A relationship with Jesus is required of all who want to awaken

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 209 words 0 mins 55 secs
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A relationship with Jesus is pretty much required if you are to be into A Course in Miracles. He has stated in his own words that He:

a) has been appointed in charge of the atonement (of everyone) b) is your equal brother in love c) must be joined with in order to awaken d) is part of the Sonship with you e) is Christ and therefore is you as Christ, the One Son f) inspires all miracles and intercessions

g) is the way, the truth and the light, meaning there is no other way

h) wrote the book ;-)

i) will direct you very specifically

j) receives whatever you do to your brother as though to him k) has a plan for awakening/atonement

l) wants you to help with awakening and healing your brothers

Pretty much, Jesus is basically the 'LEADER' of A Course in Miracles. Jesus is not optional and a relationship with Him is not optional.

So ask yourself, if Jesus were to show up right now, would you be 'doing what Jesus does'? Would your application of ACIM and your miraculous expression of love align with how He would treat people? Would he be the only one to go around performing healings and miracles while the rest of us stand aside in fear?

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