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Quotes on "Single"

T1B41R "As long as a single slave remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete."
T3C12 "The deductive approach to teaching accepts the generalization which is applicable to ALL single instances, rather than building up the generalization after analyzing numerous single instances separately."
T3C13 "This Single Purpose creates perfect integration, and establishes the (reign of the) Peace of God."
T4D19 "I will come gladly in response to a single unequivocal call."
T12C13 "To SINGLE OUT is to MAKE ALONE, and thus MAKE LONELY."
T13D10 "If you single out PART of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on ALL your relationships, and MAKING them unreal."
T14B7 "Each effort made on its behalf is offered to the single purpose of RELEASE from guilt, to the eternal glory of God and His creation."
T14D9 "The single vision, which the Holy Spirit offers you, will bring this Oneness to your mind with clarity and brightness so intense, you could not wish, for all the world, not to accept what God would have you have."
T14E6 "Could you but realize, for a single instant, the power of healing that the reflection of God, shining in YOU, can bring to all the world, you COULD not wait to make the mirror of your mind clean, to receive the image of the Holiness that heals the world."
T15B13 "For, caught in the single instant of the eternal sanctity of God's creation, it is TRANSFORMED into forever."
T15C5 "And, because of this, you have not yet given one single instant COMPLETELY to the Holy Spirit."
T15C7 "To learn to separate out this single second, and begin to experience it as timeless, is to begin to experience yourself as NOT separate."
T15E8 "For the holy instant is given and received with EQUAL willingness, being the acceptance of the SINGLE Will that governs ALL thought."
T18H3 "At no SINGLE instant does the body exist at all."
T18H3 "In any SINGLE instant, the attraction of guilt would be experienced as pain and nothing else, and would be avoided."
T20F1 "No-one who has a single purpose, unified and sure, can BE afraid."
T20F2 "And in that single heart beat is the unity of love proclaimed and given welcome."
T22C13 "Can YOU reach Heaven while a single sin still tempts you to remain in misery?"
T25H13 "And on this single rock of truth can faith in God's eternal saneness rest, in perfect confidence and perfect peace."
T26E5 "And what WAS tiny then has soared into a magnitude of song, in which the universe has joined with but a single voice."
T26F11 "Each day, and every minute in each day, and every instant that each minute holds, you but relive the single instant when the time of terror was replaced by Love."
T26J2 "Is it too much to ask a little trust for him who carries Christ to you, that you may be forgiven ALL your sins, and left without a single one you cherish still."
T27C11 "And so you CANNOT be perceived as one, and with a single function that would MEAN a shared identity with but ONE end."
T27C16 "Leave, then, correction to the Mind That IS united, functioning as One BECAUSE It is not split in purpose, and conceives a single function as Its ONLY one."
T27C16 "His SINGLE purpose unifies the halves of you that you perceive as separate."
T27D7 "Yet only this APPEARS to interfere with power unlimited and SINGLE thoughts, complete and happy, WITHOUT opposite."
T27E3 "Nowhere outside a single simple question is ever ASKED."
T27F2 "Your single PURPOSE makes this possible."
T27F4 "In that ONE instant are YOU healed, and in that single instant is ALL healing done."
T27G6 "Yet to the One Who sends forth miracles to bless the world, a tiny stab of pain, a little worldly pleasure, and the throes of death itself are but a single sound; a call for healing, and a plaintive cry for help within a world of misery."
T27I3 "This single lesson does it try to teach again, and still again, and yet once more; - that it is CAUSE and NOT effect."
T27I10 "This single lesson learned will set you free from suffering, WHATEVER form it takes."
T27I11 "The form affects His answer not at all, for He would teach you but the SINGLE cause of all of them, no matter WHAT their form."
T27I12 "None has a DIFFERENT cause from all the rest, and ALL of them are easily undone by but a SINGLE lesson truly learned."
T30E4 "They must be neither cherished NOR attacked, but merely looked upon as children's toys, without a SINGLE meaning of their own."
T30E8 "They offer him no single thing that he could ever want."
T30H5 "In SINGLE purpose is the end of all ideas of sacrifice, which MUST assume a DIFFERENT purpose for the one who gains and him who loses."
T31E6 "They are ideas of idols painted with the brushes of the world, which cannot make a single picture representing truth."
T31E7 "Yet is all learning that the world directs begun and ended with the single aim of teaching you this concept of yourself, that you will choose to follow this world's laws, and never seek to go BEYOND its roads, nor realize the way you see yourself."
T31G8 "And in this single vision does he see the Face of Christ, and understands he looks on everyone, as he beholds this One."
W74L4 "If there is one conflict area which seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special consideration."
W75L4 "Our single purpose makes our goal inevitable."
W108L3 "This is the light which heals because it brings single perception, based upon one frame of reference from which one meaning comes."
W125L8 "It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and purpose, with no separation nor division in the single Mind of Father and of Son."
W127L6 "Today we take the largest single step this course requests in your advance toward its established goal."
W131L8 "Let us not try longer to impose an alien will upon His single purpose."
W131L15 ""My single purpose offers it to me."
W139L1 "There is no conflict that does not entail the single simple question, "What am I?""
W140L10 "Today we hear a single Voice Which speaks to us of truth where all illusions end, and peace returns to the eternal quiet home of God."
W151L11 "You will no longer doubt that only good can come to you who are beloved of God, for He will judge all happenings and teach the single lesson which they all contain."
W151L14 "We introduce these times with but a single, slow repeating of the thought with which the day begins."
W159L6 "This is the Holy Spirit's single gift; the treasure house to which you can appeal with perfect certainty for everything that can contribute to your happiness."
W162L1 "This single thought, held firmly in the mind, would save the world."
W184L11 "The Holy Spirit uses all of them, but He does not forget creation has One Name, One Meaning and a single Source Which unifies all things within Itself."
W195L9 "Gratitude becomes the single thought we substitute for these insane perceptions."
W198L12 "In this vision of the Son, so brief that not an instant stands between this single sight and timelessness itself, you see the vision of yourself and then you disappear forever into God."
W200L11 "For we have found a simple, happy way to leave the world of ambiguity, and to replace our shifting goals and solitary dreams with single purpose and companionship."
W318L1 "How could there be a single part that stands aside, or one of more or less importance than the rest?"
W338L1 "For in this single thought is everyone released at last from fear."
W350W142 "Yet in the final days of this one year we gave to God together, you and I, we found a single purpose that we shared."
M2A1 "It may be a single light, but that is enough."
M2A2 "Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited."
M4A3 "In time, the teacher of God seems to begin to change his mind about the world with a single decision, and then learns more and more about the new direction as he teaches it."
M5K2 "Forgiveness is its single aim, at which all learning ultimately converges."
M6C3 "What is the single requisite for this shift in perception?"
M18A3 "The single aim of the teacher turns the divided goal of the pupil into one direction, with the call for help becoming his one appeal."
M23A6 "All else must follow from this single purpose."
M29A1 "It is the single desire of the Son for the Father."
U4A8 "How lovely does the world become in just that single instant when you see the truth about yourself reflected there."
U5A6 "There at last are sickness and its single remedy joined in one healing brightness."
U6A6 "But Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ's single message of the Love of God."
P3E11 "Salvation's single doctrine is the goal of all therapy."
P3E11 "Given this single shift, all else will follow."
S1A1 "It was then what it is to become; the single Voice Creator and creation share; the song the Son sings to the Father, Who returns the thanks it offers Him unto the Son."
G1A6 "Therefore, be vigilant against them all, for in their single purpose they are one, and hell is total."
G3A8 "Can you betray a love so perfect that its gifts become Itself in oneness, and this single gift is all there is to give and to receive?"
G4A1 "Gratitude is the song of Heaven, the single harmony of all creation at one with its Creator."

Quotes on "Singular"

T1B22J "Tell Bill you couldn't make that pun if the original phrasing had been singular."
T1B22K "Correction: And don't lose sight of the emphasis on cooperation, or the NOT SINGULAR."
T2E6 "( I object at this point to the use of plural verb with a properly singular subject - - Helen Schucman - - and remember that last time in a very similar sentence, He said it correctly and I remembered it with real pleasure."
T3C36 "I am heartily supportive of the ARE's endeavor to make Cayce's singular contributions immortal, but it would be most unwise to have them promulgated as a faith until they have been purged of their essential errors."

Quotes on "Singularly"

T2E40 "I was very sorry about this, because his was a singularly good mind, and it was a shame to waste it."
T3A18 "The idea that giving her the cab would atone for his previous errors was singularly out of place, and well calculated to lead to further error."
T3H6 "When you laugh at yourself, you are singularly likely to laugh at others, if only because you cannot tolerate being more debased THAN others."
T9C8 "It seems absurd to have to emphasize repeatedly that the ego's qualifications as a guide are singularly unfortunate, and that it is a remarkably poor choice as a teacher of salvation."
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