Actions activate God's miracle-healing power

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"Actions activate God's power." - Mel Bond, miracle worker.

A willingness to fulfill your function as healer, channel for God, invites and brings forth God's power.

But it's not until you ACT, that a flow can be established and God can help.

Taking an action can also happen when someone has prayed for a miracle and Holy Spirit has moved and now the person needs to take a moment of faith to ACT, by moving their body part in a way that was difficult or impossible before, to EXPLORE the POSSIBILITY that healing is present. And in that act of faith, in that "I wonder if I might be healed", that open-mindedness, ONLY WHEN YOU THEN MOVE the body part might the power of God actually come in and back up your actions with HIS healing power.

This is one of the keys in working miracles. You will not act on what you do not believe in. If you trust God and have faith and take an ACTION step, Heaven will back you up and provide the healing support and strength.

That moment of willingness, where you do not know if you are healed, but you act as if you are, expecting it, open to it, trusting it, like a child who is discovering something innocently for the first time, that brings the power of God.

After praying for someone and extending Holy Spirit to them, believing in the truth of their healing, get the person to MOVE. Not to focus on finding out "If it is still a problem", but to focus on, "HOW MUCH BETTER IS IT?". ... look for the betterness, look for the improvement, look for the help. This invites it to work.

Actions activate God's miracle-healing power, because they are acts of faith.

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