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Quotes on "Oneness"

T2A22 "(Aside: It should be noted that this type of paranoia is an upside down form of religion, because of its obvious attempt to unify into oneness.)"
T2E52 "The Sonship in its Oneness DOES transcend the sum of its parts."
T3I16 "Only the Oneness of Knowledge is conflictless."
T5B1 "Healing is an act of thought by which two minds perceive their oneness, and become glad."
T5D12 "As we share this goal, we increase its power to attract the whole Sonship, and to bring it back into the Oneness in which it was created."
T6H11 "Now you must be vigilant to HOLD its Oneness in your minds because if you allow doubt to enter, YOU will lose awareness of its wholeness, and WILL BE UNABLE TO TEACH IT."
T7G12 "The Oneness of the Creator and the Creation IS your wholeness, your sanity, and your limitless power."
T8D3 "Their extension is the RESULT of their Oneness, holding THEIR unity by extending their JOINT will."
T8E18 "His Oneness and ours are not separate, because His Oneness ENCOMPASSES ours."
T8I8 "The name of God's Son is One, and you are enjoined to do the works of love BECAUSE we share this oneness."
T9E6 "But when the Sonship COMES TOGETHER and accepts its oneness, it will be known by ITS creations, who witness to its reality, as the Son does to the Father."
T10B14 "God's Will is that His Son be One, and united with Him in His Oneness."
T10G10 "There is no order of difficulty in miracles because all of God's Sons are of equal value, and their equality is their Oneness."
T11J10 "And ONLY as you look upon him as guiltless, can you understand his Oneness."
T12C6 "For your INDIVIDUAL death is more valued than your living Oneness, and what is GIVEN you, is not so dear as what you MADE."
T12C13 "Could He SET YOU APART, KNOWING that your peace lies in His Oneness?"
T13B5 "Your role in the redemption LEADS you to it, by re-establishing its oneness in your minds."
T13H8 "You will learn communication with this Oneness ONLY when you learn to DENY the causeless, and accept the Cause of God as YOURS."
T14D9 "The single vision, which the Holy Spirit offers you, will bring this Oneness to your mind with clarity and brightness so intense, you could not wish, for all the world, not to accept what God would have you have."
T14D13 "They are joined in giving you the gift of Oneness, before which ALL separation vanishes."
T14D15 "There is one link which joins them all together, holding them in the Oneness out of which creation happens."
T14G12 "God's Teacher is as like to His Creator as is His Son, and through His Teacher does God proclaim His Oneness AND His Son's."
T14G12 "For He teaches the miracle of Oneness, and before HIS lesson, division disappears."
T15C2 "For as it was created one, so its oneness depends not on time at all."
T15F3 "For to experience yourself AS alone, is to deny the Oneness of the Father and His Son, and thus to ATTACK REALITY."
T15K2 "And no thought ALIEN to His Oneness can abide with Him there."
T16E8 "Acceptance of your creations IS the acceptance of the oneness of creation, without which you would never BE complete."
T18G1 "It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else."
T18G1 "Nothing OUTSIDE THIS Oneness, and NOTHING ELSE within."
T18I6 "It leads no separate life, because its life IS in the Oneness in which its being was created."
T22G13 "If you were one with Him, AND RECOGNIZED THIS ONENESS, you would know His power is YOURS."
T24C3 "Nor do they love the Oneness which created them as One with Him."
T24F9 "He will exchange His certainty for ALL your doubts, if you agree that He is one with you, and that this Oneness is endless, timeless, and within your grasp BECAUSE your hands are His."
T25B5 "The Holy Spirit links the other part, the tiny, mad desire to be separate, different, and special, TO the Christ, to make the Oneness clear to what is REALLY One."
T25B6 "It is the Holy Spirit's function to teach you HOW this Oneness is experienced; WHAT you must do that it can BE experienced; and WHERE you should go to do it."
T25B6 "All this takes note of time and place AS IF they were discrete, for while YOU think that part of YOU is separate, the concept of a Oneness JOINED as one is meaningless."
T25B7 "It is apparent that a mind so split could NEVER be the teacher of the Oneness Which unites ALL things within Itself."
T26B1 "The world you see is based on SACRIFICE of oneness."
T26B4 "You CAN lose sight of oneness, but can NOT make sacrifice of its reality."
T26D1 "Nothing CONFLICTS with Oneness."
T26D1 "And how could strife enter in its simple Presence, and bring complexity where Oneness is?"
T26D1 "And ONLY if there were could choosing be a necessary step in the advance toward Oneness."
T26D3 "They are brought together, and only ONE continues past the gate where Oneness is."
T28E6 "The Holy Spirit is in BOTH your minds, and He IS One, because there is no gap that separates His Oneness from Itself."
T28H2 "For healing will be one, or not at all, its oneness being where the healing LIES."
T31D8 "In unity with Him do they abide, and in their Oneness BOTH are kept complete."
W57L5 "I begin to understand the holiness of all living things including myself, and their oneness with me."
W83L5 "They come from Oneness, and must be received as one."
W83L6 ""The oneness of my happiness and my function remains wholly unaffected by this.""
W95L2 "It does not see the Oneness in you, for it is blind."
W95L12 "You are God's Son, One Self with One Creator and one goal; to bring awareness of this Oneness to all minds, that true creation may extend the Allness and the Unity of God."
W127L3 "Its meaning lies in oneness."
W137L3 "But healing is accomplished as he sees the body has no power to attack the universal Oneness of God's Son."
W139L9 "This does Atonement teach, and demonstrates the oneness of God's Son is unassailed by his belief he knows not what he is."
W139L12 "In thanks for all creation, in the Name of its Creator and His Oneness with all aspects of creation, we repeat our dedication to our cause today each hour, as we lay aside all thoughts which would distract us from our holy aim."
W169L5 "Oneness is simply the idea God is."
W169L9 "For Oneness must be here."
W169L10 "When revelation of your Oneness comes, it will be known and fully understood."
W184L15 "Your Name unites us in the Oneness which is our inheritance and peace."
W201L1 "I am blessed with oneness with the universe and God, my Father, One Creator of the Whole that is my Self, forever One with me."
W225L2 "We are one, and it is but this oneness that we seek as we accomplish these few final steps which end a journey that was not begun."
W230W22 "So the Thought Which has the power to heal the split became a part of every fragment of the mind which still was one, but failed to recognize its oneness."
W260W52 "For if his oneness still remained untouched, who could attack and who could be attacked?"
W320W113 "Its oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate; forever held within His holy Will, beyond all possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection and of any spot upon its sinlessness."
W320W114 "God's memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator."
W350W144 "And from the oneness that we have attained we call to all our brothers, asking them to share our peace and consummate our joy."
W354L1 ""My oneness with the Christ establishes me as Your Son, beyond the reach of time, and wholly free of every law but Yours."
M13A6 "Oneness and sickness cannot co-exist."
U5A3 "They are the one beginning with the end to lead to Oneness far beyond themselves."
U6A6 "For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognized."
P3H5 "In this their oneness can be clearly seen."
S1A2 "What God created one must recognize its oneness, and rejoice that what illusions seemed to separate is one forever in the Mind of God."
S3D4 "You but recognize your oneness with the one who calls for help."
S3D4 "For in this oneness is his separate sense dispelled, and it was this that made him sick."
S3E2 "Fear has no haven here, for love has come in all its holy oneness."
G3A8 "Can you betray a love so perfect that its gifts become Itself in oneness, and this single gift is all there is to give and to receive?"

Quotes on "One"

T1B1 "One is not harder or bigger than another."
T1B3D "The ONE thing that happened was the Universal Miracle which was the experience of intense love that you have felt."
T1B12B "One creates the physical, and the other the spiritual, and we believe in what we create."
T1B18A "It is the maximal service that one soul can render another."
T1B22C "There are two stages, one lower and one higher, which are involved in the escape from darkness: 1) the recognition that darkness CANNOT hide."
T1B22E "If you look carefully at the phrasing, you will see it is reversed (one point already tells you that miracles reverse the physical or lower order laws.)"
T1B22J "Answer: It was cuter, but this one MEANS more."
T1B22K "Correct to read: "A Miracle makes souls one in God," and leave in the next part about cooperation."
T1B23A "(One definition for miracles is: "That which, or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit.")"
T1B23B "God creates only "that which, or one who, is of surpassing excellence or merit.""
T1B23C "You atoned for her by writing one in her name that was very good."
T1B30E "A major one is the understanding of projection, and the extent of its results."
T1B30F "One of the major problems with miracle workers is that they are so sure that what they are doing is right, because they KNOW it stems from love, that they do not pause to let ME establish MY limits."
T1B30H "I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I AM the Atonement."
T1B36W "Note that one who represents also "witnesses for.""
T1B37D "While the ballot itself is a secret one, and the right to vote is fully protected, voting ALWAYS entails both election AND rejection."
T1B37N "Tell Bill "the one more river" is related to sex."
T1B37Q "The illusion that shallow roots can be deepened and thus made to hold is one of the corollaries on which the reversal of the Golden Rule, referred to twice before, is balanced."
T1B37S "One of the more horrible examples of inverted or upside down thinking (and history is full of horrible examples of this) is the fact that the Nazis spelled their appalling error with capital letters."
T1B37Y "It's a funny story to others, because they see a different kind of level confusion than the one you yourself were making."
T1B37Y "One of the real reasons why that evening was so exhilarating was because it represented a "battle of intellects", (both good ones, by the way), each communicating exceptionally clearly but on opposite sides."
T1B38 "By being One, this state of mind goes out to ANYONE, even without the awareness of the miracle worker himself."
T1B38 "The impersonal nature of miracles is because Atonement itself is one, uniting all creations with their Creator."
T1B40I "I will change the situation from one of inappropriate sexual attraction to one of impersonal miracle-working."
T1B40J "The love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another."
T1B40V "It implies that one of a lesser order stands before the Greater One."
T1B40Z "I bridge the distance as an Elder Brother to man, on the one hand, and a Son of God on the other."
T1B40AA "This appears to contradict another statement: "I and my Father are one.""
T1B40AA "Actually, the original statement was "are of one KIND.""
T1B41G "The miracle-worker, therefore, accepts the time-control factor of the miracle gladly, because he knows that every collapse of time brings all men closer to the ultimate RELEASE from time, in which the Son and the Father ARE one."
T1B41H "The real meaning of "are of one kind" is "of one mind or will.""
T1B41H "When the will of the Sonship and the Father are one, their perfect accord IS Heaven."
T1B41M "But note that the term speed-up is not one which relates to the TRANSCENDING of time."
T1B41N "No one in his Right Mind, (a term which should be specially noted) ever wants either more or less than that."
T1B41T "One individual sees in another the right partner for "procreating the stock" (Wolff was not too far off here), and also for their joint establishment of a creative home."
T1B41T "If I am asked to participate in the decision, the decision will be a Right one, too."
T1B41V "Then acknowledge the true creative worth of both yourself AND the other one."
T1B41AG "This particular set of notes will be the only one which deals with the concept of "lack", because while the concept does not exist in the Creation of God, it is VERY apparent in the creations of man."
T1B41AH "It involves the recognition, conscious or unconscious, (and at times, fortunately, superconscious) that you would be better off in a state which is somehow different from the one you are in."
T1B41AK "You tell your own classes that nobody would bother even to get up and go from one place to another if he did not think he would somehow be better off."
T1B41AO "As he integrates, HE becomes one, and his ONE need becomes one accordingly."
T1B41AR "The concept is really one of space-time BELIEF."
T1C12 "The tendency to vacillate from one to the other, which produces a corresponding vacillation between depression AND anxiety."
T1C19 "It could also be said that the fear induced selfishness, or regression, because incomprehensible communication is hardly a worthy offering from one Son of God to another."
T2A4 "Even in the literal account, it is noteworthy that the pre-Separation state was essentially one in which man needed nothing."
T2A4 "The Tree of Knowledge, again an overly-literal concept, (as is clearly shown by the subsequent reference to "eating of the fruit of the tree") is a symbolic reference to some of the misuses of knowledge referred to in the section immediately preceding this one."
T2A9 "Nothing in either of these statements implies any sort of level involvement, or, in fact, anything except one continuous line of creation, in which all aspects are of the same order."
T2A11 "One translation of the Fall, a view emphasized by Mary Baker Eddy, and worthy of note, is that "a deep sleep fell upon Adam.""
T2A20 "One aspect of the possession/possessed conflict can be raised to predominance."
T2A21 "In the more virulent forms, there is a sense of being possessed by demons, and unless there is vacillation with a), a catatonic solution is more likely than a paranoid one."
T2A22 "The FOCUSED paranoid has become more rigid in his solution, and centers on ONE source of projection to escape from vacillation."
T2A25 "Its SOLE concern is to distinguish between truth, on the one hand, and ALL kinds of error, on the other."
T2A28 "Further, insights into mental illness can be misused, and lead to preoccupation with one's own symptoms."
T2A30 "No one CAN be "taken over" unless he wills to be."
T2B16 "My own role in the Atonement IS one of true projection, i.e.,"
T2B17 "The miracle worker is one who accepts my kind of denial and projection, unites his own inherent abilities to deny and project with mine, and imposes them back on himself and others."
T2B26 "There IS only One Mind."
T2B28 "This is one of the major areas of withholding that both you and Bill are engaging in."
T2B46 "The evolution of man is merely a process by which he proceeds from one degree to the next."
T2B49 "This is the same mistake ALL the Separated ones make, in one way or another."
T2B61 "Since this means they can be used only ONE way, they became MUCH stronger, and much more dependable."
T2B67 "This heals the Separation, and places within man the one defense against all Separation-mind errors which can make him perfectly invulnerable."
T2C4 "Illness, which is really "not Right Mindedness", is the result of level confusion in the sense that it always entails the misbelief that what is amiss in one level can adversely affect another."
T2C8 "If one denies this unfortunate aspect of its power, one is also denying the power itself.)"
T2C9 "In this case, one may be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body, in which something from the OUTSIDE is temporarily given healing belief."
T2C11 "This was because of the much greater fear (which this one counteracts) that the mind can hurt itself."
T2C13 "In one way, they are a more benign form, in that they do not entail the possession fallacy which DOES enter when a mind believes that it can possess another."
T2C16 "This reflected two levels of confidence lack, one in My readiness to heal, and the other in his own willingness to give.)"
T2E16 "If I merely intervene between your thoughts and their results, I would be tampering with a basic law of cause and effect, in fact the most fundamental one there is in this world."
T2E19 "Both miracles AND fear come from his thoughts, and if he were not free to choose one, he would also not be free to choose the other."
T2E19 "Remember, we said before that when electing one person, you reject another."
T2E20 "You and Bill have been afraid of God, of me, of yourselves, and of practically everyone you know at one time or another."
T2E25 "All psychoanalysts made one common error, in that they attempted to uncover unconscious CONTENT."
T2E28 "The idea of "will-THERAPY" was potentially a very powerful one, but Rank did not see its real potential because he himself used his mind partly to create a theory OF the mind, but also partly to attack Freud."
T2E30 "No one as yet has fully recognized either the therapeutic value of fear, or the only way in which it can be truly ended."
T2E31 "Because of this difference, the basic conflict IS one between love and fear."
T2E34 "Although Freud made a number of fallacies of his own, he DID avoid this one in connection with libido."
T2E38 "Both the idea that both kinds MUST exist, and the belief that ONE kind is amenable for use or misuse, are real distortions."
T2E38 "It was a TERRIFIC waste of time, and one in which I hardly care to become engaged myself."
T2E40 "Freud was one of the most religious men I have known recently."
T2E46 "We have already said that the basic conflict is one between love and fear, and that the proper organization of the psyche rests on a lack of level confusion."
T2E49 "To whatever extent one is believed in, the other HAS BEEN abolished."
T2E52 ""And God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life" needs only one slight correction to be entirely meaningful in this context."
T2E52 "It should be noted that God HAS begotten only ONE Son."
T2E52 "If you believe that all of the Souls that God created ARE His Sons, and if you also believe that the Sonship is One, then every Soul MUST be a Son of God, or an integral part of the Sonship."
T2E53 "What can replace this negative approach is a recognition of the fact that as long as one part (which is the same as a million or ten or eight thousand parts) of the Sonship is missing, it is NOT complete."
T2E57 "One of the chief ways in which man can correct his magic-miracle confusion is to remember that he did not create himself."
T2F1 "The Final Judgment is one of the greatest threat concepts in man's perception."
T2F1 "After the Separation, however, there WAS a place for justice in the schema, because it was one of the many learning devices which had to be built into the overall plan."
T3A7 "The person himself is a POOR learner, by definition, only as a step toward changing from a bad to a good one."
T3A16 "But one stupidity at a time is usually enough."
T3A18 "B should note that this is one of the few times that he had to wait for a cab."
T3A28 "You should NEVER join with one at the EXPENSE of another."
T3A30 "However, if it is MET ungraciously the resulting feeling may well be one of coercion."
T3A32 "To borrow one of your own phrases, "This kind of human tragedy is far easier to avert than to undo.""
T3B7 "The Biblical injunction "Be of one mind" is the statement for REVELATION readiness."
T3C1 "There is one more point which must be perfectly clear before any residual fear which may still be associated with miracles becomes entirely groundless."
T3C2 "If the Crucifixion is seen from an upside down point of view, it certainly does appear AS IF God permitted, and even encouraged, one of his Sons to suffer BECAUSE he was good."
T3C12 "If you can accept the ONE GENERALIZATION NOW, there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons."
T3C13 "The Son of God IS part of the holy Trinity, but the Trinity Itself is One."
T3C13 "There is no confusion within ITS levels, because they are of One Mind and One Will."
T3C22 "The lamb taketh away the sins of the world only in the sense that the state of innocence or Grace, is one in which the meaning of the Atonement is perfectly apparent."
T3C24 "(There is one set of notes not yet transcribed which is devoted to this."
T3C28 "One of the difficulties inherent in trance states is that it is very difficult to overcome the split which the trance itself induces through the medium of communications made while in the trance state."
T3C29 "However, you will remember that it is this one which is particularly vulnerable to magical associations."
T3C34 "Whenever we move from one instant to the next, the previous one no longer exists."
T3C36 "It is also one of the many reasons why the Cayce material, a major step in the speedup, must be properly understood before it can be meaningfully validated."
T3D1 "It is absolutely essential that you understand completely that behavior is erratic until a firm commitment to one or the other is made."
T3D7 "This means that it is not open to more than one interpretation.)"
T3E1 "Helen Schucman also thought later: Every time there is anything unlovable that crosses one's mind (re sex, possession, etc.)"
T3E2 "(Aside: One of the exceptions is in the correction formula for fear, which begins with KNOW first) The reason is because you must get your perceptions straightened out before you can KNOW anything."
T3E7 "B's question about the "spiritual eye" was a very legitimate one."
T3E15 "Brothers can misperceive one another, but they rarely maintain that they do not KNOW each other."
T3F2 "This is because one is essentially meaningless to another."
T3F7 "One part of the psyche perceives another part as on a different LEVEL, and does not understand it."
T3F12 "A lower-order perception cannot create a higher-order one, (which is the way you perceive the structure of the psyche if you look at it from the bottom UP) because it doesn't understand it."
T3F12 "But a higher-order perception CAN create a lower-order one by understanding it in terms of MISperception."
T3F19 "He doesn't have to decide it is one OR the other.)"
T3G1 "No one has been sure of anything since then."
T3G4 "This is a fundamental right of man, although not one he would care to exercise if he were in his Right Mind."
T3G5 "This implies that the answer is not only one which he knows, but one which is up to him."
T3G14 "It is all One, and has no separate parts."
T3G14 "You who are really one with it need but know YOURSELF and your knowledge is complete."
T3G15 "The fact that each Soul has this power completely is a fact that is entirely alien to human thinking, in which if any ONE has everything, there is nothing LEFT."
T3G18 "No one WORD is universally meaningful, because a word is a symbol, but thought is not divisible by creation."
T3G19 "KNOW yourself in the One Light, where the miracle which is you is perfectly clear."
T3G23 "No one is either therapist or patient."
T3G26 "All therapy should do is try to place EVERYONE involved in the right frame of mind to help one another."
T3G28 "As you have so often said, no one has adopted ALL of his parents' attitudes as his own."
T3G32 "No one can survive independently as long as he is willing to see himself through the eyes of others."
T3G35 "No one has the right to change himself according to different circumstances."
T3G41 "The role of a teacher, properly conceived, is one of leading himself and others out of the desert."
T3G41 "The value of this role can hardly be underestimated, if only because it was one to which I very gladly dedicated my own life."
T3G44 "There is nothing as tragic as the attempt to deceive one's self, because it implies that you perceive yourself as so unworthy that deception is more fitting for you than truth."
T3G45 "Descartes engaged in a very interesting teaching procedure, and one from which he himself learned a great deal."
T3G45 "He insisted that his own existence was not open to doubt, and rebuilt his entire thought system on the one premise "I think, therefore I am.""
T3G45 "It is noteworthy that he arrived at accepting the entire system he originally doubted, solely on the basis of this ONE piece of knowledge."
T3H3 "One of the illusions from which human perception suffers is that what it perceives and judges against has no effect."
T3H9 "He then perceives the situation as one in which two people are literally fighting for his own authorship."
T3H10 "The word "authority" has been one of their most fearful symbols ever since."
T3H11 "Despite the apparent contradiction in this position, it is in one sense more tenable than the view that they created themselves."
T3H15 "However, no one really believes that what is wished is as real as what is willed."
T3I5 "The whole picture is one in which man acts in a way he HIMSELF realizes is self destructive, but which he does NOT WILL to correct, and therefore perceives the cause as beyond his control."
T3I7 "The fruit of only ONE tree was "forbidden" to man in his symbolic garden."
T3I10 "You are split with your own Souls on this point, and there is NO resolution, because you believe the one thing that is literally INCONCEIVABLE."
T4A1 "You were both wise and devoted (two words which are literally interchangeable in the sense that they truly bring on the exchange of one another.)"
T4A1 "You HAD committed a serious error against your brother, and one who had asked for your help."
T4B1 "But there is only one cause for all of them."
T4B1 "Money is but one of its many reflections, and is a reasonably representative example of the kind of thinking which stems from it."
T4B3 "Untenable positions such as this are the result of the authority problem, which, because it accepts the one inconceivable thought as its premise, can only produce ideas which are inconceivable."
T4B8 "This profound confusion is possible only if one maintains that the SAME thought-system can stand on two foundations."
T4B14 "Every good teacher hopes to give his students so much of his own thinking that they will one day no longer need him."
T4B14 "This is the one real goal of the parent, teacher, and therapist."
T4B22 "Bill, if you will to be a devoted teacher rather than an egocentric one, you will not be afraid."
T4C2 "Each man makes one ego for himself, although it is subject to enormous variation because of its instability, and one for everyone he perceives, which is equally variable."
T4C7 "No one disowns something he regards as a very real part of himself."
T4C7 "In fact, it duplicates in many ways the way he will one day react to his real creations, which are as timeless as he is."
T4C21 "The creations of God do not create myths, but the creative efforts of man can turn to mythology, but only under one condition."
T4C23 "The mind then has only ONE direction in which it can move."
T4C25 "If it is shown to be true it becomes a fact, after which no one attempts to evaluate it unless its status AS fact is questioned."
T4C26 "Data from one realm of discourse do not mean anything in another, because they can be understood only WITHIN the thought-systems of which they are a part."
T4D10 "No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again."
T4D17 "You retain thousands of little scraps of meanness which prevent the Holy One from entering."
T4D17 "No one can see THROUGH a wall, but I can step around it."
T4D20 "If you will REALLY try to do this, you have taken the first step toward preparing your minds for the Holy One to enter."
T4D21 "This is the one fact which MEANS that the ego does not exist, and which therefore makes it profoundly afraid."
T4E5 "Your mind IS one with God's."
T4E14 "Judge how well you have done this by your own feelings, for this is the one RIGHT use of judgment."
T4E16 "Then let me the Holy One shine upon you in peace, knowing that this and only this MUST be!"
T4F1 "Control is a central factor in what the ego permits into consciousness, and one to which it devotes its maximum vigilance."
T4F4 "In one sense, the ego's fear of the idea of God is at least logical, because this idea DOES dispel it."
T4F13 "Eternalness is the one function that the ego has tried to develop, but has systematically failed."
T4F15 "The one question which the alchemist did not permit himself to ask was "What For?""
T4F17 "It is noticeable that in all these diversionary tactics, the ONE question which is NEVER asked by those who pursue them is "What for?""
T4G10 "The results will convince you increasingly that your choice in turning to me is the only sane one you can make."
T4G10 "No one who has learned from experience that one choice brings peace and joy while another brings chaos and disaster needs much conditioning."
T4G14 "The Holy One shares my trust and always approves my Atonement decisions, because my will is never out of accord with His."
T4G15 "I will go with you to the Holy One, and through MY perception HE can bridge the little gap."
T4G16 "Through your gratitude you can come to know each other, and one moment of real recognition makes all men your brothers because they are all of your Father."
T4G22 "That is because the function of love is One."
T4I8 "I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because the one who sent me will direct me."
T5A1 "But joy calls forth an integrated willingness to share in it, and thus promotes the mind's natural impulse to RESPOND AS ONE."
T5A3 "To heal, or to make joyous, is therefore the same as to integrate and MAKE ONE."
T5B4 "If you can accept the concept that the world IS one of ideas, the whole belief in the false association which the ego has made between giving and LOSING is gone."
T5B7 "As a man and as one of God's creations, my right thinking, which came from the Universal Inspiration which IS the Holy Spirit, taught me first and foremost that this Inspiration is for ALL."
T5C4 "First, its universality is perfectly clear, and no-one who receives it could ever believe for one instant that sharing it involves anything BUT gain."
T5C11 "One you made yourself, and that one is not of God."
T5D3 "Guidance is EVALUATIVE, because it implies that there is a RIGHT way and also a WRONG way, one to be chosen and the other avoided."
T5D3 "By choosing one, you give up the other."
T5D5 "The Holy Spirit is one way of choosing."
T5D9 "It is MADE BY GIVING, and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true creation."
T5D10 "This mind is unequivocal, because it hears only ONE VOICE, and answers in ONE WAY."
T5D11 "Our task is the joyous one of waking it to the call for God."
T5D11 "Everyone will answer the call of the Holy Spirit, or the Sonship cannot be as one."
T5E3 "Bill, who has made a number of vital contributions to our joint venture, made a major one a while ago, which he himself did not appreciate or even understand."
T5E4 "He had realized that there are two ways of seeing you, and also that they are diametrically opposed to one another."
T5E7 "We have repeatedly emphasized the fact that one level of the mind is not understandable to another."
T5F9 "That is what is meant when we said that it is possible even in this world to listen to ONE voice."
T5F9 "If you are part of God, and the Sonship is one, you CANNOT be limited to the self the ego sees."
T5F10 "We said that you will one day teach as much as you learn, and that will keep you in balance."
T5F10 "I heard one voice because I had learned that learning is attained BY teaching."
T5F11 "Listening to one voice MEANS the will to share the voice to hear it yourself."
T5F12 "The ego cannot prevail against the Kingdom BECAUSE it is united, and the ego fades away and is undone in the presence of the attraction of the parts of the Sonship which hear the call of the Holy Spirit to be as One."
T5F15 "Nor do separate thoughts conflict with one another in space, because they do not occupy space at all."
T5G11 "God created one, and so you cannot eradicate it."
T5G14 "But NO ONE believes that the symptoms can remain if the underlying CAUSE is removed."
T5H5 "Alternate interpretations are unnecessary until the first one has been made, and speaking itself was unnecessary before the ego was made."
T5I3 "The concept of "fixation" is a very helpful one, which Freud understood perfectly."
T5I13 "He wills to keep it in perfect peace because you are of one mind and Spirit with Him."
T5I14 "When I told Bill that there is "just one more thing," he heard me very well."
T5I16 "The "one more thing" that Bill must learn is merely that he is NOT the one more."
T5I16 "He is both ONE and AT ONE."
T6A1 "Anger ALWAYS involves PROJECTION OF SEPARATION, which must ultimately be accepted as entirely one's own responsibility."
T6A2 "And NO ONE can organize his life without ANY thought system."
T6B4 "There is little doubt that one BODY can assault another, and can even destroy it."
T6B5 "I therefore offered a DIFFERENT interpretation of attack, and one which I DO want to share with you."
T6B8 "I AM sorry when my brothers do not share my decision to hear (and be) only one voice, because it weakens them as teachers AND learners."
T6B11 "When you hear only one voice, you are never called on to sacrifice."
T6B11 "That is because the Holy Spirit IS one, and anyone who listens is inevitably led to demonstrate His way for ALL."
T6B12 "My one lesson, which I must teach as I learned, is that no perception which is out of accord with the judgment of the Holy Spirit CAN be justified."
T6B20 "Each one MUST learn to teach that all forms of rejection are utterly meaningless."
T6C5 "This invites Atonement automatically, because Atonement IS the one need which is universal."
T6C7 "To deny this in any way is to deny yourself AND Him, because it is impossible to accept one without the other."
T6C8 "But you might remember that the human eye perceives them as if they DO meet in the distance, which is the same as IN THE FUTURE, if time and space are one dimension."
T6C13 "This is the way in which you MUST perceive God's Creations, bringing all of your perceptions into the one parallel line which the Holy Spirit sees."
T6C14 "The Holy Spirit projects by RECOGNIZING HIMSELF in EVERY mind, and thus perceives them as ONE."
T6C14 "This is the one message which God gave TO Him, and for which He must speak because that is what He IS."
T6C15 "The ego is legion, but the Holy Spirit is one."
T6C15 "Each of us IS the Light of the world, and by joining our minds IN this Light, we proclaim the Kingdom of God together and AS ONE."
T6D4 "That is why you must teach only ONE lesson."
T6D4 "This is the ONE lesson which is perfectly unified, because it is the only lesson which IS one."
T6E3 "You cannot really understand conflict until YOU fully understand one basic fact that the ego does not know."
T6E3 "EVERYONE has called upon Him for help at one time or another, and in one way or another, AND HAS BEEN ANSWERED."
T6E6 "Hear, then, the one answer of the Holy Spirit to ALL the questions which the ego raises."
T6E11 "You are in an impossible situation only because you thought it was possible to be in one."
T6E13 "You would doubt your sanity, which is the one thing in which you can FIND the sanity He gave you."
T6F2 "God's extending outward, though not His completeness, was blocked when the Sonship does not communicate with Him as one."
T6F9 "To be of one mind is meaningful, but to be of one body is meaningless."
T6F11 "Only one equal gift CAN be offered to the equal Sons of God, and that is FULL APPRECIATION."
T6F12 "The insanity of this perception makes it a fearful one."
T6F13 "Egos DO join together in temporary allegiance, but always for WHAT EACH ONE CAN GET SEPARATELY."
T6F13 "The Holy Spirit communicates only WHAT EACH ONE CAN GIVE TO ALL."
T6F14 "This is a very preliminary step, and THE ONLY ONE YOU MUST TAKE YOURSELF."
T6G3 "It is also their last and final one."
T6G6 "In fact, this is its only alternative here, because the other one, which would be much LESS acceptable, would obviously be that IT is insane."
T6G8 "The way out of conflict between two opposing thought systems is clearly TO CHOOSE ONE AND RELINQUISH THE OTHER."
T6G9 "There can BE no conflict between sanity and insanity, because only one is true, and therefore only ONE is REAL."
T6G11 "This, then IS a step in the direction OUT of conflict, because it means that alternatives have been considered, and ONE has been chosen as MORE DESIRABLE."
T6G12 "Therefore, although this step is essential for the ultimate decision, it is clearly NOT the final one."
T6G14 "You are only beginning this step now, but you have started on this way by realizing that ONLY ONE WAY IS POSSIBLE."
T6H2 "The Holy Spirit NEVER varies on this point, and so the ONE mood that He engenders is joy."
T6H4 "But while the first step seems to INCREASE conflict, and the second still ENTAILS it to some extent, this one calls for CONSISTENT EFFORT AGAINST IT."
T6H5 "As long as you must be vigilant against ANYTHING, however, you are not recognizing this, and are holding the belief that you can CHOOSE EITHER ONE."
T6H9 "The third step is thus one of PROTECTION for your minds by allowing you to identify ONLY with the center, where God placed the altar to HIMSELF."
T6H10 "No one can EXTEND a lesson he has NOT LEARNED FULLY."
T6H11 "To teach the WHOLE Sonship WITHOUT EXCEPTION demonstrates that you PERCEIVE ITS WHOLENESS and have learned that it IS One."
T6H14 "I told you that you were just beginning the second step, but I also told you that the third one FOLLOWS it."
T7B3 "He CAN, therefore, tell you something about this last step, but this one you must know yourself, because BY it you know what you are."
T7C3 "That is why they perceive "the freedoms" as many instead of ONE."
T7C4 "But those who are FOR freedom, even if they are misguided in HOW they defend it, are siding with the one thing in this world which IS true."
T7C5 "The term "intraPERSONAL" is an ego term, because "personal" implies of ONE person, and NOT of others."
T7C8 "YOU could not do this yourselves because conflicted minds CANNOT be faithful to one meaning, and will therefore CHANGE THE MEANING TO PRESERVE THE FORM."
T7C10 "Therefore, you must forget or relinquish one to UNDERSTAND the other."
T7C11 "There is NO confusion in the Kingdom, because there IS only one meaning."
T7D3 "But one thing is certain."
T7D6 "If different abilities are applied long enough to one GOAL, the abilities THEMSELVES become unified."
T7D6 "This is because they are channelized in one direction, or in one WAY."
T7D6 "Ultimately, then, they all contribute to ONE RESULT, and by so doing, their SIMILARITY rather than their differences is emphasized."
T7D6 "You can EXCEL in many DIFFERENT ways, but you can EQUALIZE in ONE WAY ONLY."
T7D7 "But the Holy Spirit teaches one lesson and applies it to ALL individuals in ALL situations."
T7E9 "The miracles which the Holy Spirit inspires CAN have no order, because every part of Creation IS of one order."
T7F3 "Healing is the one ability that everyone CAN develop, and MUST develop, if he is to BE healed."
T7F3 "Healing IS the Holy Spirit's form of communication, and THE ONLY ONE HE KNOWS."
T7F11 "One way shows you an image, or better, an idol which you may worship out of fear, but which you will never love."
T7F14 "But I do want to share my MIND with you because we ARE of one Mind, and that Mind IS ours."
T7G1 "You can think of the Sonship ONLY as one."
T7G3 "The ego draws upon the one source which is totally inimitable to its existence FOR its existence."
T7G15 "Being a perfect Accomplishment, the Sonship can only accomplish perfectly, EXTENDING the joy in which it was created, and identifying itself with both its Creator and its creations, KNOWING they are One."
T7H8 "One Child of God is the only teacher sufficiently worthy to teach another."
T7H8 "One Teacher is in all your minds, and He teaches the same lesson to all."
T7H9 "One MUST be fearful if he believes that his brother is attacking him to tear the Kingdom of Heaven from him."
T7H12 "There is only one way out of the world's thinking, just as there was only one way INTO it."
T7I1 "Projection is a fundamental law of the mind, and therefore one which ALWAYS operates."
T8A4 "THIS is the re-interpretation of reality which you must make to secure peace, and the ONLY one you need ever make."
T8B4 "If it is carried out by these two teachers simultaneously, EACH ONE MERELY INTERFERES WITH THE OTHER."
T8B4 "They cannot choose one, because they CANNOT relinquish the others EVEN IF THE OTHERS DO NOT EXIST."
T8C1 "Only ONE teacher KNOWS what your reality is."
T8C4 "The LESSON is that your will and God's CANNOT be out of accord because they ARE one."
T8C7 "The Holy Spirit's teaching takes only one direction, and has only one goal."
T8D3 "The Will of the Father and of the Son are one together BY THEIR EXTENSION."
T8E10 "Freedom cannot be learned by tyranny of ANY kind, and the perfect equality of ALL God's Sons cannot be recognized through the dominion of one will over another."
T8E13 "It CANNOT be with one and not the other."
T8E13 "If you are part of one, you MUST be part of the other because they ARE One."
T8E14 "The Holy Trinity is holy BECAUSE It is One."
T8E18 "By joining YOUR will with mine, you are signifying your awareness that the Will of God is One."
T8E22 "The Holy Spirit has one direction for ALL minds, and the one He taught me IS yours."
T8E22 "Let us not lose sight of His direction through illusions, for ONLY illusions of another direction can obscure the one for which God's Voice speaks in all of us."
T8F2 "Only one is true."
T8F8 "No one who does not know his function can understand it."
T8F8 "And no one CAN know his function unless he knows who he IS."
T8F10 "There is no question but one you should ever ask of yourself: "Do I want to know my Father's Will for me?""
T8G8 "Strictly speaking, this is impossible, since it seems to involve the translation of one order of reality into another."
T8G13 "Perception of the body can be unified only by ONE PURPOSE."
T8G13 "This releases the mind from the temptation to see it in many lights, and gives it over ENTIRELY to the One Light in which it can be really understood at all."
T8G15 "If the body is brought under the purpose of the mind, it becomes whole because the mind's purpose IS one."
T8H3 "In this perceived constellation, the body is regarded as capable of shifting its control from one to the other, making the concept of both health and sickness possible."
T8H3 "This is why the ego is forced to shift from one end to another without ceasing, so that YOU will continue to hope it can offer you something."
T8H5 "We have said before that judgment IS the function of the Holy Spirit, and one which He is perfectly equipped to fulfill."
T8H8 "When we said that the ego DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING, we said the one thing about the ego that is wholly true."
T8H9 "No one can doubt the ego's skill in building up false cases."
T8H9 "And no one can doubt your willingness to listen, until YOU will not to tolerate ANYTHING except truth."
T8H11 "It is the beginning of the proper perspective on life, under the guidance of the one teacher who knows what life IS, being the voice for Life Itself."
T8I5 "The Holy Spirit cannot distinguish among degrees of error, for if He taught that one form of sickness is more serious than another, He would be teaching that one error can be more REAL than another."
T8I8 "Our minds are whole BECAUSE they are one."
T8I9 "When you limit YOURSELF, we are NOT of one mind, and that IS sickness."
T8J1 "Fear of the Will of God is one of the strangest beliefs that the human mind has ever made."
T8J10 "This recognition IS the recognition that HIS WILL AND GOD'S ARE ONE."
T8K3 "The very fact that one has asked the Holy Spirit for ANYTHING, will ensure a response."
T8K3 "But it is equally certain that no response, given by the Holy Spirit, will EVER be one which would INCREASE fear."
T9B2 "Unless this becomes the ONE way in which you handle ALL errors, you cannot understand HOW ALL ERRORS ARE UNDONE."
T9C4 "The ego has a plan of forgiveness, because you are ASKING for one, but not of the right teacher."
T9C8 "If one has no idea what is happening, how appropriately can you EXPECT him to react?"
T9C10 "What can be fearful but fantasy, and no one turns to fantasy unless he despairs of satisfaction in reality."
T9C12 "Fairy tales can be pleasant or fearful, pretty or ugly, but NO ONE calls them TRUE."
T9D3 "All unhealed healers follow the ego's plan for forgiveness, in one form or another."
T9D4 "The new form of the ego's plan is as unhelpful as the older one, because form does not matter to the Holy Spirit, and therefore DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL."
T9D5 "It is noteworthy that this is a contradiction even in the ego's own terms, and one which it usually DOES note, even in its confusion."
T9D9 "His only MEANINGFUL contribution is to present an example of one whose direction has been changed FOR him, and who NO LONGER BELIEVES IN NIGHTMARES OF ANY KIND."
T9D11 "But remember also that THE RIGHT ONE WILL."
T9E3 "God has but one Son, knowing them all as One."
T9E5 "Because the Sonship MUST create as one, you remember creation whenever you recognize part of creation."
T9E7 "Eternity is ONE time, its ONLY dimension being "always.""
T9E8 "Could you but accept one of them, you would not want ANYTHING the world has to offer."
T9G10 "No one else can fill your part of it, and while you leave your part of it empty, your eternal place merely waits for your return."
T9H7 "Is it not possible that you merely shifted from one dream to another without really wakening?"
T9I9 "Your minds are not separate, and God has only one channel for healing, because He has but one Son."
T9I9 "To be aware of this is to heal them, because it is the awareness that no one is separate, and so no one is sick."
T9I13 "There are no idolaters in the Kingdom, but there is great appreciation for every Soul which God created, because of the calm knowledge that each one is part of Him."
T9I13 "When you do not value yourself you become sick, but MY value of you can heal you, because the value of God's Son is one."
T9I15 "I will heal you merely because I have only ONE message, and it is true."
T9I17 "If God has but one Son, there is but one God."
T9J4 "If the Sonship is ONE, it is one in ALL respects."
T9J8 "There are no strange images in the Mind of God, and what is not in His Mind CANNOT be in yours, because you are of One Mind, and that Mind belongs to HIM."
T9J9 "The power of one mind CAN shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark."
T9K3 "He has many forms, but though he may seem like many different things, he is but one idea;-- the denial of God."
T10B3 "Not one stone you place upon it but will be blessed by Him."
T10B4 "I and my Father are one with YOU, for you are part of us."
T10B9 "God is your heritage, because His one gift is Himself."
T10B9 "Your fatherhood and your Father are One."
T10C2 "And you will yourself to HIM, because in your perfect understanding of Him, you KNOW there IS but One Will."
T10E3 "Every altar to God is part of your Soul, because the Light He created is One with Him."
T10F2 "And how else can one dispel illusions EXCEPT by looking at them directly, WITHOUT protecting them?"
T10F4 "Fear becomes more obviously inappropriate if one recognizes the ego's GOAL, which is so clearly senseless that any effort exerted on its behalf is NECESSARILY expended on nothing."
T10F6 "His Will is One, because the extension of His Will CANNOT be unlike ITSELF."
T10F8 "Yet its one claim to your allegiance is that it can GIVE power to you."
T10F10 "And no one wills to learn what he believes would DESTROY him."
T10H5 "For as Heaven and earth become one, even the real world will vanish from your sight."
T10H8 "Ask yourselves, therefore, but one simple question; "Do I want the problem or do I want the answer?""
T10H9 "His answer is both many and one, as long as you believe that the One IS many."
T10H11 "No one of us but has the answer in him, to give to anyone who asks it OF him."
T10H14 "Be not deceived in God's Son, for he is one with himself, and One with his Father."
T10H18 "ASK of their reality from the One Who knows it, and He will tell you what they are."
T10H18 "When you perceive yourself without deceit, you will accept the real world in place of the false one you have made."
T11A2 "This is quite evidently a mental split, in which you have attacked the integrity of your mind, and pitted one level within it against another."
T11B1 "There is but one interpretation of ALL motivation that makes any sense, and, because it is the Holy Spirit's judgment, it requires no effort at all on your part."
T11B5 "There is but one response to reality, for reality evokes no conflict at all."
T11B5 "There is but one Teacher of Reality, Who understands what it is."
T11B6 "And if you perceive but one need in yourself, you WILL be healed."
T11C1 "One is false, for it was made out of denial, and denial DEPENDS on the real belief in what is denied for its OWN existence."
T11C6 "Whatever the sickness, there is but one remedy."
T11D1 "For poverty is lack, and there is but one lack, since there is but one need."
T11D4 "No "outrageous" request CAN be made of one who recognizes what is valuable, and wants to accept nothing else."
T11D9 "God gave you the real world in exchange for the one you made, out of your split mind, and which IS the symbol of death."
T11E1 "Yet the ego, though encouraging the search very actively, makes one proviso; - do not FIND it."
T11E1 "This is the ONE promise that it holds out to you, and the one promise IT WILL KEEP."
T11E4 "The Holy Spirit offers you another promise, and one that will lead to joy."
T11E6 "You pay no price for life, for that was given you, but you DO pay a price for death, and a very heavy one."
T11G5 "For reality is one with the Father AND the Son, and the Holy Spirit blesses the real world in Their Name."
T11G7 "Every Child of God is one in Christ, for his Being is in Christ, as Christ's is in God."
T11G8 "What is One cannot be perceived as separate, and the denial of the separation IS the reinstatement of knowledge."
T11G9 "At the altar of God, the holy perception of God's Son becomes so enlightened that light streams into it, and the Spirit of God's Son shines in the Mind of the Father, and becomes one with it."
T11H6 "The mind always strives for integration, and if it is split, and WANTS TO KEEP THE SPLIT, it will believe it has ONE goal by MAKING IT ONE."
T11H8 "This gives it an illusion of integrity, and enables it to believe that IT is pursuing one goal."
T11H8 "For to be healed is to pursue one goal, because you have ACCEPTED only one, and WANT but one."
T11H10 "The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world."
T11H14 "For your destruction is the one end toward which it works, and the only one with which it will be satisfied."
T11I4 "For no one can forget what God Himself placed in his memory."
T11J1 "It is the judgment of one mind by another as UNWORTHY of love, and DESERVING of punishment."
T11J2 "Not one of them but has thought that God is cruel."
T11J5 "Love and guilt cannot coexist, and to accept one is to DENY the other."
T11J7 "Time seems to go in one direction, but when you reach its end, it will roll up like a long carpet that has spread along the past behind you, and will disappear."
T11J8 "But the journey on which his Father sets him is one of release and joy."
T11J10 "For the IDEA of guilt brings a belief of condemnation of one by another, projecting separation in place of unity."
T12B2 "They have approached the darkest and deepest cornerstone in the ego's foundation, and while it can withstand your raising all else to question, it guards this one secret with its life, for its existence DOES depend on keeping this secret."
T12C1 "But there is one more complication which you have interposed between yourself and the Atonement, that you do not yet realize."
T12C1 "We have said that no one will countenance fear, IF HE RECOGNIZES IT."
T12C10 "But exempt no one from your love, or you will be hiding a dark place in your minds, where the Holy Spirit is not welcome."
T12C10 "And healing must be as complete as fear, for love cannot enter where there is one spot of fear to mar its welcome."
T12D3 "For while it could perhaps be argued that death suggests there WAS life, no one would claim that it proves there IS life."
T12D7 "For you are meeting no one, and the SHARING of salvation, WHICH MAKES THE ENCOUNTER HOLY, is excluded from your sight."
T12D9 "The ego, on the other hand, regards the function of time as one of extending itself IN PLACE of eternity."
T12E1 "One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered BY the eternal TO the eternal."
T12E1 "But they have one thing in common; they are all insane."
T12E2 "Each one peoples his world with figures from his INDIVIDUAL past, and it is because of this that private worlds DO differ."
T12E2 "For these figures HAVE NO WITNESSES, being perceived in one SEPARATE mind only."
T12E11 "You have but two emotions, and one you made and one was GIVEN you."
T12F6 "In it is everything that is eternal, and they ARE one."
T12F7 "In this one, still dimension of time, which does not change, and where there is no sight of what you were, you look at Christ, and call His witnesses to shine on you, BECAUSE YOU CALLED THEM FORTH."
T12G1 "The sight of one is possible because you have denied the other."
T12G2 "Both are not true, yet either one will seem as real to you as the amount to which you hold it dear."
T12G3 "The only effort you need make, to give this world away in glad exchange for what you did NOT make is willingness to learn THE ONE YOU MADE IS FALSE."
T12G6 "And from this point of safety, he looks quietly about him, and recognizes that the world is one with him."
T12G7 "The real world is the way that leads you to remembrance of this one thing that is wholly true, and wholly YOURS."
T12G7 "But this one thing is ALWAYS yours, being the gift of God unto His Son."
T12G7 "Your ONE reality was GIVEN you, and BY it God created you as one with Him."
T13B1 "Yet only God can gather them together by crowning them AS ONE with the final gift of eternity."
T13B2 "He is not separate from either, being in the mind of both, and knowing that Mind is one."
T13B3 "This is the miracle of creation; THAT IT IS ONE FOREVER."
T13B3 "Every miracle you offer to the Son of God, is but the true perception of one ASPECT of the whole."
T13B3 "Though every aspect IS the whole, you cannot KNOW this, until you SEE that every aspect IS THE SAME, perceived in the SAME light; and THEREFORE one."
T13B3 "Help Him to give His gift of light to all who think they wander in the darkness, and let Him gather them into His quiet sight that makes them one."
T13B4 "There is ONE miracle, as there is ONE reality."
T13B4 "And every miracle you do contains them all, as every aspect of reality you see blends quietly into the one reality of God."
T13B4 "The only miracle that ever was, is God's most holy Son, created in the One Reality that is his Father."
T13B8 "Nor do you witness unto Him, for reality is witnessed to as one."
T13C4 "Therefore, you cannot value one without the other, and guilt has become AS TRUE FOR YOU AS INNOCENCE."
T13C5 "For sin and condemnation are the same, and the belief in one is faith in the other, calling for punishment INSTEAD of love."
T13C7 "For while you see one spot of guilt within you, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT."
T13D2 "No real relationship can rest on guilt, or even hold one spot of it, to mar its purity."
T13D5 "Use no relationship to hold you to the past, but with each one, each day, be born again."
T13D14 "Praise be unto you, who make the Father One with His Own Son."
T13D16 "The war, the guilt, the past, are gone as one, into the unreality from whence they came."
T13E1 "Everything is clear and bright, and calls forth ONE response."
T13E5 "Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient; God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you FROM it, or IT from you."
T13E9 "The Holy Spirit has a very different kind of reconciliation in His mind for you, and one which HE WILL EFFECT, as surely as the ego will NOT effect what it attempts."
T13F4 "But in him who MADE this insane logic, there is One Who KNOWS it leads to nothing, for He knows of EVERYTHING."
T13G2 "A little piece of glass, a speck of dust, a body, or a war, are one to you."
T13G2 "For if you value ONE thing made of nothing, you HAVE believed that nothing CAN be precious, and that you CAN learn how to make the UNtrue true."
T13G2 "This is the hardest lesson you will ever learn, and in the end, the ONLY one."
T13G4 "Let Me make the one distinction FOR you, which you CANNOT make, but NEED to learn."
T13H8 "Remember always MIND IS ONE, and CAUSE IS ONE."
T13H12 "The One Who knows the plan, of God which God would have you follow, can teach you what it IS."
T13H14 "And you WILL feel guilty for this imagined "crime," which no one in this world, or Heaven, CAN POSSIBLY commit."
T13H15 "He leaves you no one OUTSIDE yourself, alone WITHOUT you."
T13I1 "The first in time means nothing, but the First in Eternity is God the Father, Who is both First and One."
T13I2 "You can feel His Presence NEXT TO you, but CANNOT know that you are one with Him."
T13I6 "Leave ALL decisions to the One Who speaks for God, and for your function as He KNOWS it."
T13I6 "Give up this frantic and insane attempt, which cheats you of the joy of living with your God and Father, and awaking gladly to His Love and Holiness, which join together as truth in YOU, making you One with Him."
T14A2 "Would you know of One Who gives forever, and Who knows of nothing EXCEPT giving?"
T14B1 "The guiltless and the guilty are totally incapable of understanding one another."
T14B3 "Each one of you has a special part to play in the Atonement, but the message given to each to share is always the same; GOD's SON IS GUILTLESS."
T14B3 "Each one teaches the message differently, and learns it differently."
T14B7 "There is no conflict in this curriculum, which has ONE aim, however it is taught."
T14B12 "Each one you see you place, within the holy circle of Atonement, or leave outside, judging him fit for crucifixion or redemption."
T14B12 "Come, let us join him in the holy place of peace, which is for all of us, united as one, within the cause of peace."
T14C4 "The light of guiltlessness shines guilt away because, when they are BROUGHT TOGETHER, the truth of one MUST make the falsity of its OPPOSITE perfectly clear."
T14C4 "And so you do not realize that only one means ANYTHING, and the other is wholly without sense of ANY kind."
T14C7 "But if one means nothing, and the other EVERYTHING, only that one is possible for purposes of communication."
T14D4 "But, if one is kept in darkness FROM THE OTHER, their SEPARATION seems to keep them both alive, and equal in their reality."
T14D4 "Their JOINING thus becomes the source of fear, for, if they meet, acceptance MUST be withdrawn from one of them."
T14D5 "One WILL go, BECAUSE the other is seen in the SAME place."
T14D9 "Seeing WITH Him will SHOW you that all meaning, INCLUDING YOURS, comes not from double vision, but from the gentle fusing of everything into one meaning, one emotion and one purpose."
T14D9 "God has one Purpose, which He shares with you."
T14D11 "Everything that promises otherwise, great or small, however much or little valued, He will replace with the one promise GIVEN unto Him to lay upon the altar to your Father and His Son."
T14D11 "For they are NOT apart, and gifts to one ARE offered to the other."
T14D15 "Heaven itself is union with ALL of creation, and with its One Creator."
T14E2 "Different realities ARE meaningless, for reality MUST be one."
T14E7 "Its ONE response is healing, without ANY regard for what is brought TO it."
T14F3 "The miracle, therefore, has a unique function, and is motivated by a unique Teacher, Who brings the laws of another world to this one."
T14F3 "The miracle is the one thing you can do that TRANSCENDS order, being based, NOT on differences, but on equality."
T14F7 "The only judgment involved at all is in the Holy Spirit's one division into two categories; one of love, and the other, the call for love."
T14G5 "And He will gladly EXCHANGE each one for the bright lesson He has learned FOR you."
T14G6 "You have one test, as sure as God, by which to recognize if what you learned is true."
T14G6 "The ABSENCE of PERFECT peace means but ONE thing; you THINK you do not will for God's Son what His Father wills for him."
T14G6 "Every dark lesson teaches this, on one form or another."
T14G12 "He offers YOU a miracle, with every one you LET Him do through you."
T14G12 "As we are held as one in God, so do we learn as one in Him."
T14G13 "They are cause and effect, each to the other, so, where one is absent, the other CANNOT be."
T15A2 "One of the sources of perceived discouragement from which you suffer, is your belief that THIS TAKES TIME, and that the results of the Holy Spirit's teaching are far in the future."
T15C5 "And, because of this, you have not yet given one single instant COMPLETELY to the Holy Spirit."
T15C6 "You WILL doubt, until you hear ONE witness whom you have WHOLLY released through the Holy Spirit."
T15C7 "Use it but for one instant, and you will never deny it again."
T15D1 "You will ALWAYS choose one AT THE EXPENSE of the other."
T15D3 "There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one which you must learn to remember ALL the time."
T15E1 "The holy instant is THIS one, and EVERY one."
T15E1 "The one you WANT it to be, it IS."
T15E1 "The one you would NOT have it be, is lost to you."
T15F6 "If you would attempt to substitute ONE aspect of love for ANOTHER, you have placed LESS value on one, and MORE on another."
T15F7 "The ego's use of relationships is so fragmented, that it frequently goes even further; one PART of one aspect suits its purposes, while it prefers DIFFERENT parts of another."
T15F10 "In the holy instant, the Sonship gains AS ONE."
T15F10 "And, UNITED in your blessing, it BECOMES one TO YOU."
T15F11 "In the holy instant, there is no conflict of needs, for there is ONLY ONE."
T15F12 "It is impossible to use one relationship AT THE EXPENSE of another, and NOT suffer guilt."
T15F12 "Under the Holy Spirit's teaching, ALL relationships are seen as TOTAL commitments, yet they do not conflict with one another in ANY way."
T15F12 "Perfect faith in each one, for its ability to satisfy you COMPLETELY, arises only from perfect faith in YOURSELF."
T15H2 "This is its ONE attraction."
T15H4 "And thus, it embarks on an endless, unrewarding chain of special relationships, forged out of anger, and dedicated to but one insane belief; that the more anger you invest OUTSIDE yourself, the safer YOU become."
T15H6 "In one way or another, every relationship which the ego makes is based on the idea that, by SACRIFICING itself, IT BECOMES BIGGER."
T15H7 "For each one thinks that he has SACRIFICED something to the other, AND HATES HIM FOR IT."
T15I3 "He will NOT fail you, for He comes from One Who CANNOT fail."
T15I4 "For Christ knows of no separation FROM His Father, Who is His One relationship, in which He gives as His Father gives to Him."
T15I6 "It is His holy function to ACCEPT THEM BOTH, and, by removing EVERY element of DISagreement, to join them into one."
T15J3 "We who are one, cannot give separately."
T15J4 "It is possible to do this all at once, because there is but ONE shift in perception that is necessary."
T15J4 "For you made but ONE mistake."
T15J4 "It IS necessary to examine each one, as long as you would retain the PRINCIPLE which governs all of them."
T15J4 "But when you are willing to regard them, NOT as separate, but as DIFFERENT MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SAME IDEA, and ONE YOU DO NOT WANT, they go together."
T15J5 "If you would accept but this ONE idea, your fear of love would vanish."
T15J7 "Each form will be recognized as but a cover, for the one idea that hides behind them all."
T15J7 "And so the ego seems to demand LESS of you than God, and of the two is judged as the LESSER of two evils, one to be feared a little, but the Other TO BE DESTROYED."
T15J10 "You have tried many compromises, in the attempt to avoid recognizing the one decision that MUST be made."
T15K2 "And you need but invite Him in Who is there ALREADY, by recognizing that His Host is One."
T15K9 "Those who receive the Father are one with Him, being host to Him Who created them."
T16A4 "Keep but one thought in mind, and do not lose sight of it, however tempted you may be to judge the situation, and DETERMINE your response BY judging it."
T16B4 "But be certain that this does NOT mean to do a foolish thing that would hurt either him or you, for what would hurt one WILL hurt the other."
T16B5 "And you will think that, by meeting the needs of one, you do NOT jeopardize another, because you keep them SEPARATE, and secret from each other."
T16C1 "One ATTRIBUTE is no more difficult to understand than is the whole."
T16C4 "When two minds join as one, and share one idea equally, the first link in the awareness of the Sonship as one has been made."
T16C6 "Miracles are natural to God, and to the One Who speaks for Him."
T16C6 "The One you called upon IS with you."
T16D1 "And He MUST have done so from the basis of a very different thought-system, and one with NOTHING IN COMMON WITH YOURS."
T16D3 "Does not the fact that you have NOT learned what you HAVE taught, show you that you do NOT perceive the Sonship as one?"
T16D3 "And does it not also show you that you do not regard YOURSELF as one?"
T16D5 "He protected both your creations AND you together, keeping one with you what you would EXCLUDE."
T16D8 "Each one builds this bridge, which CARRIES HIM ACROSS the gap, as soon as he is willing to expend some little effort on behalf of bridging it."
T16D8 "And so the one who would cross over, is literally transported there."
T16E5 "But conflict enters the instant the choice seems to be one BETWEEN ILLUSIONS, for this choice does NOT matter."
T16E5 "Where one choice IS as dangerous as the other, the decision MUST be one of despair."
T16E6 "Every illusion is one of fear, WHATEVER form it takes."
T16E6 "And the attempt to escape from one illusion INTO ANOTHER, MUST fail."
T16E7 "In fundamental violation of love's one condition, the special love relationship would thus ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE."
T16F2 "The special love relationship is the ego's most boasted gift, and the one that has the most appeal to those unwilling to relinquish guilt."
T16F4 "For the ego would never have you see that the separation can ONLY BE LOSS, being the one condition in which Heaven CANNOT be."
T16F6 "And the attempt to find the imagined "best" of BOTH worlds, has merely led to FANTASIES of both, and to the inability to perceive either one AS IT IS."
T16F7 "Each partner tries to sacrifice the self he does NOT want, for one he thinks he would PREFER."
T16F7 "For how much value CAN he place upon a self that he would GIVE AWAY, to get a BETTER one?"
T16F8 "The "better" self the ego seeks is ALWAYS one that is MORE special."
T16F16 "This year is thus the time to make the EASIEST decision that ever confronted you, and also the ONLY one."
T16G1 "Yet, this CANNOT be natural, for it is UNlike the relationship of God and His Son, and ALL relationships that are unlike this One, MUST be unnatural."
T16G4 "On this side of the bridge, you see the world of separate bodies, seeking to join each other in SEPARATE UNIONS, and to become one BY LOSING."
T16G4 "When two INDIVIDUALS seek to become ONE, they are trying to DECREASE their magnitude."
T16G4 "If one such union were made IN PERFECT FAITH, the universe WOULD enter into it."
T16G4 "Yet the special relationship which the EGO seeks, does NOT include even ONE whole individual."
T16G10 "But, as you cross to JOIN it, IT will JOIN WITH YOU, and BECOME ONE with you."
T16H5 "But the one thing that the ego NEVER allows to reach awareness, is that the special relationship is the acting out of VENGEANCE ON YOURSELF."
T17B2 "For YOU have established this order in REALITY, by giving some of it to one teacher, and some to another."
T17B2 "And so you learn to deal with PART of truth in one way, and in ANOTHER way the OTHER part."
T17B3 "Reserve not one idea aside from truth, or you ESTABLISH orders of reality which MUST imprison you."
T17D5 "The shadow figures enter more and more, and the one in whom they SEEM to be, DECREASES in importance."
T17D6 "The 'ideal' of the unholy relationship thus becomes one in which the REALITY of the other does not ENTER AT ALL, to 'spoil' the dream."
T17D6 "Thus, the attempt at union becomes a way of EXCLUDING even the one with whom the union was sought."
T17D10 "God's Son is one."
T17D10 "And whom God has JOINED as one, the ego CANNOT break apart."
T17D10 "For the Creator of the one relationship, has LEFT no part of it without HIMSELF."
T17D12 "But remember that to choose ONE, is to LET THE OTHER GO."
T17D12 "Which one you choose, YOU will endow with beauty and reality, because the choice DEPENDS on which you value more."
T17E6 "While this ONE remains, you will not LET the others go."
T17E6 "RETAIN this one, and you HAVE retained the whole."
T17E12 "One is a tiny picture, hard to see at all beneath the heavy shadows of its enormous and disproportionate enclosure."
T17E13 "One is FRAMED to be out of focus, and NOT seen."
T17E16 "The whole reality of your relationship with Him lies in OUR relationship to one another."
T17E16 "The holy instant shines alike on ALL relationships, for in it, they ARE one."
T17H3 "YOU did not set it, because holiness can NOT BE SEEN except through faith, and your relationship was not holy BECAUSE your faith in one another was so limited and little."
T17I3 "This power INSTANTLY transforms ALL situations into one sure and continuous means for ESTABLISHING His purpose, and DEMONSTRATING its reality."
T18A1 "To substitute is to CHOOSE BETWEEN, renouncing one IN FAVOR of the other."
T18A1 "For this SPECIAL purpose, one is judged more valuable, and the other is REPLACED by him."
T18A2 "Where the ego perceives one person as a REPLACEMENT FOR another, the Holy Spirit sees them joined and indivisible."
T18A2 "He does not judge BETWEEN them, KNOWING they are one."
T18A2 "Being united, they are one BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME."
T18A2 "One would UNITE; the other SEPARATE."
T18A2 "NOTHING can come BETWEEN what God has joined, and what the Holy Spirit sees as one."
T18A3 "The one emotion in which substitution is impossible, is love."
T18B1 "You who believe that God is fear made but ONE substitution."
T18B1 "It has become splintered and subdivided and divided again, over and over, that it is now almost impossible to perceive it once was one, and still IS what it was."
T18B1 "That ONE error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time, and life to death, was all you ever made."
T18B2 "You do not realize the magnitude of that ONE error."
T18B8 "He loves you both, equally and as one."
T18B11 "It is the ONLY one that has no limits, and that reaches out to every broken fragment of the Sonship, with healing and uniting comfort."
T18C1 "This would not be YOUR wish unless you saw yourself AS ONE with the ego, which ALWAYS looks upon itself, and therefore on you, as UNDER attack, and highly VULNERABLE to it."
T18C9 "It will be a happy dream, and one which you will SHARE with all who come within your sight."
T18C10 "For we are joined as one in purpose, being of one mind with Him."
T18C10 "Your relationship has become one in which the wish has been REMOVED, because its purpose has been changed from one of dreams to one of truth."
T18D9 "Not one light in Heaven but goes with you."
T18D9 "Not one ray that shines forever in the Mind of God but shines on you."
T18E5 "Would you FIRST make a miracle of YOURSELF, and THEN expect one to be made FOR you?"
T18E9 "If you believe the holy instant is difficult FOR YOU, it is because YOU have become the arbiter of what is possible, and remain UNWILLING to give place to One Who KNOWS."
T18F6 "When you feel the holiness of your relationship is threatened by ANYTHING, stop instantly and offer the Holy Spirit your willingness, IN SPITE of fear, to let Him exchange this instant for the holy one which YOU would rather have."
T18F6 "But forget not that your relationship IS ONE, and so it MUST be that whatever threatens the peace of one is an equal threat to the other."
T18F7 "And so I choose THIS instant as the one to offer to the Holy Spirit, that His blessing may descend on us, and keep us BOTH in peace.""
T18G13 "You have accepted this INSTEAD of the body, and have LET yourself be ONE with something beyond it, simply by NOT letting your mind be limited BY it."
T18H1 "You have thus not met your one responsibility."
T18H2 "You have made much progress, and are really trying to make still more, but there is one thing you have never done; not for one instant have you utterly forgotten the body."
T18H6 "One instant spent TOGETHER restores the universe to BOTH of you."
T18H7 "When peace comes at last to those who wrestle with temptation, and fight against giving in to sin; when the light comes at last into the mind given to contemplation, or when the goal is finally achieved by anyone, it ALWAYS comes with just ONE happy realization, -- "I need do nothing.""
T18H7 "Here is the ultimate release that everyone will one day find in his own way, at his own time."
T18H8 "Save time for me by only this one preparation, and practice doing NOTHING ELSE."
T18H8 "Believe it for just one instant, and you will accomplish more than is given to a century of contemplation, or of struggle against temptation."
T18I5 "Each tiny fragment seems to be self-contained, needing each other for SOME things, but by no means TOTALLY dependent on their One Creator for EVERYTHING."
T18I6 "This little aspect is NO DIFFERENT from the whole, being continuous with it, and at one with it."
T18I9 "And every one you welcome will bring love with him, from Heaven for you."
T18I9 "They enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as they had come, alone."
T18J2 "Be you not separate, for the One Who DOES surround it has brought union to you, returning your little offering of darkness to the Eternal Light."
T18J11 "A step still further inward, but one you CANNOT take, transports you to something COMPLETELY different."
T18K2 "Learning is useless in the Presence of your Creator, Whose ACKNOWLEDGMENT of you, AND YOURS OF HIM, so FAR transcends ALL learning, that EVERYTHING you learned is meaningless, replaced forever by the knowledge of love and its One meaning."
T19B8 "You freely choose to OVERLOOK his errors, looking PAST all barriers between your self and his, and seeing them AS ONE."
T19B8 "And in that One you see your faith is FULLY justified."
T19B9 "Each one APPEARS just as he is perceived in the holy instant, united in YOUR purpose to be RELEASED from guilt."
T19D6 "Yet in your mind is One Who KNOWS it is unbroken, and forever changeless."
T19D7 "This One can teach you how to look on time differently, and to see BEYOND it."
T19D7 "The ONLY power that could CHANGE perception is thus kept impotent, held to the body by the FEAR of changed perception, which its Teacher, Who is One with it, would bring."
T19D12 "And you will HELP each other overcome MISTAKES, by joyously RELEASING one another from the belief in sin."
T19E3 "God's Will is One, NOT many."
T19E5 "You HAVE no purpose apart from each other, nor apart from the one you asked the Holy Spirit to SHARE with you."
T19F10 "No one can die for anyone, and death does not atone for sin."
T19G9 "Yet it is not possible to keep AWAY One Who is there ALREADY."
T19H5 "It is essential that this relationship be understood, for it is one the ego sees as proof of sin."
T19H9 "Not one but MUST believe that YIELDING to the attraction of guilt is the ESCAPE from pain."
T19H9 "Not one but MUST regard the body as himself, WITHOUT which he would die, and yet WITHIN which is his death equally inevitable."
T19I2 "Touch any one of them with the gentle hand of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with YOURS."
T19J2 "One thing is sure; God, Who created neither sin nor death, wills not that you be bound by them."
T19J4 "What better way to teach the first and fundamental principle in a course on miracles than by showing you the one that SEEMS to be the hardest can be accomplished FIRST?"
T19J10 "When anything seems to you to be a source of fear, when any situation strikes you with terror and makes your body tremble and the cold sweat of fear comes over it, remember it is ALWAYS for one reason; the ego has perceived it as a symbol of fear, a sign of sin and death."
T19J11 "Remember the holy Presence of the One GIVEN you to be the Source of judgment."
T19K7 "And what attracts you from BEYOND the veil, is also deep WITHIN you, unseparated from it, and COMPLETELY One."
T19L6 "Beside each of you is one who offers you the chalice of Atonement, for the Holy Spirit is in him."
T19L6 "And yet your Savior stands beside each one."
T19L10 "Let us give redemption to each other, and SHARE in it, that we may rise as one in resurrection, and not SEPARATE in death."
T20B2 "You stand beside each other, thorns in one hand and lilies in the other, uncertain which to give."
T20C8 "Only a pathway to the open door of Heaven, the home we share in quietness, and where we live in gentleness and peace, as One together."
T20C11 "Give joyously to one another the freedom and the strength to lead you there."
T20C11 "The lamp is lit in both of you, for one another."
T20D6 "The world the holy see is one with them, just as the world the ego looks upon is like itself."
T20D8 "This one wild thought, fierce in its arrogance and yet so tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through the universe of truth, becomes your guide."
T20D8 "And of the one blind thing in all the seeing universe you ask, "how shall I look upon the Son of God?""
T20D8 "Does one ask judgment of what is totally BEREFT of judgment?"
T20D9 "Ask not the means of its attainment of the one thing that still would have it be unholy."
T20D11 "Such is my will for BOTH of you, and for each of you for one another, and for HIMSELF."
T20D11 "Here are we one, looking with perfect gentleness upon each other, and on ourselves."
T20E6 "And each one FINDS his Savior, when he is ready to look upon the face of Christ, and see Him sinless."
T20E8 "You could no more leave one of them outside than I could leave you, and forget part of myself."
T20E8 "Once you accept HIS plan as the ONE function that you would fulfill, there WILL be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not ARRANGE for you, WITHOUT your effort."
T20E9 "Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away BEFORE you reach it."
T20F1 "No-one who SHARES his purpose with him can NOT be one with him."
T20F2 "Two voices, raised together, call to the hearts of everyone, and let them beat as one."
T20F2 "You give to one another for EVERYONE."
T20F5 "Why should it take so many holy instants to let this be accomplished, when one would do?"
T20F5 "There IS but one."
T20F6 "Here is the perfect faith that you will one day offer to each other, ALREADY offered you."
T20G1 "His REAL relationship is one of perfect union, and unbroken continuity."
T20G1 "The one he made is partial, self-centered, broken into fragments and full of fear."
T20G1 "The one created by his Father is wholly self-encompassing and self-EXTENDING."
T20G1 "The one he made is wholly self-DESTRUCTIVE and self-LIMITING."
T20G10 "Here the unholy instant is exchanged in gladness for the holy one of safe return."
T20G12 "Here he can ACCEPT the holy instant, offered him to REPLACE the unholy one he chose before."
T20G12 "The holy instant IS of greater value now to you than its unholy seeming counterpart, and you HAVE learned you REALLY want but one."
T20G13 "But what is that to those who have been given one TRUE relationship, BEYOND the body?"
T20H1 "It is impossible to imagine one that asks so little, or could offer more."
T20H2 "How can one be sincere and say, "I want this above all else, and yet I do not want to learn the means to get it?""
T20H7 "Both are but MEANS, each one appropriate to the end for which it is employed."
T20H7 "Neither can serve the purpose of the other, for each one is a CHOICE of purpose, employed on its behalf."
T20I3 "For peace will come to all who ask for it with real desire and sincerity of purpose, SHARED with the Holy Spirit, and at one with Him on what salvation IS."
T20I9 "One thing is sure; hallucinations serve a purpose, and when that PURPOSE is no longer held, THEY disappear."
T20I9 "And one is sin; the other holiness."
T21A2 "And you will see the WITNESS to the choice you made, and learn from this to RECOGNIZE the one you made."
T21B8 "The light in one, awakens it in all."
T21C4 "Here is the world you do NOT want, brought to the one you DO."
T21C4 "And here the one you do is GIVEN you, BECAUSE you want it."
T21C13 "Yet the truth is you were both created by a loving Father, Who created you together and as one."
T21D4 "This is HIS direction, the only one He ever sees."
T21D4 "And, when you wander, He REMINDS you there IS but one."
T21D9 "For He Who LOVES the world is seeing it FOR you, without one spot of sin upon it, and in the innocence which makes the sight of it as beautiful as Heaven."
T21D11 "It is like saying that the moon and sun are one BECAUSE they come with night and day."
T21D11 "Yet sight of one is but the sign the other has DISAPPEARED from sight."
T21D11 "Nor is it possible that what GIVES light, be one with what DEPENDS on darkness to be seen."
T21E2 "Beneath your fear to look within because of sin is yet ANOTHER fear, and one which makes the ego tremble."
T21E2 "This "fearful" question is one the ego NEVER asks."
T21E3 "A holy relationship is one in which you join with what IS part of you in TRUTH."
T21F4 "They are the OBVIOUS response to calls for help, the ONLY one it makes."
T21G3 "Nor could one mind think only for itself, unless the body WERE the mind."
T21G7 "The power to HEAL the Son of God is given you, BECAUSE he MUST be one with you."
T21G7 "But reason tells you it is GIVEN you to change his whole mind, which is one with YOU, in just an instant."
T21G9 "And being ONE with It, it MUST be given you to give what IT has given, and gives still."
T21G10 "The Son of God is ALWAYS blessed as one."
T21H1 "Helplessness is sin's CONDITION; the ONE requirement that it demands, to be believed."
T21H2 "They join the army of the powerless, to wage their war of vengeance, bitterness, and spite on him, to make him one with THEM."
T21H3 "Because they do not know that they are one with HIM, they know not WHOM they hate."
T21H3 "They are indeed a sorry army, each one as likely to attack his brother or turn upon himself, as to remember they THOUGHT they had a common cause."
T21H6 "But let him only ask himself these questions, which he MUST decide to have it done FOR him: "Do I DESIRE a world I rule, instead of one where I AM ruled?"
T21H7 "For this one still seems fearful, and UNLIKE the others."
T21H8 "And whom you would have healed, MUST be the one you chose to be PROTECTED from attack."
T21H9 "This is your one decision; this the CONDITION for what occurs."
T21H11 "For each one asks if you are willing to exchange the world of sin for what the Holy Spirit sees."
T21H11 "Yet the last question adds the WISH FOR CONSTANCY in your desire to see the real world, so the desire becomes the ONLY one you have."
T21I3 "Yet he WILL ask, because desire IS a request, an ASKING FOR, and made by one whom God Himself will never fail to answer."
T21I4 "And yet it is the final one that REALLY asks if you are willing to be WHOLLY sane."
T22A1 "And each one seems to make a DIFFERENT error, and one the other cannot understand."
T22A2 "For an unholy relationship is BASED on differences, where each one thinks the OTHER has what HE has NOT."
T22A3 "Each one has looked within, and seen NO lack."
T22B1 "If you attack whom God would heal, and hate the one He loves, then you and your Creator have a DIFFERENT will."
T22B5 "Here is the ONE emotion that YOU made, WHATEVER it may seem to be."
T22B5 "This is the ONE emotion that opposes love, and ALWAYS leads to sight of differences, and LOSS of sense of sameness."
T22B5 "Here is the ONE emotion that keeps you blind, dependent on the self you think you made, to lead you through the world it made for you."
T22B8 "For no two people CAN unite EXCEPT through Christ, Whose vision sees them one."
T22B10 "Nor could it be a fearful sight or sound that drew them gently into one."
T22B11 "Into the holy home where fear is powerless, love enters thankfully, grateful that it is one with you who joined to LET it enter."
T22B12 "And here can He RETURN in confidence, for faith in one another is ALWAYS faith in Him."
T22C1 "Both bring the same amount of misery, though each one SEEMS to be the way to lose the misery the other brings."
T22C2 "To leave one kind of misery and seek another, is hardly an ESCAPE."
T22C4 "To believe that one exception can exist, is to confuse what IS the same with what is different."
T22C4 "ONE illusion, cherished and defended AGAINST the truth, makes ALL truth meaningless and ALL illusions real."
T22C4 "And faith in innocence IS faith in sin, if the belief excludes ONE living thing, and holds it out, APART from its forgiveness."
T22C5 "Therefore, says reason, if escape from guilt was given to the Holy Spirit as His purpose, and by One to Whom NOTHING He wills CAN BE impossible, the means for its attainment are MORE than possible."
T22C6 "NOT both, but ONE."
T22C7 "There is no point in trying to avoid this ONE decision."
T22C7 "Faith and belief can fall to either side, but reason tells you that misery lies ONLY on one side, and joy upon the other."
T22C8 "Nor is there ONE illusion you can enter Heaven WITH."
T22C10 "Is it not welcome news to hear NOT ONE of the illusions that you made REPLACED the truth?"
T22C11 "And would you not exchange, in gratitude and gladness, the function of an executioner YOU gave him, for the one he has in truth?"
T22D8 "Can YOU be saved by making sinful the one whose holiness IS your salvation?"
T22D9 "In an unholy relationship, each one is valued BECAUSE he seems to justify the other's sin."
T22D9 "Yet reason sees a holy relationship as what it IS; a common state of mind, where both give errors gladly to correction, that both may happily be healed as one."
T22E1 "You MUST go one way or the other."
T22F1 "How does one overcome illusions?"
T22F3 "God holds your hands, and what can separate whom He has joined as one with Him?"
T22F4 "Can it be difficult to disregard its feeble squeaks that tell of its omnipotence, and would drown out the hymn of praise to its Creator that every heart throughout the universe forever sings as one?"
T22F6 "Not one but rests on the belief that you are separate."
T22F6 "Not one that does not SEEM to stand, heavy and solid and unmovable, between you and your brother."
T22F6 "And not one that truth can NOT pass over lightly, and so easily that you MUST be convinced, in spite of what you THOUGHT it was, that it was nothing."
T22G1 "For one you see as means; the other, end."
T22G1 "And one must serve the other, and LEAD to its predominance, increasing ITS importance by DIMINISHING its own."
T22G2 "He knows this mad decision was made by one as dear to His Creator as Love is to Itself."
T22G3 "You WILL be sanctified by one another, using your bodies ONLY to serve the sinless."
T22G8 "You will see your value through each other's eyes, and each one is released as he beholds his Savior IN PLACE of the attacker who he THOUGHT was there."
T22G8 "This one was GIVEN you, and ONLY this."
T22G8 "Accept this one, and serve it willingly, for what the Holy Spirit does with the gifts you give each other, to whom He offers them, and where and when, is up to Him."
T22G9 "He will use every one of them for peace."
T22G9 "Nor will one little smile, or willingness to overlook the tiniest mistake, be lost to anyone."
T22G10 "He will take every one, and make of it a potent force for peace."
T22G13 "The only way it COULD be justified is if each one of you were SEPARATE from the other, and all were separate from your Creator."
T22G14 "And this is so, BECAUSE the universe is one."
T22G15 "For what ONE thinks, the OTHER will experience WITH him."
T22G15 "What can this mean, EXCEPT your minds are one?"
T22G16 "And every thought in one brings gladness to the other, BECAUSE they are the same."
T22G17 "And, BECAUSE it joins you, so it makes you one with your Creator."
T23B3 "Their joining lies in nothingness; two are as meaningless as one, or as a thousand."
T23B6 "The war against yourself is but the battle of two illusions, struggling to make them DIFFERENT from each other, in the belief the one which conquers will be true."
T23B7 "One ILLUSION about yourself can battle with another, yet the war of two illusions is a state where NOTHING HAPPENS."
T23B8 "It can NOT exist between one power and nothingness."
T23B9 "For conflict is the choice BETWEEN illusions, one to be crowned as real, the other vanquished and despised."
T23B10 "The stillness of your certainty of Him and of yourself is home to both of you, who dwell as one, and NOT apart."
T23B11 "How can the resting place of God turn on itself, and seek to overcome the One Who dwells there?"
T23B11 "The altar disappears, the light grows dim, the temple of the Holy One becomes a house of sin."
T23B12 "Conflict and peace are opposites; where one abides, the other CANNOT be; where either goes, the other disappears."
T23C2 "Like all these principles, this one maintains that each is separate, and has a different set of thoughts which SETS HIM OFF from others."
T23C4 "The second law of chaos, dear indeed to every worshipper of sin, is that each one MUST sin, and therefore DESERVES attack and death."
T23C4 "For the DESTRUCTION of the one who makes the error places him BEYOND correction, and beyond forgiveness."
T23C5 "Now it appears that they can NEVER be One again."
T23C5 "For One must ALWAYS be condemned, AND BY THE OTHER."
T23C5 "And THEIR relationship is one of opposition, just as the separate aspects of the Son meet ONLY to conflict, but NOT to join."
T23C5 "One becomes weak, the other strong BY HIS DEFEAT."
T23C9 "For enemies do NOT give willingly to one another, nor would they seek to SHARE the things they value."
T23C13 "Behold, unveiled, the ego's secret gift, torn from your brother's body; hidden there in malice and in hatred for the one to whom the gift belongs."
T23C13 "The substitute for love, born of your enmity to one another, MUST be salvation."
T23C13 "IT has no substitute, and there IS only one."
T23C17 "No-one who thinks that one of them is true SEES WHAT IT SAYS."
T23C21 "Yet each one rests as surely on the belief the laws of chaos ARE the laws of order, as do the others."
T23C21 "Each one upholds these laws completely, offering a certain witness that these laws are true."
T23C22 "Think not one step is smaller than another, nor that return from one is easier."
T23C22 "The whole descent from Heaven lies in each one."
T23C23 "Brothers, take not one step in the descent to hell."
T23C23 "For, HAVING taken one, you will NOT RECOGNIZE the rest for what they are."
T23D3 "Thus it would teach a little of the same can still be different, and yet the same remain intact, as one."
T23D5 "No-one unites with enemies, nor is at one with them in purpose."
T23D6 "Not one tree left standing still will shelter you."
T23D6 "Not one illusion of protection stands against the faith in murder."
T23E2 "And every one does violence to the IDEA of love, because it SEEMS to be of equal truth."
T23E2 "Yet, if they BOTH are true, then must they be the SAME, and indistinguishable from one another."
T23E4 "It cannot yet assume the holy function God gave His Son, for your forgiveness of one another is not complete as yet."
T23E7 "For only bodies COULD attack and murder, and if this is your purpose, then you MUST be one with them."
T23E7 "Only a PURPOSE unifies, and those who share a purpose have a mind as one."
T24A2 "Not one can be kept hidden and obscure, but it will jeopardize your learning."
T24A2 "NO belief is neutral; every one has power to dictate each decision you make."
T24B1 "Hold back but ONE belief, ONE offering, and love is gone, because you asked a substitute to take its place."
T24B1 "And now must war, the SUBSTITUTE for peace, come with the one alternative that you CAN choose for love."
T24B4 "For specialness not only sets apart, but serves as grounds from which attack on those who seem "beneath" the special one is "natural" and "just.""
T24B7 "You have been GIVEN to each other that love might be extended, NOT cut off from one another."
T24B7 "And so it is the only one you HAVE."
T24C3 "His SPECIAL sons are many, NEVER one, each one in exile from himself and Him of Whom they are a part."
T24C5 "To every special one a DIFFERENT message, and one with DIFFERENT meaning, is the truth."
T24C5 "Yet how CAN truth be different to each one?"
T24C7 "It gives no different messages, and has ONE meaning."
T24C7 "And it is one you BOTH can understand, and one which brings release to BOTH of you."
T24C7 "What is one IS joined in truth."
T24C8 "Not one attack you thought you made on him has taken from him the gift that God would have him give to you."
T24C8 "Let him forgive you all your specialness, and make you whole in mind, and one with him."
T24C9 "Just one step more, and every vestige of the fear of God will melt away in love."
T24C10 "He is not special, for He would not keep one part of what He is unto Himself, NOT given to His Son, but kept for Him alone."
T24C11 "What is the same as God IS One with Him."
T24C11 "And ONLY specialness could make the truth of God and you AS One seem anything BUT Heaven."
T24C12 "Not one glance from eyes it veils but looks on sight of death."
T24C12 "Not one believer in its potency but seeks for bargains and for compromise that would establish sin as love's substitute, and serve it faithfully."
T24D1 "No-one who clings to ONE illusion can see himself as sinless, for he holds one error to himself as lovely still."
T24D5 "THEY are the same, for neither one wills specialness."
T24D5 "They are NOT BODIES; as One Mind they wait for all illusions to be BROUGHT to them, and left behind."
T24D6 "Yet if you would release your brother from the depths of hell, you have forgiven Him Whose Will it is you rest forever in the arms of peace, in perfect safety, and without the heat and malice of one thought of specialness to mar your rest."
T24D6 "Forgive the Holy One the specialness He could not give, and yet you made instead."
T24E3 "Nor is mind limited; so must it be that harmful purpose hurts the mind AS ONE."
T24E6 "And thus you saved what YOU appointed to be your savior, and crucified the one whom God has given you instead."
T24E6 "So are you bound with him, for you ARE one with him."
T24F1 "And thus does He rejoice at what He sees, because He knows that it is one with Him, and with His Father."
T24F1 "Except that one deludes; the other heals."
T24F7 "His perfect LACK of specialness He offers you, that you may save all living things from death, receiving from each one the gift of Life that your forgiveness offers to your Self."
T24G1 "Before your brother's holiness the world is still, and peace descends on it in gentleness and blessing so complete, that not one trace of conflict still remains to haunt you in the darkness of the night."
T24G2 "For what God wills is whole, and part of Him BECAUSE His Will is One."
T24G2 "Your brother's holiness shows you that God is One with him AND you; that what he has is yours BECAUSE you are not separate from him OR from his Father."
T24G4 "That is the ONLY purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it, and thus the only one it HAS."
T24G5 "Let not his specialness obscure the truth in him, for not one law of death you bind him to will YOU escape."
T24G5 "And not one sin you see in him but keeps you BOTH in hell."
T24G5 "Yet will his perfect sinlessness RELEASE you both, for holiness is quite impartial, with one judgment made for all it looks upon."
T24G7 "For eternity is NOT regained by still one more denial of the Christ in him."
T24G12 "Yet, of the two, it is THIS one you find more difficult."
T24H6 "In Heaven, means and end are one, and One with Him."
T24H7 "Here do the means and end unite as One, nor does this One have any end at all."
T24H7 "All this is true, and yet it has no meaning to anyone who still retains one unlearned lesson in his memory; one thought with purpose still uncertain, or one wish with a divided aim."
T24H11 "One do you see OUTSIDE yourself, your OWN beloved son."
T25B1 "HIS holiness directs the body THROUGH the mind at one with Him."
T25B2 "And would you not despise the one who tells you this, and seek HIS death instead?"
T25B2 "The message and the messenger ARE one."
T25B5 "Father and Son and Holy Spirit are as One, as all your brothers join as one in truth."
T25B6 "Because His purpose still is One with both the Father AND the Son, He KNOWS the Will of God, and what you REALLY will."
T25B6 "But this is understood by mind PERCEIVED as one, AWARE that it is one, AND SO EXPERIENCED."
T25B7 "All this can very simply be reduced to this: What is the same can NOT be different, and what is One can NOT have separate parts."
T25C2 "For one thing is sure; the way YOU see, and long HAVE seen, gives NO support to base your future hopes, and NO suggestions of success at all."
T25C5 "Yet its frame is JOINED to its Creator, One with Him AND with His masterpiece."
T25C10 "Not one ray of darkness can be seen by those who will to make their Father's happiness complete, and theirs along with His."
T25C10 "Give, then, what He has given you, that YOU may see His Son as one, and thank his Father, as He thanks YOU."
T25C11 "It was for this YOU were created, and your brother WITH you, and ONE with you."
T25C11 "YOU are the same, as God Himself is One, and NOT divided in His Will."
T25C11 "And YOU must have one purpose, since He gave the same to BOTH of you."
T25C11 "To each of you is given the power of salvation, that escape from darkness into light be yours to share, that you may see as one what never HAS been separate, nor apart from ALL His Love as given equally."
T25D3 "Knowledge has but one law BECAUSE it has but One Creator."
T25D3 "Not one but it upholds in its perception; not one but can be fully justified."
T25D8 "For it is SEEING them as one that brings release from the belief there are two ways to see."
T25F1 "Attack and sin are bound as ONE illusion, each the cause and aim and JUSTIFIER of the other."
T25F1 "And no-one COULD believe in one unless the other were the truth, for each attests the other MUST be true."
T25F3 "Christ stands before you both, each time you look on one another."
T25F4 "If you decide against his proper function, the ONLY one he really has in truth, you are depriving him of all the joy he WOULD have found if he fulfilled the role God gave to him."
T25G4 "Here, where the laws of God do NOT prevail in perfect form, can he yet do ONE perfect thing, and make ONE perfect choice."
T25G4 "And, BY this act of special faithfulness, to one perceived as OTHER than himself, he learns the gift was given TO himself, and so they MUST be one."
T25G6 "And this is seen AND UNDERSTOOD as each one takes his part in its UNDOING, as he did in MAKING it."
T25G7 "This is the function given each of you for one another."
T25G7 "Take it gently, then, from one another's hand, and let salvation be perfectly fulfilled in BOTH of you."
T25G7 "Do this ONE thing, that EVERYTHING be given you."
T25H1 "Sin is ONE thing in all this world that CANNOT change."
T25H1 "Yet each one knows the cost of sin is death."
T25H3 "Not ONE Thought of His makes ANY sense at all within this world."
T25H4 "If ONE belief so deeply valued here were true, then every Thought God ever had is an illusion."
T25H4 "And if but ONE Thought of His is true, then ALL beliefs the world gives ANY meaning to are false, and make no sense at all."
T25H5 "To justify ONE value that the world upholds is to DENY your Father's sanity AND YOURS."
T25H5 "And if he chooses to believe ONE thought OPPOSED to truth, he has decided he is NOT his Father's Son, because the Son is mad, and sanity must lie apart from both the Father AND the Son."
T25H6 "And one in which is nothing contradicted that would lead the Son of God to sanity and joy."
T25H6 "For here is everything perceived as one, and no-one loses, that each one may gain."
T25H7 "Test EVERYTHING that you believe against this ONE requirement."
T25H7 "And understand that everything that meets this ONE demand is worthy of your faith."
T25H7 "What is not love is sin, and either one perceives the other as insane and meaningless."
T25H9 "BECAUSE He is not mad, has God appointed One as sane as He to raise a saner world to meet the sight of everyone who chose insanity as his salvation."
T25H9 "To this One is given the choice of form most suitable to him; one which will NOT attack the world he sees, but enter into it in quietness, and SHOW him it is mad."
T25H9 "This One but points to an ALTERNATIVE, ANOTHER way of looking at what he has seen before, and recognizes as the world in which he lives, and THOUGHT he understood before."
T25H9 "Now MUST he question this, because the form of the alternative is one which he can NOT deny, nor overlook, nor fail completely to perceive and see at all."
T25H11 "The One Who speaks for Him can show you this, in the alternative He chose especially for you."
T25H12 "For in this world it seems that one must gain BECAUSE another loses."
T25I2 "You are NOT called upon to do what one divided still against himself WOULD find impossible."
T25I4 "It is NOT just that one should lack for what another has."
T25I5 "Fairness AND vengeance are impossible, for each one contradicts the other, and denies that it is real."
T25I9 "And every one that you accept brings joy to Him AS WELL as you."
T25I9 "He knows that Heaven is richer made by each one you accept."
T25I11 "For just ONE witness is enough, if he sees truly."
T25I11 "Of each one does the Holy Spirit ask if he will be that one, so justice may return to love, and there be satisfied."
T25I11 "Each special function He allots is but for this; that each one learn that love and justice are NOT separate."
T25I13 "To take from one to give another MUST be an injustice to them both, since they are equal in the Holy Spirit's sight."
T25J1 "Not one sin would you retain."
T25J1 "AND NOT ONE DOUBT THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE will you hold dear, that sin be kept in place."
T25J3 "Be certain any answer to a problem the Holy Spirit solves will ALWAYS be one in which NO-ONE loses."
T25J3 "And EVERY error is a perception in which one, at least, is seen unfairly."
T25J4 "IT sees a resolution as a state in which it is DECIDED who shall win and who shall lose; HOW MUCH the one shall take, and HOW MUCH can the loser still defend."
T25J7 "Unless you think that ALL your brothers have an equal right to miracles with you, you will not claim YOUR right to them, because you were unjust to one with EQUAL rights."
T25J8 "Not ONE right do YOU believe you have."
T25J9 "Each one becomes an illustration of the law on which salvation rests; that justice MUST be done to all, if ANYONE is to be healed."
T25J9 "Its offering is universal, and it teaches but one message."
T26B1 "For if they joined, each one would LOSE its own identity, and BY their separation are their selves maintained."
T26B6 "For neither did he make, and only ONE was given him, by One Who KNOWS His gifts can NEVER suffer sacrifice and loss."
T26C1 "Every problem is the SAME to Him, because each one is solved in just the SAME respect, and through the SAME approach."
T26C2 "They are the SAME to Him, because each one, regardless of the form it seems to take, is a demand that someone suffer loss, and make a sacrifice that you might gain."
T26C2 "One mistake is NOT more difficult for Him to bring to truth than is another."
T26C2 "For there IS but one mistake; the whole idea that loss is possible, and COULD result in gain for anyone."
T26C2 "This ONE mistake, in ANY form, has ONE correction."
T26C3 "And yet you COULD not think so, if you saw them vanish one by one, WITHOUT regard to size, complexity, or place and time, or ANY attribute which you perceive that makes each one seem different from the rest."
T26C3 "He makes but one judgment; that to hurt God's Son MUST be unfair, and therefore is not so."
T26C4 "Each time you keep a problem for YOURSELF to solve, or judge that it is one which HAS no resolution, you have made it great, and past the hope of healing."
T26C5 "ONE is given you to see in him his perfect sinlessness."
T26C6 "You will not keep ONE, for pain in ANY form you will not WANT."
T26D1 "How COULD it be, when all He knows is One?"
T26D1 "He knows of ONE creation, ONE reality, ONE truth, and but ONE Son."
T26D1 "The truth is simple; it is one, WITHOUT an opposite."
T26D4 "The one ESSENTIAL thing to make a choice at all is this distinction."
T26D4 "In this one, choice IS made impossible."
T26D6 "Yet, within this ONE lies the undoing of every illusion, NOT excepting this."
T26D6 "ALL illusions are but one."
T26E1 "Forgiveness always rests upon the one who offers it, until he sees HIMSELF as needing it no more."
T26E2 "The sinless MUST perceive that they are one, for nothing stands between, to push the other off, and in the space which sin left vacant do they JOIN as one, in gladness recognizing what is part of them has NOT been kept apart and separate."
T26E4 "Not one is lost, and none is cherished more than any other."
T26E4 "And each one teaches him that what he fears he loves the most."
T26E5 "And each one joins the singing at the altar which was raised within the tiny spot that sin proclaimed to be its own."
T26F3 "God gave His Teacher to REPLACE the one you made, NOT to CONFLICT with it."
T26F3 "The tiny tick of time, in which the first mistake was made, and ALL of them within that ONE mistake, held also the Correction for that one, and ALL of them that came within the first."
T26F4 "Not one illusion still remains unanswered in your mind."
T26F5 "So VERY long ago, for such a tiny interval of time that not one note in Heaven's song was missed."
T26F5 "Yet, in each unforgiving act or thought, in every judgment, and in all belief in sin is that one instant still called back, as if it could be made again in time."
T26F10 "You are like to one who still hallucinates, but lacks conviction in what he perceives."
T26G1 "For no-one can make one illusion real, and still escape the rest."
T26G1 "Who can believe illusions are the same, and still maintain that even one is best?"
T26G2 "Lead not your little lives in solitude, with one illusion as your only friend."
T26G2 "This is no friendship worthy of God's Son, nor one with which he could remain content."
T26G2 "The one illusion that you THINK is friend obscures HIS grace and majesty from you, and keeps his friendship and forgiveness from your welcoming embrace."
T26G3 "Would you allow one shadow to usurp the throne that God appointed for your Friend, if you but realized ITS emptiness has left YOURS empty and unoccupied?"
T26H4 "It is impossible that one illusion be LESS amenable to truth than are the rest."
T26H5 "Not one is true in ANY way, and all must yield with equal ease to what God gave as Answer to them all."
T26H5 "God's Will is One."
T26H9 "And EVERY miracle is possible the INSTANT that the Son of God perceives his wishes and the Will of God are One."
T26H12 "Cause and effect are one, NOT separate."
T26H14 "In every miracle ALL healing lies, for God gave Answer to them all as one."
T26H14 "And what is one to Him must BE the same."
T26H14 "What God calls one will be forever one, NOT separate."
T26H15 "And in your hand does ALL salvation lie, to be both offered and received as one."
T26H16 "For what can save each one of us, can save us all."
T26H17 "The Unity that specialness denies will save them all, for what is One can HAVE no specialness."
T26H17 "To get from one is to deprive them all."
T26H17 "And yet to bless but one gives blessing to them all as one."
T26H17 "And by this little gift of truth but let to be itself; the Son of God allowed to be himself, and all creation freed to call upon the Name of God as one."
T26I1 "The one remaining problem that you have is that you see an interval between the TIME when you forgive, and will receive the benefits of trust."
T26I1 "For time and space are ONE illusion, which takes different forms."
T26I1 "There is a DISTANCE you would keep apart from one another."
T26I2 "The interval you think lies in between the giving and receiving of the gift SEEMS to be one in which you sacrifice, and suffer loss."
T26I2 "Salvation WOULD wipe out the space you see between you still, and let you INSTANTLY become as one."
T26I7 "And THIS illusion is but one effect which it engenders, and one form in which its outcome is perceived."
T26I7 "This interval in time, when retribution is perceived to be the form in which the good appears, is but one aspect of the little space that lies between you, unforgiven still."
T26I8 "Delay is senseless, and the reason that would maintain effects of PRESENT cause must be delayed until a FUTURE time is merely a denial of the fact that consequence and cause MUST come as one."
T26J2 "Is it too much to ask a little trust for him who carries Christ to you, that you may be forgiven ALL your sins, and left without a single one you cherish still."
T26J4 "What hatred claimed is given up to love, and freedom lights up every living thing and lifts it into Heaven, where the lights grow ever brighter as each one comes home."
T26J6 "No-one on earth but offers thanks to one who has restored his home, and sheltered him from bitter winter and the freezing cold."
T26K3 "Unfairness and attack are ONE mistake, so firmly joined that where one is perceived, the other MUST be seen."
T26K5 "You think your brother is unfair to you BECAUSE you think that one must be unfair to MAKE the other innocent."
T26K5 "And in this game do you perceive one PURPOSE of your whole relationship."
T26K5 "To add or take away from this ONE goal is but to take away ALL purpose from the world, and from yourself."
T27B3 "But THIS one has NOT been used for purpose of attack, and therefore never suffered pain at all."
T27B5 "No worldly thought or act or feeling has a motivation other than this one."
T27B6 "The sick have reason for each one of their unnatural desires and strange needs."
T27B10 "Let, then, ITS purpose and YOUR function both be reconciled at last, and seen as one."
T27C2 "One DENIES the other, and MUST make it false."
T27C3 "Forgiveness CANNOT be for one, and not the other."
T27C10 "It belongs to One Who knows of fairness, NOT of guilt."
T27C11 "And thus does he become your victim, NOT your brother, DIFFERENT from you in that he is MORE GUILTY, thus in need of your correction, as the one MORE INNOCENT than he."
T27C11 "And so you CANNOT be perceived as one, and with a single function that would MEAN a shared identity with but ONE end."
T27C12 "When you perceive correction is the SAME as pardon, then you also know the Holy Spirit's Mind and yours are One."
T27C12 "And thus He represents the OTHER half, and seems to have a DIFFERENT purpose from the one you cherish, and you THINK is yours."
T27C13 "Your BROTHER's sins become the central target for correction, lest your errors and his own be seen as one."
T27C14 "The FOCUS of correction has been placed OUTSIDE yourself, on one who CANNOT be a part of you while this perception lasts."
T27C14 "And this He does by giving BOTH of you a function that is one, NOT different."
T27C15 "Correction IS the function given both, but neither one alone."
T27C15 "It CANNOT leave mistakes in one unhealed, and make the other free."
T27C16 "Correction MUST be left to One Who knows correction and forgiveness ARE the same."
T27C16 "Leave, then, correction to the Mind That IS united, functioning as One BECAUSE It is not split in purpose, and conceives a single function as Its ONLY one."
T27D6 "Nor delay an instant in deciding that it is the ONLY one you want."
T27E1 "And what would be an answer from one point of view is NOT an answer in another light."
T27E4 "The world asks but one question."
T27E4 "That is the one that you should choose."
T27F3 "From there, each one is born into this world, as witness to a state of mind which has TRANSCENDED conflict, and has reached to peace."
T27F3 "And nothing more than just ONE instant of your love WITHOUT attack is necessary, that all this occur."
T27F4 "In that ONE instant are YOU healed, and in that single instant is ALL healing done."
T27F4 "Be not afraid of blessing for the One Who blesses you loves all the world, and leaves nothing within the world that COULD be feared."
T27F4 "Would not a world so bitterly bereft be looked on as a condemnation by the one who COULD have saved it, but stepped back, because he was AFRAID of being healed?"
T27F5 "Who looks on one cannot PERCEIVE the other, for they CANNOT both be there."
T27F6 "It needs ONE lesson that has perfectly been learned."
T27F6 "The world of accusation is replaced by one in which all eyes look lovingly upon the friend who brought them their release."
T27F7 "All learning aims at transfer, which becomes complete within two situations which are seen as one."
T27F7 "But this can only be attained by One Who does not see the DIFFERENCES you see."
T27F8 "And it will ALSO be apparent that your many DIFFERENT problems will be solved, as any ONE of them has been escaped."
T27F8 "You ARE wrong, but there is One within you Who is RIGHT."
T27F9 "Leave, then, the transfer of your learning to the One Who REALLY understands its laws, and Who will GUARANTEE that they remain unviolated and unlimited."
T27F9 "Your brother FIRST among them will be seen, but thousands stand behind him, and beyond each one of them there are a thousand more."
T27F9 "Each one may SEEM to have a problem which is DIFFERENT from the rest."
T27F10 "YOUR healing will be ONE of its effects, as will your brother's."
T27G2 "For EITHER witness is the same, and carries but one message, "You are here, WITHIN this body, and you CAN be hurt."
T27G2 "Each one SEEMS different, because it has a different NAME, and so it seems to answer to a different SOUND."
T27G2 "Sin's witnesses but shift from name to name, as one steps forward, and another, back."
T27G3 "You cannot choose AMONG them which are real, for any one you choose is like the rest."
T27G5 "The One Who brings the miracle perceived them all as one, and called by name of "fear.""
T27G6 "Yet to the One Who sends forth miracles to bless the world, a tiny stab of pain, a little worldly pleasure, and the throes of death itself are but a single sound; a call for healing, and a plaintive cry for help within a world of misery."
T27H4 "For each one thinks that, if he does his part, the condemnation of the world will rest on him."
T27H6 "The witnesses to sin all stand within ONE little space."
T27H7 "Of one thing you were sure; of all the many causes you perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt was NOT among them."
T27H7 "The one who makes them does NOT see himself as making them, and their reality does NOT depend on him."
T27H9 "This is the ONLY picture you can see, the ONE alternative that you can choose, the OTHER possibility of cause, if you be NOT the dreamer of your dreams."
T27H9 "Be glad indeed it is, for thus are YOU the ONE decider of your destiny in time."
T27H10 "What choices can be made between two states, but ONE of which is clearly recognized?"
T27H10 "Who could be free to choose BETWEEN effects, when only ONE is seen as up to you?"
T27H10 "An honest choice could NEVER be perceived as one in which the choice is split between a tiny you and an enormous world, with DIFFERENT dreams about the truth in you."
T27H11 "THEY are one."
T27I3 "Though the dream itself takes many forms, and SEEMS to show a great variety of places and events wherein its "hero" finds itself, the dream has but ONE purpose, taught in many ways."
T27I5 "He would have seen at once that these ideas are one illusion, too ridiculous for anything but to be laughed away."
T27I6 "Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh."
T27I11 "The Holy Spirit will repeat this ONE inclusive lesson of deliverance, until it has been learned, REGARDLESS of the form of suffering that brings you pain."
T27I11 "For this one answer TAKES AWAY the cause of every form of sorrow and of pain."
T27I12 "Bring, then, all forms of suffering to Him Who knows that every one is like the rest."
T27I12 "He sees NO differences where none exist, and He will teach you how each one is CAUSED."
T27I13 "The one thing that is impossible is that you be UNLIKE each other; that they BOTH be true."
T28B5 "Who would keep a senseless lesson in his mind, when he can learn and can preserve a BETTER one?"
T28B10 "How gladly does He offer them unto the one for whom He has been given them!"
T28C3 "It has but ONE effect."
T28C5 "ONLY that you see you made the one you would EXCHANGE for this."
T28D1 "When you accept a miracle, you do not ADD your dream of fear to one that is ALREADY being dreamed."
T28E1 "You can be sure of just ONE thing; that you are evil, for you share in dreams of fear."
T28E2 "Thus you separate the dreamer from the dream, and join with ONE, but let the OTHER go."
T28E5 "Identity in dreams is meaningless BECAUSE the dreamer and the dream are one."
T28E6 "The gap between your bodies matters not, for what is joined in Him is ALWAYS one."
T28E8 "Your Holiness, complete and perfect, lies in every one of them."
T28E8 "And they ARE joined, because what is in one IS in them all."
T28E8 "For the Whole is in each one."
T28F2 "Where one appears, the other DISappears."
T28F2 "And which you SHARE becomes the only one you HAVE."
T28F2 "You HAVE the one which you accept, because it is the only one you WANT."
T28G5 "Let THIS be your agreement with each one; that you be one with him and NOT apart."
T28G5 "And he will keep the promise that you make with him, because it is the one which he has made to God, as God has made to him."
T28H1 "A space where God is not, a gap between the Father and the Son is NOT the Will of either, who have promised to be One."
T28H1 "What will can come between what MUST be One, and in Whose Wholeness there can BE no gaps?"
T28H3 "Either there IS a gap between you and your brother, or you ARE as one."
T28H4 "The choice of SICKNESS seems to be a form, yet it is one, as is its opposite."
T29A2 "The rest are past, but this one still remains to block your path, and make the way to light seem dark and fearful, perilous and bleak."
T29B1 "The gap between you is NOT one of space between two separate bodies."
T29C3 "For pain and sin are ONE illusion, as are hate and fear, attack and guilt but one."
T29C7 "To change is to attain a state unlike the one in which you found yourself before."
T29D1 "For who is Savior, but the one who GIVES salvation?"
T29D2 "He must see someone ELSE as NOT a body, one with him, without the wall the world has built to keep apart all living things who know not that they live."
T29D2 "Within the dream of bodies and of death, is yet one theme of truth."
T29E1 "And dreaming goes with only ONE of these."
T29E4 "And each one represents some function which you have assigned; some goal which an event, or body, or a thing SHOULD represent, and SHOULD achieve for you."
T29E5 "How happy would your dreams become, if you were NOT the one who gave the "proper" role to every figure that the dream contains."
T29E5 "The core of dreams the Holy Spirit gives is NEVER one of fear."
T29G1 "He is the only thing in all the universe that MUST be One."
T29G4 "All other goals are set in time, and change that time might be preserved, EXCEPTING ONE."
T29G4 "It must be life's EXTENSION, that it be as One forever and forever, WITHOUT end."
T29H6 "For otherwise, the future WILL be like the past, and but a series of depressing dreams, in which all idols fail you, one by one, and you see death and disappointment everywhere."
T29I3 "No more a veil can banish what it seems to separate, nor darken by one whit the Light Itself."
T29I4 "A dark and fearful purpose, yet a thought without the power to change one blade of grass from something living to a sign of death."
T29I7 "This is the only question which has many answers, each depending on the one of whom the question has been asked."
T29I8 "No-one comes unless he worshipped them, and still attempts to seek for one that yet might offer him a gift reality does NOT contain."
T29I8 "And when one fails another takes its place, with hope of finding more of something ELSE."
T29I9 "God has not many sons, but only One."
T29I9 "If Heaven is within why would you seek for idols which would make of Heaven less, to give you MORE than God bestowed upon your brother AND on you, as One with Him?"
T29J3 "For who would wish for one UNLESS he were in terror and despair?"
T30A1 "Each one will help a little, every time it is attempted."
T30B4 "For you have ALREADY gotten angry, and your fear of being answered in a different way from what YOUR version of the question asks will gain momentum until you believe the day you want is one in which you get YOUR answer to your question."
T30B12 "Let this be the ONE reminder that you keep in mind, and you will have the day you want, and give it to the world by having it yourselves."
T30C1 "And not one Thought that God has ever had but waited for your blessing to be born."
T30C3 "Look once again upon your enemy, the one you chose to hate instead of love."
T30C4 "Not one created thing but gives you thanks, for it is by your will that it was born."
T30D2 "What idol can make two of what IS one?"
T30D2 "It is NOT your will to have one."
T30D6 "It is forever One, eternally united and at peace."
T30D9 "Here is your ONE reality kept safe, completely unaware of all the world that worships idols, and that knows not God."
T30D10 "You have not two realities, but One."
T30D10 "Nor can you be AWARE of more than one."
T30E3 "And each one seems to break the rules you set for it."
T30E4 "See ONE in them, and you will see them all."
T30E6 "His ONE mistake is that he thinks them real."
T30E6 "But you WILL understand that mighty changes have been quickly brought about, when you decide one very simple thing; you do not WANT whatever you believe an idol gives."
T30F2 "And no-one stands outside this hope, because the world has been united in belief the purpose of the world is one which all must SHARE, if hope be more than just a dream."
T30F6 "And THEN will come the knowledge They are One."
T30F8 "Not one was bought EXCEPT at cost of pain."
T30F9 "But when they joined and SHARED a purpose, they were free to learn their will is one."
T30G5 "There would be one mistake which had the power to UNDO creation, and to make a world which could REPLACE it and DESTROY the Will of God."
T30G7 "If one appearance must remain APART from healing, one illusion must be part of truth."
T30H1 "The Holy Spirit looks upon the world as with ONE purpose, changelessly established."
T30H1 "For ONLY if its aim could change with every situation could each one be OPEN to interpretation which is different every time you think of it."
T30H4 "A common purpose is the ONLY means whereby perception can be stabilized, and ONE interpretation given to the world and all experiences here."
T30H4 "In this shared purpose is one meaning shared by everyone and everything you see."
T30H4 "You do not have to judge, for you have learned one meaning has been GIVEN everything, and you are GLAD to see it everywhere."
T30H4 "Escape from judgment simply lies in this; - All things have but one purpose, which you share with all the world."
T30H5 "In SINGLE purpose is the end of all ideas of sacrifice, which MUST assume a DIFFERENT purpose for the one who gains and him who loses."
T30H5 "In one united goal does this become impossible, for your AGREEMENT makes interpretation stabilize and last."
T30H5 "The Holy Spirit's goal gives ONE interpretation, meaningful to you AND to your brother."
T30H7 "We have ONE Interpreter."
T30I6 "This will you look upon, when you decide there is not one appearance you would hold in place of what your brother really IS."
T31A1 "You have been told EXACTLY how to tell one from the other, and just what to do if you become confused."
T31A2 "It merely goes from one apparent lesson to the next, in easy steps which lead you gently from one to another, with no strain at all."
T31A4 "The world began with one strange lesson, powerful enough to render God forgotten, and His Son an alien to himself, in exile from the home where God Himself established him."
T31B2 "Yet must we see them both, before you can look PAST them, to the ONE Alternative that IS a different choice."
T31B2 "What YOU would choose between is NOT a choice, and gives but the ILLUSION it is free, for it will have ONE outcome either way."
T31B3 "You hate the one you gave the leader's role when YOU would have it, and you hate as well his NOT assuming it, at times you want to let the follower in you arise, and give away the role of leadership."
T31B4 "Hear the one, and you are separate from him, and are lost."
T31B6 "Christ calls to all with EQUAL tenderness, seeing no leaders and no followers, and hearing but ONE Answer to them all."
T31B6 "Because He hears one Voice, He cannot hear a DIFFERENT answer from the one He gave when God appointed Him His only Son."
T31B9 "He asks and YOU receive, for you have come with but ONE purpose; that you both may learn you love each other with a brother's love."
T31B10 "For next to you is One Who holds the light before you, so that every step is made in certainty and sureness of the road."
T31C1 "As you prepare to make a choice that will result in DIFFERENT outcomes, there is first one thing that must be overlearned."
T31C5 "The mind that thinks it is a sin has but ONE purpose; that the body be the source of sin, and KEEP it in the prison house it chose, and guards, and holds itself at bay, a sleeping prisoner to the snarling dogs of hate and evil, sickness and attack; of pain and age, of grief and suffering."
T31D2 "They have but one end."
T31D3 "Perhaps you would prefer to try them all, before you REALLY learn they are but one."
T31D3 "The roads this world can offer seem to be quite large in number, but the time must come when everyone begins to see how like they are to one another."
T31D5 "The learning that the world can offer but ONE choice, no matter what its form may be, is the beginning of acceptance that there is a REAL alternative instead."
T31D8 "No pathway in the world can lead to Him, nor any worldly goal is one with His."
T31D9 "And how could you be made to travel on it, walking there without your own Reality at one with you?"
T31E1 "Here it walks at home, where what it sees is one with it."
T31E1 "This is its purpose; that you come WITHOUT a self, and MAKE one as you go along."
T31E1 "And by the time you reach "maturity," you have perfected it to meet the world on equal terms, at one with its demands."
T31E2 "For it is made to serve two purposes, but one of which the mind can recognize."
T31E5 "And you are each the symbol of your sins to one another, silently, and yet with ceaseless urgency condemning still your brother for the hated thing you are."
T31E6 "Not one of them is true, and many come from feverish imaginations, hot with hatred and distortions born of fear."
T31E9 "If one was generated by your brother, who was there to make the other?"
T31E10 "Perhaps the reason why this concept must be kept in darkness is that, in the light, the one who would not think it true is YOU."
T31E10 "And BOTH would go, if either one were ever raised to doubt."
T31E11 "If you are what you chose your brother be, alternatives were there to choose between, and someone must have first decided on the one to choose, and let the others go."
T31E15 "Each one will show the changes in your own relationships, as your perception of yourself is changed."
T31F1 "If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite."
T31F1 "There is no choice in vision but this one."
T31F1 "On this one choice does all your world depend, for here have you established what you are, as flesh or Spirit in your own belief."
T31F2 "This one appears and disappears in death."
T31F2 "That one is doomed to suffering and loss."
T31F4 "The means are GIVEN you by which to see the world that will replace the one you made."
T31F5 "One vision, clearly seen, that does not fit the picture as it was perceived before, will change the world for eyes that learn to see BECAUSE THE CONCEPT OF THE SELF HAS CHANGED."
T31G2 "But should ONE brother dawn upon your sight as wholly worthy of forgiveness, then your concept of yourself IS wholly changed."
T31G5 "Hold out your hand, that you may have the gift of kind forgiveness, which you offer one whose need for it is just the same as yours."
T31G5 "And let your cruel concept of yourself be changed to one which brings the peace of God."
T31G8 "And to each one has He allowed the grace to be a Savior to the holy ones especially entrusted to his care."
T31G8 "And this he learns when first he looks upon ONE brother as he looks upon himself, and sees the mirror of himself in him."
T31G8 "And in this single vision does he see the Face of Christ, and understands he looks on everyone, as he beholds this One."
T31G9 "The veil across the Face of Christ, the fear of God and of salvation, and the love of guilt and death, - they all are different names for just ONE error; that there is a space between you and your brother, kept apart by an illusion of yourself which holds him off from you, and you away from him."
T31G10 "To everyone has God entrusted all, because a PARTIAL savior would be one who is but partly saved."
T31G13 "Then is the Answer given, and the door held open for the Face of Christ to shine upon the one who asks in innocence to see BEYOND the veil of old ideas and ancient concepts held so long and dear AGAINST the vision of the Christ in you."
T31G14 "And of these you choose but ONE."
T31H1 "Temptation has ONE lesson it would teach, in ALL its forms, WHEREVER it occurs."
T31H2 "Trials are but lessons which you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you now can make a better one, and thus escape all pain which what you chose before has brought to you."
T31H3 "He would not leave one source of pain unhealed, nor any image left to veil the truth."
T31H10 "For we are one in purpose, and the end of hell is near."
T31H10 "I give You thanks for what my brothers are, and as each one elects to join with me, the song of thanks from earth to Heaven grows from tiny, scattered threads of melody to one inclusive chorus from a world redeemed from hell, and giving thanks to You."
T31H11 "Not one illusion is accorded faith, and not one spot of darkness still remains to hide the Face of Christ from anyone."
T31H11 "For we have reached where all of us are One, and we ARE home where You would have us be."
W1IN12 "The training period is one year."
W1IN12 "Do not undertake more than one exercise a day."
W1IN13 "The purpose is to train the mind to generalize the lessons, so that you will understand that each of them is as applicable to one situation as it is to another."
W1IN14 "Each one applies to every situation in which you find yourself, and to everything you see in it."
W1IN14 "Each day's exercises are planned around one central idea, the exercises themselves consisting of applying that idea to as many specifics as possible."
W1L3 "One thing is like another as far as the application of the idea is concerned."
W2L1 "The exercises with this idea are the same as those for the first one."
W3L2 "For this purpose one thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful."
W5L1 "This idea, like the preceding one, can be used with any person, situation or event you think is causing you pain."
W7L4 "Do not linger over any one thing in particular, but remember to omit nothing specifically."
W8L1 "No one really sees anything."
W8L2 "The only wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here."
W8L4 "Name each one by the central figure or theme it contains, and pass on to the next."
W10L4 "As each one crosses your mind, say: "This thought about ____ does not mean anything.""
W11L3 "To do these exercises for maximum benefit, the eyes should move from one thing to another fairly rapidly, since they should not linger on anything in particular."
W12L2 "Try to pace yourself so that the slow shifting of your glance from one thing to another involves a fairly constant time interval."
W12L3 "You may not yet understand why these "nice" adjectives belong in these exercises, but remember that "a good world" implies a "bad" one, and "a satisfying world" implies an "unsatisfying" one."
W13L1 "Today's idea is really another form of the preceding one, except that it is more specific as to the emotion aroused."
W13L5 "You may find it difficult to avoid resistance, in one form or another, to this concluding statement."
W14L4 "Name each one as it occurs to you, and then deny its reality."
W16L5 "In the practice periods, first repeat the idea, and then as each one crosses your mind, hold it in awareness while you tell yourself: "This thought about ____ is not a neutral thought.""
W18L3 "Selecting subjects for the application of the idea randomly, look at each one long enough to say: "I am not alone in experiencing the effects of how I see ____.""
W19L3 "As you consider each one, name it in terms of the central person or theme it contains, and holding it in your mind as you do so, say: "I am not alone in experiencing the effects of this thought about ____.""
W20L3 "God has one Son, and he is the resurrection and the life."
W20L4 "Therefore, as you repeat the idea, you are stating that you are determined to change your present state for a better one, and one you really want."
W21L1 "The idea for today is obviously a continuation and extension of the preceding one."
W21L4 "As you search your mind for all the forms in which attack thoughts present themselves, hold each one in mind and tell yourself; "I am determined to see ____ (name of person) differently.""
W22L3 "As your eyes move slowly from one object to another, from one body to another, say to yourself: "I see only the perishable."
W23L3 "One can well ask if this can be called seeing."
W23L5 "The final one does not."
W23L6 "As each one crosses your mind, say: "I can escape from the world by giving up attack thoughts about ____.""
W23L6 "Hold each one in mind as you say this, and then dismiss that thought and go on to the next."
W25L4 "Before you can make any sense out of the exercises for today, one more thought is necessary."
W26L6 "You will not be able to use very many for one practice period, because a longer time than usual should be spent with each one."
W26L6 "Then go over every possible outcome which has occurred to you in that connection and which has caused you concern, referring to each one quite specifically, saying: "I am afraid ____ will happen.""
W27L3 "You can still repeat one short sentence to yourself without disturbing anything that is going on."
W27L4 "Answer one of these two questions, and you have answered the other."
W28L2 "When you have seen one thing differently, you will see all things differently."
W28L2 "The light you will see in any one of them is the same light you will see in them all."
W28L7 "Not only should the subjects be chosen randomly, but each one should be accorded equal sincerity as today's idea is applied to it, in an attempt to acknowledge the equal value of them all in their contribution to your seeing."
W29L4 "Our six two minute practice periods for today should follow a now familiar pattern; begin with repeating the idea to yourself, and then apply it to randomly chosen subjects about you, naming each one specifically."
W31L1 "Generally speaking, the form includes two aspects, one in which you apply the idea on a more sustained basis, and the other consisting of frequent applications of the idea throughout the day."
W31L2 "Two longer periods of practice with the idea for today are needed, one in the morning and one at night."
W31L3 "Do not dwell on any one in particular, but try to let the stream move on evenly and calmly, without any special investment on your part."
W31L5 "The idea for today is a particularly useful one to use as a response to any form of temptation."
W32L2 "However, since you see them as different, the practice periods for today will again include two phases, one involving the world you see outside you, and the other the world you see in your mind."
W34L2 "One in the morning and one in the evening is advised, with an additional one to be undertaken at any time in between which seems most conducive to readiness."
W34L3 "Note each one casually, repeating the idea for today slowly, as you watch them arise in your mind, and let each one go to be replaced by the next."
W34L6 "If you find you need more than one application of today's idea to help you change your mind in any specific context, try to take several minutes and devote them to repeating the idea until you feel some sense of relief."
W35L7 "After you have named each one, add: "But my mind is part of God's."
W36L4 "For the shorter exercise periods, close your eyes and repeat the idea; look about you as you repeat it again; and conclude with one more repetition with your eyes closed."
W37L1 "No one loses; nothing is taken away from anyone; everyone gains through your holy vision."
W37L3 "It lets you teach the world that it is one with you, not by preaching to it, not by telling it anything, but merely by your quiet recognition that in your holiness are all things blessed, along with you."
W38L1 "Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator."
W38L4 "Try to make as little distinction as possible between a situation that is difficult for you and one that is difficult for someone else."
W39L2 "No one needs practice to gain what is already his."
W39L8 "Slowly, without conscious selection and without undue emphasis on any one in particular, search your mind for every thought that stands between you and your salvation."
W39L8 "Apply the idea for today to each one of them in this way: "My unloving thoughts about ____ are keeping me in hell."
W40L3 "One practice period might, for example, consist of the following: "I am blessed as a Son of God."
W41L2 "But the one thing they do not do is to question the reality of the problem."
W41L6 "There will be only one long practice period today."
W42L3 "We will have two three-to-five-minute longer exercise periods today, one as soon as possible after you wake, and another as close as possible to the time you go to sleep."
W43L4 "Three five-minute practice periods are required today, one as early as possible and another as late as possible."
W44L2 "In order to see, one must recognize that light is within, not without."
W44L4 "The form of exercise we will use today is the most natural and easy one in the world for the trained mind, just as it seems to be the most unnatural and difficult for the untrained mind."
W44L8 "It is also the only one that has any meaning, because it is the only one that has any use to you at all."
W45L2 "To share is to make alike, or to make one."
W45L7 "Here are your thoughts one with His."
W45L8 "For this kind of practice only one thing is necessary; approach it as you would an altar dedicated in Heaven itself to God the Father and God the Son."
W46L4 "Mention each one by name, and say: "God is the Love in which I forgive you, (name)""
W47L4 "Then spend a minute or two in searching for situations in your life which you have invested with fear, dismissing each one by telling yourself, "God is the Strength in which I trust.""
W47L6 "But it is hardly a sufficient one in giving you the confidence which you need and to which you are entitled."
W50R12 "Thereafter, it is not necessary to follow any particular order in considering them, though each one should be practiced at least once."
W50R12 "If any one of the five ideas appeals to you more than the others, concentrate on that one."
W51L3 "Is not this a better choice than the one I made before?"
W54L1 "They will either make a false world or lead me to the real one."
W54L1 "They must be one or the other."
W54L5 "I would look upon the real world, and let it teach me that my will and the Will of God are one."
W55L5 "Let me open my mind to its real purpose by withdrawing the one I have given it, and learning the truth about it."
W56L5 "In my own mind, behind all my insane thoughts of separation and attack, is the knowledge that all is one forever."
W56L5 "And I, who am among them, am one with them and with Him."
W57L3 "Since the purpose of the world is not the one I ascribed to it, there must be another way of looking at it."
W61L5 "As many practice periods as possible should be undertaken today, although each one need not exceed a minute or two."
W62L2 "Illusions about yourself and the world are one."
W64L5 "Each one will lead to happiness or unhappiness."
W64L6 "It is impossible that any decision on earth can have a content different from just this one simple choice."
W65L2 "This is the only way in which you can say and mean, "My only function is the one God gave me.""
W65L5 "Rather, try to uncover each one that arises to interfere with it."
W65L5 "Note each one as it comes to you with as little involvement or concern as possible, dismissing them by telling yourself: "This thought reflects a goal which is preventing me from accepting my only function.""
W65L8 "In the shorter practice periods, which should be undertaken at least once an hour, use this form in applying today's idea: "My only function is the one God gave me."
W66L1 "Their forms are different, but their content is completely one."
W66L7 "One is ruled by the ego, and is made up of illusions."
W66L11 "On one side stand all illusions."
W66L12 "In the shorter practice periods, which would be most helpful today if undertaken twice an hour, this form of the application is suggested: "My happiness and function are one, because God has given me both.""
W68L1 "It makes you believe that He is like what you think you have become, for no one can conceive of his Creator as unlike himself."
W68L5 "It will quickly become apparent that there is no one against whom you do not cherish grievances of some sort."
W68L6 "Say to them all, collectively, thinking of each one in turn as you do so: "I would see you as my friend, that I may remember you are part of me, and come to know myself.""
W69L1 "No one can look upon what your grievances conceal."
W72L4 "We are actively trying to hold him to it by confusing it with him, and judging them as one."
W72L12 "One or perhaps two shorter practice periods an hour will be enough for today, since they will be somewhat longer than usual."
W73L9 "It is the one purpose here on which you and your Father are in perfect accord."
W74L3 ""My will and God's are one.""
W74L4 "If there is one conflict area which seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special consideration."
W75L2 "The old one has left no trace upon it in its passing."
W76L10 "You will be listening to One Who says there is no loss under the laws of God."
W77L1 "And you will offer miracles because you are one with God."
W77L4 "Remind yourself also that miracles are never taken from one and given to another, and that in asking for your rights you are upholding the rights of everyone."
W78L1 "Perhaps it is not yet quite clear to you that each decision that you make is one between a grievance and a miracle."
W78L3 "He waits for you behind your grievances, and as you lay them down he will appear in shining light where each one stood before."
W78L4 "We will select one person you have used as target for your grievances, and lay the grievances aside, and look at him."
W78L5 "You know the one to choose; his name has crossed your mind already."
W78L5 "He will be the one of whom we ask God's Son be shown to us."
W78L7 "We ask Him in the Holy Name of God and of His Son, as holy as Himself: "Let me behold my Savior in this one You have appointed as the One for me To ask to lead me to the holy light In which he stands, that I may join with him.""
W78L9 "The world and Heaven join in thanking you, for not one Thought of God but must rejoice as you are saved, and all the world with you."
W78L10 "Temptation falls away when we allow each one we meet to save us, and refuse to hide his light behind our grievances."
W79L2 "Yet they are all the same, and must be recognized as one if the one solution which solves them all is to be accepted."
W79L3 "A long series of different problems seem to confront you, and as one is settled the next one and the next arise."
W79L5 "No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold."
W79L7 "We will try to realize that we have only one problem, which we have failed to recognize."
W79L9 "You will see many problems today, each one calling for an answer."
W79L9 "Our efforts will be directed toward recognizing that there is only one problem and one answer."
W80L1 "Your one central problem has been answered, and you have no other."
W80L1 "Salvation does depend on recognizing this one problem, and understanding that it has been solved."
W80L1 "One problem -- one solution."
W80L3 "One problem --one solution."
W80L4 "Having recognized one, you have recognized the other."
W80L5 "Above all, remember that you have one problem and that the problem has one solution."
W80R21 "The earlier part of the day will be devoted to one of these ideas, and the latter part of the day to the other."
W80R21 "We will have one longer exercise period and frequent shorter ones in which we practice each of them."
W83L1 "65) "My only function is the one God gave me.""
W83L2 "I have no function but the one God gave me."
W83L2 "With one purpose only, I am always certain what to do, what to say, and what to think."
W83L2 "All doubt must disappear and I acknowledge that my only function is the one God gave me."
W83L3 ""This does not give me a function other than the one God gave me.""
W83L4 "66) "My happiness and my function are one.""
W83L5 "All things that come from God are one."
W89L5 "By this idea do I unite my will with the Holy Spirit's, and perceive them as one."
W90L2 "Today I would remember the simplicity of salvation by reinforcing the lesson that there is one problem and one solution."
W92L1 "The idea for today is an extension of the previous one."
W92L5 "It sees that lack in anyone would be a lack in all, and so it gives its light that all may see, and benefit as one."
W92L6 "It separates itself from what it sees, while light and strength perceive themselves as one."
W92L7 "No one can ask in vain to share its sight, and none who enters its abode can leave without a miracle before his eyes, and strength and light abiding in his heart."
W92L8 "Such is the meeting place we try today to find and rest in, for the peace of God is where your Self, His Son, is waiting now to meet Itself again, and be as One."
W92L9 "Leave, then, the dark a little while today, and we will practice seeing in the light, closing the body's eyes, and asking truth to show us how to find the meeting place of self and Self, where light and strength are one."
W93L7 "Salvation requires the acceptance of but one thought; you are as God created you, not what you made of yourself."
W93L9 "One Self is true; the other is not there."
W93L9 "Try to experience the unity of your One Self."
W94L1 "Today we continue with the one idea which brings complete salvation; the one statement which makes all forms of temptation powerless; the one thought which renders the ego silent and entirely undone."
W94L1 "The sounds of this world are still, the sights of this world disappear, and all the thoughts which this world ever held are wiped away forever by this one idea."
W94L5 "Each one you do will be a giant stride toward your release, and a milestone in learning the thought system which this course sets forth."
W95L1 "You are one within yourself, and One with Him."
W95L3 "We will again direct our exercises toward reaching your One Self, which is united with Its Creator."
W95L11 "They are attempts to keep you unaware you are One Self, united with your Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace."
W95L11 "Begin the longer practice periods with this assurance, given to your mind with all the certainty that you can give: "I am One Self, united with my Creator, At one with every aspect of creation, And limitless in power and in peace.""
W95L12 "Then close your eyes and tell yourself again, slowly and thoughtfully, attempting to allow the meaning of the words to sink into your mind, replacing false ideas: "I am One Self.""
W95L12 "You are One Self, united and secure in light and joy and peace."
W95L13 "You are One Self, complete and healed and whole, with power to lift the veil of darkness from the world, and let the light in you come through to teach the world the truth about itself."
W95L13 "You are One Self, in perfect harmony with all there is and all that there will be."
W95L13 "You are One Self, the holy Son of God, united with your brothers in this Self; united with your Father in His Will."
W95L14 "Feel this One Self in you, and let It shine away all your illusions and your doubts."
W95L14 "You are One Self, and it is given you to feel this Self within you, and to cast all your illusions out of the One Mind Which is this Self, the holy truth in you."
W95L16 "Your own acknowledgment you are One Self, united with your Father, is a call to all the world, to be at one with you."
W95L17 "To everyone you meet today be sure to give the promise of today's idea, and tell him this: "You are One Self with me, United with our Creator in this Self."
W95L17 "I honor you because of what I am, And what He is, Who loves us both as one.""
W96L1 "Although you are One Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body."
W96L1 "But one exists."
W96L2 "Until you have accepted this, you will attempt an endless list of goals you cannot reach; a senseless series of expenditures of time and effort, hopefulness and doubt, each one as futile as the one before, and failing as the next one surely will."
W96L4 "Make no attempt to reconcile the two, for one denies the other can be real."
W96L8 "We will attempt today to find this Thought, Whose presence in your mind is guaranteed by Him Who speaks to you from your One Self."
W96L8 "Salvation comes from this One Self through Him Who is the bridge between your mind and It."
W96L9 "Begin by saying this: "Salvation comes from my One Self."
W96L12 "Each time today you tell your frantic mind salvation comes from your One Self, you lay another treasure in your growing store."
W97L1 "Today's idea identifies you with your One Self."
W97L3 "Salvation is a miracle, the first and last; the first that is the last, for it is one."
W97L6 "He will not overlook one open mind that will accept the healing gifts they bring, and He will lay them everywhere He knows they will be welcome."
W97L9 "And He will speak to you, reminding you that you are Spirit, one with Him and God, your brothers and your Self."
W98L1 "We take a stand on but one side today."
W98L1 "We will not vacillate between the two, but take a firm position with the One."
W98L2 "Not one mistake stands in our way."
W98L8 "Do not lose one chance to be the glad receiver of His gifts, that you may give them to the world today."
W99L4 "What joins the separated mind and thoughts with Mind and Thought which are forever One?"
W99L5 "Yet does He know one thing must still be true; God still is Love, and this is not His Will."
W99L7 "Salvation is your function, with the One to Whom the plan was given."
W99L7 "He has one answer to appearances regardless of their form, their size, their depth, or any attribute they seem to have: "Salvation is my only function here."
W99L10 "It is God's will your mind be One with His."
W99L10 "It is God's Will that He has but one Son."
W99L10 "It is God's Will that His one Son is you."
W99L11 "Forgive yourself the one you think you made."
W99L13 "Your only function tells you you are One."
W100L1 "One function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one is equally essential to them all."
W100L3 "And no one laughs because all laughter can but echo yours."
W100L7 "Let this one be the day that you succeed!"
W102L5 "Besides these hourly five minute rests, pause frequently today to tell yourself that you have now accepted happiness as your one function."
W103L3 "Allow this one correction to be placed within your minds each waking hour today."
W104L2 "Therefore we will to have them now, and know in choosing them in place of what we made, we but unite our will with what God wills, and recognize the same as being One."
W105L1 "It is impossible that one can gain because another loses."
W105L6 "Think of your "enemies" a little while, and tell each one as he occurs to you: "My brother, peace and joy I offer you, That I may have God's peace and joy as mine.""
W106L3 "Hear one Voice today."
W106L6 "And you will learn your function from the One Who shows it in your Father's Name for you."
W106L8 "Your request is one whose answer has been waiting long to be received by you."
W108L1 "And what is light except the resolution, born of peace, of all your conflicts and mistaken thoughts into one concept which is wholly true?"
W108L1 "Even that one will disappear because the Thought behind it will appear instead, to take its place."
W108L2 "And thus what is the same is seen as one, while what is not the same remains unnoticed, for it is not there."
W108L3 "This is the light which brings your peace of mind to other minds, to share it and be glad that they are one with you and with themselves."
W108L3 "This is the light which heals because it brings single perception, based upon one frame of reference from which one meaning comes."
W108L4 "Here are both giving and receiving seen as different aspects of one Thought Whose truth does not depend on which is seen as first, nor which appears to be in second place."
W108L5 "One thought, completely unified, will serve to unify all thought."
W108L5 "This is the same as saying one correction will suffice for all correction, or that to forgive one brother wholly is enough to bring salvation to all minds."
W108L5 "For these are but some special cases of one law which holds for every kind of learning, if it be directed by the One Who knows the truth."
W108L6 "And from there it will extend, and finally arrive at the one Thought Which underlies them all."
W108L8 "So we begin the practice periods with the instruction for today, and say: "To give and to receive are one in truth."
W108L9 "Say each one slowly, and then pause a while, expecting to receive the gift you gave, and it will come to you in the amount in which you gave it."
W108L9 "It might be helpful, too, to think of one to whom to give your gifts."
W108L10 "Think of the exercises for today as quick advances in your learning, made still faster and more sure each time you say: "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W109L8 "You will be faithful to your trust today, forgetting no one, bringing everyone into the boundless circle of your peace, the holy sanctuary where you rest."
W110L1 "For this one thought would be enough to save you and the world, if you believed that it is true."
W110L3 "You need no thought but just this one, to let redemption come to light the world and free it from the past."
W110L4 "In this one thought is all the past undone; the present saved to quietly extend into a timeless future."
W110R36 "Give it faith that it will use them wisely, being helped in its decisions by the One Who gave the thoughts to you."
W110R38 "If this cannot be done, at least try to divide them so you undertake one in the morning, and the other in the hour just before you go to sleep."
W110R310 "Use one on the hour, and the other one a half an hour later."
W110R310 "You need not give more than just a moment to each one."
W110R312 "Each day's review assignment will conclude with a restatement of the thought to use each hour, and the one to be applied on each half hour as well."
W111L2 "92) "Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.""
W111L4 "On the half hour: "Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.""
W112L2 "And I am one with Him, and He with me."
W113L1 "95) "I am One Self, united with my Creator.""
W113L1 "Serenity and perfect peace are mine Because I am One Self, completely whole, At one with all creation and with God."
W113L2 "96) "Salvation comes from my One Self.""
W113L2 "From my One Self, Whose knowledge still remains Within my mind, I see God's perfect plan For my salvation perfectly fulfilled."
W113L3 "On the hour: "I am One Self, united with my Creator.""
W113L4 "On the half hour: "Salvation comes from my One Self.""
W119L2 "108) "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W119L4 "On the half hour: "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W121L6 "Thus you return your mind as one to Him Who is your Self, and Who can never sin."
W121L7 "Each one awaits release from hell through you, and turns to you imploringly for Heaven here and now."
W121L9 "Yet we will try to learn today that they are one through practicing forgiving toward one whom you think of as an enemy and one whom you consider as a friend."
W121L9 "And as you learn to see them both as one, we will extend the lesson to ourselves, and see that their escape included ours."
W121L10 "Begin the longer practice periods by thinking of someone you do not like, who seems to irritate you, or to cause regret in you if you should meet him; one you actively despise, or merely try to overlook."
W121L12 "Look at this changed perception for a while, and turn your mind to one you call a friend."
W121L13 "Now are you one with them, and they with you."
W122L4 "You will not find another one instead."
W123L3 "Be thankful that your value far transcends your meager gifts and petty judgments of the one whom God established as His Son."
W124L1 "At one with God and with the universe, we go our way rejoicing, with the thought that God Himself goes everywhere with us."
W124L2 "And everything we see reflects the holiness within the mind at one with God and with itself."
W124L4 "We are one with Him today in recognition and remembrance."
W124L6 "No miracle can ever be denied to those who know that they are one with God."
W124L7 "We join in this awareness as we say that we are one with God."
W124L7 "Today we would experience ourselves at one with Him, so that the world may share our recognition of reality."
W124L8 "Secure your peace by practicing awareness you are one with your Creator, as He is with you."
W124L8 "Sometime today, whenever it seems best, devote a half an hour to the thought that you are one with God."
W124L11 "Add further jewels to the golden frame that holds the mirror offered you today by hourly repeating to yourself: "Let me remember I am one with God, At one with all my brothers and my Self, In everlasting holiness and peace.""
W125L9 "You will hear the Word in which the Will of God the Son joins in His Father's Will, at one with It, with no illusions interposed between the wholly indivisible and true."
W126L3 "You give charity to one unworthy merely to point out that you are better, on a higher plane than he whom you forgive."
W126L3 "He has not earned your charitable tolerance, which you bestow on one unworthy of the gift because his sins have lowered him beneath a true equality with you."
W127L1 "Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for that; a way of loving one, another way of loving still another."
W127L1 "Love is one."
W127L2 "He also thinks that love can be bestowed on one and yet remain itself although it is withheld from others."
W127L3 "As it is one itself, it looks on all as one."
W127L3 "Its wholeness is the power holding everything as one, the link between the Father and the Son which holds them both forever as the same."
W127L5 "There is not one principle the world upholds but violates the truth of what love is, and what you are as well."
W127L11 "At least three times an hour think of one who makes the journey with you, and who came to learn what you must learn."
W128L1 "No one but must accept this thought as true, if he would leave this world behind and soar beyond its petty scope and little ways."
W128L4 "Nothing here is worth one instant of delay and pain; one moment of uncertainty and doubt."
W129L1 "This is the thought which follows from the one we practiced yesterday."
W129L4 "Their knowledge is direct and wholly shared and wholly one."
W129L7 "Then close your eyes upon the world you see, and in the silent darkness watch the lights that are not of this world light one by one until where one begins, another ends, loses all meaning as they blend in one."
W130L1 "No one can see a world his mind has not accorded value."
W130L1 "And no one can fail to look upon what he believes he wants."
W130L5 "But one remains."
W130L6 "It also teaches that the one you see is quite consistent from the point of view from which you see it."
W130L6 "It is all a piece because it stems from one emotion, and reflects its source in everything you see."
W130L7 "Six times today, in thanks and gratitude, we gladly give five minutes to the thought which ends all compromise and doubt, and go beyond it all as one."
W130L10 "Perception is consistent with your choice, and hell or Heaven comes to you as one."
W131L3 "Otherwise, you still are free to choose a goal that lies beyond the world and every worldly thought, and one which comes to you from an idea relinquished yet remembered, old yet new; an echo of a heritage forgot, yet holding everything you really want."
W131L4 "No one can fail to want this goal, and reach it in the end."
W131L5 "No one remains in hell, for no one can abandon his Creator, nor affect His perfect, timeless and unchanging Love."
W131L7 "Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys."
W131L7 "He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way."
W131L9 "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth, and it is truth we ask to reach today."
W131L12 "But before you try to open it, remind yourself no one can fail who asks to reach the truth, and it is this request you make today."
W131L13 "Put out your hand and see how easily the door swings open with your one intent to go beyond it."
W131L15 "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth.""
W132L6 "Not everyone is ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth."
W132L14 "And we who are as He created us would loose the world this day from every one of our illusions, that we may be free."
W133L4 "It would be most ungenerous to you to let alternatives be limitless, and thus delay your final choice until you had considered all of them in time, and not been brought so clearly to the place where there is but one choice which must be made."
W133L8 "Your next consideration is the one on which the others rest."
W133L9 "Here is deception doubled, for the one who is deceived will not perceive that he has merely failed to gain."
W134L8 "For if one brother has received this gift of you, the door is open to yourself."
W134L16 "Then choose one brother as He will direct, and catalogue his "sins" as one by one they cross your mind."
W134L16 "Be certain not to dwell on any one of them, but realize that you are using his "offenses" but to save the world from all ideas of sin."
W134L18 "In everything you do remember this: No one is crucified alone, and yet, No one can enter Heaven by himself."
W135L3 "For no one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart."
W135L19 "What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything which happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?"
W136L1 "No one can heal unless he understands what purpose sickness seems to serve."
W136L2 "The parts are seen as if each one were whole within itself."
W136L4 "But afterwards your plan requires that you must forget you made it, so it seems to be external to your own intent; a happening beyond your state of mind, an outcome with a real effect on you, instead of one effected by your self."
W136L8 "You suffer pain because the body does, and in this pain are you made one with it."
W136L10 "Yet who believes illusions but the one who made them up?"
W137L2 "For it seems to keep one self apart from all the rest, to suffer what the others do not feel."
W137L3 "But healing is his own decision to be one again, and to accept his Self with all its parts intact and unassailed."
W137L6 "And love becomes a dream, while fear remains the one reality which can be seen and justified and fully understood."
W137L12 "Today we ask that only truth will occupy our minds; that thoughts of healing will this day go forth from what is healed to what must yet be healed, aware that they will both occur as one."
W137L14 "And I would share my healing with the world, That sickness may be banished from the mind Of God's One Son, Who is my only Self.""
W138L3 "Decision lets one of the conflicting goals become the aim of effort and expenditure of time."
W138L4 "You need to be reminded that you think a thousand choices are confronting you when there is really only one to make."
W138L4 "You make but one."
W138L4 "And when that one is made, you will perceive it was no choice at all, for truth is true and nothing else is real."
W138L6 "Of all the choices you have tried to make this is the simplest, most definitive, the prototype of all the rest, the one which settles all decisions."
W138L6 "If you could decide the rest, this one remains unsolved."
W138L6 "But when you solve this one the others are resolved with it, for all decisions but conceal this one by taking different forms."
W138L10 "Yet who can fail to make a choice between alternatives when only one is seen as valuable; the other as a wholly worthless thing, a but imagined source of guilt and pain?"
W138L11 "We make the choice for Heaven as we wake, and spend five minutes making sure that we have made the one decision that is sane."
W139L1 "There is no question but reflects this one."
W139L2 "Yet who could ask this question except one who has refused to recognize himself?"
W139L2 "From this one point of certainty it looks on other things as certain as itself."
W139L5 "It cannot really be a part of you that asks this question, for it asks of one who knows the answer."
W139L11 "We can remember it for everyone, for in creation are all minds as one, and in our memory is the recall how dear our brothers are to us in truth, how much a part of us is every mind, how faithful they have really been to us, and how our Father's Love contains us all."
W140L1 "One belief in sickness takes another form, and so the patient now perceives himself as well."
W140L2 "One either sleeps or wakens."
W140L3 "The happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings are different from the dreams of the world, where one can merely dream he is awake."
W140L7 "For how can one illusion differ from another but in attributes which have no substance, no reality, no core, and nothing that is truly different?"
W140L10 "We will be still and listen for the Voice of healing which will cure all ills as one, restoring saneness to the Son of God."
W140L11 "Our only preparation is to let our interfering thoughts be laid aside, not separately, but all of them as one."
W140R45 "And so each one will bring the message of His Love to you, returning messages of yours to Him."
W142L2 " 124) "Let me remember I am one with God.""
W146L1 " 131) "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth.""
W151L1 "No one can judge on partial evidence."
W151L12 "And He will reinterpret all you see, and all occurrences, each circumstance, and every happening which seems to touch on you in any way from His one frame of reference, wholly unified and sure."
W151L13 "In everyone and everything His Voice would speak to you of nothing but your Self and your Creator, Who is One with Him."
W151L16 "No one can fail to listen when you hear the Voice of God give honor to God's Son."
W152L1 "No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision."
W152L1 "No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him."
W152L1 "No one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants, and no one dies without his own consent."
W153L3 "It is as if a circle held it fast, wherein another circle bound it, and another in that one, until escape no longer can be hoped for nor obtained."
W153L12 "It was designed by One Who loves His children, and Who would replace their fearful toys with joyous games, which teach them that the game of fear is gone."
W153L17 "And we will quietly sit by and wait on Him and listen to His Voice, and learn what He would have us do the hour that is yet to come; while thanking Him for the gifts He gave us in the one gone by."
W154L3 "It is through His ability to hear One Voice which is His Own that you become aware at last there is One Voice in you."
W154L3 "And that One Voice appoints your function, and relays it to you, giving you the strength to understand it, do what it entails, and to succeed in everything you do that is related to it."
W154L4 "So is its Self the one Reality in Which its will and That of God are joined."
W154L6 "There is one major difference in the role of Heaven's messengers, which sets them off from those the world appoints."
W154L8 "No one can receive and understand he has received until he gives."
W154L10 "He alone can speak to us and for us, joining in One Voice the getting and the giving of God's Word; the giving and receiving of His Will."
W155L7 "All roads will lead to this one in the end."
W155L10 "You know not where you go, but One Who knows goes with you."
W155L12 "The truth that walks before us now is One with Him, and leads us to where He has always been."
W156L2 "There is One life."
W156L8 "I light the world, I light my mind and all The minds which God created one with me.""
W157L8 "But the Holy One, the Giver of the happy dreams of life, Translator of perception into truth, the holy Guide to Heaven given you, has dreamed for you this journey, which you make and start today, with the experience, this day holds out to you to be your own."
W158L2 "No one who walks the world but has received it."
W158L2 "The revelation that the Father and the Son are One will come in time to every mind."
W158L3 "For time but seems to go in one direction."
W158L7 "Christ's vision has one law."
W158L8 "And this you give today, see no one as a body."
W158L8 "Greet him as the Son of God he is, acknowledging that he is one with you in holiness."
W158L9 "Unseen by One, they merely disappear, because a vision of the holiness which lies beyond them comes to take their place."
W158L11 "Yet time has still one gift to give in which true knowledge is reflected in a way so accurate its image shares its unseen holiness; its likeness shines with its immortal Love."
W159L1 "No one can give what he has not received."
W159L4 "It is the bond by which the giver and receiver are united in extension here on earth as they are one in Heaven."
W159L4 "Christ beholds no sin in anyone, and in His sight the sinless are as one."
W159L5 "Christ's vision is the bridge between the worlds, and in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness."
W159L6 "Here the door is never locked, and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need."
W159L7 "No one will be turned away from this new home, where his salvation waits."
W159L7 "No one is stranger to him."
W159L7 "No one asks for anything of him except the gift of his acceptance of his welcoming"
W159L9 "They do not leave their source, but carry its beneficence with them, and turn the world into a garden like the one they came from, and to which they go again with added fragrance."
W160L3 "No one would let himself be dispossessed so needlessly unless he thought there was another home more suited to his tastes."
W160L5 "And so I leave my home to one more like me than myself, and give him all I thought belonged to me.""
W160L7 "Is he not the one your Self calls not?"
W160L8 "Whom God has joined remains forever one, at home in Him, no stranger to Himself."
W160L10 "Not one does He forget."
W160L10 "Not one He fails to give you to remember, that your home may be complete and perfect as it was established."
W161L2 "It does not look on everything as one."
W161L3 "We give them to the Holy Spirit that He may employ them for a purpose which is different from the one we gave to them."
W161L4 "One brother is all brothers."
W161L4 "Every mind contains all minds, for every mind is one."
W161L6 "The body is the target for attack, for no one thinks he hates a mind."
W161L9 "This do the body's eyes behold in one whom Heaven cherishes, the angels love, and God created perfect."
W161L11 "Select one brother, symbol of the rest, and ask salvation of him."
W161L11 "Then think of this; what you are seeing now conceals from you the sight of one who can forgive you all your sins; whose sacred hands can take the nails which pierce your own away, and lift the crown of thorns which you have placed upon your bleeding head."
W162L6 "Who could fail to welcome you into his heart with loving invitation, eager to unite with one like him in holiness?"
W163L6 "For here again we see an obvious position which we must accept if we be sane; what contradicts one thought entirely can not be true unless its opposite is proven false."
W163L9 "We accept Your Thoughts as ours, and our will is One with Yours eternally."
W165L2 "It is your Source of life, holding you one with It, and everything is one with you because It left you not."
W166L1 "And yet, unless your will is one with His, His gifts are not received."
W166L2 "Yet those who think it real must still believe there is another will, and one which leads to opposite effects from those He wills."
W166L2 "Impossible indeed; but every mind which looks upon the world and judges it as certain, solid, trustworthy and true believes in two creators; or in one, himself alone."
W166L2 "But never in One God."
W166L6 "No one but has identified with him, for everyone who comes here has pursued the path he follows, and has felt defeat and hopelessness as he is feeling them."
W166L7 "This is your chosen self, the one you made as a replacement for reality."
W166L11 "One walks with you Who gently answers all your fears with this one merciful reply, "It is not so.""
W166L12 "Yet He reminds you still of one thing more you had forgotten."
W167L1 "It is the one condition in which all that God created share."
W167L1 "There is no death because the Father and the Son are One."
W167L2 "It is the one idea which underlies all feelings that are not supremely happy."
W167L3 "Its truth established you as one with God."
W167L11 "And in His Thoughts, Which have no opposite, we understand there is one life, and that we share with Him; with all creation, with their thoughts as well, whom He created in a Unity of life which cannot separate in death and leave the Source of Life from where It came."
W167L12 "We share our life because we have one Source, a Source from Which perfection comes to us, remaining always in the holy minds which He created perfect."
W167L12 "For the wakened mind is one that knows its Source, its Self, its Holiness."
W168L5 "We acknowledge our mistakes, but He to Whom all error is unknown is yet the One Who answers our mistakes by giving us the means to lay them down, and rise to Him in gratitude and love."
W169L4 "We have perhaps appeared to contradict our statement that the revelation of the Father and the Son as One has been already set."
W169L8 "He recognized all that time holds and gave it to all minds, that each one might determine, from a point where time has ended, when it is released to revelation and eternity."
W169L10 "There is no need to further clarify what no one in the world can understand."
W170L1 "No one attacks without intent to hurt."
W170L9 "The final one, the hardest to believe is nothing, and a seeming obstacle with the appearance of a solid block, impenetrable, fearful and beyond surmounting, is the fear of God Himself."
W170L13 "We choose again and make our choice for all our brothers, knowing they are one with us."
W170R54 "Each one but clarifies some aspect of this thought, or helps it be more meaningful, more personal and true, and more descriptive of the holy Self we share and now prepare to know again: "God is but Love, and therefore so am I.""
W170R57 "I have forgotten no one."
W170R59 "Our Father wills His Son be One with Him."
W170R59 "What lives but must not then be one with you?"
W170R510 "Let this review become a time in which we share a new experience for you, yet one as old as time, and older still."
W177L2 " 164) "Now are we One with Him Who is our Source.""
W179L1 " 167) "There is one life, and that I share with God.""
W180L3 "Our next few lessons make a special point of firming up your willingness to make your weak commitment strong; your scattered goals blend into one intent."
W181L2 "Your vision now will shift to give support to the intent which has replaced the one you held before."
W181L5 "We enter in the time of practicing with one intent; to look upon the sinlessness within."
W181L6 "I trust my brothers, who are one with me.""
W181L10 "This instant is our willing one with His."
W182L8 "Let all thoughts be still except this one."
W182L8 "And to all other thoughts respond with This, and see God's Name replace the thousand little names you gave your thoughts, not realizing that there is One Name for all there is, and all that there will be."
W183L2 "No one but knows whereof we speak."
W183L4 "It is His holiness that lights up Heaven, and that brings to earth the pure reflection of the light above, wherein are earth and Heaven joined as one."
W184L1 "Each one becomes a separate entity, identified by its own name."
W184L2 "This space you see as setting off all things from one another is the means by which the world's perception is achieved."
W184L5 "Yet you believe this is what learning means; its one essential goal by which communication is achieved and concepts can be meaningfully shared."
W184L10 "Here you understand the Word, the Name Which God has given you; the One Identity Which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true."
W184L11 "The Holy Spirit uses all of them, but He does not forget creation has One Name, One Meaning and a single Source Which unifies all things within Itself."
W184L12 "And yet His Name becomes the final lesson that all things are one, and at this lesson does all learning end."
W184L13 "No one can fail who seeks the meaning of the Name of God."
W184L13 "But first you must accept One Name for all reality, and realize the many names you gave its aspects have distorted what you see but have not interfered with truth at all."
W184L13 "One Name we bring into our practicing."
W184L13 "One Name we use to unify our sight."
W184L14 "And though we use a different name for each awareness of an aspect of God's Son, we understand that they have but One Name Which He has given them."
W184L15 "In It we are united with all living things, and You Who are their One Creator."
W184L15 "And we accept the truth You give in place of every one of them."
W185L2 "No one can mean these words and not be healed."
W185L3 "Two minds with one intent become so strong that what they will becomes the Will of God."
W185L5 "For no one means these words who wants illusions, and who therefore seeks the means which bring illusions."
W185L5 "Dreams are one to him."
W185L5 "And he has learned their only difference is one of form, for one will bring the same despair and misery as do the rest."
W185L7 "They do not ask for compromise, nor try to make another bargain in the hope that there must yet be one which can succeed where all the rest have failed."
W185L7 "To mean these words acknowledges illusions are in vain, requesting the eternal in the place of shifting dreams which seem to change in what they offer, but are one in nothingness."
W185L8 "They are one."
W185L8 "And being one, one question should be asked of all of them; "Is this what I would have in place of Heaven and the peace of God?""
W185L11 "No one who truly seeks the peace of God can fail to find it."
W185L13 "No one can lose and everyone must gain whenever any gift of God has been requested and received by anyone."
W185L13 "And when it is as meaningless to you, you can be sure you share One Will with Him and He with you."
W185L13 "And you will also know you share One Will with all your brothers, whose intent is yours."
W185L14 "It is this one intent we seek today, uniting our desires with the need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope that lies beyond despair, the love attack would hide, the brotherhood that hate has sought to sever, but which still remains as God created it."
W186L1 "Here is the statement that will one day take all arrogance away from every mind."
W186L2 "Our minds are suited perfectly to take the part assigned to us by One Who knows us well."
W186L5 "There is one way, and only one, to be released from the imprisonment your plan to prove the false is true has brought to you."
W186L11 "It comes from One Who knows no error."
W186L11 "All of them point to one goal, and one you can attain."
W187L1 "No one can give unless he has."
W187L1 "No one can doubt that you must first possess what you would give."
W187L6 "He recognizes sacrifice remains the one idea that stands behind them all, and in his gentle laughter are they healed."
W187L8 "No form of sacrifice and suffering can long endure before the face of one who has forgiven and has blessed himself."
W187L10 "Now are we one in thought, for fear has gone."
W187L10 "And here, before the altar to one God, one Father, one Creator and one Thought, we stand together as one Son of God."
W187L10 "Not separate from Him Who is our Source; not distant from one brother who is part of our one Self Whose innocence has joined us all as one, we stand in blessedness and give as we received."
W188L6 "And they point surely to their Source, where God the Father and the Son are One."
W189L3 "It is so different from the world you see through darkened eyes of malice and of fear that one belies the other."
W189L3 "Only one can be perceived at all."
W189L3 "The other one is wholly meaningless."
W189L7 "Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything."
W190L5 "No one but yourself affects you."
W191L4 "All else but this one thing is folly to believe."
W191L4 "In this one thought is everything set free."
W191L4 "In this one truth are all illusions gone."
W191L4 "In this one fact is sinlessness proclaimed to be forever part of everything; the central core of its existence and its guarantee of immortality."
W191L6 "One holy thought like this and you are free; you are the holy Son of God Himself."
W191L11 "Remember this and earth and Heaven are one."
W192L1 "It is your Father's holy Will that you complete Himself and that your Self shall be His sacred Son, forever pure as He, of love created and in love preserved, extending love, creating in its Name, forever one with God and with your Self."
W192L3 "Yet God created One Who has the power to translate into form the wholly formless."
W192L6 "We are one, and therefore give up nothing, for we have indeed been given everything by God."
W192L9 "Therefore hold no one prisoner."
W192L9 "Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your Savior from the prison-house of death."
W192L10 "Forgive him now his sins, and you will see that you are one with him."
W193L2 "Thus he has a need for One Who can correct his erring sight, and give him vision that will lead him back to where perception ceases."
W193L4 "No one can hide forever from a truth so very obvious that it appears in countless forms, and yet is recognized as easily in all of them, if one but wants to see the simple lesson there."
W193L9 "He would not leave an unforgiving thought without correction, nor one thorn or nail to hurt His sacred Son in any way."
W193L9 "For God has willed that laughter should replace each one, and that His Son be free again."
W193L10 "We will attempt today to overcome a thousand seeming obstacles to peace in just one day."
W193L12 "And try to give it application to the happenings the hour brought, so that the next one is free of the one before."
W193L12 "Let no one hour cast its shadow on the one that follows, and when that one goes let everything that happened in its course go with it."
W194L3 "In no one instant is depression felt, or pain experienced, or loss perceived."
W194L3 "In no one instant sorrow can be set upon a throne and worshipped faithfully."
W194L3 "In no one instant can one even die."
W194L3 "And so each instant given unto God in passing, with the next one given Him already, is a time of your release from sadness, pain, and even death itself."
W194L4 "They are one to Him, and so they should be one to you."
W194L7 "What worry can beset the one who gives his future to the loving hands of God?"
W195L2 "But it is equally insane to fail in gratitude to One Who offers you the certain means whereby all pain is healed, and suffering replaced with laughter and with happiness."
W195L6 "We thank our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from no living thing, and therefore one with Him."
W195L6 "And we rejoice that no exceptions ever can be made which would reduce our wholeness, nor impair or change our function to complete the One Who is Himself completion."
W195L10 "Gratitude goes hand in hand with love, and where one is the other must be found."
W195L10 "Your gratitude to Him is one with His to you."
W196L4 "Today's idea is one step we take in leading us from bondage to the state of perfect freedom."
W196L4 "Let us take this step today that we may quickly go the way salvation shows us, taking every step in its appointed sequence as the mind relinquishes its burdens one by one."
W196L4 "And what would seem to need a thousand years can easily be done in just one instant by the grace of God."
W196L8 "Our next steps will be easy, if you take this one today."
W197L2 "Nor will you leave the prison house or claim your strength until guilt and salvation are not seen as one, and freedom and salvation are perceived as joined, with strength beside them, to be sought and claimed and found and fully recognized."
W197L7 "His Being in His Father is secure because Their Will is One."
W197L8 "And from this Self is no one left outside."
W198L2 "Except one."
W198L3 "All illusions save this one must multiply a thousand fold."
W198L3 "It is a dream in which the Son of God awakens to his Self and to his Father knowing They are One."
W198L4 "How could there be another way, when this one is the plan of God Himself?"
W198L5 "Is it not more intelligent to thank the One Who gives salvation, and accept His gift with gratitude?"
W198L6 "Those who hear His Words have heard the song of Heaven, for these are the words in which all will merge as one at last."
W198L6 "And as this one will fade away, the Word of God will come to take its place, for It will be remembered then and loved."
W198L10 "Accept the one illusion which proclaims there is no condemnation in God's Son, and Heaven is remembered instantly; the world forgotten, all its weird beliefs forgotten with it, as the Face of Christ appears unveiled at last in this one dream."
W200L2 "This is the final point to which each one must come at last, to lay aside all hope of finding happiness where there is none; of being saved by what can only hurt; of making peace of chaos, joy of pain and Heaven out of hell."
W200L5 "And as you free the one, the other is accepted as he is."
W200L7 "There is no peace except the peace of God because He has one Son, who cannot make a world in opposition to God's Will and to his own, which is the same as His."
W200R61 "For this review, we take but one idea each day, and practice it as often as is possible."
W200R62 "One is enough."
W200R62 "But for that one, there must be no exceptions made."
W200R62 "And so we need to use them all, and let them blend as one as each contributes to the whole we learn."
W200R65 "There is but one exception to this lack of structuring."
W201L1 " 181) "I trust my brothers, who are one with me.""
W201L1 "No one but is my brother."
W204L1 "God's Name reminds me that I am His Son, not slave to time, unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions, free in God, forever and forever one with Him."
W205L1 "The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life while I abide where I am not at home."
W210L1 "It is not a thought of God, but one I thought apart from Him and from His Will."
W220IN27 "Accept these little gifts of thanks from us, as through Christ's vision we behold a world beyond the one we made, and take that world to be the full replacement of our own."
W220IN29 "And so we start upon the final part of this one holy year, which we have spent together in the search for Truth and God, Who is Its one Creator."
W220IN212 "One further use for words we still retain."
W220IN212 "These special thoughts should be reviewed each day, each one of them to be continued 'til the next is given you."
W220IN212 "They should be slowly read and thought about a little while, preceding one of the holy and blessed instants in the day."
W220W12 "An unforgiving thought is one which makes a judgment that it will not raise to doubt, although it is untrue."
W221L2 "We wait with one intent; to hear our Father's answer to our call, to let our thoughts be still and find His peace, to hear Him speak to us of what we are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son."
W224L1 "It is the gift my Father gave me, and the one as well I give the world."
W227L1 "Father, I know my will is one with Yours.""
W228L1 "Or shall I take His Word for what I am since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?"
W231L2 "And you share this will with me, and with the One as well Who is our Father."
W233L2 "Today we have one Guide to lead us on."
W234L1 "So brief the interval there was no lapse in continuity, nor break in thoughts which are forever unified as one."
W239L2 "We are one, united in this light and one with You, at peace with all creation and ourselves.""
W240L1 "Not one thing in this world is true."
W240W31 "When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear, and all its errors vanish."
W240W34 "Sounds become the call of God, and all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world."
W241L2 ""We have forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to You again."
W241L2 "How glad are we to have our sanity restored to us, and to remember that we all are one.""
W242L1 "For there is One Who knows all that is best for me."
W243L2 "We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one.""
W244L1 "He need but call upon Your Name, and he will recollect his safety and Your Love, for they are one."
W248L2 "Now do I understand that they are one.""
W251L1 "Now do I seek but one, for in that one is all I need, and only what I need."
W253L2 ""You are the Self Whom You created Son, creating like Yourself and one with You."
W257L1 "No one can serve contradicting goals and serve them well."
W260W55 "Whatever it may be, you will believe that it is one with you."
W262L1 ""Father, You have one Son."
W262L1 "He is Your one creation."
W262L1 "Why should I perceive a thousand forms in what remains as one?"
W262L1 "Why should I give this one a thousand names, when only one suffices?"
W262L2 "We who are one would recognize this day the truth about ourselves."
W264L1 "There is no Source but This, and nothing is that does not share Its holiness; that stands beyond Your one creation, or without the Love Which holds all things within Itself."
W265L1 "Yet is my mind at one with God's."
W267L1 "Each heartbeat calls His Name, and every one is answered by His Voice, assuring me I am at home in Him."
W269L2 "We share one vision, as we look upon the face of Him Whose Self is ours."
W269L2 "We are one because of Him Who is the Son of God; of Him Who is our own Identity."
W270L1 "The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges his Father, lets his dreams be brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time, which ends forever as Your memory returns to him."
W270L1 "And now his will is one with Yours."
W270L2 "And through His sight we offer healing to the world through Him, the holy Son whom God created whole; the holy Son whom God created one."
W270W61 "He is the Self we share, uniting us with one another, and with God as well."
W270W62 "Christ is the link that keeps you one with God, and guarantees that separation is no more than an illusion of despair."
W282L1 "And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves, and Who remains my one Reality."
W283L2 "Now are we one in shared Identity, with God our Father as our only Source, and everything created part of us."
W283L2 "And so we offer blessing to all things, uniting lovingly with all the world, which our forgiveness has made one with us."
W286L2 "We trust in Him, and in our Self, Who still is one with Him."
W287L2 "What way but this could I expect to recognize my Self, and be at one with my Identity?""
W288L1 "And to know my Source, I first must recognize what You created one with me."
W290W85 "Now He waits but that one instant more for God to take His final step, and time has disappeared, taking perception with it as it goes, and leaving but the Truth to be Itself."
W295L1 "Redemption must be one."
W295L1 "Fear appears in many different forms, but love is one."
W295L2 ""My Father, Christ has asked a gift of me, and one I give that it be given me."
W296L2 "And so our learning goal becomes an unconflicted one, and possible of easy reach and quick accomplishment."
W300W92 "Forgiveness lights the Second Coming's way because it shines on everyone as one."
W300W93 "The Second Coming ends the lessons which the Holy Spirit teaches, making way for the Last Judgment, in which learning ends in one last summary that will extend beyond itself, and reaching up to God."
W300W94 "The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect."
W300W94 "For every one who ever came to die, or yet will come or who is present now, is equally released from what he made."
W300W94 "In this equality is Christ restored as one Identity, in Which all Sons of God acknowledge that they all are one."
W300W94 "And God the Father smiles upon His Son, His one creation and His only joy."
W300W95 "Behold, the Son of God is one in us, and we can reach our Father's Love through him."
W307L1 "Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.""
W307L2 "And with this prayer, we enter silently into a state where conflict cannot come, because we join our holy will with God's in recognition that they are but one."
W308L1 "Time's purpose cannot be to keep the past and future one."
W316L1 "Each one allows a past mistake to go, and leave no shadow on the holy mind my Father loves."
W316L1 "My treasure-house is full, and angels watch its open doors, that not one gift is lost and only more are added."
W318L1 "What could conflict, when all the parts have but one purpose and one aim?"
W318L1 "How could there be a single part that stands aside, or one of more or less importance than the rest?"
W318L1 "I am God's Son, His one Eternal Love."
W319L1 "The ego thinks that what one gains totality must lose."
W319L1 "And yet it is the Will of God I learn that what one gains is given unto all."
W320W112 "What God has willed to be forever one will still be one when time is over; and will not be changed throughout the course of time, remaining as it was before the thought of time began."
W322L1 "And every dream serves only to conceal the Self Which is God's only Son, the likeness of Himself, the Holy One Who still abides in Him forever, as He still abides in me."
W323L1 "Such is the 'sacrifice' You ask of me, and one I gladly make; the only 'cost' of restoration of Your memory to me, for the salvation of the world.""
W324L1 ""Father, You are the One Who gave the plan for my salvation to me."
W324L2 "So let us follow One Who knows the way."
W325L1 "These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real, and guarded as one's own."
W327L2 "Your Word is one with You."
W329L1 "As You are One, so am I one with You."
W329L1 "And This I chose in my creation, where my will became forever one with Yours."
W329L2 "We have no will apart from His, and all of us are one because His Will is shared by all of us."
W329L2 "Through It we recognize that we are one."
W330L2 "And if we think we suffer, we but fail to know our one Identity we share with You."
W330W125 "Yet will one lily of forgiveness change the darkness into light; the altar to illusions to the shrine of Life Itself."
W330W125 "And peace will be restored forever to the holy minds which God created as His Son, His dwelling-place, His joy, His love, completely His, completely one with Him."
W331L2 "Forgiveness shows us that God's Will is one, and that we share It."
W335L2 "His holiness reminds me that he was created one with me and like myself."
W338L1 "Now he has learned that no one frightens him, and nothing can endanger him."
W339L1 "No one desires pain."
W339L1 "No one would avoid his happiness."
W340L2 "Not one of us but will be saved today."
W340L2 "Not one who will remain in fear, and none the Father will not gather to Himself, awake in Heaven in the Heart of Love."
W340W132 "A miracle contains the gift of grace, for it is given and received as one."
W341L1 "How pure, how safe, how sacred, then, are we, abiding in Your smile, with all Your love bestowed upon us, living one with You, in brotherhood and Fatherhood complete; in sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of Sinlessness conceives us as His Son, a universe of Thought completing Him.""
W344L2 "How near we are to one another, as we go to God."
W345L1 "And every one I give returns to me, reminding me the law of love is universal."
W347L1 "And so I give all judgment to the One You gave to me to judge for me."
W349L1 "Each one that I accept gives me a miracle to give."
W350W142 "Yet in the final days of this one year we gave to God together, you and I, we found a single purpose that we shared."
W352L1 "I have within me both the memory of You, and One Who leads me to It."
W354L1 "Thus must I be one with You as well as Him."
W360FL6 "And more than that can no one ever have, for in these Words is all there is, and all that there will be throughout all time and in eternity."
W365EP1 "No one who calls on Him can call in vain."
M1A1 "Further, the act of teaching is regarded as a special activity in which one engages only a relatively small proportion of one's time."
M1A2 "There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time."
M2A1 "A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one."
M2A2 "Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited."
M2A2 "And each one saves a thousand years of time as the world judges it."
M3A5 "For the teacher is not really the one who does the teaching."
M3A5 "In the teaching-learning situation, each one learns that giving and receiving are the same."
M3A5 "The demarcations they have drawn between their roles, their minds, their bodies, their needs, their interests, and all the differences they thought separated them from one another, fade and grow dim and disappear."
M3A5 "Those who would learn the same course share one interest and one goal."
M3A5 "And thus he who was the learner becomes a teacher of God Himself, for he has made the one decision that gave his teacher to him."
M4A2 "Perhaps the seeming strangers in the elevator will smile to one another, perhaps the man will not scold the child for bumping into him; perhaps the students will become friends."
M4A3 "The illusion of one permits the illusion of the other."
M5B2 "When this Power has once been experienced, it is impossible to trust one's own petty strength again."
M5B5 "Therefore, the period of overlap is apt to be one in which the teacher of God feels called upon to sacrifice his own best interests on behalf of truth."
M5C2 "No-one at one with himself can even conceive of conflict."
M5H1 "Like all the other attributes of God's teachers this one rests ultimately on trust, for without trust no-one can be generous in the true sense."
M5J1 "To give up all problems to one Answer is to reverse the thinking of the world entirely."
M6C1 "One need but say, "There is no gain at all to me in this," and he is healed."
M6C1 "But to say this one must first recognize certain facts."
M6C3 "Herein is the release from guilt and sickness both, for they are one."
M6C4 "Place cause and effect in their true sequence in one respect, and the learning will generalize and transform the world."
M6C4 "The transfer value of one true idea has no end nor limit."
M6D3 "So are they dispelled, not by the will of another, but by the union of the One Will with Itself."
M7A2 "Not one is lost, for they can but increase."
M7A4 "And if one gift were missing it would not be full."
M8A2 "Now the teacher of God has only one course to follow."
M8A2 "He must use his reason to tell himself that he has given the problem to One Who cannot fail, and recognize that his own uncertainty is not love but fear, and therefore hate."
M8A2 "His position has thus become untenable, for he is offering hate to one to whom he offered love."
M8A3 "This is what is really meant by the statement that the one responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself."
M8A3 "That was a mistake, but hardly one to stay with."
M8A4 "One of the more difficult temptations to recognize is that to doubt a healing because of the appearance of continuing symptoms is a mistake in the form of lack of trust."
M9A1 "A larger object overshadows a smaller one."
M9A1 "And a more threatening idea, or one conceived of as more desirable by the world's standards, completely upsets the mental balance."
M9A5 "Is it harder to dispel the belief of the insane in a larger hallucination as opposed to a smaller one?"
M9A5 "Will he agree more quickly to the unreality of a louder voice he hears than to that of a softer one?"
M9A6 "But the mind will put them all in one category - they are unreal."
M9A6 "And of these two but one is real."
M9A6 "The one answer to sickness of any kind is healing."
M9A6 "The one answer to all illusions is truth."
M10A2 "As the teacher of God advances in his training, he learns one lesson with increasing thoroughness."
M10A2 "The world trains for reliance on one's judgment as the criterion for maturity and strength."
M11A1 "What is "good" judgment to one is "bad" judgment to another."
M11A1 "Further, even the same person classifies the same action as showing "good" judgment at one time and "bad" judgment at another time."
M11A3 "In order to judge anything rightly, one would have to be fully aware of an inconceivably wide range of things; past, present and to come."
M11A3 "One would have to recognize in advance all the effects of his judgments on everyone and everything involved in them in any way."
M11A3 "And one would have to be certain there is no distortion in his perception, so that his judgment would be wholly fair to everyone on whom it rests now and in the future."
M11A4 "Make then but one more judgment."
M11A6 "Not one is true."
M12A2 "For one of you is wrong."
M13A1 "The answer to this question is "one"."
M13A1 "One wholly perfect teacher, whose learning is complete, suffices."
M13A1 "This One, sanctified and redeemed, becomes the Self Who is the Son of God."
M13A1 "He is forever One, because He is as God created Him."
M13A2 "Yet being joined in one purpose, and one they share with God, how could they be separate from each other?"
M13A2 "And God works through them now as One, for that is what they are."
M13A4 "This lesson is enough to let the Thought of Unity come in, and what is One is recognized as One."
M13A5 "To do that would be to give the body another purpose from the one that keeps it holy."
M14A4 "Does one whose vision has already glimpsed the Face of Christ look back with longing on a slaughter house?"
M14A6 "In one sense that is true, for you hold dear the things that crucify God's Son."
M15A2 "When not one thought of sin remains, the world is over."
M15A3 ""When not one thought of sin remains" appears to be a long-range goal indeed."
M15A3 "Not one thought of sin will remain the instant any one of them accepts the Atonement for himself."
M15A3 "It is not easier to forgive one sin than to forgive all of them."
M15A3 "One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete."
M16A1 "One day each one will welcome it, and on that very day it will be given him."
M16A2 "One instant of complete belief in this, and you will go beyond belief to Certainty."
M16A2 "One instant out of time can bring time's end."
M17A1 "Yet he is sure of but one thing; they do not change at random."
M17A1 "Not one is absent whom he needs; not one is sent without a learning goal already set, and one which can be met that very day."
M17A2 "There are some general rules which do apply, although each one must use them as best he can in his own way."
M17A4 "One can easily sit still an hour with closed eyes, and accomplish nothing."
M17A4 "One can as easily give God only an instant, and in that instant join with Him completely."
M17A4 "Perhaps the one generalization that can be made is this; as soon as possible after waking take your quiet time, continuing a minute or two after you begin to find it difficult."
M17A6 "There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day."
M17A7 "There is no difference in his state at different times and different places, because they are all one to God."
M17A10 "Perhaps he prefers other words, or only one or none at all."
M17A10 "Rooted in sacrifice and separation, two aspects of one error and no more, he merely chooses to give up all that he never had."
M17A11 "All belief in magic is maintained by just one simple-minded illusion; - that it works."
M18A3 "A lesson truly taught can lead to nothing but release for teacher and pupil, who have shared in one intent."
M18A3 "The single aim of the teacher turns the divided goal of the pupil into one direction, with the call for help becoming his one appeal."
M18A3 "This then is easily responded to with just one answer, and this answer will enter the teacher's mind unfailingly."
M18A3 "From there it shines into his pupil's mind, making it one with his."
M18A6 "How then can one believe in one's defenses?"
M18A7 "Each one says clearly to your frightened mind, "You have usurped the place of God."
M19A2 "Now He can remind the world of sinlessness, the one unchanged, unchangeable condition of all that God created."
M19A3 "Correction has one answer to all this, and to the world that rests on this: "You but mistake interpretation for the truth."
M20A2 "It is, however, the one interpretation that leads to truth."
M20A2 "There is no inherent conflict between justice and truth; one is but the first small step in the direction of the other."
M20A2 "The path becomes quite different as one goes along."
M20A2 "Nor could all the magnificence, the grandeur of the scene and the enormous opening vistas that rise to meet one as he travels on, be foretold from the outset."
M20A2 "Yet even these, whose splendor reaches indescribable heights as one proceeds, fall short indeed of all that awaits one when the pathway ceases and time ends with it."
M20A2 "But somewhere one must start."
M20A3 "Forgiveness has no place in such a scheme, for not one "sin" but seems forever true."
M20A4 "It remains forever and forever like its Creator, being one with Him."
M20A5 "From this one standpoint does it judge, and this alone."
M21A2 "God's peace is recognized at first by just one thing; in every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences."
M21A4 "War is again accepted as the one reality."
M21A5 "In this one sentence is our course explained."
M21A5 "In this one sentence is our practicing given its one direction."
M21A6 "The Will of God is One and all there is."
M22A3 "It is impossible that the prayer of the heart remain unanswered in the perception of the one who asks."
M23A1 "It is the one complete concept possible in this world, because it is the source of a wholly unified perception."
M24A2 "We have repeatedly stated that one who has perfectly accepted the Atonement for himself can heal the world."
M24A2 "Temptation may recur to others, but never to this One."
M24A3 "And can one who is one with God be unlike Him?"
M24A6 "No-one on earth can grasp what Heaven is, or what its One Creator really means."
M24A6 "Then turn to one who laid all limits by, and went beyond the farthest reach of learning."
M25A6 "This is still your one responsibility."
M26A1 "The answer to this question is much like the preceding one."
M26A1 "Let all his learning and all his effort be directed toward this one great final surprise, and he will not be content to be delayed by the little ones that may come to him on the way."
M27A4 "All the help you can accept will be provided, and not one need you have will not be met."
M28A1 "It is the one fixed, unchangeable belief of the world that all things in it are born only to die."
M28A4 "There is either a god of fear or One of Love."
M28A4 "Not one can be acceptable to God's teachers, because not one could be acceptable to God."
M28A6 "All dreams will end with this one."
M28A7 "Teacher of God, your one assignment could be stated thus: Accept no compromise in which death plays a part."
M30A3 "To return the function to the One To Whom it belongs is thus the escape from fear."
U1A3 "It has one function and one goal."
U2A1 "The unified Spirit is God's one Son, or Christ."
U2A5 "Therefore it is not the ONE-MINDEDNESS of the Christ Mind, Whose Will is One with God's."
U3A5 "For here we see all that it seemed to do, and cause and its effects must still be one."
U3A9 "Your questions have no answer, being made to still God's Voice, which asks of everyone one question only: "Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?""
U4A1 "Forgiveness, then, is an illusion, but because of its purpose, which is the Holy Spirit's, it has one difference."
U5A3 "The one correction possible for false perception must be true perception."
U5A3 "Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception, all are one."
U5A6 "But seen within your mind, guilt and forgiveness for an instant lie together, side by side, upon one altar."
U5A6 "There at last are sickness and its single remedy joined in one healing brightness."
U6A1 "Helpers are given you in many forms, although upon the altar They are one."
U6A1 "Beyond each one there is a Thought of God, and this will never change."
U6A2 "The Name of Jesus is the Name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God."
U6A2 "So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God."
U6A3 "In his complete identification with the Christ--the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him - Jesus became what all of us must be."
U6A4 "And shares them still, to be at one with you."
U7A1 "The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or Spirit, is eternal and has never changed."
U7A4 "He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are One."
U7A4 "And therefore it is He Who proves them One."
U8A1 "Behind each one there is reality and there is God."
P2A5 "Psychotherapy under His direction is one of the means He uses to save time, and to prepare additional teachers for His work."
P3A1 "Its whole function, in the end, is to help the patient deal with one fundamental error; the belief that anger brings him something he really wants, and that by justifying attack he is protecting himself."
P3A4 "The task of therapy is one of reconciling these differences."
P3B1 "Yet levels of readiness change, and when therapist or patient has reached the next one, there will be a relationship held out to them that meets the changing need."
P3B1 "The overall direction is one of progress toward the truth."
P3B2 "This is one of the errors which the ego fosters; that it is capable of true change, and therefore of true creativity."
P3B3 "Whatever resolutions patient and therapist reach in connection with their own divergent goals, they cannot become completely reconciled as one until they join with His."
P3B4 "And this will one day come to pass for every "patient" on the face of this earth, for who except a patient could possibly have come here?"
P3C1 "Even in this, complete consistency is not required, for one who has achieved that point can teach salvation completely, within an instant and without a word."
P3C2 "In this world, there is an astonishing tendency to join contradictory words into one term without perceiving the contradiction at all."
P3C2 "At the highest levels they become one."
P3C3 "The world has marshalled all its forces against this one awareness, for in it lies the ending of the world and all it stands for."
P3C4 "And without knowledge one can have only belief."
P3C5 "Yet if pupil and teacher join in sharing one goal, God will enter into their relationship because He has been invited to come in."
P3C7 "But both have many forms, because no true teacher uses one approach to every pupil."
P3C7 "On the contrary, he listens patiently to each one, and lets him formulate his own curriculum; not the curriculum's goal, but how he can best reach the aim it sets for him."
P3C8 "Only one thing; the same requirement salvation asks of everyone."
P3C8 "Each one must share one goal with someone else, and in so doing, lose all sense of separate interests."
P3C9 "And let him then meet his brother's need as his and see that they are met as one, for such they are."
P3C9 "It is the goal that makes these processes the same, for they are one in purpose and must thus be one in means."
P3D1 "Ideally, he is also a follower, for One should walk ahead of him to give him light to see."
P3D1 "Without this One, both will merely stumble blindly on to nowhere."
P3D1 "It is, however, impossible that this One be wholly absent if the goal is healing."
P3D2 "The willingness may come from either one at the beginning, and as the other shares it, it will grow."
P3D3 "One asks for help; another hears and tries to answer in the form of help."
P3D3 "One wholly egoless therapist could heal the world without a word, merely by being there."
P3D4 "The ideal therapist is one with Christ."
P3E4 "For not one of them can cure, and not one of them understands healing."
P3E4 "Are not these both one question?"
P3E8 "One of the illusions by which sickness is perceived as real is the belief that illness varies in intensity; that the degree of threat differs according to the form it takes."
P3E9 "Thus, he will attack the one who tries to save him from them, believing that he is attacking him."
P3E9 "This curious circle of attack-defense is one of the most difficult problems with which the psychotherapist must deal."
P3E9 "The therapist is seen as one who is attacking the patient's most cherished possession; his picture of himself."
P3E11 "The truth is simple, being one for all."
P3F1 "In its wake comes the inevitable belief that, to be safe, one must control the unknown."
P3F4 "Nothing in the world is holier than helping one who asks for help."
P3F7 "And the truth will come to us only through one who seems to share our dream of sickness."
P3F8 "There is one way alone by which we come to where all dreams began."
P3G4 "These testimonies which the senses bring have but one purpose; to justify attack and thus keep unforgiveness unrecognized for what it is."
P3G5 "The forms of one but reproduce the forms of the other, for they are the same illusion."
P3G5 "So closely is one translated into the other, that a careful study of the form a sickness takes will point quite clearly to the form of unforgiveness that it represents."
P3G5 "That is achieved by only one recognition; that only forgiveness heals an unforgiveness, and only an unforgiveness can possibly give rise to sickness of any kind."
P3G6 "Let him retain one spot of sin in what he looks upon, and his release is partial and will not be sure."
P3G7 "Yet will the proof of sinlessness, seen in the patient and accepted in the therapist, offer the mind of both a covenant in which they meet and join and are as one."
P3H1 "What He knows is only that He has one Son."
P3H3 "The process that takes place in this relationship is actually one in which the therapist in his heart tells the patient that all his sins have been forgiven him, along with his own."
P3H4 "For this, one thing and one thing only is required: The therapist in no way confuses himself with God."
P3H4 "All "unhealed healers" make this fundamental confusion in one form or another, because they must regard themselves as self-created rather than God-created."
P3H5 "Yet no perception is omniscient, nor is the tiny self of one alone against the universe able to assume he has such wisdom except in madness."
P3H6 "Yet it is as insane not to accept a function God has given you as to invent one He has not."
P3H7 "What answer can he give to one who seems to be a stranger; alien to the truth and poor in wisdom, without the god who must be given him?"
P3H8 "The same are one, and nothing now can be remembered of the world of guilt."
P4A4 "A holy therapist, an advanced Teacher of God, never forgets one thing; he did not make the curriculum of salvation, nor did he establish his part in it."
P4B1 "How could a separate profession be one in which everyone is engaged?"
P4B1 "Yet practically speaking, it can still be said that there are those who devote themselves primarily to healing of one sort or another as their chief function."
P4B4 "A one-to-one relationship is not one Relationship."
P4B7 "He has learned that it is no harder to wake a brother from one dream than from another."
P4B9 "The professional therapist has one advantage that can save enormous time if it is properly used."
P4B9 "Yet at each meeting there is One Who says, "My brother, choose again.""
P4C1 "He has a mighty part in this one purpose, for which he came."
P4C4 "If their relationship is to be holy, whatever one needs is given by the other; whatever one lacks the other supplies."
P4C6 "One rule should always be observed: No-one should be turned away because he cannot pay."
P4C6 "Only in terms of cost could one have more."
P4C7 "Yet not one worldly thought is really practical."
S1A2 "You have but one."
S1B2 "You have also been told that there is only one problem and one answer."
S1B5 "And it is to Love one goes in prayer."
S1B5 "Prayer is an offering; a giving up of oneself to be at one with Love."
S1B6 "One who has realized the goodness of God prays without fear."
S1B6 "And one who prays without fear cannot but reach Him."
S1B7 "To pray with one who knows that this is true is to be answered."
S1B7 "Perhaps it will reach both, if you are genuinely attuned to one another."
S1C4 "At this level also comes that curious contradiction in terms known as "praying for one's enemies.""
S1C9 "Prayer in its earlier forms is an illusion, because there is no need for a ladder to reach what one has never left."
S1D2 "Nor do they come from one who understands that they are calls for death, made out of fear by those who cherish guilt."
S1D7 "One need not ask explicitly."
S1D7 "No-one who wants an enemy will fail to find one."
S1E1 "Until the second step at least begins, one cannot share in prayer, for until that point, each one must ask for different things."
S1E2 "From this Cause only can the Answer come in which are all specifics satisfied; all separate wishes unified in one."
S1F2 "Where one has come the other disappears."
S1F3 "For you have understood he never left, and you, who seemed alone, are one with him."
S2B4 "Yet it is the only happy dream in all the world; the only one that does not lead to death."
S2B5 "It always seems to be another who is evil, and in his sin you are the injured one."
S2B8 "This is the choice you make; the simplest one, and yet the only one that you can make."
S2C1 "Yet all the forms that it may take have but one goal; their purpose is to separate and make what God created equal, different."
S2C2 "In this group, first, there are the forms in which a "better" person deigns to stoop to save a baser one from what he is."
S2C3 "The one who would forgive the other does not claim to be the better."
S2C3 "Now he merely says that here is one whose sinfulness he shares, since both have been unworthy and deserve the retribution of the wrath of God."
S2C5 "Such is the witness that it offers one who could be savior, not an enemy."
S2C5 "Or is it rather treachery to one who needs salvation from the pain of guilt?"
S2D1 "Forgiveness-for-salvation has one form, and only one."
S2D2 "When someone calls for help in any form, He is the One to answer for you."
S2D4 "God's Will is truth, and you are one with Him in Will and purpose."
S2D5 "He is the Answer; you the one who hears."
S3B3 "Forgiveness must be given by a mind which understands that it must overlook all shadows on the holy face of Christ, among which sickness should be seen as one."
S3C2 "False healing merely makes a poor exchange of one illusion for a "nicer" one; a dream of sickness for a dream of health."
S3C2 "And so it is discarded as a choice, as one lays by a garment now outworn."
S3D1 "Nor is it made by one who understands the other is exactly like himself, for it is this that makes true healing possible."
S3D1 "When false, there is some power that another has, not equally bestowed on both as one."
S3D2 "Therefore, he can give healing to the one who stands beneath him in his patronage."
S3D2 "To be healed appears to be to find a wiser one who, by his arts and learning, will succeed."
S3D3 "And to this wiser one another goes to profit by his learning and his skill; to find in him the remedy for pain."
S3D4 "Is there a role for healing, then, that one can use to offer help for someone else?"
S3D5 "Healers there are, for they are Sons of God who recognize their Source, and understand that all their Source creates is one with them."
S3D6 "There is no fear in one who has been truly healed, for love has entered now where idols used to stand, and fear has given way at last to God."
G1A1 "It has but one."
G1A1 "Its forms are many - call them what you will - but it is one in content."
G1A3 "Dreams are dreams, and every one is equally untrue."
G1A3 "Yet will fear linger until every one is recognized as nothingness, and seen exactly as it is and nothing more."
G1A4 "For it is sure that one must lie."
G1A4 "What you take from one the other will obscure."
G1A6 "Each one contains the whole of fear, the opposite of love, (in all its ways), the hell that hides the memory of God, the crucifixion of His holy Son."
G1A6 "Therefore, be vigilant against them all, for in their single purpose they are one, and hell is total."
G1A7 "But be sure of this and do not let it slip away: What God has joined is one."
G1A7 "And one as well is everything that fear has made to be the great deceiver and the substitute for God's creation."
G1A7 "You can choose but one, and which you choose is total."
G1A10 "For His the Word that makes us one in Him, and mine the Voice that speaks this Word to you."
G2A1 "Practice with every one you recognize as what it is."
G2A2 "You need only call my Name, and ask me to accept the gift of pain from willing hands that would be laid in mine, with thorns laid down and nails long thrown away as one by one the sorry gifts of earth are joyously relinquished."
G3A2 "No one would hesitate to leave a dream of shock and terror, merciless decay and sickening contortions, with despair always in sight and death not far behind, if he believed that it was but a dream."
G3A6 "Give me help in this, and not one gift the world may seek to give, or one illusion held against the truth, can bind you longer."
G3A9 "There is a silence covering the world that was an ancient dream so long ago no one remembers now."
G4A1 "Gratitude is the song of Heaven, the single harmony of all creation at one with its Creator."
G4A3 "What is love, or comes from love, or offers love a gift, is one to Him because it is of Him."
G4A3 "To Him and from Him are not different to One Who has no opposite."
G4A7 "It is not the one the world was made to teach."
G4A7 "And yet it is the one the Holy Spirit sees in it, and so it is the only one it has."
G4A8 "To all who do not understand the gifts of God and Christ are one, be yours the voice that echoes what the Voice for God would say: "Save Me, My brother, as you save yourself, And let Me give to God your gifts for you Because My altar waits for them in love, And God is asking that We place them there.""
G4A10 "For Christ is He Who is My Son and you are one with Him."
G4A10 "You are My gift, for you are one with Me."
G5A2 "He loves you as a mother loves her child; her only one, the only love she has, her all-in-all, extension of herself, as much a part of her as breath itself."
G5A2 "He loves you as a brother loves his own, born of one father, still as one in him, and bonded with a seal that cannot break."
G5A2 "He loves you as a lover loves his own; his chosen one, his joy, his very life, the one he seeks when she has gone away, and brings him peace again on her return."
MSG19A1 "The last one had gone."
MSG19A4 "A body cannot stay without illusions, and the last one to be overcome is death."

Quotes on "Ones"

T2B43 "Many Souls offered their efforts on behalf of the Separated Ones but they could not withstand the strength of the attack, and had to be brought back."
T2B43 "Angels came, too, but their protection was not enough, because the Separated ones were not interested in peace."
T3D4 "They do not suffer from the delusions of the Separated ones."
T3E11 "But I thought you might be glad to learn that you are much better off with DIFFERENT perceptual problems than you would be if you suffered from similar ones."
T3F23 "The "chosen ones" are merely those who choose right SOONER."
T4D6 "Repression thus operates to conceal not only the baser impulses, but also the most lofty ones from the ego's awareness, because BOTH are threatening to the ego and, being concerned primarily with its preservation in the face of threat, it perceives them as the same."
T4G19 "He does not need to go through the same course in repression that you did, because he will give up his major misdefense AFTER he has rid himself of the lesser ones."
T6G1 "All the separated ones have a basic fear of retaliation and abandonment."
T14B2 "Would you have ALL of it transformed into a radiant message of God's Love, to share with all the lonely ones, who have denied Him with you?"
T14G6 "And each bright lesson, with which the Holy Spirit will REPLACE the dark ones you do NOT accept and hide, teaches you that you will WITH the Father unto His Son."
T16B4 "Only the Holy Spirit recognizes foolish needs, AS WELL AS real ones."
T16E4 "It is certain that those who select certain ones as partners in ANY aspect of living, and use them for ANY purpose which they would NOT share with others, are trying to LIVE WITH guilt rather than DIE OF it."
T16F3 "And those who learn that it is NOT natural at all, seem to be the UNnatural ones."
T17D5 "The only such relationships which RETAIN the fantasies which center on them, are the ones which have been DREAMED of, but have NOT been made at all."
T19D14 "Your relationship is now a temple of healing, a place where all the weary ones can come and find rest."
T21H2 "These are the dark ones, silent and afraid, alone and not communicating, fearful the power of the Son of God will strike them dead, and raising up their helplessness AGAINST him."
T21H3 "Frantic and loud and strong the dark ones SEEM to be."
T22B7 "And the strange, shifting ones he sees about him will become to him his comforters, and he will recognize his home, and see them there WITH him."
T22B9 "Where Christ has entered, no-one is alone, for never could He find a home in separate ones."
T22F1 "YOU are the strong ones in this seeming conflict."
T23C10 "Thus do the guilty ones protest their innocence."
T24B4 "The special ones feel weak and frail BECAUSE of differences."
T24D7 "The special ones are all asleep, surrounded by a world of loveliness they do not see."
T25G3 "Let him no more be lonely, for the lonely ones are those who see no function in the world for them to fill; no place where they are needed, and no aim which ONLY they can perfectly fulfill."
T25I5 "And where would justice be if He demanded of the ones obsessed with the idea of punishment that they lay it aside, unaided, and perceive it is not true?"
T26G1 "For who can choose to keep the ones which he prefers, and find the safety that the truth alone can give?"
T27E4 "Which ones establish peace and offer joy?"
T30B1 "But, with a little practice in the ones you recognize, a set begins to form which sees you through the rest."
T30E1 "You attack but FALSE ideas, and NEVER truthful ones."
T31C6 "You will not WANT to hold in guilt your chosen enemies, nor keep in chains to the illusion of a changing love the ones you think are friends."
T31G10 "The holy ones whom God has given each of you to save are everyone you meet or look upon, not knowing who they are; all those you saw an instant and forgot, and those you knew a long while since, and those you will yet meet, the unremembered and the not yet born."
T31H9 "I thank You, Father, for these holy ones who are my brothers as they are Your Sons."
W3L1 "Apply this idea in the same way as the previous ones, without making distinctions of any kind."
W4L1 "Unlike the preceding ones, these exercises do not begin with the idea for the day."
W4L2 "The "good" ones of which you are aware are but shadows of what lies beyond, and shadows make sight difficult."
W4L2 "The "bad" ones are blocks to sight, and make seeing impossible."
W5L3 "In these exercises, more than in the preceding ones, you may find it hard to be indiscriminate, and to avoid giving greater weight to some subjects than to others."
W6L1 "The exercises with this idea are very similar to the preceding ones."
W7L1 "Yet it is the rationale for all of the preceding ones."
W9L1 "This idea obviously follows from the two preceding ones."
W11L2 "The practice periods for today's idea are to be undertaken somewhat differently from the previous ones."
W13L2 "Recognition of meaninglessness arouses intense anxiety in all the separated ones."
W13L4 "The exercises for today, which should be done about three or four times, for not more than a minute or so at most each time, are to be practiced in a somewhat different way from the preceding ones."
W29L1 "In fact, it explains every idea we have used thus far, and all subsequent ones as well."
W32L2 "The idea for today, like the preceding ones, applies to your inner and outer worlds, which are actually the same."
W40L1 "No long practice periods are required today, but very frequent short ones are necessary."
W41L1 "Today's idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment which all the separated ones experience."
W41L2 "The separated ones have invented many "cures" for what they believe to be the "ills of the world.""
W47L4 "Four five-minute practice periods are necessary today, and longer and more frequent ones are urged."
W53L1 "Reality is not insane, and I have real thoughts as well as insane ones."
W75L2 "Our exercises for today will be happy ones, in which we offer thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new."
W78L10 "To everyone you meet, and to the ones you think of, or remember from the past, allow the role of Savior to be given, that you may share it with them."
W78L10 "For you both, and all the sightless ones as well, we pray: "Let miracles replace all grievances.""
W79L5 "Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think you have resolved the previous ones."
W96L9 "Here are your Thoughts, the only ones you have."
W105L2 "It strips all meaning from the gifts you give, and leaves you nothing in the ones you take."
W124L6 "No thought of theirs but has the power to heal all forms of suffering in anyone in times gone by and times as yet to come as easily as in the ones who walk beside them now."
W132L16 "You need not realize that healing comes to many brothers far across the world as well as to the ones you see near by, as you send out these thoughts to bless the world."
W137L8 "And by this attribute it proves that laws unlike the ones which hold that sickness is inevitable are more potent than their sickly opposites."
W137L9 "His gentle lessons teach how easily salvation can be yours; how little practice you need undertake to let His laws replace the ones you made, to hold yourself a prisoner to death."
W153L10 "What defense could possibly be needed by the ones who are among the chosen ones of God by His election and their own as well?"
W154L5 "It is enough that he accept it, bring it to the ones for which it was appointed, and fulfill his role in its delivery."
W155L1 "And the ones who walk the world as you do recognize their own."
W187L9 "The lilies that your brother offers you are laid upon your altar, with the ones you offer him beside them."
W242L1 "And He is glad to make no choices for me but the ones that lead to God."
M2A2 "They are the ones who have answered."
M30A1 "In fact, it covers only a few of the more obvious ones, in terms of a brief summary of some of the major concepts in the text and workbook."
P3F2 "Let us remember that the ones who come to us for help are bitterly afraid."
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