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Quotes on "Truth"


T1B3E "Just re-read them and their truth will come to you."
T1B14 "Miracles attest to truth."
T1B22G "2) The point should read "A miracle reawakens the awareness that the spirit, and not the body, is the altar of Truth."
T1B27C "The miracle acknowledges only the Truth."
T1B30D "Consider the power of MY WORD, in that it has withstood all the attacks of error, and is the Source of Truth."
T1B30J "This is what is meant by "The Truth shall set you free.""
T1B30N "(Tell Bill when he is afraid of Possession, he need only remember that error cannot really threaten Truth, which ALWAYS can withstand its assaults."
T1B31A "As a result, the doer sees the truth as God created it."
T1B32C "The Spiritual eye is the mechanism of miracles, because what the Spiritual eye perceives IS truth."
T1B33C "(Truth is always abundant..."
T1B41AN "But his Separation would never have occurred if he had not distorted his perception of truth, and thus perceived himself as lacking."
T1B41BD "The psychotic tries to escape by establishing the truth of his own errors."
T1B41BD "It is most difficult to free him by ordinary means, only because he is more stable in his denial of truth."
T1C2 "That truth CAN be denied and 2."
T1C2 "That absence of truth can be effective."
T1C3 "However, these differences do not affect the power of the miracle at all, since only truth and error are its concern."
T1C8 "The truth is still that the attraction of God is irresistible at ALL levels, and the acceptance of this totally unavoidable truth is only a matter of time."
T2A5 "Whenever projection in its inappropriate sense is utilized, it ALWAYS implies that some emptiness (or lack of everything) must exist, and that it is within man's ability to put his own ideas there INSTEAD of the truth."
T2A25 "Its SOLE concern is to distinguish between truth, on the one hand, and ALL kinds of error, on the other."
T2B14 "Denial of error is a very powerful defense of truth."
T2B15 "When the will is REALLY free, it CANNOT miscreate, because it recognizes ONLY TRUTH."
T2B16 "I can project to YOU the affirmation of truth."
T2B24 "Denial should be directed only to error, and projection should be limited to truth."
T2B34 "However, the main point to be understood from these notes is that you can defend truth as well as error, and in fact, much better."
T2B56 "This is because defenses are now being used much better, on behalf of truth MORE than error, though not completely so."
T2B57 "The weaker use of mis-projection is shown by my recognition that it can't REALLY be that way, which became possible as soon as denial was applied against error, NOT truth."
T2B70 "Perfectly aware of the RIGHT defense, it passes over all others, looking past error to truth."
T2C17 "The message which he then gives to others is the truth that THEIR MINDS are really similarly constructive, and that their own miscreations cannot hurt them."
T2D5 "The truth is that you ARE responsible for what you THINK, because it is only at this level that you CAN exercise choice."
T2D5 "You cannot separate the truth by giving autonomy to your behavior."
T2E10 "While expressions like "think big" give some recognition to the power of thought, they still come nowhere near the truth."
T2E15 "The truth is that there ARE no "idle thoughts.""
T2E22 "You may look at it as a new theory of basic conflict, if you wish, which will not be entirely an intellectual approach, because I doubt if the truth will escape you entirely."
T2E23 "All psychoanalytic theorists have made some contribution to the truth in this connection, but none of them has seen it in its true entirety."
T3A6 "Mental retardation is a defense which, like the others EXCEPT the Atonement, can be used on behalf of error or truth, as elected."
T3A21 "Bill had already become so misguided that it did not occur to him that his own will, (which he justified by the contents of the recent notes - a misuse of truth only seemingly on its own behalf) might be questionable."
T3B4 "The miracle is ALWAYS a DENIAL of this error, and an affirmation of the truth."
T3C5 "(There are times when) The best defense, as always, is NOT to attack another's position, but rather to protect the truth."
T3C8 "It is a real misperception of truth, by which man assigns his own evil past to God."
T3C10 "The Atonement itself radiates nothing but truth."
T3C11 "The Resurrection demonstrated that NOTHING can destroy truth."
T3C20 "A pure mind knows the truth, and this IS its strength."
T3C22 "The understanding of the innocent is TRUTH."
T3D2 "This has made everybody really unable to deny truth totally, even if he deceives himself in this connection most of the time."
T3D4 "If nothing but the truth exists (and this is really redundant in statement, because what is not true CANNOT exist) Right-Minded seeing cannot see ANYTHING BUT perfection."
T3D6 "Remember that we said that truth overcomes ALL error."
T3D6 "Because you see them as they were really created and can really create, you offer them your own validation of THEIR truth."
T3E3 "True perception is the BASIS for knowledge, but KNOWING is the affirmation of truth."
T3E10 "To perceive the truth is not the same as KNOWING it."
T3F18 "The truth will ALWAYS destroy error in this sense."
T3F21 "Truth cannot deal with unwilling error, because it does not will to be blocked out."
T3G8 "When we say "the truth shall set you free," we mean that all this kind of thinking is a waste of time, but that you are free of the need of engaging in it."
T3G13 "Truth can only be KNOWN."
T3G17 "Since perception rests on lack, those who perceive have not totally accepted the Atonement and given over themselves to truth."
T3G44 "There is nothing as tragic as the attempt to deceive one's self, because it implies that you perceive yourself as so unworthy that deception is more fitting for you than truth."
T3H14 "But the truth is still that there IS no problem about this."
T3I12 "But KNOW that this making will surely dissolve in the light of truth, because its foundation IS a lie."
T3I13 "Your starting point IS truth, and you MUST return to this Beginning."
T3I16 "The world is not left by death but by truth, and truth CAN be known by all those for whom the Kingdom was created, and for whom it waits."
T4B7 "Bill, your whole fear of teaching is nothing but an example of your own intense separation anxiety, which you have handled with the usual series of mixed defenses in the combined pattern of attack on truth and defense of error, which characterizes ALL ego-thinking."
T4C25 "This means that they do not mean truth and do not pretend to mean it."
T4D22 "Who but the insane would undertake to believe what is not true, and then protect this belief at the cost of Truth?"
T4E15 "You are mirrors of truth in which God Himself shines in perfect light."
T4G7 "The ratio of repression and dissociation of truth varies with the individual ego-illusion (tell Bill that phrase is VERY good), but dissociation is always involved, or you would not believe that you ARE here."
T5B8 "We have spoken before of the higher or true perception, which is so close to truth that God Himself can flow across the little gap."
T5E16 "You have NOT made truth, but truth can still set you free."
T6B6 "Rather teach your own perfect immunity, which IS the Truth in you, and KNOW that it cannot be assailed."
T6B10 "That was their only purpose, and that is the only way in which I can be perceived as the Way, the Truth, and the Light."
T6C7 "Its truth lies only in its perfect inclusion in Him Who alone IS perfect."
T6D6 "This is how YOU will learn the truth that will make you free, and keep you so as others learn it of YOU."
T6E7 "When you awake, you will see the Truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams, because they will have no reality for you."
T6E13 "If He confronted the self you have made with the Truth He created FOR you, what could you be but afraid?"
T6G2 "If the center of the thought system is TRUE, only truth extends outward from it."
T6G9 "But the Holy Spirit teaches you that truth was created by God, and YOUR decision CANNOT change it."
T6H1 "When it is PARTLY in accord with truth He accepts it and purifies it."
T6H12 "Vigilance is not necessary for truth, but it IS necessary AGAINST ILLUSION."
T6H12 "Truth is WITHOUT illusions, and therefore WITHIN the Kingdom."
T6H12 "But you must learn to ACCEPT truth because YOU THREW IT AWAY."
T7C9 "God's Law of Creation, in perfect form, does NOT involve the USE of truth to convince His sons OF truth."
T7C9 "The EXTENSION of truth, which IS the Law of the Kingdom, rests only on the knowledge of WHAT TRUTH IS."
T7D8 "BECAUSE I am always with you, YOU are the Way, and the Truth, and the Light."
T7E8 "Truth can only be RECOGNIZED, and NEED only be recognized."
T7E13 "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate ONLY truly, because they are the laws of Truth."
T7F11 "The other shows you only truth, which you will love because you will UNDERSTAND it."
T7F14 "Come therefore unto me and learn of the truth in YOU."
T7G10 "The ego wants no part of truth, because the truth is that IT is not true."
T7G10 "If truth is total, the UNtrue CANNOT exist."
T7G10 "While you believe that two totally contradictory thought systems SHARE truth, your need for vigilance is apparent."
T7I8 "He will teach you to perceive BEYOND belief, because truth IS beyond belief and His perception IS true."
T7J2 "To the Soul this is truth, because it knows its own fullness and cannot conceive of ANY part from which it is excluded."
T7J6 "Insanity is therefore the NON-extension of truth, which blocks joy because it blocks Creation and therefore blocks self-FULFILLMENT."
T7J7 "In truth, it is impossible."
T7J11 "The ability to SEE a logical outcome depends on the WILLINGNESS TO SEE IT, but its TRUTH has nothing to do with your willingness at all."
T7J11 "Truth is GOD's will."
T7K8 "Every miracle is thus a lesson in Truth, and by OFFERING truth YOU are learning the difference between pain and joy."
T7L6 "Nothing is as easy to perceive as truth."
T7L6 "OUT of your natural environment you may well ask, "what is truth?""
T7L6 "because truth IS the environment by which and for which you were created."
T7L7 "You cannot deny part of the truth."
T8E14 "No part of It can be imprisoned if Its Truth is to be known."
T8E15 "The delusional believe that truth will ASSAIL them, and so they DO NOT SEE IT because they prefer the delusion."
T8E15 "Judging truth as something they do NOT want, they perceive deception and block knowledge."
T8E18 "I offer you only the recognition of His power in you, but in that lies ALL truth."
T8E19 "The truth in both of us is BEYOND the ego."
T8E19 "By willing that, you HAVE gone beyond it toward truth."
T8F12 "Truth can only be EXPERIENCED."
T8F12 "I can make you aware of the CONDITIONS of truth, but the experience is of God."
T8F12 "Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon you of itself."
T8G5 "Use it for truth, and you will see it truly."
T8H7 "The function of truth is to collect data which are TRUE."
T8H9 "And no one can doubt your willingness to listen, until YOU will not to tolerate ANYTHING except truth."
T8J1 "It is apparent that reality CANNOT "threaten" anything except illusions, because reality can only UPHOLD truth."
T8J2 "The association of truth and fear, which would be highly artificial at best, is particularly inappropriate in the minds of those who do not know what truth IS."
T8J6 "But you cannot be safe FROM truth, but only IN it."
T8J9 "The truth is, very simply, that NO-ONE WANTS EITHER ABANDONMENT OR RETALIATION."
T8J10 "In the presence of Truth, there are no unbelievers and no sacrifices."
T8J12 "You do not recognize the ENORMOUS waste of energy which you expend in denying truth."
T8J16 "When you feel these things do not try to look BEYOND yourself for truth, for truth can only be WITHIN you."
T8K4 "Believe his words are true, because of the truth which is in him."
T8K4 "You will unite with the truth in him, and his words will BE true."
T8K5 "LISTENING to truth is the only way you can hear it now, and finally KNOW it."
T8K5 "What can so holy a brother tell you EXCEPT truth?"
T8K8 "I love you for the truth in you, as GOD does."
T8K8 "Do not listen to anything else, or you will not hear truth."
T8K9 "THEY WILL ANSWER YOU, if you learn to ask truth of them."
T8K9 "By following this way, you ARE looking for the truth in YOU."
T9B3 "His errors do not come from the truth that is in him, and ONLY this truth is yours."
T9B3 "His errors cannot change this, and can have no effect at all on the truth in YOU."
T9B4 "If you would find YOUR way AND KEEP IT, see only truth beside you, for you walk together."
T9C12 "Only THIS awareness heals, because it is the awareness of truth."
T9D2 "Every healer who searches fantasies for truth MUST be unhealed, because he DOES NOT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR TRUTH, and therefore does not have the answer to the problem of healing."
T9F10 "The truth about YOU is so lofty that nothing that is unworthy of God is worthy of you."
T9G7 "But truth and littleness are DENIALS of each other, and grandeur IS truth."
T9G7 "Truth does not vacillate; it is ALWAYS true."
T9G8 "Truth is not obscure nor hidden, but its obviousness to YOU lies in the joy you bring to its witnesses, WHO SHOW IT TO YOU."
T9G11 "But if truth is indivisible, then YOUR evaluation of yourself MUST BE GOD's."
T9H9 "Dreams will be impossible, because you will WANT only truth, and being at last your will, it will be yours."
T9I1 "What has been FORGOTTEN then appears to be fearful, but ONLY because the dissociation was an ATTACK ON TRUTH."
T9I3 "The ability to ACCEPT truth in this world is the perceptual counterpart of creating in the Kingdom."
T9I4 "If you understand that the misuse of defenses always constitutes an attack on truth, and truth is God, you will realize why this is ALWAYS fearful."
T9I10 "Your recognition of him as PART OF GOD teaches him the truth about himself, WHICH HE IS DENYING."
T9J3 "Knowledge cannot dawn on a mind full of illusions, because truth and illusions are irreconcilable."
T9J3 "Truth is whole, and CANNOT be known by PART of a mind."
T9J8 "No false gods you attempt to interpose between yourself and your reality, affect truth at all."
T10C3 "If you have DENIED truth, what better witnesses to its reality could you have, than those who have been healed BY it?"
T10F1 "Let us be very calm in doing this, for we are merely looking honestly for truth."
T10F1 "We will UNDO this error quietly together, and then look beyond it to truth."
T10F4 "But the truth is very simple; ALL POWER IS OF GOD."
T10F10 "By believing that you have successfully attacked truth, YOU ARE BELIEVING THAT ATTACK HAS POWER."
T10F12 "You can only ESTABLISH your autonomy by identifying WITH Him, and FULFILLING YOUR FUNCTION AS IT EXISTS IN TRUTH."
T10F14 "Never forget that the ego believes that power, understanding AND TRUTH lie in separation."
T10F15 "It makes real every mistake it perceives, and with characteristically circular reasoning, concludes that, BECAUSE of the mistake, consistent truth must be meaningless."
T10F15 "If consistent truth is meaningless, INCONSISTENCY must be true if truth has meaning."
T10F15 "Holding error clearly in mind, and protecting what it has made real, the ego proceeds to the next step in its thought system; that error is real, and TRUTH IS ERROR."
T10F17 "Can the ego teach truly, when it overlooks truth?"
T10F18 "Accept what God does NOT deny, and HE will demonstrate its truth."
T10H2 "If you believe in truth AND illusion you CANNOT TELL WHICH IS TRUE."
T10H4 "Truth is not absent here, but it IS obscure."
T10H7 "No-one can withhold truth, except from himself."
T10H7 "Ask, then, for what is yours, but which you did NOT make, and do not defend yourself AGAINST truth."
T10H11 "Blessed are you who will ask the truth of God without fear, for only thus can you learn that His answer IS the release from fear."
T10H11 "Believe that the truth is in me, for I KNOW that it is in YOU."
T10H11 "Ask for truth of any Son of God, and you have asked it of me."
T10H17 "And because of this, they will ask for truth again, when they are frightened."
T10H18 "Would you not exchange your fears for truth if the exchange is yours for the asking?"
T10H18 "But you can learn the truth of yourself of the Holy Spirit, Who will teach you that, as part of God, deceit in YOU is impossible."
T11A1 "But TRUTH is real in its OWN right, and to believe in truth, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING."
T11A1 "To interpret error is to GIVE IT POWER, and, having done this, you WILL overlook truth."
T11B3 "No-one with a personal investment is a reliable witness, for truth for him has become what he WANTS it to be."
T11B6 "For you will recognize God's answer as you want it to be, and if you want it in truth, it will be truly yours."
T11B7 "The Holy Spirit must still TRANSLATE it into truth."
T11C3 "The Holy Spirit's interpretation of fear DOES dispel it, for the AWARENESS of truth cannot BE denied."
T11C3 "Thus does the Holy Spirit replace fear with love, and translate error into truth."
T11C4 "Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth."
T11C4 "If they knew the truth about themselves, they could not be sick."
T11C4 "The task of the miracle-worker thus becomes to DENY THE DENIAL OF TRUTH."
T11C4 "The sick must heal THEMSELVES, for the truth is IN them."
T11C9 "Look as calmly as you can upon hatred, for if we are to deny the denial of truth, we must first RECOGNIZE what we are denying."
T11C15 "To deny the denial of perfection is not so difficult as the denial of truth."
T11D12 "Bring your perceptions of the world to this altar, for it is the altar to truth."
T11H13 "When you look within and see me, it will be because you have decided to manifest truth."
T11I4 "For what you have made invisible is the only truth, and what you have not heard is the only answer."
T11I6 "You have made the INvisible the only truth that this world holds."
T11I7 "Yet it does not matter how much distance you have tried to interpose between your awareness and Truth."
T11J13 "Accepting the guiltlessness of the Son of God AS YOURS is therefore God's way of reminding you of His Son, and what he is in truth."
T12B2 "And it is this secret that we must look upon calmly, for the ego cannot protect you AGAINST truth, and in ITS presence the ego is dispelled."
T12B3 "In the calm light of truth, let us recognize that YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE CRUCIFIED GOD'S SON."
T12B6 "For you believe that, in the presence of truth, you will turn on yourself and DESTROY yourself."
T12C9 "You will find this place of truth as you see it in your brothers, for though they may deceive themselves, like you they long for the grandeur that is in them."
T12E12 "And WITH this vision of the truth in THEM, came all the beauty of the world to shine upon them."
T12F5 "Let no dark cloud out of YOUR past obscure him from you, for truth lies ONLY in the present, and you WILL find it if you seek it there."
T12F7 "And THEY will not deny the truth in you, because you looked for it in them, and FOUND it there."
T12F12 "Awaking unto Christ is following the laws of love OF YOUR FREE WILL, and out of quiet recognition of the truth in them."
T13C6 "See no-one, then, as guilty, and you will affirm the truth of guiltlessness UNTO YOURSELF."
T13C8 "He knows Himself, and knows the truth IN YOU."
T13D8 "Fear not to look upon the lovely truth in you."
T13E4 "Truth comes of its OWN will, unto its own."
T13E4 "When you have learned that you BELONG to truth, it will flow lightly over you, without a difference of ANY kind."
T13E8 "The Holy Spirit CANNOT fail to undo FOR you everything that you have learned, that teaches you what is NOT true must be RECONCILED with truth."
T13E9 "It is this reconciliation with truth, and ONLY truth, in which the peace of Heaven lies."
T13F1 "Let us now turn AWAY from them, and follow the simple logic, by which the Holy Spirit teaches you the simple conclusions that speak for truth, and ONLY truth."
T13F3 "INDIRECT proof of truth is needed in a world made of denial, and without direction."
T13F3 "And if you have and give and are EVERYTHING, and ALL THIS HAS BEEN DENIED, your thought system is closed off, and wholly separated from the truth."
T13F4 "And it is THESE, and NOT the truth, that he has chosen to defend and love."
T13F6 "His MESSAGE is not indirect, but He must introduce the simple truth into a thought-system which has become so twisted and so complex, that you CANNOT SEE that it means nothing."
T13G2 "The Holy Spirit, SEEING where you are, but KNOWING you are elsewhere, begins His lesson in simplicity with the fundamental teaching that TRUTH IS TRUE."
T13G3 "Nothing is so alien to you as the simple truth and nothing are you LESS inclined to listen to."
T13G4 "To these unhappy learners, who would teach themselves nothing, and delude themselves into believing that it is NOT nothing, the Holy Spirit says, with steadfast quietness, "The truth is true."
T13G4 "You will find NO deception there, but only the simple Truth."
T13G5 "Like you, the Holy Spirit did NOT make truth."
T13G5 "He brings the LIGHT of truth into the darkness, and LETS it shine on you."
T13G6 "When you teach ANYONE that truth is true, YOU LEARN IT WITH HIM."
T13G7 "And THEN begin to learn the joyous lessons that come quickly, on the firm foundation that truth is true."
T13G7 "For what is builded there IS true, and BUILT on truth."
T13G7 "With truth before you, you will not look back."
T13G8 "For truth IS true."
T13G9 "The quietness of its simplicity is so compelling, that you will realize IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY THE SIMPLE TRUTH."
T13H4 "What you can decide BETWEEN is fixed, because there are no alternatives, EXCEPT truth and illusion."
T13H11 "Would you deny the truth of GOD'S decision, and place your pitiful appraisal of yourself, in place of His calm and unswerving value of His Son?"
T13I1 "Grant it to him, and you will see the truth of what you have acknowledged."
T13I1 "Yet truth is offered FIRST, to be received, even as God gave it first to His Son."
T13I3 "When you have let all that has obscured the truth in your most holy mind be undone for you, and stand in grace before your Father, He will give Himself to you, as He has ALWAYS done."
T13I6 "Give up this frantic and insane attempt, which cheats you of the joy of living with your God and Father, and awaking gladly to His Love and Holiness, which join together as truth in YOU, making you One with Him."
T14C4 "The light of guiltlessness shines guilt away because, when they are BROUGHT TOGETHER, the truth of one MUST make the falsity of its OPPOSITE perfectly clear."
T14D1 "In union, everything that is not real MUST disappear, for truth IS union."
T14D1 "But the perception must be without deceit, for otherwise, it becomes the messenger of ignorance, rather than a helper in the search for truth."
T14D2 "The search for truth is but the honest searching out of everything that INTERFERES with truth."
T14D2 "Under each cornerstone of fear, on which you have erected your insane system of belief, THE TRUTH LIES HIDDEN."
T14D2 "Yet you cannot know this, for, by HIDING truth in fear, you see no reason to believe the more you LOOK at fear, the LESS you see it, and the clearer WHAT IT CONCEALS becomes."
T14D5 "Truth does not struggle AGAINST ignorance, and love does not ATTACK fear."
T14D6 "The Holy Spirit uses defenses ON BEHALF of truth, only because you made them AGAINST it."
T14D13 "God's glory and His Son's BELONG to you in truth."
T14D14 "There is no substitute for truth."
T14D14 "And truth will make this plain to you, as you are brought into the place where you must MEET with truth."
T14D14 "Such IS the truth."
T14E1 "The bringing together of truth and illusion, OF THE EGO AND GOD, is the Holy Spirit's only function."
T14E1 "Thus, truth was made past, and the present was dedicated to illusion."
T14E2 "Bringing the ego to God, is but to bring error to truth, where it stands corrected, because it is the OPPOSITE of what it meets, and is undone because the CONTRADICTION can no longer stand."
T14E3 "Merely by BEING WHAT IT IS, does truth release you from everything that it is NOT."
T14E8 "God is no image, and His creations, as part of Him, hold Him in them in truth."
T14E8 "They do not merely REFLECT the truth, for THEY ARE truth."
T14F2 "For the REFLECTION of truth draws everyone TO truth."
T14F2 "By sharing its reflection HERE, its truth becomes the only perception which the Son of God accepts."
T14F10 "But when two or more JOIN TOGETHER in searching for truth, the ego can no longer defend its lack of content."
T14G1 "For power is not seeming strength, and truth is beyond a semblance of any kind."
T14G4 "You who have not yet brought ALL of the darkness you have taught yourselves unto the light in you, can hardly judge the truth and value of this course."
T14G5 "But to accomplish this, all your dark lessons MUST be brought willingly to truth, and joyously laid down, by hands open to receive, not closed to take."
T15C2 "Truth is so far beyond time, that ALL of it happens at once."
T15E6 "The reason why this course is simple, is that TRUTH is simple."
T15F4 "In His function as Interpreter of what you have made, the Holy Spirit USES special relationships, which YOU have chosen to support the ego, as a learning experience which points to truth."
T15G8 "For communication is remembered TOGETHER, as is truth."
T15I1 "He must side with EVERY sign or token of your willingness to learn of Him what truth MUST be."
T15I13 "The reality of THIS relationship becomes the only truth that you could ever WANT."
T15I13 "ALL Truth IS here."
T16B5 "This is NOT the way, for it leads not to light and truth."
T16C2 "There is a tendency to fragment, and then to be concerned about the truth of just a little PART of the whole."
T16C6 "Honor the truth that has been given you, and be glad you do NOT understand it."
T16C6 "NO evidence will convince you of the truth of what you do NOT want."
T16C7 "What gain is there to you in clinging to it, and denying the evidence for truth?"
T16C7 "For you have come too near to truth to renounce it now, and you WILL yield to its compelling attraction."
T16C10 "This year, invest in truth, and let it work in peace."
T16D2 "But remember how much care you have exerted in choosing its witnesses, and in AVOIDING those who spoke for the Cause of truth, and ITS effects."
T16D4 "It must be this that is REALLY outside yourself, NOT by your own projection, BUT IN TRUTH."
T16D4 "And the seeming conflict between truth and illusion can ONLY be resolved by SEPARATING YOURSELF FROM THE ILLUSION, and NOT from truth."
T16E5 "There IS no conflict in the choice between truth and illusion."
T16E7 "Recognize this, for it is true, and truth MUST be recognized, if it is to be distinguished from illusion: the special love relationship is an attempt TO BRING LOVE INTO SEPARATION."
T16E7 "You have come very close to truth."
T16E8 "The special love relationship is but a shabby substitute for what makes you whole IN TRUTH, NOT in illusion."
T16E10 "For fantasies ARE the veil behind which truth is hidden."
T16E10 "To lift the veil, which seems so dark and heavy, it is only needful to VALUE truth beyond ALL fantasy, and to be entirely UNwilling to settle for illusion IN PLACE of truth."
T16E11 "For your completion lies in truth, and NOWHERE ELSE."
T16E12 "Your Father can no more forget the truth in you, than you can fail to remember it."
T16E12 "Turn with me firmly away from ALL illusion NOW, and let nothing stand in the way of truth."
T16E12 "We will take the last foolish journey AWAY FROM truth together."
T16E13 "The way to Truth is open."
T16F11 "For so fearful has the truth become that, UNLESS it is weak, and little, and unworthy of value, you would not dare to look upon it."
T16F11 "You think it safer to endow the little self which YOU have made, with power you WRESTED FROM truth, triumphing over it, and leaving IT helpless."
T16F14 "And, to the same extent, you are DENYING truth, and so are making YOURSELF unable to make the simple choice between truth and illusion, fantasy and God."
T16F15 "Its whole thought-system is a carefully-contrived learning experience, designed to lead AWAY from truth, and into fantasy."
T16F16 "The decision whether or not to listen to this course and follow it, is but the choice between truth and illusion."
T16F16 "For here IS truth, SEPARATED from illusion, and NOT confused with it at all."
T16G9 "See no illusion of truth and beauty there."
T16G9 "And be you thankful that there IS a place where truth and beauty wait for you."
T16H6 "We said before that the Holy Spirit must teach through comparisons, and uses opposites to point to truth."
T16H6 "Everything is gone, EXCEPT THE TRUTH."
T16H7 "For a time, you may attempt to bring illusions INTO the holy instant, to hinder your full awareness of the COMPLETE DIFFERENCE, in ALL respects, between your EXPERIENCE of truth and illusion."
T16H10 "Remember that you ALWAYS choose between truth and illusion, between the REAL Atonement that would heal, and the ego's "atonement," that would destroy."
T16H11 "The truth lies here, AND NOWHERE ELSE."
T17A2 "What you use in fantasy, you DENY to truth."
T17A2 "But what you GIVE to truth, to use FOR you, is SAFE from fantasy."
T17B1 "When you maintain that there MUST be order of difficulty in miracles, all you mean is that there are some things you would WITHHOLD from truth."
T17B1 "You believe that truth cannot deal with them, ONLY because YOU would keep them FROM truth."
T17B2 "And so you learn to deal with PART of truth in one way, and in ANOTHER way the OTHER part."
T17B2 "To FRAGMENT truth is to DESTROY it by rendering it meaningless."
T17B2 "Think you that you can bring truth to fantasy, and learn what truth MEANS from the perspective of illusions?"
T17B3 "Truth HAS no meaning in illusion."
T17B3 "When you try to bring TRUTH to illusions, you are trying to MAKE THEM REAL, and KEEP them by JUSTIFYING your belief in them."
T17B3 "But to give illusions to Truth is to enable truth to teach that the ILLUSIONS are unreal, and thus enable you to ESCAPE from them."
T17B3 "Reserve not one idea aside from truth, or you ESTABLISH orders of reality which MUST imprison you."
T17B4 "Be willing, then, to give ALL you have held OUTSIDE the truth to Him Who KNOWS the truth, and in Whom all is brought to truth."
T17B4 "And you are holding BOTH of you AWAY from truth, and from salvation."
T17B4 "As you FORGIVE him, you RESTORE to truth what was denied by BOTH OF YOU."
T17C2 "Nothing is hidden here, for everything has BEEN forgiven, and there ARE no fantasies to hide the truth."
T17D3 "WITHOUT EXCEPTION, these relationships have, AS THEIR PURPOSE, the EXCLUSION of the truth about the other, AND OF YOURSELF."
T17D11 "And what is thus let go, is all the truth the past could ever OFFER to the present, as witnesses for ITS reality, while what is KEPT, but witnesses to the reality of dreams."
T17D12 "It is still up to you to choose to be willing to join with truth or illusion."
T17D12 "The spark of beauty, or the veil of ugliness; the real world, or the world of guilt and fear; truth or illusion; freedom or slavery, - it is all the same."
T17D13 "This is the truth that I would interpose, between you and your goal of madness."
T17E3 "You have VERY REAL relationships, even in this world, which you do not recognize, simply because you have raised their SUBSTITUTES to such predominance that, when truth calls to you, as it does constantly, YOU ANSWER WITH A SUBSTITUTE."
T17E3 "Every special relationship which you have ever undertaken has, as its fundamental purpose, the aim of occupying your minds so completely that YOU WILL NOT HEAR the call of truth."
T17E4 "This Blessing holds, WITHIN ITSELF, the truth about everything."
T17E4 "And the truth is that the Holy Spirit IS in close relationship with you, because, in Him, is your relationship with God restored to you."
T17E10 "That is why the holy instant is so important in the defense of truth."
T17E10 "The truth itself NEEDS no defense, but YOU DO need defense against your own ACCEPTANCE of the gift of death."
T17E10 "When you who ARE truth, accept an idea so DANGEROUS to truth, YOU THREATEN TRUTH WITH DESTRUCTION."
T17E10 "And YOUR defense must now be undertaken, TO KEEP TRUTH WHOLE."
T17F14 "You stand together in the holy Presence of Truth Itself."
T17G4 "It is quite noticeable that THIS approach has brought you closer to the Holy Spirit's SORTING OUT of truth and falsity."
T17G5 "The goal of truth has further practical advantages."
T17G5 "If the situation is used for truth and sanity, its outcome MUST be peace."
T17G5 "For if peace is the CONDITION of truth and sanity, and CANNOT be WITHOUT them, where peace is, they MUST be."
T17G5 "Truth comes of itself."
T17G5 "If you experience PEACE, it is because the truth HAS come to you."
T17G6 "The goal of truth REQUIRES FAITH."
T17G6 "Where the goal of truth is set, there faith MUST be."
T17G7 "Except that this attempt CONFLICTS WITH UNITY, and MUST obscure the goal of truth."
T17G7 "Truth has NOT come, because faith has been DENIED, being WITHHELD from where it rightfully belonged."
T17G7 "Thus do you LOSE the understanding of the situation the goal of truth would bring."
T17G7 "For fantasy solutions bring but the ILLUSION of experience, and the illusion of peace is NOT the condition in which the truth can enter."
T17H1 "But if the goal is TRUTH, this is impossible."
T17H2 "Faithlessness brought to faith, will never interfere with truth."
T17H2 "But faithlessness used AGAINST truth will ALWAYS destroy faith."
T17H4 "The GOAL of illusion is as closely tied to faithlessness, as faith to truth."
T17H4 "If you lack faith in ANYONE to fulfill, AND PERFECTLY, his part in ANY situation dedicated IN ADVANCE to truth, YOUR dedication is divided."
T17H6 "What never was is causeless, and IS NOT THERE to interfere with truth."
T17H7 "The light of truth shines from the center of the situation, and touches everyone to whom the situation's purpose calls."
T17H8 "And you will see the means you once employed to lead you to illusions, transformed to means for truth."
T17H8 "Truth calls for faith, and faith makes room FOR TRUTH."
T17H8 "You whose relationship SHARES the Holy Spirit's goal, are SET APART from loneliness, because the truth has come."
T17I1 "It calls forth just the same SUSPENSION of faithlessness, withheld and left UNUSED, that faith might answer to the call of truth."
T17I2 "Let Truth be what it is."
T17I2 "Not even faith is asked of you, for Truth asks nothing."
T17I3 "The strain of REFUSING faith to truth is enormous, and far greater than you realize."
T17I3 "But to ANSWER truth with faith entails no strain at all."
T17I4 "And it was nothing but the intolerable strain of your refusal to give faith to truth, and see its evident reality."
T17I6 "When you accepted truth as the goal for your relationship, you became givers of peace, as surely as your Father gave peace to YOU."
T18B1 "That ONE error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time, and life to death, was all you ever made."
T18B3 "The world arose to hide it, and became the screen on which it was projected, and drawn between you and truth."
T18B3 "For truth extends INWARD, where the idea of loss is meaningless, and only INCREASE is conceivable."
T18B3 "For truth brought to THIS could only remain within in quiet, and take no part in all the mad projection by which this world was made."
T18B4 "You but BELIEVE it is the other way; that truth is OUTSIDE, and error and guilt within."
T18B6 "The Holy Spirit takes you gently by the hand, and retraces WITH you your mad journey OUTSIDE yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within."
T18B6 "He brings all your insane projections and your wild substitutions which YOU have placed OUTSIDE you, to the truth."
T18B6 "In your relationship where He has taken charge of everything at your request, He has set the course inward, to the truth you SHARE."
T18B7 "Here is holy ground, in which no substitutes can enter, and where only the TRUTH about each other can abide."
T18B7 "Here is the radiant truth, to which the Holy Spirit submitted your relationship."
T18B8 "You are so firmly joined in truth, that only God is there."
T18B9 "Heaven has answered quietly, for all illusions have been gently brought unto the truth in you, and Love has shined upon you, blessing your relationship with truth."
T18B9 "How lovely and how holy is your relationship, with the truth shining upon it!"
T18C2 "They are the best example you could have of how perception can be utilized to substitute illusions for truth."
T18C10 "Your relationship has become one in which the wish has been REMOVED, because its purpose has been changed from one of dreams to one of truth."
T18C10 "You are so used to choosing between dreams, you do not see that you have made, at last, the choice between the truth and ALL ILLUSIONS."
T18C11 "Its coming means that you have chosen truth, and it has come, because you have been willing to let your special relationship meet its conditions."
T18C11 "For, as your sleeping and your waking dreams represent the same wishes in YOUR mind, so do the real world and the truth of Heaven join in the Will of God."
T18D1 "You who have spent your lives in bringing truth to illusion, reality to fantasy, HAVE walked the way of dreams."
T18D1 "And you sought a blackness so complete that you could hide from truth forever, in complete insanity."
T18D2 "As the light comes nearer, you WILL rush to darkness, shrinking from the truth, sometimes retreating to the lesser forms of fear, and sometimes to stark terror."
T18D2 "But you WILL advance, because your goal IS the advance from fear to truth."
T18D2 "Truth has rushed to meet you, since YOU called upon it."
T18D6 "YOU WILL NOT SEPARATE for I stand with you, and walk with you in your advance to truth."
T18E8 "You are still convinced YOUR understanding is a powerful contribution to the truth, and MAKES IT WHAT IT IS."
T18F1 "If you already UNDERSTOOD the difference between truth and illusion, Atonement would HAVE no meaning."
T19A1 "We said before that, when a situation has been dedicated WHOLLY to truth, peace is inevitable."
T19A1 "But we also said that peace without faith will NEVER be attained, for what is WHOLLY dedicated to truth as its ONLY goal is BROUGHT to truth by faith."
T19B1 "The body thus becomes the instrument of illusion, acting accordingly, seeing what is not there, HEARING what truth has never said, and BEHAVING INSANELY, being imprisoned BY insanity."
T19B2 "And the body WILL seem to be sick, for you have made of it an "enemy" of healing, and the OPPOSITE of truth."
T19B3 "Faithlessness is wholly dedicated to illusions; faith wholly to truth."
T19B4 "Truth is the ABSENCE of illusion; illusion the ABSENCE of truth."
T19B5 "They ARE together, and when they are SEEN together, ALL attempts to KEEP both truth AND illusion in the mind, where both MUST be, are recognized as DEDICATION TO ILLUSION."
T19B5 "And GIVEN UP when BROUGHT to truth, and seen as totally UNRECONCILABLE with truth, in ANY aspect, or in any WAY."
T19B6 "Truth and illusion HAVE no connection."
T19B6 "But ILLUSIONS are ALWAYS connected, AS IS TRUTH."
T19B7 "For this concealment SEEMS to keep your identification safe from the "attack" of truth."
T19B14 "For faith brings peace, and so it calls on truth to enter and make lovely, what has already BEEN prepared for loveliness."
T19B14 "Truth FOLLOWS faith and peace, completing the process of making lovely that they begin."
T19B14 "*But Truth will stay forever."
T19C4 "A MAJOR tenet in the ego's insane religion is that sin is NOT error, but TRUTH."
T19C4 "Or is it rather an attempt to wrest creation AWAY from truth, and keep it separate?"
T19C7 "If this is a MISTAKE, it can be undone easily by truth."
T19C7 "ANY mistake can be corrected, if TRUTH be left to judge it."
T19C7 "But, if the mistake is given the STATUS of truth, to what CAN it be brought?"
T19C7 "As TRUTH, it IS inviolate, and everything is brought to IT for judgment."
T19C7 "As a MISTAKE, IT must be brought to truth."
T19C8 "For this IS its reality; this is the "truth," from which escape will ALWAYS be impossible."
T19E7 "And in the goal of truth, which YOU ACCEPTED, must ALL illusions end."
T19E10 "How mighty can a little feather be, before the great wings of truth?"
T19F1 "It is the NATURE of love to look upon ONLY the truth, for there it sees itself, with which it would unite in holy union and completion."
T19G7 "From your holy relationship, Truth proclaims the truth, and Love looks on itself."
T19J5 "For death is seen as SAFETY, the great dark savior from the light of truth, the answer to the Answer, the silencer of the Voice that speaks for God."
T19J10 "And they may thus mean everything or nothing, according to the truth or falsity of the IDEA which they reflect."
T19L1 "IT would not have you see its weakness and learn it has NO power to KEEP you from the truth."
T20A1 "This is Palm Sunday, the celebration of victory, and the ACCEPTANCE of the truth."
T20B1 "Let no dark signs of crucifixion intervene between the journey and its purpose; between the ACCEPTANCE of the truth and its EXPRESSION."
T20D1 "Who need adjust to truth, which calls upon only what he IS, to understand?"
T20D3 "The holy do not interfere with truth."
T20D7 "There IS a stranger in him, who wandered carelessly into the home of Truth, and who will wander off."
T20D8 "This one wild thought, fierce in its arrogance and yet so tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through the universe of truth, becomes your guide."
T20D8 "And ADJUST to it as if it were the truth?"
T20G10 "Its firm foundation is eternally upheld by truth, and love shines on it with the gentle smile and tender blessing it offers to its own."
T20H4 "And BOTH must be undone, for purposes of truth."
T20H6 "Here are illusions NEVER brought to truth, and ALWAYS hidden from it."
T20I2 "Truth is restored to you through your desire, as it was lost to you through your desire for something ELSE."
T20I5 "Why would you rather look on IT, than on the truth?"
T21C5 "Be willing, then, to have it taken FROM him, and be replaced with truth."
T21C8 "All that is asked of you is to MAKE ROOM for truth."
T21C13 "Yet the truth is you were both created by a loving Father, Who created you together and as one."
T21D2 "If you ACCEPT this change, you have accepted the IDEA of making room for truth."
T21E3 "A holy relationship is one in which you join with what IS part of you in TRUTH."
T21F10 "Faith and perception and belief can be misplaced, and serve the great deceiver's needs, as well as truth."
T21G6 "How can a fact be fearful, unless it DISAGREES with what you hold more dear than truth?"
T21G7 "For reason, kind as is the purpose for which it is the means, leads steadily AWAY from madness, toward the goal of truth."
T21G8 "And here you will lay down the burden of DENYING truth."
T21G8 "THIS is the burden that is terrible, and NOT the truth."
T21H6 "And do I WANT to see what I denied, BECAUSE it is the truth?""
T21H7 "And this imagined difference attests to your belief that TRUTH may be the enemy you yet may find."
T21H8 "Forget not that the choice of truth or sin, power or helplessness, IS the choice of whether to attack or HEAL."
T21H10 "But truth is CONSTANT, and implies a state where vacillations are impossible."
T21I1 "Yet he did NOT desire it BECAUSE it was the truth, and therefore MUST be constant."
T22A4 "He denies NOT his own reality BECAUSE it is the truth."
T22B6 "And what YOUR sight will show you, you will understand BECAUSE it is the truth."
T22B10 "Such did his reason tell him; such he believed BECAUSE it is the truth."
T22B11 "And truth came instantly to show you where your self MUST be."
T22B11 "It is denial of ILLUSIONS that calls on truth."
T22C1 "The OPPOSITE of illusions is not disillusionment, but truth."
T22C1 "Only to the ego, to which TRUTH is meaningless, do they APPEAR to be the only alternatives, and DIFFERENT from each other."
T22C1 "In truth, they are the SAME."
T22C1 "Yet, in these dark and heavy garments, are those who SEEK illusions covered, and hidden from the joy of truth."
T22C1 "Truth is the opposite of illusions, BECAUSE it offers joy."
T22C3 "Yet, if the change be real and not IMAGINED, illusions MUST give way to truth, and not to other dreams which are but equally unreal."
T22C4 "Truth is the same and misery the same, but they ARE different from each other."
T22C4 "ONE illusion, cherished and defended AGAINST the truth, makes ALL truth meaningless and ALL illusions real."
T22C10 "Is it not welcome news to hear NOT ONE of the illusions that you made REPLACED the truth?"
T22C11 "And would you not exchange, in gratitude and gladness, the function of an executioner YOU gave him, for the one he has in truth?"
T22D5 "To this distorted form of vision, the OUTSIDE of everything, the wall that stands between you and the truth, is wholly true."
T22D7 "And must perceive illusions AS THE TRUTH."
T22D7 "Could it, then, RECOGNIZE the truth?"
T22E8 "This veil you lift together opens the way to truth to more than you."
T22F1 "And how CAN it be difficult to walk the way of truth, when only WEAKNESS interferes?"
T22F2 "ALWAYS to justify what GOES AGAINST the truth, flies in the face of reason, AND MAKES NO SENSE."
T22F2 "What can this be, except an invitation to insanity, to save you FROM the truth?"
T22F3 "In truth, you stand together, with NOTHING in between."
T22F5 "This force IS irresistible in truth."
T22F6 "And not one that truth can NOT pass over lightly, and so easily that you MUST be convinced, in spite of what you THOUGHT it was, that it was nothing."
T22G15 "And therefore it is necessary that you have OTHER experiences, more in line with truth, to teach you what IS natural and true."
T22G17 "Let TRUTH decide if you be different or the same, and TEACH you which is true."
T23A3 "Nothing they see is harmful, for their AWARENESS of the truth releases everything from the illusion of harmfulness."
T23A4 "Think what a happy world you walk, with truth beside you!"
T23B5 "But truth can never be forgotten by ITSELF."
T23B6 "There IS no conflict between them and the TRUTH."
T23B6 "Illusions CANNOT triumph over truth, nor can they threaten it in any way."
T23B7 "Truth does not fight against illusion, nor do illusions fight against the truth."
T23B7 "But truth is indivisible, and FAR beyond their little reach."
T23B7 "And truth stands radiant, APART from conflict, untouched and quiet, in the peace of God."
T23B12 "Illusion meets illusion; truth, itself."
T23C1 "Yet they APPEAR to constitute an obstacle to reason and to truth."
T23C1 "It IS essential it be understood what they are FOR, because it is their PURPOSE to make meaningless, and to ATTACK the truth."
T23C2 "The first chaotic law is that the truth is different for everyone."
T23C3 "For this establishes degrees of TRUTH among illusions, making it appear that some are HARDER to be overcome than others."
T23C3 "When brought to truth, instead of TO EACH OTHER, they merely disappear."
T23C3 "No PART of nothing CAN be more resistant to the truth than can another."
T23C6 "It is not seen as even necessary that He be asked about the truth of what has been established for His belief."
T23C15 "It is the FUNCTION of insanity to TAKE THE PLACE of truth."
T23C15 "It must be seen AS truth, to be believed."
T23C15 "And, if it IS the truth, then must its opposite, which was the truth before, be madness now."
T23C17 "In truth, it does NOT function, yet in dreams, where ONLY shadows play the major roles, it seems most powerful."
T23C22 "Each is a different form in the progression of truth's reversal, leading still deeper into terror, and AWAY from truth."
T23E2 "EVERY illusion is an assault on truth."
T23E2 "And every one does violence to the IDEA of love, because it SEEMS to be of equal truth."
T23E2 "What can be EQUAL to the truth, yet different?"
T23E6 "How can the truth of miracles be RECOGNIZED, if murder is your choice?"
T24A2 "The truth arises from what He knows."
T24B9 "Those who are special MUST defend illusions against the truth."
T24C2 "To value specialness is to esteem an alien will, to which illusions of yourself ARE dearer than the truth."
T24C3 "They chose their specialness INSTEAD of Heaven and INSTEAD of peace, and wrapped it carefully in sin, to keep it "safe" from truth."
T24C4 "If you think you are, and would defend your specialness against the truth of what you REALLY are, how can you know the truth?"
T24C5 "To every special one a DIFFERENT message, and one with DIFFERENT meaning, is the truth."
T24C5 "Yet how CAN truth be different to each one?"
T24C6 "And all the world he made, and all his specialness, and all the sins he held in its defense AGAINST himself, will vanish as his mind accepts the truth about himself, as it returns to take their place."
T24C6 "This is the only "cost" of truth."
T24C7 "Nor will you CHANGE his function, any more than you can change the truth in him and in yourself."
T24C7 "But be you certain that the truth is just the same in both."
T24C7 "What is one IS joined in truth."
T24C9 "Here, in this holy place, does truth stand waiting to receive you both in silent blessing, and in peace so real and so encompassing that NOTHING stands outside."
T24C11 "And ONLY specialness could make the truth of God and you AS One seem anything BUT Heaven."
T24C13 "Here are the gates of hell you closed upon yourself, to rule in madness and in loneliness your special kingdom, APART from God, AWAY from truth and from salvation."
T24D3 "Truth is not frail."
T24D3 "But specialness is NOT the truth in you."
T24E4 "This shift in purpose DOES "endanger" specialness, but only in the sense that all illusions are "threatened" by the truth."
T24E5 "Your brother's "sins" would justify itself, and GIVE it meaning that the truth denies."
T24F3 "The Christ in you looks ONLY on the truth, and sees no condemnation that could NEED forgiveness."
T24G5 "Let not his specialness obscure the truth in him, for not one law of death you bind him to will YOU escape."
T24G7 "Yet will you choose in countless situations, and through time which seems to have no end, until the truth be your decision."
T24G7 "And where is God Himself but in that part of Him He set forever in your brother's holiness, that YOU might see the truth about yourself set forth at last in terms you recognized and understood?"
T24G11 "And all this grim determination was for this: YOU WANTED SPECIALNESS TO BE THE TRUTH."
T24G12 "Yet, to the dedication to the truth as GOD established it, NO sacrifice is asked, NO strain called forth, and all the power of Heaven and the might of truth itself is given to provide the means, and GUARANTEE the goal's accomplishment."
T24H3 "Seek not to make your specialness the truth, for, if it were, you would be lost indeed."
T24H3 "Be thankful, rather, it is given you to see his holiness BECAUSE it is the truth."
T24H4 "Weave rather, then, a frame of holiness around him, that the truth may shine in him, and give YOU safety from decay."
T24H5 "Whatever is perceived as means for truth SHARES in its holiness, and rests in light as safely as Itself."
T24H11 "For, as His Son's creation gave HIM joy, and witness to HIS Love and shared HIS Purpose, so does the body testify to the idea that made it, and speak for ITS reality and truth."
T24H12 "And thus does his perception serve his wish, by giving it APPEARANCES of truth."
T25B5 "NOT that it is the truth, but that the link that has been given you to JOIN the truth may reach to you through what you understand."
T25B5 "Father and Son and Holy Spirit are as One, as all your brothers join as one in truth."
T25B7 "And It must use all learning to transfer illusions TO the truth, taking all FALSE ideas of what you are, and leading you BEYOND them to the truth that IS beyond them."
T25D9 "But to FORGIVE it is to change its state from error into truth."
T25E6 "How better could your OWN mistakes be brought to truth than by your willingness to bring the light of Heaven with you, as you walk BEYOND the world of darkness into light?"
T25F1 "And no-one COULD believe in one unless the other were the truth, for each attests the other MUST be true."
T25F4 "If you decide against his proper function, the ONLY one he really has in truth, you are depriving him of all the joy he WOULD have found if he fulfilled the role God gave to him."
T25H4 "And what is madness CANNOT be the truth."
T25H5 "And if he chooses to believe ONE thought OPPOSED to truth, he has decided he is NOT his Father's Son, because the Son is mad, and sanity must lie apart from both the Father AND the Son."
T25H6 "Who could create the changeless, if it does NOT rest on truth?"
T25H7 "But sin is equally insane within the sight of love, whose gentle eyes would look BEYOND the madness, and rest peacefully on truth."
T25H7 "Each sees a world immutable, as each defines the changeless and eternal truth of what YOU are."
T25H13 "And on this single rock of truth can faith in God's eternal saneness rest, in perfect confidence and perfect peace."
T25H14 "And this is sane BECAUSE it is the truth."
T25I7 "Yet justice cannot punish those who ask for punishment, but have a Judge Who knows that they are wholly innocent in truth."
T25J1 "You mean that truth has greater value now than ALL illusions."
T25J1 "And you recognize that truth must be REVEALED to you, because YOU know not what it IS."
T26B3 "What witness to the wholeness of God's Son is seen within a world of separate bodies, however much he witnesses to truth?"
T26B4 "Those who would see the witnesses to truth INSTEAD of to illusion merely ask that they might see a PURPOSE in the world that gives it sense and makes it meaningful."
T26C2 "One mistake is NOT more difficult for Him to bring to truth than is another."
T26D1 "He knows of ONE creation, ONE reality, ONE truth, and but ONE Son."
T26D1 "The truth is simple; it is one, WITHOUT an opposite."
T26D1 "The truth makes NO decisions, for there is nothing to decide BETWEEN."
T26D2 "Here is the meeting place where thoughts are brought TOGETHER; where conflicting values MEET, and ALL illusions are laid down beside the truth, where they are judged to be untrue."
T26D3 "And yet there is a contradiction here, in that the words imply a LIMITED reality, a PARTIAL truth, a SEGMENT of the universe made true."
T26D4 "But what is truth to him must be brought to the last comparison that he will ever make; the last evaluation that will be possible, the final judgment upon this world."
T26D4 "It is the judgment of the truth upon illusion, of knowledge on perception; IT HAS NO MEANING AND DOES NOT EXIST."
T26E4 "Where sin once was perceived will rise a world which will become an altar to the truth."
T26F4 "Each thing you look upon you saw but for an instant, long ago, before its unreality gave way to truth."
T26F7 "Is this a HINDRANCE to the truth the past has gone, and CANNOT be returned to you?"
T26G1 "For who can choose to keep the ones which he prefers, and find the safety that the truth alone can give?"
T26G2 "And what illusion CAN replace the truth?"
T26G3 "And it is he who is your ONLY Friend in truth."
T26H2 "NOT in truth, but in the world of shadows and illusions BUILT on sin."
T26H2 "Yet is truth unchanged."
T26H2 "Brought to truth, its senselessness is quite apparent."
T26H2 "Kept APART from truth, it SEEMS to have a meaning and be real."
T26H2 "Perception's laws are OPPOSITE to truth, and what IS true of knowledge is NOT true of ANYTHING that is apart from it."
T26H4 "Perception's laws must be reversed, because they ARE reversals of the laws of truth."
T26H4 "The laws of truth FOREVER will be true, and cannot BE reversed; yet can be SEEN as upside down."
T26H4 "It is impossible that one illusion be LESS amenable to truth than are the rest."
T26H4 "But it IS possible that some are given greater VALUE, and less willingly OFFERED to truth for healing and for help."
T26H4 "NO illusion has ANY truth in it."
T26H5 "What relevance has preference to the truth?"
T26H5 "And ANY wish that SEEMS to go AGAINST His Will has NO foundation in the truth."
T26H6 "And truth needs NO defense to make it true."
T26H9 "What is forgiveness, but a willingness that truth be true?"
T26H14 "The miracle but calls your ancient name, which you WILL recognize because the truth is in your memory."
T26H17 "And by this little gift of truth but let to be itself; the Son of God allowed to be himself, and all creation freed to call upon the Name of God as one."
T27B3 "IT witnesses to the eternal truth that you can not BE hurt, and points BEYOND itself to both YOUR innocence and HIS."
T27B9 "Then will it send forth the message it received, and by its health and loveliness proclaim the truth and value that it represents."
T27C2 "Forgiveness is NOT pity, which but seeks to pardon what it knows to be the truth."
T27D4 "An empty space that is NOT seen as filled, an unused interval of time NOT seen as spent and fully occupied, become a silent invitation to the truth to enter, and to make Itself at home."
T27D4 "For what you leave as vacant GOD will fill, and where HE is, there MUST the truth abide."
T27D4 "Nothing points BEYOND the truth, and what can stand for MORE than everything?"
T27D5 "Forgiveness is the means by which the truth is represented TEMPORARILY."
T27G3 "You do not MAKE a witness true, because you called him by truth's NAME."
T27G3 "The truth is found in him IF IT IS TRUTH HE REPRESENTS."
T27G7 "And Truth WILL be revealed to you who chose to let Love's symbols TAKE THE PLACE of sin."
T27H6 "What CONCEALS the truth is not where you should look to FIND the truth."
T27H10 "An honest choice could NEVER be perceived as one in which the choice is split between a tiny you and an enormous world, with DIFFERENT dreams about the truth in you."
T27I10 "Whoever takes the role of enemy and of attacker, STILL is this the truth."
T27I11 "Whatever hurt you bring to Him, He will make answer with this very simple truth."
T28A3 "It is an unselective memory, which is NOT used to INTERFERE with truth."
T28B4 "It works hand in hand with all the other attributes with which you sought to keep concealed the truth about yourself."
T28E5 "Your dreams are witnesses to his, and his attest the truth of yours."
T28E5 "But if you see there IS no truth in yours, his dreams will disappear before his eyes, and he will understand what MADE the dream."
T28F3 "What CAN be between illusion and the truth?"
T28F3 "A middle ground, where you can be a thing that is NOT you, MUST be a dream, and CANNOT be the truth."
T28F4 "You have conceived a little gap between illusions and the truth to be the place where all your safety lies, and where your Self is safely hidden by what you have made."
T28F6 "It is not made of little bits of glass, a piece of wood, a thread or two perhaps, and put together to ATTEST its truth."
T28F6 "There IS no gap which separates the truth from dreams and from illusions."
T28F6 "Truth has left no room for them in ANY place or time."
T28H3 "The body can be made a home like this BECAUSE it lacks foundation in the truth."
T29C1 "Why would you not ACCLAIM the truth, instead of looking on it as an enemy?"
T29D2 "Within the dream of bodies and of death, is yet one theme of truth."
T29E1 "Do you believe that truth can be but SOME illusions?"
T29E1 "Their EQUAL lack of truth becomes the basis for the miracle, which MEANS that you have understood that dreams are dreams, and that escape depends, NOT on the dream, but ONLY on awaking."
T29H2 "But it is given you to know the truth, and NOT to seek for it outside yourself."
T29H2 "And therefore, BY his coming, he denies the truth about himself, and seeks for something MORE than everything, as if a part of it were separated off, and found where all the REST of it is NOT."
T29H5 "All idols of this world were made to keep the truth within from being known to you, and to maintain allegiance to the dream that you must find what is OUTSIDE of you to be complete and happy."
T29H8 "But YOU have made of your reality an idol, which you must protect AGAINST the light of truth."
T29I5 "The miracle does not restore the truth, the light the veil between has NOT put out."
T29I5 "It merely LIFTS the veil, and LETS the truth shine unencumbered, being what It is."
T29J1 "Hear, then, your story in the dream you made, and ask yourself if it be not the truth that you believe that it is NOT a dream."
T30D1 "Decide for truth, and everything IS yours."
T30E1 "For the truth behind them is so lovely and so still in loving gentleness, were you AWARE of it, you would forget defensiveness entirely, and rush to its embrace."
T30E1 "The truth could never BE attacked."
T30E5 "And they bring fear BECAUSE they hide the truth."
T30G4 "For it is the truth that you CAN merit neither more nor less than he."
T30G7 "If one appearance must remain APART from healing, one illusion must be part of truth."
T30G7 "And so there cannot be appearances which have replaced the truth about God's Son."
T30G8 "There IS no way to think of him but this, if you would know the truth about yourself: "I thank you, Father, for your perfect Son, And in his glory will I see my own.""
T30G9 "And what is this, except a simple statement of the truth?"
T30G9 "Look on your brother with this hope in you, and you will understand he COULD not make an error that could change the truth in him."
T31A5 "Now does your ancient overlearning stand implacable before the Voice of Truth, and teach you that Its lessons are not true; too hard to learn, too difficult to see, and too opposed to what is REALLY true."
T31A12 "Now is he free to live, as you are free, because an ancient learning passed away, and left a place for truth to be reborn."
T31B1 "It is not VANQUISHED that the truth be known, or fought against to LOSE to truth's appeal."
T31B1 "There IS an ancient battle being waged AGAINST the truth, but truth does not respond."
T31B1 "He HAS no enemy in truth."
T31B1 "Let us review again what seems to stand BETWEEN you and the truth of what you are."
T31B1 "But afterwards, the truth is GIVEN you."
T31B2 "You would ESTABLISH truth."
T31B7 "Nothing will hurt you in this holy place to which you come to listen silently, and learn the truth of what you really want."
T31D6 "The search for DIFFERENT pathways in the world is but the search for different FORMS of truth."
T31D6 "And this would KEEP the truth from being reached."
T31D7 "How utterly OPPOSED to truth is this, when what the lesson's purpose is to teach that what your brother loses YOU have lost, and what he gains is what is given YOU."
T31E6 "They are ideas of idols painted with the brushes of the world, which cannot make a single picture representing truth."
T31E16 "It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound."
T31E16 "Where concepts of the self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is."
T31E16 "When every concept has been raised to doubt and question, and been recognized as made on NO assumptions that would stand the light, then is the truth left free to enter in its sanctuary clean and free of guilt."
T31F4 "It matters not where you believe you are, or what you think the truth about yourself must really be."
T31F5 "You who believe that you can choose to see the Son of God as you would have him be, forget not that no CONCEPT of yourself will stand against the truth of what you are."
T31F5 "Undoing truth would be impossible."
T31F6 "The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as Love Itself."
T31G1 "For it must deal in contrasts, not in truth, which has no opposite and cannot change."
T31G7 "The concept of the self stands like a shield, a silent barricade before the truth, and hides it from your sight."
T31H3 "He would not leave one source of pain unhealed, nor any image left to veil the truth."
T31H5 "For IN that choice are false distinctions gone, illusory alternatives laid by, and nothing left to INTERFERE with truth."
W8L3 "While thoughtless "ideas" preoccupy your mind, the truth is blocked."
W12L5 "If you could accept the world as meaningless and let the truth be written upon it for you, it would make you indescribably happy."
W12L5 "It is this that is meaningless in truth."
W12L5 "The truth upsets you now, but when your words have been erased, you will see His."
W16L2 "Every thought you have contributes to truth or to illusion; either it extends the truth or it multiplies illusions."
W35L3 "By establishing your Source it establishes your identity, and it describes you as you must really be in truth."
W41L5 "How could you, when the truth is hidden deep within, under a heavy cloud of insane thoughts, dense and obscuring, yet representing all you see?"
W43L1 "Therefore, that is its function in truth."
W45L4 "We will deny the world in favor of truth."
W45L6 "Then try to go past all the unreal thoughts which cover the truth in your mind, and reach to the eternal."
W48L1 "In truth there is nothing to fear."
W49L1 "The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not."
W50L4 "It is your acknowledgment of the truth about yourself."
W50L5 "Repeat it, think about it, let related thoughts come to help you recognize its truth, and allow peace to flow over you like a blanket of protection and surety."
W55L1 "I am determined to see the witnesses to the truth in me, rather than those which show me an illusion of myself."
W55L5 "Let me open my mind to its real purpose by withdrawing the one I have given it, and learning the truth about it."
W56L2 "As it is replaced by truth, vision will surely be given me."
W56L3 "While I see the world as I see it now, truth cannot enter my awareness."
W56L4 "Behind every image I have made, the truth remains unchanged."
W56L4 "And we who are part of Him will yet look past all appearances, and recognize the truth beyond them all."
W57L3 "I see everything upside-down, and my thoughts are the opposite of truth."
W58L1 "I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me."
W58L3 "My holiness undoes them all by asserting the truth about me."
W60L4 "I am walking steadily on toward truth."
W61L1 "This, then, is merely a statement of the truth about yourself."
W61L1 "It simply states the truth."
W61L4 "It brings all the images you have made about yourself to the truth, and helps you depart in peace, unburdened and certain of your purpose."
W61L6 "Thus you will awaken with an acknowledgment of the truth about yourself, reinforce it throughout the day, and turn to sleep as you re-affirm your function and your only purpose here."
W62L1 "Through your forgiveness does the truth about yourself return to your memory."
W62L2 "Now you are learning how to remember the truth."
W65L6 " You need not use these exact words, but try to get a sense of being willing to have your illusions of purpose be replaced by truth."
W66L3 "Today we will try to go past this wholly meaningless battle, and arrive at the truth about your function."
W66L3 "We will not indulge the ego by listening to its attacks on truth."
W66L3 "We will merely be glad that we can find out what truth is."
W66L4 "Today's exercises are an attempt to go beyond these differences in appearance, and recognize a common content where it exists in truth."
W66L7 "The other is the home of the Holy Spirit, where truth abides."
W66L10 "You will listen to madness or hear the truth."
W66L11 "All truth stands on the other."
W66L11 "Let us try today to realize that only the truth is true."
W67L1 "We will make every effort today to reach this truth about you, and to realize fully, if only for a moment, that it is the truth."
W67L2 "We will begin by repeating this truth about you, and then spend a few minutes adding some relevant thoughts, such as: "Holiness created me holy" "Kindness created me kind.""
W67L3 "After you have gone over several such related thoughts, try to let all thoughts drop away for a brief preparatory interval, and then try to reach past all your images and preconceptions about yourself to the truth in you."
W67L4 "You may also find that this is not sufficient, and that you need to continue adding other thoughts related to the truth about yourself."
W67L5 "You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible, because your mind is so preoccupied with false self-images."
W67L5 "Hear the truth about yourself in this."
W67L6 "This is the Voice of truth, replacing everything that the ego tells you about yourself with the simple truth about the Son of God."
W72L5 "In trying to present Himself as the Author of life and not of death, He is a liar and a deceiver, full of false promises, and offering illusions in place of truth."
W72L7 "But while it stands at the center of your concept of yourself, you are attacking God's plan for salvation, and holding your grievances against Him and His creations, that you may not hear the Voice of truth and welcome it as Friend."
W72L8 "We have seen ourselves in a body and the truth outside us, locked away from our awareness by the body's limitations."
W72L8 "The light of truth is in us, where it was placed by God."
W72L8 "To recognize the light of truth in us is to recognize ourselves as we are."
W72L11 "We are asking it of truth."
W73L6 "Such is your will in truth."
W76L7 "It is no longer a truth which we would hide."
W76L7 "We realize instead it is a truth which keeps us free forever."
W76L10 "Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today, and hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you."
W77L2 "It is inherent in the truth of what you are."
W77L3 "We ask no more than what belongs to us in truth."
W78L3 "So is the seeing of the world reversed, as we look out toward truth, away from fear."
W78L7 "Then let us ask of Him who knows this Son of God in his reality and truth, that we may look on him a different way, and see our Savior shining in the light of true forgiveness, given unto us."
W80L2 "You have laid deception aside, and seen the light of truth."
W80R24 "Regard these practice periods as dedications to the way, the truth, and the life."
W88L2 "That is why I always choose between truth and illusion; between what is there and what is not."
W89L5 "By this idea do I express my willingness to have all my illusions be replaced with truth, according to God's plan for my salvation."
W91L6 "The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake concealed."
W92L4 "Strength is the truth about you; weakness is an idol falsely worshipped, and adored that strength may be dispelled, and darkness rule where God appointed that there should be light."
W92L5 "Strength comes from truth, and shines with light its Source has given it; weakness reflects the darkness of its maker."
W92L5 "Truth is a savior, and can only will for happiness and peace for everyone."
W92L9 "Leave, then, the dark a little while today, and we will practice seeing in the light, closing the body's eyes, and asking truth to show us how to find the meeting place of self and Self, where light and strength are one."
W93L1 "You think if anyone could see the truth about you he would be repelled, recoiling from you as if from a poisonous snake."
W93L7 "Whatever mistakes you made, the truth about you is unchanged."
W93L8 "In our longer exercise periods today, which would be most profitable if done for the first five minutes of every waking hour, we will begin by stating the truth about our creation: "Light and joy and peace abide in me."
W93L10 "Then try to devote at least a minute or so to closing your eyes and realizing that this is a statement of the truth about you."
W94L3 "Today we will again devote the first five minutes of each waking hour to the attempt to feel the truth in you."
W94L4 "Nothing is required of you to reach this goal except to lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the long list of attributes, both "good" and "bad," you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in silent expectancy for the truth."
W95L10 "It is this process which must be laid aside, for it is but another way in which you would defend illusions against the truth."
W95L11 "This is the truth, and nothing else is true."
W95L11 "Today we will affirm this truth again, and try to reach the place in you in which there is no doubt that only this is true."
W95L13 "You are One Self, complete and healed and whole, with power to lift the veil of darkness from the world, and let the light in you come through to teach the world the truth about itself."
W95L14 "You are One Self, and it is given you to feel this Self within you, and to cast all your illusions out of the One Mind Which is this Self, the holy truth in you."
W95L16 "Repeat today's idea as frequently as possible, and understand each time you do so, someone hears the voice of hope, the stirring of the truth within his mind, the gentle rustling of the wings of peace."
W96L2 "The fact that truth and illusion cannot be reconciled no matter how you try, what means you use and where you see the problem, must be accepted if you would be saved."
W96L6 "What could the resolution mean in truth?"
W97L1 "It simply states the truth."
W97L1 "Practice this truth today as often as you can, for it will bring your mind from conflict to the quiet fields of peace."
W97L2 "We state again the truth about your Self, the holy Son of God Who rests in you; Whose mind has been restored to sanity."
W97L5 "Give Him the minutes which He needs today to help you understand with Him you are the Spirit that abides in Him, and Which calls through His Voice to every living thing; offers His sight to everyone who asks; replaces errors with the simple truth."
W98L1 "We side with the truth and let illusions go."
W98L1 "We dedicate ourselves to truth today, and to salvation as God planned it be."
W99L2 "Truth and illusions both are equal now, for both have happened."
W99L2 "Salvation is the borderland between truth and illusion."
W99L2 "It reflects the truth because it is the means by which you can escape illusions."
W99L2 "Yet it is not truth because it undoes what was never done."
W99L4 "What plan could hold the truth inviolate, yet recognize the need illusions bring, and offer means by which they are undone without attack, and with no touch of pain?"
W99L6 "This is the Thought Which brings illusions to the truth, and sees them as appearances behind which is the changeless and the sure."
W99L11 "Forgive all thoughts which would oppose the truth of your completeness, unity and peace."
W99L12 "If you are tempted to believe them true, remember that appearances can not withstand the truth these mighty words contain: "Salvation is my only function here."
W101L8 "This is the truth because there is no sin.""
W103L2 "These images, with no reality in truth, bear witness to the fear of God, forgetting being Love."
W103L2 "This basic error we will try again to bring to truth today, and teach ourselves: "God, being Love, is also happiness."
W103L3 "Then welcome all the happiness it brings, as truth replaces fear, and joy becomes what you expect to take the place of pain."
W103L3 "I cannot fail, because I seek the truth.""
W104L2 "These are the gifts which are our own in truth."
W104L3 "Our longer practice periods today, the hourly five minutes given to the truth for your salvation, should begin with this: "I seek but what belongs to me in truth.""
W104L4 "We come in confidence today, aware that what belongs to us in truth is what He gives."
W104L4 "And we would wish for nothing else, for nothing else belongs to us in truth."
W104L5 "This reminder will we bring to mind as often as we can: "I seek but what belongs to me in truth."
W106L1 "If you will lay aside the ego's voice however loudly it may seem to call; if you will not accept its petty gifts which give you nothing that you really want; if you will listen with an open mind which has not told you what salvation is; then you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in Its messages."
W106L2 "Be still today and listen to the truth."
W106L2 "Attend them not, but listen to the truth."
W106L3 "Be still today and listen to the truth."
W106L8 "The longer exercises should begin with this request for your enlightenment: "I will be still and listen for the truth."
W106L9 "Be still and listen to the truth today."
W106L9 "For each five minutes spent in listening a thousand minds are opened to the truth, and they will hear the holy Word you hear."
W106L9 "And when the hour is past, you will again release a thousand more who pause to ask that truth be given them, along with you."
W106L10 "Do not forget today to reinforce your choice to hear and to receive the Word by your reminder, given to yourself as often as is possible today: "Let me be still and listen to the truth."
W107L1 "What can correct illusions but the truth?"
W107L1 "Where truth has entered errors disappear."
W107L1 "From dust to dust they come and go, for only truth remains."
W107L3 "And now you have a hint, not more than just the faintest intimation of the state your mind will rest in when the truth has come."
W107L3 "When truth has come all pain is over, for there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to linger in your mind."
W107L3 "Truth occupies your mind completely, liberating you from all beliefs in the ephemeral."
W107L3 "They have no place because the truth has come, and they are nowhere."
W107L3 "They cannot be found, for truth is everywhere forever now."
W107L4 "When truth has come it does not stay a while, to disappear, or change to something else."
W107L4 "They will merely blow away when truth corrects the errors in your mind."
W107L5 "When truth has come it harbors in its wings the gift of perfect constancy, and love which does not falter in the face of pain but looks beyond it, steadily and sure."
W107L5 "Here is the gift of healing, for the truth needs no defense, and therefore no attack is possible."
W107L5 "Illusions can be brought to truth to be corrected."
W107L5 "But the truth stands far beyond illusions, and can not be brought to them to turn them into truth."
W107L6 "Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now and then in that, evading capture and escaping grasp."
W107L6 "Today belongs to truth."
W107L6 "Give truth its due, and it will give you yours."
W107L6 "Let truth correct them all."
W107L7 "Today we practice on the happy note of certainty which has been born of truth."
W107L7 "We do not doubt we walk with truth today, and count on it to enter into all the exercises that we do this day."
W107L9 "Truth will correct all errors in your mind which tell you you could be apart from Him."
W107L9 "His confidence is with you as you say: "Truth will correct all errors in my mind, And I will rest in Him who is my Self.""
W107L9 "Then let Him lead you gently to the truth which will envelop you and give you peace so deep and tranquil that you will return to the familiar world reluctantly."
W107L10 "For you will bring with you the promise of the changes which the truth that goes with you will carry to the world."
W107L11 "Each time you tell yourself with confidence, "Truth will correct all errors in my mind," you speak for all the world, and Him Who would release the world as He would set you free."
W108L4 "Here are both giving and receiving seen as different aspects of one Thought Whose truth does not depend on which is seen as first, nor which appears to be in second place."
W108L5 "For these are but some special cases of one law which holds for every kind of learning, if it be directed by the One Who knows the truth."
W108L8 "So we begin the practice periods with the instruction for today, and say: "To give and to receive are one in truth."
W108L10 "Think of the exercises for today as quick advances in your learning, made still faster and more sure each time you say: "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W109L2 "This thought has power to wake the sleeping truth in you, whose vision sees beyond appearances to that same truth in everyone and everything there is."
W109L3 "And no appearance but will turn to truth before the eyes of you who rest in God."
W109L4 "Yours is the rest of truth."
W110L1 "Its truth would mean that you have made no changes in yourself which have reality, nor changed the universe so that what God created was replaced by fear and evil, misery and death."
W110L3 "If you remain as God created you appearances cannot replace the truth, health cannot turn to sickness, nor can death be substitute for life, or fear for love."
W110L5 "It is the birthplace of all miracles, the great restorer of the truth to the awareness of the world."
W110L5 "This is the truth that comes to set you free."
W110L5 "This is the truth that God has promised you."
W110L8 "Today we make a great advance to truth by letting idols go, and opening our hands and hearts and minds to God today."
W110L9 "Let us declare this truth as often as we can."
W111L1 "Let the light Of holiness and truth light up my mind, And let me see the innocence within."
W117L2 "104)"I seek but what belongs to me in truth.""
W117L2 "I would accept all that is mine in truth."
W117L4 "On the half hour: "I seek but what belongs to me in truth.""
W118L2 "106) "Let me be still and listen to the truth.""
W118L2 "Let my own feeble voice be still, and let Me hear the mighty Voice of truth itself Assure me that I am God's perfect Son."
W118L4 "On the half hour: "Let me be still and listen to the truth.""
W119L1 "107) "Truth will correct all errors in my mind.""
W119L2 "108) "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W119L2 "I will forgive all things today, that I May learn how to accept the truth in me, And come to recognize my sinlessness."
W119L3 "On the hour: "Truth will correct all errors in my mind.""
W119L4 "On the half hour: "To give and to receive are one in truth.""
W122L7 "All of the complexities the world has spun of fragile cobwebs disappear before the power and the majesty of this extremely simple statement of the truth."
W122L13 "Retain your gifts in clear awareness as you see the changeless in the heart of change; the light of truth behind appearances."
W123L1 "There is no thought of turning back, and no implacable resistance to the truth."
W124L2 "Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our Companion as we walk the world a little while."
W126L8 "Today we try to understand the truth that giver and receiver are the same."
W126L8 "Give Him your faith today and ask Him that He share your practicing in truth today."
W126L10 "Be glad to hear the Voice of truth and healing speak to you, and you will understand the words He speaks, and recognize He speaks your words to you."
W127L5 "There is not one principle the world upholds but violates the truth of what love is, and what you are as well."
W127L8 "And He Himself will place a spark of truth within your mind wherever you give up a false belief, a dark illusion of your own reality and what love means."
W127L8 "He will shine through your idle thoughts today, and help you understand the truth of love."
W130L3 "Truth is eclipsed by fear, and what remains is but imagined."
W130L9 "Nor will you fail to see His thanks expressed in tangible perception and in truth."
W131L9 "Today we will not choose a paradox in place of truth."
W131L9 "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth, and it is truth we ask to reach today."
W131L10 "We will devote ten minutes to this goal three times today, and we will ask to see the rising of the real world to replace the foolish images that we held dear, with true ideas arising in the place of thoughts which have no meaning, no effect, and neither source nor substance in the truth."
W131L12 "But before you try to open it, remind yourself no one can fail who asks to reach the truth, and it is this request you make today."
W131L13 "A tiny moment of surprise, perhaps, will make you pause before you realize the world you see before you in the light reflects the truth you knew, and did not quite forget in wandering away in dreams."
W131L15 "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth.""
W132L1 "The thoughts you hold are mighty, and illusions are as strong in their effects as is the truth."
W132L4 "Yet in truth you found exactly what you looked for when you came."
W132L6 "Not everyone is ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth."
W132L7 "Others find it in experience that is not of this world, which shows them that the world does not exist because what they behold must be the truth, and yet it clearly contradicts the world."
W132L12 "Your real creations wait for this release to give you fatherhood, not of illusions, but as God in truth."
W132L13 "Deny illusions, but accept the truth."
W133L8 "It does not even tell the truth as it perceives it, for it needs to keep the halo which it uses to protect its goals from tarnish and from rust, that you may see how "innocent" it is."
W134L1 "Let us review the meaning of "forgive," for it is apt to be distorted and to be perceived as something which entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved, and a complete denial of the truth."
W134L2 "Truth is God's creation, and to pardon this is meaningless."
W134L2 "All truth belongs to Him, reflects His laws and radiates His Love."
W134L3 "The major difficulty that you find in genuine forgiveness on your part is that you still believe you must forgive the truth and not illusions."
W134L3 "You conceive of pardon as a vain attempt to look past what is there; to overlook the truth in an unfounded effort to deceive yourself by making an illusion true."
W134L4 "It says the truth is false, and smiles on the corrupt as if they were as blameless as the grass; as white as snow."
W134L5 "It merely is a further sign that sin is unforgivable, at best to be concealed, denied, or called another name, for pardon is a treachery to truth."
W134L6 "It does not countenance illusions, but collects them lightly, with a little laugh, and gently lays them at the feet of truth."
W134L7 "Forgiveness is the only thing that stands for truth in the illusions of the world."
W134L7 "It looks on them with quiet eyes, and merely says to them, "My brother, what you think is not the truth.""
W134L8 "The strength of pardon is its honesty, which is so uncorrupted that it sees illusions as illusions, not as truth."
W134L8 "It is because of this that it becomes the undeceiver in the face of lies, the great restorer of the simple truth."
W134L8 "By its ability to overlook what is not there, it opens up the way to truth, which had been blocked by dreams of guilt."
W134L10 "Thus will you see alternatives for choice in terms which render choosing meaningful, and keep your mind as free of guilt and pain as God Himself intended it to be, and as it is in truth."
W134L10 "In truth is innocence the only thing there is."
W134L10 "Forgiveness stands between illusions and the truth, between the world you see and that which lies beyond, between the hell of guilt and Heaven's gate."
W134L11 "Across this bridge, as powerful as Love Which laid Its blessing on it, are all dreams of evil and of hatred and attack brought silently to truth."
W135L11 "These are the thoughts in need of healing, and the body will respond with health when they have been corrected and replaced with truth."
W135L15 "They are the means by which a frightened mind would undertake its own protection at the cost of truth."
W135L18 "Defenses are the plans you undertake to make against the truth."
W135L20 "Let no defenses but your present trust direct the future, and this life becomes a meaningful encounter with the truth that only your defenses would conceal."
W135L22 "We make no plans for how it will be done, but realize that our defenselessness is all that is required for the truth to dawn upon our minds with certainty."
W135L23 "For fifteen minutes twice today we rest from senseless planning, and from every thought which blocks the truth from entering our minds."
W135L25 "And in the light and joy of simple truth, you will but wonder why you ever thought that you must be defended from release."
W135L27 "I will not defend myself, Because the Son of God needs no defense Against the truth of his Reality.""
W136L1 "It dispels this meaningless illusion by the same approach which carries all of them to truth, and merely leaves them there to disappear."
W136L2 "The aim of all defenses is to keep the truth from being whole."
W136L3 "They are secret magic wands you wave when truth appears to threaten what you would believe."
W136L7 "It is a choice you make, a plan you lay when, for an instant, truth arises in your own deluded mind, and all your world appears to totter and prepare to fall."
W136L7 "Now are you sick, that truth may go away, and threaten your establishments no more."
W136L7 "How do you think that sickness can succeed in shielding you from truth?"
W136L7 "Because it proves the body is not separate from you, and so you must be separate from the truth."
W136L9 "Thus is the body stronger than the truth, which asks you live but cannot overcome your choice to die."
W136L10 "And you believe that Heaven quails before such mad attacks as these, with God made blind by your illusions, truth turned into lies, and all the universe made slaves to laws which your defenses would impose on it."
W136L10 "Who else can see them and react to them as if they were the truth?"
W136L11 "You can but choose to think you die, or suffer sickness or distort the truth in any way."
W136L12 "Such is the simple truth."
W136L13 "For it lets you think what God has given you is not the truth right now, as it must be."
W136L13 "For time is but another meaningless defense you made against the truth."
W136L14 "Truth has a power far beyond defense, for no illusions can remain where it has been allowed to enter."
W136L14 "It is found at any time; today, if you will choose to practice giving welcome to the truth."
W136L15 "And we will give a quarter of an hour twice to ask the truth to come to us and set us free."
W136L15 "And truth will come, for it has never been apart from us."
W136L15 "We introduce it with a healing prayer to help us rise above defensiveness, and let the truth be as it has always been: "Sickness is a defense against the truth."
W136L15 "I will accept the truth of what I am, And let my mind be wholly healed today.""
W136L16 "Healing will flash across your open mind as peace and truth arise to take the place of war and vain imaginings."
W136L16 "There will be no dark corners sickness can conceal and keep defended from the light of truth."
W136L19 "Sickness is a defense against the truth, But I am not a body."
W137L3 "Sickness would prove that lies must be the truth."
W137L3 "But healing demonstrates that truth is true."
W137L4 "To be healed is merely to accept what always was the simple truth, and always will remain exactly as it has forever been."
W137L4 "So healing, never needed by the truth, must demonstrate that sickness is not real."
W137L5 "Healing might thus be called a counter-dream which cancels out the dream of sickness in the name of truth, but not in truth itself."
W137L5 "Just as the real world will arise to take the place of what has never been at all, healing offers restitution for imagined states and false ideas which dreams embroider into pictures of the truth."
W137L7 "Just as forgiveness shines away all sin, and the real world will occupy the place of what you made, so healing must replace the fantasies of sickness which you hold before the simple truth."
W137L8 "Healing is freedom, for it demonstrates that dreams will not prevail against the truth."
W137L11 "For here is truth bestowed, and here are all illusions brought to truth."
W137L12 "Today we ask that only truth will occupy our minds; that thoughts of healing will this day go forth from what is healed to what must yet be healed, aware that they will both occur as one."
W138L2 "It is this strange perception of the truth which makes the choice of Heaven seem to be the same as the relinquishment of hell."
W138L2 "Truth cannot come where it could only be perceived with fear, for this would be the error truth can be brought to illusions."
W138L2 "Opposition makes the truth unwelcome, and it cannot come."
W138L4 "And when that one is made, you will perceive it was no choice at all, for truth is true and nothing else is real."
W138L4 "There is no contradiction to the truth."
W138L5 "But the truth cannot be learned but only recognized."
W138L5 "Decisions are the outcome of your learning, for they rest on what you have accepted as the truth of what you are and what your needs must be."
W138L6 "Here is the final and the only choice in which is truth accepted or denied."
W138L8 "It must be saved from salvation, threatened to be safe, and magically armored against truth."
W138L9 "All that is veiled in shadows must be raised to understanding to be judged again, this time with Heaven's help, and all mistakes in judgment which the mind had made before are open to correction as the truth dismisses them as causeless."
W138L11 "We recognize we make a conscious choice between what has existence and what has nothing but an appearance of the truth."
W139L5 "But you have split your mind into what knows and does not know the truth."
W139L10 "Today accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself, and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God."
W139L11 "We can remember it for everyone, for in creation are all minds as one, and in our memory is the recall how dear our brothers are to us in truth, how much a part of us is every mind, how faithful they have really been to us, and how our Father's Love contains us all."
W140L3 "His happy dreams are heralds of the dawn of truth upon the mind."
W140L6 "It is merely an appeal to truth, which cannot fail to heal and heal forever."
W140L7 "The mind that brings illusions to the truth is really changed."
W140L10 "Today we hear a single Voice Which speaks to us of truth where all illusions end, and peace returns to the eternal quiet home of God."
W140R41 "Now a review again, this time aware we are preparing for the second part of learning how the truth can be applied."
W140R42 " This is a fact and represents the truth of What you are and What your Father is."
W140R44 "Your self-deceptions cannot take the place of truth."
W146L1 " 131) "No one can fail who asks to reach the truth.""
W148L2 " 136) "Sickness is a defense against the truth.""
W151L3 "You think your fingers touch reality and close upon the truth."
W151L10 "His lessons will enable you to bridge the gap between illusions and the truth."
W151L12 "He will select the elements in them that represent the truth, and disregard those aspects which reflect but idle dreams."
W151L14 "And then we watch our thoughts, appealing silently to Him Who sees the elements of truth in them."
W151L15 "And as each thought is thus transformed, it takes on healing power from the Mind Which saw the truth in it, and failed to be deceived by what was falsely added."
W151L18 "Now has our ministry begun at last, to carry 'round the world the joyous news that truth has no illusions, and the peace of God, through us, belongs to everyone."
W152L2 "Yet can truth have exceptions?"
W152L3 "Truth must be all-inclusive if it be the truth at all."
W152L3 "Accept no opposite and no exceptions, for to do so is to contradict the truth entirely."
W152L3 "Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true and nothing else is true."
W152L3 "Truth cannot have an opposite."
W152L3 "For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false, and truth has lost its meaning."
W152L3 "Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false."
W152L4 "And thus the truth appears to have some aspects which belie consistency, but do not seem to be but contradictions introduced by you."
W152L5 "This is the all-inclusiveness which sets the truth apart from falsehood, and the false kept separate from the truth as what it is."
W152L7 "To think that God made chaos, contradicts His Will, invented opposites to truth, and suffers death to triumph over life, all this is arrogance."
W152L9 "But truth is humble in acknowledging its mightiness, its changelessness and its eternal wholeness, all-encompassing, God's perfect gift to His beloved Son."
W152L11 "Now do we join in glad acknowledgment that lies are false and only truth is true."
W152L11 "We think of truth alone as we arise, and spend five minutes practicing its ways, encouraging our frightened minds with this: "The power of decision is my own."
W152L12 "He will substitute the peace of God for all your frantic thoughts, the truth of God for self-deceptions, and God's Son for your illusions of yourself."
W153L10 "God's ministers have chosen that the truth be with them."
W153L14 "And then we go to take our rightful place where truth abides and games are meaningless."
W155L2 "To let illusion walk ahead of truth is madness, but to let illusion sink behind the truth, and let the truth stand forth as what it is, is simple sanity."
W155L3 "They cannot learn directly from the truth, because they have denied that it is so."
W155L3 "And so they need a Teacher Who perceives their madness, but Who still can look beyond illusion to the simple truth in them."
W155L4 "If truth demanded they give up the world, it would appear to them as if it asked the sacrifice of something that is real."
W155L6 "Now can the truth, which walks ahead of you, speak to them through illusion, for the road leads past illusion now, while on the way you call to them that they may follow you."
W155L7 "All this steps back as truth comes forth in you, to lead your brothers from the ways of death, and set them on the way to happiness."
W155L7 "Yet they need a guide to lead them out of it, for they mistake illusion for the truth."
W155L8 "It asks that you accept the truth, and let It go before you, lighting up the path of ransom from illusion."
W155L9 "And you may find that you are tempted still to walk ahead of truth, and let illusion be your guide."
W155L9 "Your holy brothers have been given you to follow in your footsteps, as you walk with certainty of purpose to the truth."
W155L10 "Yet at the journey's ending there will be no gap, no distance between truth and you."
W155L10 "And all illusions walking in the way you travelled will be gone from you as well, with nothing left to keep the truth apart from God's completion, holy as Himself."
W155L10 "Step back in faith, and let truth lead the way."
W155L11 "There will be no wish to be illusion rather than the truth."
W155L11 "And we step forth toward this, as we progress along the way that truth points out to us."
W155L11 "For as truth goes before us so it goes before our brothers, who will follow us."
W155L12 "The truth that walks before us now is One with Him, and leads us to where He has always been."
W156L1 "Today's idea but states the simple truth which makes the thought of sin impossible."
W156L2 "Truth must be true throughout if it be true."
W157L8 "But the Holy One, the Giver of the happy dreams of life, Translator of perception into truth, the holy Guide to Heaven given you, has dreamed for you this journey, which you make and start today, with the experience, this day holds out to you to be your own."
W159L10 "His dream awakens us to truth."
W160L2 "There is a stranger in our midst, who comes from an idea so foreign to the truth he speaks a different language, looks upon a world truth does not know, and understands what truth regards as senseless."
W161L4 "Such is the truth."
W162L3 "His dreams are happy and his rest secure; his safety certain and his body healed, because he sleeps and wakens with the truth before him always."
W162L3 "He will save the world because he gives the world what he receives each time he practices the words of truth."
W164L1 "What time but now can truth be recognized?"
W165L1 "What makes this world seem real except your own denial of the truth which lies beyond?"
W166L3 "He must deny their presence, contradict the truth, and suffer to preserve the world he made."
W166L7 "You go on your appointed way, with eyes cast down lest you might catch a glimpse of truth, and be released from self deception and set free."
W167L1 "There are not different kinds of life, for life is like the truth."
W167L3 "Its truth established you as one with God."
W167L7 "As such, it can be reconciled with what created it, because it is not opposite in truth."
W167L10 "Let us today be children of the truth, and not deny our holy heritage."
W169L1 "Grace is an aspect of the Love of God which is most like the state prevailing in the Unity of truth."
W169L4 "And yet we urge you to bear witness to the Word of God to hasten the experience of truth, and speed its advent into every mind which recognizes its effects on you."
W169L13 "How could you finally attain to it forever, while a part of you remains outside, unknowing, unawakened and in need of you as witness to the truth?"
W170R510 "We practice but an ancient truth we knew before illusion seemed to claim the world."
W184L4 "This is the way reality is made by partial vision, purposefully set against the given truth."
W184L12 "All names are unified; all space is filled with truth's reflection."
W184L13 "But first you must accept One Name for all reality, and realize the many names you gave its aspects have distorted what you see but have not interfered with truth at all."
W184L15 "And we accept the truth You give in place of every one of them."
W185L3 "For minds can only join in truth."
W185L12 "It is this attribute which sets the gifts of God apart from every dream that ever seemed to take the place of truth."
W186L6 "Sin can not tarnish the truth in you, and misery can come not near the holy home of God."
W187L1 "The truth maintains that giving will increase what you possess."
W188L5 "He forgives because he recognized the truth in him."
W190L3 "Pain is a sign illusions reign in place of truth."
W190L10 "Pain is deception; joy alone is truth."
W190L11 "And so again we make the only choice that ever can be made; we choose between illusions and the truth, or pain and joy, or hell and Heaven."
W191L4 "In this one truth are all illusions gone."
W193L4 "No one can hide forever from a truth so very obvious that it appears in countless forms, and yet is recognized as easily in all of them, if one but wants to see the simple lesson there."
W193L11 "Truth is His message; truth His teaching is."
W194L8 "For thus you call the memory of Him to come again, replacing all your thoughts of sin and evil with the truth of love."
W196L2 "It may, in fact, appear to be a sign that punishment can never be escaped because the ego, under what it sees as threat, is quick to cite the truth to save its lies."
W196L2 "Yet must it fail to understand the truth it uses thus."
W196L3 "For the ways in which the ego would distort the truth will not deceive you longer."
W198L2 "To condemn is thus impossible in truth."
W198L3 "It is not itself the truth."
W198L3 "Yet does it point to where the truth must be, and gives direction with the certainty of God Himself."
W198L8 "Dreams of any kind are strange and alien to the truth."
W198L8 "Yet what but Truth could have a Thought Which builds a bridge to truth which brings illusions to the other side?"
W198L9 "The truth bestows these words upon your mind, that you may find the key to light and let the darkness end: "Only my condemnation injures me."
W199L1 "If this were the truth, the mind were vulnerable indeed!"
W200L6 "In truth it has no function and does nothing, for it is unknown in Heaven."
W200R63 "Beyond this, and a repetition of the special thought we practice for the day, no form of exercise is urged, except a deep relinquishment of everything that clutters up the mind, and makes it deaf to reason, sanity and simple truth."
W220IN21 "For now we seek direct experience of truth alone."
W220IN29 "And so we start upon the final part of this one holy year, which we have spent together in the search for Truth and God, Who is Its one Creator."
W220IN210 "And we believed that our insane desires were the truth."
W220W14 "But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is."
W222L1 "How still is he who knows the truth of what He speaks today!"
W224L1 "It is the Truth."
W226L1 "For I have not sought for illusions to replace the truth."
W227L1 "Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of truth, to be removed forever from my mind."
W229L1 "And what I look upon attests the truth of the identity I sought to lose, but which my Father has kept safe for me."
W231L1 "What else could I desire but the truth about myself?""
W237L1 "Today I will accept the truth about myself."
W239L1 "Let not the truth about ourselves today be hidden by a false humility."
W240W31 "When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear, and all its errors vanish."
W240W33 "They see in its illusions but a solid base where truth exists, upheld apart from lies."
W240W33 "Yet everything which they report is but illusion which is kept apart from truth."
W240W34 "As sight was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected."
W243L2 "We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one.""
W244L2 "And there we are in truth."
W247L1 "Let me accept what His sight shows me as the simple truth, and I am healed completely."
W248L1 "I have disowned the truth."
W248L1 "What dies was never living in reality, and did but mock the truth about myself."
W250W41 "It is the means by which the mind is driven mad, and seeks to let illusions take the place of truth."
W250W41 "And being mad, it sees illusions where truth should be, and where it really is."
W250W41 "And truth can be but filled with knowledge, and with nothing else."
W250W42 "Truth can be its aim as well as lies."
W251L1 "But now I see that I need only truth."
W252L2 "Reveal It now to me who am Your Son, that I may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to me.""
W254L1 "I have no prayer but this: I come to You to ask You for the truth."
W254L1 "And truth is but Your Will, Which I would share with You today.""
W255L1 "And let the peace I choose be mine today bear witness to the truth of what He says."
W260W53 "For only love creates in truth, and truth can never fear."
W260W55 "Your safety lies in truth and not in lies."
W262L2 "We who are one would recognize this day the truth about ourselves."
W269L1 "And through His lessons to surpass perception and return to truth."
W270L1 "The world forgiven signifies Your Son acknowledges his Father, lets his dreams be brought to truth, and waits expectantly the one remaining instant more of time, which ends forever as Your memory returns to him."
W270W63 "This is the only part of you that has reality in truth."
W270W64 "The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in you to all your dreams, and bids them come to Him, to be translated into truth."
W271L1 "Each day, each hour, every instant, I am choosing what I want to look upon, the sounds I want to hear, the witnesses to what I want to be the truth for me."
W272L1 ""Father, the truth belongs to me."
W274L1 "Through this as well the truth will enter where illusions were, light will replace all darkness, and Your Son will know he is as You created him.""
W277L2 "And he can not be bound unless God's Truth can lie, and God can will that He deceive Himself."
W278L1 "For truth is free, and what is bound is not a part of truth."
W278L2 ""Father, I ask for nothing but the truth."
W278L2 "For truth is safe and only love is sure.""
W279L1 "Yet in reality his dreams are gone, with truth established in their place."
W280L1 "I can invent imprisonment for him, but only in illusions, not in truth."
W280W71 "The Holy Spirit mediates between illusions and the truth."
W280W71 "As He must bridge the gap between reality and dreams, perception leads to knowledge through the grace that God has given Him, to be His gift to everyone who turns to Him for truth."
W280W71 "Across the bridge that He provides are dreams all carried to the truth, to be dispelled before the light of knowledge."
W280W72 "And when this is entirely accomplished, learning has achieved the only goal it has in truth."
W280W72 "For learning, as the Holy Spirit guides it to the outcome He perceives for it, becomes the means to go beyond itself, to be replaced by the Eternal Truth."
W282L1 "This the determination not to be asleep in dreams of death, while truth remains forever living in the joy of life."
W282L2 "Such is the truth."
W282L2 "And can the truth be changed by merely giving it another name?"
W282L2 "Let me not be afraid of truth today.""
W284L1 "Such is the truth, at first to be but said, and then repeated many times, and next to be accepted as but partly true, with many reservations, then to be considered seriously more and more, and finally accepted as the truth."
W284L1 "And I would go beyond the words today, go past all reservations, and arrive at full acceptance of the truth in them."
W284L2 "Let me not fail to trust in You today, accepting but the joyous as Your gifts; accepting but the joyous as the truth.""
W287L2 "And what except the memory of You could signify to me the end of dreams and futile substitutions for the truth?"
W290W85 "Now He waits but that one instant more for God to take His final step, and time has disappeared, taking perception with it as it goes, and leaving but the Truth to be Itself."
W303L2 "He is but what I really am in truth."
W305L1 "And all the world departs in silence, as this peace envelops it, and gently carries it to truth, no more to be the home of fear."
W307L1 "Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.""
W311L1 "Judgment was made to be a weapon used against the truth."
W319L1 "Here is a thought from which all arrogance has been removed, and only truth is left."
W319L1 "For arrogance opposes truth."
W319L1 "But where there is no arrogance, the truth will come immediately, and fill up the space the ego left unoccupied by his."
W320W113 "Creation is the opposite of all illusions, for Creation is the truth."
W325L2 ""Our Father, Your Ideas reflect the truth, and mine apart from Yours but makes up dreams."
W325L2 "Let me behold what only Yours reflect, for Yours and Yours alone establish truth.""
W329L1 "Yet what I am in truth is but Your Will, extended and extending."
W331L1 "Death is illusion; life, Eternal Truth."
W332L1 "Truth undoes its evil dreams by shining them away."
W332L1 "Truth never makes attack."
W333L1 "For only then are its defenses lifted, and the truth can shine upon it as it disappears."
W335L1 "What I see in him is merely what I wish to see, because it stands for what I want to be the truth."
W336L1 "Forgiveness sweeps away distortions, and opens the hidden altar to the truth."
W340W132 "And thus it illustrates the law of truth the world does not obey, because it fails entirely to understand its ways."
W340W132 "Now is perception open to the truth."
W342L1 "Let me remember that I am Your Son, and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing light of truth, as memory of You returns to me.""
W347L1 "He sees what I behold, and yet He knows the truth."
W350W142 "The truth of what we are is not for words to speak of or describe."
W350W143 "We are concerned only with giving welcome to the truth."
W357L1 ""Forgiveness, truth's reflection, tells me how to offer miracles, and thus escape the prison house in which I think I live."
W360FL2 "And yet, in truth, it is already here; already serving us as gracious guidance in the way to go."
W360FL2 "Let us together follow in this way that truth points out to us."
W360FL4 "He is the way, the truth and life that show the way to us."
W360FL5 "And is a Father angry at His Son because he failed to understand the truth?"
W365EP2 "And thus He speaks of freedom and of truth."
M1A5 "And then they are seen no more, although their thoughts remain a source of strength and truth forever."
M3A2 "Atonement corrects illusions, not truth."
M5B5 "Therefore, the period of overlap is apt to be one in which the teacher of God feels called upon to sacrifice his own best interests on behalf of truth."
M5G1 "They have no dreams that need defense against the truth."
M5K2 "They have in truth abandoned the world, and let it be restored to them in newness and in joy so glorious they never could have conceived of such a change."
M5K3 "Terms like love, sinlessness, perfection, knowledge, and eternal truth do not appear in this context."
M6D3 "The truth in their minds reaches out to the truth in the minds of their brothers, so that illusions are not reinforced."
M6D3 "They are thus brought to truth, and truth is not brought to them."
M7A1 "It is impossible to let illusions be brought to truth and keep the illusions."
M7A1 "Truth demonstrates illusions have no value."
M9A2 "Illusions are travesties of creation; attempts to bring truth to lies."
M9A2 "Finding truth unacceptable, the mind revolts against truth and gives itself an illusion of victory."
M9A6 "The one answer to all illusions is truth."
M11A1 "It is actually confused with wisdom, and substitutes for truth."
M13A3 "A voice they understand and listen to without the fear that truth would find in them."
M13A3 "Do not forget that truth can come only where it is welcomed without fear."
M14A1 "Although in truth the term sacrifice is altogether meaningless, it does have meaning in the world."
M14A5 "It is the price that must be paid for the denial of truth."
M14A6 "If you would sacrifice the truth, they stay in hell."
M14A7 "It seems to happen at the "sacrifice" of truth."
M15A1 "They have been brought to truth, and truth saw them not."
M16A1 "Who could flee forever from the truth?"
M18A4 "They obscure the truth, and this can never be a matter of degree."
M18A4 "Either truth is apparent or it is not."
M18A4 "Who is unaware of truth must look upon illusions."
M18A9 "In truth it has no power to make anything."
M19A1 "Correction of a lasting nature, - and only this is true correction, - cannot be made until the teacher of God has ceased to confuse interpretation with fact, or illusion with truth."
M19A2 "Only in this way can they proclaim the truth about themselves."
M19A2 "Now is He free to teach all minds the truth of what they are, so they will gladly be returned to Him."
M19A3 "And truth becomes diminutive and meaningless."
M19A3 "Correction has one answer to all this, and to the world that rests on this: "You but mistake interpretation for the truth."
M20A2 "It is, however, the one interpretation that leads to truth."
M20A2 "This becomes possible because, while it is not true in itself, justice includes nothing that opposes truth."
M21A6 "In truth there is no conflict, because His Will is yours."
M23A6 "It is your function to recognize for him that what he believes about himself is not the truth."
M25A6 "In this sense it can be said that their truth lies in their usefulness."
M27A1 "Yet this awareness and this memory can arise across the threshold of the unconscious only where all barriers to truth have been removed."
M28A7 "Do not believe in cruelty, nor let attack conceal the truth from you."
M28A7 "Now it becomes your task to let the illusion be carried to the truth."
M28A7 "Truth neither moves nor wavers nor sinks down to death and dissolution."
M29A3 "There is no opposition to the truth."
M29A3 "And now the truth can come at last."
M29A4 "The song of Heaven sounds around the world, as it is lifted up and brought to truth."
M29A6 "And in His final judgment is restored the truth about the holy Son of God."
M29A6 "He is free because he let God's Voice proclaim the truth."
M30A4 "The Holy Spirit knows the truth about you."
M30A4 "But the Teacher Who knows the truth has not forgotten it."
U1A2 "They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver."
U3A3 "Nor can there be a truth that lies conceal effectively."
U4A2 "Forgiveness might be called a kind of happy fiction; a way in which the unknowing can bridge the gap between their perception and the truth."
U4A6 "No, not in truth, for truth goes nowhere."
U4A8 "How lovely does the world become in just that single instant when you see the truth about yourself reflected there."
U5A6 "Here are all illusions brought to truth and laid upon the altar."
P2A1 "Very simply, the purpose of psychotherapy is to remove the blocks to truth."
P2A2 "And what more transcendent aim can there be than to recall the Way, the Truth and the Life, and to remember God?"
P2A5 "The patient need not think of truth as God in order to make progress in salvation."
P2A5 "But he must begin to separate truth from illusion, recognizing that they are not the same, and becoming increasingly willing to see illusions as illusions and to accept the truth as true."
P3B1 "The overall direction is one of progress toward the truth."
P3B2 "Illusions are illusions; truth is truth."
P3C2 "Neither is truth itself, but both can lead to truth."
P3C2 "What can be necessary to find truth, which remains perfectly obvious, but to remove the seeming obstacles to true awareness?"
P3C4 "This will come when psychotherapy is complete, for where there is forgiveness truth must come."
P3D1 "And so the little light that can be then accepted is all there is to light the way to truth."
P3E1 "It is a decision that truth can lie and must be lies."
P3E6 "Truth being brought to illusions, reality now becomes a threat and is perceived as evil."
P3E7 "If illness is real it cannot be overlooked in truth, for to overlook reality is insanity."
P3E7 "This cannot heal, for it opposes truth."
P3E11 "The truth is simple, being one for all."
P3F1 "While truth is simple, it must still be taught to those who have already lost their way in endless mazes of complexity."
P3F2 "The truth is simple."
P3F4 "And He has guaranteed that He will hear and answer them in truth."
P3F7 "And the truth will come to us only through one who seems to share our dream of sickness."
P3G2 "But first the willingness to question the "truth" of the song of condemnation must arise."
P3H7 "What answer can he give to one who seems to be a stranger; alien to the truth and poor in wisdom, without the god who must be given him?"
S1A2 "Prayer now must be the means by which God's Son leaves separate goals and separate interests by, and turns in holy gladness to the truth of union in his Father and himself."
S1B7 "Therein lies its only truth."
S1F3 " And so he is in truth."
S2D4 "God's Will is truth, and you are one with Him in Will and purpose."
S3B4 "The power to heal is now his Father's gift, for through His Voice He still can reach His Son, reminding him the body may become his chosen home, but it will never be his home in truth."
S3D3 "True healing cannot come from inequality assumed and then accepted as the truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm the mind that suffers from the agony of doubt."
S3E6 "You are he your Father loves, who never left his home, nor wandered in a savage world with feet that bleed, and with a heavy heart made hard against the Love that is the truth in you."
G1A4 "How fearful it must be to see yourself as maker of reality and truth, the lord of destiny and time's domain, and arbiter appointed for the world."
G1A5 "Deny the dream but do not fail the truth, for what is true alone will never fail."
G3A1 "Illusions are made as substitutes for truth, for which no substitutes are possible."
G3A1 "Now must there be a substitute for love, which cannot have an opposite in truth and, being all, can have no substitute."
G3A2 "It is not God Who asks a price of him, but having drawn a veil across the truth, he now must let the veil be drawn away so that its lack of substance can be seen."
G3A4 "Truth may be concealed from you by evil dreams, but it is only from the dreams that you have need of saving."
G3A4 "Truth is still untouched by your deceptions."
G3A5 "Let us share the strength of Christ, and look upon the dream in which illusions started, and which serves to keep their birthplace secret and apart from the illumination of the truth."
G3A6 "Give me help in this, and not one gift the world may seek to give, or one illusion held against the truth, can bind you longer."
G3A8 "Can a dream destroy a truth so holy and so pure that it encompasses all truth, and leaves nothing beyond Itself?"
G3A10 "It is Himself He gives, and it is this that is the truth in you."
G4A3 "A gift to love is given everyone, not lessening the giver, nor in truth adding to the receiver."
MSG19A4 "Truth is true."
MSG19A4 "Only truth remains."

Quotes on "True"


T1B9 "Like all expressions of love, which are ALWAYS miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws."
T1B22H "(22a) A miracle rearranges the order of perception, and places the levels in their true perspective."
T1B22J "By the way, it is not true that you are both 'JUST SCRIBES'."
T1B22Q "The real question is, is P true."
T1B22Q "I went on very personal record to this effect, and I am the only completely True Witness for God."
T1B23F "Just because "nature abhors a vacuum," which is true enough, it does NOT follow that "a vacuum is filled with hellfire.""
T1B24A "This happens to be true."
T1B30F "The correction lies in accepting what is true in YOURSELF, by bringing ALL that you are into light."
T1B30J "It is true that mind can create projections as well as miracles, but it's NOT true that projections are REAL."
T1B32B "True depth perception becomes possible only at the highest order of perceptual integration."
T1B32C "Among the creations of man, it can also separate the true from the false by its ability to perceive totally rather than selectively."
T1B32C "It thus becomes the proper instrument for reality testing, which always involves the necessary distinction between the true and the false."
T1B35B "(Tell Bill that this is the true "strawberry mark" of Brotherhood."
T1B36T "She did not ask what YOU believed first, and afterwards merely added "and it's true, too.""
T1B37C "Whatever is true and real is eternal, and CANNOT change or be changed."
T1B37H "To "change your mind" means to place it at the disposal of True authority."
T1B37U "You can check this against Jack's notes if you wish, but I assure you its true."
T1B40V "It is NOT appropriately applied to miracles, because a state of true awe is worshipful."
T1B40Y "This leaves me in a state of true holiness, which is only a POTENTIAL in you."
T1B40AD "In the longitudinal (or horizontal) plane, the true equality of all men in the Sonship appears to involve almost endless time."
T1B41L ""Except you become as little children" means unless you fully recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know the real power of the Son in his true relationship with the Father."
T1B41R "Complete restoration of the Sonship is the only true goal of the miracle-minded."
T1B41T "NO fantasies, sexual or otherwise, are true."
T1B41V "Then acknowledge the true creative worth of both yourself AND the other one."
T1B41AK "This is very true."
T1B41BC "This is why it is possible for a man to believe what is not true for anyone else."
T1B41BC "It is true for him because it is made BY him."
T1B42A "This is its TRUE indiscriminateness."
T1B42C "While the miscreation is NECESSARILY believed in by its own creator, it does not exist at all at the level of true Creation."
T1B43A "The miracle compares the creations of man with the higher level of creation, accepting what is in ACCORD as true, and rejecting the DISCORDANT as false."
T1B43A "Real validity is both true AND useful, or better, it is useful BECAUSE it is true."
T1B43C "In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds much along the lines suggested very correctly by Bill, i.e.:"
T1C1 "The readiness for faith, as for everything else that is true, entails the two steps necessary for the release from fear."
T2A1 "These were the words which re-established her true identity as well as her true abilities and judgment."
T2A8 "This is as true of the Son as of the Father."
T2A10 "When the "lies of the serpent" were introduced, they were specifically called lies because they are not true."
T2A10 "He does not have to continue to believe what is not true, unless he chooses to do so."
T2A26 "But a true miracle cannot occur on a false basis."
T2B4 "True denial is a very powerful protective device."
T2B16 "My own role in the Atonement IS one of true projection, i.e.,"
T2B36 "The means are easier to clarify after the true worth of the goal itself is firmly established."
T2B38 "Once you learn to consider these two points, and bring them into ALL your actions as the true criteria for behavior, I will have little difficulty in clarifying the means."
T2B68 "If you review the idea carefully, you will realize that this is not true."
T2B70 "This reestablishes the true power of the will, and makes it increasingly unable to tolerate delay."
T2B71 "Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative power on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate means."
T2C17 "By affirming this, the miracle worker releases the mind from over-evaluating its own learning device (the body), and restores the mind to its true position as the learner."
T2C21 "This is because healing always rests on charity, and charity is a way of perceiving the true perfection of another, even if he cannot perceive it himself."
T2C22 "The miracle, as an expression of true human charity, can only shorten it a best."
T2E5 "This is how TRUE healing occurs."
T2E8 "This is true enough."
T2E17 "You may feel at this point that it would take a miracle to enable you to do this, which is perfectly true."
T2E18 "Nor would it induce the healthy respect that every miracle-worker must have for true cause and effect."
T2E28 "This is an outstanding characteristic of his concepts, because it was outstandingly true of him."
T2E32 "So much, then, for the true nature of the major opponents in the basic conflict."
T2E38 "Only this can re-establish true single-mindedness."
T2E50 "However, in more long range and meaningful terms, the oedipal complex is a miniature of the true Separation fear, and the castration complex is a way of denying that it ever occurred."
T2E50 "The true corrective procedure, which has already been described as the proper use of the spiritual eye (or true vision), is to accept the error temporarily, BUT ONLY as an indication that IMMEDIATE correction is mandatory."
T2E52 "Only then, in the true sense, can the meaning of wholeness be understood."
T2E55 "However, you yourself attested to your readiness by insisting that I would not have said so if it had not been true."
T2F3 "The first step toward freedom, then, MUST entail a sorting out of the false from the true."
T2F3 "This is a process of division only in the constructive sense, and reflects the true meaning of the Apocalypse."
T3A15 "If this is a true course in mind-training, then the whole value of this section rests ONLY in showing you what NOT to do."
T3A29 "It is true that it was better that he came, but this has nothing to do with the real issue."
T3C10 "It is, however, PERFECTLY aware of EVERYTHING, that is true."
T3C11 "It is the final demonstration that all of the other lessons which I taught are true."
T3C14 "Because their hearts are pure, they defend true perception, instead of defending themselves AGAINST it."
T3C22 "The innocence of God is the true state of the mind of His Son."
T3C32 "Both of these observations are true, and clearly point to the fact that Cayce did not apply the Peace of God to himself."
T3D1 "They are all true OR all false."
T3D4 "Innocent (or true) perception means that you NEVER misperceive, and ALWAYS see truly."
T3D5 "The way to correct all such delusions is to withdraw your faith from them, and invest it ONLY in what is true."
T3D5 "If you are willing to validate what is true in everything you perceive, you will make it true for you."
T3E3 "Misperception produces fear, and true perception produces love."
T3F1 "He is also incapable of true loving, because he can perceive lovelessly."
T3F4 "He became a PERCEIVER rather than a creator in the true sense."
T3F22 "The Atonement was an act based on true perception."
T3G1 "We said before that the abilities which man possesses are only shadows of his true abilities."
T3G1 "The Soul's true functions are knowing, loving, and creating."
T3G2 "It has no true generalizability."
T3G5 "The first part of this statement is perfectly true, but the second part is not."
T3G13 "All of it is equally true, and knowing any part of it IS to know all of it."
T3G24 "Above all EVERYONE involved must want to give up everything that is NOT true."
T3G26 "(This is also, again hopefully, true of the teacher.)"
T3G26 "It is essentially a process of true courtesy, including courtesy to Me."
T3G33 "Whatever is true of him is wholly benign."
T3G34 "It is still true that you believe they DID something to you."
T3G34 "This is not only true of your attitudes toward your parents, but also of your misuse of your friends."
T3G34 "You still think that you MUST respond to their errors AS IF they were true."
T3G36 "It is NOT true that the difference between pupil and teacher is lasting."
T3G38 "The same is true of the teacher and the pupil."
T3H3 "This cannot be true, unless man also believes that what his judgment vetoes does not exist."
T3H10 "Souls were given their own true authorship, and men preferred to remain anonymous when they chose to separate themselves FROM their Author."
T3H10 "Authority has been used for great cruelty, because, being uncertain of their true Authorship, men believe that their creation was anonymous."
T3H11 "At least, it acknowledged the fact some TRUE authorship is necessary for existence."
T3I9 "He CANNOT make it true."
T3I15 "The light WILL shine from the true Foundation of Life, and your own thought-systems WILL stand corrected."
T4B3 "This is not true."
T4B10 "The ultimate reason why learning or teaching is perceived as frightening is because true learning DOES lead to the relinquishment (NOT destruction) of the ego to the light of the Soul."
T4B11 "When I remind you of your TRUE Creation, your egos cannot BUT respond with fear."
T4B17 "This is no less true if he is afraid to teach than if he is frankly out to dominate through teaching."
T4C11 "Undermining the foundation of an ego's thought-system MUST be perceived as painful, even though this is anything but true."
T4C18 "This is as true of bodily appetites as it is of the so-called "higher" ego needs."
T4C25 "But a hypothesis is tested as either true or false, to be accepted or rejected accordingly."
T4C25 "If it is shown to be true it becomes a fact, after which no one attempts to evaluate it unless its status AS fact is questioned."
T4D8 "My role is to separate the true from the false in your own unconscious, so it can break through the barriers the ego has set up and shine into your minds."
T4D18 "But I will neither love nor honor it unless it is true."
T4E15 "To the ego's dark glass you need but say, "I will not look there because I KNOW these images are not true.""
T4F5 "This, of course, is not only true, but perfectly obvious."
T4F13 "That is because the decision, from which the ability would naturally develop, would necessarily involve true perception, a state of clarity which the ego, fearful of being judged truly, MUST avoid."
T4F18 "Psychologists are in a good position to realize that the ego is capable of making and accepting as real some very distorted associations which are not true."
T4G4 "It is as true now as it ever was or will be, because it implies NO CHANGE AT ALL."
T4G17 "I am grateful to him for that, and I hope he will not decide that it is true only for you."
T4G22 "This does NOT go against the true spirit of meditation at all."
T4H4 "In contrast, the Soul reacts in the same way to everything it knows is true, and does not respond at all to anything else."
T4H4 "Nor does it make any attempt to ESTABLISH what is true."
T4H4 "It knows that what is true is everything that God created."
T4I5 "ALL symptoms of hurt need true helpfulness, and whenever they are met with this, the mind that so meets them heals ITSELF."
T5D9 "It is MADE BY GIVING, and is therefore the one act of mind that resembles true creation."
T5E7 "Everything of which the Holy Spirit reminds you is in direct opposition to the ego's notions, because true and false perceptions are THEMSELVES opposed."
T5F4 "This does not mean that you can safely fail to acknowledge anything that is true, but the Holy Spirit will not fail to help you re-interpret EVERYTHING that you perceive as fearful, and teach you ONLY what is loving IS true."
T5H13 "It is still true that "Where you look to find yourself is up to you.""
T6B7 "God placed it there Himself, and so it is true forever."
T6B7 "I believed in it, and therefore made it forever true for me."
T6B7 "But first believe that it is true for you, or you will teach amiss."
T6B12 "I undertook to show this was true in a very extreme case, merely because this would serve as a good teaching aid to those whose temptations to give in to anger and assault would NOT be as extreme."
T6C6 "It is forever true."
T6C7 "Anything that God creates is as true as He is."
T6C9 "This is as true of God's thinking as it is of yours."
T6C10 "Coming from God, He uses EVERYTHING for good, but does not BELIEVE in what is not true."
T6C11 "Since the Holy Spirit IS in your minds, then your minds MUST be able to believe ONLY what is true."
T6C13 "He perceives ONLY what is true in YOUR mind, and extends outward to ONLY what is true in other minds."
T6D3 "But through the ego you CAN hear and learn and teach and project WHAT IS NOT TRUE."
T6D5 "If that is true, and it is true indeed, you must never forget that what you teach is teaching YOU."
T6E7 "But the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true."
T6E8 "YOU are as certain as God, because you are as true as He is."
T6E10 "This is not true of anything that God created, but it is the kindest solution possible to what YOU have made."
T6E12 "But fidelity to other laws is also possible, not because the laws are true, but because YOU MADE THEM."
T6F1 "This is because you had ALREADY taught wrong, having believed what was not true."
T6F4 "This is true even of the world's teachers."
T6G5 "Still strongly aware of the ego in himself, and responding primarily TO the ego in others, he is being taught to react to BOTH as if what he DOES believe IS NOT TRUE."
T6G9 "There can BE no conflict between sanity and insanity, because only one is true, and therefore only ONE is REAL."
T6G9 "The ego tries to persuade you that it is up to YOU to decide which voice is true."
T6H1 "In YOUR mind, and your mind ONLY, He sorts out the true from the false, and teaches you to judge every thought that you allow to ENTER in the light of what God PUT there."
T6H14 "You have exerted GREAT effort to preserve what you made BECAUSE it is NOT true."
T6H14 "THIS recognition is wholly WITHOUT effort, because it is ALREADY true and needs no protection."
T7B3 "This is true, but it is hard to explain in words, because words are symbols, and nothing that is true NEEDS to be explained."
T7B5 "The "last step" that God was said to take was therefore true in the beginning, is true now, and will be true forever."
T7C4 "Because it is true, it should not be FOUGHT for, but it SHOULD be sided WITH."
T7C4 "Those who are AGAINST freedom believe that its outcome will hurt them, which CANNOT be true."
T7C4 "But those who are FOR freedom, even if they are misguided in HOW they defend it, are siding with the one thing in this world which IS true."
T7D1 "It is true that if you put three apples on the table and then took them AWAY, the three apples are NOT THERE."
T7D1 "But it is NOT true that the table is now MINUS three apples."
T7D2 "Only in these two conditions can you validly COMPARE responses, and you MUST assume the former, because if the LATTER is true, the subject WILL NOT DO ANYTHING."
T7E3 "It IS the belief that conflicting interests are possible, and therefore means that you have accepted the IMpossible as true."
T7E4 "As long as you believe that you can ATTEND to what is NOT true, you are accepting conflict as your CHOICE."
T7E7 "Healing is also a science because it obeys the laws of God, whose laws are true."
T7E7 "BECAUSE they are true, they are perfectly dependable, and therefore universal in application."
T7F14 "Blessed are you who perceive only this, because you perceive only what is true."
T7F15 "This is the true communion of the Spirit Who sees the altar of God in everyone, and by bringing it to YOUR appreciation calls upon you to love God and His Creation."
T7G8 "It is necessary ONLY AGAINST beliefs which are NOT true, and would never have been called upon by the Holy Spirit if you had not believed the untrue yourselves."
T7G9 "But you CANNOT deny that when you BELIEVE something you HAVE made it true FOR YOU."
T7G10 "This requires vigilance ONLY as long as YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE WHAT IS TRUE."
T7G11 "But it is NOT TRUE."
T7I1 "We once said that without projection there can be no anger, but it is also true that without projection there can be no love."
T7I10 "By accepting the Atonement for YOURSELF, you are deciding AGAINST the belief that you can BE alone, thus dispelling the idea of separation and affirming your true identification with the whole Kingdom as literally PART OF YOU."
T7J6 "Insanity APPEARS to add to reality, but no-one would claim that what it adds is true."
T7J9 "This is true in a sense, but no more true than your failure to acknowledge the whole result of the ego's premises."
T7J12 "The problem is NOT whether what He says is true, but whether or not you want to LISTEN to what He says."
T8D10 "Wrong decisions HAVE no power BECAUSE they are not true."
T8D10 "The imprisonment which they SEEM to produce is no more true than THEY are."
T8E10 "This is the ONLY lesson I can teach, knowing that it is true."
T8E13 "When you imprison yourself, you are losing sight of your true identification with me and with the Father."
T8E22 "Never accord the ego the power to interfere with the journey, because it HAS none, and the journey is the way to what is TRUE."
T8F2 "Only one is true."
T8F3 "I am come to tell you that the choice of which is true is not yours."
T8F6 "There IS no other gift that is eternal, and therefore THERE IS NO OTHER GIFT THAT IS TRUE."
T8G12 "Perceiving the body AS A SEPARATE ENTITY cannot BUT foster illness, because it is not true."
T8G18 "Therefore, it is not true."
T8G19 "Do not allow yourselves to suffer from the results of what is not true."
T8H1 "This is because it is incapable of true generalizations, and equates what it sees with the function IT ascribes to it."
T8H2 "This is as true of knowledge as it is of perception."
T8H5 "It is still true that the body has no function of itself."
T8H5 "The ego, however, establishes it AS an end because, as such, IT WILL LOSE ITS TRUE FUNCTION."
T8H6 "Sickness is meaningful only if the two basic premises on which the ego's interpretation of the body rests are true."
T8H8 "When we said that the ego DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING, we said the one thing about the ego that is wholly true."
T8H9 "Have you ever seriously considered the distorting power of something you WANT, even if it is not true?"
T8I5 "But HIS function is to distinguish ONLY between the false and the true, REPLACING the false WITH the true."
T8J3 "When we said that the Holy Spirit's function is to sort out the true from the false in your unconscious, we meant that He has the power to look into what YOU have hidden, and perceive the Will of God there."
T8J9 "Many people SEEK both, but it is still true that they do NOT want it."
T8K1 "This is not only true in connection with specific things which might be harmful, but also in connection with requests which are strictly in line with this course."
T8K3 "The Bible emphasizes that ALL prayers are answered, and this must be true, if no effort is wasted."
T8K3 "It is indeed true that no effort is wasted."
T8K6 "This Light can shine into yours, making HIS words true, and you ABLE TO HEAR THEM."
T9A3 "This MUST be true, if there is no communication AT ALL between the ego and the Holy Spirit."
T9C1 "Accept as true only what your brother IS, if you would know yourself."
T9C9 "It is not true that you do not know the guide is insane."
T9C12 "Fairy tales can be pleasant or fearful, pretty or ugly, but NO ONE calls them TRUE."
T9C12 "Children may believe them, and so, for a while, they ARE true for them."
T9D12 "THEY will convince you that the words are true."
T9F5 "You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your minds, and they CANNOT BOTH BE TRUE."
T9F9 "The Holy Spirit judges against the reality of the ego's thought-system, merely because He knows its FOUNDATION is not true."
T9F9 "If it comes from God, He knows it to be true."
T9G6 "Your grandeur is God's ANSWER to the ego, because it is true."
T9G7 "But it MUST be insane, because it is NOT TRUE."
T9G8 "Pride will not produce miracles, and therefore will deprive you of the true witnesses to your reality."
T9G12 "But the Source is true, and so is its answer."
T9I15 "I will heal you merely because I have only ONE message, and it is true."
T9K4 "If you were, what you have made would be true, and you could never escape."
T9K14 "While this is not true in Eternity, it IS true in time, so that, while time lasts in YOUR minds, there WILL be choices."
T10A1 "If you will examine the evidence ON BOTH SIDES fairly, you will realize that this MUST be true."
T10B2 "I will lead you to your true Father, Who hath need of you, as I have."
T10D2 "And if your will is His, it CANNOT be true of you, BECAUSE it is not true of Him."
T10D2 "And what He wills HAS happened, for it was ALWAYS true."
T10F4 "We can surely regard a delusional system without fear, for it cannot have any effects if its source is not true."
T10F5 "Everything that stems from the ego is the natural outcome of its central belief, and the way to undo its RESULTS, is merely to recognize that their SOURCE is NOT natural, being out of accord with your TRUE nature."
T10F11 "Only by learning what fear IS, can you finally learn to distinguish the possible from the impossible, and the false from the true."
T10F18 "Nothing can demonstrate that His Son is unworthy, for nothing can prove that a lie is true."
T10F19 "Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought-system YOU WANT TO BE TRUE."
T10G4 "This is as true now as it will ever be, for the resurrection is the Will of God, Which knows no time and no exceptions."
T10H1 "The Bible speaks of a NEW Heaven and a NEW earth, yet this cannot be literally true, for the eternal are not RE-created."
T10H2 "For if you perceive both good AND evil, you are accepting both the false AND the true, AND MAKING NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN THEM."
T10H2 "For perceptions cannot be partly true."
T10H3 "Yet everything in what you have made that IS true, IS like Him."
T10H4 "The real world is all that the Holy Spirit has saved for you, out of what you have made, and to perceive only this is salvation, because it is the recognition that reality is ONLY WHAT IS TRUE."
T10H5 "Perhaps you do not feel that a course which, in the end, teaches nothing more than that only reality is true is necessary."
T10H5 "But the swiftness with which your new and ONLY real perception will be translated into knowledge, will leave you only an instant to realize that this judgment is true."
T10H5 "And then everything you made will be forgotten, the good and the bad, the false and the true."
T11A1 "If you WANT to believe in error, you would HAVE to make it real, because it is not true."
T11B1 "Every loving thought is true."
T11B5 "Although YOUR interpretations of reality are meaningless in your divided state, His remain consistently true."
T11C3 "For the separation is only the DENIAL of union, and, correctly interpreted, attests to your eternal knowledge that union is true."
T11E6 "For death is not your Father's Will nor yours, and whatever is true IS the Will of the Father."
T11H9 "But do not then believe that the witnesses FOR opposition are true for they attest only to your DECISION about reality, returning to you the message you GAVE them."
T11H16 "You will realize that this is true when you look within and SEE me."
T11I3 "When you made what is NOT true visible, what is true became INVISIBLE."
T11J8 "The retaliation which he fears, AND WHICH HE SEES, will never touch him, for although he BELIEVES in it, the Holy Spirit KNOWS it is not true."
T11J15 "As He looks upon the guiltless Son of God, he KNOWS this is true."
T11J15 "And being true for you, you CANNOT attack yourself, for WITHOUT guilt, attack is impossible."
T12E7 "His sane answer tells you that what you have offered YOURSELF is NOT true, but HIS offering TO you has never changed."
T12F6 "Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the ONLY things that are forever true."
T12G2 "Both are not true, yet either one will seem as real to you as the amount to which you hold it dear."
T12G4 "All vision starts WITH THE PERCEIVER, who judges what is true and what is false."
T12G7 "The real world is the way that leads you to remembrance of this one thing that is wholly true, and wholly YOURS."
T12G8 "In these lie your true perceptions, for the Holy Spirit corrects the world of dreams, where ALL perception is."
T13B3 "Every miracle you offer to the Son of God, is but the true perception of one ASPECT of the whole."
T13C4 "Atonement brings a re-evaluation of EVERYTHING you cherish, for it is the means by which the Holy Spirit can SEPARATE the false and true, which you have accepted into your minds WITHOUT DISTINCTION."
T13C4 "Therefore, you cannot value one without the other, and guilt has become AS TRUE FOR YOU AS INNOCENCE."
T13C6 "For so you learn that IT IS TRUE FOR YOU."
T13D1 "Displacement ALWAYS is maintained by the illusion that the source, from which attention is diverted, MUST BE TRUE."
T13D8 "Yet it is forever true."
T13D11 "Until you recognize that this is true, you will have no idea WHAT LOVE IS LIKE."
T13E2 "The Holy Spirit points quietly to the contrast, knowing that you will finally let Him judge the difference FOR you, allowing Him to demonstrate which MUST be true."
T13E9 "For how can you remember what was never true, or NOT remember what has always been?"
T13F5 "Anything you deny, which He knows to be true, you have denied YOURSELF, and He must therefore teach you NOT to deny it."
T13G2 "For if you value ONE thing made of nothing, you HAVE believed that nothing CAN be precious, and that you CAN learn how to make the UNtrue true."
T13G3 "The contrast between what is true, and what is not, is PERFECTLY apparent, yet you do NOT see it."
T13G3 "All this the Holy Spirit sees, and teaches, simply, that ALL THIS IS NOT TRUE."
T13G5 "Like God, He KNOWS it to be true."
T13G9 "Can he sing the dirge of sorrow, when THIS is true?"
T13H4 "And there is no overlap between them, because they are opposites which CANNOT be reconciled, and CANNOT both be true."
T13H9 "It is not true that you can make decisions BY yourself, or FOR yourself alone."
T13H11 "Do not decide AGAINST it, for being of Him it MUST be true."
T14A3 "Atonement teaches you the true condition of the Son of God."
T14B3 "But UNTIL he teaches it and learns it, he will suffer the pain of dim awareness, that his true function remains unfulfilled in him."
T14C4 "Death yields to life, simply because destruction IS NOT TRUE."
T14C7 "But He WILL separate out all that HAS meaning, dropping off all the rest, and offering your true communication to those who would communicate as truly WITH you."
T14D3 "From their point of view, IT IS NOT TRUE."
T14D3 "Yet it IS true, because GOD knows it."
T14E2 "It merely vanishes, because it is not true."
T14F3 "In this world, it is NOT true that anything without order of difficulty can occur."
T14F4 "And this is true about the thoughts that cross the mind of those who think they live apart."
T14F10 "The fact of union tells them it is not true."
T14F12 "The miracle is the recognition that this is true."
T14G2 "Yet all that stands between you, and the power of God in you, is but your learning of the false, and your attempts to UNDO THE TRUE."
T14G6 "You have one test, as sure as God, by which to recognize if what you learned is true."
T14G6 "Unless all this is true, there ARE dark lessons in your minds, which hurt and hinder you, AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU."
T15D3 "The lesson will seem hard at first, but you will learn to love it, when you realize that it is true, and constitutes a tribute to your power."
T16B1 "True empathy is of Him Who knows what it is."
T16C5 "You think your LACK of understanding is a LOSS to you, and so you are unwilling to believe that what HAS happened is true."
T16C7 "It IS true, JUST AS YOU FEAR, that to acknowledge Him, IS to deny ALL that you think you know."
T16C7 "But it was NEVER true."
T16E6 "It is NOT necessary to seek for what is true, but it IS necessary to seek for what is FALSE."
T16F3 "And EVERYTHING here takes a direction EXACTLY opposite to what is true."
T16F14 "Salvation lies in the simple fact that illusions are NOT fearful, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRUE."
T16F14 "And you WILL fail to do this, to the extent to which you WANT them to be true."
T16H9 "In the holy instant, this is done for you IN TIME, to bring to you the true condition of Heaven."
T16H12 "Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are NO illusions, and where none can ever enter."
T17B3 "There IS no order in reality because EVERYTHING there is true."
T17D10 "THIS is the only part of the relationship the Holy Spirit sees, because He knows that ONLY this is true."
T17D12 "Thought-systems are but true or false, and all their ATTRIBUTES come simply from what they ARE."
T17D12 "Only the Thoughts of God ARE true."
T17D12 "And all that follows FROM them, COMES FROM what they are, and is as true as is the holy Source from which they come."
T17E15 "As God ascends into HIS rightful place and you to yours, you will experience again the MEANING of relationship, and know it to be true."
T17F10 "For you have chosen but the goal of God, from which your true intent was NEVER absent."
T17G4 "The "true" becomes what can be used to MEET the goal."
T17I4 "This was NEVER true."
T18C2 "And therefore they have NO concern with what is true."
T18C7 "It is the means by which you try to make your SLEEPING dreams COME TRUE."
T18J3 "And these messages bear witness to this world, pronouncing it as true."
T19B6 "This will remain FOREVER true, however much YOU seek to connect them."
T19C5 "It is the most "holy" concept in the ego's system; lovely and powerful, wholly true, and NECESSARILY protected with every defense at its disposal."
T19D2 "What must be punished, MUST BE TRUE."
T19D2 "And what is true MUST be eternal, and WILL be repeated endlessly."
T19D7 "But sin is the belief that YOUR perception is UNCHANGEABLE, and that the MIND must ACCEPT AS TRUE what it is told THROUGH it."
T19H9 "Hear not its madness, and believe not the impossible is true."
T19J5 "Death, were it true, would be the final and complete disruption of communication, which IS the ego's goal."
T20D8 "And YOU have given it power to ADJUST the world to MAKE its answer true."
T20E2 "Being without illusion of what you are, the Holy Spirit merely gives EVERYTHING to God, Who has already given AND RECEIVED all that is true."
T20G10 "The holy relationship reflects the TRUE relationship the Son of God has with his Father in reality."
T20G10 "Here is the way to true relationships held gently open, through which you walk together, leaving the body thankfully behind, and resting in the Everlasting Arms."
T20G13 "But what is that to those who have been given one TRUE relationship, BEYOND the body?"
T20H4 "For holiness is merely the result of letting the effects of sins be lifted, so what was ALWAYS true is RECOGNIZED."
T20I10 "It still is true that nothing IS without."
T21C1 "And, being true, it is so simple that it cannot fail to be COMPLETELY understood."
T21C5 "You trained it in its testimony, and, as it gave it BACK to you, you listened and convinced yourself that what it saw was true."
T21F8 "Your identity, as much a true EFFECT of this same Source as is this Answer, must therefore be TOGETHER and the SAME."
T22B4 "But, if your eyes are closed, and you have called upon this thing to lead you, asking it to EXPLAIN to you the world IT sees, you have no reason NOT to listen, nor to suspect that what it tells you is NOT true."
T22B4 "Reason would tell you that it CAN'T be true, BECAUSE you do not understand it."
T22C5 "For reason sees the SOURCE of an idea as what will make it true or false."
T22C7 "For it is wholly true or wholly false, and CANNOT be but partially believed."
T22C9 "If this were true, thoughts would not be the mind's extensions, but its ENEMIES."
T22C10 "Are you not GLAD to learn it is not true?"
T22C12 "Its will HAS no exceptions, and what it wills is true."
T22D7 "You CAN change form, BECAUSE it is not true."
T22F1 "They GO AGAINST what must be true."
T22G15 "The ONLY question to be answered to decide which MUST be true, is WHETHER YOU ARE DIFFERENT."
T23B5 "Could nature possibly ESTABLISH this, and make it true?"
T23B6 "The war against yourself is but the battle of two illusions, struggling to make them DIFFERENT from each other, in the belief the one which conquers will be true."
T23B6 "Both are NOT true."
T23B9 "And you who are beloved of Him are no illusions, being as true and holy as Himself."
T23B10 "Illusions have no place where Love abides, protecting you from EVERYTHING that is not true."
T23B11 "And they do battle ONLY to establish which FORM is true."
T23C2 "This principle evolves from the belief there is a hierarchy of illusions; some are MORE valuable, and THEREFORE true."
T23C2 "And each establishes this FOR HIMSELF, and MAKES it true by his attack on what another values."
T23C9 "This leads to the fourth law of chaos which, if the others are accepted, MUST be true."
T23C15 "What PROTECTS madness is the belief THAT IT IS TRUE."
T23C15 "Such a reversal, COMPLETELY turned around, with madness sanity, illusions true, attack a kindness, hatred love, and murder benediction, IS the goal the laws of chaos serve."
T23C17 "No-one who thinks that one of them is true SEES WHAT IT SAYS."
T23C19 "You would maintain, and think it true, that you do NOT believe such senseless laws, nor act upon them."
T23C20 "Their content is NEVER true."
T23C21 "Each one upholds these laws completely, offering a certain witness that these laws are true."
T23D1 "Is it not true you do NOT recognize some of the forms attack can take?"
T23D1 "If it is true attack in ANY form will hurt you, and will do so just as much as in another form which you DO recognize, then it MUST follow that you do not always RECOGNIZE the source of pain."
T23E1 "Heaven is WHOLLY true."
T23E2 "Yet, if they BOTH are true, then must they be the SAME, and indistinguishable from one another."
T24F1 "Specialness, too, takes joy in what it sees, although it is not true."
T24F1 "What you wish IS true for you."
T24H3 "And what is true in him MUST be as true in you."
T24H5 "Only the PURPOSE that you see in it has meaning, and, if THAT is true, its safety rests secure."
T24H6 "This is the state of true creation, found not within time, but in eternity."
T24H7 "All this is true, and yet it has no meaning to anyone who still retains one unlearned lesson in his memory; one thought with purpose still uncertain, or one wish with a divided aim."
T24H9 "It is the outward picture of a wish, an image that you WANTED to be true."
T24H10 "It is the means to make your wish come true."
T25C3 "Is it not ALSO true that you have found some hope APART from this; some glimmering, inconstant, wavering, yet dimly seen, that hopefulness IS warranted, on grounds that are NOT in this world?"
T25H3 "And NOTHING that the world believes as true has ANY meaning in His Mind at all."
T25H4 "If ONE belief so deeply valued here were true, then every Thought God ever had is an illusion."
T25H4 "And if but ONE Thought of His is true, then ALL beliefs the world gives ANY meaning to are false, and make no sense at all."
T25H5 "Who thinks the world is sane in any way; is justified in ANYTHING it thinks, or is maintained by ANY form of reason, believes this to be true."
T25H12 "If THIS were true, then God is mad indeed."
T25H13 "And sin MUST be impossible, if THIS is true."
T25I5 "And where would justice be if He demanded of the ones obsessed with the idea of punishment that they lay it aside, unaided, and perceive it is not true?"
T25I8 "What can Love ask of you who think that all of this is true?"
T25I12 "You need NOT perceive, in every circumstance, that this is true."
T25J3 "And this MUST be true BECAUSE He asks no sacrifice of anyone."
T26C2 "If THIS were true, then God WOULD be unfair; sin WOULD be possible, attack be justified, and vengeance fair."
T26C3 "It does injustice to the Son of God, and therefore is not true."
T26D6 "Where ALL reality has been withdrawn from what was NEVER true, can it BE hard to give it up, and choose what MUST be true?"
T26F6 "In the extreme, he can delude himself that this is true, and pass from mere imagining into belief and into madness, quite convinced that where he would prefer to be, he IS."
T26F10 "They come from what is past and gone, but hinder not the true existence of the here and now."
T26H4 "Yet it appears some are MORE true than others, although this clearly makes no sense at all."
T26H5 "Not one is true in ANY way, and all must yield with equal ease to what God gave as Answer to them all."
T26H6 "For such an insane picture, an insane defense can be expected, but can NOT establish that the picture must be true."
T26H9 "Salvation, perfect and complete, asks but a LITTLE wish that what is true be true."
T26H12 "God wills you learn what always has been true."
T26H12 "That he created you as part of Him, and this must still be true BECAUSE ideas leave not their source."
T26H12 "This is as true of what is idly wished as what is truly willed, because the mind can wish to be deceived, but CANNOT make it be what it is not."
T26H12 "And to believe ideas can leave their source is to invite illusions to be true, WITHOUT SUCCESS."
T26H17 "But it CAN make what always has been true be RECOGNIZED by those who know it not."
T27B4 "BECAUSE it proves illusions were not true."
T27B7 "If this were true, there WOULD be reason to remain content to seek for passing joys, and cherish little pleasures where you can."
T27C3 "For no-one in whom true forgiveness reigns CAN suffer."
T27D4 "Yet true undoing must be kind, and so the first replacement for your picture is ANOTHER picture, of ANOTHER kind."
T27E4 "It is this: "Of these illusions, which of them are true?"
T27E4 "The OTHERS are not true."
T27G5 "The miracle forgives BECAUSE it stands for what is PAST forgiveness, and is TRUE."
T27I4 "That this is all the BODY does, is true."
T27I10 "No matter what the form of the attack, this STILL is true."
T27I10 "Whatever seems to be the cause of any pain and suffering you feel, this is STILL true."
T27I13 "The one thing that is impossible is that you be UNLIKE each other; that they BOTH be true."
T28C7 "The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true."
T28H5 "Yet all it means is that you tried to keep a promise to be true to faithlessness."
T29E1 "They are dreams BECAUSE they are not true."
T29J2 "Judge not, because you make yourself a PART of evil dreams, where idols are your "true" identity, and your salvation from the judgment laid, in terror and in guilt, upon yourself."
T30E1 "All idols ARE the false ideas you made to fill the gap you think arose between yourself and what is true."
T30G7 "It MUST be true the miracle can heal ALL forms of sickness, or it CANNOT HEAL."
T30G7 "Its purpose cannot be to judge which FORMS are real, and which APPEARANCES are true."
T30H1 "For it cannot be that meaning changes constantly, and yet is true."
T31A1 "All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be."
T31A1 "Can this BE hard to learn by anyone who WANTS it to be true?"
T31A1 "How hard is it to see that what is false can not be true, and what is true can not be false?"
T31A1 "You can no longer say that you perceive no differences in false and true."
T31B2 "NEITHER is true."
T31B7 "But as you hear it, you will understand you need but come away WITHOUT the thoughts you did not want, and that were NEVER true."
T31D3 "It is true indeed there is no choice at all within the world."
T31E6 "Not one of them is true, and many come from feverish imaginations, hot with hatred and distortions born of fear."
T31E10 "Perhaps the reason why this concept must be kept in darkness is that, in the light, the one who would not think it true is YOU."
T31F1 "What you decide in this determines all you see, and think is real, and hold as true."
T31F4 "In Heaven as on earth this is forever true."
T31G8 "To every part of true creation has the Lord of Love and Life entrusted ALL salvation from the misery of hell."
W1IN15 "It is their use which will give them meaning to you, and show you they are true."
W5L1 "This is not true."
W7L4 "This is equally true of whatever you look at."
W8L2 "The only wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here."
W15L3 "They will not persist, because they merely symbolize true perception, and they are not related to knowledge."
W16L1 "They are merely true or false."
W16L1 "Those which are true create their own likeness."
W17L3 "That is because you are unaware as yet of any thoughts which are really true and therefore really happy."
W19L2 "Despite your initial resistance to this idea, you will yet understand that it must be true if salvation is possible at all."
W27L1 "The purpose of today's exercises is to bring the time when the idea will be wholly true a little nearer."
W27L4 "How much do you want today's idea to be true?"
W35L5 "They are merely not true."
W37L1 "This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here."
W48L1 "But it is very difficult to recognize for those who want illusions to be true."
W51L5 "I am constantly trying to make them true."
W54L1 "My thoughts cannot be neither true nor false."
W61L3 "True humility requires that you accept today's idea because it is God's Voice which tells you it is true."
W62L6 "Let related thoughts come freely, for your heart will recognize these words, and in your mind is the awareness that they are true."
W65L6 "Then tell yourself: "On this clean slate, let my true function be written for me.""
W66L8 "Which is true?"
W72L11 "Be certain, then, that the answer will be true because of Whom you ask."
W74L2 "The idea itself is wholly true."
W75L6 "He will show what true vision sees."
W77L1 "It is merely a statement of your true identity."
W87L2 "This day I will experience the peace of true perception."
W91L6 "Begin the longer practice periods with this statement of true cause and effect relationships: "Miracles are seen in light."
W93L1 "You think if what is true about you were revealed to you, you would be struck with horror so intense that you would rush to death by your own hand, living on after seeing this being impossible."
W93L2 "That you have sought salvation in strange ways; have been deceived, deceiving and afraid of foolish fantasies and savage dreams; and have bowed down to idols made of dust; all this is true by what you now believe."
W93L6 "It is true."
W93L12 "And you can do much today to bring the conviction to your mind that the idea for the day is true indeed."
W94L2 "True light is strength, and strength is sinlessness."
W95L12 "You are God's Son, One Self with One Creator and one goal; to bring awareness of this Oneness to all minds, that true creation may extend the Allness and the Unity of God."
W97L9 "Listen for His assurance every time you speak the word He offers you today, and let Him tell your mind that they are true."
W98L9 "He will respond with all His faith and joy and certainty that what you say is true."
W101L2 "If sin is real then happiness must be illusion, for they cannot both be true."
W105L4 "True giving is creation."
W105L8 "So tell yourself "God's peace and joy are mine," and close your eyes a while, and let His Voice assure you that the words you speak are true."
W106L4 "His miracles are true."
W108L1 "And what is light except the resolution, born of peace, of all your conflicts and mistaken thoughts into one concept which is wholly true?"
W108L2 "True light which makes true vision possible is not the light the body's eyes behold."
W108L6 "To learn that giving and receiving are the same has special usefulness, because it can be tried so easily and seen as true."
W110L1 "For this one thought would be enough to save you and the world, if you believed that it is true."
W122L14 "Today I have accepted this as true."
W123L4 "We sing the song of thankfulness today in honor of the Self Which God has willed to be our true identity in Him."
W125L9 "You will hear the Word in which the Will of God the Son joins in His Father's Will, at one with It, with no illusions interposed between the wholly indivisible and true."
W126L3 "He has not earned your charitable tolerance, which you bestow on one unworthy of the gift because his sins have lowered him beneath a true equality with you."
W126L5 "If this be true, forgiveness has no grounds on which to rest dependably and sure."
W126L7 "Salvation is a better gift than this, and true forgiveness, as the means by which it is attained, must heal the mind that gives, for giving is receiving."
W126L11 "The Help I need to learn that this is true Is with me now."
W128L1 "No one but must accept this thought as true, if he would leave this world behind and soar beyond its petty scope and little ways."
W128L3 "All things you seek to make your value greater in your sight limit you further, hide your worth from you, and add another bar across the door that leads to true awareness of your Self."
W130L10 "The unreal or the real, the false or true is what you see, and only what you see."
W131L9 "Leave foolish thoughts like these behind today, and turn your mind to true ideas instead."
W131L11 "Review the thoughts as well which are compatible with such a world, and which you think are true."
W132L8 "Today's idea is true because the world does not exist."
W134L2 "This twisted view of what forgiveness means is easily corrected when you can accept the fact that pardon is not asked for what is true."
W134L4 "For it is impossible to think of sin as true and not believe forgiveness is a lie."
W134L8 "Now are you free to follow in the way your true forgiveness opens up to you."
W134L9 "There is a very simple way to find the door to true forgiveness, and perceive it open wide in welcome."
W134L14 "Today we practice true forgiveness that the time of joining be no more delayed."
W135L13 "But when it has accepted this as true, then is it healed, and lets the body go."
W136L6 "Every defense takes fragments of the whole, assembles them without regard to all their true relationships, and thus constructs illusions of a whole which is not there."
W136L8 "Thus is your "true" identity preserved, and the strange, haunting thought that you might be something beyond this little pile of dust silenced and stilled."
W138L2 "Yet what is true in God's creation cannot enter here, until it is reflected in some form the world can understand."
W139L6 "Why share its madness in the sad belief that what is universal here is true?"
W139L6 "Nothing the world believes is true."
W140L9 "All of them are false, and can be cured because they are not true."
W140R42 "Yet It is forever true."
W140R43 "Let us begin our preparation with some understanding of the many forms in which the lack of true forgiveness may be carefully concealed."
W152L2 "You may believe that this position is extreme, and too inclusive to be true."
W152L3 "Without the first the second has no meaning, but without the second is the first no longer true."
W152L9 "Today we practice true humility, abandoning the false pretense by which the ego seeks to prove it arrogant."
W152L9 "And lift our hearts in true humility instead to Him Who has created us immaculate, like to Himself in power and in love."
W153L8 "We will not play such childish games today, for our true purpose is to save the world, and we would not exchange for foolishness the endless joy our function offers us."
W153L14 "God's Son can smile at last, on learning that it is not true."
W153L18 "In time, with practice, you will never cease to think of Him, and hear His loving Voice guiding your footsteps into quiet ways, where you will walk in true defenselessness, for you will know that Heaven goes with you."
W154L11 "And He needs our will united with His Own, that we may be the true receivers of the gifts He gives."
W154L13 "The world recedes as we light up our minds, and realize these holy words are true."
W156L1 "If this be true, how can you be apart from God?"
W158L11 "Yet time has still one gift to give in which true knowledge is reflected in a way so accurate its image shares its unseen holiness; its likeness shines with its immortal Love."
W161L5 "Love needs no symbols, being true."
W163L6 "For here again we see an obvious position which we must accept if we be sane; what contradicts one thought entirely can not be true unless its opposite is proven false."
W164L5 "Now is the balance righted, and the scales of judgment left to Him Who judges true."
W166L2 "Impossible indeed; but every mind which looks upon the world and judges it as certain, solid, trustworthy and true believes in two creators; or in one, himself alone."
W169L1 "It is past learning yet the goal of learning, for grace cannot come until the mind prepares itself for true acceptance."
W170R54 "Each one but clarifies some aspect of this thought, or helps it be more meaningful, more personal and true, and more descriptive of the holy Self we share and now prepare to know again: "God is but Love, and therefore so am I.""
W170R511 "And thus when we have finished this review, we will have recognized the words we speak are true."
W181L8 "When seeing this is all we want to see, when this is all we seek for in the name of true perception, are the eyes of Christ inevitably ours."
W183L1 "And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true."
W184L3 "For what is named is given meaning, and will then be seen as meaningful, a cause of true effects, with consequence inherent in itself."
W184L6 "What denies that it is true is but illusion, for it is the ultimate reality."
W184L8 "But what is true in earth and Heaven is beyond your naming."
W184L8 "His true identity is hidden from you by what you believe he really is."
W184L9 "They become but means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognize is not the unity where true communication can be found."
W184L10 "Here you understand the Word, the Name Which God has given you; the One Identity Which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true."
W186L1 "Here is the thought of true humility which holds no function as your own but that which has been given you."
W186L5 "There is one way, and only one, to be released from the imprisonment your plan to prove the false is true has brought to you."
W187L1 "It is the second phase on which the world and true perception differ."
W189L6 "Today we pass illusions as we seek to reach to what is true in us, and feel Its all-embracing tenderness, Its Love Which knows us perfect as Itself, Its sight which is the gift Its Love bestows on us."
W189L7 "Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false or good or bad; of every thought it judges worthy and all the ideas of which it is ashamed."
W189L9 "What has not been denied is surely there, if it be true, and can be surely reached."
W190L4 "Their witness, pain, is mad as they, and no more to be feared than the insane illusions which it shields and tries to demonstrate must still be true."
W191L5 "For he who can accept his true identity is truly saved."
W193L2 "Yet it is He Who gives the means by which perception is made true and beautiful enough to let the light of Heaven shine upon it."
W196L6 "The fear of God is real to anyone who thinks this thought is true."
W200L3 "To ask that what is false be true can only fail."
W200L6 "Is not the escape of God's beloved Son from evil dreams which he imagines, yet believes are true, a worthy purpose?"
W211L1 "In silence and in true humility I seek God's glory, to behold it in the Son whom He created as my Self."
W220IN210 "Now we are glad that this is all undone, and we no longer think illusions true."
W224L1 "My true identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious and great, wholly beneficent and free from guilt, that Heaven looks to It to give it light."
W228L1 "Shall I accept as true what He proclaims as false?"
W228L1 "Or shall I take His Word for what I am since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?"
W234L1 "This we accept as wholly true today."
W237L2 "Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Son and my true Self as well."
W240L1 "Not one thing in this world is true."
W250W42 "The senses then will seek instead for witnesses to what is true."
W252L2 ""Father, You know my true Identity."
W260L2 "Now is our Source remembered, and Therein we find our true Identity at last."
W271L1 "Today I choose to look upon what Christ would have me see, to listen to God's Voice, and seek the witnesses to what is true in God's creation."
W275L1 "Let us today attend the Voice of God, Which speaks an ancient lesson, no more true today than any other day."
W281L1 "The Thoughts I think with You alone are true.""
W283L1 "Is not Your Son my true Identity, when You created everything that is?""
W296L1 "I am resolved to let You speak through me, for I would use no words but Yours, and have no thoughts which are apart from Yours, for only Yours are true."
W300L2 "But we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and our true Identity."
W300W91 "It is a part of the condition which restores the never-lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true."
W300W93 "The Second Coming is the time in which all minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to Spirit in the Name of true creation and the Will of God."
W309L1 "I fear to look within because I think I made another will which is not true, and made it real."
W309L2 "It is the holy altar to my Self, and there I find my true Identity.""
W310W101 "Christ's Second Coming gives the Son of God the gift to hear the Voice for God proclaim that what is false is false, and what is true has never changed."
W310W101 "At first you see a world which has accepted this as true, projected from a now corrected mind."
W313L1 "Now let His true perception come to me, that I may waken from the dream of guilt and look within upon my sinlessness, which You have kept completely undefiled upon the altar to Your holy Son, the Self with Which I would identify.""
W327L1 "Let me but learn from my experience that this is true, and faith in Him must surely come to me."
W330W121 "The ego is the "proof" that strength is weak and love is fearful, life is really death, and what opposes God alone is true."
W345L1 "Then let me give this gift alone today, which, born of true forgiveness, lights the way that I must travel to remember You.""
M1A2 "There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time."
M5H1 "Like all the other attributes of God's teachers this one rests ultimately on trust, for without trust no-one can be generous in the true sense."
M5H2 "These he can give away in true generosity, protecting them forever for himself."
M5I1 "And this is true for everything that happens now or in the future."
M5J2 "True faithfulness, however, does not deviate."
M5J2 "It is to Them that faithfulness in the true sense is always directed."
M5K3 "It is the function of God's teachers to bring true learning to the world."
M5K3 "Properly speaking, it is unlearning that they bring, for that is "true learning" in the world."
M6C4 "Place cause and effect in their true sequence in one respect, and the learning will generalize and transform the world."
M6C4 "The transfer value of one true idea has no end nor limit."
M6D2 "Their thoughts ask for the right to question what the patient has accepted is true."
M7A4 "And it is trust that makes true giving possible."
M9A2 "The mind therefore seeks to make it true out of its intensity of desire to have it for itself."
M9A4 "And having done so, it concludes that the categories must be true."
M11A6 "Not one is true."
M12A1 "But it is true that the world must be looked at differently, if His promises are to be accepted."
M12A2 "This time, ask yourself whether your judgment or the Word of God is more likely to be true."
M12A3 "These problems are not true, but that is meaningless to those who believe in them."
M14A6 "In one sense that is true, for you hold dear the things that crucify God's Son."
M15A5 "And now sit down in true humility, and realize that all God would have you do you can do."
M16A2 "Do you believe that this is wholly true?"
M16A2 "It is your function to prepare yourself to hear this judgment and to recognize that it is true."
M17A1 "Seeing this, and understanding it is true, he rests content."
M17A8 "Forget not this is magic, and that magic is a sorry substitute for true assistance."
M17A10 "Yet each temptation to accept magic as true must be abandoned through his recognition not that it is fearful, not that it is sinful, not that it is dangerous, but merely that it is meaningless."
M18A9 "But His Love is Cause of everything beyond all fear, and thus forever real and always true."
M19A4 "If he senses even the faintest hint of irritation in himself as he responds to anyone, let him instantly realize that he has made an interpretation which is not true."
M20A3 "Forgiveness has no place in such a scheme, for not one "sin" but seems forever true."
M21A2 "But strangely, it is not a contrast of true differences."
M21A6 "There is no thought that contradicts His Will, yet can be true."
M23A4 "It is true of all things that God created."
M24A4 "God enters easily, for these are the true conditions for your coming home."
M24A6 "No-one who has become a true and dedicated teacher of God forgets his brothers."
M25A1 "Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense."
M30A5 "To ask the Holy Spirit to decide for you is merely to accept your true inheritance."
U3A3 "There is no definition for a lie that serves to make it true."
U5A3 "The one correction possible for false perception must be true perception."
U5A3 "For true perception is a remedy with many names."
U5A3 "Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception, all are one."
U5A3 "True perception is the means by which the world is saved from sin, for sin does not exist."
U5A3 "And it is this that true perception sees."
U5A4 "But true perception looks on it as nothing more than just a fragile veil, so easily dispelled that it can last no longer than an instant."
U5A6 "This is the shift that true perception brings: What was projected out is seen within, and there forgiveness lets it disappear."
U5A7 "Gone is perception, false and true alike."
U6A1 "But He creates all Helpers of His Son while he believes his fantasies are true."
U6A2 "Jesus remains a Savior because he saw the false without accepting it as true."
U6A3 "He made a clean distinction, still obscure to us, between the false and true."
U7A3 "He is the great correction principle; the bringer of true perception, the inherent power of the vision of Christ."
P3A2 "In illusions the impossible is easily accomplished, but only at the cost of making illusions true."
P3B2 "This is one of the errors which the ego fosters; that it is capable of true change, and therefore of true creativity."
P3C4 "Belief implies that unbelief is possible, but knowledge of God has no true opposite."
P3C7 "As true religion heals, so must true psychotherapy be religious."
P3C7 "But both have many forms, because no true teacher uses one approach to every pupil."
P3E7 "Yet that is magic's purpose; to make illusions true through false perception."
P3H4 "This confusion is rarely if ever in awareness, or the unhealed healer would instantly become a Teacher of God, devoting his life to the function of true healing."
P3H5 "The passing of guilt is the true aim of therapy and the obvious aim of forgiveness."
P4A1 "This could hardly be true."
P4A2 "What you hear is true."
S1A4 "But you can, and indeed you must, help him by offering your love and support that his answer be holy and his true need recognized."
S1B1 "True prayer must avoid the pitfall of asking to entreat."
S1B3 "In true prayer you hear only the song."
S1B4 "The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need."
S1B7 "Praying to Christ in anyone is true prayer because it is a gift of thanks to his Father."
S1B7 "To pray with one who knows that this is true is to be answered."
S1C2 "Yet it is also true that no-one who is uncertain of his Identity could avoid praying in this way."
S1D1 "We said that prayer is always for yourself, and this is true."
S1D7 "But just as surely will he lose the only true goal that is given him."
S1F1 "Prayer is a way to true humility."
S1F1 "Let it but leave the ground where it begins to rise to God, and true humility will come at last to grace the mind that thought it was alone and stood against the world."
S2B2 "Forgiveness-to-destroy will therefore suit the purpose of the world far better than its true objective, and the honest means by which this goal is reached."
S2B5 "How could freedom be possible if this were true?"
S2D6 "Prayer is His Own right hand, made free to save as true forgiveness is allowed to come from His eternal vigilance and Love."
S3B3 "The body can be healed as an effect of true forgiveness."
S3C1 "Distinctions therefore must be made between true healing and its faulty counterpart."
S3C4 "If there has been true healing, this can be the form in which death comes when it is time to rest a while from labor gladly done and gladly ended."
S3C5 "Yet first true healing must have come to bless the mind with loving pardon for the sins it dreamed about and laid upon the world."
S3C6 "What is false cannot be partly true."
S3D1 "Nor is it made by one who understands the other is exactly like himself, for it is this that makes true healing possible."
S3D1 "And here the meaning of true healing has been lost, and idols have arisen to obscure the unity that is the Son of God."
S3E2 "This instant is the goal of all true healers, whom the Christ has taught to see His likeness and to teach like Him."

Quotes on "Truly"


T1B40F "It is NOT truly pleasurable in itself."
T1B41Y "This can be truly abated only by releasing the miracle-drive, which has been blocked."
T1B41BD "The TRULY creative devote their efforts to correcting this."
T2B24 "You should truly give as you have truly received."
T2C10 "In fact, if it is truly used it will inevitably BE expressed in whatever way is most helpful to the receiver, not the giver."
T2E13 "There is a real dilemma here, which only the truly right-minded can escape."
T2E27 "Here, Rank's concept of the will was particularly good, except that he preferred to ally it only with man's own truly creative ability, but did not extend it to its proper union with God's."
T2E30 "No one as yet has fully recognized either the therapeutic value of fear, or the only way in which it can be truly ended."
T2F1 "If a sufficient number of people become truly miracle-minded quickly, the shortening process can be almost immeasurable."
T3A9 "Remember, this puts you in a truly fearful position."
T3C14 "But this vision can be perceived only by the truly innocent."
T3C14 "Understanding the lesson of the Atonement, they are without the will to attack, and therefore they see truly."
T3C21 "It can only honor man, because honor is the NATURAL greeting of the truly loved to others who are LIKE them."
T3C22 "In this state, man's mind DOES see God, and because he sees Him as he Is, he knows that the Atonement, NOT sacrifice, is the ONLY appropriate gift to His OWN altar, where nothing except perfection truly belongs."
T3C22 "That is why their altars are truly radiant."
T3D6 "This means that if you perceive truly, you are canceling out misperceptions in yourself AND others simultaneously."
T4A1 "You were both wise and devoted (two words which are literally interchangeable in the sense that they truly bring on the exchange of one another.)"
T4A2 "The truly inspired are enlightened, and cannot abide in darkness."
T4C14 "Only those who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be truly charitable."
T4D12 "Love will enter immediately into any mind which truly wants it, but it MUST want it truly."
T4D15 "Those who call truly are ALWAYS answered."
T4D19 "Because I wait in love and not in impatience, you will surely ask me truly."
T4D19 "Watch carefully, and see what it is you are truly asking for."
T4E10 "(Helen Schucman doubtful about accuracy here) that your mind gains control over ITSELF when you direct it genuinely toward perceiving someone ELSE truly."
T4E15 "Judge your ego truly, and you MUST withdraw allegiance, protection, and love from it."
T4G13 "Having done this, it utilizes repression against all truly natural impulses, not because the EGO is a separate thing, but because you want to believe that YOU are."
T4H5 "Since only beings of a like order can truly communicate, His Creations naturally communicate WITH Him and communicate LIKE Him."
T4H11 "The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are NOT protecting their egos, so that nothing CAN hurt them."
T4H12 "The truly helpful are God's miracle-workers, whom I direct until we are all united in the joy of the kingdom."
T4H12 "I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow my guidance through you."
T4I2 "He, too, has asked for help, and he has been helped whenever he was truly helpful to you."
T4I2 "He will help YOU more truly by going, if he can remember all the time he is there that his ONLY reason for being there is to REPRESENT ME."
T4I8 "Bill, you can do much on behalf of your own rehabilitation AND Helen's, and much more universally as well, if you think of the Princeton meetings in this way: I am here ONLY to be truly helpful."
T5C5 "Second, it is incapable of attack, and is therefore truly open."
T5G2 "What is truly blessed is incapable of giving rise to guilt, and must give rise to joy."
T5H14 "Appeal everything you believe gladly to God's own Higher Court, because it speaks for Him, and therefore speaks truly."
T5H14 "The voice for God will not hear it at all, because it can only witness truly."
T5H16 "He is the only blessing you can truly give, because He is so truly blessed."
T5I6 "But Freud suffered all his life from refusal to allow eternity to dawn upon his mind, and enlighten it truly."
T6E3 "Since the Holy Spirit answers truly, He answers FOR ALL TIME, and that means that EVERYONE HAS THE ANSWER NOW."
T7F5 "This is co-incidental, because the healer may NOT be experiencing HIMSELF as truly helpful at the time, and the belief that he IS, in the mind of ANOTHER, HELPS HIM."
T7F15 "The mind WE share IS shared by all our brothers, and as we see them truly, they WILL be healed."
T7G12 "Unless you perceive His Creation truly, you CANNOT know the Creator, because God and His Creation ARE NOT SEPARATE."
T7L1 "The Holy Spirit will ALWAYS guide you truly, because YOUR joy IS His."
T8H7 "The more complicated the results become, the harder it may be to recognize their nothingness, but it is not necessary to examine ALL possible outcomes to which premises give rise to judge the PREMISES truly."
T8K4 "Can you ask of the Holy Spirit truly, and doubt your brother?"
T9B3 "But you CAN see him truly, because it IS possible for you to see YOURSELF truly."
T9F3 "His EVALUATION of you is based on his knowledge of what you ARE, and so He evaluates you truly."
T9J3 "To overlook nothingness is merely to judge it correctly, and because of your ability to evaluate it truly, to LET IT GO."
T10B12 "You cannot be happy unless you do what you will truly, and you CHANGE this, because it is immutable."
T10C1 "If sickness is separation, the will to heal and BE HEALED is the first step toward RECOGNIZING WHAT YOU TRULY WANT."
T10E4 "Do not oppose this realization, for it is truly the beginning of the dawn of light."
T10H17 "It is only their LACK OF UNDERSTANDING that frightens them, and when they learn to perceive truly, they are not afraid."
T11B4 "Gratitude is due him for both his loving thoughts, and his appeals for help, for both are capable of bringing love into YOUR awareness, IF YOU PERCEIVE THEM TRULY."
T11C16 "If YOU will look, the Holy Spirit will judge, AND WILL JUDGE TRULY."
T11D12 "There you will see your vision changed, and there you will learn to see truly."
T11D12 "From this place, where God and His Son dwell in peace, and where you are welcome, you will look out in peace, and behold the world truly."
T11I9 "Nothingness will become invisible, for you will at last have seen truly."
T12C11 "For the request was alien to Him, and you could not ask this of a Father who truly loved His Son."
T12F1 "To perceive truly is to be aware of ALL reality, through the awareness of your own."
T14F10 "For no-one ALONE can judge the ego truly."
T15H5 "In the name of his release, and in the Name of Him Who would release him, let us look more closely at the relationships that the ego contrives, and let the Holy Spirit judge them truly."
T15J2 "The holy instant is truly the time of Christ."
T16H8 "What God has given you is truly given."
T17G5 "And you WILL see the outcome truly, for deception can not prevail against you."
T18H8 ""I need do nothing" is a statement of allegiance, a truly undivided loyalty."
T19D18 "You CANNOT see the Holy Spirit, but you CAN see your brothers truly."
T19H10 "And what is offered must also be received, to be truly given."
T19L8 "And he will give it truly, for it will be both offered and RECEIVED."
T20C2 "Gifts are not made through bodies, if they be truly given and received."
T22D6 "Yet how can sight which stops at nothingness, as if it WERE a solid wall, see truly?"
T24G8 "His errors can NOT withhold God's blessing from himself, nor you who see him truly."
T24G10 "The Christ in you CAN see your brother truly."
T25I11 "For just ONE witness is enough, if he sees truly."
T27C3 "And in his healing lies the PROOF that he has truly pardoned, and retains no trace of condemnation that he still would hold against himself or any living thing."
T27E6 "An honest answer asks NO sacrifice, because it answers questions truly asked."
T27I12 "None has a DIFFERENT cause from all the rest, and ALL of them are easily undone by but a SINGLE lesson truly learned."
T28A1 "The miracle but shows the past is gone, and what has truly gone HAS no effects."
T31F6 "And what could hurt the truly innocent?"
W14L3 "The early steps in this exchange, which can truly be called salvation, can be quite difficult and even quite painful."
W42L2 "God is indeed your strength, and what He gives is truly given."
W42L4 "God gives truly.""
W46L2 "For this reason, forgiveness can truly be called salvation."
W49L4 "We are trying to reach the place where you are truly welcome."
W52L4 "If I see nothing as it is now, it can truly be said that I see nothing."
W89L3 ""Seen truly, this offers me a miracle.""
W104L4 "All this we lay aside, and seek instead that which is truly ours, as we ask to recognize what God has given us."
W105L1 "The truly given gift entails no loss."
W107L6 "It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly and would not succeed."
W133L13 "We will attempt to reach this state today, with self-deception laid aside, and with an honest willingness to value but the truly valuable and the real."
W135L23 "And we are given truly, as we say: "If I defend myself I am attacked."
W136L18 "As these are laid aside, the strength the body has will always be enough to serve all truly useful purposes."
W140L7 "For how can one illusion differ from another but in attributes which have no substance, no reality, no core, and nothing that is truly different?"
W152L8 "Let us today be truly humble, and accept what we have made as what it is."
W185L6 "And if he asks without sincerity, there is no form in which the lesson will meet with acceptance and be truly learned."
W185L11 "No one who truly seeks the peace of God can fail to find it."
W186L11 "In lovely contrast, certain as the sun's return each morning to dispel the night, your truly given function stands out clear and wholly unambiguous."
W200R61 "Each of these ideas alone would be sufficient for salvation, if it were learned truly."
W250L2 "Today I would see truly, that this day I may at last identify with him.""
W280W73 "And if you offer them to Him, He will employ the means you made for exile, to restore your mind to where it truly is at home."
W297L2 ""Father, how certain are Your ways; how sure their outcome, and how truly faithfully is every step in my salvation set already, and accomplished by Your grace."
W316L1 "Let me come to where my treasures are, and enter in where I am truly welcome and at home among the gifts that God has given me."
M5C1 "Such are the truly honest."
M7A4 "It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given."
M8A1 "He lacked the trust that makes for giving truly, and so he has not received the benefit of his gift."
M18A3 "A lesson truly taught can lead to nothing but release for teacher and pupil, who have shared in one intent."
M30A8 "Through you is ushered in A world unseen, unheard, yet truly there."
P3A1 "To whatever extent he comes to realize that this is mistaken, to that extent is he truly saved."
P3F1 "And next, it seems as if these forces can be held at bay only by an inflated sense of self that holds in darkness what is truly felt, and seeks to raise illusions to the light."
P3G2 "The strange distortions woven inextricably into the self-concept, itself but a "pseudo-creation," make this ugly sound seem truly beautiful."
S1C6 "Pray truly for your enemies, then, for herein lies your own salvation."
S1E2 "Yet it is likely at first that what is asked for even by those who join in prayer is not the goal that prayer should truly seek."
S1F2 "The truly humble have no goal but God because they need no idols, and defense no longer has a purpose."
S1F3 "Now must you pray only for what you truly share with him."
S2B1 "Forgiveness's kindness is obscure at first, because salvation is not understood, NOR TRULY SOUGHT FOR."
S2B6 "Forgiveness, truly given, is the only way in which your hope of freedom lies."
S3D4 "There is no point in giving remedy apart from where the source of sickness is, for never thus can it be truly healed."
S3D6 "There is no fear in one who has been truly healed, for love has entered now where idols used to stand, and fear has given way at last to God."
S3E2 "As witness to forgiveness, aid to prayer, and the effect of mercy truly taught, healing is blessing."
G4A3 "But this a gift becomes if it is truly given and received by both to both who know that they are one: a key to silence and the peace of God, a glad acknowledgement of love of Christ, a greeting to the Holy Spirit's help, an invitation that He enter in and lift the Son of God unto Himself."

Quotes on "Truths"


T23B9 "For it seems real ONLY as long as it is seen as war between CONFLICTING truths, the conqueror to be the truer, the MORE real, the VANQUISHER of the illusion that was less real, MADE an illusion by defeat."
W91L9 "In the second phase of the exercise period, try to experience these truths about yourself."
W122L8 "In quietness it rises up to greet your open eyes, and fill your heart with deep tranquility as ancient truths, forever newly born, arise in your awareness."

Quotes on "Truer"


T1B37Z "While this (remark) was funny to both of you at the time, you might consider its truer side."
T9G11 "To accept your littleness IS arrogant, because it means that you believe that YOUR evaluation of yourself is TRUER THAN GOD's."
W140L9 "Here there are no degrees, and no beliefs that what does not exist is truer in some forms than others."
W166L9 "Perhaps God's Word is truer than your own."
W188L2 "There is no sight, be it of dreams or from a truer source, that is not but the shadow of the seen through inward vision."

Quotes on "Truest"


W154L6 "Like earthly messengers, they did not write the messages they bear, but they become their first receivers in the truest sense, receiving to prepare themselves to give."
M18A8 "And so they can be overlooked, and thus forgiven in the truest sense."

Quotes on "Truthful"


T30E1 "You attack but FALSE ideas, and NEVER truthful ones."

Quotes on "Truthfully"


T3G27 "Any form of mental illness can truthfully be described as an expression of viciousness."

Quotes on "False"


T1B28C "Unless there is emptiness there is no danger, and emptiness is a false creation."
T1B30J "Atonement is the knowledge that the belief that angels can fall is false."
T1B32 "A miracle is a correction factor introduced into false thinking by ME."
T1B33A "The miracle dissolves error because the Spiritual eye identifies error as false or unreal."
T1B35C "You might add that his false idea about his own exclusion from Universal Love is fallacious in your terms, and arrogant in his."
T1B37Q "As these false underpinnings are uprooted (or given up), equilibrium is experienced as unstable."
T1B41R "Fantasies and projection are more closely associated, because both attempt to control external reality according to false internal needs."
T1B41S "They are a means of making false associations, and obtaining pleasure from them."
T1B41S "But although he can perceive false associations, he can never make them real except to himself."
T1B41AY "As was said before, homosexuality is INHERENTLY more risky (or error prone) than heterosexuality, but both can be undertaken on an equally false basis."
T1B42B "It is an example of the "foolish consistency" his own false beliefs have engendered."
T1C10 "The fact that they usually interfere with good interpersonal relationships can be interpreted, in this culture, as a lack of sophistication on the part of the OTHER (not the self), and this induces a false feeling of confidence in the solution, based on reliability NOT validity."
T1C10 "The manifestly EXTERNAL emphasis which both entail seems to be a safety device, and thus permits a false escape from much more basic inhibitions."
T1C17 "Both attitudes stem from the same false belief."
T2A15 "The preceding sections were inserted because of the necessity of distinguishing between real and false knowledge."
T2B16 "Projection arises out of FALSE DENIAL."
T2E27 "His "birth trauma", another valid idea, was also too limited, in that it did not refer to the Separation, which was really a FALSE idea of birth."
T2E50 "Like all pseudo-solutions, this kind of distorted thinking is very creative, but false."
T3D5 "To whatever extent you side with false perception in yourself or others, you are validating a basic misperception."
T4B28 "Do not present a false and unworthy picture of yourselves TO others, or accept such a picture OF them yourselves."
T5B4 "If you can accept the concept that the world IS one of ideas, the whole belief in the false association which the ego has made between giving and LOSING is gone."
T5H3 "This IS the ego's continuity, and gives it a false sense of security through the belief that you cannot escape from it."
T5H13 "There can BE no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God's creations is bearing false witness to God Himself."
T6B4 "To the extent to which you believe it DOES, you MUST be accepting false premises and TEACHING THEM TO OTHERS."
T7K5 "But this is ONLY because he has ELECTED TO FOLLOW FALSE GUIDANCE."
T7K7 "Even the relinquishment of your false decision-making prerogative, which the ego guards so jealously, is not accomplished by your wish."
T8H4 "If you accepted THIS, and also decided AGAINST attack, you could not give this false witness to the ego's stand."
T8H4 "It is hard to perceive this as a false witness, because you do not realize that it IS entirely out of keeping with what YOU want."
T8H9 "No one can doubt the ego's skill in building up false cases."
T9J9 "The miracle is the act of a Son of God who has laid aside all false gods, and who calls on his brothers to do likewise."
T10F10 "For though you may countenance a false idea of independence, you will NOT accept the cost of fear, IF YOU RECOGNIZE IT."
T10F19 "You cannot accept false witness of him, unless you have evoked false witnesses AGAINST him."
T10H18 "When you perceive yourself without deceit, you will accept the real world in place of the false one you have made."
T11C1 "One is false, for it was made out of denial, and denial DEPENDS on the real belief in what is denied for its OWN existence."
T12G3 "The only effort you need make, to give this world away in glad exchange for what you did NOT make is willingness to learn THE ONE YOU MADE IS FALSE."
T12G4 "And what he judges false, HE DOES NOT SEE."
T14D2 "But it CAN be recognized or unrecognized, real or false, to YOU."
T17G4 "The "false" becomes the useless FROM THIS POINT OF VIEW."
T20G9 "Is the malevolence of the unholy relationship, so seeming powerful and so bitterly misunderstood, and so invested in FALSE attraction, your preference to the holy instant, which offers peace and understanding?"
T21B2 "Judgment will ALWAYS give you false directions."
T21C9 "And if its reality is false, you will UPHOLD it by NOT realizing all the adjustments YOU have introduced, to MAKE it so."
T24E5 "All that is false proclaims his sins as real."
T24H5 "YOU cannot touch it with the false ideas you made, BECAUSE it was created not by you."
T26H5 "Illusions are illusions, and are false."
T27C2 "One DENIES the other, and MUST make it false."
T28H1 "The promise that there IS no gap between Himself and what He is cannot BE false."
T29I3 "An idol is a false impression, or a false belief; some form of anti-Christ which constitutes a gap BETWEEN the Christ and what you see."
T30G4 "This is the false forgiveness which the world employs to KEEP the sense of sin alive."
T30G6 "What can this be, except a false forgiveness of YOURSELF, and everyone who seems APART from you?"
T30I6 "There is no false appearance but will fade, if you request a miracle instead."
T31F1 "If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite."
W9L1 "In fact, the recognition that you do not understand is a prerequisite for undoing your false ideas."
W16L1 "Those which are false make theirs."
W25L2 "This false identification makes you incapable of understanding what anything is for."
W26L3 "A false image of yourself has come to take the place of what you are."
W54L1 "They will either make a false world or lead me to the real one."
W58L3 "And what are all illusions except false ideas about myself?"
W66L5 "It is only if the first two thoughts are wrong that the conclusion could be false."
W66L6 "This could be false, of course, but in order to be false it is necessary to define God as something He is not."
W95L12 "Then close your eyes and tell yourself again, slowly and thoughtfully, attempting to allow the meaning of the words to sink into your mind, replacing false ideas: "I am One Self.""
W103L2 "Begin your longer exercises for today with this association, which corrects the false belief that God is fear."
W110L8 "For when you find Him you will understand how worthless are your idols, and how false the images which you believed were you."
W126L10 "In silence close your eyes upon the world which does not understand forgiveness, and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by."
W132L11 "If you are real the world you see is false, for God's creation is unlike the world in every way."
W134L2 "It must be limited to what is false."
W137L4 "Yet eyes accustomed to illusions must be shown that what they look upon is false."
W151L4 "You merely can believe the ego's judgments, all of which are false."
W151L6 "The witnesses it sends to prove to you its evil is your own are false, and speak with certainty of what they do not know."
W151L7 "He passes by such idle witnesses, which merely bear false witness to God's Son."
W152L5 "As God created you, you must remain unchangeable with transitory states by definition false."
W152L10 "To recognize God's Son implies as well that all self-concepts have been laid aside and recognized as false."
W161L5 "But fear attaches to specifics, being false."
W167L9 "When the mind elects to be what it is not, and to assume an alien power which it does not have, a foreign state it cannot enter, or a false condition not within its Source, it merely seems to go to sleep a while."
W170L2 "Lay down your arms, and only then do you perceive it false."
W186L4 "All false humility we lay aside today, that we may listen to God's Voice reveal to us what He would have us do."
W190L2 "Can they be anything but wholly false?"
W200L10 "You have come to where the road is carpeted with leaves of false desires, fallen from the trees of hopelessness you sought before."
W220W11 "What is sin except a false idea about God's Son?"
W240W31 "The world is false perception."
W300L1 "Yet this is also the idea that lets no false perception keep us in its hold, nor represents more than a passing cloud upon a sky eternally serene."
W301L2 "But we have learned the world we saw was false, and we will look upon God's world today."
W334L1 "Illusions must be vain, and dreams are gone even while they are woven out of thoughts that rest on false perception."
W340W131 "It merely looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false."
M8A5 "Perhaps there is a guilty embarrassment stemming from false humility."
U5A3 "Knowledge is not the remedy for false perception since, being another level, they can never meet."
U6A1 "But there is need for help beyond yourself as you are circumscribed by false beliefs about your Identity, Which God alone established in reality."
P3A3 "The therapist as well as the patient may cherish false self-concepts, but their respective perceptions of "improvement" still must differ."
S1A9 "It needs the humility of trust, not the arrogance of false certainty."
S3C1 "As prayer within the world can ask amiss and seeming charity forgive to kill, so healing can be false as well as true; a witness to the power of the world or to the everlasting Love of God."
S3C2 "False healing merely makes a poor exchange of one illusion for a "nicer" one; a dream of sickness for a dream of health."
S3C2 "Only false healing can give way to fear, so sickness will be apt to strike again."
S3C2 "False healing can indeed remove a form of pain and sickness."
S3C7 "False healing rests upon the body's cure, leaving the cause of illness still unchanged, ready to strike again until it brings a cruel death in seeming victory."
S3D1 "False healing heals the body in a part, but never as a whole."
S3D1 "When false, there is some power that another has, not equally bestowed on both as one."
G3A6 "My call to you is that you offer help from all the dreams the holy Son of God imagines, from the time that first of dreams was given false reality until all dreaming ends forever."


Quotes on "Falsity"


W220W11 "Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go."
W248L1 "Now let me be as faithful in disowning falsity."
M19A1 "If he argues with his pupil about a magic thought, attacks it, tries to establish its error or demonstrate its falsity, he is but witnessing to its reality."

Quotes on "Falseness"


T1B41AY "The falseness of the basis is clear in the accompanying fantasies."

Quotes on "Falser"


W151L3 "Yet witness never falser was than this."
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