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T1B14 "Without conviction, they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless, and therefore destructive, or rather, the uncreative use of Mind."
T1B27E "Only the mind and body need Atonement."
T1B27E "The miracle joins in the Atonement of Christ by placing the mind in the service of the Spirit."
T1B27E "This establishes the proper function of mind, and abolishes its errors."
T1B28A "By freeing his mind from illusions, they restore his sanity, and place him at the feet of Jesus."
T1B28B "(Biblical quotation re healing of devil possessed man, in which the sufferer was subsequently found healed in his right mind, and sitting at feet of Jesus."
T1B28C "(Tell Bill man's mind can be possessed by illusions, but his Spirit is eternally free."
T1B28C "If a mind creates without love, it can create an empty shell."
T1B28C "The mind that serves the Spirit is invulnerable.)"
T1B30J "Possession really means "Not under Christ-Control", thus making him (the mind?)"
T1B30J "It is true that mind can create projections as well as miracles, but it's NOT true that projections are REAL."
T1B36O "What the revelation's proper content was that those "who change their mind" (not name) about destruction (or hate) do not need to die."
T1B37B "B's very proper emphasis on "changing your mind" needs clarification."
T1B37C "The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is ALREADY perfect, but the mind can elect the level it chooses to serve."
T1B37F "Free will is the attribute of the mind, NOT the Soul."
T1B37G "The mind, if it votes to do so, becomes a medium by which the Soul can create along the line of its own creation."
T1B37H "To "change your mind" means to place it at the disposal of True authority."
T1B37H "The miracle is thus a sign that the mind has elected to be guided by Christ in HIS service."
T1B37AA "I submit (after a long interruption) that if a mind (Soul) is in valid relationship with God, it CAN'T be upside down."
T1B38 "Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind."
T1B38 "By being One, this state of mind goes out to ANYONE, even without the awareness of the miracle worker himself."
T1B39A "The mind is then in a state of Grace, and naturally becomes gracious, both to the Host within and the stranger without."
T1B40S "The underlying state of mind, or Grace is a total commitment."
T1B41H "The real meaning of "are of one kind" is "of one mind or will.""
T1B41N "No one in his Right Mind, (a term which should be specially noted) ever wants either more or less than that."
T1B41AX "Neither of you, therefore, was in your Right Mind."
T1C15 "Endowing the Spirit with human possessiveness is a more INCLUSIVE error than 1) or 2), and a step somewhat further away from the "Right Mind.""
T1C20 "Here, the content is not physical, and the underlying fallacy is more likely to be the confusion of mind and brain."
T2A2 "Project (noun): a plan in the mind World: a natural grand division."
T2A5 "If you will consider carefully what this entails, the following will become quite apparent: First, the assumption is implicit that what God has Created can be changed by the mind of Man."
T2A9 "The world, in its original connotation, included both the proper creation of man by God, AND the proper creation by man in his Right Mind."
T2A30 "However, if he places his mind under tyranny, rather than authority, he intrudes the submission/dominance concept onto free will himself."
T2B4 "The "Right Mind" of the mentally healthy DEPENDS on it."
T2B7 "Your mind is NOT serving your Soul."
T2B7 "Remember the poem about the Holy Family which crossed your mind last night: "Where tricks of words are never said And mercy is as plain as bread.""
T2B8 "Its JUDGMENTAL side rises only because man is capable of INJUSTICE if that is what his mind creates."
T2B9 "What you do NOT realize is that the mind can miscreate only when it is NOT free."
T2B9 "An imprisoned mind is not free by definition."
T2B10 "The three things that crossed your mind, which was comparatively free at the time, are perfectly relevant:"
T2B15 "In the service of the "Right Mind", the denial of ERROR frees the mind and re-establishes the freedom of the will."
T2B25 "This device defends the RIGHT MIND, and gives it control over the body."
T2B26 "There IS only One Mind."
T2B66 "Before the Separation, the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist."
T2B66 "Both the Separation and the fear were MISCREATIONS of the mind, which have to be undone."
T2B70 "Because of the real strength of ITS vision, it pulls the will into its own service, and forces the mind to concur."
T2B70 "The mind then realizes, with increasing certitude, that delay is only a way of increasing unnecessary pain, which it need not tolerate at all."
T2B70 "The pain threshold drops accordingly, and the mind becomes increasingly sensitive to what it would once have regarded as very minor intrusions of discomfort."
T2C5 "Only the mind is capable of error."
T2C6 "The whole distortion which created magic rested on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter, which can control the mind."
T2C6 "it can be misbelieved either that the mind can miscreate IN the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind."
T2C6 "If it can be made clear that the mind, which is the only level of creation, cannot create beyond itself, then neither confusion need occur."
T2C7 "The reason why only the mind can create is more obvious than may be immediately apparent."
T2C7 "The body is a learning device FOR the mind."
T2C8 "(The use of the word "unworthy" here implies simply that it is not necessary to protect the mind by denying the un-mindful."
T2C8 "There is little doubt that the mind can miscreate."
T2C9 "Sometimes the illness has sufficiently great a hold over an individual's mind to render him inaccessible to Atonement."
T2C9 "In this case, one may be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body, in which something from the OUTSIDE is temporarily given healing belief."
T2C11 "This was because of the much greater fear (which this one counteracts) that the mind can hurt itself."
T2C11 "Neither error is really meaningful, because the miscreations of the mind do not really exist."
T2C12 "It is essential that the remembrance of the fact that ONLY mind can create at all remain with you."
T2C12 "The body does not really exist, except as a learning device for the mind."
T2C13 "We said before that magic is essentially mindless, or the destructive (miscreated) use of mind."
T2C13 "In one way, they are a more benign form, in that they do not entail the possession fallacy which DOES enter when a mind believes that it can possess another."
T2C13 "This means that his mind is dulled by fear, but is not actively engaged in distortion."
T2C14 "Those who are afraid of using the mind to heal are right in avoiding it, because the very fact that they are afraid HAS made them vulnerable to miscreation."
T2C15 "Right-Mindedness neither exalts nor depreciates the mind of the miracle worker nor of the miracle receiver."
T2C15 "In fact, its purpose is to restore him TO his Right Mind."
T2C15 "But it is essential that the miracle worker be in his Right Mind, or he will be unable to reestablish Right-Mindedness in someone else."
T2C17 "This means that he knows that mind is the only creative level, and that its errors ARE healed by the Atonement."
T2C17 "Once he accepts this, HIS mind can only heal."
T2C17 "By denying his mind any destructive potential, and reinstating its purely constructive powers, he has placed himself in a position where he can undo the level confusion of others."
T2C17 "By affirming this, the miracle worker releases the mind from over-evaluating its own learning device (the body), and restores the mind to its true position as the learner."
T2C18 "ONLY the mind is capable of illumination."
T2C18 "The mind, however, can BRING its own illumination TO the body by recognizing that density is the opposite of intelligence, and therefore unamenable to independent learning."
T2C18 "It is, however, easily brought into alignment with a mind which has learned to look beyond density toward light."
T2D3 "The reason that I cannot CONTROL fear for you is that you are attempting to raise to the mind level the proper content of the lower-order reality."
T2D6 "Whenever you are afraid, it is a sure sign that you have allowed your mind to miscreate, i.e.,"
T2D7 "You must change your MIND, not your behavior, and this IS a matter of will."
T2D11 "The anger then invades the mind, and projection in the wrong sense becomes likely."
T2D12 "Remember that whenever there is fear, it is because YOU have NOT MADE UP YOUR MIND."
T2D15 "Only your mind can produce fear."
T2E7 "Very few people appreciate the real power of the mind."
T2E8 "The mind is a very powerful creator, and it never loses its creative force."
T2E18 "This means that I cannot allow them to leave their mind unguarded, or they will not be able to help me."
T2E18 "Otherwise, the miracle will be necessary to set the mind ITSELF straight, a circular process which would hardly foster the time-collapse for which the miracle was intended."
T2E21 "You persist in believing that when you do not consciously watch your mind, it is unmindful."
T2E22 "It is time to consider the whole world of the unconscious, or unwatched mind."
T2E23 "The unwatched mind is responsible for the whole content of the unconscious, which lies above the miracle-level."
T2E28 "The idea of "will-THERAPY" was potentially a very powerful one, but Rank did not see its real potential because he himself used his mind partly to create a theory OF the mind, but also partly to attack Freud."
T2E40 "I was very sorry about this, because his was a singularly good mind, and it was a shame to waste it."
T2E44 "Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive."
T2E50 "This establishes a state of mind in which the Atonement can be accepted without delay."
T2E57 "Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind, everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive."
T2F3 "The mind will inevitably disown its miscreations, and having withdrawn belief from them, they will no longer exist."
T3A9 "This represents a joint attack on both yourselves AND me, because it renders YOUR mind weak, and mine incompetent."
T3A9 "If you cannot understand either your own mind OR mine, you do not KNOW what is really willed."
T3A38 "(These notes did not continue at this time, due to the obvious fact that Helen Schucman was still clearly not in her right mind."
T3B7 "The Biblical injunction "Be of one mind" is the statement for REVELATION readiness."
T3C7 "It is so essential that all such thinking be dispelled that we must be VERY sure that NOTHING of this kind remains in your mind."
T3C8 "His Divine mind does not create that way."
T3C13 "By doing this, the mind awakens from its sleep, and the Soul remembers its Creator."
T3C13 "There is no confusion within ITS levels, because they are of One Mind and One Will."
T3C19 "Correctly understood, the issue revolves around the question of whether the body or the mind can see (or understand)."
T3C20 "Only the mind KNOWS anything."
T3C20 "A pure mind knows the truth, and this IS its strength."
T3C20 "This is what "a sane mind in a sane body" really means."
T3C21 "A sane mind is NOT out for blood."
T3C21 "Innocence is INCAPABLE of sacrificing anything, because the innocent mind HAS everything and strives only to PROTECT its Wholeness."
T3C22 "The innocence of God is the true state of the mind of His Son."
T3C22 "In this state, man's mind DOES see God, and because he sees Him as he Is, he knows that the Atonement, NOT sacrifice, is the ONLY appropriate gift to His OWN altar, where nothing except perfection truly belongs."
T3C26 "It WAS obvious to him that the mind cannot be so limited."
T3C26 "This is also why he used his own mind at the "EXPENSE of his body.""
T3C33 "The lack of integration which this split state implies is clearly shown in certain off-the-mark detours into areas such as the effects of stones on the mind, and some curious symbolic attempt to integrate churches and glands."
T3C34 "Cayce's mind was imprisoned to some extent by an error against which you have been cautioned several times."
T3C34 "When he said "mind is the builder," he did not realize that it is only what it is building NOW that really creates the future."
T3D4 "Whenever you lack confidence in what someone else will do, you are attesting to your belief that he is not in his Right Mind."
T3E1 "Helen Schucman also thought later: Every time there is anything unlovable that crosses one's mind (re sex, possession, etc.)"
T3E6 "The "questioning mind" perceives itself in time, and therefore looks for FUTURE answers."
T3E6 "The unquestioning mind is closed merely because it believes the future and the present will be the same."
T3F6 "The endless speculation about the meaning of mind has led to considerable confusion because the mind IS confused."
T3F6 "A separate, or divided, mind MUST be confused."
T3F6 "A divided mind is uncertain by definition."
T3F9 "Right-mindedness is not to be confused with the KNOWING mind, because it is applicable only to right perception."
T3F10 "The term "right-mindedness" is properly used as the correction for wrong-mindedness, and applies to the state of mind which induces accurate perception."
T3F10 "The Soul does not need healing, but the mind DOES."
T3F11 "Freud gave a very graphic but upside down account of how the divisions of the mind arose from the bottom UP."
T3F11 "This is why he kept pulling the mind DOWN."
T3F13 "Perception ALWAYS involves some misuse of will, because it involves the mind in areas of uncertainty."
T3F13 "The mind is very active because it has will-power."
T3F15 "The mind returns itself to its proper function only when it WILLS TO KNOW."
T3F15 "The superconscious is the level of the mind which wills to do this."
T3F16 "The mind DID divide itself when it willed to create its own levels AND the ability to perceive them."
T3F18 "This is why it became almost inaccessible to the mind, and entirely inaccessible to the body."
T3F21 "I demonstrated both the powerlessness of the body AND the power of the mind, by uniting MY will with that of my Creator, which naturally remembered the Soul and its own real purpose."
T3F22 "But I CAN erase all misperceptions from your mind, if you will bring it under my guidance."
T3G4 "This is a fundamental right of man, although not one he would care to exercise if he were in his Right Mind."
T3G7 "Methodologically, man's mind has been very creative."
T3G26 "All therapy should do is try to place EVERYONE involved in the right frame of mind to help one another."
T3I12 "The mind can make the belief in Separation VERY real and VERY fearful."
T4A9 "The journey to the cross should be the LAST foolish journey for every mind."
T4B2 "This is because the mind is split between the ego and the Soul, so that WHATEVER the ego makes is incomplete and contradictory."
T4B12 "Bill, teaching and learning are your greatest strengths now, because you MUST change your mind and help others change theirs."
T4B35 "They both heal the mind, and that is always my own aim."
T4C1 "Bill has asked lately how the mind could ever have made the ego."
T4C3 "It is particularly important to realize that this alteration can and does occur as readily when the interaction takes place IN THE MIND as when it involves physical presence."
T4C3 "Your own present state is the best concrete example Bill could have of how the mind could have made the ego."
T4C4 "I would therefore like to use your present state as an example of how the mind can work, provided you both fully recognize that it need not work that way."
T4C19 "The ego IS the belief of the mind that it is completely on its own."
T4C23 "The mind then has only ONE direction in which it can move."
T4C24 "The directions which the mind will take are always automatic, because they cannot BUT be dictated by the thought-system to which it adheres."
T4D2 "Christmas is not a time; it is a state of mind."
T4D2 "The Christ Mind wills from the Soul, not from the Ego, and the Christ Mind IS yours."
T4D12 "Love will enter immediately into any mind which truly wants it, but it MUST want it truly."
T4D22 "The calm being of God's Kingdom, which in your sane mind is perfectly conscious, is ruthlessly banished from the part of the mind which the ego rules."
T4D22 "Consider how much vigilance you have been willing to exert to protect your ego, and how little you have been willing to exert to protect your higher mind."
T4E2 "We have said that you cannot change your mind by changing your behavior, but we have also said, and many times before, that you CAN change your mind."
T4E5 "Your mind IS one with God's."
T4E5 "Denying this and thinking otherwise has held your ego together, but has literally split your mind."
T4E8 "But until you change your mind about those your ego has hurt, the Atonement cannot release you."
T4E9 "You, Helen, have been more honest that Bill in really trying to see whom your ego has hurt, and also in trying to change your mind about them."
T4E10 "You, B, have not made consistent efforts to change your mind except through applying old habit patterns to new ideas."
T4E10 "(Helen Schucman doubtful about accuracy here) that your mind gains control over ITSELF when you direct it genuinely toward perceiving someone ELSE truly."
T4E11 "When you have given up this voluntary dis-spiriting, you have already seen how your mind can focus, and rise above fatigue, and heal."
T4E13 "Your mind and mine can unite in shining your ego away, and releasing the strength of God into everything you think and will and do."
T4E16 "His Mind shone on you in your creation, and brought YOUR mind into being."
T4E16 "His Mind still shines on you and MUST shine THROUGH you."
T4E17 "The SECOND coming of Christ means nothing more than the end of the ego's rule over part of the minds of men, and the healing of the mind."
T4E20 "While I am not attacking your egos, I AM working with your higher mind whether you are asleep or awake, (just as your ego does with your lower mind.)"
T4F1 "This is NOT the way a balanced mind holds together."
T4F5 "Here is where the mind becomes actually dazed."
T4F6 "Therefore, the mind asks, "Where can I go for protection?","
T4F6 "The mind, and not without cause, reminds the ego that it has itself insisted that it IS identified with the body, so there is no point in turning to it for protection."
T4F6 "It obliterates the question from the mind's awareness."
T4F7 "Only an insane mind FAILS to ask it."
T4F9 "B's chief contribution to your joint venture is his insistence that the goal be formulated clearly, and KEPT IN MIND."
T4F13 "It may surprise you to learn that had the ego willed to do so, it COULD have made the eternal, because, as a product of the mind, it IS endowed with the power of its own creator."
T4F14 "By compromising in connection with all TANGENTIAL questions, it hopes to hide the REAL question and keep it OUT OF MIND."
T4F15 "The ego has also countenanced some strange compromises with the idea of the eternal, making odd attempts to relate the concept to the unimportant in an effort to satisfy the mind without jeopardizing itself."
T4F16 "The idea of preserving the body by suspension, thus giving it the kind of limited immortality which the ego can tolerate, is among its more recent appeals to the mind."
T4F17 "This is the question which YOU must learn to ask in connection with everything your mind wills to undertake."
T4F19 "You do NOT understand a patient while you yourselves are willing to limit the questions you raise about HIS mind, because you are also accepting these limits for YOURS."
T4G2 "Bill will probably have more trouble with this than you, but if he will try not to close his mind, he may decide that we are NOT engaging in denial after all."
T4G4 "That is its essential difference from everything else the mind can grasp."
T4G13 "The separated mind cannot maintain the separation EXCEPT by dissociating."
T4G23 "It gradually becomes desirable, as he changes his mind about its worth."
T4H1 "Ego-illusions are QUITE specific, although they frequently change, and although the mind is naturally abstract, it became concrete voluntarily as soon as it split."
T4H5 "God created every mind by communicating His Mind to it, thus establishing it forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will."
T4H6 "The mind can distort its functions, but it cannot endow itself with those it was not given."
T4H6 "That is why the mind cannot totally lose the ability to communicate, even though it may refuse to utilize it on behalf of being."
T4H7 "It is a state in which the mind IS in communication with everything that is real, including its own Soul."
T4H8 "In the state of being, the mind gives everything always."
T4H10 "God HAS kept your kingdom for you, but He cannot share His joy with you until you know it with your whole mind."
T4H10 "This cannot be done with the actual revelation, because its content cannot be expressed, and it is intensely personal to the mind which receives it."
T4H10 "But it can still be returned BY that mind through its attitudes to other minds which the knowledge from the revelation brings."
T4H11 "God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful."
T4H11 "Every mind that is changed adds to this joy with its own individual willingness to share in it."
T4I1 "Properly speaking, every mind which is split needs rehabilitation."
T4I5 "A mind that recoils from a hurt body is in great need of rehabilitation itself."
T4I5 "ALL symptoms of hurt need true helpfulness, and whenever they are met with this, the mind that so meets them heals ITSELF."
T5A1 "But joy calls forth an integrated willingness to share in it, and thus promotes the mind's natural impulse to RESPOND AS ONE."
T5B1 "Only the healed mind can experience revelation with lasting effect, because revelation is an experience of pure joy."
T5B1 "If you do not will to be wholly joyous, your mind cannot HAVE what it does not will to BE."
T5B2 "The higher mind thinks according to the laws which the Soul obeys, and therefore honors only the laws of God."
T5B3 "If you think about it, you will see that, while this kind of thinking is totally alien to having THINGS, even to the lower mind it is quite comprehensible in connection with IDEAS."
T5B3 "Further, if the person to whom you give it accepts it as HIS, he reinforces it in YOUR mind, and thus INCREASES it."
T5B5 "The Holy Spirit is nothing more than your own right mind."
T5B5 "The Bible says, "May the mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus," and uses this as a BLESSING."
T5B9 "The Holy Spirit is the Christ mind that senses the knowledge that lies beyond perception."
T5C2 "The Holy Spirit is the mind of the Atonement."
T5C2 "It represents a state of mind that comes close enough to one-mindedness that transfer is at last possible."
T5C7 "Finally, it points the way beyond the healing which it brings, and leads the mind beyond its own integration into the paths of creation."
T5C9 "It is IN you because God placed it in your mind, and although you can keep it asleep you cannot obliterate it."
T5C9 "God Himself keeps it alive by transmitting it from His Mind to yours as long as there is time."
T5C10 "This the vocation of the mind."
T5C10 "The Holy Spirit was God's answer to the separation, the means by which the Atonement could repair until the whole mind returned to creating."
T5D1 "The voice of the Holy Spirit IS the call to Atonement, or the restoration of the integrity of the mind."
T5D6 "It brings to your mind the OTHER way, remaining quiet even in the midst of the turmoil you have made for yourselves."
T5D7 "He is the part of your mind which ALWAYS speaks for the right choice, because he speaks for God."
T5D9 "My mind will always be like yours, because we were created as equals."
T5D9 "It is MADE BY GIVING, and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true creation."
T5D10 "I promised you that the mind that made the decision for me is also in YOU, and that you can let it change you just as it changed me."
T5D10 "This mind is unequivocal, because it hears only ONE VOICE, and answers in ONE WAY."
T5D14 "I have enjoined you to behave as I behaved, but we must respond to the same mind to do this."
T5D14 "This mind is the Holy Spirit, whose will is for God always."
T5E1 "We have already said that the Holy Spirit is the bridge or thought-transfer of perception TO knowledge, so we CAN use the terms as if they were related, because in HIS mind they are."
T5E1 "This relationship MUST be in His mind, because unless it were, the separation between the two ways of thinking would not be open to healing."
T5E1 "He is part of the Holy Trinity, because His Mind is partly YOURS and also PARTLY GOD's."
T5E4 "These two ways must be in HIS mind, because he was referring to HIMSELF as the perceiver."
T5E5 "Stated positively, he would see you through the Holy Spirit in HIS mind, and perceive it in YOURS."
T5E5 "It is impossible to hear it in yourself while it is so weak in your OWN mind."
T5E7 "It must undo it in the same realm of discourse in which the ego itself operates, or the mind would be unable to understand the change."
T5E7 "We have repeatedly emphasized the fact that one level of the mind is not understandable to another."
T5E8 "Time is a belief of the ego, so the lower mind, which IS the ego's domain, accepts it without question."
T5E11 "The ego becomes strong in strife because if you believe there is strife, you will react viciously because the idea of danger has entered your mind."
T5E13 "The Separation is merely another term for a split mind."
T5E13 "Therefore, the idea of Separation can be given away, just as the idea of unity can, and either way, it will be STRENGTHENED IN THE MIND OF THE GIVER."
T5E13 "You let your mind misperceive, but the Holy Spirit lets your mind re-interpret its own misperceptions."
T5E14 "The Holy Spirit recognizes it perfectly, because it is its own dwelling place, or the place in the mind where it is at home."
T5E15 "The mind must be led into eternity THROUGH time, because having made time it is capable of perceiving its opposite."
T5E16 "The Holy Spirit must work through opposites, because it must work with and for a mind that IS in opposition."
T5F5 "But it can INCREASE as you are willing to return the part of your mind that needs healing to the higher part, and thus render your creating (creation) undivided."
T5F8 "They will NOT disappear from your mind without remedy."
T5F11 "The mind that was in me is still irresistibly drawn to every mind created by God, because God's wholeness IS the wholeness of his Son."
T5F13 "What I learned I give you freely, and the mind which was in me rejoices as YOU will to hear it."
T5F13 "The Holy Spirit atones in all of us by UNDOING, and thus lifts the burden you have placed in your mind."
T5F15 "Ideas do not LEAVE the mind which thought them in order to have separate being."
T5F16 "The Atonement gives you the power of a healed mind, but the power to create is of God."
T5G1 "The ego's logic is as impeccable as that of the Holy Spirit, because your mind has all the means at its disposal to side with Heaven or earth, as it elects."
T5G4 "The ego IS the part of the mind which believes in division."
T5G5 "And however ridiculous the idea of attacking God may be to the sane mind, never forget that the ego is NOT SANE."
T5G6 "Whatever you accept INTO your mind has reality for you."
T5G7 "This is because the mind as God created it IS capable of creating reality."
T5G9 "The guiltless mind cannot suffer."
T5G9 "The sane mind cannot conceive of illness, because it cannot conceive of attacking anything or anyone."
T5G11 "Together they constitute all the alternatives which your mind CAN accept and obey."
T5G13 "This makes them feel RESPONSIBLE for their mind ERRORS, without recognizing that by ACCEPTING this responsibility they are really reacting IRresponsibly."
T5H1 "ANY decision of the mind will affect both behavior AND experience."
T5H1 "Your mind DOES create your future, and CAN turn it back to full creation at any minute, IF IT ACCEPTS THE ATONEMENT FIRST."
T5H4 "The mind does indeed know its power, because the mind does indeed know God."
T5H4 "The mind that was in me IS in you, for God creates with perfect fairness."
T5H9 "Give it therefore to the Holy Spirit, who will undo it in you because it does not BELONG in your mind, which is part of God."
T5H12 "The part of your thought which you have given TO the ego will merely return to the Kingdom, where your whole mind BELONGS."
T5I1 ""God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed (or set) on Thee because he trusteth in Thee.""
T5I3 "A mind MUST endow its thoughts with its own attributes."
T5I5 "Fixation is the pull of God, on whom your mind IS fixed because of the Holy Spirit's irrevocable set."
T5I5 "The Holy Spirit NEVER changes its mind."
T5I5 "Unless a mind is fixed in its purpose, it is NOT clear."
T5I6 "This clearly could have been a means toward real release from the time belief, had Freud pursued it with an open mind."
T5I6 "But Freud suffered all his life from refusal to allow eternity to dawn upon his mind, and enlighten it truly."
T5I7 "Therefore, he EMPHASIZED that the point in development at which the mind is fixated is more real to ITSELF than the external reality with which it DISagrees."
T5I8 "Third, although Freud interpreted fixation as irrevocable danger points to which the mind can always regress, the concept can also be interpreted as an irrevocable call to sanity which the mind cannot LOSE."
T5I9 "Freud tried every means his very inventive mind could devise to set up a form of therapy which could enable the mind to escape from fixation forever, even though he KNEW this was impossible."
T5I12 "He has not learned that EVERY mind that God created is equally worthy of being healed because GOD CREATED IT WHOLE."
T5I13 "You are asked merely to return to God the mind as HE created it."
T5I13 "He wills to keep it in perfect peace because you are of one mind and Spirit with Him."
T6C1 "The wholeness of God, which IS His peace, cannot be appreciated EXCEPT by a whole mind, which recognizes the wholeness of God's creation and BY this recognition knows its Creator."
T6C3 "It reinforces your belief in your own split mind, and its ONLY purpose is to KEEP THE SEPARATION GOING."
T6C5 "Every ability of the ego has a better counterpart, because its abilities are directed by the mind, which has a better voice."
T6C8 "God created His Sons by extending His Thought and retaining the extensions of His Thought in His Mind."
T6C9 "But thoughts begin in the mind OF THE THINKER, from which they extend outward."
T6C9 "Because your minds are split, you can also perceive as well as think, but perception cannot escape from the basic laws of mind."
T6C9 "You perceive FROM your mind, and extend your perceptions outward."
T6C10 "This convergence SEEMS to be far in the future ONLY because your mind is NOT in perfect alignment with the idea, and therefore DOES NOT WANT IT NOW."
T6C11 "He tells you to return your whole mind to God, BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER LEFT HIM."
T6C13 "This line is the direct line of communication with God, and lets YOUR mind converge with HIS."
T6C13 "There is NO CONFLICT ANYWHERE in this perception, because it means that ALL perception is guided by the Holy Spirit, whose mind is fixed on God."
T6C13 "He perceives ONLY what is true in YOUR mind, and extends outward to ONLY what is true in other minds."
T6C14 "The Holy Spirit projects by RECOGNIZING HIMSELF in EVERY mind, and thus perceives them as ONE."
T6C15 "The great peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine OUTWARD to make YOU aware of it."
T6C15 "No darkness abides ANYWHERE in the Kingdom, so your part is only to allow no darkness to abide in your OWN mind."
T6D1 "This is because, as we have said before, every idea begins in the mind of the thinker and extends outward."
T6D1 "Therefore, what extends FROM the mind IS STILL IN IT, and FROM what it extends IT KNOWS ITSELF."
T6D2 "Your Godlike mind can never be defiled."
T6D5 "The only REAL safety lies in projecting ONLY the Holy Spirit, because as you see His gentleness in others your own mind perceives ITSELF as totally harmless."
T6D6 "Without anxiety, the mind is wholly kind, and because it PROJECTS beneficence, it IS beneficent."
T6E2 "This enables the ego to regard itself as SEPARATE AND OUTSIDE ITS MAKER, thus speaking for the part of your mind that believes YOU are separate and outside the Mind of God."
T6E4 "The ego cannot hear the Holy Spirit, but it DOES feel that part of the same mind that made it is AGAINST it."
T6E5 "Perceiving something alien to itself in your MIND, the ego turns to the body, NOT the mind as its ally BECAUSE the body is not part of you."
T6E5 "The ego, which is not real, attempts to persuade the mind, which IS real, that it IS its own learning device, and that the learning device is more real than IT is."
T6E5 "No-one in his right mind could POSSIBLY believe this, and no-one in his right mind DOES believe it."
T6E12 "Fidelity to premises is a law of the mind, and everything God created is faithful to His laws."
T6F1 "Could God teach you that you had made a split mind when He knows your mind only as whole?"
T6F7 "EVERYTHING is accomplished through life, and life is of the mind and in the Mind."
T6F7 "If we share the same mind, YOU CAN OVERCOME DEATH BECAUSE I DID."
T6F9 "If the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind, then the mind MUST BE STRONGER."
T6F9 "This is because He ALWAYS tells you that ONLY the mind is real, because only the mind CAN BE SHARED."
T6F9 "To be of one mind is meaningful, but to be of one body is meaningless."
T6F9 "By the laws of mind, then, the body IS meaningless."
T6G3 "This is because a change in motivation IS a change of mind, and this will INEVITABLY produce fundamental change BECAUSE the mind IS fundamental."
T6G4 "Therefore, the first lesson SEEMS to contain a contradiction because it is BEING LEARNED BY A CONFLICTED MIND."
T6G5 "Further, the mind of the learner projects its own split, and therefore does NOT perceive consistent minds in others, making him suspicious of THEIR motivations."
T6G6 "The fundamental change will still occur with the change of mind IN THE THINKER."
T6G7 "Helen thought he had become (quite) irrational on this point, but it was quite strongly reinforced in HIS mind, and so he wanted to teach it in his text."
T6G8 "If you identify WITH your thought system, and you cannot escape this, and if you accept two thought systems which are in COMPLETE DISagreement, peace of mind IS impossible."
T6H1 "In YOUR mind, and your mind ONLY, He sorts out the true from the false, and teaches you to judge every thought that you allow to ENTER in the light of what God PUT there."
T6H3 "The Holy Spirit does not teach your mind to be critical of other minds, because He does not want you to teach your errors and LEARN THEM YOURSELVES."
T6H3 "In the mind of the THINKER, then, He IS judgmental, but only in order to unify it so IT CAN perceive WITHOUT judgment."
T6H3 "This enables the mind to TEACH without judgment and therefore learn to BE without judgment."
T6H3 "The UNdoing is necessary only in YOUR mind, so that you cannot PROJECT it."
T6H7 "If you allow yourselves to HAVE in your minds only what God put there, you are acknowledging your mind as God created it."
T6H11 "Doubts ABOUT being MUST not enter your mind, or you CANNOT know what you are with certainty."
T6H12 "By making another Kingdom WHICH YOU VALUED, you did NOT keep the Kingdom of God alone in your minds, and thus placed part of your mind OUTSIDE of it."
T6H12 "What you have made has thus DIVIDED YOUR WILL and given you a sick mind that MUST be healed."
T6H13 "Once YOUR mind is healed, it radiates health and thereby TEACHES healing."
T7C2 "This is an immutable law of mind in this world as well as in the Kingdom."
T7C3 "The outstanding characteristic of the laws of mind, as they operate in this world, is that by obeying them, and I assure you that you MUST obey them, you can arrive at diametrically opposed results."
T7C3 "The laws of mind govern thoughts, and you DO respond to two conflicting voices."
T7C5 "ONLY if he perceives as a MIND can he overcome this."
T7E2 "Your mind CANNOT be unified in allegiance to the ego, because the mind does NOT BELONG to it."
T7E5 "God has lit your minds Himself, and keeps your mind lit BY His light because His light is WHAT YOUR MINDS ARE."
T7E6 "The SPIRIT is not asleep in the minds of the sick, but the part of the mind that can perceive it and be glad IS."
T7E8 "It is their RESULT in a state of mind which does not know Him."
T7E11 "This perception is therefore IN accord with the laws of God even in a state of mind which is OUT of accord with His."
T7E11 "But the strength of right perception is so great that it brings the mind INTO accord with His, because it yields to His pull which IS in all of you."
T7F2 "Since the ego CANNOT obliterate the impulse to communicate because it is also the impulse to CREATE, it can only try to teach you that the BODY can both communicate AND create, and therefore DOES NOT NEED THE MIND."
T7F2 "The ego, then, tries to teach you that the body can ACT like the mind, and therefore IS self-sufficient."
T7F3 "He recognizes no other, because he does NOT accept the ego's confusion of mind and body."
T7F3 "The body in the service of the ego can hurt other BODIES, but this CANNOT occur UNLESS the body has ALREADY been confused WITH the mind."
T7F5 "This is co-incidental, because the healer may NOT be experiencing HIMSELF as truly helpful at the time, and the belief that he IS, in the mind of ANOTHER, HELPS HIM."
T7F7 "The "fearful healer" is a contradiction in terms, and is therefore a concept that ONLY a conflicted mind could POSSIBLY perceive as meaningful."
T7F9 "That is because by changing HIS mind he has changed the most powerful device that was ever created FOR change."
T7F10 "This in no way contradicts the changelessness of mind as GOD created it."
T7F10 "This DOES place you in a position of needing to learn a lesson which SEEMS contradictory: you must learn to change your mind ABOUT your mind."
T7F11 "You are recognizing the changeless mind in your brother by perceiving (knowing) that he could NOT have changed his mind."
T7F11 "It is ONLY the Holy Spirit in him that never changes His mind."
T7F11 "But by changing your mind about HIS FOR him, you help him undo the change his ego thinks it has made in him."
T7F14 "But I do want to share my MIND with you because we ARE of one Mind, and that Mind IS ours."
T7F14 "See ONLY this Mind everywhere, because only this IS everywhere and in everything."
T7F15 "The mind WE share IS shared by all our brothers, and as we see them truly, they WILL be healed."
T7G1 "They make or create depending on whether the ego or the Holy Spirit begets or inspires them, but they WILL return to the mind of the thinker, and they WILL affect his total perception."
T7G2 "The mind that accepts attack CANNOT love."
T7G3 "The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous, but it stems from the power of the mind WHICH THE EGO DENIES."
T7G5 "Mind ALWAYS REproduces as it was produced."
T7G5 "Rejection is therefore the only decision which the ego could POSSIBLY encounter if the mind which made it knew ITSELF."
T7G6 "It perceives their threat as total because it senses the fact that all commitments which the mind makes ARE total."
T7G6 "Forced therefore to detach itself from you who ARE mind, it is willing to attach itself to anything ELSE."
T7G6 "It does NOT follow, however, that the mind cannot make illusions."
T7G8 "If you will keep in mind what the Holy Spirit offers you, you cannot be vigilant for anything BUT God and His Kingdom."
T7G9 "If the mind CANNOT attack, the ego proceeds perfectly logically to the position that YOU cannot be mind."
T7G9 "The ego therefore wants to engage your mind in its OWN delusional system, because otherwise the light of YOUR understanding WILL dispel it."
T7G12 "If you dissociate your mind FROM it, you are perceiving the most powerful force in the universe of thought AS IF it were weak, because you do NOT believe YOU are part of it."
T7H1 "It has no power in ITSELF, but YOU can give it the power of YOUR mind, whose power is without limit of ANY kind."
T7H2 "Mind is too powerful to be subject to exclusion."
T7H5 "The only way to dispel illusions is to withdraw ALL investment from them, and they will HAVE no life for you because you have put them OUT OF YOUR MIND."
T7H10 "Being the part of your mind which does NOT believe it is responsible for ITSELF, and being without allegiance to God, it is incapable of trust."
T7I1 "Projection is a fundamental law of the mind, and therefore one which ALWAYS operates."
T7I1 "It is the law which unifies the Kingdom and keeps it in the mind of God."
T7I2 "Every mind MUST project, because that is how it lives, and every mind IS life."
T7I3 "The ego, using its own warped version of the laws of God, uses the power of the mind ONLY to defeat the mind's real purpose."
T7I3 "It projects conflict FROM your mind to OTHER minds, in an attempt to persuade you that you have gotten RID of it."
T7I7 "There is no way out of this, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to fragment the mind."
T7I7 "To fragment is to break into pieces, and mind CANNOT attack."
T7I7 "This is because it does not understand what the mind IS, and therefore does not understand what YOU are."
T7I7 "Yet ITS existence IS dependent on your mind, because it is a BELIEF."
T7I8 "It DOES depend on your mind, and as you made it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by withdrawing belief FROM it."
T7J2 "The Holy Spirit is the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the Soul, mediating between them ALWAYS IN FAVOR OF THE SOUL."
T7J5 "The Kingdom is forever extending, because it is in the Mind of God."
T7J5 "A split mind CANNOT perceive its fullness, and needs the miracle OF its wholeness to dawn upon it and heal it."
T7J10 "They belong to your mind, as part of your identification with HIS."
T7J10 "But your state of mind and your recognition of WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND depends, at any given moment, on what you believe ABOUT your mind."
T7K7 "There IS no confusion in the mind of a Son of God, whose will MUST be the will of the Father, because the Father's Will IS His Son."
T7L5 "When a mind has only light, it KNOWS only light."
T8A3 "If you DO NOT WANT THEM on the basis of LOSS OF PEACE, they will be removed from your mind FOR you."
T8B5 "But if you LISTEN to both, your mind will split on WHAT YOUR REALITY IS."
T8C6 "Can you ask the part of your mind that taught you to believe they ARE the same to teach you the DIFFERENCE?"
T8E6 "Only then will your MIND will to follow me."
T8E10 "If you want to be DIFFERENT, I will wait until you change your mind."
T8F9 "But their thought is so powerful that they can even imprison the mind of God's Son IF THEY SO CHOOSE."
T8G1 "When attack in ANY form enters your mind, you are EQUATING YOURSELF WITH A BODY."
T8G3 "This interpretation of the body will change your mind entirely about its value."
T8G3 "But if you use it ONLY to reach the minds of those who believe they ARE bodies and teach them THROUGH the body that THIS IS NOT SO, you will begin to understand the power of the mind that is in both of you."
T8G6 "Do not ALLOW him to belittle himself in YOUR mind, but give him freedom from his belief in littleness, and escape from YOURS."
T8G10 "It becomes ONLY a means by which the part of the mind which you have separated from your Soul can reach beyond its distortions and RETURN to the Soul."
T8G11 "ALL mind is whole, and the belief that part of it is physical or NOT MIND is a fragmented (or sick) interpretation."
T8G11 "Mind CANNOT be made physical, but it CAN be made manifest THROUGH the physical if it uses the body to GO BEYOND itself."
T8G11 "By reaching OUT, the mind EXTENDS itself."
T8G11 "A mind which has been blocked has allowed itself to be vulnerable to attack, because it has TURNED AGAINST ITSELF."
T8G12 "Help and healing are the normal expressions of a mind which is working THROUGH the body but not IN it."
T8G12 "If the mind believes the body is its GOAL, it WILL distort its perception OF the body, and by blocking its own extension BEYOND it will INDUCE illness by FOSTERING SEPARATION."
T8G13 "This releases the mind from the temptation to see it in many lights, and gives it over ENTIRELY to the One Light in which it can be really understood at all."
T8G14 "Learning must lead BEYOND the body to the re-establishment of the power of the mind IN it."
T8G14 "This can be accomplished ONLY if the mind EXTENDS to other minds, and does not ARREST ITSELF in its extension."
T8G14 "The arrest of the mind's extension is the cause of all illness, because ONLY EXTENSION IS THE MIND's FUNCTION."
T8G14 "Block this, and you have blocked health because you have BLOCKED THE MIND's JOY."
T8G15 "To see a body as anything EXCEPT a means of pure extension is to limit your mind and HURT YOURSELF."
T8G15 "If the body is brought under the purpose of the mind, it becomes whole because the mind's purpose IS one."
T8G16 "Attack can only be an assumed goal of the body, but the body APART from the mind HAS NO PURPOSE AT ALL."
T8G16 "But mind can be manifested through the body if it goes beyond it and DOES NOT INTERPRET IT AS LIMITATION."
T8G19 "Do not arrest your thought in this world, and you will open your mind to Creation in God."
T8H11 "Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind."
T8I2 "Wholeness heals BECAUSE it is of the mind."
T8I6 "The ego, which always WEAKENS the will, wants to SEPARATE the body from the mind."
T8I6 "This is because it believes that MIND IS DANGEROUS, and that to MAKE MINDLESS is to heal."
T8I9 "When you limit YOURSELF, we are NOT of one mind, and that IS sickness."
T8I9 "But sickness is not of the body, but OF THE MIND."
T8I9 "ALL forms of DISfunction are merely signs that the mind has split, and does not accept a UNIFIED PURPOSE."
T8J1 "Fear of the Will of God is one of the strangest beliefs that the human mind has ever made."
T8J1 "This could not possibly have occurred unless the mind was already profoundly split, making it possible for IT to be afraid of what it really is."
T8J4 "His perception of this will can make it real to YOU, because HE is in your mind, and therefore He IS your reality."
T8J4 "If, then, His perception OF your mind brings its reality TO you, He IS teaching you what you are."
T8J5 "Divided wills do not communicate because they speak for different things TO THE SAME MIND."
T8J7 "NO mind can believe that its will is STRONGER than God's."
T8J7 "If, then, a mind believes that ITS will is different FROM His, it can only decide either that there IS no God, or that GOD'S WILL IS FEARFUL."
T8J14 "You are DEVOTING your mind to what you DO NOT WANT."
T8K6 "Your brother may not know who he is, but there is a Light in his mind which DOES know."
T8K6 "The Holy Spirit extends from your mind to his, and answers YOU."
T9C10 "But it is CERTAIN that he will NEVER find satisfaction in fantasy, so that his ONLY hope is to change his mind about REALITY."
T9D5 "But if the dreamer is equated WITH the mind, the mind's corrective power, through the Holy Spirit, is DENIED."
T9D8 "A "miserable sinner" cannot be healed without magic, nor can an "unimportant mind" esteem itself without magic."
T9D9 "The light in HIS mind will therefore ANSWER the questioner, who MUST decide with God that there IS light BECAUSE HE SEES IT."
T9E8 "But this cannot mean anything to you, until you remember God's open arms, and finally know His open Mind."
T9E8 "Like Him, YOU are ALWAYS, in His Mind, and with a mind like His."
T9E8 "In your open mind are YOUR creations, in perfect communication, born of perfect understanding."
T9F3 "And this evaluation MUST be in your mind, because HE is."
T9F4 "The ego is also in your mind, because you have ACCEPTED it there."
T9G4 "Even the faintest hint of your reality literally drives the ego from your mind, because of the complete lack of investment in it."
T9G5 "By blessing you hold it in your minds, protecting it from illusions, and keeping yourself in the Mind of God."
T9G6 "Remember always that you cannot be anywhere EXCEPT in the Mind of God."
T9G10 "You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God."
T9G11 "Your value is in GOD's Mind, and therefore NOT in yours alone."
T9H3 "God does not change His Mind about YOU, for He is not uncertain of HIMSELF."
T9H4 "When ANYTHING threatens your peace of mind, ask yourself "Has God changed His Mind about me?""
T9H4 "Then ACCEPT His decision, for it is indeed changeless, and refuse to change your mind about YOURSELF.-"
T9H5 "Any part of your mind that does not know this, has banished itself from knowledge, because it has NOT MET ITS CONDITIONS."
T9H9 "You will remember everything the instant you DESIRE IT WHOLLY, for if to desire wholly is to create, you will have willed away the separation, returning your mind simultaneously to your Creator and your creations."
T9I1 "Even in this world's therapy, when dissociated material is ACCEPTED, it ceases to be fearful, for the laws of mind always hold."
T9I3 "To remember is merely to restore to your mind WHAT IS ALREADY THERE."
T9I6 "If you realized the complete havoc this makes of your peace of mind, you COULD not make such an insane decision."
T9I6 "It follows, then, that you want something OTHER than peace of mind, and you have not considered what it must be."
T9I8 "God would have them released from their sickness, and returned to His Mind."
T9I8 "He is ALWAYS accepted for all, and when your mind receives Him, the remembrance of Him awakens throughout the Sonship."
T9I15 "A whole mind is not idolatrous, and does not know of conflicting laws."
T9J3 "Reality can dawn only in an unclouded mind."
T9J3 "Knowledge cannot dawn on a mind full of illusions, because truth and illusions are irreconcilable."
T9J3 "Truth is whole, and CANNOT be known by PART of a mind."
T9J4 "If you perceive other gods, YOUR mind is split, and you will not be able to LIMIT the split, because the split IS the sign that you have removed part of your mind from God's Will, and this MEANS that it is out of control."
T9J4 "To be out of control is to be out of REASON, and the mind DOES become unreasonable without reason."
T9J4 "By DEFINING the mind wrongly, you perceive it as FUNCTIONING wrongly."
T9J8 "There are no strange images in the Mind of God, and what is not in His Mind CANNOT be in yours, because you are of One Mind, and that Mind belongs to HIM."
T9J9 "It is a call to the Holy Spirit in his mind, a call to Him which is strengthened by this joining."
T9J9 "The power of one mind CAN shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark."
T9K4 "Sickness and death entered the mind of God's Son against His Will."
T9K9 "If you deny Him, you bring sin, pain, and suffering into your OWN mind, because of the power He gave it."
T9K9 "Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it can also DENY what it creates, because it is free."
T9K10 "That was the condition of His Son's Creation, fixed forever in the Mind of God."
T10B1 "But even the little spark in your mind is enough to lighten it."
T10B3 "In whatever part of the mind of God's Son you restore this reality, you restore it to YOURSELF."
T10B3 "For you dwell in the Mind of God WITH your brother, for God Himself did not will to be alone."
T10B5 "Can part of His Mind contain nothing?"
T10B5 "If your place in His Mind cannot be filled by anyone EXCEPT you, and your filling it WAS your creation, WITHOUT you, there would be an empty place in God's Mind."
T10B8 "God has given you a place in His Mind which is yours forever."
T10B8 "God's Mind cannot be lessened."
T10C4 "Every healing thought which you ACCEPT, either FROM your brother or in your OWN mind, teaches you that you are God's Son."
T10C6 "Think like Him ever so slightly, and the little spark becomes a blazing light that fills your mind so that He becomes your only Guest."
T10D6 "Do not be deceived by the dark comforters, and never let them enter the mind of God's Son, for they have no place in His temple."
T10D6 "For what is unlike God cannot enter His Mind, because it was not in His Thought, and therefore does not belong to Him."
T10D8 "In your mind you can ACCEPT the whole Sonship, and bless it with the light your Father gave it."
T10E1 "Your Soul does not need salvation, but your mind needs to learn what salvation IS."
T10E3 "You could not do so, if you realized that YOU CAN ONLY DARKEN YOUR OWN MIND."
T10E3 "As you bring HIM back, so will YOUR mind return."
T10F15 "Holding error clearly in mind, and protecting what it has made real, the ego proceeds to the next step in its thought system; that error is real, and TRUTH IS ERROR."
T10H1 "Those which his mind perceived in this world are the world's only reality."
T10H12 "Do not, then, be deceived in your brother, and see only his loving thoughts as his reality, for by denying that his mind is split, YOU WILL HEAL YOURS."
T10H14 "Do not accept your brother's variable perception of himself, for his split mind is yours, and you will not accept YOUR healing without his."
T10H15 "If you perceive offense in a brother, pluck the offense from your mind, for you are offended by Christ, and are deceived in Him."
T11A2 "This is quite evidently a mental split, in which you have attacked the integrity of your mind, and pitted one level within it against another."
T11B2 "Perhaps the danger of this to your OWN mind is not yet fully apparent."
T11B5 "He does NOT change His mind about reality, because REALITY does not change."
T11C4 "But, having OBSCURED it, the light in ANOTHER mind must shine into theirs, because that light IS theirs."
T11D5 "Salvation is for the mind, and it is attained through peace."
T11D7 "If only the loving thoughts of God's Son ARE the world's reality, the real world MUST be IN HIS MIND."
T11D7 "His insane thoughts, too, must be in his mind, but an INTERNAL conflict of this magnitude he cannot tolerate."
T11D7 "For a split mind IS endangered, and the recognition that it encompasses COMPLETELY opposed thoughts within itself IS intolerable."
T11D7 "Therefore, the mind projects the split, NOT the reality."
T11D8 "That is why you MUST realize that your hatred IS in your mind, and NOT OUTSIDE IT, before you can get rid of it."
T11D9 "God gave you the real world in exchange for the one you made, out of your split mind, and which IS the symbol of death."
T11D9 "For if you could REALLY separate yourselves from the Mind of God, you WOULD die."
T11D10 "For it was made out of what you do NOT want, projected FROM your mind, because you were AFRAID of it."
T11D11 "Yet this world is ONLY in the mind of its maker, along with his REAL salvation."
T11D11 "For you DO have control over your mind, for the mind is the mechanism of decision."
T11D11 "If you will recognize that ALL attack which you perceive, is in your own mind, and NOWHERE ELSE, you will at last have placed its source, and where it began it must end."
T11E2 "The SEARCH is inevitable, because the ego is part of your mind, and because of its source, the ego is not wholly split off, or it could not be believed at all."
T11E2 "For it is your mind that BELIEVES in it, and gives existence TO it."
T11E2 "Yet it is ALSO your mind that has the power to DENY its existence, and you will surely do so when you realize exactly what the journey it sets you IS."
T11F1 "BEFORE the idea of attack can enter your mind, YOU MUST HAVE PERCEIVED YOURSELF AS WEAK."
T11F4 "You cannot learn of PERFECT love with a split mind, because a split mind HAS MADE ITSELF A POOR LEARNER."
T11F9 "This kind of learning has so weakened your mind that you CANNOT love."
T11G9 "At the altar of God, the holy perception of God's Son becomes so enlightened that light streams into it, and the Spirit of God's Son shines in the Mind of the Father, and becomes one with it."
T11H5 "Two ways of looking at the world are in your mind, and your perception will reflect the guidance you chose."
T11H6 "The mind always strives for integration, and if it is split, and WANTS TO KEEP THE SPLIT, it will believe it has ONE goal by MAKING IT ONE."
T11H7 "We said before that WHAT you project is up to you, but it is NOT up to you WHETHER to project, for projection is a law of mind."
T11H8 "The mind then sees a divided world OUTSIDE ITSELF, but NOT within."
T11H11 "Yet you COULD not have seen reality, for the reality of your mind is the loveliest of God's Creations."
T11H11 "Yet in this same place you could have looked upon me and all your brothers, in the perfect safety of the Mind that created us."
T11H14 "The death penalty never leaves the ego's mind, for that is what it always reserves for you in the end."
T11I2 "For a split mind and all its works were not created by the Father, and could not live in the knowledge OF Him."
T11I5 "But the memory of God cannot shine in a mind which has MADE it invisible, and WANTS TO KEEP IT SO."
T11I5 "For the memory of God can dawn only in a mind that wills to remember, and that has relinquished the insane desire to control reality."
T11J1 "It is the judgment of one mind by another as UNWORTHY of love, and DESERVING of punishment."
T11J1 "For the mind that judges, perceives itself as SEPARATE from the mind being judged, believing that by punishing ANOTHER, IT will escape punishment."
T11J1 "All this is but the delusional attempt of the mind to deny itself, and ESCAPE THE PENALTY OF DENIAL."
T11J1 "The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end."
T11J5 "The Holy Spirit wills ONLY this, for sharing the Father's love for His Son, He wills to remove all guilt from his mind, that he may remember his Father in peace."
T11J9 "For the Son of God is guiltless NOW, and the brightness of his purity shines untouched forever in God's Mind."
T11J9 "For his eternal guiltlessness is in the mind of his Father, and protects him forever."
T11J11 "Let the holiness of God's Son shine away the cloud of guilt that darkens your mind, and by accepting his purity AS yours, learn of him that it IS yours."
T12A1 "Only by persuading you that IT is you, could the ego possibly induce you to PROJECT guilt, and thereby keep it in your mind."
T12C7 "For BENEATH them, and concealed as long as THEY are hidden, is the loving mind that THOUGHT it made them in anger."
T12C7 "And the pain in this mind is so apparent, when it is uncovered, that its need of healing cannot BE denied."
T12C12 "For a darkened mind cannot live in the light, and it must seek a place of darkness, where it can believe it is where it is NOT."
T12D3 "An open mind is more honest than this."
T12E2 "For these figures HAVE NO WITNESSES, being perceived in one SEPARATE mind only."
T12E4 "Its ONLY reality is in your OWN mind, and by attacking others, you are literally attacking WHAT IS NOT THERE."
T12E6 "In your madness, you OVERLOOK REALITY COMPLETELY, and you see ONLY YOUR SPLIT MIND everywhere you look."
T12G4 "The out of mind is out of sight, because what is denied is THERE, but is not recognized."
T12G12 "What comes to you of Him comes safely, for He will ensure it never can become a dark spot, hidden in your mind, and kept to hurt you."
T12G13 "Then follow Him in joy, with faith that He will lead you safely through all the dangers to your peace of mind that this world sets before you."
T12G14 "We will restore to you the peace of mind that we MUST find together."
T12G15 "The sound of it will banish sorrow from the mind of God's most holy Son, where it cannot abide."
T13A1 "For the mind that knows this unequivocally, knows also that it dwells in eternity, and utilizes no perception at all."
T13A2 "YOU are an aspect of knowledge, being in the Mind of God, Who KNOWS you."
T13B2 "He is not separate from either, being in the mind of both, and knowing that Mind is one."
T13C4 "You could as easily have FREED him from the past, and lifted from his mind the cloud of guilt that binds him TO it."
T13D1 "You are accustomed to the notion that the mind can see the source of pain where it is not."
T13D5 "A minute, even less, will be enough to free you from the past, and give your mind in peace over to the Atonement."
T13D6 "The Holy Spirit does not KEEP illusions in your mind to frighten you, and show them to you fearfully, to demonstrate what He has saved you FROM."
T13D10 "Your guilt is without reason, because it is not in the Mind of God, where YOU are."
T13D15 "Believing this, he must escape, for such a war would surely end his peace of mind, and so destroy him."
T13E3 "You WILL find the peace in which He has established you, because HE does NOT change His Mind."
T13E7 "Learn that even the darkest nightmare that disturbed the mind of God's sleeping Son, holds no power over him."
T13E9 "The Holy Spirit has a very different kind of reconciliation in His mind for you, and one which HE WILL EFFECT, as surely as the ego will NOT effect what it attempts."
T13F4 "The thoughts which the mind of God's Son projects, HAVE all the power that he gives them."
T13G2 "But you will add another burden to your mind, ALREADY burdened, or you would NOT have sought another."
T13H8 "Do not attest to it, and do not foster belief in it in any mind."
T13H8 "Remember always MIND IS ONE, and CAUSE IS ONE."
T13H12 "Peace abides in every mind that quietly accepts the plan that GOD has set for his Atonement, RELINQUISHING HIS OWN."
T13H13 "And it is HIS decision to undo EVERYTHING that would obscure your innocence from your unclouded mind."
T13H14 "For it is quite impossible that He could ever let His Son drop from His loving Mind, wherein he was created, and where his abode was fixed in perfect peace forever."
T13I2 "The state of guiltlessness is only the condition in which what is NOT there has been REMOVED, from the disordered mind that THOUGHT it WAS."
T13I3 "When you have let all that has obscured the truth in your most holy mind be undone for you, and stand in grace before your Father, He will give Himself to you, as He has ALWAYS done."
T13I3 "Ask rather to LEARN how to forgive, and restore WHAT ALWAYS WAS to your unforgiving mind."
T13I4 "For, in the end, whatever form it takes, your guilt arises from your failure to fulfill your function in God's Mind with ALL OF YOURS."
T14A1 "Accepting His Son as guilty is denial of the Father so complete, that knowledge is swept away from recognition, in the very mind where God Himself has placed it."
T14A3 "The Atonement was established as the means of restoring guiltlessness to the mind which has denied it, and thus denied Heaven to Itself."
T14B1 "God can communicate ONLY to the Holy Spirit in your mind, because only He shares the knowledge of what you are WITH God."
T14B1 "Everything ELSE, that YOU have placed within your mind, CANNOT exist, for what is not in communication with the Mind of God, has never been."
T14B2 "The only part of your mind that has reality, is the part that links you still with God."
T14B4 "There is nothing in the Mind of God that does not share his shining innocence."
T14C5 "He KNOWS you are not separate from God, but He perceives much in your mind that lets you THINK you are."
T14D1 "For their separation is only in your mind, and they are reconciled by union, as YOU are."
T14D5 "Light cannot enter darkness, when a mind BELIEVES in darkness, and will not let it go."
T14D9 "The single vision, which the Holy Spirit offers you, will bring this Oneness to your mind with clarity and brightness so intense, you could not wish, for all the world, not to accept what God would have you have."
T14D10 "Banish not power from your mind, but let all that would hide your glory, be brought to the judgment of the Holy Spirit, and there undone."
T14E6 "Could you but realize, for a single instant, the power of healing that the reflection of God, shining in YOU, can bring to all the world, you COULD not wait to make the mirror of your mind clean, to receive the image of the Holiness that heals the world."
T14E7 "The image of holiness that shines in YOUR mind is NOT obscure, and will NOT change."
T14F4 "And this is true about the thoughts that cross the mind of those who think they live apart."
T14F5 "It shifts unceasingly across the mirror of your mind, and the reflections of Heaven last but a moment, and grow dim, as darkness blots them out."
T14F9 "You who believe you understand something of the dynamics of the mind, let me assure you that you know NOTHING of it at all."
T14F9 "The study of the ego is NOT the study of the mind."
T14F12 "Neither his mind, NOR YOURS, holds but these two orders of thought."
T14G10 "They do not exist in His Mind at all."
T14G11 "He would establish His bright teaching so firmly in your mind, that no dark lessons of guilt can abide in what He has established as holy by His Presence."
T14G14 "The Holy Spirit will, OF HIMSELF, fill every mind that so makes room for Him."
T15B10 "Whenever you are tempted to be dispirited by the thought of HOW LONG it would take to change your mind so completely, ask yourself, "How long is an instant?""
T15E4 "And yet, it is your mind that IS the host to Him."
T15E5 "I call to you to make the holy instant yours AT ONCE, for the release from littleness in the mind of the host of God, depends on willingness, and NOT on time."
T15E6 "This means, however, that it is a time in which your mind is OPEN, both to receive AND give."
T15E8 "And it cannot come into a mind that has decided to OPPOSE it."
T15F11 "For the holy instant reaches to eternity, and to the Mind of God."
T15G3 "In the holy instant, you recognize the IDEA of love in you, and UNITE this idea with the Mind that thought It, AND COULD NOT RELINQUISH IT."
T15G3 "The holy instant thus becomes a lesson in how to hold ALL of your brothers in YOUR mind, experiencing not loss, but COMPLETION."
T15G7 "But remember that understanding is OF THE MIND, and, ONLY of the mind."
T15G7 "KNOWLEDGE is therefore of the mind, and its CONDITIONS are in the mind, WITH it."
T15H3 "You have NOTHING to lose by looking open-eyed at this, for ugliness such as this belongs not in your holy mind."
T15H5 "It is this chain that binds the Son of God to guilt, and it is this chain the Holy Spirit would REMOVE from his holy mind."
T15H8 "It is always PHYSICAL closeness that the ego demands, and it does not object where the mind goes, or what it thinks, for this seems unimportant."
T15H8 "To the ego, THE MIND IS PRIVATE, and only the body CAN be shared."
T15H12 "They can do only as the mind directs."
T15K7 "And communication, which MUST be of the mind, CANNOT be sacrificed."
T16A4 "Keep but one thought in mind, and do not lose sight of it, however tempted you may be to judge the situation, and DETERMINE your response BY judging it."
T16A4 "Focus your mind only on this: "I am not alone, and I would not intrude the past upon my Guest."
T16C4 "You have succeeded whenever you have reached another mind, and JOINED with it."
T16D6 "For nothing real has ever left the mind of its Creator."
T16E10 "Every illusion which you accept into your mind, BY JUDGING IT TO BE ATTAINABLE, removes your own sense of completion, and thus denies the Wholeness of your Father."
T16F13 "You can NOT change His Mind."
T16H7 "The illusions you bring with you, will weaken the EXPERIENCE of Him for a while, and will prevent you from KEEPING the experience in your mind."
T17A2 "They CANNOT do so IN reality, but they CAN do so in the mind that would HAVE REALITY DIFFERENT."
T17B4 "But forget not this; when you become disturbed and lose YOUR peace of mind because ANOTHER is attempting to solve his problems through fantasy, you are refusing to FORGIVE YOURSELF for just this same attempt."
T17C5 "The Great Transformer of perception will undertake WITH you the careful searching of the mind that MADE this world, and uncover TO YOU the SEEMING reasons for your making it."
T17C7 "Even salvation will become a dream, and vanish from his mind."
T17D10 "Give the past to Him Who can change YOUR mind about it, FOR you."
T17E5 "The ego IS hyper alert to threat, and the part of your mind into which the ego was accepted is VERY anxious to preserve its reason, AS IT SEES IT."
T17F5 "Only a radical shift in purpose COULD induce a COMPLETE change of mind about what the whole relationship IS FOR."
T18C5 "Yet here is a world, clearly WITHIN your mind, that SEEMS to be outside."
T18C10 "For we are joined as one in purpose, being of one mind with Him."
T18C11 "For, as your sleeping and your waking dreams represent the same wishes in YOUR mind, so do the real world and the truth of Heaven join in the Will of God."
T18D9 "Not one ray that shines forever in the Mind of God but shines on you."
T18F2 "Never approach the holy instant AFTER you have tried to remove all fear and hatred from your mind."
T18F3 "Nor will He change His Mind about it."
T18G3 "Only by assigning to the mind the properties OF THE BODY, does separation SEEM to be possible."
T18G3 "And it is MIND that seems to be fragmented and private and ALONE."
T18G3 "Its guilt, which KEEPS it separate, is projected to the body, which suffers and dies, BECAUSE IT IS ATTACKED to hold the separation in the mind, and let it NOT KNOW its unity."
T18G3 "Mind cannot attack, but it CAN make fantasies, and direct the body to act them out."
T18G3 "Unless the mind BELIEVES the body is ACTUALLY acting out ITS fantasies, it will attack the body by INCREASING the projection of its guilt upon it."
T18G4 "In this, the mind is CLEARLY delusional."
T18G4 "The mind can not attack, but it CAN deceive itself."
T18G9 "The body is a limit imposed on the universal communication which is an eternal property of mind."
T18G9 "Mind reaches to ITSELF."
T18G12 "If you will consider what this "transportation" REALLY entails, you will realize that it is a sudden UNawareness of the body, and a joining of your self and SOMETHING ELSE, in which your mind ENLARGES to encompass it."
T18G13 "You have accepted this INSTEAD of the body, and have LET yourself be ONE with something beyond it, simply by NOT letting your mind be limited BY it."
T18G16 "There are the laws of limit lifted FOR you, to welcome you to openness of mind, and freedom."
T18H7 "When peace comes at last to those who wrestle with temptation, and fight against giving in to sin; when the light comes at last into the mind given to contemplation, or when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it ALWAYS comes with just ONE happy realization, -- "I need do nothing.""
T18H9 "And, if you recognize you NEED do nothing, you HAVE withdrawn the body's value from your mind."
T18H10 "He will remain when you forget, and the body's activities return to occupy your conscious mind."
T18I3 "This fragment of your mind is such a tiny part of it that, could you but appreciate the whole, you would see instantly that it is like the smallest sunbeam is to the sun."
T18I5 "Each body seems to house a SEPARATE mind, a DISCONNECTED thought, living alone and in no way joined to the Thought by which it was created."
T18J3 "From the world of bodies, MADE by insanity, insane messages seem to be returned to the mind which made it."
T19A2 "The BODY is healed BECAUSE YOU CAME WITHOUT IT, and joined the Mind in which all healing rests."
T19B1 "Its health or sickness depends ENTIRELY on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose which the mind would use it FOR."
T19B1 "And it IS obvious that a segment of the mind CAN see itself as SEPARATED from the Universal Purpose."
T19B4 "While the OTHER part would HEAL, and therefore calls upon the mind, and NOT the body."
T19B4 "The INEVITABLE compromise is the belief that the BODY must be healed, and NOT the mind."
T19B4 "For this divided goal has given both an EQUAL reality, and can SEEM to be possible only if the mind is limited TO the body, and divided into little parts with SEEMING wholeness, but WITHOUT CONNECTION."
T19B5 "But it WILL keep the delusional thought-system IN THE MIND."
T19B5 "They ARE together, and when they are SEEN together, ALL attempts to KEEP both truth AND illusion in the mind, where both MUST be, are recognized as DEDICATION TO ILLUSION."
T19B7 "If you but understood how much this strange concealment has hurt your mind, and how confused your own identification has become to you, BECAUSE of it!"
T19B12 "Grace is not given to a BODY, but to a MIND."
T19B12 "And the mind that RECEIVES it, looks INSTANTLY beyond the body, and sees the holy place where IT was healed."
T19B15 "You CAN enslave a body, but an IDEA is free, INCAPABLE of being kept in prison, or limited in ANY way,EXCEPT BY THE MIND THAT THOUGHT IT."
T19C1 "And thus the mind IS guilty, and will forever so remain, unless a mind NOT part of it can give it absolution."
T19C3 "The Son of God CAN be mistaken; he CAN deceive himself; he can even turn the power of his mind AGAINST himself."
T19C8 "For he has somehow managed to corrupt his Father, and change His Mind COMPLETELY."
T19D1 "Fear can become so acute that the sin is denied the acting out, but, while the guilt REMAINS attractive, the mind will suffer, and not let go the IDEA of the sin."
T19D1 "For guilt still calls to it, and the mind hears it and yearns for it, making it a willing captive to its sick appeal."
T19D1 "And only an AVENGER, with a mind UNLIKE your own, could stamp it out through FEAR."
T19D6 "And this is but an error in perception, which can be easily corrected IN THE MIND, although the body's eyes will see no change."
T19D6 "The eyes see many things the mind corrects, and YOU respond, NOT to the eyes' illusions, BUT TO THE MIND's CORRECTIONS."
T19D6 "Yet in your mind is One Who KNOWS it is unbroken, and forever changeless."
T19D7 "In error, yes, for this CAN be corrected by the mind."
T19D7 "But sin is the belief that YOUR perception is UNCHANGEABLE, and that the MIND must ACCEPT AS TRUE what it is told THROUGH it."
T19D7 "If it does not obey, the MIND is judged insane."
T19D9 "For the belief that bodies LIMIT the mind leads to a perception of the world in which the PROOF of separation seems to be everywhere."
T19D12 "For, in the NEW perception, the mind CORRECTS it when it SEEMS to be seen, and it becomes invisible."
T19G3 "The Holy Spirit's messengers are sent far beyond the body, calling the mind to join in holy communion, and be at peace."
T19H3 "Only the mind can set a purpose, and only mind can see the means for its accomplishment, and justify its use."
T19H3 "Peace and guilt are both conditions of the mind, to be ATTAINED."
T19J4 "For God has ANSWERED this insane idea with His Own, an Answer which left Him not, and therefore brings the Creator to the awareness of every mind which heard His Answer, and ACCEPTED it."
T19K1 "And, as this Memory rises in your mind, peace must still surmount a final obstacle, AFTER which is salvation completed, and the Son of God ENTIRELY restored to sanity."
T19L9 "Join him in gladness, and remove all trace of guilt from his disturbed and tortured mind."
T20C2 "Only the mind can value, and only the mind decides on what it would receive and give."
T20G11 "This produces what SEEMS to be a wall of flesh AROUND the mind, keeping it prisoner in a tiny spot of space and time, beholden unto death, and given but an instant in which to sigh and grieve and die in honor of its master."
T21A1 "It is the witness to your state of mind, the OUTSIDE picture of an INWARD condition."
T21A1 "Therefore, seek not to change the WORLD, but will to change your mind ABOUT the world."
T21C1 "The tiny change of mind by which the crucifixion is changed to Resurrection."
T21D2 "For nothing is so cherished and protected, as is a goal the mind accepts."
T21D10 "The mind could neither ask it nor RECEIVE it of itself."
T21D10 "The INTENTION is in the mind, which tries to USE the body to carry out the means for sin, in which the MIND believes."
T21D10 "Thus is the JOINING of mind and body an INESCAPABLE belief of those who value sin."
T21D12 "You gave perception and belief and faith from mind TO body."
T21E4 "The Holy Spirit's purpose was accepted by the part of your mind the ego knows not of."
T21F1 "It literally PICKS IT OUT, as mind directs."
T21F4 "And thus it recognizes that miracles do NOT affect ANOTHER'S mind, only its OWN."
T21F4 "They always change YOUR mind."
T21F5 "How can the segment of the mind DEVOID of reason understand what reason IS?"
T21F10 "Faith and belief are STRONG in madness, guiding perception toward what the mind has valued."
T21F11 "The part of mind where reason lies was dedicated, by your will in union with your Father's, to the UNDOING of insanity."
T21G3 "Nor could one mind think only for itself, unless the body WERE the mind."
T21G4 "Madness is an ATTACK on reason, that drives it out of mind, and TAKES ITS PLACE."
T21G7 "But reason tells you it is GIVEN you to change his whole mind, which is one with YOU, in just an instant."
T21H10 "You can desire a world you rule, which rules you not, and CHANGE your mind."
T21H11 "For only then have you RENOUNCED the option to change your mind AGAIN."
T21H13 "And none can leave the thinker's mind, or leave him unaffected."
T22C9 "It is the meaningless idea that thoughts can leave the thinker's mind, be DIFFERENT from it, AND IN OPPOSITION to it."
T22C9 "If this were true, thoughts would not be the mind's extensions, but its ENEMIES."
T22C9 "ONLY if it were possible the Son of God could LEAVE his Father's Mind, make himself DIFFERENT, and OPPOSE His Will, would it be possible that the self he made, and all IT made, should be his master."
T22D3 "Reason is not salvation in itself, but it MAKES WAY for peace, and brings you to a state of mind in which salvation can be given you."
T22D9 "Yet reason sees a holy relationship as what it IS; a common state of mind, where both give errors gladly to correction, that both may happily be healed as one."
T22G1 "Do you want freedom of the body, or of the mind?"
T22G1 "He will believe it possible of mind OR body, and he will make the other SERVE his choice, as means to find it."
T22G2 "Where freedom of the BODY has been chosen, the mind is used as MEANS, whose value lies in its ability to contrive ways to achieve the body's freedom."
T22G2 "And so the mind is DEDICATED to serve illusions."
T23B1 "The memory of God comes to the quiet mind."
T23B1 "It CANNOT come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not Eternal Gentleness."
T23B8 "Let all this madness be undone for you, and turn in peace to the remembrance of God, still shining in your quiet mind."
T23E6 "When the temptation to attack rises to make your mind darkened and murderous, remember you CAN see the battle from above."
T23E7 "Only a PURPOSE unifies, and those who share a purpose have a mind as one."
T24A1 "Given this state, the mind is quiet, and the condition in which God is remembered is attained."
T24A2 "And your decisions come from your beliefs as certainly as all creation rose in His Mind BECAUSE of what He knows."
T24C6 "The shining radiance of the Son of God, so like his Father that the memory of Him springs instantly to mind."
T24C6 "And all the world he made, and all his specialness, and all the sins he held in its defense AGAINST himself, will vanish as his mind accepts the truth about himself, as it returns to take their place."
T24C8 "Let him forgive you all your specialness, and make you whole in mind, and one with him."
T24D5 "They are NOT BODIES; as One Mind they wait for all illusions to be BROUGHT to them, and left behind."
T24E2 "Purpose is of the mind."
T24E3 "The purpose of attack is in the MIND, and its effects are felt but where it IS."
T24E3 "Nor is mind limited; so must it be that harmful purpose hurts the mind AS ONE."
T24G3 "And no thought within His Mind is absent from your own."
T24G3 "God changes not His Mind about His Son with passing circumstance which has no meaning in eternity where He abides, and you with Him."
T24H4 "Ask yourself this: CAN YOU PROTECT THE MIND?"
T24H8 "It is essential it be kept in mind that ALL perception still is upside down, until its PURPOSE has been understood."
T25A3 "But the mind that thinks it IS a body is sick indeed!"
T25B1 "For the Mind is HIS."
T25B1 "HIS holiness directs the body THROUGH the mind at one with Him."
T25B3 "Perception is a choice of what you want YOURSELF to be; the world you WANT to live in, and the state in which you think your mind will be content and satisfied."
T25B3 "And ALWAYS is it faithful to your purpose, from which it never separates, nor gives the slightest witness unto anything the purpose IN YOUR MIND upholdeth not."
T25B6 "The Holy Spirit serves Christ's purpose in your mind, so that the aim of specialness CAN be corrected where the error lies."
T25B6 "But this is understood by mind PERCEIVED as one, AWARE that it is one, AND SO EXPERIENCED."
T25B7 "It is apparent that a mind so split could NEVER be the teacher of the Oneness Which unites ALL things within Itself."
T25B7 "And so what IS within this mind, and DOES unite all things together MUST be its teacher."
T25B7 "Yet must It use the language which this mind can understand in the condition which it THINKS it is."
T25C4 "Be glad that it is gone within your mind to darken what IS there."
T25C7 "Look at its loveliness, and understand the Mind that thought it, NOT in flesh and bones, but in a frame as lovely as Itself."
T25C7 "Within the darkness see the Savior FROM the dark, and understand your brother as his Father's Mind shows him to you."
T25D2 "God's laws do not obtain directly to a world perception rules, for such a world could not have been created by the Mind to which perception has no meaning."
T25D5 "Nothing remains an instant, to obscure the sinlessness that shines unchanged, beyond the pitiful attempts of specialness to put it out of mind, where it MUST be, and light the BODY up INSTEAD of it."
T25H3 "And NOTHING that the world believes as true has ANY meaning in His Mind at all."
T25H5 "And it is the AGREEMENT of their Thought that makes the Son a co-creator with the Mind Whose Thought created him."
T25I2 "Have little faith that wisdom COULD be found in such a state of mind."
T25I5 "Vengeance is alien to His Mind BECAUSE He knows of justice."
T25I5 "It is impossible for you to SHARE the Holy Spirit's justice, with a mind that can conceive of specialness at all."
T26E4 "What BUT a miracle could change his mind, so that he understands that love cannot BE feared?"
T26F3 "Time lasted but an instant in your mind, with NO effect upon eternity."
T26F4 "Not one illusion still remains unanswered in your mind."
T26F9 "And how can he be kept in chains long since removed, and gone forever from his mind?"
T26H3 "Ideas are of the mind."
T26H3 "What is projected OUT, and seems to be EXTERNAL to the mind, is NOT outside at all, but an effect of what is in, and has NOT left its source."
T26H6 "Thus has He lost His Mind, proclaiming sin has taken His reality from Him, and brought His Love at last to vengeance' heels."
T26H11 "Sin is belief attack can be projected OUTSIDE the mind where the belief arose."
T26H12 "Such is creation's law; that each idea the mind conceives but ADDS to its abundance, NEVER takes away."
T26H12 "This is as true of what is idly wished as what is truly willed, because the mind can wish to be deceived, but CANNOT make it be what it is not."
T26I7 "Yet this illusion has a cause which, though untrue, must be ALREADY in your mind."
T27B8 "For now it witnesses to NOTHING yet, its purpose being open, and the mind made free again to choose what it is FOR."
T27C4 "A broken body shows the mind has NOT been healed."
T27C5 "So does your healing show your mind is healed, and has forgiven what he did NOT do."
T27C11 "In a split mind, identity MUST seem to be divided."
T27C11 "Correction, to a mind so split, MUST be a way to punish sins you think are YOURS in someone else."
T27C12 "When you perceive correction is the SAME as pardon, then you also know the Holy Spirit's Mind and yours are One."
T27C12 "Yet must He work with what is GIVEN Him, and you allow Him only HALF your mind."
T27C16 "With HALF a mind, this is NOT understood."
T27C16 "Leave, then, correction to the Mind That IS united, functioning as One BECAUSE It is not split in purpose, and conceives a single function as Its ONLY one."
T27C16 "In His ACCEPTANCE of this function lies the means whereby your mind is unified."
T27E2 "Yet it must also be that in your state of mind, solution is impossible."
T27E2 "Therefore, God must have given you a way of reaching to ANOTHER state of mind, in which the answer is ALREADY THERE."
T27E7 "The Holy Instant is the interval in which the mind is still enough to hear an answer that is NOT entailed within the question asked."
T27F2 "This does NOT mean the conflict must be gone forever from your mind."
T27F3 "From there, each one is born into this world, as witness to a state of mind which has TRANSCENDED conflict, and has reached to peace."
T27H2 "No-one has difficulty making up his mind to let a simple problem be resolved, if it is SEEN as hurting him, and also very easily removed."
T27H7 "Whatever cause they have is something quite APART from him, and what he sees is SEPARATE from his mind."
T27H8 "Helpless he stands, a victim to a dream conceived and cherished by a SEPARATE mind."
T27H8 "Careless indeed of him this mind must be, as thoughtless of his peace and happiness as is the weather, or the time of day."
T27H9 "And this IS what you choose, if you deny the cause of suffering is in YOUR mind."
T27H13 "So fearful is the dream, so seeming real, he could not waken to reality without the sweat of terror and a scream of mortal fear, unless a gentler dream preceded his awaking, and allowed his calmer mind to welcome, NOT to fear, the Voice that called with love to waken him."
T27I6 "A timelessness in which is time made real; a Part of God Which can attack Itself; a separate brother as an enemy; a mind WITHIN a body; all are forms of circularity, whose ending starts at its beginning, ending at its cause."
T28A1 "The thoughts that made it are no longer in the mind that thought of them, and loved them for a while."
T28B5 "Who would keep a senseless lesson in his mind, when he can learn and can preserve a BETTER one?"
T28B6 "It has never changed, because there never was a time in which He did not keep it safely in your mind."
T28B6 "Yet, was It NEVER absent from your mind, for it was NOT your Father's Will that He be unremembered by His only Son."
T28B9 "The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant, and is still."
T28B9 "It reaches gently from that quiet time, and from the mind it healed in quiet then, to other minds to SHARE its quietness."
T28B9 "And they will JOIN in doing nothing to prevent its radiant extension back into the Mind that caused ALL minds to be."
T28B11 "How instantly the memory of God arises in the mind that has no fear to keep the memory away."
T28C2 "Yet must all healing come about because the mind is recognized as NOT within the body, and its innocence is quite APART from it, and where ALL healing IS."
T28C3 "A mind within a body, and a world of other bodies, each with SEPARATE minds, are your "creations," you the "other" mind, creating with effects UNLIKE yourself."
T28C11 "Thus is the body healed by miracles BECAUSE they show the mind MADE sickness, and employed the body to be victim, or EFFECT, of what it made."
T28C11 "The lesson is the MIND was sick that thought the body COULD be sick; projecting OUT its guilt caused NOTHING, and had NO effects."
T28C12 "The body is released, because the mind acknowledges "this is not DONE TO me, but I am doing this.""
T28C12 "And thus the mind is free to make another choice instead."
T28D1 "No mind is sick until another mind AGREES that they are separate."
T28D2 "If you WITHHOLD agreement, and accept the part YOU play in making sickness real, the other mind cannot project its guilt without your aid in LETTING it perceive itself as separate and apart from YOU."
T28D2 "UNITING with a brother's mind prevents the CAUSE of sickness, and perceived effects."
T28E2 "The dream is but illusion in the mind."
T28E2 "And with the MIND you WOULD unite, but NEVER with the dream."
T28E2 "It is the DREAM you fear, and NOT the mind."
T28E3 "Think, rather, of him as a mind in which illusions still persist, but as a mind which brother is to you."
T28E3 "Your mind and his ARE joined in brotherhood."
T28E6 "His desire to be a sick and separated mind can NOT remain without a witness or a cause."
T28F1 "But who WITHDRAWS his mind from sharing them IS sharing Him."
T28G3 "Yet you have made of it a symbol of the limitations which you want your MIND to have and see and KEEP."
T28G4 "The body REPRESENTS the gap between the little bit of mind you call your own, and all the rest of what is REALLY yours."
T28G5 "Whoever says, "There IS no gap between my mind and yours," has kept GOD's promise, NOT his tiny oath to be forever faithful unto death."
T28G6 "Yet God reminds him of it every time he does not share a promise to be sick, but lets his mind be healed and unified."
T29B2 "For now you think that IT determines when you meet, and limits your ability to make communion with each other's mind."
T29C7 "And this but means the mind remains unchanged in its belief of what the PURPOSE of the body is."
T29D4 "On earth this means forgive your brother, that the darkness may be lifted from YOUR mind."
T29G3 "But you can NOT remove the Power to change your mind, and see ANOTHER purpose there."
T29H7 "Yet where ARE dreams, but in a mind asleep?"
T29I2 "In some way you believe they will complete your little self, and let you walk in safety in a world perceived as dangerous, with forces massed against your confidence and peace of mind."
T29I3 "An idol is a wish, made tangible and given form, and thus perceived as real, and seen OUTSIDE the mind."
T29I3 "Yet they remain ideas, and CANNOT leave the mind that is their source."
T29I4 "Its form is nowhere, for its source abides within your mind where God abideth not."
T29J1 "A dream of judgment came into the mind that God created perfect as Himself."
T29J7 "It is a dream in which no-one is used to substitute for something else, or interposed between the thoughts the mind conceives and what it sees."
T29J8 "They are not made to separate the mind from what it thinks."
T30B3 "Now the answer will provoke attack, unless you quickly straighten out your mind to WANT an answer that will work."
T30B5 "If you are so unwilling to receive you cannot even let your QUESTION go, you can begin to change your mind with this: "At least I can decide I do not LIKE what I feel now.""
T30B7 " Now you have changed your mind about the day, and have REMEMBERED what you really want."
T30B8 "It is a statement of an open mind, not certain yet, but willing to be shown: "Perhaps there IS another way to look at this."
T30B12 "Let this be the ONE reminder that you keep in mind, and you will have the day you want, and give it to the world by having it yourselves."
T30D6 "For thoughts endure as long as does the mind that thought of them, and in the Mind of God there is no ending, nor a time in which His Thoughts were absent, or could suffer change."
T30D6 "The thoughts YOU think are in your mind, as you are in the Mind Which thought of you."
T30D6 "And so there ARE no separate parts in what exists within God's Mind."
T30D9 "In perfect sureness of Its changelessness and of Its rest in Its eternal home, the Thought God holds of you has never left the Mind of Its Creator, Whom It knows as Its Creator knows that It is there."
T30D10 "The Mind of Heaven's Son in Heaven is, for there the Mind of Father and of Son joined in creation which can HAVE no end."
T30D10 "Forget not, then, that idols MUST keep hidden what you are, NOT from the Mind of God, but from your own."
T30E6 "Appearances can but deceive the mind that WANTS to be deceived."
T30F1 "The real world is the state of mind in which the ONLY purpose of the world is seen to be forgiveness."
T30F5 "The real world is a state in which the mind has learned how easily do idols go when they are still perceived, but wanted not."
T30F5 "How willingly the mind can let them go when it has understood that idols are nothing and nowhere, AND ARE PURPOSELESS."
T30G4 "The mind MUST think of its Creator as it looks upon itself."
T31A11 "It is the RECOGNITION that it is a state of mind UNWANTED that becomes the means whereby the choice is reassessed; another outcome seen to be preferred."
T31A12 "Be innocent of judgment, unaware of any thoughts of evil or of good that ever crossed your mind of anyone."
T31C3 "If you are sin you ARE a body, for the mind acts not."
T31C3 "And purpose must be in the body, NOT the mind."
T31C3 "If you are sin, you lock the mind WITHIN the body, and you give its purpose to its prison house, which acts INSTEAD of it."
T31C4 "Yet is the BODY prisoner, and NOT the mind."
T31C4 "It gives no orders that the mind need serve, nor sets conditions that it must obey."
T31C4 "It holds in prison but the willing mind that would abide in it."
T31C4 "It sickens at the bidding of the mind that would become its prisoner."
T31C4 "And it grows old and dies, because that mind is sick within ITSELF."
T31C4 "And so the body, where no learning CAN occur, could never change unless the mind PREFERRED the body change in its appearances, to suit the purpose given by the mind."
T31C5 "The mind that thinks it is a sin has but ONE purpose; that the body be the source of sin, and KEEP it in the prison house it chose, and guards, and holds itself at bay, a sleeping prisoner to the snarling dogs of hate and evil, sickness and attack; of pain and age, of grief and suffering."
T31C6 "Open your mind to change, and there will be no ancient penalty exacted from your brother or yourself."
T31E2 "For it is made to serve two purposes, but one of which the mind can recognize."
T31E7 "Now must the Holy Spirit find a way to help you see this concept of the self must be undone, if ANY peace of mind is to be given you."
T31E11 "It also shows some glimmering of sight into perception's law that what you see reflects the state of the PERCEIVER's mind."
T31E13 "It does not concern itself with content of the mind, but with the simple statement THAT IT THINKS."
T31E15 "There will be some confusion every time there is a shift, but be you thankful that the learning of the world is loosening its grasp upon your mind."
T31E15 "And be you sure and happy in the confidence that it will go at last, and leave your mind at peace."
T31E16 "It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound."
T31G6 "Yet it need not be fixed, unless you choose to hold it past the hope of change, and keep it static and concealed within your mind."
T31G6 "Alternatives are in your mind to use, and you CAN see yourself another way."
T31G13 "And thus it serves a wholly open mind, unclouded by old concepts and prepared to look on ONLY what the present holds."
W1IN11 "An untrained mind can accomplish nothing."
W1IN11 "It is the purpose of these exercises to train the mind to think along the lines which the course sets forth."
W1IN13 "The purpose of these exercises is to train the mind to a different perception of everything in the world."
W1IN13 "The purpose is to train the mind to generalize the lessons, so that you will understand that each of them is as applicable to one situation as it is to another."
W3L2 "The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them."
W3L2 "It is therefore essential that you keep a perfectly open mind, unhampered by judgment, in selecting the things to which the idea for the day is to be applied."
W4L1 "In these practice periods, begin with noting the thoughts that are crossing your mind for about a minute."
W4L3 "It is also the beginning of training your mind to recognize what is the same and what is different."
W4L4 "Do not, however, examine your mind for more than a minute or so."
W5L2 "But again, this should not be substituted for practice periods in which you first search your mind for "sources" of upset in which you believe, and forms of upset which you think result."
W5L3 "They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.""
W5L3 "Then examine your mind for whatever is distressing you, regardless of how much or how little you think it is doing so."
W5L4 "Then search your mind for no more than a minute or so, and try to identify a number of different forms of upset that are disturbing you, regardless of the relative importance you may give them."
W6L3 "They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.""
W8L1 "The mind's preoccupation with the past is the cause of the total misconception about time from which your seeing suffers."
W8L1 "Your mind cannot grasp the present, which is the only time there is."
W8L2 "The mind is actually blank when it does this, because it is not really thinking about anything."
W8L3 "The purpose of the exercises for today is to begin to train your mind to recognize when it is not really thinking at all."
W8L3 "While thoughtless "ideas" preoccupy your mind, the truth is blocked."
W8L3 "Recognizing that your mind has been merely blank, rather than believing that it is filled with real ideas, is the first step to opening the way to vision."
W8L4 "With as little investment as possible, search your mind for the usual minute or so, merely noting the thoughts you find there."
W8L4 "Then name each of your thoughts specifically, for example: "I seem to be thinking about (name of person), about (name of object), about (name of emotion), and so on," concluding at the end of the mind-searching period with: "But my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.""
W9L2 "It is difficult for the untrained mind to believe that what seems to be pictured before it is not there."
W9L2 "Each little step will clear a little of the darkness away, and understanding will finally come to lighten every corner of the mind which has been cleared of the debris which darkens it."
W10L3 "This is merely another way of repeating our earlier statement that your mind is really a blank."
W10L4 " The exercises consist, as before, in searching your mind for all the thoughts which are available to you, without selection or judgment."
W10L4 "As each one crosses your mind, say: "This thought about ____ does not mean anything.""
W12L3 "All terms which cross your mind are suitable subjects for today's exercises."
W14L4 "With eyes closed, think of all the horrors in the world that cross your mind."
W14L6 "What God did not create can only be in your own mind apart from His."
W16L4 "In applying the idea for today, search your mind for a minute or so, with eyes closed, and actively seek not to overlook any "little" thought which tends to elude the search."
W16L5 "In the practice periods, first repeat the idea, and then as each one crosses your mind, hold it in awareness while you tell yourself: "This thought about ____ is not a neutral thought.""
W19L3 "The idea is to be repeated first, and then the mind should be carefully searched for the thoughts it contains at that time."
W19L3 "As you consider each one, name it in terms of the central person or theme it contains, and holding it in your mind as you do so, say: "I am not alone in experiencing the effects of this thought about ____.""
W21L2 "Then close your eyes and search your mind carefully for situations past, present or anticipated, which arouse anger in you."
W21L4 "As you search your mind for all the forms in which attack thoughts present themselves, hold each one in mind and tell yourself; "I am determined to see ____ (name of person) differently.""
W22L1 "Today's idea accurately describes the way anyone who holds attack thoughts in his mind must see the world."
W22L1 "What peace of mind is possible to him then?"
W23L6 "As you look about you, repeat the idea slowly to yourself, and then close your eyes and devote about a minute to searching your mind for as many attack thoughts as occur to you."
W23L6 "As each one crosses your mind, say: "I can escape from the world by giving up attack thoughts about ____.""
W23L6 "Hold each one in mind as you say this, and then dismiss that thought and go on to the next."
W24L2 "The idea for today is a step toward opening your mind so that learning can begin."
W24L4 "Practice periods begin with repeating today's idea, followed by searching the mind, with closed eyes, for unresolved situations about which you are currently concerned."
W24L4 "You will quickly realize that you have a number of goals in mind as part of the desired outcome; and also that these goals are on different levels, and often conflict."
W24L6 "You will also recognize that many of your goals are contradictory, that you have no unified outcome in mind, and that you must experience disappointment in connection with some of your goals however the situation turns out."
W24L6 "After covering the list of as many hoped for goals as possible for each unresolved situation that crosses your mind, say to yourself: "I do not perceive my own best interests in this situation," and go on to the next."
W26L2 "Attack thoughts therefore make you vulnerable in your own mind, which is where the attack thoughts are."
W28L5 "You could, in fact, gain vision from just that table, if you could withdraw all your own ideas from it, and look upon it with a completely open mind."
W30L4 "The mind is its only source."
W30L5 "To aid in helping you to become more accustomed to this idea as well, devote several practice periods to applying today's idea with your eyes closed, using whatever subject comes to mind, and looking within rather than without."
W31L3 "As you survey your inner world, merely let whatever thoughts cross your mind come into your awareness, each to be considered for a moment and then replaced by the next."
W32L2 "However, since you see them as different, the practice periods for today will again include two phases, one involving the world you see outside you, and the other the world you see in your mind."
W34L1 "Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter."
W34L1 "It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises."
W34L3 "Search your mind for fear thoughts, anxiety provoking situations, "offending" personalities or events, or anything else about which you are harboring unloving thoughts."
W34L3 "Note each one casually, repeating the idea for today slowly, as you watch them arise in your mind, and let each one go to be replaced by the next."
W34L5 "The shorter applications are to be frequent, and made whenever you feel your peace of mind is threatened in any way."
W34L5 " If the inroads on your peace of mind take the form of more generalized adverse emotions, such as depression, anxiety or worry, use the idea in its original form."
W34L6 "If you find you need more than one application of today's idea to help you change your mind in any specific context, try to take several minutes and devote them to repeating the idea until you feel some sense of relief."
W35L4 "For each of the three five-minute practice periods today, begin by repeating today's idea to yourself, and then close your eyes and search your mind for the various kinds of descriptive terms in which you see yourself."
W35L5 "Toward the latter part of the exercise period, however, more self-inflating descriptive terms may well cross your mind."
W35L7 "They will occur to you as various situations, personalities, and events in which you figure cross your mind."
W35L7 "After you have named each one, add: "But my mind is part of God's."
W36L1 "You are holy because your mind is part of God's."
W36L1 "If your mind is part of God's you must be sinless, or a part of His Mind would be sinful."
W38L1 "Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator."
W38L4 "In the four longer practice periods, each preferably to last a full five minutes, repeat the idea for today, close your eyes, and then search your mind for any sense of loss or unhappiness of any kind, as you see it."
W38L6 "In the frequent shorter applications, apply the idea in its original form unless a specific problem concerning you or someone else arises, or comes to mind."
W39L8 "Slowly, without conscious selection and without undue emphasis on any one in particular, search your mind for every thought that stands between you and your salvation."
W39L9 "It will become much easier as your mind becomes more disciplined and less distractible."
W41L3 "It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought these things were real, and suffered out of its allegiance to these beliefs."
W41L4 "Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go."
W41L6 "Try to enter very deeply into your own mind, keeping it clear of any thoughts that might divert your attention."
W42L5 "Let them come without censoring unless you realize that your mind is merely wandering, and you have let obviously irrelevant thoughts intrude."
W42L5 "You may also reach a point where no thoughts at all seem to come to mind."
W42L5 "If such interferences occur, open your eyes and repeat the thought once more while looking slowly about; close your eyes, repeat the idea once more, and then continue to look for related thoughts in your mind."
W43L3 "Whatever you do you do in Him, because whatever you think you think with His Mind."
W43L6 "If you should find your mind wandering; if you begin to be aware of thoughts which are clearly out of accord with today's idea; or if you seem to be unable to think of anything, open your eyes, repeat the first phase; and then try the second phase again."
W44L3 "It is a particularly difficult form for the undisciplined mind because it represents a major goal of mind training."
W44L3 "It embodies precisely what the untrained mind lacks."
W44L4 "The form of exercise we will use today is the most natural and easy one in the world for the trained mind, just as it seems to be the most unnatural and difficult for the untrained mind."
W44L5 "Your mind is no longer wholly untrained."
W44L7 "Then try to sink into your mind, letting go every kind of interference and intrusions by quietly sinking past them."
W44L7 "Your mind cannot be stopped in this unless you choose to stop it."
W45L2 "You think with the Mind of God."
W45L2 "They are the same thoughts, because they are thought by the same Mind."
W45L2 "Nor do the thoughts you think with the Mind of God leave your mind, because thoughts do not leave their source."
W45L2 "Therefore your thoughts are in the Mind of God, as you are."
W45L2 "They are in your mind as well, where He is."
W45L2 "As you are part of His Mind, so are your thoughts part of His Thoughts."
W45L3 "We will have to look for them in your mind, because that is where they are."
W45L3 "What is thought by the Mind of God is eternal, being part of creation."
W45L6 "Spend a fairly short period in thinking a few relevant thoughts of your own, keeping the idea in mind as you do so."
W45L6 "After you have added some four or five thoughts of your own, repeat the idea again, and tell yourself gently: "My real thoughts are in my mind."
W45L6 "Then try to go past all the unreal thoughts which cover the truth in your mind, and reach to the eternal."
W45L6 "Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts which you thought with God in the beginning."
W45L6 "They are there in your mind now, completely unchanged."
W45L6 "They will always be in your mind, exactly as they always were."
W45L7 "Here is your mind joined with the Mind of God."
W45L9 "In using the shorter form for applying today's idea, try to remember how important it is to you to understand the holiness of the mind that thinks with God."
W45L9 "Take a minute or two, as you repeat the idea throughout the day, to appreciate your mind's holiness."
W46L2 "Forgiveness thus undoes what fear has produced, returning the mind to the awareness of God."
W46L3 "Close your eyes as you do so, and spend a minute or two in searching your mind for those whom you have not forgiven."
W46L5 "After you have applied the idea for today to all those who have come to mind, tell yourself: "God is the Love in which I forgive myself.""
W46L6 ""No fear is possible in a mind beloved of God.""
W47L7 "In the latter phase of the practice period, try to reach down into your mind to a place of real safety."
W47L7 "Let go all the trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach down and below them to the Kingdom of Heaven."
W48L2 "It is particularly important that you use the idea immediately, should anything disturb your peace of mind."
W48L3 "The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind, not necessarily in a place which you recognize as yet, you have remembered God and let His strength take the place of yours."
W49L1 "The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not."
W49L1 "It is the other part of your mind that functions in the world and obeys the world's laws."
W49L2 "Try to identify with the part of your mind where stillness and peace reign forever."
W49L4 "Be very still and open your mind."
W50L3 "It will transport you into a state of mind which nothing can threaten, nothing can disturb, and nothing can intrude upon the eternal calm of the Son of God."
W50L5 "Let no idle and foolish thoughts enter to disturb the holy mind of the Son of God."
W52L3 "8) "My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.""
W52L3 "I see only my own thoughts, and my mind is preoccupied with the past."
W52L3 "Let me remember that I look on the past to prevent the present from dawning on my mind."
W52L5 "Yet my mind is part of creation and part of its Creator."
W53L4 "He is the Source of all meaning, and everything that is real is in His Mind."
W53L4 "It is in my mind too, because He created it with me."
W54L2 "Let me look on the world as the representation of my own state of mind."
W54L2 "I know that my state of mind can change."
W54L4 "It is therefore in my power to change every mind along with mine, for mine is the power of God."
W55L5 "Let me open my mind to its real purpose by withdrawing the one I have given it, and learning the truth about it."
W56L5 "30) "God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.""
W56L5 "In my own mind, behind all my insane thoughts of separation and attack, is the knowledge that all is one forever."
W56L5 "It has been kept for me in the Mind of God, Who has not left His Thoughts."
W57L5 "35) "My mind is part of God's."
W59L5 "45) "God is the Mind with which I think.""
W59L5 "I have no thoughts apart from Him because I have no mind apart from His."
W59L5 "As part of His Mind, my thoughts are His and His Thoughts are mine."
W61L5 "Let a few related thoughts come to you, and repeat the idea to yourself if your mind wanders away from the central thought."
W62L3 "It will remove all sense of weakness, strain and fatigue from your mind."
W62L6 "Let related thoughts come freely, for your heart will recognize these words, and in your mind is the awareness that they are true."
W63L3 "And throughout the day, we will repeat this as often as we can: "The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness."
W64L8 "This will be difficult at first particularly, since you are not proficient in the mind discipline which it requires."
W65L2 "This is the only way in which you can find peace of mind."
W65L4 "This is part of the long range disciplinary training which your mind needs so that the Holy Spirit can use it consistently for the purpose He shares with you."
W65L5 "Then close your eyes, repeat the idea to yourself once again, and watch your mind carefully to catch whatever thoughts cross it."
W66L7 "We have seen that there are only two parts of your mind."
W66L9 "Think also about the many forms which the illusion of your function has taken in your mind, and the many ways in which you try to find salvation under the ego's guidance."
W67L3 "And somewhere in your mind It is there for you to find."
W67L5 "You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible, because your mind is so preoccupied with false self-images."
W68L1 "It is the decision to let the ego rule your mind, and to condemn the body to death."
W68L2 "Shut off from your Self, Who remains aware of His likeness to His Creator, your Self seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions in its sleep appears to be awake."
W68L5 "Begin today's extended practice period by searching your mind for those against whom you hold what you regard as major grievances."
W69L4 "Think of your mind as a vast round area, surrounded by a layer of heavy dark clouds."
W69L5 "Reach out and touch them in your mind."
W69L7 "Try, as you attempt to go through the clouds to the light, to hold this confidence in your mind."
W69L7 "Try to keep the thought clearly in mind that what you undertake with God must succeed."
W70L1 "You see neither guilt nor salvation as in your own mind, and nowhere else."
W70L1 "When you realize that all guilt is solely an invention of your mind, you must also realize that guilt and salvation must be in the same place."
W70L3 "It may not, however, be clear to you why the recognition that guilt is in your own mind entails the realization that salvation is there as well."
W70L3 "That is the way your mind has worked, but hardly His."
W71L2 "The change of mind that is necessary for salvation is thus demanded of everyone and everything except yourself."
W71L3 "The role assigned to your own mind in this plan, then, is simply to determine what other than itself must change if you are to be saved."
W72L2 "For it is this wish which seems to surround the mind with a body, keeping it separate and alone, and unable to reach other minds except through the body which was made to imprison it."
W72L8 "Our upside-down perception has been ruinous to our peace of mind."
W73L5 "Grievances darken your mind, and you look out on a darkened world."
W73L10 "After reminding yourself of this and determining to keep your will clearly in mind, tell yourself with gentle firmness and quiet certainty: "I will there be light."
W74L3 "During this introductory phase, be sure to deal quickly with any conflict thoughts that may cross your mind."
W74L5 "After you have cleared your mind in this way, close your eyes and try to experience the peace to which your reality entitles you."
W75L5 "Keep a completely open mind, washed of all past ideas and clean of every concept you have made."
W76L5 "The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself."
W76L5 "The body suffers that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself."
W76L5 "The body's suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers."
W76L10 "Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today, and hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you."
W78L5 "You know the one to choose; his name has crossed your mind already."
W78L6 "We will attempt to hold him in our mind, first as you now consider him."
W78L7 "The body's eyes are closed, and as you think of him who grieved you, let your mind be shown the light in him beyond your grievances."
W80R22 "Repeat the first phase if you find your mind wandering, but try to spend the major part of the practice period listening quietly but attentively."
W82L1 "63) "The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.""
W82L3 "Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are: "Let peace extend from my mind to yours, (name)" "I share the light of the world with you, (name)" "Through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.""
W85L5 "It has not left its Source and so it cannot have left my mind."
W91L5 "Faith goes to what you want, and you instruct your mind accordingly."
W91L7 "You need to be aware of what the Holy Spirit uses to replace the image of a body in your mind."
W92L3 "It is God's strength in you that is the light in which you see, as it is His Mind with which you think."
W93L12 "And you can do much today to bring the conviction to your mind that the idea for the day is true indeed."
W95L4 "It is difficult at this point not to allow your mind to wander if it undertakes extended attempts."
W95L4 "You have seen the extent of your lack of mental discipline, and of your need for mind training."
W95L11 "Begin the longer practice periods with this assurance, given to your mind with all the certainty that you can give: "I am One Self, united with my Creator, At one with every aspect of creation, And limitless in power and in peace.""
W95L12 "Then close your eyes and tell yourself again, slowly and thoughtfully, attempting to allow the meaning of the words to sink into your mind, replacing false ideas: "I am One Self.""
W95L14 "You are One Self, and it is given you to feel this Self within you, and to cast all your illusions out of the One Mind Which is this Self, the holy truth in you."
W95L16 "Repeat today's idea as frequently as possible, and understand each time you do so, someone hears the voice of hope, the stirring of the truth within his mind, the gentle rustling of the wings of peace."
W96L1 "Although you are One Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body."
W96L4 "A mind and body cannot both exist."
W96L4 "If you are physical your mind is gone from your self-concept, for it has no place in which it could be really part of you."
W96L5 "Spirit makes use of mind as means to find Its Self-expression."
W96L5 "And the mind that serves the Spirit is at peace and filled with joy."
W96L5 "Yet mind can also see itself divorced from Spirit, and perceive itself within a body it confuses with itself."
W96L6 "Yet mind apart from Spirit cannot think."
W96L7 "Your Self retains Its Thoughts, and They remain within your mind and in the Mind of God."
W96L7 "The Holy Spirit holds salvation in your mind, and offers it the way to peace."
W96L8 "We will attempt today to find this Thought, Whose presence in your mind is guaranteed by Him Who speaks to you from your One Self."
W96L8 "Our hourly five minute practicing will be a search for Him within your mind."
W96L8 "Salvation comes from this One Self through Him Who is the bridge between your mind and It."
W96L9 "Wait patiently, and let Him speak to you about your Self, and what your mind can do, restored to It and free to serve Its Will."
W96L9 "These are your own real thoughts you have denied, and let your mind go wandering in a world of dreams, to find illusions in their place."
W96L10 "If you succeed, the Thoughts that come to you will tell you you are saved, and that your mind has found the function that it sought to lose."
W96L10 "Your mind will bless all things."
W96L11 "Perhaps your mind remains uncertain yet a little while."
W96L11 "Every time you spend five minutes of the hour seeking Him Who joins your mind and Self, you offer Him another treasure to be kept for you."
W96L12 "Each time today you tell your frantic mind salvation comes from your One Self, you lay another treasure in your growing store."
W97L1 "Practice this truth today as often as you can, for it will bring your mind from conflict to the quiet fields of peace."
W97L1 "No chill of fear can enter, for your mind has been absolved of madness, letting go illusions of a split identity."
W97L2 "We state again the truth about your Self, the holy Son of God Who rests in you; Whose mind has been restored to sanity."
W97L3 "Today we try to bring reality still closer to your mind."
W97L4 "You are the Spirit in Whose Mind abides the miracle in which all time stands still; the miracle in which a minute spent in using these ideas becomes a time which has no length and which has no end."
W97L6 "He will not overlook one open mind that will accept the healing gifts they bring, and He will lay them everywhere He knows they will be welcome."
W97L9 "Listen for His assurance every time you speak the word He offers you today, and let Him tell your mind that they are true."
W98L6 "You can exchange a little of your time for peace of mind and certainty of purpose, with the promise of complete success."
W98L10 "Repeat it often, and do not forget each time you do so, you have let your mind be readied for the happy time to come."
W99L3 "How could there be a meeting place at all where earth and Heaven can be reconciled within a mind where both of them exist?"
W99L3 "The mind which sees illusions thinks them real."
W99L3 "And yet they are not real because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate from God."
W99L4 "What joins the separated mind and thoughts with Mind and Thought which are forever One?"
W99L5 "The Holy Spirit holds this plan of God exactly as it was received of Him within the Mind of God, and in your own."
W99L8 "Then let the Thought with Which He has replaced all your mistakes enter the darkened places of your mind which thought the thoughts that never were His Will."
W99L10 "It is God's will your mind be One with His."
W99L12 "You have a special message for today which has the power to remove all forms of doubt and fear forever from your mind."
W99L13 "Thus do you lay forgiveness on your mind, and let all fear be gently laid aside that Love may find Its rightful place in you, and show you that you are the Son of God."
W101L5 "Accept atonement with an open mind which cherishes no lingering belief that you have made a devil of God's Son."
W101L7 "So should you start your practice periods, and then attempt again to find the joy these thoughts will introduce into your mind."
W102L1 "It has not gone as yet, but lacks the roots that once secured it tightly to the dark and hidden secret places of your mind."
W102L4 "Then seek this function deep within your mind, for it is there, awaiting but your choice."
W103L1 "Yet can the mind deny that this is so, believing there are gaps in love where sin can enter, bringing pain instead of joy."
W104L1 "They are not welcomed gladly by a mind which has instead received the gifts it made where His belong, as substitutes for them."
W104L5 "This reminder will we bring to mind as often as we can: "I seek but what belongs to me in truth."
W105L7 "Thus you prepare yourself to recognize God's gifts to you, and let your mind be free of all that would prevent success today."
W105L8 "You must succeed today if you prepare your mind as we suggest, for you have let all bars to peace and joy be lifted up, and what is yours can come to you at last."
W106L1 "If you will lay aside the ego's voice however loudly it may seem to call; if you will not accept its petty gifts which give you nothing that you really want; if you will listen with an open mind which has not told you what salvation is; then you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in Its messages."
W107L2 "Can you imagine what a state of mind without illusions is?"
W107L3 "And now you have a hint, not more than just the faintest intimation of the state your mind will rest in when the truth has come."
W107L3 "When truth has come all pain is over, for there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to linger in your mind."
W107L3 "Truth occupies your mind completely, liberating you from all beliefs in the ephemeral."
W107L4 "They will merely blow away when truth corrects the errors in your mind."
W107L9 "Truth will correct all errors in your mind which tell you you could be apart from Him."
W107L9 "His confidence is with you as you say: "Truth will correct all errors in my mind, And I will rest in Him who is my Self.""
W107L10 "They will increase with every gift you give of five small minutes, and the errors which surround the world will be corrected as you let them be corrected in your mind."
W107L11 "Each time you tell yourself with confidence, "Truth will correct all errors in my mind," you speak for all the world, and Him Who would release the world as He would set you free."
W108L2 "It is a state of mind which has become so unified that darkness cannot be perceived at all."
W108L3 "This is the light which brings your peace of mind to other minds, to share it and be glad that they are one with you and with themselves."
W108L8 ""To everyone I offer peace of mind.""
W109L5 "Let these periods of rest and respite reassure your mind that all its frantic fantasies were but the dreams of fever that has passed away."
W109L6 "Each hour that you take your rest today a tired mind is suddenly made glad, a bird with broken wings begins to sing, a stream long dry begins to flow again."
W109L9 "We give to those unborn and those passed by, to every Thought of God, and to the Mind in Which these Thoughts were born, and where they rest."
W110L2 "Today's idea is therefore all you need to let complete correction heal your mind and give you perfect vision, which will heal all the mistakes that any mind has made at any time or place."
W110L4 "If you are as God created you, then there has been no separation of your mind from His, no split between your mind and other minds, and only unity within your own."
W110L6 "Then, with this statement firmly in your mind, try to discover in your mind this Self Who is the holy Son of God Himself."
W110L7 "Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you."
W110R33 "Those practice periods which you have lost because you did not want to do them for whatever reason should be done as soon as you have changed your mind about your goal."
W110R35 "Then begin to think about them quietly, letting your mind relate them to your needs, your seeming problems and all your concerns."
W110R36 "Place the ideas within your mind, and let it use them as it chooses."
W110R36 "What can you trust but what is in your mind?"
W110R36 "The wisdom of your mind will come to your assistance."
W110R37 "Offer them to your mind in that same trust and confidence and faith."
W110R310 "Repeat it, and allow your mind to rest a little time in silence and in peace."
W111L1 "Let the light Of holiness and truth light up my mind, And let me see the innocence within."
W113L2 "From my One Self, Whose knowledge still remains Within my mind, I see God's perfect plan For my salvation perfectly fulfilled."
W119L1 "107) "Truth will correct all errors in my mind.""
W119L1 "I am God's Son, Whose Self rests safely in the Mind of God."
W119L3 "On the hour: "Truth will correct all errors in my mind.""
W121L2 "The unforgiving mind is full of fear, and offers love no room to be itself; no place where it can spread its wings in peace, and soar above the turmoil of the world."
W121L2 "The unforgiving mind is sad, without the hope of respite and release from pain."
W121L3 "The unforgiving mind is torn with doubt, confused about itself and all it sees, afraid and angry, weak and blustering, afraid to go ahead, afraid to stay, afraid to waken or to go to sleep, afraid of every sound, yet more afraid of stillness; terrified of darkness, yet more terrified at the approach of light."
W121L3 "What can the unforgiving mind perceive but its damnation?"
W121L4 "The unforgiving mind sees no mistakes, but only sins."
W121L5 "The unforgiving mind is in despair, without the prospect of a future which can offer anything but more despair."
W121L6 "It is not inherent in a mind which cannot sin."
W121L6 "Thus you return your mind as one to Him Who is your Self, and Who can never sin."
W121L7 "Each unforgiving mind presents you with an opportunity to teach your own how to forgive itself."
W121L7 "The unforgiving mind must learn through your forgiveness that it has been saved from hell."
W121L9 "The unforgiving mind does not believe that giving and receiving are the same."
W121L11 "Now close your eyes and see him in your mind, and look at him a while."
W121L12 "Look at this changed perception for a while, and turn your mind to one you call a friend."
W121L13 "Do not forget, throughout the day, the role forgiveness plays in bringing happiness to every unforgiving mind, with yours among them."
W122L1 "Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world?"
W122L3 "It lets you recognize the Son of God, and clears your memory of all dead thoughts so that remembrance of your Father can arise across the threshold of your mind."
W122L7 "The world can give no gifts of any value to a mind which has received what God has given as its own."
W122L14 "Be tempted not to let your gifts slip by, and drift into forgetfulness but hold them firmly in your mind by your attempts to think of them at least a minute as each quarter of an hour passes by."
W123L8 "Receive His thanks, and you will understand how lovingly He holds you in His Mind, how deep and limitless His care for you, how perfect is His gratitude to you."
W124L2 "And everything we see reflects the holiness within the mind at one with God and with itself."
W124L5 "We see it in the frantic, in the sad and the distressed, the lonely and afraid, who are restored to the tranquility and peace of mind in which they were created."
W124L9 "Yet sometime, somewhere, it will come to you, nor will you fail to recognize it when it dawns with certainty upon your mind."
W124L10 "When you are ready; you will find it there, within your mind and waiting to be found."
W125L1 "He calls to you from deep within your mind where He abides."
W125L1 "No peace is possible until His Word is heard around the world; until your mind, in quiet listening, accepts the message which the world must hear to usher in the quiet time of peace."
W125L2 "No other means can save it, for God's plan is simply this: The Son of God is free to save himself, given the Word of God to be his Guide, forever in his mind and at his side to lead him surely to his Father's house by his own will, forever free as God's."
W125L4 "We gather at the throne of God today, the quiet place within your mind where He abides forever in the holiness which He created and will never leave."
W125L5 "He has not waited until you return your mind to Him to give His Word to you."
W125L6 "His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word cannot be heard until your mind is quiet for a while, and meaningless desires have been stilled."
W125L6 "There is peace within you to be called upon today to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice of its Creator speak."
W125L8 "It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and purpose, with no separation nor division in the single Mind of Father and of Son."
W126L6 "As you see it, it is but a check upon overt attack, without requiring correction in your mind."
W126L7 "Salvation is a better gift than this, and true forgiveness, as the means by which it is attained, must heal the mind that gives, for giving is receiving."
W126L9 "It is the thought that will release your mind from every bar to what forgiveness means, and let you realize its worth to you."
W126L11 "Do not let your mind forget this goal for long, but tell yourself: "All that I give is given to myself."
W126L11 "Then spend the quiet moment, opening your mind to His correction and His Love."
W127L3 "And it must elude the mind that thinks of it as partial or in part."
W127L7 "Open your mind and rest."
W127L8 "And He Himself will place a spark of truth within your mind wherever you give up a false belief, a dark illusion of your own reality and what love means."
W127L8 "In loving gentleness He will abide with you, as you allow His Voice to teach love's meaning to your clean and open mind."
W127L11 "And as he comes to mind, give him this message from your Self: "I bless you, brother, with the Love of God Which I would share with you."
W128L2 "The only purpose worthy of your mind this world contains is that you pass it by, without delaying to perceive some hope where there is none."
W128L3 "Escape today the chains you place upon your mind when you perceive salvation here."
W128L6 "Peace and be still a little while, and see how far you rise above the world when you release your mind from chains, and let it seek the level where it finds itself at home."
W128L7 "Your whole perspective on the world will shift by just a little every time you let your mind escape its chains."
W128L7 "Open your mind to Him."
W128L8 "Protect your mind throughout the day as well."
W128L8 "And when you think you see some value in an aspect or an image of the world, refuse to lay this chain upon your mind, and tell yourself with quiet certainty: "This will not tempt me to delay myself."
W129L5 "Here is the world that comes to take its place as you unbind your mind from little things the world sets forth to keep you prisoner there."
W129L8 "And yet your mind can see it plainly, and can understand."
W130L1 "No one can see a world his mind has not accorded value."
W131L9 "Leave foolish thoughts like these behind today, and turn your mind to true ideas instead."
W131L11 "For several minutes watch your mind and see, although your eyes are closed, the senseless world you think is real."
W131L11 "There is a door beneath them in your mind which you could not completely lock to hide what lies beyond."
W132L2 "Yet is salvation easily achieved, for anyone is free to change his mind, and all his thoughts change with it."
W132L2 "Now the source of thought has shifted, for to change your mind means you have changed the source of all ideas you think or ever thought or yet will think."
W132L3 "Death strikes it everywhere because you hold the bitter thought of death within your mind."
W132L4 "Your mind must give it meaning."
W132L4 "Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly."
W132L5 "This central theme is often stated in the text, and must be borne in mind if you would understand the lesson for today."
W132L5 "It is not pride that tells you that you made the world you see, and that it changes as you change your mind."
W132L10 "To free the world from every kind of pain is but to change your mind about yourself."
W132L10 "There is no world apart from your ideas because ideas leave not their source, and you maintain the world within your mind in thought."
W132L13 "Release your mind, and you will look upon a world released."
W132L15 "Then merely rest, alert but with no strain, and let your mind in quietness be changed so that the world is freed along with you."
W133L2 "When you let your mind be drawn to bodily concerns, to things you buy, to eminence as valued by the world, you ask for sorrow, not for happiness."
W133L8 "What attracts your mind to it?"
W134L3 "This twisted viewpoint but reflects the hold that the idea of sin retains as yet upon your mind as you regard yourself."
W134L9 "When you feel that you are tempted to accuse someone of sin in any form, do not allow your mind to dwell on what you think he did, for this is self-deception."
W134L10 "Thus will you see alternatives for choice in terms which render choosing meaningful, and keep your mind as free of guilt and pain as God Himself intended it to be, and as it is in truth."
W134L12 "He can remove the ponderous and useless armor made to chain his mind to fear and misery."
W134L13 "And yet it joins your mind with the reality in you."
W134L16 "Then choose one brother as He will direct, and catalogue his "sins" as one by one they cross your mind."
W134L18 "When this occurs, allow your mind to see through this illusion as you tell yourself: "Let me perceive forgiveness as it is."
W135L7 "It is your mind which gave the body all the functions that you see in it, and set its value far beyond a little pile of dust and water."
W135L8 "It will be strong and healthy if the mind does not abuse it by assigning it to roles it cannot fill, to purposes beyond its scope, and to exalted aims which it cannot accomplish."
W135L9 "The body, valueless and hardly worth the least defense, need merely be perceived as quite apart from you, and it becomes a healthy, serviceable instrument through which the mind can operate until its usefulness is over."
W135L10 "Defend the body and you have attacked your mind."
W135L10 "You will not see the mind as separate from bodily conditions."
W135L10 "And you will impose upon the body all the pain that comes from the conception of the mind as limited and fragile, and apart from other minds and separate from its Source."
W135L11 "You offer it protection of a kind from which it gains no benefit at all, but merely adds to your distress of mind."
W135L12 "A healed mind does not plan."
W135L13 "A healed mind is relieved from the belief that it must plan, although it cannot know the outcome which is best, the means by which it is achieved, nor how to recognize the problem that the plan is made to solve."
W135L14 "Enslavement of the body to the plans the unhealed mind sets up to save itself must make the body sick."
W135L14 "For everything the mind employs for this will function flawlessly, and with the strength that has been given it and cannot fail."
W135L15 "They are the means by which a frightened mind would undertake its own protection at the cost of truth."
W135L16 "The mind engaged in planning for itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings."
W135L16 "It overlooks the present, for it rests on the idea the past has taught enough to let the mind direct its future course."
W135L17 "The mind that plans is thus refusing to allow for change."
W136L4 "But afterwards your plan requires that you must forget you made it, so it seems to be external to your own intent; a happening beyond your state of mind, an outcome with a real effect on you, instead of one effected by your self."
W136L7 "It is a choice you make, a plan you lay when, for an instant, truth arises in your own deluded mind, and all your world appears to totter and prepare to fall."
W136L14 "And it comes to any mind that would lay down its arms and cease to play with folly."
W136L15 "I will accept the truth of what I am, And let my mind be wholly healed today.""
W136L16 "Healing will flash across your open mind as peace and truth arise to take the place of war and vain imaginings."
W136L16 "There will be no dim figures from your dreams, nor their obscure and meaningless pursuits with double purposes insanely sought, remaining in your mind."
W136L17 "No response at all is in the mind to what the body does."
W136L19 "If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, yield to judgment or make plans against uncertainties to come, you have again misplaced yourself, and made a bodily identity which will attack the body, for the mind is sick."
W136L19 "And my mind Cannot attack."
W137L2 "It gives the body final power to make separation real and keep the mind in solitary prison, split apart and held in pieces by a solid wall of sickened flesh which it can not surmount."
W137L6 "The body seems to be more solid and more stable than the mind."
W137L10 "And as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch, or those who seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you."
W137L11 "What is opposed to God does not exist, and who accepts it not within his mind becomes a haven where the weary can remain to rest."
W137L14 "And I would share my healing with the world, That sickness may be banished from the mind Of God's One Son, Who is my only Self.""
W138L8 "These mad beliefs can gain unconscious hold of great intensity, and grip the mind with terror and anxiety so strong that it will not relinquish its ideas about its own protection."
W138L9 "All that is veiled in shadows must be raised to understanding to be judged again, this time with Heaven's help, and all mistakes in judgment which the mind had made before are open to correction as the truth dismisses them as causeless."
W138L12 "I make it now and will not change my mind, Because it is the only thing I want.""
W139L5 "But you have split your mind into what knows and does not know the truth."
W139L7 "It is set forever in the holy Mind of God and in your own."
W139L11 "We can remember it for everyone, for in creation are all minds as one, and in our memory is the recall how dear our brothers are to us in truth, how much a part of us is every mind, how faithful they have really been to us, and how our Father's Love contains us all."
W139L12 "For several minutes let your mind be cleared of all the foolish cobwebs which the world would weave around the holy Son of God and learn the fragile nature of the chains which seem to keep the knowledge of yourself apart from your awareness, as you say: "I will accept Atonement for myself, For I remain as God created me.""
W140L1 "When it tries to heal the mind, it sees no separation from the body where it thinks the mind exists."
W140L2 "Yet he has not awakened from the dream, and so his mind remains exactly as it was before."
W140L3 "The dreams forgiveness lets the mind perceive do not induce another form of sleep, so that the dreamer dreams another dream."
W140L3 "His happy dreams are heralds of the dawn of truth upon the mind."
W140L4 "For the mind which understands that sickness can be nothing but a dream is not deceived by forms the dream may take."
W140L7 "The mind that brings illusions to the truth is really changed."
W140R42 "There is a central theme that unifies each step in the review we undertake, which can be simply stated in these words: "My mind holds only what I think with God.""
W140R42 "It is this Thought Which fully guarantees salvation to the Son, for in his mind no thoughts can dwell but those his Father shares."
W140R44 "And yet your mind holds only what you think with God."
W140R45 "Begin each day with time devoted to the preparation of your mind to learn what each idea you will review that day can offer you in freedom and in peace."
W140R45 "Open your mind and clear it of all thoughts that would deceive, and let this Thought alone engage it fully and remove the rest: "My mind holds only what I think with God.""
W140R45 "Five minutes with this Thought will be enough to set the day along the lines which God appointed, and to place His Mind in charge of all the thoughts you will receive that day."
W140R47 "Each hour of the day bring to your mind the Thought with which the day began, and spend a quiet moment with It."
W140R49 "And as you give your mind to the ideas for the day again before you sleep, His gratitude surrounds you in the peace wherein He wills you be forever, and are learning now to claim again as your inheritance."
W151L9 "Accept His word of what you are, for He bears witness to your beautiful creation and the Mind Whose Thought created your reality."
W151L14 "Let Him evaluate each thought that comes to mind, remove the elements of dreams, and give them back to you as clean ideas which do not contradict the Will of God."
W151L15 "And as each thought is thus transformed, it takes on healing power from the Mind Which saw the truth in it, and failed to be deceived by what was falsely added."
W151L16 "And everyone will share the thoughts with you which He has retranslated in your mind."
W152L2 "Can fear and sickness enter in a mind where love and perfect holiness abide?"
W152L5 "And that includes all shifts in feeling, alterations in conditions of the body and the mind, in all awareness and in all response."
W152L6 "What can He know of the ephemeral, the sinful and the guilty, the afraid, the suffering and lonely, and the mind which lives within a body that must die?"
W153L1 "No peace of mind is possible where danger threatens thus."
W153L2 "The mind is now confused, and knows not where to turn to find escape from its imaginings."
W153L3 "Attack, defense; defense, attack, become the circles of the hours and the days which bind the mind in heavy bands of steel with iron overlaid, returning but to start again."
W153L3 "There seems to be no break nor ending in the ever-tightening grip of imprisonment upon the mind."
W153L18 "Nor would you keep your mind away from Him a moment, even though your time is spent in offering salvation to the world."
W153L20 "Our practicing will now begin to take the earnestness of love to help you keep your mind from wandering from its intent."
W154L4 "It is this Voice which speaks of laws the world does not obey; Which promises salvation from all sin, with guilt abolished in the mind which God created sinless."
W154L4 "Now this mind becomes aware again of Who created it, and of His lasting union with itself."
W156L8 "I light the world, I light my mind and all The minds which God created one with me.""
W157L4 "Nothing is needed but today's idea to light your mind, and let it rest in still anticipation and in quiet joy wherein you quickly leave the world behind."
W157L5 "For your experience today will so transform your mind that it becomes the touchstone for the holy Thoughts of God."
W158L1 "The knowledge that you are a mind, in Mind and purely mind, sinless forever, wholly unafraid because you were created out of Love."
W158L2 "The revelation that the Father and the Son are One will come in time to every mind."
W158L2 "Yet is that time determined by the mind itself, not taught."
W158L5 "Yet there is a vision which the Holy Spirit sees because the mind of Christ beholds it too."
W159L2 "Receive them now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away."
W161L2 "Complete abstraction is the natural condition of the mind."
W161L2 "All hearing but brings to your mind the sounds it wants to hear."
W161L4 "Every mind contains all minds, for every mind is one."
W161L4 "The mind that taught itself to think specifically can no longer grasp abstraction in the sense that it is all-encompassing."
W161L6 "The body is the target for attack, for no one thinks he hates a mind."
W161L6 "Yet what but mind directs the body to attack?"
W162L1 "This single thought, held firmly in the mind, would save the world."
W162L3 "Holy indeed is he who makes these words his own; arising with them in his mind, recalling them throughout the day, at night bringing them with him as he goes to sleep."
W162L4 "For the words we use are mighty, and they need no thoughts beyond themselves to change the mind of him who uses them."
W162L4 "Christ's vision has restored your sight by salvaging your mind."
W164L8 "Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come, and offer you the treasure of salvation."
W164L8 "He has need of your most holy mind to save the world."
W165L2 "The Thought of God protects you, cares for you, makes soft your resting place and smooth your way, lighting your mind with happiness and love."
W165L2 "Eternity and Everlasting Life shine in your mind because the Thought of God has left you not, and still abides with you."
W165L3 "Who would deny his safety and his peace, his joy, his healing and his peace of mind, his quiet rest, his calm awakening, if he but recognized where they abide?"
W165L4 "Nor need you perceive how great the gift, how changed your mind will be, before it comes to you."
W165L5 "For this sight proves that you have exchanged your blindness for the seeing eyes of Christ; your mind has come to lay aside denial and accept the Thought of God as its inheritance."
W165L6 "Now is Christ's power in your mind to heal as you were healed."
W166L2 "Impossible indeed; but every mind which looks upon the world and judges it as certain, solid, trustworthy and true believes in two creators; or in one, himself alone."
W166L14 "Your hand becomes the giver of Christ's touch; your change of mind becomes the proof that who accepts God's gifts can never suffer anything."
W166L15 "Be witness in your happiness to how transformed the mind becomes which chooses to accept His gifts and feel the touch of Christ."
W167L3 "A thought is in the mind."
W167L3 "It can be then applied as mind directs it."
W167L3 "The emphasis this course has placed on that idea is due to its centrality in our attempts to change your mind about yourself."
W167L6 "The mind can think it sleeps, but that is all."
W167L6 "What is alien to the mind does not exist, because it has no source."
W167L6 "For mind creates all things that are, and cannot give them attributes it lacks, nor change its own eternal, mindful state."
W167L6 "What seems to die is but the sign of mind asleep."
W167L7 "Yet mind is mind awake or sleeping."
W167L8 "God creates only mind awake."
W167L9 "When the mind elects to be what it is not, and to assume an alien power which it does not have, a foreign state it cannot enter, or a false condition not within its Source, it merely seems to go to sleep a while."
W167L9 "When the mind awakes, it but continues as it always was."
W167L12 "A sleeping mind must waken as it sees its own perfection mirroring the Lord of Life so perfectly it fades into what is reflected there."
W167L12 "For the wakened mind is one that knows its Source, its Self, its Holiness."
W168L1 "When his mind remains asleep, He loves him still."
W168L1 "And when his mind awakes, He loves him with a never-changing Love."
W168L2 "And memory of Him awakens in the mind which asks the means of Him whereby its sleep is done."
W168L3 "It restores all memories the sleeping mind forgot; all certainty of what love's meaning is."
W169L1 "It is past learning yet the goal of learning, for grace cannot come until the mind prepares itself for true acceptance."
W169L3 "Yet we prepare for grace in that an open mind can hear the Call to waken."
W169L4 "But we have also said the mind determines when that time will be, and has determined it."
W169L4 "And yet we urge you to bear witness to the Word of God to hasten the experience of truth, and speed its advent into every mind which recognizes its effects on you."
W169L5 "No mind holds anything but Him."
W169L5 "There are no lips to speak them, and no part of mind sufficiently distinct to feel that it is now aware of something not itself."
W169L6 "It comes to every mind when total recognition that its will is God's has been completely given and received completely."
W169L6 "It returns the mind into the endless present, where the past and future cannot be conceived."
W169L7 "Yet forgiveness, taught and learned, brings with it the experiences which bear witness that the time the mind itself determined to abandon all but this is now at hand."
W169L8 "All learning was already in His Mind, accomplished and complete."
W169L9 "Whatever time the mind has set for revelation is entirely irrelevant to what must be a constant state, forever as it always was; forever to remain as it is now."
W170L3 "Yet your defense sets up an enemy within; an alien thought at war with you, depriving you of peace, splitting your mind into two camps which seem wholly irreconcilable."
W170L4 "Yet you attack outside yourself, and separate your mind from him who is to be attacked, with perfect faith the split you made is real."
W170R55 "This review will shorten time immeasurably if we keep in mind that This remains our goal, and as we practice it is This to which we are approaching."
W170R56 "Yet a Savior must remain with those he teaches, seeing what they see, but still retaining in his mind the way which led him out, and now will lead you out with him."
W170R57 "I am reborn each time a brother's mind turns to the light in him and looks for me."
W170R512 "Yet are the words but aids and to be used, except at the beginning and the end of practice periods, but to recall the mind, as needed, to its purpose."
W178L1 " 165) "Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.""
W182L2 "God's Name can not be heard without response, nor said without an echo in the mind which calls you to remember."
W182L8 "Sit silently and let His Name become the all-encompassing idea which holds your mind completely."
W183L1 "And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true."
W183L1 "Just a persistent feeling, sometimes not more than a tiny throb, at other times hardly remembered, actively dismissed, but surely to return to mind again."
W183L3 "A thousand homes he makes, yet none contents his restless mind."
W183L8 "When you are still an instant, when the world recedes from you, when valueless ideas cease to have value in your restless mind, then will you hear His Voice."
W184L3 "What are these names by which the world becomes a series of discrete events, of things ununified, of bodies kept apart and holding bits of mind as separate awarenesses?"
W184L5 "Yet does this other vision still remain a natural direction for the mind to channel its perception."
W184L5 "It is hard to teach the mind a thousand alien names and thousands more."
W184L8 "His body makes response to what you call him, for his mind consents to take the name you give him as his own."
W185L6 "The mind which means that all it wants is peace must join with other minds, for that is how peace is obtained."
W185L6 "And when the wish for peace is genuine, the means for finding it is given in a form each mind which seeks for it in honesty can understand."
W185L8 "Today devote your practice periods to careful searching of your mind, to find the dreams you cherish still."
W185L14 "It is this one intent we seek today, uniting our desires with the need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope that lies beyond despair, the love attack would hide, the brotherhood that hate has sought to sever, but which still remains as God created it."
W186L1 "Here is the statement that will one day take all arrogance away from every mind."
W186L9 "They blow across his mind like wind-swept leaves that form a patterning an instant, break apart to group again, and scamper off."
W186L10 "These unsubstantial images will go, and leave your mind unclouded and serene when you accept the function given you."
W187L2 "And you do not lack for proof that when you give ideas away, you strengthen them in your own mind."
W188L4 "The shining in your mind reminds the world of what it has forgotten, and the world restores the memory to you as well."
W188L7 "God's peace is shining on them, but they must remain with you as well, for they were born within your mind, as yours was born in God's."
W189L5 "But learn and do not let your mind forget this law of seeing: You will look upon that which you feel within."
W189L7 "Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false or good or bad; of every thought it judges worthy and all the ideas of which it is ashamed."
W190L5 "Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way."
W190L6 "And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind, and choose the joy of God as what you really want."
W190L6 "And would you deny a little corner of your mind its own inheritance, and keep it as a hospital for pain, a sickly place where living things must come at last to die?"
W190L8 "Pain is the thought of evil taking form, and working havoc in your holy mind."
W192L5 "The mind without the body cannot make mistakes."
W192L5 "Only forgiveness can relieve the mind of thinking that the body is its home."
W192L6 "With anger gone, you will indeed perceive that for Christ's vision and the gift of sight no sacrifice was asked, and only pain was lifted from a sick and tortured mind."
W193L5 "These are the words which end the dream of sin, and rid the mind of fear."
W193L7 "And there remains an unforgiveness hiding in the mind which sees the pain through eyes the mind directs."
W194L6 "As it becomes a thought which rules your mind, a habit in your problem-solving repertoire, a way of quick reaction to temptation, you extend your learning to the world."
W194L7 "He is free to choose again when he has been deceived; to change his mind when he has made mistakes."
W196L3 "Thus do you also teach your mind that you are not an ego."
W196L4 "Let us take this step today that we may quickly go the way salvation shows us, taking every step in its appointed sequence as the mind relinquishes its burdens one by one."
W196L8 "And God, Whom you had thought to banish, can be welcomed back within the holy mind He never left."
W196L10 "There is an instant in which terror seems to grip your mind so wholly that escape appears quite hopeless."
W196L10 "When you realize, once and for all, that it is you you fear, the mind perceives itself as split."
W196L12 "It is indeed but you your mind can try to crucify."
W197L1 "Here is the second step we take to free your mind from the belief in outside force pitted against your own."
W197L4 "In his mind there is a part which joins with yours in thanking you."
W198L9 "The truth bestows these words upon your mind, that you may find the key to light and let the darkness end: "Only my condemnation injures me."
W198L11 "Then are symbols done, and everything you ever thought you made completely vanished from the mind which God forever knows to be His only Son."
W199L1 "The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it, and sheltered by its presence."
W199L1 "If this were the truth, the mind were vulnerable indeed!"
W199L2 "The mind that serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever, in all ways, beyond the laws of time and space, unbound by any preconceptions, and with strength and power to do whatever it is asked."
W199L2 "Attack thoughts cannot enter such a mind, because it has been given to the Source of Love, and fear can never enter in a mind which has attached itself to Love."
W199L4 "For this, the body will appear as useful form for what the mind must do."
W199L6 "In conflict-free and unequivocal response to mind with but the thought of freedom as its goal, the body serves, and serves its purpose well."
W199L6 "Without the power to enslave, it is a worthy servant of the freedom which the mind within the Holy Spirit seeks."
W199L7 "Accept salvation now, and give your mind to Him Who calls to you to make this gift to Him."
W199L8 "Would you not return your mind to this?"
W199L8 "I hear the Voice that God has given me, And it is only this my mind obeys.""
W200L5 "For you must change your mind about the purpose of the world, if you would find escape."
W200L10 "Peace is already recognized at last, and you can feel its soft embrace surround your heart and mind with comfort and with love."
W200R62 "With this in mind, we start our practicing in which we carefully review the thoughts the Holy Spirit has bestowed on us in our last twenty lessons."
W200R63 "Beyond this, and a repetition of the special thought we practice for the day, no form of exercise is urged, except a deep relinquishment of everything that clutters up the mind, and makes it deaf to reason, sanity and simple truth."
W200R65 "If you notice it, deny its hold and hasten to assure your mind that this is not what it would have."
W219L1 "Be still, my mind, and think a moment upon this."
W220W12 "The mind is closed, and will not be released."
W221L1 "In the quiet of my heart, the deep recesses of my mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice."
W225L1 "I must return It, for I want It mine in full awareness, blazing in my mind, and keeping it within Its kindly light, inviolate, beloved, with fear behind and only peace ahead."
W226L1 "It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of mind about the purpose of the world."
W227L1 "Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of truth, to be removed forever from my mind."
W227L2 "The Son of God this day comes home again, released from sin and clad in holiness, with his right mind restored to him at last."
W229L2 ""Father, my thanks to You for what I am; for keeping my identity untouched and sinless in the midst of all the thoughts of sin my foolish mind made up."
W230L2 "The peace in which Your Son was born into Your Mind is shining there unchanged."
W230W21 "God's Word is given every mind which thinks that it has separate thoughts, and will replace these thoughts of conflict with the Thought of peace."
W230W22 "The Thought of peace was given to God's Son the instant that his mind had thought of war."
W230W22 "But when the mind is split, there is a need of healing."
W230W22 "So the Thought Which has the power to heal the split became a part of every fragment of the mind which still was one, but failed to recognize its oneness."
W232L1 ""Be in my mind, my Father, when I wake, and shine on me throughout the day today."
W235L1 "I need but keep in mind my Father's Will for me is only happiness, to find that only happiness has come to me."
W236L1 "My mind can only serve."
W236L1 "I thus direct my mind, which I alone can rule."
W236L2 ""Father, my mind is open to Your Thoughts, and closed today to every thought but Yours."
W236L2 "I rule my mind, and offer it to You."
W246L1 "Let me not fail to recognize myself, and still believe that my awareness can contain my Father; or my mind conceive of all the love my Father has for me, and all the love which I return to Him."
W248L1 "What is in pain is but illusion in my mind."
W250W41 "It is the means by which the mind is driven mad, and seeks to let illusions take the place of truth."
W250W42 "The body is the instrument the mind made in its striving to deceive itself."
W250W42 "What it seeks for now is chosen by the aim the mind has taken as replacement for the goal of self-deception."
W255L2 "The peace You gave him still is in his mind, and it is there I choose to spend today.""
W256L1 "If sin had not been cherished by the mind, what need would there have been to find a way to where you are?"
W260W52 "For the Son of God's impermanence is "proof" his fences work, and do the task his mind assigns to them."
W260W54 "Now it serves to heal the mind that it was made to kill."
W263L1 ""Father, Your Mind created all that is, Your Spirit entered into it; Your Love gave life to it."
W265L1 "And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind alone."
W265L1 "What is reflected here is in God's Mind."
W265L1 "Yet is my mind at one with God's."
W267L1 "Now my mind is healed, and all I need to save the world is given me."
W270W61 "He is the Thought Which still abides within the Mind That is His Source."
W270W61 "He abides unchanged forever in the Mind of God."
W270W62 "Your mind is part of His, and His of yours."
W270W63 "Home of the Holy Spirit, and at home in God alone, does Christ remain at peace, within the Heaven of your holy mind."
W278L2 "I have had many foolish thoughts about myself and my creation, and have brought a dream of fear into my mind."
W280L1 "No Thought of God has left Its Father's Mind."
W280W73 "And if you offer them to Him, He will employ the means you made for exile, to restore your mind to where it truly is at home."
W280W74 "From knowledge, where He has been placed by God, the Holy Spirit calls to you, to let forgiveness rest upon your dreams, and be restored to sanity and peace of mind."
W286L1 "My heart is quiet, and my mind at rest."
W289L1 "Unless the past is over in my mind, the real world must escape my sight."
W290L1 "Yet I would not allow my mind to be deceived by the belief the dream I made is real an instant longer."
W290W81 "Your world is seen through eyes of fear, and brings the witnesses of terror to your mind."
W290W82 "The real world shows a world seen differently, through quiet eyes and with a mind at peace."
W290W82 "Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself."
W290W83 "What need has such a mind for thoughts of death, attack and murder?"
W290W83 "The world it sees arises from a mind at peace within itself."
W291L2 ""This day my mind is quiet, to receive the Thoughts You offer me."
W295L1 "He asks this gift that He may offer peace of mind to me, and take away all terror and all pain."
W304L1 "And what I look on is my state of mind reflected outward."
W310W101 "At first you see a world which has accepted this as true, projected from a now corrected mind."
W311L1 "He will relieve you of the agony of all the judgments you have made against yourself, and re-establish peace of mind by giving you God's Judgment of His Son."
W311L2 ""Father, we wait with open mind today, to hear Your Judgment of the Son You love."
W315L1 "Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy, and my mind perceives this gift and takes it as its own."
W316L1 "Each one allows a past mistake to go, and leave no shadow on the holy mind my Father loves."
W320L1 "His holy will can never be denied, because his Father shines upon his mind, and lays before it all the strength and love in earth and Heaven."
W322L2 "What loss can I anticipate except the loss of fear, and the return of Love into my mind?""
W325L1 "What I see reflects a process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what I want."
W325L1 "From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing the mind desires, judges valuable, and therefore seeks to find."
W326L1 ""Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home."
W330L1 "The mind that is made willing to accept God's gifts has been restored to Spirit, and extends its freedom and its joy, as is the Will of God united with its own."
W332L1 "And by its Presence is the mind recalled from fantasies, awaking to the Real."
W332L1 "Forgiveness bids this Presence enter in, and take its rightful place within the mind."
W332L1 "Without forgiveness is the mind in chains, believing in its own futility."
W333L1 "It must be seen exactly as it is, where it is thought to be, in the reality which has been given it, and with the purpose that the mind accorded it."
W334L2 "What, then, can be his solace but what You are offering to his bewildered mind and frightened heart, to give him certainty and bring him peace?"
W336L1 "Its lilies shine into the mind, and call it to return and look within, to find what it has vainly sought without."
W336L1 "For here, and only here, is peace of mind restored, for this the dwelling-place of God Himself."
W336L2 "Then let me, Father, look within and find Your promise of my sinlessness is kept; Your Word remains unchanged within my mind, Your Love is still abiding in my heart.""
W340W131 "It merely looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false."
W340W134 "The miracle is taken first on faith, because to ask for it implies the mind has been made ready to conceive of what it cannot see and does not understand."
W347L1 "Straighten my mind, my Father."
W361L1 "And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him."
W362L1 "And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him."
W363L1 "And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him."
W364L1 "And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him."
W365L1 "And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him."
W365EP3 "He will direct your efforts, telling you exactly what to do, how to direct your mind, and when to come to Him in silence, asking for His sure direction and His certain Word."
M1A4 "Everyone who follows the world's curriculum, and everyone here does follow it until he changes his mind, teaches solely to convince himself that he is what he is not."
M3A2 "The instant the idea of separation entered the mind of God's Son, in that same instant was God's Answer given."
M4A3 "In time, the teacher of God seems to begin to change his mind about the world with a single decision, and then learns more and more about the new direction as he teaches it."
M5B8 "Who would "go" anywhere, if peace of mind is already complete?"
M5C2 "The peace of mind which the advanced teachers of God experience is largely due to their perfect honesty."
M5K1 "As judgment shuts the mind against God's Teacher, so open-mindedness invites Him to come in."
M6C1 "First, it is obvious that decisions are of the mind, not of the body."
M6C1 "And if it is a decision, it is the mind and not the body that makes it."
M6C2 "The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind, for a purpose for which it would use the body, is the basis of healing."
M6C2 "Only the mind of the patient himself."
M6C3 "It is simply this; the recognition that sickness is of the mind, and has nothing to do with the body."
M6C3 "It costs the world we see, for the world will never again appear to rule the mind."
M6D1 "If the patient must change his mind in order to be healed, what does the teacher of God do?"
M6D1 "Can he change the patient's mind for him?"
M6D1 "For those already willing to change their mind he has no function except to rejoice with them, for they have become teachers of God with him."
M7A1 "The teacher of God has seen the correction of his errors in the mind of the patient, recognizing it for what it is."
M7A4 "Healing is the change of mind that the Holy Spirit in the patient's mind is seeking for him."
M7A4 "And it is the Holy Spirit in the mind of the giver Who gives the gift to him."
M8A1 "It is now the teacher of God himself whose mind needs to be healed."
M8A1 "He has made a mistake, and must be willing to change his mind about it."
M8A6 "Conflict about what you are has entered your mind, and you have become deceived about yourself."
M9A2 "The mind therefore seeks to make it true out of its intensity of desire to have it for itself."
M9A2 "Finding truth unacceptable, the mind revolts against truth and gives itself an illusion of victory."
M9A2 "And in these dreams the mind is separate, different from other minds, with different interests of its own, and able to gratify its needs at the expense of others."
M9A3 "Yet it is surely the mind that judges what the eyes behold."
M9A3 "It is the mind that interprets the eyes' messages and gives them "meaning.""
M9A3 "What is seen as "reality" is simply what the mind prefers."
M9A3 "Only the mind evaluates their messages, so only the mind is responsible for seeing."
M9A4 "It is in the sorting out and categorizing activities of the mind that errors in perception enter."
M9A4 "The mind classifies what the body's eyes bring to it according to its preconceived values, judging where each sense datum fits best."
M9A5 "His mind has categorized them as real, and so they are real to him."
M9A6 "The body's eyes will continue to see differences, but the mind which has let itself be healed will no longer acknowledge them."
M9A6 "But the mind will put them all in one category - they are unreal."
M9A6 "This is the gift of its Teacher; the understanding that only two categories are meaningful in sorting out the messages the mind receives from what appears to be the outside world."
M13A2 "It is not really a change; it is a change of mind."
M13A2 "God can no longer be feared, for the mind sees no cause for punishment."
M13A4 "And these ears will carry to the mind of the hearer messages which are not of this world, and the mind will understand because of their Source."
M13A5 "The mind makes this decision, as it makes all decisions which are responsible for the body's condition."
M14A2 "By seeking after such things the mind associates itself with the body, obscuring its identity and losing sight of what it really is."
M14A3 "Once this confusion has occurred, it becomes impossible for the mind to understand that all the "pleasures" of the world are nothing."
M14A3 "Now has the mind condemned itself to seek without finding; to be forever dissatisfied and discontented; to know not what it really wants to find."
M14A4 "Who in his sane mind chooses nothing as a substitute for everything?"
M17A5 "It sets your mind into a pattern of rest, and orients you away from fear."
M17A7 "He is as safe in the present as he was before illusions were accepted into his mind, and as he will be when he has let them go."
M17A8 "How can he do this, particularly during the time when his mind is occupied with external things?"
M17A11 "And thus the Gate of Heaven is reopened, and its light can shine again on an untroubled mind."
M18A3 "This then is easily responded to with just one answer, and this answer will enter the teacher's mind unfailingly."
M18A3 "From there it shines into his pupil's mind, making it one with his."
M18A5 "It states, in the clearest form possible, that the mind which thinks it believes it has a separate will that can oppose the Will of God and succeed."
M18A7 "Each one says clearly to your frightened mind, "You have usurped the place of God."
M20A3 "Here is the lens which, held before the body's eyes, distorts perception and brings witness of the distorted world back to the mind that made the lens and holds it very dear."
M20A5 "Perception can make whatever picture the mind desires to see."
M20A5 "Perception rests, the mind is still, and light returns again."
M21A2 "It calls to mind nothing that went before."
M21A4 "A tranquil mind is not a little gift."
M22A2 "Even when they seem most abstract, the picture which comes to mind is apt to be very concrete."
M22A2 "Unless a specific referent does occur to the mind in conjunction with the word, the word has little or no practical meaning and thus cannot help the healing process."
M23A3 "This thought gives the body autonomy, separates it from the mind, and keeps the idea of attack inviolate."
M23A3 "A body that can order a mind to do as it sees fit could merely take the place of God and prove salvation is impossible."
M23A3 "The body has become lord of the mind."
M23A3 "How could the mind be returned to the Holy Spirit unless the body is killed?"
M23A4 "He overlooks the mind and body, seeing only the Face of Christ shining in front of him, correcting all mistakes and healing all perception."
M24A4 "It becomes the shining symbol for the Word of God, so close to What it stands for that the little space between the two is lost the moment that the Name is called to mind."
M24A4 "And gratitude to God becomes the way in which He is remembered, for love cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind."
M26A5 "It is almost inevitable that, unless the individual changes his mind about its purpose, he will bolster its uncertainties with increasing deception."
M29A1 "It is a reawakening or a rebirth; a change of mind about the meaning of the world."
M29A6 "As long as any mind remains possessed of evil dreams the thought of hell is real."
U2A1 "The term "mind" is used to represent the activating agent of Spirit, supplying its creative energy."
U2A1 "the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ)."
U2A2 "In this world, because the mind is split, the Sons of God appear to be separate."
U2A2 "In this illusory state, the concept of an "individual mind" seems to be meaningful."
U2A4 "The other part of the mind is entirely illusory and makes only illusions."
U2A4 "Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will which is God's, seems to be imprisoned while the mind is not unified."
U2A5 "The mind can be right or wrong, depending on the voice to which it listens."
U2A5 "Therefore it is not the ONE-MINDEDNESS of the Christ Mind, Whose Will is One with God's."
U4A8 "And now the mind returns to its Creator; the joining of the Father and the Son, the Unity of unities that stands behind all joining but still beyond them all."
U5A6 "But seen within your mind, guilt and forgiveness for an instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar."
U5A8 "Oh my brothers, if you only knew the peace that will envelop you and hold you safe and pure and lovely in the Mind of God, you could but rush to meet Him where His altar is."
U6A5 "For he will set your mind at rest at last and carry it with you unto your God."
U7A4 "The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind."
P1A1 "Since only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed."
P1A1 "Only the mind is in need of healing."
P1A1 "Sometimes he is able to start to open his mind without formal help, but even then it is always some change in his perception of interpersonal relationships that enables him to do so."
P1A1 "Either way, the task is the same; the patient must be helped to change his mind about the "reality" of illusions."
P2A3 "Everyone who needs help, regardless of the form of his distress, is attacking himself, and his peace of mind is suffering in consequence."
P3A2 "Patients do not enter the therapeutic relationship with this goal in mind."
P3A2 "And because to the sane mind it is so clearly impossible, what they seek is magic."
P3B1 "But psychotherapy begins with the realization that healing is of the mind, and in psychotherapy those have come together who believe this."
P3D4 "The psychotherapist becomes his patient, working through other patients to express his thoughts as he receives them from the Mind of Christ."
P3E2 "There can be nothing that a change of mind cannot effect, for all external things are only shadows of a decision already made."
P3E5 "At best, and the word is perhaps questionable here, the "healers" of the world may recognize the mind as the source of illness."
P3E11 "Relieve the mind of the insane burden of guilt it carries so wearily, and healing is accomplished."
P3G3 "They answer the decisions of the mind, reproducing its desires and translating them into acceptable and pleasant forms."
P3G3 "Sometimes the thought behind the form breaks through, but only very briefly, and the mind grows fearful and begins to doubt its sanity."
P3G7 "Yet will the proof of sinlessness, seen in the patient and accepted in the therapist, offer the mind of both a covenant in which they meet and join and are as one."
P4B7 "No professional therapist can hold this understanding consistently in his mind, offering it to all who come to him."
S1A2 "What God created one must recognize its oneness, and rejoice that what illusions seemed to separate is one forever in the Mind of God."
S1C9 "And then all things will be transformed together, and returned unblemished into the Mind of God."
S1F1 "Let it but leave the ground where it begins to rise to God, and true humility will come at last to grace the mind that thought it was alone and stood against the world."
S2B7 "God's mercy would remove this withering and poisoned thinking from your holy mind."
S3A1 "Its importance should not be too strongly emphasized, for healing is a sign or symbol of forgiveness's strength, and only an effect or shadow of a change of mind about the goal of prayer."
S3B3 "Forgiveness must be given by a mind which understands that it must overlook all shadows on the holy face of Christ, among which sickness should be seen as one."
S3C5 "Yet first true healing must have come to bless the mind with loving pardon for the sins it dreamed about and laid upon the world."
S3D3 "True healing cannot come from inequality assumed and then accepted as the truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm the mind that suffers from the agony of doubt."
G1A1 "For here is nothingness, where neither birth nor death is real, nor any form in the misshapen mind that spawned it has any meaning in the Mind of God."
G1A4 "Nor can there be a shifting of the mind between the two without the fear that every dream must bring."
G1A7 "He cannot choose to change His Son, nor make your mind accept the perfect freedom He has given you."
G3A2 "For before he could awaken, he would first be forced to call to mind the first dream once again."
G3A4 "Each gift of fear would hold you back unless you let me lift it from your mind by showing you that it is but a dream within a larger dream of hopelessness in which there is no hope."
MSG19A2 "I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion."

Quotes on "Minds"


T1B30A "Miracles are the way in which minds that serve the spirit unite with Christ for the salvation (or release) of all God's Creations."
T1B36O "Those who have not yet "changed their minds" have entered the "hellfire" concept into it."
T2B44 "Not being in their Right Minds, they turned their defenses from protection to assault, and acted literally insanely."
T2C17 "The message which he then gives to others is the truth that THEIR MINDS are really similarly constructive, and that their own miscreations cannot hurt them."
T2E21 "You and Bill are willing to accept primarily what does NOT change your minds too much, and leaves you free to leave them quite unguarded most of the time."
T2F1 "But it is essential that these individuals free themselves from fear sooner than would ordinarily be the case, because they MUST emerge from basic conflict if they are to bring peace to the minds of others."
T3B6 "It is strictly limited to an appeal to God to HEAL their minds."
T3G15 "Correct perception of EACH OTHER is necessary ONLY because minds have willed to see themselves AS separate beings."
T3H11 "The dispute over authorship has left such uncertainty in the minds of man that some people have gone so far as to doubt whether they were ever created at all."
T3I3 "You cannot resolve your authority problem by depreciating the power of your minds."
T3I13 "That is why your Souls are still in peace, even though your minds are in conflict."
T4D8 "My role is to separate the true from the false in your own unconscious, so it can break through the barriers the ego has set up and shine into your minds."
T4D17 "It has never really entered your minds to give up every idea you have ever had that OPPOSES knowledge."
T4D18 "Watch your minds for the scraps of meanness, or you will be unable to ask me to do so."
T4D20 "If you will REALLY try to do this, you have taken the first step toward preparing your minds for the Holy One to enter."
T4D20 "We will prepare for this together, and once He has come, you will be ready to help me make other minds ready for Him."
T4E1 "Your minds are filled with schemes to save the face of your egos, and you do not seek the Face of God."
T4E4 "And then change your minds to THINK WITH GOD's."
T4E5 "As a loving brother, I am deeply concerned with your minds, and urge you to follow my example as you look at yourselves and at each other and see in both the glorious Creations of a glorious Father."
T4E9 "Watch your minds for the temptations of the ego, and do not be deceived by it."
T4E11 "The habit of engaging WITH God and His Creations is easily made if you refuse actively to let your minds slip away."
T4E14 "Watch your minds carefully for any beliefs that hinder its accomplishment, and step away from them."
T4E19 "That knowledge, and I assure you that it IS knowledge, means that Christ must come into your minds and heal them."
T4E21 "Your minds WILL elect to join with mine, and together we are invincible."
T4F15 "Thus, it has permitted many good minds to devote themselves to perpetual MOTION, but NOT to perpetual THOUGHTS."
T4F19 "Your own egos have been blocking the more important questions which your minds should ask."
T4H9 "The constant GOING OUT of His love is blocked when His Channels are closed, and He IS lonely when the minds He created do not communicate fully with Him."
T4I1 "The team approach generally leads more to confusion than anything else, because it is too often misused as an expedient for sharing the ego's dominion with other ego's rather than as a real experiment in cooperation of minds."
T5B1 "Healing is an act of thought by which two minds perceive their oneness, and become glad."
T5C10 "It is the call to return, with which God blessed the minds of the separated Sons."
T5D2 "You ARE the Kingdom of Heaven, but you have let the belief in darkness enter your minds, and so you need a new light."
T5D5 "The voice they put in their minds was NOT the voice of His Will, for which the Holy Spirit speaks."
T5D8 "Both Heaven and Earth are in YOU, because the call of both are in your wills, and therefore in your minds."
T5D13 "I came to your minds because you had grown vaguely aware of the fact that there is another way, or another voice."
T5E13 "It uses only what your minds ALREADY understand, to teach you that you do not understand it."
T5E16 "He holds this gladness gently in your minds, asking only that you INCREASE it in His name by sharing it to increase His joy in YOU."
T5G7 "As an extreme example of dissociation yourself, you should have little trouble in understanding that it is perfectly possible not to ACCEPT what IS in your minds."
T6B7 "I am the model for rebirth, but rebirth itself is merely the dawning on your minds of what is already in them."
T6C11 "Since the Holy Spirit IS in your minds, then your minds MUST be able to believe ONLY what is true."
T6C15 "Each of us IS the Light of the world, and by joining our minds IN this Light, we proclaim the Kingdom of God together and AS ONE."
T6E5 "The ego and the body conspire AGAINST your minds, and because they realize that their "enemy" CAN end them both merely by knowing they are not part of him, they join in the attack together."
T6E8 "But what was once quite certain in your minds has become only the ABILITY for certainty."
T6G9 "As you begin to realize the quiet power of His Voice AND ITS PERFECT CONSISTENCY, it MUST dawn on your minds that you are trying to undo a decision which was made irrevocably FOR you."
T6H9 "The third step is thus one of PROTECTION for your minds by allowing you to identify ONLY with the center, where God placed the altar to HIMSELF."
T6H10 "As long as belief in God and His Kingdom is assailed by ANY doubts in your minds, His perfect Accomplishment is NOT apparent to you."
T6H11 "Now you must be vigilant to HOLD its Oneness in your minds because if you allow doubt to enter, YOU will lose awareness of its wholeness, and WILL BE UNABLE TO TEACH IT."
T7C1 "This places you both WITHIN the Kingdom and restores ITS wholeness in your minds."
T7C5 "THEN he is free to use terms like "intraMENTAL" and "interMENTAL" WITHOUT seeing them as different and conflicting, because minds CAN be in perfect accord."
T7C8 "YOU could not do this yourselves because conflicted minds CANNOT be faithful to one meaning, and will therefore CHANGE THE MEANING TO PRESERVE THE FORM."
T7E3 "But if they perceive ANY of their brothers as anything OTHER than their perfect equals, the IDEA of competition HAS entered their minds."
T7E4 "This is how having and being are ultimately reconciled, NOT in the Kingdom, but IN YOUR MINDS."
T7E5 "They do NOT raise questions because NOTHING QUESTIONABLE ENTERS THEIR MINDS."
T7F2 "ONLY minds communicate."
T7F3 "Minds CAN communicate, but they CANNOT hurt."
T7F13 "Through this remembrance you can change THEIR minds about themselves, as I can change YOURS."
T7F13 "Your minds are so powerful a light that you can look into theirs and enlighten them, as I can enlighten yours."
T7F15 "Let YOUR minds shine with mine upon their minds, and by our gratitude to them make THEM aware of the light in THEM."
T7G10 "Commitment to either MUST be total, because they cannot co-exist in your minds WITHOUT splitting them."
T7G10 "Your minds ARE dividing their allegiance between two kingdoms, and YOU are totally committed to neither."
T7G14 "Allowing INsanity to enter your minds means that you have not judged sanity AS WHOLLY DESIRABLE."
T7G14 "Your divided minds ARE blocking the extension of the Kingdom, and its extension IS your joy."
T7H8 "One Teacher is in all your minds, and He teaches the same lesson to all."
T7I1 "To the Holy Spirit, it is the fundamental law of sharing, by which you give what you value in order to keep it in your OWN minds."
T7I6 "They DO believe they have blotted them out of their OWN minds, but they also believe they are trying to creep back INTO them."
T7I6 "This is because their projections have NOT left their minds, and this, in turn, forces them to engage in compulsive activity in order NOT to recognize this."
T7I7 "It is the distorted product of the misapplication of the laws of God by distorted minds which are misusing their own power."
T7I8 "Give them over quickly to the Holy Spirit to be undone completely, so that ALL their effects will vanish from your minds and from the Sonship AS A WHOLE."
T7J6 "Your creations are protected FOR you because the Holy Spirit, Who is in your minds, knows of them, and can bring them INTO your awareness whenever you will let Him."
T7J10 "Whatever these beliefs may be, they are the premises which will determine WHAT YOU ACCEPT INTO YOUR MINDS."
T7J11 "It is surely clear that you can both accept into your minds what is NOT really there, and DENY WHAT IS."
T7J11 "But the function which God Himself GAVE your minds through His you may DENY but you CANNOT prevent."
T7L5 "Its own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty."
T8D2 "There is no limit on your learning, because there is no limit on your MINDS."
T8E22 "The Holy Spirit has one direction for ALL minds, and the one He taught me IS yours."
T8G3 "You do not perceive your brothers as the Holy Spirit does because you do not interpret their bodies AND YOURS solely as a means of JOINING THEIR MINDS and uniting them with yours and mine."
T8G19 "Free your minds from the belief that this is possible."
T8I8 "Our minds are whole BECAUSE they are one."
T8J2 "The association of truth and fear, which would be highly artificial at best, is particularly inappropriate in the minds of those who do not know what truth IS."
T9C6 "Do not let any belief in its realness enter your minds AT ALL, or you will also believe that you must UNDO what you have made, in order to BE forgiven."
T9D12 "As you awaken other minds TO Him through HIM, and not yourself, you will understand that you are not obeying the laws of this world, but that the laws you ARE obeying WORK."
T9F5 "You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your minds, and they CANNOT BOTH BE TRUE."
T9H1 "Time and eternity are both in your minds, and WILL conflict, until you perceive time SOLELY as a means to REGAIN eternity."
T9H5 "The reason you do not know YOUR creations is simply that you would decide against them, as long as your minds are split, and to attack what you have created is impossible."
T9I9 "Your minds are not separate, and God has only one channel for healing, because He has but one Son."
T9I11 "ALL forms of idolatry are caricatures of creation, taught by sick minds, who are too divided to know that Creation SHARES power, and NEVER usurps it."
T9J5 "God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it."
T9K14 "While this is not true in Eternity, it IS true in time, so that, while time lasts in YOUR minds, there WILL be choices."
T10C8 "Invite this knowledge back into your minds, and let nothing that will obscure it enter."
T10D6 "And YOUR minds must be as pure as His, if you would know what belongs to YOU."
T10H17 "For fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who do not UNDERSTAND it."
T11B3 "For HIS errors lay in the minds of his INTERPRETERS, for which they punished HIM."
T11H9 "You have looked upon your minds, and accepted opposition there, having SOUGHT it there."
T11I4 "But His memory shines in your minds, and cannot BE obliterated."
T11J2 "Their minds are trapped in their brain, and its powers decline if their bodies are hurt."
T11J12 "Guilt, then, is a way of holding past and future in your minds, to ensure the ego's continuity."
T12C8 "Do not leave any spot of pain hidden from His Light, and search your minds carefully for any thoughts which you may fear to uncover."
T12C10 "But exempt no one from your love, or you will be hiding a dark place in your minds, where the Holy Spirit is not welcome."
T12C11 "You who prefer specialness to sanity could not obtain it in your right minds."
T12D6 "They carry the spots of pain in your minds, directing you to attack in the present, in retaliation for a past that is no more."
T12F2 "And ONLY if you are, would you choose to bring this darkness WITH you, and by holding it in your minds, see it as a dark cloud that shrouds your brothers, and conceals their reality from your sight."
T13B5 "Your role in the redemption LEADS you to it, by re-establishing its oneness in your minds."
T13C4 "Atonement brings a re-evaluation of EVERYTHING you cherish, for it is the means by which the Holy Spirit can SEPARATE the false and true, which you have accepted into your minds WITHOUT DISTINCTION."
T13E3 "You whose minds are darkened by doubt and guilt, remember this; God gave the Holy Spirit TO you, and gave HIM the mission to REMOVE all doubt, and every trace of guilt, that His dear Son has laid upon himself."
T13E6 "The communication link which God Himself placed within you, joining your minds with His, CANNOT be broken."
T13F6 "But YOU, who CANNOT undo what you have made, nor escape the heavy burden of it's dullness that lies upon your minds, cannot see THROUGH it."
T13G3 "Simplicity is very difficult for twisted minds."
T14B9 "Stand quietly within this circle, and attract all tortured minds to join with you, in the safety of its peace and holiness."
T14D13 "Let your minds wander not through darkened corridors, AWAY from Light's center."
T14F1 "The reflections that you accept into the mirror of your minds in time, but bring eternity nearer or farther."
T14F5 "Where there was light, darkness removes it in an instant, and alternating patterns of light and darkness, darkness and light, sweep constantly across your minds."
T14F6 "But, though the order which you impose upon your minds limits the ego, IT ALSO LIMITS YOU."
T14G6 "Unless all this is true, there ARE dark lessons in your minds, which hurt and hinder you, AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU."
T15D6 "The Holy Spirit can hold your magnitude, clean of ALL littleness, clearly and in perfect safety in your minds, untouched by every little gift the world of littleness would offer you."
T15E4 "Every allegiance to a plan of Salvation that is APART from Him, diminishes the value of His Will for you in your own minds."
T15E6 "It is the recognition that all minds ARE in communication."
T15G6 "Join me in the IDEA of peace, for, in ideas, minds CAN communicate."
T15H11 "For you think that your minds must be kept PRIVATE, or you will LOSE them."
T15H11 "And, if your BODIES are together, your minds remain your own."
T15H12 "The union of bodies thus becomes the way in which you would KEEP MINDS APART."
T15I11 "But your minds are ALREADY continuous, and THEIR union need only be accepted, and the loneliness in Heaven is gone."
T15K7 "In the holy instant, the condition of love is met, for minds are joined without the body's INTERFERENCE, and where there is communication, there is peace."
T16C3 "To you the miracle CANNOT seem natural, because what you have done to hurt your minds, has made THEM so UNnatural that they do not remember what is natural to them."
T16C4 "When two minds join as one, and share one idea equally, the first link in the awareness of the Sonship as one has been made."
T16C8 "And this has been accomplished in minds firmly convinced that holiness is weakness, and attack is power."
T16D4 "What YOU accept into your minds, does not REALLY change them."
T16G7 "The urgency is only in dislodging your minds from their FIXED POSITION here."
T16G7 "The period of disorientation, which precedes the actual transition, is far shorter than the time it took to fix your minds so firmly on illusions."
T16G8 "You HAVE allowed the Thought of your reality to enter your minds, and, because YOU invited it, it WILL abide with you."
T16H12 "And let us receive ONLY what YOU have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created, and which You love."
T17D1 "And you who KEPT them BY YOUR OWN SELECTION, do NOT understand how they came into your minds, and what their purpose is."
T17E3 "Every special relationship which you have ever undertaken has, as its fundamental purpose, the aim of occupying your minds so completely that YOU WILL NOT HEAR the call of truth."
T17E16 "Let us ascend, in peace together, to the Father, by giving HIM ascendance in our minds."
T17H1 "Some idea of bodies MUST have entered, for minds can NOT attack."
T18D8 "You have gone PAST fear, for no two minds can JOIN in the desire for love without love's joining THEM."
T18E1 "YOU prepare your minds for it ONLY to the extent of RECOGNIZING that you want it above all else."
T18E9 "Only in your minds, WHICH THOUGHT IT DID, is its undoing needful."
T18G2 "You have displaced your guilt to your bodies, FROM YOUR MINDS."
T18G2 "YOU HATE YOUR MINDS, for guilt has entered into them, and they would remain separate, which they CANNOT DO."
T18G3 "Minds ARE joined; bodies are not."
T18G8 "This thing you made to serve your guilt, stands between you and other minds."
T18G8 "The minds ARE joined, but you do not IDENTIFY with them."
T19C1 "The belief in sin is necessarily based on the firm conviction that minds, NOT bodies, can attack."
T19J1 "Where can such opposition lie, but in the sick minds of the insane, dedicated to madness, and set AGAINST the peace of Heaven?"
T20C2 "And there they will exchange their gifts, offering and receiving what their minds judge to be worthy of them."
T20E3 "It is the re-awakening of the laws of God in minds that have established OTHER laws, and given them power to enforce what God created not."
T20F5 "For minds NEED not the body to communicate."
T20G9 "For no illusions CAN attract the minds that have TRANSCENDED them, and left them far behind."
T21E6 "But what it hears in terror, the OTHER part hears as the sweetest music; the song it longed to hear since first the ego came into your minds."
T21F4 "Miracles seem unnatural to the ego, because it does not understand how SEPARATE minds can influence each other."
T21F4 "But minds cannot BE separate."
T21G3 "If minds are joined, this IS impossible."
T22E8 "Those who would let illusions be lifted from their minds are this world's Saviors, walking the world with their Redeemer, and carrying His message of hope and freedom and RELEASE from suffering to everyone who NEEDS a miracle to save him."
T22G6 "No trace of anything in time can long remain in minds that serve the timeless."
T22G15 "What can this mean, EXCEPT your minds are one?"
T22G16 "From loving minds, there IS no separation."
T23B12 "So is the memory of God obscured in minds that have become illusion's battleground."
T24E2 "And minds can change, as they desire."
T24E3 "To minds intent on specialness, it is impossible."
T25A3 "To those who know Him not it carries Him, in gentleness and love, to heal their minds."
T25E1 "Minds that are joined, AND RECOGNIZE THEY ARE, can feel no guilt."
T26I1 "If it has been projected BEYOND your minds, you think of it as time."
T28B9 "Born out of sharing, there can BE no pause in time to cause the miracle delay in hastening to all unquiet minds, and bringing them an instant's stillness, when the memory of God returns to them."
T28D2 "Thus is the body NOT perceived as sick by BOTH your minds, from SEPARATE points of view."
T28D2 "Healing is the effect of minds that join, as sickness comes from minds that separate."
T28D2 "The miracle does nothing just because the minds ARE joined, and CANNOT separate."
T28D2 "Yet, in the dreaming, has this been reversed, and separate minds are seen as bodies, which ARE separated, and which cannot JOIN."
T28D5 "is the grounds for sickness, when the minds have joined to close the gap BETWEEN them, where the weeds of sickness seemed to grow?"
T28E3 "And yet, between your MINDS there IS no gap."
T28E4 "And dreams of fear will haunt the little gap, inhabited but by illusions which you have SUPPORTED in each other's minds."
T28E6 "The Holy Spirit is in BOTH your minds, and He IS One, because there is no gap that separates His Oneness from Itself."
T29B1 "This but SEEMS to be dividing off your separate minds."
T29B2 "The body COULD not separate your minds, unless you WANTED it to be a cause of separation and of distance seen between you."
T29F5 "For you would understand how great the cost of holding anything God did not give in minds that can direct the hand to bless, and lead God's Son unto His Father's house."
T29H7 "Your holy minds are altars unto God, and where He is NO idols can abide."
T29J4 "Yet everything their toys appear to do is in the minds of those who play with them."
T30B2 "You still make up your minds, and THEN decide to ask what you should do."
T31A12 "Let every image held of anyone be loosened from our minds and swept away."
T31C3 "They are not perceived in minds."
T31C3 "Bodies act, and minds do not."
T31H3 "He would not leave you comfortless, alone in dreams of hell, but would release your minds from everything that hides His Face from you."
W8L2 "Very few minds have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past or in anticipating the future."
W18L1 "It also emphasizes the idea that minds are joined, which will be given increasing stress later."
W19L2 "Today we are again emphasizing the fact that minds are joined."
W20L2 "You do not have them now because your minds are totally undisciplined, and you cannot distinguish between joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, love and fear."
W28L3 "When you say "Above all else I want to see this table differently," you are making a commitment to withdraw your preconceived ideas about the table, and open your minds to what it is and what it is for."
W30L2 "Instead, we are trying to see in the world what is in our minds, and what we want to recognize is there."
W43L1 "Without this link with God, perception would have replaced knowledge forever in your minds."
W79L7 "We will try to free our minds of all the many different kinds of problems that we think we have."
W95L12 "You are God's Son, One Self with One Creator and one goal; to bring awareness of this Oneness to all minds, that true creation may extend the Allness and the Unity of God."
W100L1 "One function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one is equally essential to them all."
W100L3 "Just as your light increases every light that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth calls to all minds to let their sorrows go, and take their place beside you in God's plan."
W103L2 "Fear is associated then with love, and its results become the heritage of minds which think what they have made is real."
W103L3 "Allow this one correction to be placed within your minds each waking hour today."
W104L4 "We clear a holy place within our minds before His altar, where His gifts of peace and joy are welcome, and to which we come to find what has been given us by Him."
W106L9 "For each five minutes spent in listening a thousand minds are opened to the truth, and they will hear the holy Word you hear."
W108L5 "This is the same as saying one correction will suffice for all correction, or that to forgive one brother wholly is enough to bring salvation to all minds."
W109L7 "And the time when rest will be the only thing there is comes closer to all worn and tired minds, too weary now to go their way alone."
W110L8 "Today we make a great advance to truth by letting idols go, and opening our hands and hearts and minds to God today."
W124L4 "Our minds contain His Thoughts, our eyes behold His loveliness in all we look upon."
W127L6 "Today we practice making free our minds of all the laws you think you must obey; of all the limits under which you live, and all the changes which you think are part of human destiny."
W128L5 "We hold it purposeless within our minds, and loosen it from all we wish it were."
W130L7 "We will not make a thousand meaningless distinctions, nor attempt to bring with us a little part of unreality, as we devote our minds to finding only what is real."
W131L7 "He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way."
W133L13 "Heaven Itself is reached by empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own."
W135L22 "We make no plans for how it will be done, but realize that our defenselessness is all that is required for the truth to dawn upon our minds with certainty."
W135L23 "For fifteen minutes twice today we rest from senseless planning, and from every thought which blocks the truth from entering our minds."
W137L8 "And minds which were walled off within a body free to join with other minds, to be forever strong."
W137L13 "We will remember, as the hour strikes, our function is to let our minds be healed that we may carry healing to the world, exchanging curse for blessing, pain for joy, and separation for the peace of God."
W139L8 "Let us not allow our holy minds to occupy themselves with senseless musings such as this."
W139L10 "Five minutes in the morning and at night we will devote to dedicate our minds to our assignment for today."
W140L8 "Today we seek to change our minds about the source of sickness, for we seek a cure for all illusions, not another shift among them."
W140L8 "We will try today to find the source of healing, which is in our minds because our Father placed it there for us."
W140L12 "With nothing in our hands to which we cling, with lifted hearts and listening minds we pray: "Only salvation can be said to cure."
W140L12 " And we will feel salvation cover us with soft protection, and with peace so deep that no illusion can disturb our minds, nor offer proof to us that it is real."
W140R44 "So do we start each practice period in this review with readying our minds to understand the lessons that we read, and see the meaning which they offer us."
W151L17 "Now do we lift our resurrected minds in gladness and in gratitude to Him Who has restored our sanity to us."
W152L11 "We think of truth alone as we arise, and spend five minutes practicing its ways, encouraging our frightened minds with this: "The power of decision is my own."
W153L8 "We would not let our happiness slip by because a senseless fragment of a dream happened to cross our minds, and we mistook the figures in it for the Son of God; its tiny instant for eternity."
W153L13 "Now a quiet time has come in which we put away the toys of guilt, and lock our quaint and childish thoughts of sin forever from the pure and holy minds of Heaven's children and the Son of God."
W154L10 "We will not seek to keep our minds apart from Him Who speaks for us, for it is but our voice we hear as we attend Him."
W154L13 "The world recedes as we light up our minds, and realize these holy words are true."
W154L13 "Now we demonstrate how they have changed our minds about ourselves, and what our function is."
W155L6 "Yet it has stepped back, and it is not illusion that they hear you speak of, nor illusion which you bring their eyes to look on and their minds to grasp."
W161L6 "Bodies attack, but minds do not."
W165L7 "The Thought of Him is still beyond all dreams, and in our minds according to His Will."
W167L12 "We share our life because we have one Source, a Source from Which perfection comes to us, remaining always in the holy minds which He created perfect."
W169L2 "By grace alone the hate and fear are gone, for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world contains that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace can not believe the world of fear is real."
W169L8 "He recognized all that time holds and gave it to all minds, that each one might determine, from a point where time has ended, when it is released to revelation and eternity."
W170R52 "Steady our feet, our Father; let our doubts be quiet and our holy minds be still, and speak to us."
W170R511 "No thought that we review but we surround with it, and use the thoughts to hold it up before our minds, and keep it clear in our remembrance throughout the day."
W181L3 "We instruct our minds that it is this we seek and only this, for just a little while."
W181L6 "So, for a little while, without regard to past or future, should such blocks arise, we will transcend them with instructions to our minds to change their focus, as we say: "It is not this that I would look upon."
W181L10 "We seek for this remembrance as we turn our minds to practicing today."
W182L5 "And should you join a brother as you sit with him in silence, and repeat God's Name along with him within your quiet minds, you have established there an altar which reaches to God Himself and to His Son."
W182L6 "And then God's Name becomes our only thought, our only word, the only thing that occupies our minds, the only wish we have, the only sound with any meaning, and the only Name of everything that we desire to see; of everything that we would call our own."
W184L12 "In our practicing, our purpose is to let our minds accept what He has given as the answer to the pitiful inheritance you made as fitting tribute to the Son He loves."
W185L3 "Two minds with one intent become so strong that what they will becomes the Will of God."
W185L3 "For minds can only join in truth."
W185L4 "Minds cannot unite in dreams."
W185L4 "And what He means is lost to sleeping minds intent on compromise, each to his gain and to another's loss."
W186L2 "Our minds are suited perfectly to take the part assigned to us by One Who knows us well."
W188L8 "We let the light within our minds direct them to come home."
W188L9 "Thus are our minds restored with them, and we acknowledge that the peace of God still shines in us, and from us to all living things that share our life."
W189L9 "And in our quiet hearts and open minds His Love will blaze Its pathway of Itself."
W192L7 "We are lost in mists of shifting dreams and fearful thoughts, our eyes shut tight against the light; our minds engaged in worshipping what is not there."
W193L6 "Shall we not learn to say these words when we have understood their power to release all minds from bondage?"
W199L6 "The Holy Spirit is the home of minds that seek for freedom."
W220IN24 "And we will use that thought to introduce our times of rest, and calm our minds at need."
W220IN25 "Now do we come to Him with but His Word upon our minds and hearts, and wait for Him to take the step to us that He has told us, through His Voice, He would not fail to take when we invited Him."
W220IN29 "His Thoughts have lit the darkness of our minds."
W220IN210 "The memory of God is shimmering across the wide horizons of our minds."
W221L2 "Our minds are joined."
W222L2 ""Father, we have no words except Your Name upon our lips and in our minds, as we come quietly into Your Presence now, and ask to rest with You in peace a while.""
W242L2 "We come with wholly open minds."
W249L2 " "Father, we would return our minds to you."
W256L1 "God is our goal; forgiveness is the means by which our minds return to Him at last."
W258L1 "All that is needful is to train our minds to overlook all little, senseless aims, and to remember that our goal is God."
W258L1 "His memory is hidden in our minds, obscured but by our pointless little goals which offer nothing and do not exist."
W273L1 "We need but tell our minds, with certainty, "The stillness of the peace of God is mine," and nothing can intrude upon the peace that God Himself has given to His Son."
W300W93 "The Second Coming is the time in which all minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to Spirit in the Name of true creation and the Will of God."
W306L2 "In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with empty hands and open hearts and minds, asking but what You give."
W320W114 "God's memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator."
W330L1 "Why should we attack our minds, and give them images of pain?"
W330W125 "And peace will be restored forever to the holy minds which God created as His Son, His dwelling-place, His joy, His love, completely His, completely one with Him."
W349L2 "And so we trust in Him to send us miracles to bless the world and heal our minds as we return to Him."
W350W144 "Ours the minds which join together as we bless the world."
W350W145 "And thus our minds are changed about the aim for which we came and which we seek to serve."
W360FL3 "And to this purpose let us dedicate our minds, directing all our thoughts to serve the function of salvation."
M3A5 "The demarcations they have drawn between their roles, their minds, their bodies, their needs, their interests, and all the differences they thought separated them from one another, fade and grow dim and disappear."
M6D2 "With God's Word in their minds they come in benediction, not to heal the sick but to remind them of the remedy God has already given them."
M6D3 "The truth in their minds reaches out to the truth in the minds of their brothers, so that illusions are not reinforced."
M10A1 "Changes are required in the minds of God's teachers."
M13A1 "Thus does He share God's Will, and bring His Thoughts to still deluded minds."
M13A2 "Their minds are one; their joining is complete."
M16A3 "They are too small and meaningless to occupy your holy minds an instant longer."
M19A2 "Now is He free to teach all minds the truth of what they are, so they will gladly be returned to Him."
M22A1 "God does not understand words, for they were made by separated minds to keep them in the illusion of separation."
M26A6 "Those who have developed "psychic" powers have merely let some of the limitations they laid upon their minds be lifted."
M29A6 "God's teachers have the goal of wakening the minds of those asleep, and seeing there the vision of Christ's face to take the place of what they dream."
U2A2 "Nor do their minds seem to be joined."
P3A4 "They are finally given up in the minds of both."
P3E4 "At worst, they but make the body real in their own minds, and having done so, seek for magic by which to heal the ills with which their minds endow it."
P3H2 "What is prayer except the joining of minds in a relationship which Christ can enter?"
P4B8 "Once the professional therapist has realized that minds are joined, he can also recognize that order of difficulty in healing is meaningless."


Quotes on "Mindedness"


T2C4 "Illness, which is really "not Right Mindedness", is the result of level confusion in the sense that it always entails the misbelief that what is amiss in one level can adversely affect another."

Quotes on "Mindful"


T4D15 "Let us ask the Father in my name to keep you mindful of His love for you and yours for Him."

Quotes on "Mindless"


T8I6 "But to make mindless is impossible, since it would mean to make nothing out of what God Created."
T19C6 "For sin HAS changed creation from an Idea of God to an IDEAL the EGO wants; a world IT rules, made up of bodies, mindless, and capable of COMPLETE corruption and decay."
W170L8 "Will you restore to love what you have sought to wrest from it, and lay before this mindless piece of stone?"
M28A6 "The inconsistencies, the compromises and the rituals the world fosters in its vain attempts to cling to death and yet to think love real are mindless magic, ineffectual and meaningless."
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