Manage Data Storage

This browser is storing the following custom data:
(does not include standard storage for web page content, audio or images)

About your Data

This website stores some custom data in your browser, so that it can provide helpful tools and features. The maximum allowed storage is around 5 million bytes (5 MB), but much less than this is used (see above).

By using this website, you are consenting to allow it to store data in your browser. Visiting any ACIM urtext page will begin to store data, even if you do not interact with the page.

This data allows you to, for example, track which pages and paragraphs you've read, bookmark pages, highlight words and add personal notes. The website has to store this data somewhere so that you can refer to it over time.

The data is stored locally, only within the specific web browser you are using, and only on the specific device you are using. It is not accessible from any other web browser or device.

You might wish to choose a specific browser and device, which you consistently use to visit the site, so that you have access to your data. Each device, and each browser on that device, stores its own data separately.

The data is never transmitted over the internet or shared with anyone. The owner of the website does not have any access to your data whatsoever. It is "off-line", completely private and is solely your own responsibility.

There is nothing stored in the data about you personally. The data is completely anonymous and only stores information about the website as you've used it.

The website can still function without any stored data, but the features will begin to store data again as soon as you use them. When you visit a page, the website will begin storing data, unless data storage is disabled.

You can disable or re-enable data storage at any time using the link above. When disabled, no data is added to storage, but existing data is left intact. Some features may appear to function without it, but any changes will not be saved when you refresh the page.

If you wish to remove only the data for a specific page, e.g. for mark-as-read, for bookmarks, or notes on a page, visit the specific page and use the options provided in the toolbar or on the page.

If you wish to remove only data for specific paragraphs, e.g. for mark-as-read or bookmarks, visit the specific page and click the icons next to the paragraphs.

Note that each time you visit THIS page, the data storage is optimized automatically. Any completely empty page data is removed. Your actual data will never be removed without you doing so manually via the options above.

Please be aware that if you "clear your browser cache", ALL data stored in your browser WILL be completely wiped out. Clearing the cache will make it seem as though you have never visited this website.

Images and web-page content can only be removed by clearing your browser cache. Clearing the cache WILL wipe out all of your custom website data. I suggest you export your data first, then reimport it after you've cleared the cache, if you need to do this.

Data import/export can also be used to COPY your data to another browser or device. However, your data will still remain separate and exclusive to each browser. Changes made in one browser will not update in the other. On devices with touch controls (mobile etc), import/export might not work or may be difficult to use. ©2021 Paul West