Be careful of the desire to heal sickness

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017 274 words 1 mins 13 secs
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When you are sick or someone is sick or has any other problem, you need to be careful about your desire to heal it.

Having perceived something that you think is real, you WILL have a reaction to it. The reaction is PART of the misperception which led to you believing something real was happening in the first place. The reaction WILL entail fear because you must be afraid when you witness something that you think is real but is not.

So your reaction might compel you to want to "do something" to fix it, heal it, change it, make it go away, etc. And based on that motivation, you might go either way... you might either:

a) Continue making it real and react to it and try to force it out of your life. This will make it even more real, keep it, empower it, and is a further attack on you and the person.

b) Stop and realize you need to apply forgiveness, retrace your psychological steps, and undo the faulty perception which led to this reaction. THEN you might be in a position to offer a miracle.

So just be careful where you're coming from. You turn into a false savior when you think there is a real problem to solve.

The challenge you have is to NOT believe there is a real problem, to demolish and dismantle every trace of belief that the problem is happening, get your perception corrected so that you can see the truth, and recognize that NOTHING has happened. The illusion is not real. And then you are in a position of appropriate sanity and power to bring about miracles if needed.

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