COMPLETE forgiveness of each other's illusions, and through the eyes of faith, which see them not."
T19L2 "And no-one would dare to LOOK on it, without COMPLETE forgiveness of his brother in his heart."
T19L4 "Before complete forgiveness, you still stand unforgiving."
T19L5 "And all the pity and forgiveness that would HEAL it, gives way to fear."
T19L5 "Brothers, you NEED forgiveness of each other."
T19L7 "Yet still He holds forgiveness out to you, to SHARE His holiness."
T19L7 "Would you not OFFER him forgiveness, when only he can offer it to you?"
T20A1 "But a RISEN Christ becomes the symbol of the Son of God's forgiveness upon HIMSELF; the sign he looks upon himself as healed and whole."
T20B2 "This Easter I would have the gift of your forgiveness, offered by you to me, and RETURNED by me to you."
T20B2 "Nor can the Resurrection be complete 'til YOUR forgiveness rests on Christ, along with mine."
T20B4 "In your FORGIVENESS of this stranger, alien to you and yet your ancient Friend, lie HIS release, and YOUR redemption WITH him."
T20C4 "And can I offer HIM forgiveness, when he offers thorns to me?"
T20C9 "His innocence will light your way, offering you its guiding light and sure protection, and shining from the holy altar within him, where you laid the lilies of forgiveness."
T20E7 "Think not that your forgiveness of each other serves but you two alone."
T20F6 "And here the limitless forgiveness you will give each other is ALREADY given; the face of Christ you yet will look upon ALREADY seen."
T22C4 "And faith in innocence IS faith in sin, if the belief excludes ONE living thing, and holds it out, APART from its forgiveness."
T22C12 "Every illusion brought to its forgiveness is gently OVERLOOKED, and disappears."
T22C13 "Would you have PARTIAL forgiveness for yourself?"
T22D8 "Let not the vision of his holiness, the sight of which would show you YOUR forgiveness, be kept from you by what the body's eyes can see."
T22D8 "And yet his holiness IS your forgiveness."
T22E6 "How thankful will they be to see you come among them, offering Christ's forgiveness to dispel their faith in sin."
T22G7 "When you have looked upon each other with COMPLETE forgiveness, from which NO error is excluded and NOTHING kept hidden, what mistake can there be ANYWHERE you can NOT overlook?"
T22G9 "EXTENSION of forgiveness is the Holy Spirit's function."
T23A6 "In kind forgiveness will the world sparkle and shine, and everything you once thought sinful now will be re-interpreted as part of Heaven."
T23B10 "Open the doors of His most holy home, and let forgiveness sweep away all trace of the belief in sin that keeps God homeless, and His Son with Him."
T23C4 "For the DESTRUCTION of the one who makes the error places him BEYOND correction, and beyond forgiveness."
T23C8 "Atonement thus becomes a myth, and vengeance, NOT forgiveness, is the Will of God."
T23D2 "WITHHOLD forgiveness from your brother, and you ATTACK him."
T23D4 "Forgiveness cannot BE withheld a little."
T23D4 "Nor is it possible to attack for this and love for that, and UNDERSTAND forgiveness."
T23D5 "Could they ACCEPT forgiveness side by side with the belief that murder takes some forms by which their peace is SAVED?"
T23E4 "It cannot yet assume the holy function God gave His Son, for your forgiveness of one another is not complete as yet."
T24C8 "He waits for your forgiveness only that he may return it unto you."
T24D1 "Forgiveness is the end of specialness."
T24D1 "Forgiveness is release from ALL illusions, and that is why it is impossible but PARTLY to forgive."
T24D1 "How can he then give HIS forgiveness wholly, when he would not receive it for himself?"
T24D5 "God asks for your forgiveness."
T24D8 "Look on the print of nails upon his hands that he holds out for your forgiveness."
T24F3 "Where could your peace arise BUT from forgiveness?"
T24F3 "The Christ in you looks ONLY on the truth, and sees no condemnation that could NEED forgiveness."
T24F7 "His perfect LACK of specialness He offers you, that you may save all living things from death, receiving from each one the gift of Life that your forgiveness offers to your Self."
T25C10 "YOU need NO forgiveness, for the wholly pure have never sinned."
T25D5 "In His perception of the world, nothing is seen but justifies forgiveness and the sight of perfect sinlessness."
T25D5 "Nothing arises but is met with instant and complete forgiveness."
T25D7 "He will perceive that where he gave attack is but another altar where he can, with equal ease and FAR more happiness, bestow forgiveness."
T25D8 "This world has much to offer to your peace, and many chances to extend your own forgiveness."
T25D8 "Such its PURPOSE is, to those who WANT to see peace and forgiveness descend on THEM, and offer THEM the light."
T25F6 "In YOUR forgiveness will you understand His Love for you."
T25G5 "Forgiveness is the ONLY function meaningful in time."
T25G5 "Forgiveness is for all."
T25J8 "Only forgiveness OFFERS miracles."
T25J8 "And bitterness, with vengeance justified and mercy lost, condemns you as UNWORTHY of forgiveness."
T25J8 "That is why your sole responsibility MUST be to take forgiveness for yourself."
T26E1 "Forgiveness is this world's equivalent of Heaven's justice."
T26E1 "Nothing in boundless love could NEED forgiveness."
T26E1 "Forgiveness thus becomes the means by which he learns HE has done nothing to forgive."
T26E1 "Forgiveness always rests upon the one who offers it, until he sees HIMSELF as needing it no more."
T26E1 "And thus is he returned to his REAL function of creating, which his forgiveness offers him again."
T26E2 "Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory, wonderful to see."
T26E4 "Forgiveness brings no little miracles to lay before the gate of Heaven."
T26F6 "Forgiveness is the great release from time."
T26G2 "The one illusion that you THINK is friend obscures HIS grace and majesty from you, and keeps his friendship and forgiveness from your welcoming embrace."
T26H7 "Forgiveness is the only function here, and serves to bring the joy this world denies to every aspect of God's Son where sin was thought to rule."
T26H7 "Perhaps you do not see the role forgiveness plays in ending death, and ALL beliefs that rise from mists of guilt."
T26H8 "Forgiveness TAKES AWAY what stands between your brother and yourself."
T26H9 "What is forgiveness, but a willingness that truth be true?"
T26H15 "Forgiveness is the ANSWER to attack of any kind."
T26I2 "From this perception, you can not conceive of gaining what forgiveness offers NOW."
T26I3 "If you would keep a little SPACE between you still, you want a little TIME in which forgiveness is withheld a little while."
T26I3 "This makes the interval BETWEEN the time in which forgiveness is withheld and given seem dangerous, with terror justified."
T26J6 "Your footprints lighten up the world, for where you walk forgiveness goes with you."
T27B4 "And he will look on his forgiveness there, and with healed eyes will look BEYOND it, to the innocence that he beholds in you."
T27C2 "Forgiveness is NOT pity, which but seeks to pardon what it knows to be the truth."
T27C2 "Good cannot BE returned for evil, for forgiveness does not first ESTABLISH sin, and THEN forgive it."
T27C3 "For no-one in whom true forgiveness reigns CAN suffer."
T27C3 "Forgiveness CANNOT be for one, and not the other."
T27C4 "Forgiveness is not real UNLESS it brings a healing to your brother AND yourself."
T27C4 "Sins are beyond forgiveness just BECAUSE they would entail effects which CANNOT be undone and overlooked entirely."
T27C5 "For here is his forgiveness PROVED to him."
T27C10 "If you assume correction's role, you LOSE the function of forgiveness."
T27C16 "Correction MUST be left to One Who knows correction and forgiveness ARE the same."
T27D5 "Forgiveness is not yet a Power known as wholly free of limits."
T27D5 "Forgiveness is the means by which the truth is represented TEMPORARILY."
T27D7 "Forgiveness vanishes and symbols fade, and nothing that the eyes have ever seen, or ears have heard, remains to be perceived."
T27D7 "Give welcome to the Power beyond forgiveness, and beyond the world of symbols and of limitations."
T27G5 "The miracle forgives BECAUSE it stands for what is PAST forgiveness, and is TRUE."
T28D7 "The dream of healing in forgiveness lies, and gently shows you YOU have never sinned."
T28F2 "Forgiveness SEPARATES the dreamer from the evil dream, and thus releases him."
T29D4 "When light has come to him through your forgiveness, he will not forget his Savior, leaving him unsaved."
T29F5 "If you but knew the glorious goal that lies beyond forgiveness, you would not keep hold on any thought, however light the touch of evil on it may appear to be."
T29G1 "Forgiveness IS your peace, for herein lies the end of separation, and the dream of danger and destruction, sin and death; of madness and of murder, grief and loss."
T29G2 "Forgiveness will not change him."
T29G2 "But time waits upon forgiveness, that the things of time may disappear because they have no use."
T29G4 "Forgiveness does not aim at KEEPING time, but at its ending, when it has no use."
T29G5 "How lovely is the world whose purpose is forgiveness of God's Son!"
T29J8 "Forgiveness, once complete, brings timelessness so close the song of Heaven can be heard, not with the ears, but with the holiness that never left the altar which abides forever deep within the Son of God."
T30E8 "And even in illusions it but asks forgiveness be the substitute for fear."
T30F1 "The real world is the state of mind in which the ONLY purpose of the world is seen to be forgiveness."
T30F1 "The VALUE of forgiveness is perceived, and TAKES THE PLACE of idols, which are sought no longer, for their "gifts" are not held dear."
T30F3 "Not yet is Heaven quite remembered, for the purpose of forgiveness still remains."
T30F3 "Yet everyone is certain he will go BEYOND forgiveness, and he but remains until it is made perfect in himself."
T30F3 "For thus is HE made ready for the step in which is all forgiveness left behind."
T30F4 "But fear is gone, because its purpose is forgiveness, NOT idolatry."
T30F5 "And all that stood BETWEEN your image of yourself and what you ARE forgiveness washes joyfully away."
T30F6 "For He MUST be unremembered 'til His Son has reached BEYOND forgiveness to the Love of God."
T30G1 "For it is on this forgiveness rests, AND IS BUT NATURAL."
T30G2 "If pardon WERE unjustified, you WOULD be asked to sacrifice your rights when you return forgiveness for attack."
T30G2 "But you are merely asked to see forgiveness as the NATURAL reaction to distress which rests on error, and thus calls for help."
T30G2 "Forgiveness is the ONLY sane response."
T30G3 "The real world is achieved when you perceive the basis of FORGIVENESS is quite real and fully justified."
T30G3 "Unjustified forgiveness IS attack."
T30G3 "And so they do not MERIT the forgiveness that it gives."
T30G4 "This is the false forgiveness which the world employs to KEEP the sense of sin alive."
T30G4 "If you can see your brother MERITS pardon, you have learned forgiveness is YOUR right, as much as his."
T30G5 "Forgiveness RECOGNIZED as merited will heal."
T30G5 "For, if there were, it would be necessary FIRST there be some sin which stands BEYOND forgiveness."
T30G6 "There is no surer proof idolatry is what you wish than a belief there are some forms of sickness and of joylessness forgiveness CANNOT cure."
T30G6 "It ALWAYS means you think forgiveness must be limited."
T30G6 "What can this be, except a false forgiveness of YOURSELF, and everyone who seems APART from you?"
T30G8 "Forgiveness rests on recognizing this, and being GLAD there cannot be some forms of sickness which the miracle must LACK the power to heal."
T30H7 "Our common language lets us speak to all our brothers, and to understand with them forgiveness has been given to us all, and thus we CAN communicate again."
T31A6 "His simple lessons in forgiveness have a power mightier than yours, because they call from God and from your Self to you."
T31B4 "But if he calls for death or calls for life, for hate or for forgiveness and for help, is NOT the same in outcome."
T31E5 "For this is no forgiveness possible."
T31G2 "But should ONE brother dawn upon your sight as wholly worthy of forgiveness, then your concept of yourself IS wholly changed."
T31G4 "For your forgiveness, offered unto him, has been accepted now for BOTH of you."
T31G5 "Hold out your hand, that you may have the gift of kind forgiveness, which you offer one whose need for it is just the same as yours."
T31G15 "And THEY cannot see until he looks on them with seeing eyes, and offers them forgiveness with his own."
W11L1 "The key to forgiveness lies in it."
W43L5 "Thoughts such as: "I see through the eyes of forgiveness," "I see the world as blessed," "The world can show me myself," "I see my own thoughts, which are like God's," or any thought related more or less directly to today's idea is suitable."
W46L1 "And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary."
W46L1 "Forgiveness is the great need of this world, but that is because it is a world of illusions."
W46L1 "Those who forgive are thus releasing themselves from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves to them."
W46L2 "Although God does not forgive, His Love is nevertheless the basis of forgiveness."
W46L2 "Forgiveness thus undoes what fear has produced, returning the mind to the awareness of God."
W46L2 "For this reason, forgiveness can truly be called salvation."
W55L3 "As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness I will see a world of peace and safety and Joy."
W57L5 "The world I look upon has taken on the light of my forgiveness, and shines forgiveness back at me."
W60L1 "Yet forgiveness is the means by which I will recognize my innocence."
W60L4 "There is not a moment in which God's Voice ceases to call on my forgiveness to save me."
W62L1 "It is your forgiveness that will bring the world of darkness to the light."
W62L1 "It is your forgiveness that lets you recognize the light in which you see."
W62L1 "Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the light of the world."
W62L1 "Through your forgiveness does the truth about yourself return to your memory."
W62L1 "Therefore in your forgiveness lies your salvation."
W62L2 "That is why all forgiveness is a gift to yourself."
W62L2 "For this, attack must be replaced by forgiveness, so that thoughts of life may replace thoughts of death."
W62L3 "Do you not then begin to understand what forgiveness will do for you?"
W62L5 "As often as you can, closing your eyes if possible, say to yourself: "Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world."
W63L3 "And throughout the day, we will repeat this as often as we can: "The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness."
W64L1 "The purpose of the world you see is to obscure your function of forgiveness, and provide you with a justification for forgetting it."
W64L3 "The world's salvation awaits your forgiveness because through it does the Son of God escape from all illusions and thus from all temptation."
W73L5 "Forgiveness lifts the darkness, reasserts your will, and lets you look upon a world of light."
W75L2 "No shadows from the past remain to darken our sight and hide the world forgiveness offers us."
W75L4 "Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world which our forgiveness shows us."
W75L6 "Realize that your forgiveness entitles you to vision."
W75L8 "Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely."
W78L7 "Then let us ask of Him who knows this Son of God in his reality and truth, that we may look on him a different way, and see our Savior shining in the light of true forgiveness, given unto us."
W81L4 "62) "Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.""
W81L5 "My acceptance does not depend on my recognizing what my function is, for I do not yet understand forgiveness."
W81L6 "Specific forms for using the idea might include: "Let this help me learn what forgiveness means.""
W82L1 "63) "The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.""
W82L2 "My forgiveness is the means by which the light of the world finds expression through me."
W82L2 "My forgiveness is the means by which I become aware of the light of the world in me."
W82L2 "My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself."
W82L3 "Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are: "Let peace extend from my mind to yours, (name)" "I share the light of the world with you, (name)" "Through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.""
W90L2 "And I invite the solution to come to me through my forgiveness of the grievance, and my welcome of the miracle which takes its place."
W92L5 "Its strength is shared, that it may bring to all the miracle in which they will unite in purpose and forgiveness and in love."
W92L6 "Weakness, which looks in darkness, cannot see a purpose in forgiveness and in love."
W99L1 "Salvation and forgiveness are the same."
W99L2 "The impossible becomes the thing you need forgiveness for; salvation from."
W99L10 "Salvation and forgiveness are the same.""
W99L11 "Forgiveness and salvation are the same."
W99L13 "Thus do you lay forgiveness on your mind, and let all fear be gently laid aside that Love may find Its rightful place in you, and show you that you are the Son of God."
W121L4 "It wants forgiveness, yet it sees no hope."
W121L6 "Forgiveness is acquired."
W121L6 "As sin was an idea you taught yourself, forgiveness must be learned by you as well, but from a Teacher other than yourself, who represents the other Self in you."
W121L7 "The unforgiving mind must learn through your forgiveness that it has been saved from hell."
W121L8 "We will devote ten minutes in the morning, and at night another ten, to learning how to give forgiveness and receive forgiveness too."
W121L13 "Do not forget, throughout the day, the role forgiveness plays in bringing happiness to every unforgiving mind, with yours among them."
W121L14 "Every hour tell yourself: "Forgiveness is the key to happiness."
W122L1 "What could you want forgiveness cannot give?"
W122L1 "Forgiveness offers it."
W122L2 "All this forgiveness offers you, and more."
W122L2 "All this forgiveness offers you, and more."
W122L3 "Forgiveness lets the veil be lifted up which hides the Face of Christ from those who look with unforgiving eyes upon the world."
W122L3 "What would you want forgiveness cannot give?"
W122L3 "What fancied value, trivial effect, or transient promise never to be kept, can hold more hope than what forgiveness brings?"
W122L8 "Forgiveness is the means by which it comes to take the place of hell."
W122L8 "Yet your forgiveness offers it to you."
W122L9 "Remembering the gifts forgiveness gives, we undertake our practicing today with hope and faith that this will be the day salvation will be ours."
W122L11 "Today it will be given you to feel the peace forgiveness offers, and the joy the lifting of the veil holds out to you."
W122L13 "Forgiveness offers everything you want."
W122L14 "Remind yourself how precious are these gifts with this reminder, which has power to hold your gifts in your awareness through the day: "Forgiveness offers everything I want."
W126L1 "If you believed this statement there would be no problem in complete forgiveness, certainty of goal, and sure direction."
W126L3 "He has no claim on your forgiveness."
W126L4 "Thus is forgiveness basically unsound; a charitable whim, benevolent yet undeserved; a gift bestowed at times, at other times withheld."
W126L5 "If this be true, forgiveness has no grounds on which to rest dependably and sure."
W126L6 "You do not understand forgiveness."
W126L7 "Salvation is a better gift than this, and true forgiveness, as the means by which it is attained, must heal the mind that gives, for giving is receiving."
W126L9 "It is the thought by which forgiveness takes its proper place in your priorities."
W126L9 "It is the thought that will release your mind from every bar to what forgiveness means, and let you realize its worth to you."
W126L10 "In silence close your eyes upon the world which does not understand forgiveness, and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by."
W134L1 "In such a view, forgiveness must be seen as mere eccentric folly, and this course appears to rest salvation on a whim."
W134L2 "This twisted view of what forgiveness means is easily corrected when you can accept the fact that pardon is not asked for what is true."
W134L3 "The major difficulty that you find in genuine forgiveness on your part is that you still believe you must forgive the truth and not illusions."
W134L4 "For it is impossible to think of sin as true and not believe forgiveness is a lie."
W134L4 "Thus is forgiveness really but a sin, like all the rest."
W134L6 "It is sin's unreality which makes forgiveness natural and wholly sane, a deep relief to those who offer it; a quiet blessing where it is received."
W134L7 "Forgiveness is the only thing that stands for truth in the illusions of the world."
W134L8 "Now are you free to follow in the way your true forgiveness opens up to you."
W134L9 "There is a very simple way to find the door to true forgiveness, and perceive it open wide in welcome."
W134L10 "Forgiveness stands between illusions and the truth, between the world you see and that which lies beyond, between the hell of guilt and Heaven's gate."
W134L13 "Forgiveness must be practiced for the world cannot perceive its meaning, nor provide a guide to teach you its beneficence."
W134L14 "Today we practice true forgiveness that the time of joining be no more delayed."
W134L15 "That this may be accomplished, let us give a quarter of an hour twice today, and spend it with the Guide Who understands the meaning of forgiveness, and was sent to us to teach it."
W134L15 "Let us ask of Him: "Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.""
W134L18 "Forgiveness should be practiced through the day, for there will be so many times when you forget its meaning, and attack yourself."
W134L18 "When this occurs, allow your mind to see through this illusion as you tell yourself: "Let me perceive forgiveness as it is."
W137L5 "Just as forgiveness overlooks all sins that never were accomplished, healing but removes illusions that have not occurred."
W137L7 "Just as forgiveness shines away all sin, and the real world will occupy the place of what you made, so healing must replace the fantasies of sickness which you hold before the simple truth."
W137L9 "Healing, forgiveness, and the glad exchange of all the world of sorrow for a world where sadness cannot enter, are the means by which the Holy Spirit urges you to follow Him."
W140L3 "The dreams forgiveness lets the mind perceive do not induce another form of sleep, so that the dreamer dreams another dream."
W140R42 "Lack of forgiveness blocks this Thought from his awareness."
W140R43 "Let us begin our preparation with some understanding of the many forms in which the lack of true forgiveness may be carefully concealed."
W141L1 " 121) "Forgiveness is the key to happiness.""
W141L2 " 122) "Forgiveness offers everything I want.""
W147L2 " 134) "Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.""
W158L6 "Here is a quiet place within the world made holy by forgiveness and by love."
W158L9 "In His forgiveness they are gone."
W159L2 "You accept forgiveness as accomplished in yourself when you forgive."
W159L5 "Christ's vision is the bridge between the worlds, and in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness."
W159L8 "Christ's vision is the holy ground in which the lilies of forgiveness set their roots."
W168L4 "What remains undone when your forgiveness rests on everything?"
W169L6 "It lies beyond salvation; past all thought of time, forgiveness, and the holy Face of Christ."
W169L7 "Yet forgiveness, taught and learned, brings with it the experiences which bear witness that the time the mind itself determined to abandon all but this is now at hand."
W169L7 "We do not hasten it, in that what you will offer was concealed from Him Who teaches what forgiveness means."
W169L11 "Forgiveness is the central theme which runs throughout salvation, holding all its parts in meaningful relationships, the course it runs directed, and its outcome sure."
W186L14 "Forgiveness is an earthly form of love which as it is in Heaven has no form."
W189L3 "A world in which forgiveness shines on everything and peace offers its gentle light to everyone is inconceivable to those who see a world of hatred, rising from attack, poised to avenge, to murder and destroy."
W190L7 "Your thoughts of death envelop it in fear, while in your kind forgiveness does it live."
W191L8 "The Son of God has come in glory to redeem the lost, to save the helpless and to give the world the gift of his forgiveness."
W192L2 "Forgiveness represents your function here."
W192L3 "Forgiveness is the closest it can come to earth."
W192L4 "Forgiveness gently looks upon all things unknown in Heaven, sees them disappear, and leaves the world a clean and unmarked slate on which the Word of God can now replace the senseless symbols written there before."
W192L4 "Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of death is overcome because it holds no fierce attraction now, and guilt is gone."
W192L4 "Forgiveness lets the body be perceived as what it is; a simple teaching aid to be laid by when learning is complete, but hardly changing him who learns at all."
W192L5 "Only forgiveness can relieve the mind of thinking that the body is its home."
W192L5 "Only forgiveness can restore the peace that God intended for His holy Son."
W192L5 "Only forgiveness can persuade the Son to look again upon his holiness."
W192L7 "Yet do we need forgiveness to perceive that this is so."
W193L12 "Each hour spend a little time today, and in the days to come, in practicing the lesson in forgiveness in the form established for the day."
W195L8 "When your forgiveness is complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that everything has earned the right to love by being loving, even as your Self."
W197L1 "You make attempts at kindness and forgiveness."
W197L6 "But learn to let forgiveness take away the sins you think you see outside yourself, and you can never think the gifts of God are lent but for a little while, before He snatches them away again in death."
W198L2 "Forgiveness is illusion that is answer to the rest."
W198L3 "Forgiveness sweeps all other dreams away, and though it is itself a dream, it breeds no others."
W198L3 "Forgiveness is the end of dreams because it is a dream of waking."
W198L4 "Forgiveness is the only road that leads out of disaster, past all suffering, and finally away from death."
W198L8 "The stillness of your Self remains unmoved, untouched by thoughts like these, and unaware of any condemnation which could need forgiveness."
W198L9 "Only my own forgiveness sets me free.""
W198L9 "Nor can there be a form of pain forgiveness cannot heal."
W198L12 "And who could dream of offering forgiveness to the Son of Sinlessness Itself, so like to Him Whose Son he is, that to behold the Son is to perceive no more, and only know the Father?"
W199L4 "It thus becomes a vehicle which helps forgiveness be extended to the all-inclusive goal that it must reach, according to God's plan."
W200L6 "What does forgiveness do?"
W220W11 "Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred."
W220W11 "Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go."
W220W14 "Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing."
W220W15 "Do nothing, then, and let forgiveness show you what to do through Him Who is your Guide, your Savior and Defender, strong in hope and certain of your ultimate success."
W230W23 "And what they hid is now revealed; an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of your forgiveness laid before It, and the memory of God not far behind."
W240W31 "When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear, and all its errors vanish."
W240W35 "Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made complete."
W247L1 "For forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ's vision comes to me."
W249L1 "Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense."
W256L1 "The way to God is through forgiveness here."
W256L1 "God is our goal; forgiveness is the means by which our minds return to Him at last."
W257L2 ""Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for our salvation."
W267L1 "Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness."
W270W64 "For when forgiveness rests upon the world and peace has come to every Son of God, what could remain to keep things separate, for what remains to see except Christ's face?"
W280W71 "And where they were perceived before, forgiveness has made possible perception's tranquil end."
W280W74 "From knowledge, where He has been placed by God, the Holy Spirit calls to you, to let forgiveness rest upon your dreams, and be restored to sanity and peace of mind."
W280W74 "Without forgiveness will your dreams remain to terrify you."
W283L2 "And so we offer blessing to all things, uniting lovingly with all the world, which our forgiveness has made one with us."
W285L2 "Let me rejoice in it, and through forgiveness be restored to sanity."
W289L1 "How can I then perceive the world forgiveness offers?"
W290W81 "The real world cannot be perceived except through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see a world where terror is impossible, and witnesses to fear can not be found."
W290W82 "There are no cries of pain and sorrow heard, for nothing here remains outside forgiveness."
W290W85 "And as we look upon a world forgiven, it is He Who calls to us and comes to take us home, reminding us of our Identity Which our forgiveness has restored to us."
W291L2 "Let my forgiveness be complete, and let the memory of You return to me.""
W297L1 "Forgiveness is the only gift I give because it is the only gift I want, and everything I give I give myself."
W298L1 "All that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away."
W300W91 "It is the invitation to God's Word to take illusion's place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve."
W300W92 "Forgiveness lights the Second Coming's way because it shines on everyone as one."
W301L1 "Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion."
W308L1 "For in this instant has forgiveness come to set me free."
W330L1 "Let us this day accept forgiveness as our only function."
W330W125 "Yet will one lily of forgiveness change the darkness into light; the altar to illusions to the shrine of Life Itself."
W331L2 "Forgiveness shows us that God's Will is one, and that we share It."
W331L2 "Let us look upon the holy sights forgiveness shows today, that we may find the peace of God."
W332L1 "Forgiveness bids this Presence enter in, and take its rightful place within the mind."
W332L1 "Without forgiveness is the mind in chains, believing in its own futility."
W332L1 "Yet with forgiveness does the light shine through the dream of darkness, offering it hope, and giving it the means to realize the freedom that is its inheritance."
W333L2 " "Father, forgiveness is the light You chose to shine away all conflict and all doubt, and light the way for our return to You."
W335L1 "Forgiveness is a choice."
W336L1 "Forgiveness is the means appointed for perception's ending."
W336L1 "Forgiveness sweeps away distortions, and opens the hidden altar to the truth."
W336L2 ""In quiet may forgiveness wipe away my dreams of separation and of sin."
W340L1 " For he will hear Your Voice directing him to find Christ's vision through forgiveness, and be free forever from all suffering."
W340W131 "It undoes error, but does not attempt to go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness."
W340W132 "Now is forgiveness seen as justified."
W340W133 "Forgiveness is the home of miracles."
W340W133 "Each lily of forgiveness offers all the world the silent miracle of love."
W345L1 "Then let me give this gift alone today, which, born of true forgiveness, lights the way that I must travel to remember You.""
W350L1 "Your memory depends on his forgiveness."
W350L1 "And only my forgiveness teaches me to let Your memory return to me, and give it to the world in thankfulness.""
W350W143 "We accept our part as Saviors of the world, which through our joint forgiveness is redeemed."
W352L1 ""Forgiveness looks on sinlessness alone, and judges not."
W352L1 "Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again."
W357L1 ""Forgiveness, truth's reflection, tells me how to offer miracles, and thus escape the prison house in which I think I live."
W359L1 "Sin is impossible, and on this fact forgiveness rests upon a certain base more solid than the shadow world we see."
W360FL4 "In him resides salvation, offered us through our forgiveness given unto him."
M5K1 "The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized."
M5K2 "They have let go all things that would prevent forgiveness."
M5K2 "Forgiveness is the final goal of the curriculum."
M5K2 "Forgiveness is its single aim, at which all learning ultimately converges."
M5K3 "It is given to the teachers of God to bring the glad tidings of complete forgiveness to the world."
M6D2 "They ask the patient for forgiveness for God's Son in his own Name."
M15A1 "The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no-one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever."
M15A2 "Until forgiveness is complete, the world does have a purpose."
M15A2 "It becomes the home in which forgiveness is born, and where it grows and becomes stronger and more all embracing."
M15A5 "And only complete forgiveness brings all this to bless the world."
M19A4 "And who is there whom his forgiveness can fail to heal?""
M20A1 "In this world, however, forgiveness depends on justice, since all attack can only be unjust."
M20A3 "Forgiveness has no place in such a scheme, for not one "sin" but seems forever true."
M21A3 "Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peace of God."
M21A3 "More than this, given forgiveness there must be peace."
M23A3 "That forgiveness is healing needs to be understood, if the teacher of God is to make progress."
M23A6 "It is your forgiveness that must show him this."
M29A2 "Christ's face is seen in every living thing, and nothing is held in darkness apart from the light of forgiveness."
U1A1 "The means of the Atonement is forgiveness."
U4A1 "Forgiveness is for God and toward God but not of Him."
U4A1 "It is impossible to think of anything He created that could need forgiveness."
U4A1 "Forgiveness, then, is an illusion, but because of its purpose, which is the Holy Spirit's, it has one difference."
U4A2 "Forgiveness might be called a kind of happy fiction; a way in which the unknowing can bridge the gap between their perception and the truth."
U4A4 "But the Face of Christ is the great symbol of forgiveness."
U5A3 "Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception, all are one."
U5A5 "But forgiveness looks past bodies."
U5A5 "From sin comes guilt as surely as forgiveness takes all guilt away."
U5A5 "Forgiveness proves it is impossible because it sees it not."
U5A6 "This is the shift that true perception brings: What was projected out is seen within, and there forgiveness lets it disappear."
U5A6 "What is seen outside must lie beyond forgiveness, for it seems to be forever sinful."
U5A6 "But seen within your mind, guilt and forgiveness for an instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar."
U5A6 "Forgiveness is complete."
U5A7 "Gone is forgiveness, for its task is done."
P2A2 "For psychotherapy, correctly understood, teaches forgiveness and helps the patient to recognize and accept it."
P3C1 "It is necessary, however, to teach forgiveness rather than condemnation."
P3C3 "Forgiveness, then, is all that need be taught, because it is all that need be learned."
P3C4 "This will come when psychotherapy is complete, for where there is forgiveness truth must come."
P3G1 "The process of psychotherapy, then, can be defined simply as forgiveness, for no healing can be anything else."
P3G5 "That is achieved by only one recognition; that only forgiveness heals an unforgiveness, and only an unforgiveness can possibly give rise to sickness of any kind."
P3G7 "Their patients can but be seen as the bringers of forgiveness, for it is they who come to demonstrate their sinlessness to eyes that still believe that sin is there to look upon."
P3H3 "What could be the difference between healing and forgiveness?"
P3H5 "The passing of guilt is the true aim of therapy and the obvious aim of forgiveness."
P4B6 "Yet it will not be the same dream for both of them, and so it is not the dream of forgiveness in which both will someday wake."
P4C3 "Forgiveness, the Holy Spirit's only dream, must have no cost."
P4C6 "Perhaps he was sent to teach the therapist how much he needs forgiveness, and how valueless is money in comparison."
S1C3 "It is possible at this level to continue to ask for things of this world in various forms, but it is also possible to ask for qualities such as honesty or goodness, and particularly for forgiveness for the many sources of guilt that inevitably underlie any prayer of need."
S1C9 "Yet prayer is part of forgiveness as long as forgiveness, itself an illusion, remains unattained."
S1D2 "Those who have been forgiven, and who have accepted their forgiveness, could never make a prayer like this."
S2A1 "Forgiveness offers wings to prayer, to make its rising easy and its progress swift."
S2A1 "Forgiveness is prayer's ally; sister in the plan for your salvation."
S2A1 "Unlike the timeless nature of its sister prayer, forgiveness has an end, for it becomes unneeded when the rising up is done."
S2B1 "No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness."
S2B1 "Forgiveness's kindness is obscure at first, because salvation is not understood, NOR TRULY SOUGHT FOR."
S2B1 "What was meant to heal is used to hurt because forgiveness is not wanted."
S2B4 "As prayer is always for yourself, so is forgiveness given you."
S2B4 "That is why forgiveness of another is an illusion."
S2B6 "Forgiveness, truly given, is the only way in which your hope of freedom lies."
S2B7 "Ask then His help, and ask Him how to learn forgiveness as His vision lets it be."
S2B8 "Forgiveness is the call to sanity, for who but the insane would look on sin when he could see the face of Christ instead?"
S2B9 "Forgiveness is the key, but who can use a key when he has lost the door for which the key was made, and where alone it fits?"
S2B9 "Forgiveness's role must be reversed, and cleansed from evil usages and hateful goals."
S2B10 "Let it then be clear to you exactly what forgiveness means to you, and learn what it should be to set you free."
S2C2 "Forgiveness here rests solely on the base of gracious lordliness so far from love that arrogance could never be dislodged."
S2C6 "How fearful has forgiveness now become, and how distorted is the end it seeks."
S2C7 "Forgiveness is the means for your escape."
S2C7 "Within the world of opposites there is a way to use forgiveness for the goal of God, and find the peace He offers you."
S2C7 "It is His face forgiveness lets you see."
S2C8 "All forms forgiveness takes that do not lead away from anger, condemnation, and comparisons of every kind are death."
S2D2 "His Voice will teach you what forgiveness is, and how to give it as He wills it be."
S2D3 "Do not establish what the form should be that His forgiveness takes."
S2D5 "should be the only thing you ever ask when help is needed and forgiveness sought."
S2D5 "But let it not be you who sets the form in which forgiveness comes to save God's Son."
S2D6 "About the role forgiveness has in Him."
S2D6 "Do you but listen, for He will be heard by anyone who calls upon His Name, and places his forgiveness in His hands."
S2D6 "Forgiveness has been given Him to teach, to save it from destruction and to make the means for separation, sin and death become again the holy gift of love."
S2D6 "Prayer is His Own right hand, made free to save as true forgiveness is allowed to come from His eternal vigilance and Love."
S2D7 "His Answer will be clear as morning, nor is His forgiveness what you think it is."
S2D7 "Forgiveness has a Teacher Who will fail in nothing."
S2D7 "Rest a while in this; do not attempt to judge forgiveness, nor to set it in an earthly frame."
S2D7 "He stands beside the door to which forgiveness is the only key."
S3A1 "Forgiveness's witness and an aid to prayer, a giver of assurance of success in ultimate attainment of the goal, is healing."
S3A1 "Its importance should not be too strongly emphasized, for healing is a sign or symbol of forgiveness's strength, and only an effect or shadow of a change of mind about the goal of prayer."
S3B3 "The body can be healed as an effect of true forgiveness."
S3B3 "Forgiveness must be given by a mind which understands that it must overlook all shadows on the holy face of Christ, among which sickness should be seen as one."
S3C2 "This can occur at lower forms of prayer, combining with forgiveness kindly meant but not completely understood as yet."
S3C5 "This gentle passage to a higher prayer, a kind forgiveness of the ways of earth, can only be received with thankfulness."
S3C5 "Now its forgiveness comes to heal the world and it is ready to depart in peace, the journey over and the lessons learned."
S3C6 "Forgiveness is the only gift you give and would receive."
S3D4 "It is like the role that helps in prayer, and lets forgiveness be what it is meant to be."
S3E2 "As witness to forgiveness, aid to prayer, and the effect of mercy truly taught, healing is blessing."
S3E2 "Forgiveness shines its merciful reprieve upon each blade of grass and feathered wing and all the living things upon the earth."
S3E3 "Do not forget forgiveness of God's Son."
S3E10 "And with My gratitude will come the gift first of forgiveness, then eternal peace."

Quotes on "Forgive"

T1B24A "It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive."
T1B37S "I shed many tears over this, but it is by no means the only time I said "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.""
T3B6 ""Father forgive them for they know not what they do" in NO way EVALUATES what they do."
T3G27 "If we were willing to forgive other people's misperceptions of us, they could not possibly affect us at all."
T9C1 "To forgive is to OVERLOOK."
T13D6 "The purpose of Atonement is to dispel illusions, NOT to establish them as real, and THEN forgive them."
T13I3 "Ask rather to LEARN how to forgive, and restore WHAT ALWAYS WAS to your unforgiving mind."
T15H12 "For bodies cannot forgive."
T16H12 "Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are NO illusions, and where none can ever enter."
T17B4 "But forget not this; when you become disturbed and lose YOUR peace of mind because ANOTHER is attempting to solve his problems through fantasy, you are refusing to FORGIVE YOURSELF for just this same attempt."
T17B4 "As you FORGIVE him, you RESTORE to truth what was denied by BOTH OF YOU."
T17C1 "Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?"
T17D1 "To forgive is merely to remember ONLY the LOVING thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you."
T17D1 "Be willing to forgive the Son of God for what he did NOT do."
T19B13 "And there it is that you will realize that there is NOTHING faith can NOT forgive."
T19G6 "Forgive me for all the sins you think the Son of God committed."
T19G9 "Forgive me your illusions, and release me from punishment for what I have NOT done."
T19J7 "But FREE it from the merciless and unrelenting orders you laid upon it, and forgive it what you ordered it to do."
T19L4 "Those you do not forgive, YOU FEAR."
T19L6 "He has IN HIM the power to forgive YOUR sins, as you for HIM."
T19L8 "Whom you forgive IS free."
T19L8 "Forgive the sins your brother THINKS he has committed, and all the guilt YOU see in him."
T21D7 "In your refusal to forgive him, you would CONDEMN him to the body, because the means for sin is dear to you."
T22F6 "If you forgive each other, this MUST happen."
T24C7 "You who have chained your Savior to your specialness, and given it HIS place, remember this: He has NOT lost the power to forgive you all the sins you think you placed between him and the function of salvation GIVEN him for you."
T24C8 "Let him forgive you all your specialness, and make you whole in mind, and one with him."
T24D6 "Forgive the great Creator of the universe, the Source of life, of love and holiness, the perfect Father of a perfect Son, for your illusions of your specialness."
T24D6 "Forgive the Holy One the specialness He could not give, and yet you made instead."
T24D8 "Forgive your Father it was NOT His Will that you be crucified."
T25C10 "Forgive your brother, and you CANNOT separate yourself from him, nor from his Father."
T25D9 "But to FORGIVE it is to change its state from error into truth."
T25I9 "BECAUSE they are the same, does mercy stand at God's right Hand, and GIVE the Son of God the power to forgive HIMSELF of sin."
T26F9 "And will you not forgive him now, because he made an error in the past that God remembers not, and is not there?"
T26F12 "Forgive the past and let it go, for it IS gone."
T26I1 "The one remaining problem that you have is that you see an interval between the TIME when you forgive, and will receive the benefits of trust."
T27C1 "To forgive may be an act of charity, but NOT his due."
T27C1 "And if you forgive him his transgressions, you but ADD to all the guilt that he has really earned."
T27C2 "Yet no-one CAN forgive a sin which he believes is real."
T27C3 "To witness sin, and yet forgive it, is a paradox which reason cannot see."
T27C3 "They cannot forgive their brothers AND themselves as well."
T27C10 "No-one can forgive until he learns correction is BUT to forgive, and NEVER to accuse."
T27H15 "Forgive him his illusions, and give thanks to him for all the helpfulness he gave."
T27I13 "When you forgive the world YOUR guilt, YOU will be free of it."
T28B7 "When you forgive It for YOUR sins, It will no longer BE denied."
T28F2 "You share NO evil dreams, if you forgive the dreamer, and perceive that he is NOT the dream he made."
T29D3 "So perfectly can you forgive him his illusions, he becomes your Savior from YOUR dreams."
T29D4 "Whom you forgive is GIVEN power to forgive you your illusions."
T29D4 "On earth this means forgive your brother, that the darkness may be lifted from YOUR mind."
T29G1 "How willing are you to forgive your brother?"
T30C5 "But you will not forgive the world until you have forgiven Him Who GAVE your will to you."
T30E7 "For you are asked but to forgive all things that no-one ever did; to overlook what is not there; and not to look upon the unreal as reality."
T30G1 "For this would mean that you forgive a sin by overlooking what is REALLY there."
T30G2 "You do NOT forgive the unforgivable, nor overlook a REAL attack that calls for punishment."
T30G3 "While you regard it as a gift unwarranted, it MUST uphold the guilt you would "forgive.""
T30G4 "But he is SAVED from this dilemma if HE can forgive."
T30G7 "You must forgive God's Son ENTIRELY."
T30G7 "Salvation rests on faith there CANNOT be some forms of guilt which you can NOT forgive."
T31B8 "Forgive your brother ALL appearances, which are but ancient lessons that you taught yourself about the sinfulness in you."
T31D9 "Forgive yourself your madness, and forget all senseless journeys and all goal-less aims."
T31F5 "Do YOU forgive?"
W46L1 "God does not forgive because He has never condemned."
W46L1 "As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself."
W46L4 "Mention each one by name, and say: "God is the Love in which I forgive you, (name)""
W46L5 "The purpose of the first phase of today's practice is to put you in the best position to forgive yourself."
W46L5 "After you have applied the idea for today to all those who have come to mind, tell yourself: "God is the Love in which I forgive myself.""
W46L7 "In this event, tell him silently: "God is the Love in which I forgive you.""
W60L1 "46) "God is the Love in which I forgive.""
W60L1 "God does not forgive because He has never condemned."
W60L1 "The blameless cannot blame, and those who have accepted their innocence see nothing to forgive."
W60L2 "It is not my own strength through which I forgive."
W60L2 "It is through the strength of God in me, which I am remembering as I forgive."
W60L2 "I forgive all things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me."
W60L5 "As I forgive, His Love reminds me that His Son is sinless."
W62L3 "Remember that in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while every time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ in you."
W64L2 "To the Holy Spirit, the world is a place where you learn to forgive yourself what you think of as your sins."
W64L7 "Let me forgive and be happy.""
W68L3 "It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace."
W68L3 "It is as sure that those who hold grievances will forget who they are as it is certain that those who forgive will remember."
W82L2 "Let me, then, forgive the world that it may be healed along with me."
W95L9 "Let us therefore be determined, particularly for the next week or so, to be willing to forgive ourselves for our lapses in diligence, and our failures to follow the instructions for practicing the day's idea."
W97L8 "Begin these happy exercises with the words the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and let them echo round the world through Him: "Spirit am I, a holy Son of God, Free of all limits, safe and healed and whole, Free to forgive, and free to save the world.""
W99L8 "Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you."
W99L11 "Forgive all thoughts which would oppose the truth of your completeness, unity and peace."
W99L11 "Forgive yourself the one you think you made."
W99L11 "Forgive what you have made, and you are saved."
W108L5 "This is the same as saying one correction will suffice for all correction, or that to forgive one brother wholly is enough to bring salvation to all minds."
W115L1 "My function here is to forgive the world For all the errors I have made."
W119L2 "I will forgive all things today, that I May learn how to accept the truth in me, And come to recognize my sinlessness."
W121L6 "Through Him you learn how to forgive the self you think you made, and let it disappear."
W121L7 "Each unforgiving mind presents you with an opportunity to teach your own how to forgive itself."
W121L8 "Today we practice learning to forgive."
W122L6 "Forgive and be forgiven."
W126L3 "When you "forgive" a sin, there is no gain to you directly."
W126L3 "You give charity to one unworthy merely to point out that you are better, on a higher plane than he whom you forgive."
W126L4 "The sin which you forgive is not your own."
W134L1 "Let us review the meaning of "forgive," for it is apt to be distorted and to be perceived as something which entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved, and a complete denial of the truth."
W134L2 "How can you forgive the sinless and eternally benign?"
W161L11 "Then think of this; what you are seeing now conceals from you the sight of one who can forgive you all your sins; whose sacred hands can take the nails which pierce your own away, and lift the crown of thorns which you have placed upon your bleeding head."
W186L14 "Salvation of the world depends on you who can forgive."
W188L9 "We will forgive them all, absolving all the world of what we thought it did to us."
W192L10 "Your function here on earth is only to forgive him, that you may accept him back as your identity."
W192L10 "Forgive him now his sins, and you will see that you are one with him."
W193L3 "It is this: "Forgive and you will see this differently.""
W193L5 ""Forgive and you will see this differently.""
W193L8 "He would help you forgive yourself."
W193L13 "To all that speaks of terror, answer thus: "I will forgive and this will disappear.""
W195L8 "The fear of God is now undone at last, and we forgive without comparing."
W197L5 "Yet you will never realize His gifts are sure, eternal, changeless, limitless, forever giving out, extending love and adding to your never-ending joy, while you forgive but to attack again."
W198L2 "Forgive and you are freed."
W198L10 "Be kind to both, as you forgive the trespasses you thought them guilty of, and see your innocence shining upon you from the Face of Christ."
W200L3 "Forgive yourself for vain imaginings, and seek no longer what you cannot find."
W216L1 "But if I forgive, salvation will be given me."
W220W14 "He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive."
W220W14 "But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is."
W220W15 "Now must you share His function, and forgive whom He has saved, whose sinlessness He sees, and whom He honors as the Son of God."
W240L2 "Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him that is Your own as well.""
W241L1 "They will be united now, as you forgive them all."
W288L2 "Forgive me, then, today."
W302L1 "Let me forgive Your holy world today that I may look upon its holiness, and understand it but reflects my own.""
W304L2 "Let me forgive, and thus receive salvation for the world."
W320W115 "We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation in the Name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose holiness His own creation shares; Whose holiness is still a part of us."
W342L1 "Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be, and as it is."
W342L2 "Brother, forgive me now."
W344L1 "Yet he whom I forgive will give me gifts beyond the worth of anything on earth."
W350L1 ""What we forgive becomes a part of us, as we perceive ourselves."
W359L1 ""Father, today we will forgive Your world, and let creation be Your own."
W359L1 "Help us forgive, for we would be redeemed."
W359L1 "Help us forgive, for we would be at peace.""
W360FL3 "Unto us the aim is given to forgive the world."
W360FL3 "For all that we forgive we will not fail to recognize as part of God Himself."
W360FL4 "And shall we not forgive our brother, who can offer this to us?"
M5K2 "How do the open-minded forgive?"
M15A3 "It is not easier to forgive one sin than to forgive all of them."
M21A5 "Forgive the world, and you will understand that everything which God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real."
M23A1 "To forgive is to heal."
M23A7 "Who then can say who can be healed of what, and what must remain beyond God's power to forgive?"
U6A5 "Forgive him your illusions, and behold how dear a brother he would be to you."
P3C3 "No-one who learns to forgive can fail to remember God."
P3F7 "Let us help him to forgive himself for all the trespasses with which he would condemn himself without a cause."
P3G1 "The hanging-on to guilt, its hugging-close and sheltering, its loving protection and alert defense, -- all this is but the grim refusal to forgive."
P3G6 "The therapist sees in the patient all that he has not forgiven in himself, and is thus given another chance to look at it, open it to re-evaluation and forgive it."
S1B4 "To ask for the specific is much the same as to look on sin and then forgive it."
S1C6 "Forgive them for your sins, and you will be forgiven indeed."
S2B3 "Would you forgive yourself for doing this?"
S2B3 "Select the loving and forgive the sin by choosing in its place the face of Christ."
S2B4 "It is impossible to forgive another, for it is only your sins you see in him."
S2B4 "Only in someone else can you forgive yourself, for you have called him guilty of your sins, and in him must your innocence be found."
S2C2 "Who can forgive and yet despise?"
S2C3 "The one who would forgive the other does not claim to be the better."
S2C6 ""I will forgive you if you meet my needs, for in your slavery is my release.""
S2D3 "Let Him take charge of how you would forgive, and each occasion then will be to you another step to Heaven and to peace."
S2D5 "Forgive him as the Christ decides you should, and be His eyes through which you look on him, and speak for Him as well."
S3C1 "As prayer within the world can ask amiss and seeming charity forgive to kill, so healing can be false as well as true; a witness to the power of the world or to the everlasting Love of God."
S3E1 "Their healing has restored their wholeness so they can forgive, and join the song of prayer in which the healed sing of their union and their thanks to God."
S3E4 "You first forgive, then pray, and you are healed."
S3E4 "You have understood that you forgive yourself and pray for you and in this understanding you are healed."

Quotes on "Forgiven"

T1B22O "Now take this personally, and listen to Divine logic: If, when you have been forgiven, you have everything else, and If you have been forgiven Then you HAVE everything else."
T1B23D "Someday I want to tell Esther that not only is she forgiven but that the effects of all her sins are cancelled."
T1B29A "The forgiven are filled with the Soul, and their Soul forgives in return."
T1B29B "The forgiven ARE the means of Atonement."
T3G31 "Unless he is willing to do this, he has not forgiven them."
T5F16 "Therefore, those who have been forgiven must devote themselves first to healing, because having RECEIVED the idea of healing they MUST give it to hold it."
T9B5 "HIS errors are forgiven WITH yours."
T9B6 "Condemnation will then not be real to you, and all YOUR errors WILL be forgiven."
T9C6 "Do not let any belief in its realness enter your minds AT ALL, or you will also believe that you must UNDO what you have made, in order to BE forgiven."
T13I3 "Ask not to BE forgiven, for this has already been accomplished."
T16H9 "All that must be forgiven are the ILLUSIONS you have held against your brothers."
T16H9 "Their reality HAS no past, and ONLY illusions can BE forgiven."
T16H9 "Thus will you learn that YOU have been forgiven, for it is YOU who offered THEM illusions."
T16H11 "Seek and FIND His message in the holy instant, where ALL illusions are forgiven."
T17A1 "He need not be forgiven but AWAKENED."
T17C2 "Nothing is hidden here, for everything has BEEN forgiven, and there ARE no fantasies to hide the truth."
T17C6 "From the forgiven world, the Son of God is lifted easily to his home."
T18F2 "Your part is only to offer Him a LITTLE willingness to LET Him remove all fear and hatred, and to BE forgiven."
T18J10 "Here are YOU forgiven, for here you have forgiven everyone."
T18J11 "Here is the Source of light; nothing perceived, forgiven, nor transformed."
T19B10 "But, through the eyes of faith, the Son of God is seen ALREADY forgiven, free of all the guilt he laid upon himself."
T19F9 "I am made welcome in the state of grace, which means YOU HAVE AT LAST FORGIVEN ME."
T20C4 "I have great need for lilies, for the Son of God has not forgiven me."
T20C4 "Be you his Friend for me, that I may be forgiven, and you may look upon the Son of God as whole."
T20C6 "You HAVE forgiven me."
T22A1 "Brothers, it IS the same, MADE by the same, and forgiven for its maker in the SAME way."
T24D1 "Only illusions can BE forgiven, and then they disappear."
T24D1 "And thus HIS secret guilt would disappear, forgiven by himself."
T24D6 "Yet if you would release your brother from the depths of hell, you have forgiven Him Whose Will it is you rest forever in the arms of peace, in perfect safety, and without the heat and malice of one thought of specialness to mar your rest."
T25D9 "If, then, it IS forgiven, sin's perception MUST have been wrong."
T25F4 "FORGIVEN by you, your Savior offers YOU salvation."
T26E1 "No-one forgives unless he has believed in sin, and STILL believes that he has much to be forgiven."
T26E2 "There is no sadness and there is no parting here, for everything is TOTALLY forgiven."
T26E2 "And what has been forgiven MUST join, for nothing stands BETWEEN, to keep them separate and apart."
T26J2 "Is it too much to ask a little trust for him who carries Christ to you, that you may be forgiven ALL your sins, and left without a single one you cherish still."
T27C5 "So does your healing show your mind is healed, and has forgiven what he did NOT do."
T29F6 "A dream is given you in which you have forgiven him for all his dreams of death; a dream of hope you SHARE with him, instead of dreaming evil separate dreams of hate."
T30C5 "And now is God forgiven, for you chose to look upon your brother as a friend."
T30F1 "And it is recognized that all things must be FIRST forgiven, and THEN understood."
T30G5 "This is how you learn that you must be forgiven too."
T31C2 "Why should his sins BE sins, if you did not believe they could not be forgiven in you?"
T31F5 "Then is the world forgiving, for you have forgiven it its trespasses."
T31G3 "YOUR "evil" thoughts have been forgiven with his, because you let them all effect YOU not."
W46L3 "Close your eyes as you do so, and spend a minute or two in searching your mind for those whom you have not forgiven."
W46L3 "It does not matter "how much" you have not forgiven."
W46L3 "You have forgiven them entirely or not at all."
W46L4 "If you are doing the exercises well, you should have no difficulty in finding a number of people you have not forgiven."
W46L6 ""I have already been forgiven.""
W46L6 ""There is no need to attack because love has forgiven me.""
W52L2 "When I have forgiven myself and remembered who I am, I will bless everyone and everything I see."
W58L1 "Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty."
W60L3 "What could there be to fear in a world which I have forgiven, and which has forgiven me?"
W75L5 "I have forgiven the world.""
W75L5 "You have forgiven the world today."
W75L5 "I have forgiven the world.""
W75L6 "You have forgiven the world."
W75L7 "You have forgiven the world."
W75L8 "I have forgiven the world.""
W75L8 "I have forgiven you.""
W99L1 "They both imply that something has gone wrong; something you need be saved from or forgiven for; something amiss that needs corrective change, something apart or different from the Will of God."
W121L13 "Now have you been forgiven by yourself."
W134L5 "Guilt can not be forgiven."
W134L5 "Those who are forgiven from the view their sins are real are pitifully mocked and twice condemned; first by themselves for what they think they did, and once again by those who pardon them."
W158L9 "Thus are his sins forgiven him, for Christ has vision which has power to overlook them all."
W158L10 "If he be lost in sin so must you be; if you see light in him your sins have been forgiven by yourself."
W159L10 "Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world."
W164L7 "We stand forgiven in the sight of Christ, with all the world forgiven in our own."
W187L8 "No form of sacrifice and suffering can long endure before the face of one who has forgiven and has blessed himself."
W192L8 "Who can be born again in Christ but him who has forgiven everyone he sees or thinks of or imagines?"
W220W11 "And in this view are all your sins forgiven."
W220W15 "He has forgiven you already, for such is His function, given Him by God."
W241L1 "For I will be forgiven by you today."
W241L2 ""We have forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to You again."
W247L1 "You stand forgiven, and I stand with you."
W256L1 "But we can dream we have forgiven him in whom all sin remains impossible, and it is this we choose to dream today."
W269L1 "Today I choose to see a world forgiven, in which everyone shows me the face of Christ, and teaches me that what I look upon belongs to me; that nothing is, except Your holy Son.""
W270L1 ""Father, Christ's vision is Your gift to me, and it has power to translate all that the body's eyes behold into the sight of a forgiven world."
W270L1 "The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges his Father, lets his dreams be brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time, which ends forever as Your memory returns to him."
W288L2 "And you will know you have forgiven me if you behold your brother in the light of holiness."
W289L1 "For what can be forgiven but the past, and if it is forgiven it is gone."
W290W82 "Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself."
W291L1 "His sight shows me all things forgiven and at peace, and offers this same vision to the world."
W293L1 "All the world shines in reflection of its holy light, and I perceive a world forgiven at last."
W304L1 "And I will look upon the certain signs that all my sins have been forgiven me."
W310W102 "For it sees the world as totally forgiven, without sin, and wholly purposeless."
W313L1 "The eyes of Christ look on a world forgiven."
W313L1 "In His sight are all its sins forgiven, for He sees no sin in anything He looks upon."
W326L2 "Let us today behold earth disappear, at first transformed, and then, forgiven, fade entirely into God's holy Will."
W344L1 "Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heaven's treasures, which alone are real."
W360FL5 "We are forgiven now, and we are saved from all the wrath we thought belonged to God, and found it was a dream."
M5B1 "It is through this Power that the teachers of God look on a forgiven world."
M15A3 "One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete."
M18A8 "And so they can be overlooked, and thus forgiven in the truest sense."
M19A2 "And now is guilt forgiven, overlooked completely in His sight and in God's Word."
M19A4 "His sins have been forgiven him, and he no longer condemns himself."
U4A7 "But look on this and you have been forgiven."
U5A5 "A world forgiven cannot last."
U6A4 "And therefore all your sins have been forgiven because they carried no effects at all."
U7A3 "He is the light in which the forgiven world is perceived; in which the face of Christ alone is seen."
P2A2 "And in his healing is the therapist forgiven with him."
P3F8 "For healing tells him, in the Voice of God, that all his sins have been forgiven him."
P3H3 "The process that takes place in this relationship is actually one in which the therapist in his heart tells the patient that all his sins have been forgiven him, along with his own."
P3H8 "Healing is done, for what is perfect needs no healing, and what remains to be forgiven where there is no sin?"
P4B4 "Awake and be glad, for all your sins have been forgiven you."
P4C3 "Can this be how he is forgiven?"
S2B4 "Who but the sinful need to be forgiven?"
S2B7 "Christ has forgiven you, and in His sight the world is holy as Himself."
S2B7 "Who sees no evil in it sees like Him, for what He has forgiven has not sinned, and guilt can be no more."

Quotes on "Forgiving"

T16H9 "Release your brothers from the slavery of THEIR illusions, by forgiving them for the illusions which YOU perceive in them."
T17C6 "All this beauty will rise to bless your sight, as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes."
T22G3 "The LACK of contradiction makes the soft transition from means to end as easy as is the shift from hate to gratitude before forgiving eyes."
T25D8 "It is not there in His forgiving eyes."
T25G1 "The grace of God rests gently on forgiving eyes, and everything they look on speaks of Him to the beholder."
T27C4 "LET yourself be healed, that you may be forgiving, offering salvation to your brother AND yourself."
T27H14 "He brings FORGIVING dreams, in which the choice is NOT who is the murderer, and who shall be the victim."
T28C5 "But, in forgiving dreams, is NO-ONE asked to be the victim and the sufferer."
T28C10 "In its forgiving dream, are the EFFECTS of yours undone, and hated enemies perceived as friends, with merciful intent."
T29F7 "Forgiving dreams are means to step aside from dreaming of a world OUTSIDE yourself."
T29J7 "Only forgiving dreams can enter here, for time is almost over."
T29J8 "Forgiving dreams have little need to last."
T29J9 "Forgiving dreams remind you that you live in safety, and have NOT attacked yourself."
T29J10 "Forgiving dreams are kind to everyone who figures in the dream."
T30A1 "And, together, they will lead you both from dreams of judgment to forgiving dreams, and out of pain and fear."
W75L6 "Understand that the Holy Spirit never fails to give the gift of sight to the forgiving."
W121L9 "Yet we will try to learn today that they are one through practicing forgiving toward one whom you think of as an enemy and one whom you consider as a friend."
W164L7 "We bless the world as we behold it in the light in which our Savior looks on us, and offer it the freedom given us through His forgiving vision, now our own."
W295L2 "Help me to use the eyes of Christ today, and thus allow the Holy Spirit's Love to bless all things that I may look upon, that His forgiving Love may rest on me.""
W325L1 "And from forgiving thoughts a gentle world comes forth, with mercy for the holy Son of God, to offer him a kindly home where he can rest a while before he journeys on, and help his brothers walk ahead with him and find the way to Heaven and to God."
M29A3 "The last illusion spreads over the world, forgiving all things and replacing all attack."

Quotes on "Forgives"

T9B5 "The Holy Spirit in you forgives all things in you, AND your brother."
T9B5 "The Holy Spirit forgives everything, BECAUSE GOD CREATED EVERYTHING."
T22A2 "The holiness of your relationship forgives you BOTH, undoing the effects of what you both believed AND saw."
T27C3 "Who forgives IS healed."
T27C16 "And each forgives the other, that he may accept his OTHER half as PART of him."
W43L2 "Healed perception becomes the means by which the Son of God forgives his brother and thus forgives himself."
W46L2 "Fear condemns and love forgives."
W99L6 "This is the Thought Which saves and Which forgives, because It lays no faith in what is not created by the only Source It knows."
W188L5 "He forgives because he recognized the truth in him."
U2A5 "RIGHT-MINDEDNESS listens to the Holy Spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ's vision sees the real world in its place."
U2A5 "Both this world and the real world are illusions because right-mindedness merely overlooks, or forgives, what never happened."
P3H3 "Only Christ forgives, knowing His sinlessness."

Quotes on "Forgivable"

T25D10 "Is this a sin or a mistake; forgivable or not?"

Quotes on "Unforgiveness"

W193L4 "Certain it is that all distress does not appear to be but unforgiveness."
W193L7 "And there remains an unforgiveness hiding in the mind which sees the pain through eyes the mind directs."
M10A1 "Relationships in particular must be properly perceived, and all dark cornerstones of unforgiveness removed."
P3C3 "All blocks to the remembrance of God are forms of unforgiveness, and nothing else."
P3C4 "Not to know God is to have no knowledge, and it is to this that all unforgiveness leads."
P3G4 "These testimonies which the senses bring have but one purpose; to justify attack and thus keep unforgiveness unrecognized for what it is."
P3G4 "For when an unforgiveness is not recognized, the form it takes seems to be something else."
P3G5 "Sickness takes many forms, and so does unforgiveness."
P3G5 "So closely is one translated into the other, that a careful study of the form a sickness takes will point quite clearly to the form of unforgiveness that it represents."
S3B2 "The body's source is unforgiveness of the Son of God."

Quotes on "Unforgiving"

T24D4 "It will forever more BE unforgiving, for that is what it IS."
T26F5 "Yet, in each unforgiving act or thought, in every judgment, and in all belief in sin is that one instant still called back, as if it could be made again in time."
W121L2 "The unforgiving mind is full of fear, and offers love no room to be itself; no place where it can spread its wings in peace, and soar above the turmoil of the world."
W121L2 "The unforgiving mind is sad, without the hope of respite and release from pain."
W121L3 "The unforgiving mind is torn with doubt, confused about itself and all it sees, afraid and angry, weak and blustering, afraid to go ahead, afraid to stay, afraid to waken or to go to sleep, afraid of every sound, yet more afraid of stillness; terrified of darkness, yet more terrified at the approach of light."
W121L3 "What can the unforgiving mind perceive but its damnation?"
W121L4 "The unforgiving mind sees no mistakes, but only sins."
W121L5 "The unforgiving mind is in despair, without the prospect of a future which can offer anything but more despair."
W121L9 "The unforgiving mind does not believe that giving and receiving are the same."
W140R43 "Because they are illusions, they are not perceived to be but what they are; defenses which protect your unforgiving thoughts from being seen and recognized."
W193L9 "He would not leave an unforgiving thought without correction, nor one thorn or nail to hurt His sacred Son in any way."
W194L9 "If we accept an unforgiving thought, it will be seen replaced by love's reflection."
W198L9 "Do not forget today that there can be no form of suffering that fails to hide an unforgiving thought."
W220W12 "An unforgiving thought is one which makes a judgment that it will not raise to doubt, although it is untrue."
W220W13 "An unforgiving thought does many things."
P3G1 "The unforgiving are sick, believing they are unforgiven."
S3B1 "It is external proof of inner "sin," and witnesses to unforgiving thoughts that injure and would hurt the Son of God."

Quotes on "Unforgiven"

T24D2 "For you have given your brother's birthright to it, leaving HIM alone and unforgiven, and yourself in sin beside him, both in misery, before the idol that can save you not."
T25J8 "The unforgiven HAVE no mercy to bestow upon another."
T26F7 "The unforgiven is a voice that calls from out a past forever more gone by."
T26I7 "This interval in time, when retribution is perceived to be the form in which the good appears, is but one aspect of the little space that lies between you, unforgiven still."
W75L9 "Keep it in your awareness of yourself and see it everywhere today, as we celebrate the beginning of your vision, and the sight of the real world which has come to replace the unforgiven world you thought was real."

Quotes on "Unforgivable"

T24D1 "And so he calls it "unforgivable," and makes it sin."
T25D9 "What has been damned IS damned, and damned forever, BEING FOREVER UNFORGIVABLE."
T25J6 "Where is salvation's justice if SOME errors are unforgivable, and WARRANT vengeance IN PLACE of healing and return of peace?"
W134L5 "It merely is a further sign that sin is unforgivable, at best to be concealed, denied, or called another name, for pardon is a treachery to truth."
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