Forgiveness 101

Wednesday, Jan 03, 2024 447 words 1 mins 59 secs
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1) God created heaven which is perfect. You are in heaven as an immortal being, along with your brothers.

2) You believe you're not in heaven, and made a second world with the idea of opposing everything.

3) The second world is the physical world. Everything about it is false and opposite to God's nature. Not one single thing in it is true or real.

4) As part of the physical world, you also made a body. It's a separation device made to deceive you. It separates you off from God and your brothers and makes suffering seem possible.

5) The body agrees with the physical world's nature entirely, making it seem real. The body cannot see anything else and it cannot see reality at all. Everything it sees is an illusion.

6) Your mind seems to be in a body. Your mind seems to use the body's senses to sense the world you made. The body reports that it is real and happening. Everything in the world presents proof of sin and death and the body says it's really there.

7) If your mind believes what the body is telling it, it will be deceived. The body lies to it, because the world is a lie. So mind has to learn that everything in the world is unreal and untrue, being not of God. This can seem VERY difficult.

9) God created the Holy Spirit to judge perfectly. His perfect judgement IS forgiveness. He does not believe anything in the world. He knows the world is impossible and nothing in it is really happening. He is completely sane and cannot be deceived.

10) You have to stop judging on your own and ask the Holy Spirit to judge everything for you. You cannot forgive correctly on your own! You have to join with him in his verdict about what the world is and see it through his eyes. To see it but NOT believe it is to overlook it.

11) Adopting the Holy Spirit's view of the world reveals a forgiven world. A world which is not condemned, but also not believed. Even as the world constantly shows you impossible horrors, the Holy Spirit lifts you above it to laugh in the face of death and not take any of it seriously. The world becomes a lucid dream.

12) When you are complete in allowing the Holy Spirit to judge everything for you, you will see "the real world", which will be heaven's reflection upon the chaos of the physical world - seen as the face of Christ. Then you will be ready and willing to go home to God, and will awaken from the dream.

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